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Jul 26, 2015

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 70 times)

Anjali: chote what you think about your marriage? Arnav: di I don't want to marry now. Anjali:but chote Arnav: do please nani: chote no more arguments. today I am going to ask panditji about your marriage. arnav: nani you can do whatever you want. am leaving now in mandir nani: what happened panditji anything wrong? Pandit: arnav's kundali shows a very big problem nani: what ?? problem?? Pandit: in future arnav should be face a very big problem. anybody can't help him to solve that problem. only one person can solve that situation. nani: which person? Pandit: his wife nani: but Panditji Pandit: I know he is not ready to marry now.but only his wife can help him in that situation. nani: OK then I will search a good girl for him. Pandit: but a problem on it.arnav can marry now. but in his kundali says he should marry a girl for 6 months. during these period they could not share any physical relationship and after completing the 6 months that girl should leave him. ha ek aur bath iske baaremem go ladki ko kuch bhi patha nahi chalna chahiye nani: ji Panditji I will find a girl for him. nani left from there

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Jul 27, 2015

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 66 times)

in RM. everybody were waiting for nani's arrival.nani reached there. Manorama: HHBB arrey sasuma what happened? what he said about Arnav bitwa's marriage. nani narrated whole story to the family. manorama: what???? HHBB marriage for 6 months. nani: ha manorama. Anjali: but nani which girl is ready for it. Arnav: what a big deal on it. I ask lavanya about this. she will accept for this. nani: but chote there is a problem. Panditji told me the girl who you will marry she didn't know about this. Arnav: I don't care nani you know na I don't believe this. Anjali: chote you should obey nani's word's because if you not do this then it will affect you, our family and your business. Arnav: what the. Anjali: please chote mere liye . Arnav: OK then I will contact lavanya . Anjali: OK arnav left from there. nani: Anjali bitiya I don't have any interest on lavanya's matter. in Arnav's room. he dialed lavanya's number. lavanya: Hai ASR. how are you? Arnav: lavanya where are you?. I want meet you now. lavanya: but ASR now I am in spa. how I come now? Arnav: I don't care will be there in half an hour. lavanya: but ASR........ Arnav cut the call.and came to downstairs. Arnav: di I am going out side. don't wait for me. Anjali: but chote.............. Arnav: di don't worry. he left from RM and he reached in front of lavanya's flat. he knocked the door.

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Jul 30, 2015

Marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 76 times)

lavanya opened the door..... Lavanya: Hai ASR, come inside. Arnav entered into the flat. Lavanya: what happened? anything wrong? She started to unbuttoning his shirt.he stopped her. Arnav: lavanya I want to tell you something. Lavanya: what happened? Arnav narrate the whole story that Panditji said to his nani.. Lavanya: what?? marriage for 6 months Arnav: ha Lavanya. are you ready to marry me? Lavanya: sorry ASR . I can't. I can't marry you for 6 months. Arnav: this is your final decision? Lavanya: ha ASR.I don't want to marry you. I love you but marriage is not a you should find any other girl. Arnav: OK then I am leaving you for ever.our relationship is over now. good bye. Lavanya: ASR listen to me But Arnav didn't hear anything he came back to RM. IN RM........... Arnav entered into the hall. Nani: chote what you decide? Lavanya is ready for this marriage? Arnav: no nani she is not ready for this marriage. Manorama: HHBB what Lavanya is not ready for this marriage. But she loves you na Arnav bitwa. Arnav: ha she loves me.but she is not ready to marry me for 6 months. Shyam : then we should find any another girl for Arnav. Next Day........... Anjali: nani look at this. yesterday I said that marriage broker bring some good alliance for him. Nani: oh that's good. Anjali: nani look at this girl.she is really beautiful na. Manorama: HHBB she is really beautiful and really suits for our Arnav bitwa. Anjali: her name is Anjana.Anjana malhothra Manorama: Anjana malhothra mathlab Raj malhothra Ki beti. Anjali: ha mami Shyam : lekin Ranisyiba if Arnav marry Anjana then that will create many problems in future. Anjali: problems ???? Shyam : when they know Arnav marry Anjana to clear the problems in Arnav's kundali.then we don't know what will they do? Anjali: ha you are right shyam ji .then what we do now? Shyam: we will find a girl she belongs to a poor family or an orphan.then if she know about these.phir bhi she don't make any problem. Nani: ha Anjali Shyam is right.we will find any orphen or poor girl for him. Anjali: OK nani first we find any poor girl for him after solving these problems we find a girl for him she is suitable for him and our family.hye na nani Nani: ha Anjali bitiya... Anjali: Naniji today Shiv mandir mem ek pooja we should leave now. Nani: where is chote and Akash? call them. Arnav and Akash: we are here nani. Nani: we all going to shiv mandir today. chote today you should come with us. Arnav: but nani I..... Anjali: chote I know you don't like to come with us.But chote please for me .you please come with us. Arnav: OK di but only for you.. Anjali: thanks chote and Akash you should come with you both go and get ready fast. Akash: OK Di After some times they entered into Mandir.some times later the bells in temple started to make sound continucely.Arnav heared a payals sound and he felt some unknown he looked towards the enternce.

