A Comedy Of Errors

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Aug 1, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

Her eyes were almost filled with tears.

She was trying hard to avoid his name and any question regarding to him, because in the past four years she had known one thing, his name, his memories and anything concerning him gave her intense pain only.

Sam noticed the tears forming in her eyes and he just decided to change the topic, he obviously did not want to make his best friend cry.

“Okay forget that come on smile, let’s move on ahead” he said as he started walking away.

Mrinal followed him and Khushi stood behind, almost crying.


Aankh hain Bhari bhari aur tum… muskurane ki baat karte ho…

Zindagi khafa khafa aur tum… dil lagane ki baat karte ho…


Sam and Mrinal reached far away when they noticed Khushi wasn’t with them. Sam turned around and found her standing at the same place she was.

He knew he had hurt her somewhere by asking about Arnav.

He walked back to her and found her crying.

“I am sorry Khushi, please don’t hurt yourself like this, I had just asked casually about Arnav, I did not mean to hurt you” Sam said

Khushi quickly wiped away her tears and faked a smile.

“it’s okay Sam I am fine” Khushi replied.

“Come on now why cry for him, I’ll get you guys better than him” Sam said trying to cheer her up

“I am not over with one wound, you want me to get another?” Khushi asked.

“Khushi I did not mean that, I am just trying to cheer you up” Sam said

“I know, I am just not well that’s why sorry”

“let’s go”


Mere halat aise hain ki main kuch kar nahi sakti…

Tadapta hain yeh dil lekin main aahen bhar nahi sakti…

Zakhm hain hara hara aur tum chaut khane ki baat karte ho…

Zindagi khafa khafa aur tum… dil lagane ki baat karte ho…


They walked around the college and all Khushi could notice were happy couples together.

This was the kind of life she had always wished for, being happy with someone too but maybe all this wasn’t for her.


Zamane mein bhala kaise mohabbat log karte hain…

Wafa ke naam ki ab to shikayat log karte hain…

Aag hain bujhi bujhi aur tum… lou jalane ki baat karte ho…

Zindagi khafa khafa aur tum… dil lagane ki baat karte ho…


They entered in one of the classes, Sam showed Khushi a bench to sit on, she went and sat there.

Mrinal sat with Sam and they started talking about their studies.

Khushi was lost in a dream world where she could see herself happy with Arnav.


Kabhi jo khwab dekha to mili parchaiyan mujhko…

Mujhe mehfil ki khwaish thi mili tanhaiyaan mujhko…

Har taraf dhuan dhuan aur tum ashiyane ki baat karte ho…

Zindagi khafa khafa aur tum… dil lagane ki baat karte ho…


“Hey” she heard someone greet her.

“Hey” she replied.

It was her desk mate, Aarav (Arnav)

“We just met right?” she asked

“Yeah” Arnav replied.

“So you stay here? I mean in Delhi?” Khushi asked

“Yeah with my mom and sister”

“Arnav also lives with his mom and sister” Khushi said to herself.

“Sorry did you say anything?” Aarav asked


“Okay so what about you?”

“I also stay here with dad, I am just back from New Zealand” she replied with a smile.

Arnav looked at her wondering why was she so alike Khushi.

Her way of talking, the way she looked like, Khushi also went to New Zealand, she also used to live with her dad.

Only if her name could be Khushi and not Arshi, then all his confusions could get clear.

He was feeling a bit weird, he just opened his bag got something out and headed outside the class.

He stood outside the class smoking the cigarette.

Khushi walked towards Sam.

“Sam I need to talk to you” she said as she stood in front of him.

“Yeah tell me”

“Who is that guy? Why do I feel like he is so much like Arnav? have I ever met him before? Why do I have a feeling like I know him since long, like he is the one my heart has been looking for?”

“Because Khushi, he is the one your heart has always been looking for” Sam replied.

“What?” Khushi asked

“I am sorry I lied to you, I just wanted to see if you both would be able to recognize each other, he is Arnav Khushi not Aarav, after I saw you crying I couldn’t hide this anymore from you” Sam replied.

Khushi was left speechless.

He was Arnav?

The Arnav she knew?

He high school friend?

The one she had danced with?

She did not know how to react, she was feeling really happy and how stupid she was that she couldn’t even understand that he was Arnav indeed.

She just rushed outside not knowing where she would find him, what she would tell him nothing, just nothing, she just wanted to see him once not as Aarav but as Arnav.

She stopped at a place, he was standing right in front of her facing the other side.

Her heartbeats fastened.

Her eyes became moist.

She just started walking towards him when she noticed that he was smoking.

She got angry, why was smoking so important to him, she remembered those times when she had had an argument with him on this issue when they were at his place for practice.

She silently walked towards him, snatched the cigarette and threw it away. She walked away quickly but he got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“Where are you running away to Khushi?” he said

Khushi opened her eyes widely and looked at him wondering how he knew she was the one, she hadn’t even told him yet.

