One Shot "Arnav and His Love!!!!" 09/07/15

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Jul 9, 2015

One Shot "Arnav and His Love!!!!" (By Sviji) (Thanked: 258 times)


                                               Arnav and His Love!!!!


‘Amma….Babuji….Aunty…..Nani…..Anjali Di….I’m going to marry Arnav ji’

Everyone choked on their morsel, Arnav looked wide eye at Khushi as she threw a bright smile towards everyone and started eating her food as if she did not few second before threw a bomb on others.

Gupta’s and Raizada’s were neighbors and a very close friend like a family to each other’s since before Raizada’s moved to Delhi. Both the families were business families and is well k in the small town, Lucknow. But when Raizada, Arnav’s father had untimely death due to heart attack everything changed for them. Mother, Son, and Daughter have moved to Delhi with Nani (Mrs. Raizada’s mother).

Both the families had been in touch with each other. It was summer vacation, and for the first time Gupta’s arrived to Delhi with Khushi to visit the Raizada’s. Now, looking at the twelve year old child declaring marriage proposal was something they never thought even in their dreams.

They looked at her and Arnav (19 year old), this went on few moments before everyone burst out laughing including Arnav. It all felt funny. Khushi looked at them cross, standing up, hands on her hips, pouting her lips ‘I’m not joking Amma…..I’ll marry Arnav ji when I’ll finish my studies. Di said if I have to marry him then I’ve to finish my studies first.’ Nodding to herself she declared again. Everyone’s eye went to Anjali (22 year old).

Anjali ‘Err… that time all I could do was come up with this’

Nani chuckled ‘betiya, it has long years ahead. We will talk about this later, okay’

Khushi ‘nahiin, I said na I’ll be marrying him then I’ll.’

Garima chided her daughter ‘Khushi!!!!’ casting a glance at Arnav who looked fish out of water with the tamasha being created. Arnav looked down at his plate, hiding his smiling eyes; this girl is one hell nautanki. What does she know about marriage? He mused.

Ratna (Mrs. Raizada) ‘Rehne do Garima, achha tikka Khushi betiya we believe you. If you are saying then that must be true’ Khushi’s eyes brightened hearing her words. Nodding her head vigorously she looked at Arnav, both their eyes met. With innocence of child she smiled at him widely, happiness oozing out from her at the prospect of marrying him.






After nine years,

She looked around everyone, as they all engrossed in their discussion. So busy in their stories to worry about other things. Arnav (29 year old) and Aman (34 year old) (Anjali’s husband) discussing about their business related work. Anjali (31 year old) busy in entertaining the ladies from her club gossips to spa to new trends now in fashion. Taking deep breathe, her soft but firm voice breaking through their conversation which halted in the middle.

Khushi ‘When are we going to start the preparations?’

All had a big question mark on their forehead. Casually she questioned ‘Arey, why are you not starting the preparations for my marriage?’

The ladies gave a shocked ‘What?’

Ratna looked at Garima enquiringly ‘You did not inform us Khushi’s rishtha is fixed’

Garima ‘Don’t listen to her words. Yeh ladki pagal hai.’ turning to Khushi, she glared ‘What new nautanki is this?’

Pursuing her lips ‘I’m stating the truth. I’ve said to you, once I’m graduated I’m going to marry Arnav ji. And now I’ve completed my studies’ Garima felt fainting hearing her words. Ratna and Nani looked at each other wondering, their eyes went to Arnav who looked at Khushi wide eye.

 Khushi turned to Anjali ‘Di you said I can marry Arnav ji, once I completed my studies. I’ve now, and now I’m going to marry him.’

Aman caught Anjali’s fish out of water situation, if for other time then the situation would have been light and humorous but now it is entirely different altogether. He glanced at Arnav, his shock changing to anger, his jaw clenching, eyes becoming hard. Waiting for none, Arnav pushed his wheelchair getting away from the place.

Garima noticed it, feeling bad for him, she held Khushi’s arm in anger ‘Do you even know what you are saying? Kya bachpana hai yeh….you are not small girl now to play joke. Khushi marriage is not a joke’ she certainly does not want her daughter to take any decision in being emotional.  

 Khushi ‘Amma, how can you think I’m joking? I’m serious. I want to marry Arnav ji and I’m going to marry him that is final’

Garima ‘tumhari nautanki ab nahiin chalegi, pack your bags we will be leaving for Lucknow today itself. I should not have brought you here’

Khushi ‘No, I’m not coming anywhere. I came to marry Arnavji and I’ll.’

Ratna ‘But, Khushi you…..’ she trailed off. Anjali holding her hands for support finished what her mother intended to say ‘You very well know his state now.’