Jul 30, 2015

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

(next Arshi meeting.)

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Aug 20, 2015

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 65 times)

I am sorry for the delay. I will try to update soon as possible...#################################

Arnav saw a girl clumping the steps. she wear a Sky Blue colour saree. for a moment he forgot to breath.he keenly observed her.her milky white skin, beautiful eyes, rosy lips etc.simple yet beautiful. her long silky hair left opened. he mesmerized with her beauty. Anjali tapped his shoulder. <\br>

Anjali: chote what happened? where you lost? Arnav came out of the trance. <\br>

Arnav: nothing di. <\br>

Anjali: mesmerized with her beauty. Anjali tapped his shoulder. <\br>

Anjali: chote what happened? where you lost? Arnav came out of the trance. <\br>

Arnav: nothing di. <\br>

Anjali: chote I want to show you someone. look at that I want to show you someone. look at that girl.I think she is perfect for you<\br>

Arnav: which girl do<\br>

Anjali: that sky blue saree.<\br>

Arnav: di do you know her.<\br>

Anjali: I don't know her.but she is very beautiful and look like a middle class. that only I choose her for you.don't you like her<\br>

Arnav : di are you OK with her. then I don't have any other problem.your happiness is most important for me.<\br>

Anjali: thanks chote. I will find her details. <\br>

Arnav: but di how you collect her details. < \br>

Anjali: you wait and watch.I will come <\br>

Anjali reached near that girl.she was lighting the diyas.<\br>

Anjali: excuse me <\br>

girl: ha<\br>

Anjali: are you Sanjana Arora.Dhruv's sister < \br>

girl: sorry you misunderstood me.I am kushi<\br>

Anjali: kushi.<\br>

kushi: ha kushi m..suddenly she stopped some time and said my name is kushi Gupta<\br>

Anjali: oh sorry kushiji I think you are Sanjana.actually sanjana is my friends sister. we met before 2years I confused. anyways I am Anjali jha<\br>

kushi: its ok Anjaliji.<\br>

Anjali: kushiji what are you doing < \br>

kushi: woo..I am working in a NGO.<\br>

Anjali: oh what about your family. < \br>

suddernly a drop of tears escape from kushis eyes but Anjali unnoticed it.<\br>

kushi: sorry anjaliji I should leave now already I am late .<\br>

anjali: its ok we will meet again < \br>

Kushi leave from there and Anjali move towards her family.they are waiting for her.<\br>

nani: chote said everything to as.what is her name < \br>

Dec 28, 2015

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

Anjali: nani her name is kushi gupta . she is working in an NGO.I think she is perfect for as.<\br>

Nani:- ha bitiya she is really beautiful and perfect match for our chote.<\br>

manorama:- lekin sasuma we want a girl for 6 months na.she is looks like a middle class we accept her as our DIL?<\br>

Anjali:- you don't worry mamiji she will become our DIL only for 6 months later I will find a perfect alliance for my chote<\br>

anjali just click a photo of her phone < \br> Arnav:- DIL chale<\br>

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Dec 28, 2015

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 69 times)

anjali just click a photo of kushi in her phone. < \br>

Arnav:- di chale <\br>

they returned to the R.M <\br>

IN RM<\br>

Shyam is sitting in the couch and he is really busy with phone calls < \br>

Shyam:- I told you na I want her at any collect all the informations and......<\br>

then he heared the foot steps of the family members < \br>

Shyam:- I will call you later <\br>

he cut the phone call < \br>

Anjali:- shyamji when did you come? < \br>

Shyam :- just now RS . sorry RS I can't attend the pooja <\br>

Anjali:- it's ok .shyamji I want to tell you some thing.<\br>

Shyam :- then tell me <\br>

Anjali:- we found a girl for chote.<\br>

Shyam :- lekin his Kundali<\br>

ha shyamji we found a girl for 6 months. chote will marry her and after solving his problems he will leave her for ever.look this picture shyamji she is the girl which we selected for our chote [anjali shows that pic she clicked in her phone] her name is kushi kushi Gupta <\br>