Aug 4, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

“Arnav.. how did you know it’s me?” Khushi asked.

“No one else would snatch this cigarette and throw it away, at least not a stranger who doesn’t know me” Arnav replied

“You never changed”

“Neither did you, you are the same Khushi, the one I knew some years back”

“so you did not stop smoking?”

“How mean was that? We are meeting after all this years and you are yet concerned about my smoking and not me?”

“that’s also because I care about you” Khushi said

“Oh really why do you care about me?”

“Because I am your friend”

“Are we still friends only Khushi?” Arnav asked.

Khushi looked at him like what else did he want.

She had obviously understood where he was heading to but maybe she just wanted to ignore it, because of her own reasons.

“Arnav you know what I realized in the past four years? Smoking was your habit because it was fun, but seeing you after four years I realized one thing and I thought that every smoker has their own story so before telling them that smoking kills, we should know that something is already killing them so today I don’t want to tell you to stop smoking, just tell me why are you smoking, what is killing you?” Khushi asked

“So much concern for me?” Arnav asked.

“Yes and now don’t ask me why”


“Forget that, tell me we are meeting after so many years, it seems like a century right? So did you get anyone for yourself? I mean a girlfriend or a fiancé?

“Yeah I did” he replied with a smirk.

Khushi felt like her heart was aching badly.

“So fiancé or girlfriend?

“None of them”

“How is that possible?”

“It is”

“Explain please”

“I just like her, I have never told her, she used to study with me and I dint have any idea on when I started falling for her” Arnav explained.

At the moment Khushi was feeling really bad, she exactly knew why she was feeling so but she had to step back, she had left him four years ago for his happiness and today she will have to help him for his happiness.

“Then tell her, what’s the problem?”

“I wish I could, but I doubt whether she will accept me”

“Why won’t she?”

“Because I am dying Khushi”


“I have cancer Khushi, I will die soon”

“Arnav… you have cancer? Why dint you tell me? But don’t worry we can go to visit a doctor, I am sure there is a treatment, I will not let you die I will do anything to save you” Khushi said

She was becoming restless, her eyes had almost welled up, she could have cried anytime.

“Relax Khushi I was just lying” Arnav said

Khushi slapped him directly at that moment when he said he was lying.

“Arnav this isn’t something to joke about okay?” she said angrily.

“Khushi when I get a girl who cares for me like you do, I will surely tell her that I love her” Arnav smiled and walked away.

Khushi was standing in confusion, she did not understand at all what he meant to say.

She headed back to the class and sat on her bench.

Arnav joined her within no time and they both started having their normal friendly talks.

“How is Anjali and Mom?” Khushi asked.

“They are good, do come home someday to meet them, they usually talk about you and I also have a good news for you” Arnav replied.

“Good news? Wow what’s it?” Khushi asked.

“Anjali is getting engaged, and the engagement is scheduled tomorrow”

“Wow, to whom? Do I know the guy?”

“Yeah you know him and I don’t want to get punched because I guess he hasn’t told you so wait for him to tell you, I told you from my side”

“This is not fair, I want to know”

“Don’t worry I am sure you will know today, because the engagement is tomorrow and he obviously would have to invite you”

“I hate suspense” Khushi said angrily.

After a while Sam came there, he held Khushi’s hand and took her out of the class.

“Sam why are you taking me out of the class like this?” Khushi asked

“Shh… I need to talk to you come on”

“What is it?”

“First of all I am really sorry because I know after what I am going to tell you, you will surely kill me”

“have you hidden something from me?” Khushi asked

Sam nodded innocently

“What is that?”

“Khushi I love Anjali… Arnav’s sister, in fact we are getting engaged tomorrow, I know right now you would want to kill me but I am sorry I couldn’t tell you about this over the phone I wanted to tell it to you face to face”

“How mean is that Sam, I mean I share everything with you and you had hidden this from me?”

“I am sorry but you were in New Zealand, when you came back I got no time, you were busy at a times or I was busy at a time so I just could I am sorry”

He held his ears.

“It’s okay but I am still angry, anyway tell me, how did this happen? When did you meet her?” Khushi asked excitedly.

“ When I went to meet Arnav first time at his house, then after that Arnav and I became good friends I usually used to visit his place, I started knowing Anjali and God knows how I fell in love with her, I told her about it and luckily she also liked me, Arnav’s mom wanted us to get engaged last year but I waited for you to come, how could I have began a new chapter of my life without you right?”

Khushi just hugged him out of happiness.

“Sam you are the best, I am so happy for you, wow I mean Anjali and you? both of you are just perfect together, and you are getting engaged tomorrow Oh my God, what are you doing in college you should be preparing.” Khushi said.

“What’s there to prepare for? The engagement will be held in Anjali’s house” Sam said

“Idiot, I don’t mean that preparations, I just mean shopping for what you will put on, and planning something good for her”

“I don’t know how to do all that”

“What am I here for? Let’s go, get the car keys we are leaving right now, come on go, don’t waste time” Khushi pushed him towards the class.

