Fated To Fall

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Oct 15, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

I wake up and the first thing I do is check on Khushi, I feel a bit nervous when I don’t see her sleeping next to me.

I sit up and look around as I find a note halfly placed under the pillow. I pull it out and read whatever that’s written on it.

“I have a session with mom at the hospital, I’ll see you at the university after that, don’t be late as usual”

I find myself smiling for no reason after reading the note, I don’t know what makes me smile but I just do.

I get off the bed and head for a shower all the while thinking about Khushi, I just hope that whatever happened between us last night doesn’t create problems, she already has many to deal with.

I try to think about everything else but I end up thinking about her anyway, she’s my wife and I love her, I’ll obviously be worried about her.

I quickly take my shower, get ready and drive to the hospital, I’m not going to the university and sit there waiting for Khushi worriedly.

I head directly to mom’s cabin but she’s not there.

“Excuse me” I say to a nurse passing by.

“Yes sir, how may I help you?”

“Where is Mrs. Raizada? I checked in her cabin she isn’t there… can you please tell me where she might be”

“She’s in the laboratory but you won’t be allowed there, I would suggest you wait here, she’d be back in like five minutes”

“Okay thanks”

I head inside the cabin and sit there waiting for mom, I can’t see Khushi anywhere so might be that she’s with mom… I just hope all is good.

I wait for a while and after like ten minutes mom walks in the cabin.

“Arnav… I thought you were supposed to be at the university” she says as she settles herself down.

“I was just worried about Khushi, she left a note that she has a session with you so I thought I’d just come here and be with her”

“I understand your concern but you don’t have to worry, I am with her always and you know I’ll do my best to help her fight the cancer”

“I know mom, but I still can’t stop worrying about her, where is she anyway?”

“She just left, I was with her”

“Okay then see you at home, I’ll catch up with her before she leaves” I say as I quickly rush out of the hospital and reach her right on time just when she’s about to drive.

“Khushi!” I shout as I rush towards her.

“Arnav… what are you doing here? I thought you must be in class right now”

“I just came to see you, let’s go together”

“I don’t like this, you can’t be late for classes because of me, I told you I’ll be fine come on, you need to concentrate on studies too not me only”

“Okay I’m sorry I promise I’ll be on time every day, it’s just that I was worried now don’t get angry on me, look how weird we are, it’s our first day after marriage and instead of going on a honeymoon we are going to university”

“Get it, I’ll drive, honeymoon can happen later, we’ve already skipped many classes, let’s get going”

I get inside the car and she drives to the university, we both head to the class, Aman is sited in his usual place with Shanaya so Khushi and I settle ourselves next to each other.

The lecture had already began so without wasting any time, we both start concentrating and writing notes.. its feels so good to be back to normal again…

To be here, sited next to Khushi.. And everything is good between us… life seems so perfect like this.


As soon as the lecture is over, Shanaya walks to us and pushes me out of my seat.

“Go sit with your brother, I need to talk to my best friend” She says

I stand up as she settles herself down and starts whispering something to Khushi, I could just hear a few words before I went to sit with Aman.

“How was last night?” Shanaya asked Khushi

I could see her blushing, God.. Why do girls have such questions to ask?

All the while I sit with Aman, I just nod to his talks but my eyes are stuck on Khushi… after she met me, she had changed… she wasn’t the same nervous girl I met on the first day…

The innocence she had had disappeared somewhere, her smile had disappeared… but right now everything is back… she’s back to be the Khushi I fell in love with, who was just lost in her own world, having so many dreams and what not.

“Arnav! I’m talking to you dude!” Aman shakes me.

“Yeah I know, tell me”

“What the hell, stop concentrating on Khushi when I’m talking to you, look at me, this is important okay”

“Fine tell me, what it is” I say as I turn to look at him.

“I think you should tell Khushi the truth, you know Shanaya and I were talking about you both before you guys came, she was telling me about Khushi’s pregnancy and whys he decided she won’t tell you about it and all…

What I feel is hiding the truth from her wouldn’t help, when she gets to know she’ll be hurt, it’s better you tell her yourself that mom had told you about her pregnancy and you can explain that her pregnancy had nothing to do with your decision of marrying her.

“Can we talk somewhere else, Khushi is here too so…”

“Let’s go out then”

We both stand up and head outside the class as we stand in a corner and start talking.

“Look Aman, it’s not that I like doing this, I don’t like hiding the truth from her, it’s just that I’m scared”

“Scared of what Arnav?”

“What if she doesn’t understand me? What if she doesn’t understand that her pregnancy and my decision of getting married weren’t related at all? What if she leaves me once again?

Aman I can handle everything but not her leaving me once again, I have settled down in my life after so long, I feel happy after so long, I don’t want this to just get lost”

“And if she gets to know about it from somewhere else one day, she’ll still leave you”

“She won’t get to know, I’ll make sure she doesn’t get to know it, I’ll bury the truth”

“You can’t bury the truth Arnav, it’s better she gets to know from you she would understand trust me, just go tell her that mom had told you she was pregnant before you both got married…

Go tell her the truth Arnav, she’d get angry but then I’m sure you’ll convince her”

Before I could say anything else, I notice Aman’s expressions and I know something has gone wrong, very wrong.

I turn around and find Khushi standing behind me with Shanaya, they both are staring at me and I know they have heard whatever Aman and I were talking.

I dint want this to happen, I don’t know what I’m going to say, how I’m going to talk to her.

“Khushi” I say as I walk towards her but she just turns around and runs away from me.

I follow her up but she gets into the car quickly and drives away, I have no idea where she’s going, I have no idea what’s going on in her mind, I’m just scared too scared to react.

Oct 24, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

I get into Aman’s car and try to follow her up but until when I do that, she’s already disappeared.

She might have gone home maybe, or at Shanaya’s place where she used to live before, I’d surely find her in any of this places.

I drive to Raizada mansion first so that I check on her and try to talk to her, I’m so scared at the moment, I know I have hurt her but I hope she’d understand me.

I dint want to hide the truth, this was the only reason why I dint tell her, I was just scared she wouldn’t understand me.

I park the car outside and run inside in a hurry, I head to my bedroom directly and look for her there but’s she’s not in.

“Did Khushi come here?” I ask to the servants.

“No sir, she left in the morning, she hasn’t been back yet” one of them replies

I rush out of the mansion quickly and drive to Shanaya’s place, it’s the last hope I have, I am not even sure if I’m going to find her there or not, I just hope I do.

I run upstairs as soon as arrive without wasting any time and ring the door bell, I have to wait when I can’t wait, I keep on pressing the doorbell until Khushi’s mom opens the door.

“Arnav! What are you doing here at this time? You should be in the university”

“Aunty did Khushi come here?”

“No, obviously if she was here I wouldn’t ask you why you are here”

“Are you sure she isn’t here? I mean she dint come here even for once?”

“No Arnav, but what happened? Why do you look so worried? Is all okay between you both?”

“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later, right now I’m in a hurry” I say as I run downstairs again.

I get inside the car but I don’t know where to drive to, I have no idea at all where she might be so where the hell on earth do I look for her?

