Fated To Fall

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Jul 18, 2015

Fated To Fall (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 64 times)

Chapter 1

I look in through the window which mom allowed me to keep open for the sake which was completely against the hospital rules.

I can see Khushi struggling between life and death, I can see her struggling to breathe as much as she can but she seems so defeated.

Mom puts an oxygen mask on her face and she seems to get relaxed, she can breathe normal now without the struggle, her whole body seems relaxed.

I turn away as nurse injects her, I’m not afraid of injections obviously or else I wouldn’t be studying neurosurgery, I am just afraid of seeing her like this; lifeless!

I shut my eyes painfully and all I can see are my broken dreams, and her shattered trust, I can see myself trying my best to hurt her just because she looked like her sister who was once my wife.

I remember all the bad I did to her and maybe that was the reason why she went unconscious when I was about to propose her, when I was about to tell her I love her and mean it, when I was about to ask her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me.

Maybe I was going wrong, I shouldn’t have decided to propose her at the first place, because she was an angel, and she surely deserved someone better than me.

When she fell down in my arms, I realized what being breathless meant like, because for that moment I had lost my breaths, but now I understand, that she was more breathless than me, she was struggling to breath and I was struggling not to breath because I was panicked, I dint want to lose her.

“Arnav” mom says.

I feel her hand on my shoulder but I don’t want to turn around and look at her, she has never seen my cry since the age of fourteen, I don’t want her to see me cry now.

I remember when I last cried for Kriya, I hated her for what she did to me, I hated her for cheating on me but my heart still couldn’t stop loving her and thinking about her, that’s when I felt totally broken, because I had realized that I couldn’t control my own heart.

I dint want to cry, it was so unlike of me when I had fought with every struggle of my life without a tear drop but maybe when it came to the people I loved, I was totally weak. My last record of crying would have at the age of ten, only if dad dint pass away when I was fourteen, I loved him so much, I love him yet, I miss him yet but I can’t bring him back.

I blink my eyes severally and let all the tears fall, I wipe them quickly then turn to look at mom, I know that she knows I was crying but still I pretend to be normal.

“How’s Khushi mom?” I ask with a trembling voice.

“I can’t say anything right now Arnav, she is critical… although she’s on the first stage of cancer, I still can’t guarantee anything. She’s very weak, she doesn’t have any problems with her lungs yet you can see her struggle to breath… maybe this is because of her preg…” she stops talking and I look at her hoping she would continue but she doesn’t.

“Mom… because of what?”

“Forget that matter, I’ll just try my best okay Arnav, but you need to be strong”

“I will be strong if that’s all it takes to make her well, mom I’ve never needed anyone in my life as much as I need her right now, she has done a lot for me, and if she decided to leave me before giving me even a chance of rectifying my mistakes, I’ll break, and this time I’ll break not to get back together”


I am sited in the waiting room hoping that she would soon wake up and mom would finally allow me to meet her, I can’t wait to see her open her eyes and look at me, I can’t wait to tell her how much I love her and that whatever she told me that day helped me a lot, and after so damn long, I am finally able to move on, and I want to see her eyes brighten up, I want to see her smile then hug me and cry in my arms because she is too happy to handle the happiness.

I find myself smiling for stupid reasons which reminds me of the first day I met her, when she was standing in that long line waiting for the admission, I immediately recognized her, she was Kriya’s sister and at that moment I wanted to hate her because she looked exactly like Kriya but there was something that couldn’t let me hate her, I just couldn’t stop admiring at the way she was talking to her friend and scolding her, I couldn’t stop admiring her childishness, I couldn’t stop admiring her innocence, I just couldn’t stop admiring her.

I pushed myself to hit her and then blamed my friend for it, thank God he understood and joined it but when I turned to look at her, she was all nervous.

She couldn’t stop staring at me as if I was something like her prince charming.

“Did I push you? I’m very sorry” I said trying to suppress my laughter.

I stared at her waiting for her to at least say it’s okay or something but she didn’t react and she didn’t stop staring at me. I don’t wanted to admit that I liked her staring at me, and I liked the fact that she liked me because her innocent eyes said it all.

“Hi, I’m Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada” I introduce myself.

I knew that she had never heard about me because Kriya had never told her family about me, in fact after our wedding we both had planned to go India and surprise them but then everything turned the other way.

Kriya always used to tell me how much she loved her twin sister and how innocent she was, I had only seen her in pictures but that wasn’t enough for me to judge, but that day when I stood in front of her for the first time, I realized one thing, although she looked exactly like Kriya, she still looked prettier than her and then that was the day when I knew what people meant by saying the beauty is in the heart, maybe she was beautiful from inside that’s she was prettier from outside.

“Arnav!” I hear Aman’s voice.

Within no time, Shanaya, him and Khushi’s mom are standing in front of me, and I come out of the dream world I was in, they surely are hoping I would give them an explanation, but I myself don’t have an idea of what’s going on.

“I don’t know what happened, I just realized she wasn’t well and when I brought her here mom told me it was something serious, I am really worried about her Aman, I hope she would be fine, I really don’t want anything to happen to her”

“Don’t worry she would be okay” Aman assures me with a hug

I can see both Shanaya and Khushi’s mom crying, **** I don’t even know her mother’s name! I just walk towards her silently as I hug her, I don’t know how to console, I just try my best.

“Aunty she would be fine, trust me… she isn’t going anywhere this soon, I wouldn’t let her go” I say

She doesn’t say anything, instead she hugs me tighter.

I break the hug when I see a nurse rushing somewhere and behind her is mom rushing somewhere too, I quickly follow her as she enters in the room where Khushi was admitted but I’m left at the door.

I quickly rush towards the window and see her struggling to breathe again, her face is not just pale, it’s damn red and this scares me even more.

Her mouth is open, she’s moving up and down while trying to breathe, mom is busy adjusting the oxygen mask on her face which doesn’t seem to be helping anymore.

I can see tears rolling down from her eyes, I know she is in pain and all this is hurting her so damn much but I can’t do anything, I can’t do a thing to make her feel better.

I rush towards the door and just when I push it open mom turns to look at me.

“Arnav leave!” she shouts angrily

“Mom Khushi… she isn’t well, let me be with her please”

“Arnav I said leave!” she shouts again.

I don’t want to leave, I want to be with her, I want to fight that cancer and kill it but mom isn’t even allowing me to go near her.

Aman pulls me from behind as I struggle to get off his hold and run back to Khushi but he doesn’t let me go.

“I need to be with her damn it Aman let me go, why don’t you understand!” I shout as I kick him and do whatever I can to free myself.

“Stop it Arnav!” Shanaya shouts angrily

I relax a bit, I have never seen her this angry, not even when she got to know about what I did to Khushi but today she seems to be losing her temper completely.

We are also here, we also love her and we also worry about her, but we need to give the doctor time to do what she can, Arnav stop being so immature.” She says angrily.

I calm down, maybe I’m just over reacting because even her mom is here but she’s trying to be calm then why can’t I?

Jul 24, 2015

Fated To Fall... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 63 times)

Mom walks out of the room as she looks at me angrily, I know I was behaving stupid but this time I just wanted to make sure she was fine.