Sam got his bag and the car keys then he came out with Arnav and Mrinal.

The four headed towards the car and drove off for Shopping.


Precap: Confession.

Aug 5, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

The day had finally arrived.

The day when Sam and Anjali were going to get engaged.

There was happiness all over, Khushi arrived at Sam’s mansion early in the morning to help him, and thankfully Sam’s brother had shifted abroad a few years back so Khushi did not have to face him.

The engagement was to take place at the Raizada house and so Khushi was just making sure everything was well and they left on time.

Sam’s parents had already left, Khushi waited for Sam so that they could leave.

“Hurry up Sam we are getting late” Khushi shouted standing outside his room.

“Khushi it’s my engagement, let me look perfect” he replied.

“You are perfect, now please hurry up” Khushi said.

He opened the door and stood in front of her.

“Here I am Miss Khushi, don’t I look perfect?” He asked.

“Oh my God Sam, Anjali is going to drool over you today” Khushi said

“Really? Thanks” he replied.

“Now hurry up, we need to reach there on time” she said as she pulled him towards the car.

They got in and the driver started driving.

“So you said Anjali would drool over me right?” Sam asked Khushi

“Any doubt?” she asked

“No, but you know what let me warn you, today you are going to drool over someone” Sam said.


“The man of your dreams, your prince charming”

“Yeah right why would I drool over Arnav”

“When did I mention his name Khushi? I just said your prince charming”

“Change the topic Sam”

“Why Khushi? Because you don’t want to talk about him? Or because talking about him hurts you? Or should I say it in short, because you love him?”

“Sam!” she shouted.

“Shouting at me isn’t going to change the fact Khushi, even today I can see the same thing that was there the day you left, four years Khushi four good years you stayed away from him, I don’t know why but if it was to forget him then believe me, you never did instead you loved him more and more”

“We both are just friends Sam”

“This friendship changed into love long time back, I don’t understand Khushi, who are you lying to, me yourself or Arnav?”

“Sam please”

“No Khushi, I know you will say it’s my engagement and I should think about that but Khushi my engagement is not important it will take place today or tomorrow but at the moment what’s important is to make you realize that you are in love before it gets too late”

“I don’t love him”

“You don’t? fine I will believe that, look into my eyes and just give me an honest answer, if you don’t love him why did you leave four years back?” Sam asked.

Khushi was all silent maybe because she knew the answer but she had no guts to say it.

“Sir we have arrived” The driver said.

“Finally, Sam let’s go everyone must be waiting”

“Khushi I need an answer”

“Stop being stubborn get going hurry up” she said as she walked out of the car.

Sam just gave up and walked out of the car.

Khushi held his arm and they both walked inside.

Just as they entered in they were welcome by a shower of flowers.

Anjali was standing with her mother, Sam looked at her and started heading towards her.

Khushi was following him when something stopped her.

A feeling, her heart was like racing around, she knew exactly why she was feeling like this, Arnav must be near her.

She turned around and saw him heading downstairs dressed in a three piece suit.

She was left with her eyes wide open. It was the first time ever she saw him dressed in a suit, Sam was right, she was drooling over Arnav.


Kitne door door ho un dono ke raaste…

miljate he jo bane ek duje ke vaaste…


Arnav walked towards her and stood next to her.

“Can I confess something honestly? This blue Sari is perfect on you” Arnav said.

“Can I also confess something honestly? You are perfect on this suit” Khushi replied back.

“Wow that was indeed impressive” Arnav said.

They both shared an eye lock while they smiled at each other.


jaise dil hain dhadkan hain… ek duje ke vaaste…

jaise ankh hain darpan hain… ek duje ke vaaste…

jaise barkha sawan hain.. ek duje ke vaaste…

ek sajni ek saajan hain… ek duje ke vaaste…


The engagement ceremony began. Khushi’s eyes were yet stuck on Arnav, she did not just feel like looking away from him, the way he was dressed the way he looked so adorable, she just felt like hugging him at that moment.

Sam and Anjali exchanged the rings as everybody clapped for them then the guests got busy  in congratulating the couple.

“Khushi” Arnav said

“Yeah” She replied looking towards Sam and Anjali.

Sam and Anjali were busy teasing each other and Khushi was just concentrating on them.

“Look at me Khushi” he said.

“Yeah tell me” she said as she looked at him then turned back to look at Sam and Anjali.

Arnav looked at her and just smiled.

He moved closer to her and pecked on her cheeks.

Before Khushi could realize what he had just done to her and she could react he ran away.

Khushi’s eyes were wide open as if she had seen something that shocked her.

Her heart started beating fast as she put her hand near it.


us rab ne jab dil diye…  dil ke do tukde diye…

dono pe ek naam likha.. ek Radha ek Shyam likha…

ab ye dil dhadakte hain… milte aur bichadte hain…

ek duje ke vaaste… ek duje ke vaaste…


She looked all around but there wasn’t anywhere she could see Arnav.