Khushi ‘What state? I don’t find anything amiss. He is same man I met in past. All I see he is the person I love and wished to marry always, dreaming to be his wife, his ardhagini one day. And you all certainly did not do right, trying to getting him married to that chudail. See what she did?’

Lavanya Kashyap, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap had bluntly refused to go ahead with the proposal not wanting herself to saddle with handicapped man. Mrs. Kashyap got acquainted to Mrs. Raizada and Anjali through the society club where they frequently visit. It was then with small acquaintance turning to friendship, Ratna and Anjali met with Lavanya. They had liked her for Arnav. And Kashyap’s were very willing to have their daughter married into Raizada Family. Who will not? Arnav Singh Raizada, Businessman of the Year, Top bachelor in town, owner of A.R. Corp., one of the 10 richest businessmen in Asia. Getting Arnav’s nod for the proposal was not hard job for Ratna and Anjali, with the constant pestering, emotional drama, he had to give in at the end. It was going all fine, both the families gearing up to plan the wedding, until he met with accident while driving to his office one fine morning.  

It was huge shock for Raizada’s when they heard from the doctor, Arnav’s leg below the knee is paralyzed, it can heal with time…maybe days…or months….or years…..or maybe never. They were thankful for being Arnav’s life saved but the situation he had been landed made it all more than worse. He could not take it first, lot of denials…..lot of self loathing…and lastly acceptance. Physiatrist comes daily home to give him physical therapy. It had been months now. Ratna, Anjali, Nani, and Aman, did not let him break down or lose hope. Aman diverted his mind to work which was easy enough to pull him from depression in a way. But being the victim, Arnav has gone to shell of self pitying and hopeless of anything getting better in his life. He did not even feel the hurt or sting when Kashyap’s rejected the wedding to happen in future. All he did was giving them mocking smile, knowing well they would not wish for a handicap for their daughter. It had hurt others though when they had bluntly stated they are not willing to let Lavanya to face the life of burden. Ratna and Anjali tried to talk with Lavanya one or two times but she barely acknowledged them refusing to bend. It hurt them immensely to see one storm strike and they had shown true face, what if this had happened after marriage?

Now, all looked at Khushi guiltily, they knew they were at fault for even selecting Lavanya for Arnav. How could have they forgot Khushi? She never failed to show her affection towards Arnav. And here Ratna and Anjali had easily forgotten when they saw Lavanya before them, a sophisticated lady for their son and brother.

Khushi ‘Now, no one is going to stop me.’

Nani moving forward, held her hands ‘par betiya Arnav bitwa……’

Khushi ‘I’ll handle him. Leave all that to me.’ Seeing the confidence and love shinning in the eyes of the young woman before her, Nani hugged her, thanking the God for having sent the Angel in their life for her grandson.




Poolside Garden,

‘Arnav ji!!!’ the sweet call came from behind undoing him. Not turning behind he ordered softly ‘Go away….Leave me alone, Khushi!!!’

Khushi came in-front of him, sitting by his leg, her hands on his knees; she looked up at him like a child looking at her mother. Arnav swallowed looking at her sweet face. She is beautiful…..not extraordinary but beautiful in a unique way. Marrying her will be a fairy tale dream but he knows the dream cannot be come true….not when he knows her whole life will spoil with him.

Arnav ‘Chali jao Khushi’

Khushi shaking her head ‘Kabhi Nahiin!!!’

Arnav ‘Bachpana ****o Khushi, this is about your whole life’

Khushi ‘Which starts and end in you’ 

He took shuddering breath ‘You do not understand.....look at me. I’m saddled to this wheel chair. I’m broken man, Khushi. You will spoil your life.’

She shot him glare ‘don’t degrade yourself, Arnav ji. You are not going to be in this chair whole life. One day you will stand on your feet. Barosa hai humein!!!’

He chukled darkly ‘If not…..’

Khushi ‘I don’t care. I love you….only you. And I don’t care about anything. Nor I’ll ever care. *Looking at him desperately* I’m not lying Arnav ji. Did you really think I was joking…kidding….did not know what I was talking all those years back. I meant every word I said. I loved you since then. I wanted to marry then and there but if not for Di telling me to wait for some years I would not have waited *he left a teary chuckle…she joined him…..her right hand cupping his left cheek tenderly* Please believe me Arnav ji. My love is not lie….I love you….I truly do. I can’t live without you. Marry me Arnav ji. Mujhe aur kuch nahiin sivaye aapke saath ka. *her tears rolling down her eyes* I had been dreaming to be yours one day and do you think I’ll really will let go of my chance to marry you. *frowning little* kya pata kal koi aur Lavanya aajaye. How can you agree to marry her Arnav ji? You know… know I’m waiting for you. How can you? If I had not been in US studying my a** off I would have definitely come to know of what everyone planning here. Uss chudail ko toh hum maar dalthe, before she even had the chance to come in-front of you. I’m angry at you and everyone. You all forgot me. You are all so bad.  Very bad Arnav ji… could you have forgotten me? But now I’ve come here to marry you….so I’ll.’