I drive back to the university hoping Shanaya might help me, she’s been Khushi’s best friend, she surely might have an idea on where she might have gone.

As soon as I park the car, I spot Shanaya and Aman running towards me, they both seem tensed too.

“What happened?” Aman asks

“Did you guys talk? What did she say?” Shanaya asks

I just stare at them, they are hoping that we might have sorted things out but here I can’t even find her, she just disappeared.

“I don’t know where she’s gone to, I can’t find her anywhere” I say

“What? I mean she might be at home, did you check there?”

“Obviously I did, she’s not at my place she’s not at your place, I don’t know where the hell she’s gone! Before I drove out of the gate she had already disappeared.”

“****! Where might she be?” Aman asked

“Do you have any idea Shanaya?” I ask

“Obviously not, if I knew I’d go look for her myself… I’m so worried now” Shanaya says

“Come on Shanaya… think! You are her best friend you might at least have an idea where she might be, some place where she goes maybe when she needs to be alone or when she’s hurt or whatever… please think”

“I don’t know Arnav, whenever anything happened she just locked herself in her room and stayed indoors, she’s never gone anywhere”

“Then why isn’t she at home today?”

“How do you expect me to know that Arnav? We have to look for her, come on, do anything but we must find her”

“Okay relax guys, we need to be calm first only then we can think of something” Aman says

“Arnav are you sure you dint see her car at all?”

“No Shanaya, there was no traffic at all when she left so I’m sure she might have drove at the highest speed not wanting me to follow her”

“She might have gone to some garden maybe? I mean mostly people just go and sit alone in a garden when they are sad” Aman says

“I don’t think so, Khushi isn’t someone who would go sit in a garden alone” Shanaya says

“So where do we start from?” I ask feeling frustrated.

It feels so bad that I don’t even have an idea where my wife is right now, I claim to love her but I know nothing about her, not even where I might find her when she’s sad, I know completely nothing!

“Let’s drive around the town and just look for her, we might spot her somewhere” Aman says

“And if we still don’t find her?”

“Then we’ll have to wait until she herself comes back or look for her anywhere possible… she might have parked her car somewhere, she might just be sited there and might come home at night” Aman says

“You can’t be sure if she’s come home by night… I know her Aman, she can decide not to come back” Shanaya says

“Let’s roam around, I hope we’d find her somewhere” I say as I get into the car

Aman and Shanaya look at each other for a while then they both get inside as I drive out of the university.

We drive through gardens, malls, streets and every place possible but I see her car nowhere.


It’s evening now and we are still driving through places looking for her but still there’s no sign of Khushi anywhere.

“Might be that she might have returned back home, we have been roaming around we dint see her anywhere, she might have gone somewhere then back home maybe” Shanaya says

“Let’s go check on her at home then” I say as I drive to Raizada mansion.

We walk inside and find mom sited in the hall reading some book, she keeps it aside when she sees us there.

“You guys have some plans tonight?” She asks

“No why?”

“No, I mean the three of you together, but where’s Khushi?”

“She hasn’t come back home yet? I thought she might be back?”

“I haven’t seen her here yet, in fact when I came no one was at home, I even asked the servants… where is she?”

I look at mom feeling defeated, I came back with so much hope thinking she would be back by now but nothing of such sort happened.

Right now I just want to break down into tears, I can’t take all this anymore, why is she punishing me like this?

“What happened? Is all okay Arnav?”

“No mom, nothing is okay, she got to know that I knew about her pregnancy before marriage, she just drove away and we can’t find her anywhere since then”

“I had told you to be careful Arnav, I’m sure she’s really hurt” mom says angrily

“I know mom, but anyway right now I need to look for her, we’ll talk later” I say as I rush out of the mansion and drive to Shanaya’s place once again.

We check on her there too but she isn’t back even there.

“Where the hell on earth are you Khushi!” I shout feeling so frustrated.

Why can’t she just come in front of me, shout at me slap me or do whatever she wants to, at least it would be better than feeling this way, then not seeing her at all.

“I’ll ask some friends, she might be at a friend’s place” Shanaya says as she pulls out her phone and dials a number.

She talks to someone to the phone, asks about Khushi and then disconnects it… she repeats the process a few times until she’s done.

“She’s not there, no one knows about her” Shanaya says.

“Now what? Where do we look for her?”

“I don’t know but I’ll not go back home until I find her, if she want to punish me, I’ll help her punish me, but I’ll make sure I find her” I say as I get inside the car.

I have no idea where I’d still go but all I know is I’m not giving up, no matter what.

Nov 3, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

I keep on driving around any place I can hoping to find her somewhere but still I can see no sign of her.

I don’t know where she went to, only if she’d just have given me a chance to talk, I’d have explained things to her.

Now she’s just hiding herself somewhere I don’t know, firstly she’s hurt, then she’s pregnant and to make it worse she’s got cancer too.

All I hope is that wherever she is, she’s well.

I keep on getting calls from Shanaya and Aman asking if I found her but every time I give them the same answer.

I relax myself and park my car in a corner, I have to think… if I sit calmly for a while and think I might just get an idea on where she might be.

She isn’t at the university not at Shanaya’s place not at home, not at hospital then where else can she be?

Maybe another friend’s place? But as far as I think Shanaya is the only friend she has, then where else can she be?

I feel so scared, I don’t want to lose her like I lost Kriya, this time I’ll break completely.

When it comes to Kriya, I’m reminded of what she did to me with Rey…

Reyansh! Why dint I think about him? He’s Khushi’s friend too…She might be at his place.

But I don’t even know where he stays, and the last time I saw him was at the hospital. Would Khushi really have gone to his place?

I dial Shanaya’s number on my phone quickly as I switch on the car.

“Yes Arnav, did you find her?” She asks as soon as she receives the call.

“I need to go to Rey’s place, either give me his address or take me there”

“I’ll come with you there, pick me up from my place” She says as she disconnects the call.

I quickly drive to her place, I just hope when we get to Rey’s home I find Khushi there, I just can’t take all this fear, pain and whatever the hell I am feeling at the moment anymore.

I just feel like I’d die of feeling this way if I don’t find her.

I wait for Shanaya in the parking, she comes within no time and enters in.

“Why do you want to go to Rey’s place?” She asks

“I think Khushi might be there, I’m not sure but I just think so”

“Why would she go to Rey’s Place? I mean I’m her closest friend, if she can’t be with me and share her pain why would she just go to Rey?”

“Because she’s running away from me, she knows if she comes to you I’d find her anyway.

She also knows that I hate Rey, for whatever he did with Kriya, for whatever he tried to do with Khushi, she might have forgiven him but I haven’t.

So she thinks maybe hiding herself there would be the best option because I’m never going to think that she might be hiding there.

On top of it I don’t even know where he lives, so that would be hard for me.

Keeping all that aside, it’s been long since we saw Rey so I might just think he’s not here and that way I’ll never find her…

She’s really smart”

“But I can see you are also smart, I also couldn’t figure that out… how did I not think that she might be at Rey’s place”

“Can we leave now?”