All the guests started leaving and within not time the whole house was empty.

Khushi walked to Sam and Anjali.

She smiled and congratulated both of them.

“I was right on what I said, right Khushi?” Sam asked her.

Khushi had understood what Sam said and like he said he was right Khushi did drool over the Handsome Arnav Raizada.

She just blushed not because she had drooled over him but because of what he had done to her, she touched her cheek and continued smiling to herself.

Mrs. Raizada interrupted in between.

“Khushi you look really pretty, this Sari is just lovely”

“Thank you aunty, but how did you recognize me? I mean we are meeting after four years” Khushi replied.

“it wasn’t hard, I saw you standing with Arnav and since you left I have never seen Arnav with any other girl, in fact he had informed me yesterday that you are back and when I saw you with him today I knew it’s you” she explained

“Okay” Khushi replied.

“Anyway we need to go Anjali, Sam the car is outside, Khushi will you please do me a favor?”

“Yeah aunty sure but where are you guys going?”

“Oh that, it’s like a family ritual, when anyone gets engaged in this house, the couple is taken to a temple to get blessings so that’s where I am taking them both, anyway I can’t see Arnav anywhere so please stay here until we come back, will you?”

“Sure aunty that’s not a thing to ask”

“Thank you Khushi”

She walked away while she looked upstairs and winked at Arnav.

Anjali and Sam understood what was going on, Khushi was the only one who had no idea of what was happening.

She looked around and sat on the sofa getting bored.

After a while she thought of checking for Arnav in his room so she headed upstairs.

She checked his room but he wasn’t there.

Before she could get out of the room, it was locked.

She got scared and started shouting for help but no one replied.

She sat there crying then realized it might be Arnav’s mischief.

She then sat silently waiting for someone to open the door.

After half an hour later the door clicked open.

She quickly rushed outside to find it dark all over.

“Arnav!” she shouted

There was no reply.

“Arnav please stop playing this foolish games with me I am really scared” She said.

The lights were turned on.

The whole Raizada mansion was decorated fully with lights.

According to what she remembered when the engagement was going on there was a different decoration and right now everything was changed.

There was a path of flowers made from where she was standing till down.

She headed downstairs and looked all around.

Flowers were being showered on her, as a radio in the corner played her favorite slow romantic music.

There was a table in between with a bouquet of red roses.

It had rose petals all over and a candle was lit in between.

The lights slowly went dim and it seemed like the day had ended and the night approached.

There was a beautiful crystal bowl on the table which had something shining inside it.

She headed towards the table and took the bowl in her hands.

She picked the diamond ring that was inside the bowl

“Wow this is really pretty” she whispered to herself.

Before she could realize anything else, she saw Arnav kneeling in front of her

“Would you like to keep it with you for the rest of your life?” he asked.

Khushi looked at him in confusion

“Confused? I clear your confusion” he said with a smiled

He stood up and looked into her eyes.

He moved closer to her as Khushi’s heartbeats increased again.

He moved her hair aside and whispered softly in her ears.

“I love you Khushi”

He moved back and looked at her, she was standing still with no reaction at all.

Aug 6, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

He held Khushi’s shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“Khushi I love you, more than a lot, I am not a poet otherwise I could have said it with some games of words, you know me, I have been a simple person and like me my proposal is a simple one, all I can say is that I love you truly from my heart” Arnav said.

A drop of tear felt down from Khushi’s eyes as Arnav looked at her in surprise, were this tears of happiness or unknowingly he had hurt her.

“Khushi I….” he started to speak but before that Khushi interrupted.

“Four years Arnav, four damn years I have been waiting for this day, do you even have an Idea what I must have gone through?” she asked

“Khushi I am sorry, I was an idiot, you did give me hints but I just couldn’t understand, the day you left my heart cried, I did not know why at that time, I also came to the airport hoping that I would get an answer to my questions and when I saw you leaving with my own eyes, I understood why I was feeling like that, I know I must have said this four years back but I did not have the guts to, all this years I have just been hoping that you would soon come back and I would confess, and that’s what I did Khushi” he explained

“Why Arnav why this? I was not your type I guess then how did this happen?” she asked

“Neither was I your type Khushi but you did fall in love dint you? Khushi at that time I just said what I thought was right but love doesn’t happen with the mind, it happens with the heart and when it happened I realized that no matter how different you are from me, you still are the perfect one for me”

“But you are not, Arnav I can’t be with you I am really sorry”

“Why not Khushi? I love you and I know you love me too otherwise you wouldn’t just leave, I know it was because of me then why can’t you be with me today? Remember I told you when I get a girl who cares for me like you I will surely tell her, so here I am today I told her that I love her, you know why? Because I know no one would care for me like she does, no one would love me like she does, she is the one for me, then why am I not the one for her?” he asked.