Arnav pulled her up in his lap, her arms coiling around his neck as garland. Laying her head against his shoulder ‘Please marry me……I can’t do without you.’ Cupping her face, wiping her tears he whispered softly ‘I’m sorry Khushi….so sorry’ he is sorry for not taking her seriously, for having been in illusion since she is a child whose affection with time will fade away not knowing the intensity of her love.

Khushi ‘then marry me….marry me please…..I don’t want your sorry. All I want is you….your togetherness for all my life. I want to be your wife. I want to be your Humsafar for this life….for all the seven life….for all the infinity’

Looking at her tenderly ‘Why do you love me so much? Do I even deserve this love?’

She smiled at him, looking in his chocolate brown eyes ‘Because you complete me’ caressing his cheek, her eyes never leaving his. She quoted a poem she had read once and had been etched in her heart…..words simple and touching. 

He gasped with overwhelming emotion with feel of drowning in her love…. so tender….so touching….so trusting….so innocent… promising… pure like her.

She pecked him lightly on his lips, and then looked at him for his reaction. He was surprised at her move but welcomed her willingly…accepting her love. Second time she kept her lips firmly on his…..not knowing how to proceed further she held her breathe…..pulling her closer by her neck….he kissed her tenderly first….seeing her responding….he then kissed her more demandingly…..more possessively. How had he overlooked her love?

She sighed happily, her eyes closed…..hugging him by her arms…..laying her head on his shoulder she had a sweet smile on her face. He dropped a kiss on her forehead holding her close. They stayed in the bliss for few minutes before Khushi raised her head looking at him ‘Did you ever kissed her?’

Raising his eyebrows he looked at her in question. Khushi ‘Tell me Arnav ji.’

Arnav ‘Why?’

Khushi ‘then I’ll kill her’ he laughed hugging her close ‘No, I rarely met her. I was even late on the engagement day.’ Content with his answer she declared softly ‘Warna uski toh kair nahiin….aap pe dore dalne ki. How dare she?’

Pinching her cheek ‘Tum Pagal Ho!!!’

Khushi ‘For You!!!!’

Shaking his head, he looked at her seriously ‘What about Aunty and uncle? Will they wish for their daughter to….’ Her palm closed his mouth ‘hush…..they know I’m crazy for you. Waise bhi they should be happy because I’ll be leaving them to peace. They would often say, only a crazy man willing to commit suicide will marry this aafat ki pudia’

He laughed softly ‘So you are saying they would be happy for washing you off’

Nodding her head she looked at him pouting ‘I don’t mind….because it is you who will lifelong suffer carrying my sankiness’

Arnav ‘I’m willing goat here.’ her smile broadened hearing his words. After whole lot of time passed her foggy mind alerted her ‘Hey Devi Maya *she tried to stand up but he held on to her* Arnav ji ****iye humein. You must be hurt. Hum kitne bhaari honge’

Holding her close he whispered huskily ‘I’m not that weak Khushi. Chup raho!!!’ Her eyes met his tender ones….the love in those brown eyes undone her. Tears spilled from her eyes, making him worry. Shaking her head ‘Mera Sapna….Mera Sapna, aapke aankhon me humare liye pyaar sacch hogaya. Kitne saal iss din ka intezar tha.’ Hugging him tight she cried softly ‘now I’ll not let you go’

Anjali rushed down from hiding behind the curtains of the poolside window, she had come behind Khushi for not wanting her to get hurt by Arnav, knowing well he may not take it lightly. But listening and seeing everything transpired before her made her happy……giggling like a school kid….crying in happiness she shouted down the roof making everyone in the room to erupt in teary laugh ‘Arnav Agreed…..voh maan gaye. Maa, did you hear me? He had accepted Khushi’s love. I saw….I saw with my own eyes. He agreed to marry her.’ Aman hugged her tight, twirling his wife in joy. Ratna and Garima hugged Nani, crying and laughing at the same time. Garima for once did not have thought of Arnav’s current situation, she would not….why will she? She had always known her daughter’s crazy love for Arnav. It was not secret for her and her husband seeing her living the dream to be Arnav’s wife one day. They had been shattered when they got the news of Arnav’s marriage being fixed and they did everything in their power to not let the news Khushi reach. When she returned from US, hearing what had transpired in her absence felt hurt. Hurt for her love towards Arnav had been not even once considered, hurt for what happened with Arnav, anger towards his family and the so called girl’s family. She had been adamant on visiting Delhi and Gupta’s had to comply seeing her stubbornness. Garima and Khushi soon landed Delhi. But Garima never thought Khushi would be so direct and blunt, and then what would she have expected of her daughter. Years back she shocked them all same way and today too no change in the shock and surprise she gave them.