“Right now I can’t say anything about her, its better you all wait in the waiting room, I’ll let you know if she improves”

Khushi’s mother breaks down into tears as Shanaya tries to console her, I head towards the waiting room and find Rey sited there.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I say angrily as I get hold of his collar.

“Relax dude, she’s my friend I’m here to see her, get off me”

“Get lost Rey before I lose my patience, I can do anything to keep her away from you even if it’s killing you… I have been quiet for so long just because I love her and dint want to hurt her, don’t force me to open my mouth”

“Chill dude, fine I’m going” he walks away as I punch the wall angrily, I never thought I’d see him again but he just doesn’t stop being stupid.

I’ll never forget what he did to me, he ruined my entire life!

I settle myself on a bench in the corner as I shut my eyes trying to relax…


I walked to the classroom when I saw a girl sited on my bench, she was busy adjusting her hair and when she was done, she pulled out a small make up bag from her back pack and starts putting on lipstick on her lips and some eyeshadow.

She looked so beautiful and so adorable, she surely wasn’t the prettiest girl I had ever seen, but she was someone who had just caught my attention.

“Hey” I said as I walked towards her.

“Hey” She replied with a smile.

“Actually I sit there”

“Oh I’m sorry I dint know” she said as she shifted her belongings to the bench next to mine.

“I’m Arnav” I said as I brought my hand forwards for a shake

“Kriya Gupta, we can be friends?” She smiled as she shook her hand with me.

“Yeah sure” I replied back.

I couldn’t just stop staring at her, she looked gorgeous and attractive. Her hair wass tied up in a high ponytail which kept on swinging every time she turned to look somewhere, that damn ponytail was taking my heart away.

“Dude wake up” Aman shakes me bringing me back to reality.

“Did Khushi wake up?” I ask as I stand up in a hurry.

“No, nothing yet… mom says this might be because they postponed her chemo session God knows for what reason and she can’t go through chemo for like four to five months”

“****… I hope she’ll be fine.. I’m so restless”

“She will be, I just brought you something to eat, you haven’t had anything since last night”

“I really don’t feel like, I’ll eat some other time”

“Please stop behaving like typical lovers, it isn’t cool at all, eat something, you need strength to stand by her at such times”

“Fine leave it here, I’ll eat”

Aman leaves the plate of food next to me, I just stare at it, I seriously have lost my appetite and no matter what I just don’t feel like eating, but I eat, for the sake of staying strong.


“Kriya will stop behaving so typical? I said you aren’t dieting so I mean it” I said angrily as I followed her with a plate full of food

“Arnav I’ll grow fat, then there’ll be no guy to admire me… you know I have so many marriage dreams, they all will be shattered because if I grow fat no guy is going to like me”

“So you’d marry a guy who loves your body and not you? Why are you girls so stupid at times”

“I don’t want to grow fat that’s it”

“I’ll always admire you even if you eat until you become a football” I said

“Aww that’s sweet, but why would you? You already have those girls running behind you, you’ll not get time from admiring them”

“They all mean nothing to me, you do… you know that, I don’t want to state the obvious”

“Really? Please state the obvious then” She turned to me and folded her hands.

She kept on staring at me and I just couldn’t stop smiling, really does anyone behave like this? Especially a guy like me?

“You want me to tell you something the whole school knows? I’m sure you aren’t that dumb”

“I am dumb so tell me” she said seriously

“Okay fine… you know it but if you want me to still say it then I love you… happy now?”

“So much” She said as she jumped to hug me.

After being friends for so many years, Kriya and I obviously had feelings for each other, we even behaved like couple every time but the real thing was we never were in a relationship.

Although she would get jealous of all those girls trying to flirt with me, she never tried to make it so obvious that she loved me, in fact I never thought I’d just tell her that I love her, that too so casually.

But we were buddies, and telling her I love her in the most fancy way dint matter, just simply letting her know I love her was enough.

“So now I want my future wife to be fat so no dieting you are going to eat this”

“I can’t finish all this and come on I have to look a little hot and ****y or your friends will tease you”

“I know you’ll not listen to me, so I know what to do”

Before I got hold of her, she started running away from me while I ran behind her trying to catch and finally when I did, we both fell on the sofa laughing like crazy.

Her hair fell on her cheeks which I tugged back on her ear and stared at her… I couldn’t believe I was in love with her, I couldn’t believe she was in love with me… I just couldn’t believe that a girl like her would love me and be with me.

I kept on looking into her eyes as she looked back into mine and for a moment we were just lost into each other’s eyes. I ran my hand on her cheeks caressing them while she shut her eyes feeling my hands on her face.

I wanted to pull her closer and bite that lip of hers and kiss her crazily and show her how much I love her and how much she means to me but I was scared, what if she dint like it? I would just spoil things between us.

“If you are going to kiss me make it quick, I have to go somewhere in ten minutes” She giggled as I broke my gaze on her and smiled.

Her hair was falling back again so I got hold of it with my hand and pulled her closer to me, leaving no inch of space between us, my heart was almost running a race and I thought girls were the only ones who felt like this.

I could hear her breaths getting heavier, she shut her eyes before my lips touched hers, and when they did, I felt her whole body shiver and I just ended up smiling while I kissed her hard and deep and she responded back with the same passion.


“Arnav! She’s awake” Shanaya came running to me.

“Khushi… she’s awake? Really?” I ask happily not being able to control my happiness.

I stand up and quickly follow Shanaya as we both rush towards the ICU where she was, I can’t explain how happy that makes me feel, how relaxed it feel to know that finally she’s awake and she’s fine maybe… and I can take her back home and be with her and take care of her and tell her how much I love her!

Jul 29, 2015

Fated To Fall... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

I rush inside the room without seeking any permission or anything else, this is just more than enough torture to me.

I see her lying on the bed with her mom sited next to her, when I enter inside her eyes suddenly turn to me and I see them sparkle up.

“Arnav” She says as a smile curves up on her face, do I still make her feel this happy?

I rush towards her and hold her tightly into my arms as her mom moves aside.

I don’t speak a word, neither does she… maybe because words aren’t needed to understand love and right now, she doesn’t need any words to understand my love and concern for her.

“I was so scared” I say

For a while I’m not happy with what I just said but then she should know that I was scared I would lose her because I’d never want to lose her.

“Thank God you are okay Khushi” I kiss on her forehead, I can see her smiling and I know she likes me kissing her forehead so I do it again and this time she blushes.

I remember sitting in that waiting room after mom told me she couldn’t say a thing, I was scared, I thought I already lost her and just then after some time I get to know she’s fine, it’s all like a miracle.

“I’m sorry I fainted” She says in a weak voice

She’s sorry? Why? It wasn’t her fault that she fainted, it wasn’t mine either, it was the fault of the damn cancer she’s fighting with.

“I’m glad you are safe and okay, that’s what matters to me” I say

She smiles at me then hold her head, she’s not feeling so well yet, I guess I should give her time to rest the other things can wait.

“You need to rest, we’ll talk when you feel completely fine” I say as I stand up to walk but she holds my hand

“I just need you to be here with me”

Her eyes are so innocent, she’s so pale I feel like holding her into my arms forever, I just want her to get well, that’s it and for that I’d do anything.

I sit back next to her as her mom stands up.

“I’ll get you something to eat” She says

“I’m not hungry” Khushi replies

“You are hungry, and you’ll eat that’s it” I say

She stares at me as if she’s not able to decide whether she should smile or cry.

