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May 13

Marriage english transaction (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

shyam- Rohan what do you said now how dare you say like that don't you have any right to say like that you got it

Rohan(in same anger mood)-shyam I think you forgotten that she is my sister and as much right I had previously on her so much right here today

shyam-oh now you talking about your right then where was you when she had missing so long.she were missing but you know where is she.if you can't pay any attention to your sister then she should not want such a brother

all rayisadhas looking them with a lot of confusion

Mami- HHBB what are you doing now why both of you fighting like this

Kushi-bhai please don't fight you both because of me. chalo let's go now from herd

she push Rohan's hand like a child

Arnav- lt seems that you forgot that you are my wife now Mrs.Kushi Arnav Singh will not go anywhere from here

Shyam and Rohan - ARNAVVVVVV...<\br>

Arnav - don't shout jiju we are not dough

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May 17

Marriage total drama (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 68 times)

Shyam- dont you dare to call her as your wife Arnav she is not your wife

Arnav- really JIJAJI[he stressed the word JIJAJI] she is my wife now if you guys mane ya nhi it would not change hena kushi 

he side hugged her tears are started to flow from her eyes

kushi{in mind}-i'm sorry bhayyu he left any option other than this .i'm really sorry i broke your every dream

Rohan-Arnav how can you do this i said to you na ki i can't givemy sisters hand for you

Arnav-then who can gave you her hand for him{looking shyam] for him na

Anjali- chote....... what are you saying

Arnav- i'm saying the truth diii he is betraying you he have an extra marital affair with kushi because of that he didn't allow my proposal with kushi

Anjali- no chote he cant he only love me he

she said cryingly every one got shock because of arnav's reveleation

Arnav - i'm saying the truth diiiii

He narrate every incident which he saw in upstairss.every one got the shor ka jadkaaa

mami-WHAAAATTTTTT............shyam bitva cheating anjali for thesetwo rupee girl HHBB

NAni- i can't belive this how can damad ji do that

akash- no jiju aap ese kaise kar sakthe ho

anjali were numb and she dont know how to react she sit her like a deadbody 

Arnav- diiii    please look at me diii please

Shyam- Rani sayibaaa

he tried to hold her but arnav removed his hand from her

Arnav - dont you dare to tiuch my sister with your bloody hands mr.jha

Shyam  Arnav  .... please hear what i want to say

Arnav- i dont want to hear any new cooked stories now mr.jha i heared alot now

Anjali {she come out from her shock]-no chote he will never cheat me i know how much he loves me hena Shyamji

she hold Shyams hand and put it on her belly

Anjali-bolona Shyamji that you have any relation with these girll...please bolona....

Shyam shockingly withdrawed his hand from her belly 

Anjali got extra shock.tears started to flow kushii

Anjaly[in anger]- dont say her name again are betraing me these years and i am mad to think that you also love me like i did

Shyam- anjali.......i can explain...

arnav{in anger} - we dont want to hear any of your blody explanations you bas****ed

he angerly punched shyam and shyam fell on ground 

rohan- Shyam.....

kushi rushed to shyam and she wiped the blood which comes from his mouth because of Arnav's puch. she make him stand with a crying face. he wiped her tears with his thups this made all rayizadhas blood boiled

Anjali pull kushi from shyam's said and raise her hand to beat her.but shyam held her hand

Shyam- rani sayiba dont have any right to punish her

Anali- leave my hand shyamji today i will kill this chudali how dare she

she tried to slap kushi again but this time she fell a tight slap on her face

yes shyam slaped her

Anjali-{with shock] Shyamji......... aap....wo bi iskeliye

Arnav -how dare you shyam 

he again come closer to shyam. but kushi come in between them 

Kushi-please don't do anything please leave him mein aapka paav padtha hu please leave him

Arnav- wow kya pyaar hai ye you bloody ****

Rohan-Arnav..... dont you dare to call her like that...oyherwise i will kill you

Arnav=oh really 

rohan-[in anger] Arnav please be in your limit now you are crossing your limit bhai hu mein uski

Arnav-really then tell me what typeof bhai you are Rohan . you know your sister's affair with Mr.Jha  phir bi you remain silent you know na he is already married.but you allowed this or you and your sister traped him in your plan


Arnav- said me na rohan what is her relation with MR.jha is his Mistress


suddernly shyam grabbed arnav's collerin full of anger in his eyes.all rayisadhas were shocked on his suddern move and he rored in anger


do you like my story guys please to be with me

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