“Arnav why do you think I left? Yes you are right it was for you because I did not want you to fall in love with me, I had started having feelings for you but I did not tell you, not because I was shy or I feared losing you, it’s because I wasn’t ready and I still am not” Khushi said

“Why not Khushi?”

“Arnav you know everything about me, I have always loved someone else, and when I started having feelings for you I was in a state of confusion, yes I did feel happy with you but I still did cry for him, I never wanted you to get into this, because I know being happy with you is not enough, I will hurt you every time you find me crying for him”

“Khushi what’s important here is who you love, not who makes you cry or smile”

“That’s what I can’t decide Arnav”

“Khushi there is no confusion here, you left for me why? You wanted me to be happy why? You never wanted to hurt me, you always care for me, when I smoke you stop me, why? You left your part of money for me too, why? Just tell me why damn it?” Arnav asked.

Khushi stared at him with no answer at all.

Arnav moved closer to her, leaving no space between them at all.

She shut her eyes slowly.

“Why does your heartbeat increase when I get close to you, why do you shut your eyes when I come closer Khushi?”

She was silent, maybe because her confusion was getting clear, she had started getting her answers.

He pulled her close and locked his lips with hers.

She was silent completely silent, she did not push him backwards, instead she responded back passionately. Her heartbeat was in an abnormal state, she felt ticklish and what not.

After a while Arnav stepped back and looked at her, she was blushing red.

“Why did you not push me backwards angrily, why did you not slap me, why are you blushing now Khushi? Don’t tell me you still have no answer” Arnav said

“Because I love you idiot, I love you Arnav I love you!!” she shouted happily.

She jumped all around, the answer she was looking for from the past four years was finally found, she now got out of the confusion which made her feel free, completely free.

Arnav was staring at her happily, he was just happy, he finally said what he had always wanted to say and I return he got the answer he had always expected.

Khushi looked at him as the happiness on her face slowly faded away.

“I am sorry Arnav” she said

“Sorry for what Khushi?”

“It took me four years to understand this simple thing”

“Khushi I had heard somewhere, there is a time for love, that was not our time but this is our time, and I am glad we both realized it late”

“Why so?” she asked

“Because I guess at those times I was foolish I would have done anything to hurt you and maybe we wouldn’t be together, but now we both are grown ups, we are mature we know how to handle everything and this four years gap made our bond stronger” he said

“I guess you are right, that wasn’t our time but this is” she replied with a smile.



“Can I hug you?” he asked

“Arnav are you mad?”


“I mean you can kiss me without asking me and you are asking for permission to hold me into your arms?”

“Khushi you know what?”


“I love you!” he said that and held her in his arms.

“We all love you too” Anjali, Sam and Mrs. Raizada shouted from the door.

Khushi pushed Arnav away as she blushed.

Arnav turned at the door and looked at his mother who was smiling happily.

“Thanks mom, without you I wouldn’t be able to plan all this” Arnav said

“You are welcome dear” his mother replied

Arnav moved closer to Khushi and held her in his arms again. Khushi tried pushing him back but she was not as strong as him.

“People who aren’t needed here please leave, it’s our time” Arnav said.

The three smiled and walked away leaving the both love birds alone.

Khushi pushed him away.

“Now what?” Arnav asked

“In front of aunty? Come on Arnav it doesn’t look good” she said

“Mom doesn’t mind it and she knows everything so please” he said as he got hold of her again

“Arnav leave me” she tried getting out of his hold

“Not so easily, I am not done Miss. Khushi Kumari Gupta” he said

“What else is remaining?” she asked making her eyes bigger

“Don’t worry I won’t rape you, don’t give me those looks” he said.

Khushi just blushed and looked down

“it won’t mind if you did” she replied

“Oh God, Khushi you know what I just love you!!” he shouted at the top of his voice as he hugged her again.

He broke the hug after a while and directly bent on his knees.

Khushi looked at him wondering what he was doing now.

He got out a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and held it in front of her.

“Khushi will you marry me?” he asked

“Of course yes Arnav” she replied happily

Arnav slid the ring on her finger and then stood up

“Thank  God you did not make excuses like the other girls, I am too young and what not” Arnav said

“I am just twenty two Arnav so please” she replied

“Yeah fine when did I say you are twenty eight?”

“But that’s when we would get married” she replied

“What? But you just said yes Khushi”

“I was kidding, I am ready to get married to you”

With that they both shared another cute hug.

Aug 7, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

They both broke the hug after a while.

Arnav cupped Khushi’s face and looked into her eyes.

His eyes were moist, it seemed like he would cry anytime.

“Khushi you know I had always had a dream of being with a girl who would always make me feel happy, who would do anything for me, the one who would care for me more than anything, I am not a poet, I don’t know how to say those beautiful lines and steal someone’s heart, I know I proposed you simply and maybe this is not what you had dreamt for, as for me I am happy that my dream came true, I got what I wished for and I want your dreams to come true.