Did I say something wrong? The last thing I want to do is to hurt her, she’s already been through so much torture from me before, all I want to do now is give her all the happiness she deserves.

“Arnav… what was that?” she asks


“That cave, the decorations, and you there… I want to know what you had planned, what was going to happen?”

“Khushi… it… it was nothing, I just thought I’d…”

My phone interrupts us and I am so glad, there is no way I’m letting her know I was going to propose her, I’d still want it to remain a surprise for her, I surely don’t want to ask her to marry me in a hospital.

I walk aside and receive the call

“Thanks for saving me dude” I say

“I thought you’d be planning to punch me on my face for keeping an eye on the both of you” Aman giggles

“You’d get that soon” I say as I disconnect the call

I walk back to Khushi and before she starts the topic again, I try my best to change it.

“So tell me, how are you feeling now? What happened to you at that time all over a sudden?”

“Much better, I don’t know I just felt dizzy and I just fainted, I opened my eyes here and for a while I was so scared until I saw mom, then she told me that you brought me here and you were so worried about me”

“I really was, I thought I’d lose you”

She looks at me again as if this is what she really wanted to listen to, that I was so worried about her, it’s so difficult for me to know what she must be thinking.

Her mom walks inside with the plate of food as she started feeding Khushi, I sit aside watching her eat while making faces, she’s so adorable.


After eating, she took a nap and I made sure I stayed by her side all the time.

She woke up a few minutes ago and since then we are sited here making stories.

“Arnav, can I ask you something?”

I feel so uncomfortable at her asking this, I really wish she doesn’t ask me again about the cave and all, I don’t know how I’d escape it this time.

“Yeah sure, ask”

“You know I really hate Kriya, but I just wanted to know, why did you both get married without informing any of us, I mean we were her family, we really needed to know about it right?”

“Why are you bringing Kriya in between all this now Khushi? Why can’t we just sit here and talk about ourselves, about how we met, how you couldn’t take your eyes off me, how I tried my best to act like a dude in front of you..

How our first date was, how you felt the first time I hugged you and how you got butterflies when I kissed you… let’s talk about that”

“Are you trying to avoid the topic?”

“No Khushi, I’d want to tell you everything that was between me and her because you have the right to ask and you have the right to know but not now, not when you are in the hospital, we’d discuss that some other time right?”

“Do I have the right to know?” She asks

God! I just gave her a hint of the huge surprise I had planned for her, I just want to make sure it remains to be a surprise.

“I need to use the washroom, I’ll be back” I quickly stand up and walk away while she looks at me in confusion.

I stay there for a while finding all the ways I’d avoid such topic because I yet have to be here with her until she’s discharged, I can’t even risk leaving her alone.

When I’m finally cool, I walk out and find her asleep. I take a sigh and settle myself next to her as I look at her.

She looks so innocent so simple while she’s asleep just like a baby. I stroke her face and feel her smooth skin with my hands… I kiss her cheeks and rest my head next to hers until I fall asleep with her.


“Arnav!” I wake up when someone shakes me so hard.

Before I even open my eyes and come to any conclusion, someone is already pulling me out of the room.

Why are they taking me away from Khushi? Why does everyone look so tensed?

I realize Aman is the one pulling me away but I have no idea why he’s doing so, I turn to him and give him and angry glare but he doesn’t let go off me.

“What’s wrong? Why are you taking me away from Khushi?”

Aman doesn’t say a word, he just keeps on pulling me while I look at everyone in confusion… Shanaya is crying Khushi’s mother is crying, even Aman seems so sad… why the hell is everyone crying?

“Khushi!” I shout as I free my hand from Aman’s hold and run towards the ICU but Shanaya and Khushi’s mom stop me.

Why are they stopping me? Why don’t they want me to see Khushi? What’s happening here?

Aug 15, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

Aman pushes my back inside the waiting room, I have no idea what the hell on earth is going on.

 “Why the hell did you bring me here?” I shout at him


 “Because mom needs to check her up, she said there are many unusual things happening”


 “But she just woke up right, she was fine”


 “She was, she isn’t Arnav… you need to stop behaving like this okay, I know you care for her but she’s damn fighting cancer and it’s not so easy”

 He walks out angrily and I don’t even know what the hell I have done, I was just sleeping next to her, what big mistake did I make? I hold my head in frustration, I can’t take all this anymore, I just want her to be fine, she has a lot to do yet in in life, she has to study and be a neurosurgeon, she has to fulfil all her dreams and live a happy life without any cancer and any pain.

 It’s been an hour and I’m still feeling restless, I don’t know why this people aren’t allowing me to even see Khushi.



 I hear mom’s voice. I turn around and find her standing at the door, I run directly towards her wanting to know everything about Khushi.


 “Mom! How is Khushi… will she be okay?” I ask


 “Arnav you know I was never happy with your marriage with Kriya right? That’s why I even never saw her face, at that moment I felt so hurt that my son just got married at such a young age without even informing me..”


 “Why are we talking about Kriya right now? Tell me about Khushi, I need to know how she is”


 “Because I don’t want the history to repeat itself, Khushi isn’t Kriya, she just looks like her and if that’s the reason why you want to be with her then it’s not right”


 “Mom seriously? You think I want to be with her because she looks like Kriya? No way mom, I want to be with her because she is Khushi, she is herself, she is weird, funny and stupid, I want to be with her because she loves me and I have finally realized, no girl could love me as much as she does. Mom I regret everything I did to her because at one time I was the reason behind her pain and sadness but I want to change that, I want to make her smile, I want to make her forget the past, I just want her to be happy”


 “Will you be by her side forever?”


“I swear on anything mom, I’ll not let us break apart… but why are we discussing this when she’s in that damn ICU… mom please tell me she will be fine”


 “We are discussing this because it is important, because right now I am going to tell you something that she dint want you to know… I am going to break the promise I made to her because I know, to be by her side at such a time you need to understand what she’s going through and why she’s going through. This is just the beginning Arnav, the treatments ahead will get tougher and at such times she might even feel like giving up completely, but you’ll have to encourage her and tell her she would be fine.”


 “What is it?” Arnav asked suspiciously


“First of all don’t over react, you’ll have to let me speak and let me finish what I want to say they ask or say whatever you want to”




 “You want to get married to her because you love her or you are just guilty for whatever you did?”


 “Obviously because I love her, so damn much”


 “Arnav… I don’t know how to put it into better words, I’ll just say it simple, Khushi is pregnant, and the child she has belongs to you both”

Mom said leaving me in shock. She’s pregnant? How couldn’t she inform me about that?


 “What? Why didn’t she inform me? Why did she tell you not to tell me about it mom? God! How could she just hide it from me?”


 “Because she dint want you to marry her for the child Arnav, she was scared that if you get to know she’s pregnant you’ll just decide to marry her for the sake of the baby and I guess she dint want that… she can take care of the kid alone and you know that well, all she wanted was you to marry her because you love her. She told me that she would tell you this on her own but I just couldn’t keep it from you any longer… This is just the first stage the chances are that she might heal and she might not… yes we could be almost sure she would heal if she wasn’t pregnant, but you see pregnancy and cancer is not a good combination at all. So no this is where my main point comes, you’ll need to understand, I can’t guarantee that both Khushi and the baby would be fine right? There might even come a time maybe where you’d have to chose between the both and I need you to be prepared. This is the hardest phase of her life Arnav, and for that I need you to be with her and support her all the time. I want you to get married to her because remember you love her, I want her to be under my observation 24 hours because this is a very rare case and I can’t take any chance”


 “So you want us to get married as soon as possible?”