“Sure, but do you think they might be at his place, now that she’s really hiding from you, do you think they would just end up siting in his apartment?”

“I don’t know, they might go somewhere else, but at least if we go there, we’d get some clue and that might help”

“Great then let’s go, I’ll direct you as you drive”

I drive the car as Shanaya keeps on directing me and after a drive of like almost fifteen minutes we finally arrive at Rey’s apartment.

“I can’t see her car anywhere, I really doubt if she’s here” Shanaya says

“Just because the car isn’t here doesn’t mean she isn’t here, let’s go inside and at least talk to Rey”

We both head to the door as I press the doorbell and wait for Rey to open the door.

We wait for a couple of second but no one comes so I ring the doorbell again, this time longer, we wait a bit and finally Rey opens the door for us.

“Hey Shanaya, what a surprise, how come you are here?” he asks as he hugs Shanaya

“Arnav wanted to come here” Shanaya says

Rey turns to look at me in surprise, well he should be shocked I am here because if it weren’t for Khushi, I’d never be here.

“Did I make any mistake again? I hope you aren’t here for a fight with me… whatever happened in the past has ended, please let’s not think about it and just move on”

“I’m not here regarding then past”

“Then? What’s up? Will you put an end to the suspense and tell me why you are here?”

“Did Khushi come here?” I ask directly.

“Yeah she did, but why are you asking that?”

“Around what time? Where is she now?”

“She came in the afternoon, she just came to me and asked if I can help her, she wanted something like a house or apartment where she could stay for a few days, I showed her one of my friend’s apartment but is everything okay?”

“Dint you bother to ask her why she needed an apartment all over a sudden, what kind of a friend are you Rey” Shanaya asked angrily

“She told me she needed to plan a surprise for someone so she wanted to stay in that apartment for a couple of days and arrange everything there, what else do I need to ask?”

“****! I hope she’s okay, tell me where you took her to” I ask worriedly

“Just a few blocks away, I’ll take you guys there but will you tell me, is everything okay?”

“Long story, you’ll get to know later, let’s leave right now before she goes somewhere else again” I say as I rush to the parking in a hurry while Shanaya and Rey follow me.

We get into the car and I drive to the apartment where Rey had taken Khushi to. We rush upstairs and the moment he tells me which apartment it was, I start knocking the door.

I knock it impatiently waiting for her to open the door, I feel as if I hadn’t seen her for ages and I can’t wait anymore to see her.

The locks turns slowly and finally a few seconds later, the door opens up and in front of me, is Khushi!

God! I can’t even explain how happy I feel to have finally found her, I just feel some kind of peace inside my heart.

She standing in front of me, with those red painful eyes which let me know she’s been crying, but I wish she’d let me explain myself at least once then she wouldn’t have to cry like this.

I hate seeing tears in her eyes, and I hate it the most when I know I am the reason behind those tears, why do I always end up hurting her?

I just pull her into a tight hug so that she doesn’t escape anywhere, so that she feels a bit comfortable and good.

She stays silent, she doesn’t make any move, she doesn’t even hug me back but still I’m glad I found her, at least now I can talk to her and clear all the misunderstandings.

Jan 6, 2016

Fated To Fall... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

“I’m sorry baby, I’m really sorry” I say as I hug her tighter.

I just want to keep holding her like this because there’s nothing else that could ever make me feel this better, it’s only hugging her.

She slightly pushes me and I break the hug, she doesn’t even look at me, she just walks inside and sits on the sofa as Shanaya and I follow her inside.

“Why did you do this? Why did you have to disappear like this Khushi? Do you have an idea how worried everyone was?” I ask

She just stares at me blankly without speaking a word, the only thing that talks are her eyes, she doesn’t even open her mouth to say a word.

“Khushi, look I am sorry, I know I should have informed you that I knew about your pregnancy but I thought I’d be able to keep it a secret for the rest of my life… I just dint want you to feel like I married you because you were pregnant with my baby okay?”

I wait for her to respond or even say at least a word but she still stares at me silently, I don’t understand why she isn’t even speaking a word when she’s so angry on me and so hurt.

“Khushi… at least say something” I say as I shake her but she doesn’t say a word.

“You want to hit me? You want to get that anger out on me? Then please do that but for heaven sake please talk to me” I yell at her.

“Khushi” Shanaya says as she walks towards her and sits beside her.

Khushi just turns to look at her and hugs her but still she doesn’t speak a word.

“Aren’t you even going to talk to me?” Shanaya asks as she breaks the hug.

Khushi stares at her plainly without saying a word, Shanaya keeps on trying to talk to her but she doesn’t respond back.

“Khushi please don’t punish me like this, at least talk and shout of me, or even just complain, I’ll listen.. But please don’t be silent like this” I say

This time she doesn’t even bother looking at me, she just stands up and walks towards the door as she hold it open for us.

I know she wants us to leave but I’m not living until I talk to her and convince her to come back home with me, this time I am not giving up.

I stand up and walk towards her as I shut the door close, she looks at me angrily but still doesn’t say a word.

“If this is what you have decided that you’ll not talk to me then fine, don’t talk… I’ll also not leave from this place until you talk to me” I say as I walk back and sit on the sofa.

She stands still at the position where she was while staring at me as tears roll down her eyes.

No matter what, I just can’t see her crying like this, on top of it knowing that I am the reason behind those tears.

I run towards her and push her to the wall as I kiss her, she tried to push me back but I pin her on the wall and continue kissing her, she doesn’t respond, she just tries to push me away but I push myself harder towards her.

I suck her lips, I can feel her tears falling on my face but I am not going to stop kissing her until she stops crying, I don’t care if Shanaya is looking at us.

She manages to push me away with all her force and we both part, she looks at me painfully and then finally she talks.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Arnav? How can you just kiss me without my consent?” She shouts.

“Thank God you finally said something” I say happily

“Yes I said and what I’ll say next is get out and leave me damn alone!” She shouts

“Khushi let’s please talk, give me one chance to explain why I had hidden the fact that I knew about your pregnancy before we got married”

“Your explanation doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, just leave!”

“I am not leaving until you let me talk and explain… I did what I thought was right Khushi! Come on… please let me explain”

She walks to the sofa and sits down without saying anything more.

“I knew about your pregnancy the time you were admitted in the hospital Khushi… mom told me about it and she also told me the reason behind why you dint want me to know about it”

“But you still got to know so what’s the difference now… does is change the fact that you just had pity on me and thought oh this poor girl, where would she go, how would she give birth and bring up the baby alone, let me just do her a favor and get married to her, after all it’s my baby, doesn’t matter if I love her or not”

“No Khushi! You are completely wrong, I dint marry you because of any kind of pity or your pregnancy, I married you because I love you”

“Your I love you sounds so fake this time Arnav… I don’t know why but even if I want to believe that you really do love me, I just can’t believe”

“Khushi remember we met before you were admitted in the hospital? That day I was going to propose you for marriage.

I know you won’t trust me but ask Shanaya, she knew… even Aman knew… we all had planned it together.