All I can do is try my best to be the perfect one for you, you mean everything to me Khushi just everything. Today I have made you mine, I know we are not married still but I know no matter what happens you will never leave me and that’s what makes me fall more in love with you.

Today even when I know that you are mine I just feel like making you mine again, i feel like holding you in my arms once again, I feel like fighting with you once again then getting slapped again.

Khushi since you came in my life you have taught me a lot, you have made me a better person, I had always been irresponsible but I became responsible only because of you.

You might not have an idea on how much I love you and I really don’t know how to say that I love you more than anything in this world, you are the most precious gift to me.

Khushi promise me you won’t ever leave me no matter what. Promise me that if we fight we would say sorry and get back on track, we won’t by any chance just leave each other” Arnav said

His eyes had almost welled up, what he said was directly from his heart and that’s what his eyes showed.

“Arnav Khushi is yours she always will be.

You don’t have to tell me how much you love me because I know how much you love me, I need no explanations.

My dream is being with you for the rest of my life, I don’t want any poetry or fairytale proposals, this was none less than one.

You tried your best and trust me I loved all this, for me what mattered were the feelings, you did all this with true feelings and that’s why I love it.

Arnav I promise you no matter what I won’t leave.

I will be with you till the end.

You brought a new turn to my life, I was just a statue but you gave me this breaths, I am here only because of you, you make me happy and that’s enough for me, I love you too more than a lot” Khushi replied

Arnav hugged her at that moment holding her tightly. Her words had touched his heart.

He knew that Khushi would always be with her and he was happy with this.

They had stayed without each other for many years and now he did not want to spend even a moment without her.

He just wanted to get married to her and make her completely his that was it.

“Khushi you will marry me right?” he asked

“Arnav I already said yes” she replied

“What if I tell you to get married tomorrow will you?”

“Of course”

“Without any preparations?”

“Preparations don’t matter love does Arnav”

“Khushi I will talk to mom, she planned Sam and Anjali’s wedding next week, can we both get married on the same day too? I know you must have dreamt of a good wedding and that’s what I want it to be but I also don’t want to make it late, so if you are really fine with that I can talk to mom”

“Arnav all I want is to be with you, I am ready for this but please tell aunty to come home and talk to dad also”

“I surely will”

“So can you drop me home for now?”

“Sure, let me just get the keys”

He rushed to his room got the car keys and then dropped Khushi at her mansion.

He returned back home and discussed everything with his mother.

Both Anjali and Mrs. Raizada were happy that finally Arnav decided to get married.

They decided that the first thing next morning would be to visit Khushi’s place and talk to her dad about this.

There was happiness all over.

Arnav, Anjali, Sam, Khushi, everyone was happy for their own reasons.

The night turned to be a sleepless one.

Especially for Arnav and Khushi.

They were just changing sides while lost in thoughts of each other.

Only they knew how they spent the night in the wait of the morning so that Arnav’s mom comes to Khushi’s place to talk about their marriage.

The next morning Khushi woke up with a beautiful smile on her face. As she opened her eyes, she almost jumped out of the bed seeing Arnav sited there staring at her.

“Arnav! What are you doing here early morning?” she asked

“How rude is that Khushi, I mean you call us here then you ask me what I am doing here?” Arnav replied

“When did I call you here?”

“Khushi wake up, it’s not early morning it’s 10.am and remember we were to come here to talk to your dad about our relation?”

“Oops sorry it completely got out of my head”

“It’s okay, well seems like you slept in peace, you took away my sleep right?”

“No, I also wasn’t able to sleep for so long yesterday night”

“Really why?”

“Because you weren’t able to sleep”

“I did not understand one thing here, I wasn’t able to sleep that’s understandable but you weren’t able to sleep why is that so?”

“Because I love you”

“That’s it, thank you Khushi, I just wanted to listen to this once again” he said

“Okay now let me get ready then I join you downstairs till then sit with dad and have a talk”

“Hurry up”

“I will, it’s a big day for me”

“For me too”

They both smiled and after that Arnav left.

Aug 8, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Khushi walked downstairs after getting ready.

Mrs. Raizada and her dad were busy chatting.

“So here she is” Khushi’s dad said

“Morning dad, morning aunty” she greeted them.

“Morning dear” they both replied.

“Hi Anjali”


“Come sit next to me” her dad said.

She slowly walked to him and sat next to him.

“So Khushi… what is this that I am hearing” he asked

“Sorry dad, I wanted to tell you about it but I wasn’t sure of it myself” she replied

“Khushi look at me”

Khushi turned her face up and looked at him

“Do you love Arnav?”

She just blushed and nodded

“Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with him?”

“Yes dad”

“Arnav are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with her?”

“Yes uncle” Arnav replied

“Khushi I have never said a no to you, being your dad I have always tried being a mother for you too, I wanted to be your best friend always but today I am hurt, I really am”

“Why dad?”