Months later,

Much to Khushi’s annoyance Arnav had been firm on his decision to first get well, to stand on his feet, and then marrying her. With new vigor he started to concentrate on physiotherapy class given by the physiatrist coming home. Khushi refused to return with Garima, leaving her stubborn daughter in Raizada Mansion she left to Lucknow, in the craziness of her daughter she cannot allow her husband to take care everything alone in Lucknow.

Khushi walked to the poolside garden, where every evening an hour the physiatrist come and give him exercise. Propping herself in one of the empty chair she concentrated on the instruction of the doctor. For she helps Arnav daily in the morning advised by the doctor for it would be more effectively if done in morning too.

Akash looked at Khushi ‘there is an improvement….it is very little but it is positive sign.’

Khushi jumped happily ‘Sachhi….this calls for sweets. Thank you Akash ji. I trust soon he will be a success’

Akash ‘Yes, he is willing and hopeful…without his co-operation nothing would have been possible.’ She looked at Arnav with watery smile. Mouthing a love you to him she rushed out calling out to everyone. Akash looked at the way Khushi had disappeared with a smile…..he turned to look at his patient Arnav Singh Raizada. Swallowing the look at Arnav’s face, holding tender love for the girl rushing down he sighed. What a lucky one.


Khushi looked at the doctor with disinterest eyes, the lady is in her thirties but the way she was flirting with Arnav ji and touching him made her so mad…..Is she really a doctor?

Marching to the lady she cleared her throat, the uncomfortable victim Raizada looked up at her sighing in relief looking at his tigress standing in front of them.

Khushi ‘You are not the one who comes for treating him. Where is doctor Yadav?’

The lady smiled ‘He is out of city. Has some personal work so asked me to help out, looking after his important patients for this week.’

She fumed, looking at the lady blankly she said loftily ‘We don’t need your help. You may go now.’

Lady ‘But……’

Khushi ‘Suna nahiin humne kya kaha…..thanks for coming here but we don’t need your help’ the lady doctor looked at Arnav helpless who shrugged his shoulder laughing inwardly seeing the cross face of Khushi. Seeing no other way, the doctor had left never to return again.

Thinning her lips ‘Aman Jiju….Aman jiju’ shouting at the top of her voice she had gathered not only Aman but entire family.

Aman ‘Khushi kya huwa?’

Khushi ‘puchiye kya nahiin huwa. I want you to find a new doctor….a best one…..kahiin se bhi doond nikalo…..the best male physiatrist from anywhere in the world. But not any chudail’s near him.’

All looked at Arnav in question, looking at Khushi expression of jealousy and the look on others face cracked him, making him laugh out loud. Throwing an angry glare at him with a look *I’ll see you later* she marched off from there.

Week later, Khushi ‘Dekhiye Doctor ji, do something….anything….but get him on his feet. That stubborn man is testing my patience. I can’t wait to marry him. And it can only be possible when he will stand on his feet. You will make him back to his feet, will you?’

Gulping the shock full encounter, and coming out of it he, Akash ‘I’ll do everything in my power to help him. If he co-operates with the physiotherapy then there will be no problem. We will hope for better’

 Khushi turning to Arnav ‘Suna aapne… will do as he says. No cheating. Please Arnav ji’


The first encounter, it still felt like yesterday even after all these months, the way she rounded on him, ordering him, pleading him, requesting him to cure her love.

No man can refuse her beautiful charm….like sunshine. And Akash is not different, with he too besotted by her sunny personality. He sighed…..Arnav is one lucky man to get such a sweet girl….the girl who loves him to her dear life.

Akash ‘I’ll come tomorrow’ with a nod at Arnav he left…..he can’t wait to go home….to home where his beautiful wonderful caring and loving wife, Payal waits for him.







Year Later,

It had took a year for Arnav to be get well….really well….fit and fine….back in his glory.