I had realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and so we planned that surprise but before I could even propose you, you just fainted

I rushed you to the hospital and your health was just getting worse, I was so scared and so worried for you but all I could do is pray for your safety.

At that time mom told me about your pregnancy, and she told me you dint tell me because you dint want me to marry you because of your pregnancy.

So Khushi tell me where did I go wrong here? Just because I hid the truth from you that I knew you were pregnant?

Was that my fault?” I ask

She’s sited there staring at me but doesn’t say a word… I just wait for her to speak but she raises her hand to her head and holds it.

“Khushi! What happened?” I ask as I rush towards hers.

“Khushi… are you okay?” Shanaya asks worriedly.

She just keeps on holding her head for a while until she shut’s her eyes.

“Khushi!” I shout as I shake her but she doesn’t open her eyes.

I carry her in my arms as I rush out of the apartment and Shanaya follows me.

“Take the car keys from my pocket and open the door, we need to rush her at the hospital” I say

Shanaya puts her hand in my pocket and pulls out the keys as she rushes to open the door, I make Khushi lie in the back seat then drive her quickly to the hospital.

I park the car outside and quickly carry her inside, I can’t even explain how worried I am, I just hope it’s not something really serious.

I send Shanaya to call mom from her cabin and she does as I tell her, within no time, she comes back with mom.

“What happened?” Mom asks

“I don’t know, we were just talking and all over a sudden she held her head and then fainted, I brought her here quickly”

“Don’t worry, I’ll check on her, just make her lie on the stretcher and then both of you please wait in the waiting room”

I do as mom tells me, I put Khushi on the stretcher as she calls two men who take Khushi away and she follows them, Shanaya and I head to the waiting room wondering what might have happened to her.

All I hope is that she’s safe, that’s it! I don’t ask for anything else.

Jan 9, 2016

Fated To Fall... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

Shanaya and I waited in the waiting room impatiently as mom took Khushi to the ward. I kept on walking from one place to the other praying to God and hoping she would be fine.


"Dont worry Arnav, she's a strong girl i'm sure she'll fight it and she will be fine soon" Shanaya said.


 "I am still worried.. I dont know what to do.. This damn cancer.. Why did it chose her? It could have chosen me"


"You cant decide on that..."


 " i just dont understand... Why so much pain for Khushi? Why does she always have to suffer? First this pregnancy.. And then on top pf it.. This damn cancer.. At least it could be one at a time then we would have started her treatment by now... But in such a case.. What do we do?"


 "Leave it on God.. He knows what he's doing"


"I'm just so worried.. All i want is for her to be okay..."


"She will be, relax" Shanaya said as she hugged me trying to make me feel better.


A while later...

 A nurse walked in and informed us that mom wanted to see us so both Shanaya and I rushed to her cabin directly. Mom was busy going through some reports as we both settled ourselves on the chair.


"Is Khushi okay?" I asked.

 Mom just stared at me blankly not being able how to explain things to me which left me a bit more worried… Maybe she knew whatever she was going to tell me would hurt me so much but she had no other option... I was Khushi's husband so he I to know about it.


"Mom I asked you something... At least tell me how she is.. I'm dying to see her and know she's well so for heaven sake say something... Is she okay?" I asked angrily


 "I'm afraid not" Mom said.

I just stared at her blankly for a while. Shanaya had almost started crying even without knowing the whole matter.


"What do you mean?"


 "I mean to say that she is very serious... If we dont start her treatments soon enough there is a danger of her losing her life"


 "No! that’s not possible.. How can she just leave me like that? I’ll not let it happen.. Stop delaying the treatments mom.. Even of its chemotherapy.. Start it as soon as poasible.. I want to see her well"


 "Arnav you are forgetting something... Khushi isnt the only one involved in this.. Chemotherapy might be harmful to the baby too"


 "Then what are we supposed to do? Isnt there a way? Isnt there anything we can do to save her?"



"You have two options Arnav... I'll do as you say" Mom said


 "What options?"


 "I'm not sure if we start the treatment we'd be able to save both Khushi and the baby.. So it's upon you to decide.. You are her husband and you are the father to the baby.. So you'll have to decide who you'd want to save.. Khushi or the baby.."


 "To save Khushi we'd have to begin her treatment.. Which would harm the baby right?"


 "Yes.. And to save the baby we'd have to delay the treatment which might harm Khushi"


"Did you tell Khushi about this?"


"No i dont.. Because i know in such cases.. All mother chose to save their child... If I ask her.. She'd chose to save the baby.. I want you both to talk and think about this that's why i called you here... You both need to decide what you want to do."


 "Will she talk to me? She's already so angry.. I dont think we'd be able to talk in such case" I asked as I looked at Shanaya...


 "Dont worry.. I’ll talk to her and explain that everything about you knowing about her pregnancy and marriage wasn’t related.. She'd understand and then you both can talk and decide what you want to do" Shanaya said.


"Can she meet her now?" I asked


 "Right now she's asleep.. I’ll send a nurse to call you when she wakes up you can meet her then.. You can wait in the waiting room meanwhile"


"Okay" Shanaya said.


 "Can i see her from outside please mom?" I asked.. Mom just nodded postively as both Shanaya and I stood up to walk away.


"Arnav can i talk to you for a moment?" Mom asked from behind.

I stopped walking as Shanaya headed away leaving the both of us alone.


 "I know what you both are going to is very tough.. So i want to advice you as your mother and Khushi's mother in law.. Not as a doctor... Make sure whatever decision you both take is something you will not regret in future.. Its both your lives you know what to do with it.. But dont forget one thing... If Khushi will be with you, you'll both get another baby.. But if Khushi wouldnt be there.. That wont happen.. Still if you decide to save the baby.. Its fine too.. I just told you my point of view.. The rest is upon you"


I just nodded positively as i hugged her and then walked away silently. I stood outside Khushi's room and peeped in through the window. She was lying on the bed, with so many tubes around her.. An oxygen mask on her face and so many medicines around her.. She looked so pale...


 "Khushi" I said as I put his hand on the window and stared at her painfully. I dint like seeing her this way.. She looked just too weak. It hurt seeing her like this

 "I'm sorry for everything i did to you but please dont punish me by leaving me" I said as tears rolled down my eyes. I just stood there for like half an hour just staring at her hoping she would wake up soon but she dint.

I walked to the waiting room and sat there with Shanaya as we both waited for Khushi to wake up. I somewhere knew that mom was right.. I knew Khushi would surely decide to have the baby and risk her life because she's a mother but as a husband and as a father, I guess I could decide better on whom to save.

As for me, I wanted to save Khushi.. I wanted to be with her and spend my life with her.. Although it would hurt losing the baby.. But it would hurt less than losing Khushi..because I hadn’t lived with it, it wasn’t even in this world yet.. but I dint know what Khushi would say about this. Maybe all I’d do is to explain my point to Khushi then leave the decision on her. She'd decide what she wants and I'll accept it.

 Life became so hard at times.. And at times it was like a fairytale.. Why wouldn’t things just be smooth and simple always?