“Khushi you did not tell me about Arnav, why? I mean you know I can never refuse you for anything”

“I am sorry dad, I was scared on top I wasn’t sure of my own feelings”

“That’s okay but now you did make a mistake so you will have to get punished for that”

“I am ready for all the punishments”

“so your punishment is that you will be tied in a life time bond with Arnav”


“Yes Khushi, I am happy in what makes you happy, if you are happy with Arnav then I have no problem with it”

Khushi jumped up and hugged him happily.

“Thank you, thanks a lot dad, you are the best dad in the whole world”

“And you are the best daughter in the whole world”

By this time a cute smile had curved up on Arnav’s face.

Khushi was also happy too, finally her dad had accepted their relation and there was nothing else that could make her much happier.

After a long darkness in her life there seemed to be a bright ray of light.

She was just overwhelmed with happiness

“So Mrs. Raizada as you said Anjali and Sam are getting married next week, so I guess we get Arnav and Khushi engaged tomorrow and then we get them married on the same day, how does that sound?” Khushi’s dad said

“That’s what I exactly thought of” she replied happily

“Wow I mean engagement tomorrow? Arnav I don’t believe you’ve grown up” Anjali said hugging him.

“So we should take you leave” Mrs. Raizada said

“Yeah but one thing, the engagement would take place here” he said

“That’s not a problem”

“Okay then see you tomorrow”

“Bye Khushi”

“Bye aunty” she replied

They all walked outside as Arnav and Khushi were left behind in the house

“Arnav I am so happy, thank you for coming in my life, thank you for making my life beautiful, thank you for everything” she said as she hugged him

“Thanks to you Khushi, you made me realize what love is”

He hugged her back

They both walked outside and then Arnav left with Mrs. Raizada as Khushi stood there with her dad.

“Khushi it’s your engagement I want it to be the way you want it, so call the decorators yourself and explain everything to them, I’ll call the jeweler over here you choose the jewelry then we go for shopping, is that okay?” Khushi’s dad asked

“Yes dad”

“You know you are my only daughter I want everything to be perfect, it should be the way you want so if you need anything tell me I will arrange for it”

“Dad you know what?”


“You are the best dad in the whole world”

With that she hugged him happily.

Khushi walked to her room and called Sam.

As Khushi’s name flashed on his phone, Sam received the call obviously expecting the good news.

“So Miss Gupta, everything fixed?” he asked

“How did you know?”

“Your happiness reaches me before you”

“Oh really?”


“Anyway I need you here within ten minutes, I got a lot to do, shopping decorations lots of preparations and you need to help me for that”

“Of course I am there for you always, just give me some minutes I’ll be right there”

“Thank Sam, so hurry up I am waiting”

Sam drove to Khushi’s place then they both went for shopping, and prepared for everything for the day.


Precap: Engagement.

Arnav faints.


Aug 8, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

Finally it was the big day.

The engagement day.

Life seemed to be just so simple and happy for both Arnav and Khushi

They had loved each other for so long and now they were going to get engaged to each other within a few hours.

It was the happiest time of both their lives.

The whole of Gupta mansion had been decorated fully flowers lightings and what not.

The beautiful soon to be bride was sitting in front of her dressing table getting ready for the day.

She was dressed in a beautiful purple dress with her hair styled up and some dark loud make up.

Everything looked just perfect on her.

Arnav arrived to the Gupta mansion with his mom and sis.

He was dressed in a three piece suit which made him look out of the world.

His eyes were busy looking around the mansion obviously searching for his soon to be fiancé

Anjali noticed this and started teasing him and all he could do was to blush.

Mrinal walked in to Khushi’s room and was left with her mouth and eyes wide open.

“Oh my God girl, you look really pretty, I wish I was you” she exclaimed

“You are prettier than me” Khushi replied as she stood up with a broad smile

“Yeah right” Mrinal replied

“By the way where is my dear best friend, it’s my engagement today and he is nowhere to be seen”

“I am here your honor” Sam said as he walked in

“Where have you been all this while?” Khushi asked

“It’s you engagement dear obviously I was busy in preparations”

“And you forgot about me?”

“Then I wouldn’t be here”

“Do you have an idea on how nervous I am?”

“Yes I do, I also got engaged a few days back”

“Sam come on its not time to make fun, I am really scared and nervous, God knows what will happen”

“Arnav will make you his nothing else”

Khushi ended up blushing and after that the three headed downstairs for the engagement ceremony

A cute smiled curved up on Arnav’s face as he saw Khushi heading downstairs dressed in a purple attire which made her look wonderful.

He had no words to describe her beauty.

She walked towards Arnav and stood beside him as everyone started complimenting her on her dress and her looks while Arnav was just staring at her with a smile

“Won’t you say anything?” Khushi asked

“You left me speechless, I got no words to describe how beautiful you look today, I just can’t believe a fairy like you getting engaged to me”

“I am not any fairy”

“You are trust me, I wonder how you chose me as your life partner”

“Because you are none less than a prince charming”

“So should we begin the ceremony?” Mr. Gupta asked

“Sure” Mrs. Raizada replied

The engagement rings were brought there and Arnav and Khushi stood there facing each other.