 “Yes… in fact as soon as she gets discharged”


 “Does that mean she’s fine right now? I mean her health”


 “She’s good right now… there was something caused due to her pregnancy but everything is in place right now and that’s why I think I had to tell you about her pregnancy so that you understand her state better.”


 “Thank you mom, I now know what I have to do” I say as I walk out.

 Khushi is fine… she is finally okay… I want to jump and dance but I can’t because at one point I know she’s not perfectly alright, she’s not cancer free. I feel happy knowing that she’s going to be the mother to my child, but I also feel sad that she had to hide this news from me.

 I stop outside the room and take a deep breath… everything has changed now that I know she’s pregnant… it’s going to be so difficult to not let her know I know about it because I want to wait and see when she finds it right to tell me.


 “Where is Arnav?” I hear her ask I open the door with a huge smile on my face.


 “Here I am, at your service ma’am” I say as I walk towards her.

Her face brightens up as soon as she sees me, God! What do I do about this feeling she’s giving me, I can’t believe she loves me so much, I can’t believe I love her so much… everything is so unbelievable.


“Aunty, would you please give us some time alone?” I ask her mother

She nods with a smile, she’s happy too that Khushi is finally okay… she stands up and walks out leaving the both of us alone.

 I rush towards her as I directly hold her in my arms, I feel like it’s been ages since I last held her in my arms, she doesn’t say a word instead she just holds be back, her hands feel weak, I understand she’s woken up anyway.


 “We need to talk” I say as I break the hug


 “Those four words scare the hell out of me”

She says nervously while I laugh at her. She’s so damn innocent, as innocent as she looked the first time I saw her… but in between that time and today, the innocence got lost somewhere, maybe because of my own deeds..


 “Don’t be… it’s something to be happy about not to be scared about”


 “And what is that?”


 “I want you to know something… you know what? I love you… so much, and I am not saying it because I feel too bad that you are here in the hospital fighting with cancer, I am saying it because I want to be with you so that we both can fight that damn cancer together and kick it the hell out of your life and then spend a happy life together and have kids to create a football team, and you’ll run behind them when they are naughty and I’ll just watch you and admire you… I’ll just think in my mind that damn Arnav! You are lucky dude, not everyone gets Khushi Gupta as his wife, and damn those children who make a football team, they are so lucky because not everyone gets a mother that Khushi Gupta…”

 She looks at me as the smile on her face becomes bigger with every passing second.


 “This is such a ridiculous way of doing it and I hadn’t even planned for it like this but I guess this is where both our lives are, right now and in future after we become neurosurgeons and I want that every time you walk into your cabin in the hospital, you’ll remember that your husband proposed you in a damn hospital when you were sited on damn hospital bed. Khushi Gupta, I Arnav Singh Raizada want to spend all the good and bad days of my life with you because none of them is going to be fun without you. Would you like to get married to me and spend the rest of your life with me?”


 Finally! I did it… my heart is jumping, I feel as if it would soon jump out of my body… She’s still staring at me silently, I don’t know what her answer would be but I am just confident, as confident as I was the night she fainted in my arms.

Aug 20, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Arnav I…”

“Khushi I just want you to know that I have taken this decision on my own no one had forced me for it, I have finally decided to overcome my past.”

“You sure?”

“Very, I want to get married to you and spend the rest of my life with you” 

“I’ll be happy if I get to spend the rest of my life with you Arnav!” she smiles

“Does that mean a yes?”

She nods positively and I can’t stop myself I pull her into a tight hug the give her a peck on her cheeks, she just gave me the biggest gift ever.

“But I…”

“I know, you want to become a neurosurgeon, I also do… we both will study together and achieve our dreams together”

“Thank you” She smiles again

I feel so good, finally seeing her happy… I know I took long to understand simple things and made mistakes and hurt her too but maybe we had to go through all that to come to this.

“I’ll talk to mom and make sure this happens soon, I can wait to get married to you”

“Oh I see someone is in such a hurry”

“For our first night” I giggle

“We already had it” She says and her face saddens.

I remember what happened when she finally trusted me enough to let me make love to her but then the question she asked the next morning, spoilt everything.

I spoilt some things on my own, but at that time, marriage was something I couldn’t handle.

“I’ll ask mom when we can take you back home so that we start preparing for our wedding soon” I say as I walk outside.

I walk to mom’s cabin, she doesn’t have any patient with her so I have the chance to talk to her.

“Mom!” I say as I nervously walk inside

I have never been so nervous in front of mom before, but telling her that I want to get married to Khushi makes me feel kind of shy…

“You want to get married to her?” she asks as she looks at me

“How did you know?” I ask in surprise

“Obviously… after our talk and then you met her and you are here being so nervous states it all” She says with a smile.

“So what do you have to say about that?”

“I have nothing to say as long as you never make her feel that she’s in your life only because she looks like your ex-wife…”

I look at her in surprise again, how did she know?

“Aman told me, stop looking at me that way… I don’t know for what reason I ever hated Kriya, maybe it was only because you got married without informing me and then she betrayed you…

I can’t believe she was Khushi’s twin sister, I have known Khushi for quite long and she’s such a sweet girl, I’d be glad to have her as my daughter in law...”

“I’m glad this time I made the right choice”

“So let her get discharged, which would happen in a couple of days then I’d talk to her mother and we’d start the preparations”

“I don’t want any big fat Indian wedding thing mom, I’m sure neither does she… can’t we just be family, we get a priest to perform all the rituals and then sign the papers in court?”

“You better ask her what kind of a wedding she wants, girls have so many dreams”

“I will, we’ll do as she says”

“Great, so I have an appointment booked with one patient, she must be waiting… we’ll talk at home”

I bid her goodbye and walk out… finally everything is going right.

We both are happy, our families will be happy, everything is getting back on track.

All I want now is for Khushi to fight her cancer strongly and defeat it, I’ll be by her side always but I’ll maybe not be able to understand enough the pain she’d be going through.

“So you both sorted out?” Shanaya comes from nowhere


“You know you are really stupid but I am the biggest stupid because I am kind of allowing you to take my best friend away from me?”

“I know that too”

“I hates you since the first time I saw you, I don’t know why I always felt like you aren’t a good guy, not at least for a girl like Khushi”

“I know that too”

“But now I realize I was so wrong, maybe if it were so other dumb guy, he would run away from her in such a situation but you dint… I have seen you, the way you were when she was serious… and I realized maybe she’s so lucky to have you in her life, but you just shouldn’t be stupid”

“I know I’m stupid and you are wrong, she isn’t lucky, I’m lucky because I have her in my life.”

She just smiles and nods positively, I walk back to the room where she is and she just smiles as soon as she sees me.

“You know I hate hospitals” she says

“But from today onwards… hospitals are my favorite place”

Oh God! I don’t know what to do about this girl… she’s just making me fall more and more in love with her.