Jan 14, 2016

Fated To Fall... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)

After Khushi wakes up, Shanaya heads to her room to explain things to her… as far as I had known Khushi, I knew she would understand and believe that I married her because I loved her and not for the baby and she might even forgive me but I was also scared thinking about what I was going to tell her, I just couldn’t gather enough strength to talk to her about it.

I wait and wait until an hour later when Shanaya walks out of Khushi’s room… the smile on her face says everything as I rush inside directly without even asking her anything.

I hug Khushi so tightly… God I missed her so much!

She doesnt say much, she just smiles at me when I break the hug.

“I am sorry” She says

“No… don’t be… it was all my fault, I should have told you the truth”

“And I should have talked to you about it before jumping to conclusions but I just left without talking to you, I’m glad you sent Shanaya first to explain things to me…”

“I’m glad that things are well between us both and now hopefully everything will be smooth”

“It will be” She smiles as she hugs me.

Things are just getting harder for me, she seemed so relaxed and happy I just cant gather enough strength and confidence to tell her about her treatment.

“Why do you look not okay?” She asks

“Nothing… umm I just needed to talk to you about something”

“Yeah tell me”

“Khushi look I really don’t know how I am going to say this to you and I really don’t want you to take me wrongly once again but I have to say this okay…

Your health is at risk… we can’t keep on pushing your treatment further okay, we have to begin them as soon as possible or it will become harder to cure you”

“Okay so?”

“So you know… umm mom wasn’t doing the chemotherapy because it was going to affect our baby but now she’s saying if we don’t start it, it’s going to be too late”

“Too late for me to heal?”

“Exactly… so she wants us to decide on what we want to do… we can allow her to start the treatments and she’ll do that as soon as possible but that has a risk involved… the treatment might be harmful to our baby”

“Okay…” she says as her smile fades away.

“Khushi I thought a lot about it… I love our baby a lot but I love you too, and if I have to make the decision alone, I’d chose to start your treatment soon…

I know we might lose the baby but we have no other option, we have to choose between you and the baby and for me the answer is you”

“And how can you think I have a choice Arnav? I don’t and even thought I had any choice, I’d prefer keeping my baby safe, I don’t care what happens to me”

“I knew you’d say that”

“Then there was no use of you telling me about this, I am not going to risk the baby’s life at any cost”

“Khushi please try to understand me okay… the baby hasn’t been born yet, we aren’t that much attached to it yet, but you have been with me for so long, I love you, everyone else loves you.. think of your mom, she has already lost two of her children, you are the only one she’s left with, she wouldn’t want to lose you now.

Keeping that aside I don’t say I don’t love the baby, I am the father Khushi, it hurts me too because this is the most difficult choice to make but we have to think logically about this okay…

If you are alive, one time we will have another baby, but if you decide to lose your life for the baby, what’s the use? You’ll not get to spend time with it, you’ll just leave it alone here, who would give it a mother’s love, who would take care of it like a mother?

I know right now you are thinking about it and you wouldn’t think twice for saving it… but it’s not our wish, we have to do this”

“Whatever it is Arnav, I can’t kill my baby with my own hands… how can you even expect this from me? How can you ask a mother to kill her own child for her own life?

No Arnav! I can’t do this… I can’t risk our baby… I can’t!” Khushi breaks down into tears…

God! This is becoming so tough… I thought no matter how had, I’ll be able to convince her but this seems like impossible now.

I just stare at her as tears roll down her eyes… I know it’s too hard for her and even though I’m the father I can’t feel the same pain she’s feeling, but I’ll also lose my child and that’s damn heartbreaking! If I had to choose between my life and my child’s life I could have taken the same decision that Khushi’s taking but right now, I don’t know why I can’t just support her in this decision.

“Go tell mom… I am not ready for the treatment, I prefer dying than killing my baby” Khushi says as she wipes her tears away

“Khushi please”

“No Arnav, don’t try to convince me… do you think I’ll even be able to live a peaceful life after killing my own baby?”

“But it’s not a hundred percent sure that the baby would die”

“It is ninety percent sure, and just for the remaining ten percent, I can’t take a risk okay?”

“You have to Khushi… this isn’t only your decision… I am your husband, I also have the right to give my opinion”

“And I am a mother Arnav!”

“Your mother is also a mother Khushi… you might have other babies in future, think about your mom, she only has you.. Kriya left… your brother left too.. Why would she have to lose you just because you want to save our baby?

Look I’m not being heartless, this is really painful for me too okay, and you have to understand, I am taking this decision because it’s best for all of us”

“She’s my mother and she’s a mother, I’m sure she’ll understand”

“She will but I can’t understand Khushi… I want my wife with me”

“Does than mean you don’t want your baby?”

“I want it too, but I’m sorry to say, I might sound selfish but I love you more, I haven’t seen it, it’s just a few months Khushi, I am not attached to it as much as I am attached to you”

“I know Arnav but I’m sorry, I can’t agree with you on this”

“Fine then, let’s talk to your mom, let’s talk to Shanaya and anyone else you want to and let us ask them what decision they think would be right for us… we will do what they all say.. is that fine?”

She just looks at me but doesn’t give an answer, maybe because she knows no one would let her risk her own life.

“Say something Khushi… I am waiting for your answer”

“Arnav… I love our baby as much as I love you… please understand me”

“And I love you Khushi, please understand me too”

“Fine then… let’s talk to everyone” She says sadly.

I hug her and try to make her feel relaxed, I know it’s going to be a hard time for the most of us, mostly for her but I wish we had another choice, at times life becomes just too damn hard to deal with.

I break the hug and wipe her tears away, I understand how she’s feeling right now, I felt the same way when mom told me that we had to choose.

“Be strong okay? I know you are really strong, today for one last time be stronger than you could ever be and take the right decision please” I say as I cup her face.

She just nods positively as tears keep rolling down her eyes.

Jan 23, 2016

Fated To Fall... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

In a few minutes, I called everyone, my mom, Aman, Shanaya, Khushi’s mom and Rey too… all those people who were important to me and to Khushi.

Although I still hate Rey, I know he is Khushi’s close friend and so I decided to call him too hoping he would give a good suggestion regarding the topic why we all are here.

We all sit together in Khushi’s room while she looks at every one of us nervously.

She is scared, she doesn’t know who is going to support her decision and who is going to support my decision.

The pain I am seeing in her eyes is hurting me, I know she is feeling hurt and taking this decision isn’t anything easy but we have no choice, we have to do this.

“So as promise, I called everyone here Khushi… should we ask them what they think we should do?”

She nods positively and keeps on staring at me, I know she’s at the verge of crying but she does her best to control her tears.

“So let’s start with your mom” I say as I take a seat.

Khushi’s mom stands up as she looks around at everyone else, we all look sad, this moment is such a painful one.

“Khushi I don’t care if you think I am selfish but I am a mother too and I need my daughter with me… I know the final decision is going to be yours and as a mother I can’t even tell you to kill your own child but I love you, I have lost your brother and sister, I only have you with me now.

All I want is for your treatment to begin soon and you get well, that’s it” her mom says as she wipes the tears rolling down her eyes and settles down on her seat.

My mom stands up next as she looks at me first and then turns to look at Khushi.