Today is their reception, wedding has been low key affair only about the guest of around 40 were invited with only close relatives and friends of Raizada’s and Gupta’s. Reception is kept on grand scale, guest from Arnav’s business, to his friends from school and college, Raizada’s and Gupta’s relatives, friends and Gupta’s business associates people….and many more they had known from various sources whether it is association formed in club or spa or satsung society. Both the families well known people were attending the reception.The reception is held in "Sunplaza Hotel"

Arnav looked at the butterfly beside him, her glowing face adding the charm to the environment. Khushi coiled her hands around his arm laying herself slightly on him, supporting herself.

Arnav ‘Tired!!!’

Nodding at him she smiled at the guest coming on to the stage to wish the new couple. Arnav signaled Aman to bring a glass of juice for Khushi. Leading her to chair set on the stage for the married couple, he coaxed gently ‘Sit for few minutes.’

Khushi ‘but guests……’

Arnav ‘Aman will see to it.’ Nodding her head she felt relief flood in her for few minutes rest, it had been tiring to stand for so long hours while guest pouring in to congratulate them and wish them for happy married life. Occupying beside her, he held her hand in his, dropping a kiss occasionally not minding a bit about the crowd. Khushi blushed with the occasional glances coming their way from everyone present there.


The reception was nearly to end when a couple entered, NK…Aman’s college buddy and his fiancé Lavanya Kashyap. Raizada’s looked at each other apprehensively, looking closely at the girl even Gupta’s managed to remember her from the photo shown to them by Anjali way long back.

Arnav ‘What the hell is she doing here?’

Aman ‘I’ve invited only NK, I did not know he would bring her here’

Khushi looked at them curiously, Arnav sighing said in low voice ‘Lavanya!!!’ the look on her face was worth to watch it. Till then the couple had reached them, NK moved forward with his sunny smile ‘Congratulation ASR *turning to Khushi* Wish you both happy married life’ forwarding a bouquet to Khushi.

Khushi thanked him with a smile and Arnav gave him handshake. Lavanya ‘All the best for your married life’

Khushi ‘Thank you so much….*looking at her with indifference* for coming’

Aman took NK and Lavanya down, Khushi looking at their retreating figures ‘Kamini kahiin ki…..Badi aayi humare Arnav ji se shaadi karne, huh?’

Arnav standing beside her hearing it burst out in laughing, attracting whole lot attention mesmerizing Khushi and everyone present there. It is really wonder for the guest to see The ASR smiling heartily.

He pulled Khushi in his arm chuckling ‘Pagal ho tum!!!’

Khushi ‘haan hain….aap pe…’

Dropping a kiss on her forehead ‘There is no need to be jealous Love, you are beautiful and my beautiful. I Love You Jaan, only you and no one matters except you.

She grinned at him ‘Love you lot…..bahut….bahut…..bahut…bahut pyaar karthe hain aapse.’ Wrapped in their love, they muted everything else. Arnav ‘Let us leave…..I can’t wait to hold you close….close so much so there will be no barrier between us’

Her breathe hitched ‘I can’t wait too’ his smirk and the devilish light in his eyes exciting her. Holding her hands he walked past the almost deserted hall, sending a nod to Aman to settle everything, he left with Khushi to the suite booked for them for the night for the married couple. Knowing well the function will go till late night they had booked rooms for both the families and for Arnav Khushi.

He needed to take her in his arms.

Reaching the room, he unlocked the door with the card (key), lifting her in the bridal style he walked inside the suite.

Arnav ‘Lock the door, Khushi!!!’ Khushi followed his command thoroughly. Walking inside the bedroom, he put her feet gently on the floor, brushing away the little naughty tendrils behind her ear, cupping her cheek, his thumb caressing her cheek ‘tired?’

Seeing his hands working on her like a magician, her breathe quickened, Arnav ‘Kya huwa Khushi’

Letting herself fall on him, she clutched him….hugging him. Arnav ‘you did not answer me Khushi….are you tired?’ nodding a no at the crook of his neck she bit him sensing his low rumble laughter. All the sense of sleep had already vanished with the ministration Arnav ji is doing, stroking her arm...her neck….her almost bare back…..her waist. Hissing at him, she held on to him for dear life.

Arnav ‘Me too…..I’ll never be tired for loving you’ she blushed, closing her eyes in shyness as his eager lips caught hers evoking the dazzling passion between them.

Hours later, holding her close in his arms ‘Thank you for coming in my life…..for never letting me go…..for never stop loving me…….for not losing faith for US….On US’ in response to his words she kissed him on the place his heart is beating inside….the heart she owns with the very soul of the owner.

It is the start of their life, for togetherness towards Eternity. To The Eternal Love!!!


                                                             The End!!!!

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