“Did you eat something?”

“No, I’m not feeling so hungry”

“I’ll get you something to eat and you better not behave like kids… you know it if you don’t eat you’ll get weak”

“You’ve already started behaving like a husband”

“I became you husband the day I made love to you” I walk out and head to the canteen.

I order for some salad and juice, that would be good for her, I wait until it’s prepared.

Once they give it to me I head back to Khushi’s room.

“Arnav!” I hear someone call me

I turn back and her mom is standing in front of me.

“Thank you” She says with a smile

“What’s up with everyone? Why is everyone like of thanking me? I think you should thank mom, she’s the one who treated Khushi right?”

“Not for that stupid”

“Stupid is my new nick name” I giggle

“I was thanking you for taking food to her, I tried a lot to feed her but she was so stubborn, so thanks for that”

“You are welcome” I smile at her as I open the door and just when I’m about to walk in, I see something.

Something that boils my blood and leaves me infuriated.

Aug 26, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

I walk in angrily, I am trying to keep myself calm but I can’t, I can’t see him hugging Khushi, I can’t see him snatching the girl I love once again from me.

I pull him of her and give him a tight slap and start punching him as hard as I can

Khushi is obviously shocked, she has no idea why I’m doing this, she tried to stop me but I can’t, I’m just too damn angry!

“I told you I don’t want to see you near her, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Arnav! He is my friend, he’s come to see me”

“What kind of a friend tried to kiss you without your damn consent? Khushi what the hell is wrong with you?”

“No Arnav! What the hell is wrong with you? Why all this anger on him all over a sudden?”

“All over a sudden? Nothing is all over a sudden Khushi, every time I saw him with you believe me I wanted to kill him, I have just been trying to be calm”

“Just because of that incident?”

“No! You’ll not understand just stay away from him please”

“Arnav what are you saying, he’s the one who understood my love for you, he understood me and this is what you are saying about him?”

“If he understood your love why the hell dint he understand my love for Kriya at that damn time?”

“Why are you bringing him in between you and Kriya when he was never there? Arnav he’s my friend okay?”

“He was never there? Or maybe he was ever there? Am I right, Reyansh Kapoor?”

Khushi looks at me in confusion, she’s allowed to be confused because she has no idea about the secret I have been hiding for so long.

“Will you please explain things to me Arnav?”

“Yes Khushi! For sure” I say as I settle myself next to her

He look at me with sad eyes maybe wishing her friend doesn’t turn out to be someone bad, she doesn’t know he’s someone worse.

“You know I loved Kriya… we both were together for almost two years when one fine day she all over a sudden asked me to get married to her.

I was so shocked, I mean we were in school and it was out last year, we yet had to study further and build our carriers and at this point she wanted me to get married to her

I refused but she kept on begging and giving me reasons, she said she was scared I would dump her and find another girl then what would happen to her

I still wasn’t ready for this until she came up with an idea, we both would get married and hide it from everyone until we finally are ready to tell everyone about it

I loved her and I dint want to hurt her so I agreed to this, I only informed Aman about this, no one else had an idea about it

We both got married and everything was fine until the villain came up, you know who the villain was?” I ask

She nods negatively and continues looking at me.

“None other than this damn friend of yours!”

“What?” she asks in surprise

“Oh and yes do you know who the guy was because for whom Kriya stabbed that knife on me? None other than this damn Reyansh Kapoor”

“No! That can’t be true.. he can’t do that… Rey did you really?”

“Why are you even asking him Khushi? Do you know why Kriya wanted us to get married? It wasn’t because she was actually scared that I would dump her, it was because of Rey, I don’t know how he manipulated her and told her to get married to me then get a huge amount of money from me then they both would run away somewhere”

“But why would she do that? Mom never refused to give her any money”

“Because she knew your mom would never allow her to get married to Rey when she was this young and I seriously have no idea what was in between them why she decided to cheat on me with him, why she was in a real hurry to get married to him”

“Because she was pregnant!” Rey shouted

Khushi and I both looked at him in shock, we never had an idea about this.

“We were drunk that night and I don’t know why she slept with me, we dint use protection and she got pregnant.

She said she loved you but then she couldn’t also lie to you that the baby was yours because you both never had ****, it was only romance.

I had no other option” Rey said

“What happened to the baby?” Khushi asked

Rey just stared at her without speaking a word, she seemed to be getting angry.

“What happened to the damn baby?” she shouted at the top of her voice

“That day when Arnav came to know about us, we had no idea how to escape him, he even threated to hand me over to the police, Kriya got scared that if thigs get worse everyone would know about her pregnancy so she just stabbed a knife on Arnav and we both escaped” Rey said

“At that time you knew me, we were friends since long right? How comes I never got to know about this?”

“I had promised Kriya, I knew you were he sister when I saw you but she told me not to tell you anything even that she was in Australia”

“What happened after you escaped?”

“She stayed with me at my place for a couple of months, she even stopped going to school because her baby bump had started showing.

I was scared, she was also scared, we had no idea how our life was going to be… I even told her to abort the baby but she said she couldn’t punish the little one for our mistakes

We both finally accepted the fact and decided we would get married soon then maybe things would get normal slowly but then one day she was cleaning up the bathroom and she slipped..

She fell and when I came back home, it was too late!”

“Oh My God” Khushi said as tears rolled down her eyes

I wiped them away as I hugged her and Rey continued narrating the story.

“I took her to the hospital and they said we’d lost the baby, she was really shattered

She stayed in the hospital for a few days and for that few days she dint even speak a word to me, one evening when I went to visit her I was informed that she left.

I tried to look for her Khushi believe me, but I couldn’t find her.

Two days later she called me and told me she was back home, and that she regretted whatever we did to Arnav”

“That’s why she was always sad, she never ate well she was so lost, it wasn’t only because she betrayed Arnav but because she lost her baby too

God! I never was able to understand her pain, I just thought she was wrong without knowing why she did things”

“She just made a mistake, I wish she would have told me the truth instead on doing all this then maybe today things would have been different” I say

“I’m sorry Khushi, I never had the courage to tell you all this so I just let you hate her even when she dint deserve that hate because she dint cheat on Arnav, we were just drunk and we had no idea what we did…

We were good friends we had just gone to party out and things changed badly”

I hated her so much, I never even answered her calls, she must have been in so much pain all I ever thought was that she cheated on me and she tried to kill me I never knew the battle she was fighting.

If I’ll ever regret anything in my life it would be not talking to her even for once after that incident, maybe if I did then things would have been different today

Maybe she would have been alive today!


Sep 10, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

“I’m sorry Arnav, I really am… I know what Kriya and I did was wrong and nothing can justify it, not even being drunk can justify cheating on someone who loves you but at that time we just did whatever we thought was right…

I have seen you hate her for so long but maybe she deserves your forgiveness now, she wasn’t right but she was a human and we humans do make mistakes right? If possible forgive the both of us” Rey says as he walks out of the room.

Khushi and I look at each other, we both have always taken Kriya so wrongly… we never had an idea about what kind of a battle she was fighting.

Although she was at fault in some places we know she wasn’t perfect, neither of us is… it’s human nature to make mistakes and that’s what she did, she made a mistake.

I walk towards Khushi and sit next to her, I hold her hand in mine and look into her eyes… she does feel the pain, I also do… she was my wife but she was her sister.