“Look at him Khushi, he is going to be a father too, he loves his child too but he is ready to sacrifice it, I am not saying it would be the right thing to kill it, but we have no other option, we can’t delay your treatment anymore.

You are so young, you haven’t even finished your studies, you haven’t fulfilled your dream of being a neurosurgeon, you have a long life to live ahead.

I want you to start the treatment as soon as possible, if all will be well you both will have another baby too and with time, the pain of losing it will heal.

I know if I was at your place I would take the same decision as you because of the love and affection I would have for my baby but at time logic is more important, and logic says, you should save yourself.”

Mom sits down too and we wait for either Aman or Shanaya to stand up but instead Rey stands up.

“Khushi, I won’t tell you what I think you should do or you shouldn’t, I have always known you as a smart girl, you have always taken your decisions by yourself so today the only thing I would say to you is that take the right decision.

Do what you think would be right for now and for future, for your life or for your baby’s life… for once, keep everything else aside and think with a calm mind, I’m sure you’ll get your answer” Rey smiles at her as he walks towards her.

He wipes the tears that are rolling down her eyes and hugs her to make her feel better, I admit I am jealous but anyway I know he’s just a friend and it was just a hug.

Shanaya rushes towards Khushi and hugs her too when they both break down into tears, I just look away, I can’t look at her when she’s crying.. It hurt… it hurt so badly.

“I am sorry Khushi… I don’t like all this… I wish I could be able to do something for you, I wish we never had to take this decision…

I know how much this hurts, it’s so damn painful… why is God being so cruel to us? I wish he could have given us another choice instead.

I know you have to take the decision but here I myself can’t take the decision… I love you as a friend, we have been so close, It feels like we are sisters, and at the same time I feel for the little one inside you, why does it have to go through this? What is its fault?

At times life becomes so hard but we have to be harder so that we can deal with it, please be strong, I really wish we could save the baby but for now I want to save my best friend” Shanaya says as she cries in Khushi’s arms.

They both are becoming so weak, I just cannot understand what to do.

Aman stands up and walks towards Shanaya as he pulls her to himself, Shanaya hugs him and continues crying, while Khushi cries too.

I don’t control myself anymore, I just rush towards her and hold her in my arms tightly.

“I am with you Khushi, trust me everything will be fine…” I say as I hold her tighter.

We break the hug after a while as Aman and Shanaya sit on the bed beside Khushi.

“Let’s save you please” That’s the only thing Aman says and Khushi breaks down into tears again knowing what the decision is going to be.

She puts her hand on her stomach as she starts feeling the baby and cries more and more, it’s hurting her… it’s hurting me.. It’s hurting all of us!

“Arnav I… I don’t know… it’s just too painful… I don’t know if I can do this” She cries.

“We all will be with you Khushi… you just have to be strong” Mom says

We all hug her together and try our best to make her feel better because we all are hurt but not to the extent that she is hurt.

Everyone consoles her then walks away one by one leaving me and Khushi alone in the room.

She doesn’t stop crying, I keep on wiping her tears and they keep on rolling down her eyes… I feel like destroying the whole damn world… I wish I was the one to go through this pain because seeing her like this is killing me.

I get hold of her face and pull her towards me as I kiss her lips, they are salty because of all those tears, she is surprised, she dint expect a kiss at such a moment but I have no other option, maybe this would stop her from crying.

It takes her a while to start responding back to the kiss and I don’t let it break, we just relax in between to take some breaths but we don’t break it.

We both need this right now, to stop thinking about everything that’s hurting us.

After I am sure she’s no more crying, I pull apart and look at her, she has her eyes shut.

“I promise I’m going to give you so many babies, you’ll get tired giving birth to them” I whisper in her ears.

She laughs for a second and then breaks down once again.

I just hold her in my arms once again and we both stay like that, trying our best to calm ourselves down.

I walk out of the room almost three hours later and head to mom’s cabin.

I sit there and wait for her to come from the operation she’s been busy in.

After like some ten minutes she finally walks in to the cabin and settles herself down.

“So… what have you decided?” She asks

“I think you know what the decision is mom… we are starting Khushi’s treatment as soon as possible”

“Okay, I’ll give you some papers to sign as you are her husband you can sign them of her behalf, and then we’d start with her chemo session”

“Okay” I say as I stand up and walk out.

I feel so scared… I don’t know what’s making me feel this way, but it the worst damn feeling ever!

Feb 13, 2016

Fated To Fall... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Two days later.

I walk into mom’s cabin as she prepares all the files for anything else she needs for the chemo session.

I stare at her nervously as if I am the one to go through the treatment, as far as I have known about it, I know it’s going to be really tough for Khushi and she’ll need to be so strong which I am sure she is but I still fear for her knowing that it’s going to be more tough for her because of the baby.

I don’t know why life sometimes puts us up into such situations, I wish I could be able to save the baby too, I wish there was something I could do about it.

I feel completely broken and shattered, I never ever thought that at one time in life I would face such tough situations, all this is so damn hard.

I can’t even understand how hurt Khushi must be feeling, I am not the one who has cancer I am not the one who has held the baby in the womb for a few months now and so if I am feeling this much of pain, how would Khushi be feeling?

“I’ll talk to Khushi, when you are done preparing for the treatment, you can send someone to call us” I say as I stand up and walk away.

I head towards Khushi’s room and stand at the door as I peep in, she’s sited sadly on the bed with her hand on her stomach.

I open the door and walk towards her as I hug her directly, it hurts me so much seeing her like this, it also hurts me that somewhere she took this decision for me but I know that was the right decision.

“I love you Khushi, are you listening to me?” I ask as I cup her face and make her look at me.

Tears roll down her eyes and she speaks nothing, damn I hate myself for hurting her so much, for making her take this decision, I just wish I could be able to make her believe that this is the right decision but I can’t, because she’s a mother and for her nothing else is right than risking her own life to save her child.

“I know you aren’t happy with this decision right now but you have to be strong okay? Everything in life isn’t usually fair baby, I do understand what pain you are going through but trust me, in the end all will be well” I say as I hug her once again.

“I don’t want to do this Arnav, I’m scared it’ll hurt, I’m scared I’ll lose our baby… I’m scared to that what if even after all this I am not saved, I’ll regret not saving my baby either”

“Don’t think negative Khushi, you and I both know it’s not too late and mom’s trying her best, she’s got the best team for you, together we will fight cancer and throw it away from your life, it wouldn’t touch you ever again…

And after you are well, I promise we’ll have so many babies, you’ll get tired” I try to make her smile and she does… she giggles a bit but then she becomes sad again.

Damn! I wish there was a way I could make her feel better, but there is nothing I can do, I feel so helpless that there isn’t a damn thing I can do to feel my wife better!

There’s a knock at the door and after a few seconds, a nurse walks in.

“Ma’am sent me to take you for the treatment” She says as she pulls a wheel chair from outside and brings it inside.

Khushi holds my hand so tight, I know she’s scared, I also am but I need to hide my fear for her.

“It’s okay Khushi… relax all will be well” I say as I hold her hand back.