Shyam just looked the screen when he saw the pic he became Pearl < \br>

shyam:- kushi ....Gupta<\br>

Anjali:- ha do you know her?<\br>

Shyam turned his face and just said no.a long tear drop escaped from his eyes. he wiped his tears so anybody couldn't notice that. < \br>

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Jan 2, 2016

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 85 times)

Anjali:- I asked A man to collect the details about we can get a way to make her as my chotes wife. ( to devi mayya) hey devi Maya please help as to find her details then only we can make her as our chote's wife. <\br>

Shyam :- wow R.S wow what about that girl? after completing the 6 months what will she do? where she go and.... <\br>

Anjali:- shyamji you don't bother about that girl.after completing the 6 months I will gave some money to she can live happily in her life and after all you know na these middle class girls will do anything for money. <\br>

Shyam :- ANJALI..............(he almost shouted at her ). <\br>

in their 3 years of married life for the first time he shouted to her.everyone get shocked at his behavior. <\br>

shyam :- you know what you are doing now you are trying to ruin a girls life for your chote. <\br>

Anjali:- shyamji I just want my chote's happiness. <\br>

Shyam :- ha you only considering your chote's happiness. that's your biggest problem. you want to sequre your chote's life.I agree you are a sister so your first preference is your chote but what about the girl. <\br>

Anjali:- shyamji ha my first preference is my chote and you also said na find a poor or orphan girl for marriage. <\br>

manorama:- Shyam bitwa what happened to you? why you behaving like this? < \br>

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Jan 8, 2016

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arnav:- ha jiju why you shouting with di and that too for a middle class girl <\br>

Shyam :- you feel pain for your sister wow but what about kushi .she is innocent and you're doing a big mistake. you know girls tears are really powerful it can destroy this entire world and kushi ......... <\br>

Anjali:- kushi kushi kushi ...she is the problem she is the biggest problem. for her you are scolding me. I don't leave her. <\br>

Shyam (angrily) :-this is your problem anjali.I don't know why I love you these much you are really a selfish woman. you don't deserve any once love and care <\br>

saying this he leave from there angrily. everyone shocked to the new face of Shyam .These are new for them .Anjali started to cry.everyone started to console her.<\br>

Arnav :- now you are the reason for my di's tears will pay for this. <\br>


he is impatiently waiting for someone. <\br>

Shyam (in mind) :- where is he? I said him come as soon as possible then where the hell is he ? <\br>

suddenly shyam hear the knocking sound.<\br>

Shyam :- come in .where the hell are you rohan . I want to tell you an important matter. <\br>

Rohan :- sorry for late coming and tell me what happened? are you alright? <\br>

Shyam :- know why because Arnav is getting married. <\br>

Rohan:- getting married means they found a girl for 6 months.who is that unlucky girl <\br>

Shyam :- kushi <\br>

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Jan 8, 2016

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 46 times)

Shyam :- Kushi <\br>

Rohan :- what ? <\br>

Shyam :- ha kushi is that unlucky girl Anjali chooses for Arnav. <\br>

Rohan:- enough shyam . what nonsense are you talking. how can we allow this ? no I can't allow this I can't ruin kushi's life. <\br>

Shyam : ha Rohan I agree with that but .....<\br>

Rohan :- Shyam you remember once you promised that you would make everything right but now. <\br>

Shyam :- Rohan I remember my promises and I will never broke it. l will never allow anyone harm her. <\br>

Rohan:- Shyam you know na after all that she is coming back to her life then how can we ....<\br>

shyam:- shhhh... I said na I will make everything right. you don't worry about it. <\br>


Arnav:- Aman do you get her details ? <\br>

Aman :- ha sir her name is kushi Gupta .she is working in an NGO.and <\br>

Anjali :- Aman we want her family you got it? <\br>

Aman :- ha madam actually I got her some personal information <\br>

Arnav :- what's that? <\br>

Aman :- about her family. sir she is daughter of Shashi Gupta and Gareema Gupta.her father died in an accident 3 years ago and unfortunately she is Shyam sir's friend Rohan's sister. <\br>

Anjali:- Rohan's sister ???<\br>

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