“Why does life play such weird games with us?” she asks innocently

“Because without games, life would be so boring” I say as I pull her into a hug.

“I hated her so much, I dint even want to call her my sister… I was her twin sister, when she was fighting the battle in her mind, I should have understood her but I dint, what I did was to judge her.

She surely dint expect this Arnav, not from her own sister… how could I judge her? How the hell on earth?

She needed me to support her and to encourage her but I did nothing and eventually the pain she had been trying to hide ate her up like a slow poison and she died leaving us alone and at that time I hated her more.

I am such a bad sister Arnav, I never understood her.”

“Hey it’s okay, it wasn’t your fault okay… please relax whatever was meant to happen happened, we can’t keep blaming ourselves right?”

She nods and I hold her tighter into my arms… it had been enough of past all I want now is to take her out of this hospital, to give her back her normal life, she should go back to university and continue with her studies.

“I’ll talk to mom, I want you to get discharged tomorrow okay? Everything is fine don’t think about anything now”

I walk away leaving her in thoughts, I know how bad she must be feeling but neither of us can change anything.

I walk to mom’s cabin and talk to her about discharging Khushi tomorrow and she agrees, she’s fine anyway and now I’ll always be with her taking care of her.


Later in the evening

I start packing up her things so that we are ready to leave the next day.

“So tell me what you want to do? It’s all upon you” I ask

“I don’t know Arnav.. I know I’d have to miss lots of lectures for my treatments so I don’t know if I can manage it right now and if I leave everything in between it would be tough to get admission in the university again.

I think I’ll just put all my time into reading and everything then maybe I’ll be able to manage, and you’ll obviously be attending the lectures so you can teach me whatever I’d miss any day”

“Are you sure about that, I mean you can get back to it after you are completely fine”

“And how long will I just sit doing nothing? This has been my dream and I can’t just risk it like this, I’ll try my best”

“Okay then you’ll do as you want…”

I am so nervous at the moment, I seriously don’t have an idea on how she’s going to manage the baby then the disease and everything I can’t even mention that right now because she thinks I don’t know about it and I’d wait for that day until she finds it right to inform me about it.

“So your packing is done, it’s late even you should sleep, we have to leave tomorrow I’ll pick you around 9 okay?”

“You aren’t staying here with me?”

“I have some work to complete before tomorrow but I promise I’ll be here in the morning okay? Shanaya and your mom are just here so don’t worry you aren’t alone”


I kiss her on the forehead and she smiles, she likes forehead kisses. I walk away to do whatever work I have so that I can finish it before morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a special day, very special day…


Next morning.

I arrive at the hospital just right on time, Khushi is finally dressed in her normal clothes, she’s combed her hair and she looks completely fine.

She’s sited on the bed having her breakfast when I walk towards her.

“Good Morning” I greet her

“Good Morning, so finally you are here, I was waiting for you”

“Sorry I know I’m bit late but anyway finish your breakfast then we leave”

“I’m even done, mom and Shanaya already left as you were to pick me up so yea”

“Okay but I’m not taking you home directly, there’s somewhere else I want to take you first okay?


“Stop asking questions and let’s leave, you’ll get to know everything”

She stands up, I don’t try to help her, I know she’s strong she would handle herself. We both head towards mom’s cabin, she sits there as mom advices her about her health while I sign the discharge papers and then we both leave.

I drive her to my place and I know she’s surely wondering why I brought her here.

“Don’t worry, you are not going to stay here before we get married, it’s just something else I want to show you”

“Okay” she says as she gives me her hand to hold.

I hold it and we both walk inside, the whole mansion is empty, good, that’s what I wanted. I take her to my room and she stands nervously there not being able to figure out what I have in my mind.

I push the door open and she just stands at the door still staring inside.

“Let’s go in” I say as I hold her hand and take her inside with me.

She looks around as tears escape her eyes, at the moment I really have no idea what’s going on in her mind but all I hope is she likes whatever I did.

“You changed the whole room? Why?” She asks as he turns to me

“Because now it’s not only my room, it’s going to be our room in a few days”

“You dint have to do this… I mean my picture, my favorite color on the wall, what about your favorite colors and your choice, the room isn’t going to be mine only.

“You favorite is mine, I’m just happy about this and anyway the room was so sad, it seemed so lifeless but now it looks good and beautiful, I also love it after the changes” I smile

She hugs me tightly and I feel relaxed, thank God she liked it.

“I’m going to talk to mom, I want us to get married soon if you are okay with that”

She nods giving me the biggest happiness of life, all I just want is marry her and spend the rest of my life with her.

Sep 12, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

One month later…

“Arnav hurry up, we are getting late” Mom shouts from the hall.

I pick my tie with my shoes and rush downstairs in a hurry, mom and Aman are already there waiting for me.

“I don’t know what’s with this tie, I just can’t tie it today, Aman would you please help”

“God you take so much time in getting ready like a girl” Mom glares at me then walks outside.

I quickly put my shoes on and rush behind her, we settled ourselves in the car as Aman hands me the tie

“Here you go”

The driver starts driving as I look around and take a deep sigh… finally after so long everything is going to be alright.

Khushi’s treatment has been going on well for and mom says the progress is good which makes me feel better.

I am so lost in thinking about today, and about my future with Khushi that I don’t even realize when we arrived at the Registrar’s office.

“Arnav stop getting so lost in dream, step out” Aman shakes me

I walk out of the car and look around, there are many people waiting outside, I look here and there hoping I would see Khushi somewhere, I can’t wait to see how beautiful she is.

A car stops behind us and we all turn around.

Khushi, her mom and Shanaya step out and my eyes fall on her, my one and only…

She looks like a goddess of beauty, that white wedding gown with a bouquet of flowers in her hand, the simple jewelry, she looks like the most beautiful bride ever.

 “Oh My God, you look so beautiful” I say as I walk towards her and hug her.

I know it’s awkward in front of everyone but I just couldn’t stop, she’s stealing my heart all over again.

“You look better than me” She smiles

“I wish I could… anyway let’s get going, our turn might be coming soon”

I hold her hand and we head towards the waiting, every one of us is excited.

Aman and Shanaya are sited in one place maybe discussing how their wedding would be, mom is sited with Khushi’s mother and they share their own ladies talk.

Khushi and I are sited together, I’m holding her hand and it just feels good to have her hand in mine… we keep on staring at each other without speaking a word.

“What’s next after this?” She asks

“Wedding with full rituals at the temple… I know you believe in that so I wouldn’t want to end it with just signing some papers”

“Thank you” She smiles

Just then a lady walks in as she reads our names from the paper and then tells us to follow her.

We all stand up and follow her to the office, we sit there and sign the necessary papers.

Mom, Shanaya and Aman sign as the witness of our marriage and finally when we are done, we walk outside.

“That was pretty fast” I sigh

Khushi just giggles at me while mom pulls me with her.

“Enough of the secret romance, let’s get back home and get ready for the real wedding now”

“See you at the temple in two hours” I wink at her and walk towards the car.

I see Shanaya pulling her to the car but she keeps standing there like a statue staring at me.

I blink my eyes at her and give her a smile, she smiles back then walks to the car finally.