“I’m really scared Arnav, this is going to hurt so bad… I’m going to risk my baby… I don’t know how to explain things… I’m so scared..” she cries

“Khushi look at me, look I’m here right by your side, and I’ll be there with you always, I’ll stand next to you when you fight the cancer, I know you are really strong and I know you’ll make it… Just be calm and let them do whatever they are doing okay?”

She hugs me and breaks down completely… Oh God! I’m even tired of repeating the same words again, this really hurts so badly.

I let her go as the nurse takes her away, and when she opens the door to leave, I can see everyone else standing outside there.

Her mother, Shanaya, Aman and Rey… even some of our classmates who I had never expected to see.

They all start talking to Khushi and try their best to motivate her and make her feel better, I’m glad they all are here because it was really tough for me to handle her all alone.

After talking with everyone for a while, the nurse finally takes Khushi away as we all follow her behind. We all know that neither of us will be allowed inside, so when then nurse takes her inside the room for her first chemo session, we just stand outside and wait impatiently… I pray to God to give her all my strength, to make her strong enough to deal with this…

I know when she comes out she’ll be really weak, I’m even scared to see her like that because I’m scared I’ll break down in front of her and if I do… she’ll lose all her strength and break down too which I don’t want to happen.

I wait and wait outside for hours until finally I see the nurse who took Khushi inside walking out.

I rush towards her and start shooting her with questions.

“How is she? Did the treatment go well? Did she cry? What happened?” I ask her nervously.

“Relax Mr. Raizada, she’d fine… we are don’t with the first chemo session, the rest the doctors will explain better to you” She said as she walked away.

I so much want to meet her and see her, I feel so nervous… I have no idea how she might be feeling right now, I just wish someone could allow me to go and visit her inside the room, I just can’t keep on waiting outside here like this.

“Don’t worry Arnav, she will be okay, she’s a strong girl” Aman says as he taps on my shoulder.

“I hope so” I say as I sit down on the bench.

I stare at everyone else and realize I’m not the only one being so impatient to see Khushi… they all are… they also are worried for her, after all I’m not the only one who loves her.

A few hours later.

After they shift Khushi back to her room, we are allowed to meet her one by one, I can’t wait to see her and talk to her but I also know everyone else is impatient to meet her, at least I had spent some time with her before she went for her first session.

I let everyone else meet her and settled myself aside on the bench, I’ll meet her after everyone is done meeting her.

They all meet Khushi turn by turn and try their best to make her feel strong, they give her hope and I’m happy at least they are helping me that much, because I just couldn’t do all this alone.

After almost an hour finally everyone is done meeting with he so I walk inside the room.

She’s lying on the bed, her skin looks so pale, she looks tired and in pain… I can’t just see her like this.. if this is what she looks like after the first session, what would happen when the treatment would go further? She would just become too weak, and I want her to stay strong, I know it’s very tough but she has to be strong.

I hug her for a while then sit beside her trying my best to control my tears from dropping down, any man could break down seeing his wife in such a condition.

“You okay?” I ask

“Yeah… just feeling a bit weak, it was tough but I’ll be strong” she said as she tried to smile

“I know you are strong Khushi, you really are very strong” I say as I hug her once again.

“You’ll always be by my side right?” she asks

“Why do you even have to ask that question Khushi, I surely will”

“Even after a few chemo sessions when I’ll lose my hair and look ugly, when I’ll be having so many side effects of the treatment”

“You’ll not look ugly baby, you are the prettiest woman I have ever met, you’ll lose your hair but you’ll still be beautiful because you are beautiful from inside”

She smiles a bit and then places her hand on her stomach.

“I hope it also survives this treatment, I’ll be so happy”

“I hope it survives too” I say as I look away, we both know the chances are very few that the baby would survive, but we would just keep on hoping for the best.

Feb 16, 2016

Fated To Fall... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Eight months later…

It took eight whole months to fully cure Khushi’s cancer… she had a tough time battling with it, but the support she always had by her side made her stronger. The chemo sessions weren’t easy, some were painful some were just okay… They caused so many side effects and for once Khushi had lost all the hopes… but I made sure that I stood like a pillar by her side and assured her that no matter how ugly she thought she looked without hair, she would still be the most beautiful girl ever for me and I would always love her.

Shanaya and Aman were also very supportive, they made sure Khushi always felt better after her chemo sessions… they sat with her, made stories and it was all great. Unfortunately, while on the fifth month of the chemo session, the drug dose had been too high for the baby to handle and it couldn’t survive it. It was so heartbreaking when mom informed us that we lost the baby… Khushi was in a trauma for almost a week.. She blamed herself for killing her baby, she even cursed herself and did what not… it was so tough for everyone else and me to handle her emotional breakdown as she was completely shattered. She felt so terrible at the loss, at one moment she even refused to carry on with the treatment but we all managed to convince her.

So after eight months… I am sited here in her room… she’s in the washroom cleaning up as I wait for her… I look at that empty bed she used to sleep on after her chemo sessions… It reminds me of everything that happened in the past eight months and all I can conclude from it is that Khushi really is a strong girl. I know how hard it all was for her but she went through it and fought the cancer… Although mom had said that it was just the first stage and ninety percent chances were that she would be cured, we all still had the fear of that ten percent thinking what if the cancer couldn’t be cured? Although Khushi never shared it with me, I knew how much she went through, and how much she was scared to lose her life… well everyone is scared to lose their life.

She walks out of the washroom and I look at her as I smile… one thing I loved was that no matter what she went through, she made sure she attended all the lectures… and if she’d miss any she would make sure she caught up. While battling with cancer, I was glad she dint lose her dream of being a neurosurgeon.

“Ready to go back home?” I ask as I stand up.

“Yeah..” She sighs as she settles herself down on the bed. She looks around the room and a tear rolls down her eyes… and she starts crying. I rush towards her and hug her, this is one thing that I wasn’t able to manage at all, seeing her break down like this so suddenly was too tough to handle in the past eight months… I just couldn’t see her crying like this… it did hurt so badly.

“What happened Khushi?” I ask

She holds me tight and shuts her eyes… I wish I could be able to take that pain she’s feeling away from her…

“Why couldn’t we save the baby Arnav… it feels terrible to live such a life… it was like my baby gifted it to me instead of me gifting it a life”

“Maybe that was what destiny had Khushi… you can’t keep on blaming yourself always for this… whatever happened wasn’t because we wished too right? So how long would you regret all this… it was meant to happen that’s why it happened… I am also sad we lost it… I also did wish it could survive”

“I wish I hadn’t signed those papers” She says as she breaks down more.

It’s been over two months since we lost the baby and since that happened, I haven’t seen her smile… she always keeps on regretting the fact that she signed those papers and decided to kill the baby only if she knew that it wasn’t her fault. I just hold her tightly into my arms and let her crying… maybe this would help heal her soon… It’s so damn hard yet… I also feel terrible but I try to control myself knowing if I’d become weak there’d be no one to handle Khushi and strength is something she really needs right now.

“We have exams, I think we should head back home and prepare” I say as I break the hug after a while.