As soon as I reach home, I rush to my room and change into the Indian clothes mom had bought for me especially for today.

I get dressed quickly and rush downstairs, I can’t wait for this final ritual to get done so that I can bring Khushi home legally as my wife, as my life partner.

“I’m ready let’s leave” I say

Mom and Aman stare at me for a second and the start laughing out loud, there is no doubt they are trying to make me feel stupid but why?

Isn’t everyone excited for their wedding like I am? Or it’s just that maybe I am over reacting?

“Why are you laughing?”

“Arnav we have an hour yet, I know you are impatient but this is height of impatience” Mom laughs

“So what? I just wanted to be on time” I try to justify myself

“You wanted to be on time by leaving before an hour, wow that’s really a great thought” Aman says

“Shut up, I’ll see what you do when you and Shanaya finally decide to get married”

“I’ll sure not be impatient like you, relax dude”

I just settle myself on the sofa as I keep on looking at the clock, the time is moving so slow today… why can’t this hour just pass in a blink damn it?


An hour later, we finally arrive at the temple and Khushi is already there with everyone else.

She’s dressed in a Red Indian wedding attire and I don’t understand if she looks prettier in this one or in the one she had put on for the court marriage.

She’s got some heavy necklace on her neck, two huge earring on her ears and a veil wrapped around her, I can’t wait to take her home after this, seriously.

The priest tells us to sit next to each other so we do as he says and within no time he starts reciting some mantras

“I can’t wait to take you home” I wink at her

“Shut up, someone will here and then you’ll be the one to get embarrassed”

“Let them hear, there’s nothing wrong if I want to make love, no… lots of love to my wife”

She just smiles and concentrates on the rituals, I know we can’t make love tonight, and she’s scared because she knows she will have to inform me about her pregnancy which she thinks I don’t know about.

I also don’t say anything, I know she’s worried of my reaction but I’ll not tell her that I know the truth, she might not understand… she might think I’m getting married to her because of the child and not because I love her which isn’t true at all.

This is one thing I’ll hide from her forever… the last thing I want is misunderstandings when everything is finally alright.

After all the rituals the priest leaves us with our family, Khushi hugs her mom and bids her a goodbye, she doesn’t cry much maybe because she had been living for so long without her so she’s just used to.

She cried more when she hugs Shanaya… they were best friends, they lived together… I understand how hard it was for her to leave.

I pull her to me as she hugs me and breaks down, I try to console her as I take her to the car, mom stays behind talking to Khushi’s mom.

We enter the car and wait until mom is done then drive home…

To a new beginning, new family and a happily ever after…

All I pray to God is for Khushi’s health now, all I want her is to fight cancer bravely and be well, I’d having nothing more left to ask for after that.

Sep 26, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

It’s almost evening when we arrive back home after the wedding. I feel so good seeing Khushi standing next to me knowing that now she’s mine forever. We both stand at the entrance while mom walks in to perform some more rituals…

 I am already tired of them and I’m sure this aren’t coming to an end until night. She performs the rituals then allows us in, I walk in holding Khushi’s hand, making sure she knows I’ll always be by her side like this no matter what the struggle. I’ll try my best to give her everything she’s ever dreamt of, I want to give her all the happiness I can because I love her, so much I can’t even put it in words.

We perform so many rituals until finally mom announces we are done, thank God! I feel so relaxed now.


“Arnav take Khushi to the room, you both change then come downstairs for dinner, I’ll tell the servants to get everything ready” Mom says


 “Okay” I smile as I pull Khushi with me to my bedroom.

 I shut the door behind as soon as we walk in and Khushi looks at me in confusion


 “I want to kiss my bride, do you have and Objections Mrs. Khushi Raizada?” I ask


 “No” She blushes as she turns around.

 Damn! I so much love that blush of her, I love everything about her, the way she smiles, the way she laughs freely, the way she tucks her hair behind her ear… the ways she blinks her eyes… I don’t know if she knows that but I damn love every single thing she does.

 I can see her struggling with the jewelry so I walk towards her and help her in removing it, when I’m done she smiles at me and thanks me.


“You can get your clothes from the cupboard, I already got them shifted… Shanaya really helped” I smile


 “I dint know that, I thought I’d have to wear your clothes” She smiles


“I don’t mind that either” I wink at her

 She blushes and walks towards the cupboard, looks for whatever she would be comfortable in then heads towards the bathroom when I get hold of her hand. I can notice she’s shut her eyes, I never knew a single touch from me could affect her this much, but I like it… I like that she gets affected.


“I am you husband Khushi” I say as I pull her towards me.

Her breaths are getting heavier… she doesn’t open her eyes, she just bites her lip nervously.


 “So?” She asks


 “So you can change in front of me, and to remind you I have already seen you naked before, you shouldn’t be shy of me”


“I still am, now please let me go change”


 “And what if I say I want to help you in changing?” I ask as I put her hair sideways and kiss her on the neck as she takes a deep breath in.

 I can see her smiling, she loves neck kisses so I kiss her more, I even bite her a bit but she doesn’t complain, she still had her eyes shut. She quickly turns towards me within seconds and pulls me closer as she locks my lips with hers, I dint expect this, I thought she would escape but here she is, kissing me and it just feels too good. I get hold of her waist and pin her to me, I don’t want even an inch of space between us, I kiss her back, I pull her hair and kiss her wildly…

 I missed kissing her, it’s been long since I felt her this close to me… this girl is surely driving me insane, the more I kiss her the more I need her. I hear a moan escape her mouth and I like it, I like it that I make her feel so good until she moans... I push her to the bed but slowly keeping in mind that I have to be careful, she is pregnant… I kiss her hands, her forehead, her cheeks, her lips again and anywhere possible… this time her eyes aren’t shut, she’s just staring at me innocently. I unhook her blouse slowly as she flinches, I pull it off her and throw it aside while I stare at her, she has a beautiful body… her stomach doesn’t look as flat as it used to be before, sure the baby bump would show up soon. Before I do anything further, I hear mom shout my name.


 “Arnav hurry up, dinner is ready”

 I stand up quickly while Khushi giggles at me, she stands up and rushed to the bathroom to change. I also change quickly and as soon as she comes out, we head downstairs for dinner.


 “You guys can’t even wait until we finish dinner so that you can start your romance” Aman whispers to me


“Shut up, I’ll see how much you wait when you get married” I reply

Khushi is sited next to me while the servant serves food in her plate. Mom is sited right in front of me giving me glares, I don’t know what wrong I have done now, but she doesn’t seem pleased.


“What kind of a husband are you Arnav, you just got married today and you are giving your attention to your brother instead of your wife who’s sited next to you” mom says


 “Sorry mom”


 “Khushi don’t be shy, feel comfortable, this is your home now and don’t worry I am not going to be bad with you, you can relax, you are just like Arnav and Aman to me” mom says


“Thank you aunty, I’ll get used to this soon”


 “And I think I’m your mother-in-law now, so calling me mom would sound much better”


 “Yes mom” She smiles.

 I hold her hand beneath the table and she turns to look at me shyly, she smiles at me and continues eating, and I thought she’d try to pull it away from me. I also continue eating but I don’t leave her hand, holding her makes me feel good, I’m sure it also makes her feel good. When she’s done with her food, she walks to the kitchen to wash her hand just when Aman finishes and he follows her to the kitchen.