She nods as I carry her bag and hold her hand and we both walk out of the room and head to the reception. I pay clear all the bills and we both head back home for a new beginning where there would be no cancer, no such pain… only some happiness and a life we both wished to live.

At times I wonder what life would be like when we both become neurosurgeons… I have never in my life seen a husband and wife with exactly the same profession so it sounds a bit weird as well as funny.

We walk inside the mansion and Khushi is surprised to see her mom and Shanaya and the rest of our classmates there. She shoots me a confused look and I just smile at her.

“I thought now that you are well, we all would sit together and chit chat about random things and eat a lot of food so that my wife can grow a bit fat since she lost all her weight due to the damn cancer… someday if I meet this thing called cancer I’d kill it” I say

She looks at me for a while and i just wish I haven’t said something that offended her but then she bursts out laughing and I feel so relieved… it’s been after so long that now I get too see her laugh… I had yearned for this badly.

“You can sit here with them, I’ll just be back” I say as I head to our room.

I place the bas there the take out a cd from the cupboard and head downstairs. I switch on the TV while everyone is busy with their talks and then play the CD drawing everyone’s attention to it. My eyes are glued to Khushi because I did this for her and I have no idea how she’s going to react to it… I hear my voice as the CD plays and I can’t stop laughing at how funny and different it sounds from my actual voice.

I met this very strong girl named Khushi… She had a very tough battle with cancer and in between all those times, I managed to capture some of those moments when she struggled so hard to fight it… I am proud that this girl is my wife because trust me baby, I haven’t seen a girl as strong as you… Some video start playing on that I had a good luck to steal them from the CCTV storage of the hospital. I actually dint steal them, I asked mom for the favor and I was glad she agreed. So I managed to take all the video’s that had Khushi in it and edited them and combined them to make this CD of her battle with cancer.

There were some strong moment, some weak and some the weakest and we all went through them… The CD plays for almost half an hour showing all the highlights of her battle, of all those chemo sessions, of her hair loss, and even when we lost our baby. After it’s done, I turn to look at everyone and their eyes are still glued to the TV. It takes a while but the suddenly Khushi stands up and rushed towards me as she jumps on me and hugs me so tightly.

“I dint know whether to cry or to be happy or to do what… I could see how strong you all made me and I could also see losing my baby… This are some of the moments I’ll never forget in my life but… I have one thing to say today Arnav…”

She looks at me and cups my face, she shuts her eyes and without caring that everyone else is looking at us, she kisses me. I am left all shocked and surprised… I dint know she could even do that.

She pulls away after a while and moves towards my ears.

“I love you so damn much” She whispers

I smile at her and pull her into a hug once again.

“I love you too more than so damn much” The rest I hear are her giggles and everyone else turning away trying to look busy in their own stuff as they give us our time.

Feb 23, 2016

Fated To Fall... EPILOGUE (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

Ten years later…

I walk out of the mansion to look for Khushi, for sure I know she must be sitting in the garden as per her daily routine.

“Good Morning” I say as I stretch my arms and walk towards her to give her a hug.

“Good Morning… so you are awake finally… no surgeries today?” She asks

“Nop… I’m free today unless any emergency… what about you?”

“I have one surgery tomorrow… free for today unless emergency like you”

“Great… we can go out for lunch then… anyway where is my little one?” I ask as I start to look around the garden.

“He was here with me, mom went around for a walk so she took him together, they would be back soon… should I make you some tea?”

“Yes please” I say as I kiss her cheeks.

“You seem to be in romantic moods today… what’s up” She asks

“Just that it’s been long since I haven’t got some good romance with you, Aryan is a very naughty boy you know” he says

“He’s only three… he’ll get his own room at least after he turns six, so till then tolerate the disturbance” She giggles as she heads inside the mansion while I wait for her to return back with tea.

Mom walks holding Aryan’s hand as they slowly head towards me.

“Dad… Dad…” Aryan says happily as he runs towards me, I carry him in my arms and throw him up in the air then hold him back when he falls down.

I hug him tightly as mom just stares at me with a smile on her face.

“What happened?” I ask her

“I never thought I’d see you playing like this with your own child after whatever happened with Kriya… but I got the hope when Khushi came to your life…

I always wondered what kind of a dad you would make, but now I can see you are a great dad”

“Aryan is a great son” I say

“Aryan is great” He imitates me as he giggles.

I tickle him and he starts laughing… I could do anything to hear him laugh like this.. it’s just so adorable.

Khushi walks back with a tray… she hands me the cup with Tea and gives mom one with coffee and takes one for herself.

“How was the walk Aryan…”

“I saw cows… so many cows” Aryan says excitedly

“Where did the cows come from?” Khushi asks

“There was a farm on the way, I showed him and since then he’s been singing the same song..” Mom says

I take a sip when Aryan gets hold of my cup and starts playing with it not letting me drink it..

“Aryan stop disturbing dad… come here” Khushi says as she makes him sit on her lap.

Mom stands up and heads inside the mansion after finishing up with her coffee and we three are left alone outside.

“You when we finally completed our studies.. It felt really weird… I thought we both were neurosurgeons now and we would be so busy we wouldn’t even get time for ourselves… but I realize now that there’s nothing like that… even after that we’ve been spending quality times together.” I say

“I also thought the same and I was scared thinking the relationship would never work out but it did… and life has been beautiful since then” She smiles.

“And since Aryan came to our life, everything has been so beautiful… Thank you for everything” I say

“No thanks to you… I know even till today I regret the decision we took to save myself and harm our baby, but now when I look at Aryan I think, if I had never taken that decision then Aryan wouldn’t have ever got this life.

He came to our life as a blessing… and made every one of us happy… Thank you Aryan” She says as she hugs him.

“Momm” he says as he tries to get out of Khushi’s hold.

Khushi lets him free as he starts running around the ground and starts playing all alone.

“It’s been ten years now… so many things have changed” I say as I hold her.

“Indeed” she says as she moves close to me and pecks on my lips.

“I was controlling but you just made it hard for me” I say as I pull her towards me and kiss her, she tried to push me back but I don’t care… I know it isn’t the right thing to do especially when Aryan is around but he’s playing and lost in his own world.

“Get a room guys” Shanaya says as she walks towards us with Aman.

“We never tell you to get a room when you kiss each other in public, at least we are doing this in our own garden” I try to defend myself.

“Shut up” Khushi slaps on my hand as she stands up and hugs Shanaya.

“So where’s the little one?” Aman asks

“He’s there… playing with grass” I point toward Aryan.

We both stand up and walk towards Aryan leaving the ladies behind with there talks…

So much happened in the past ten years…

We all graduated and became neurosurgeons…

Aman and Shanaya finally got married…

Khushi gave birth to Aryan three years back and filled my life with so much happiness..

Mom finally retired so she’s normally at home taking care of Aryan when we both have to work..

Khushi’s mom headed back to India..

Rey just disappeared and we’ve never seen him until today…

But anyway all is well and good now… it took Khushi so long to come out of the trauma she had been in after we lost the baby but with time she healed.

Everything changed with time… this time for Good and now we are a small happy family.

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