 “Arnav, don’t forget she’s pregnant… I hope you get what I mean?” Mom whispers


 “Yes mom, I know… don’t worry” I assure her.


 “Good” she whispers back and continues eating.

 I stand up and head to the kitchen when mom shouts something from behind.


 “Khushi I hope you aren’t doing any work in the kitchen, you should be resting, you must be tired today and anyway we have servants to do the work so please head to your room if you are done washing your hands”


 “I wasn’t doing any work, relax mom, I’m going to be a naughty daughter-in-law” she giggles as she hugs mom and then heads back to the room.

 I follow her to the bedroom but all the while I keep on thinking about Khushi and her pregnancy, according to her she doesn’t know that I know she’s pregnant, so I’d have to behave normal. I don’t know if it would be safe to make love to her tonight, with pregnancy and then cancer, I’m sure mom was hinting me at that, and I know Khushi is scared, she isn’t just showing it.

 I’m sure she is worried about that, and maybe she doesn’t want to tell me about her pregnancy right now, but if she doesn’t how would she stop me from making love to her or how would she tell me that she’s scared or whatever she feels about it? I can’t stop myself because I know that would let her know that I know about it which she shouldn’t. I know it is safe to make love during pregnancy but I don’t know if it would be safe with her, she has many health problems anyway.

 I walk inside the room as I lock the door behind, she’s sited on the bed and when I walk in, she turns to look at me nervously. I know what’s disturbing her, only if I could tell her I understood


“You seem tired, are you okay Khushi?” I ask as I sit next to her and kiss her cheek


 “Yeah just tired” She sighs as she looks at me.

 I don’t know what’s going on in her mind right now, I wish I knew… I don’t know what she is going to do or say so I just wait for her to speak but she doesn’t, she keeps on staring at me silently.

Oct 3, 2015

Fated to Fall... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

“Arnav… I need to tell you something” She finally spoke up.

“Yes Khushi, tell me I’m listening”

“Look I know you should have been the first one to know this but I had my own reasons for not telling you about it, I hope you’d understand me.

I am telling you about this right now because this is the right time, you should know about this things before we take any step ahead” she said

“Khushi its okay I understand you, whatever you do is for good, so tell me what is it?”

“I don’t know how you are going to react to it, please just don’t get angry on me”

“Why should I? If you haven’t done anything wrong, why would I get angry?”

“Do you remember that night? You made love to me, it was the most beautiful night of my life, I surrendered myself completely to you and you gave me your all…”

“Yes, what about it”

“That night something else happened… you left a part of yours in me which would come to our world soon… Arnav I mean to say I am pregnant and please before you react just think calmly about it, I know we both aren’t ready for this but now we have to make ourselves ready…

Your mom said this would be thought because of my cancer but our baby would survive so you don’t have to worry about it, you just have to accept it and give it all the love it deserves” she said as she stared at me nervously.

I am sure if she had informed me about this before she herself helped me move on from past then she surely would have got the reaction that she’s expecting right now.

“You are pregnant?” I ask in surprise.

I just want to make sure my reaction is normal, she shouldn’t get the idea that I know from before

“Yes Arnav”

“And why dint you tell me this earlier Khushi? I mean wow! You are pregnant… it’s our baby I’m so happy I’ll be a dad soon… but why dint you tell me when you got to know about it?”

“Because I dint want you to be with me for the sake of the baby, I can take care of it on my own, I wanted you to be with me because you love me”

“I wouldn’t do that Khushi, you know it… but I’m just so happy” I say as I carry her in my arms and twirl around happily

“Are you really happy?” she asks

“Yes baby, I’m really happy, you’ve given me happiness always and now you are soon going to give me the biggest happiness of my life… what more should I expect for?”

“I love you Arnav” She says as she hugs me tightly…

I put her on her feet and pull her closer to me as I press my lips to hers and they are searing hot.

I want her, I want to make love to her all over again.

She pulls apart after a while and smiles at me.

“You just need not to be too rough otherwise I’m all yours Mr. Raizada” she winks at me

I don’t understand how she exactly gets to know what I’m thinking about but I love this about her, she can just read me.

I gently explore her face with my fingers as a blind man would, I touch every inch of her face and she shuts her eyes, I know how my touch makes her feel, I remember how she was the first time we made love.

I grab her top and pull it over, I get hold of her waist and pull her closer to me as I get rid of the pajama she’s wearing.

“You look hot” I say

She’s now left with her inners only and I can’t stop staring at her, she has a gorgeous body, as gorgeous as her as soon as I pass my comments she wraps herself around me and hugs me tight, I know she’s blushing and I’d do anything to see her blush like this.

I push her on the bed and start kissing her and licking her whole body, she clutches the bed sheet as her breaths get heavier and I just smile.

I love when she does this, it drives me crazy and wild for her. I slightly bite on her neck and she opens her eyes and looks at me with a smile, her hands meanwhile unbuttoning my shirt.

When’s she’s done, she pulls the shirt of and turns around pushing me on the bed while she comes over me, she pulls out my belt and rips off my trouser…

“I Love it when you make love to me” She says as she presses her mouth against mine, sucking my lips with her, exploring each and every corner of it.

I hold her thighs and push her to me even though there’s no space left between us. I press her body against mine as hard as I could, I want to feel her the closest to me.

I bite on her neck once again and move downwards biting on her chest, her stomach and every possible part of her body, she continuously moves up and down feeling the pleasure, I press her tighter than ever until a moan escapes her mouth.

“I want you Arnav” She almost cries.

“I want you too baby, but not so easily” I say as I wink at her

I walk to my cupboard and she stands up to look at me, she’s surely wondering what I’m up to, only if she knows, I’m going to make love to her tonight in all ways possible.

I get out some melted chocolate and smudge it all over her lips as I start licking it from her lips, I bite her bottom lip and she bites mine in return the giggles.

I do the same as I smudge the chocolate all over her body and lick it like a small kid.

“You like this?” I ask

“So much” She breaths.

I smudge the rest of chocolate on her body and lick it tasting each and every inch of her body with the chocolate.

Her body tightens a bit but I don’t stop, I don’t want to stop making love to her, she gets hold of me by my neck and just moans in pleasure until I’m done licking all the chocolate, I couldn’t decide what was yummier, the taste of the chocolate or her body.

“I’m hungry for more” I say

“No more chocolate, I feel my body so sticky” she complains.

“What about some cold ice? That would be too good”

“Not today, I don’t want to waste time, you’d have to go get the ice again you’ll find me asleep by the time you are back”

“Mrs. Raizada is just desperate, she doesn’t want to accept it” I giggle.

“Yes I am” she says.

She pushes me to the wall and starts kissing my neck wildly, I know she’s getting high and that’s what I want… I love it when she’s high and wild, she presses her body towards me harder as a few words escape her mouth once again.

“I want you Arnav, right now!” she orders.

“Don’t blame me for what happens after this, I might just get rough and tough”

“I don’t care, I just want you right now” She says.

“Well then I’m all yours, I say as I push her to the bed and start making love to her, she gets hold of my hair with her hands as she pulls me towards her.

The next moment I get so lost into her that we both don’t even realize what’s happening between us, all we know is that this feels so good, it feels so hell good we can’t stop moaning.

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