They exchanged the rings and were announced happily engaged as all the guests congratulated them.

Khushi was may be the most happiest person today.

All her dreams seemed to be coming true.

She had just got engaged to the love of her life

And what made her more happy was Arnav’s love for her.

She was just short of words.

There was no way in which she could express how happy she was

But unknown to the fact that her happiness was there for just a few moments

Destiny had planned something else for her

And maybe instead of lifetime happiness she would get a life time pain.

Why had destiny always been cruel to the lovers?

Can’t they just have a small and happy world together?

Everyone was busy in one or the other task.

Sam was busy attending the guest

Khushi and Mrinal were busy talking to each other

Arnav was busy in meeting his old friends.

The whole mansion was full of happiness but then…

Within a minute everything changed.

Arnav was normally talking with his friends when he felt his head getting heavy.

He ignored it for a while but then it worsened

He started feeling dizzy and within to time he fell down on the floor leaving everyone in shock.

“Arnav!” Khushi screamed as she ran to him

She sat beside him looking at him with teary eyes.

She held his hands, his shoulders and shook him trying to wake him up as everyone else surrounded her.

“Arnav, wake up please” she said shaking him

There was no response.

She felt like the floor slipped away from her feet and she was left to fall down and get hurt

“Arnav, wake up damn it, this is not a joke please wake up” she shook him more and more

Mrs. Raizada, Anjali, Sam and Mrinal, everyone tried waking him up but no response.

Khushi’s heart had almost stopped beating by now.

She felt it aching very badly as a strange fear developed in her heart.

She had always had this kind of fear in her heart when something bad was going to happen and today she had it again, obviously telling her that there was something bad awaiting her.

She felt broken, empty and what not.

Words were less to describe what she felt at that moment.

As Mr. Gupta and the others rushed Arnav to the hospital, Khushi rushed to the temple.

She just wanted to overcome the fear that was in her heart signaling her something bad ahead.

She knew temple was the only place where she would overcome her fear

Where she would feel better and hope for better.

She would then visit at Arnav at the hospital but at this moment she had to pray.

Pray for his safety, because she couldn’t just think of her life without him.

After half an hour she arrived at the hospital.

All the eyes were on her

As if she had committed some crime

“How is he?” she asked as her voice trembled

There was complete silence.

She looked at everyone expecting a reply but none of them was ready to say even a word and tell her anything.

She got scared again wondering what was wrong

Was her fear true?

Had anything gone wrong?

She had many questions running in her mind but by now her eyes were becoming moist just because she was scared.

Scared of God knows what!

Aug 11, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

“Will anyone please tell me how he is?” Khushi said rather angrily.

“Relax Khushi he is fine, he just fainted because of weakness” Her father said.

Khushi took a deep sigh and relaxed.

“Dad can I meet him please?” she asked

“Yes sure”

She jumped up and down in happiness and rushed to meet him.

She opened the door slowly and entered in.

Arnav was resting on the bed.

“So finally Mrs. Soon to be Raizada you are here, I was waiting for you, where were you all this time?” Arnav asked

“I was praying” she replied

“Praying? For what?”

“For you”

“For me? But I am already yours Khushi”

“I was praying for your life Arnav, just the thought of losing you made me shiver like nothing, I just realized how much I love you Arnav, I don’t want to stay away from you anymore, I want to be with you forever, I don’t want any high profile wedding I just want a wedding that would make me yours, let’s get married tomorrow please”

“But Khushi…”

“No buts Arnav, I just can’t think of one moment without you please say yes please”

“Okay fine I am ready, but for that you will need to talk to your dad about it”

“I will do that, but for now tell me one thing”


“Did you eat properly?”

“Yes I did”

“Then why did you faint? Arnav dad told me you fainted because of weakness, and it comes when you haven’t eaten anything, so now my question is why dint you eat?”

“Khushi trust me I did not skip my meals, not at all”

“Arnav is there anything bothering you? something that you think you cannot tell me. Or are you tensed about anything?”

“Khushi trust me there is nothing at all, maybe it’s just because I got tired of the preparations in a hurry”

“You sure?”

“Yes I am trust me”

“And are you Okay with our marriage? I really don’t want to be like a burden on you”

“Khushi why are you saying all this? what’s wrong with you? How can you be a burden on me? Khushi I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, you can never be a burden on me so please don’t even think that”

Khushi hugged him directly as she started crying.

“Hey, are you okay? What happened Khushi?”

“Arnav I am sorry”

“Sorry for what?”

“I said a lot of nonsense, but what do I do, after what happened today I am just scared, you know right? I love you a lot and I really don’t want to lose you”

“Relax Khushi nothing has happened to me”

They broke the hug after a while. Khushi wiped her tears away and got back to normal.

“So anyway you take some rest I will talk to dad about the marriage okay?”


She walked out of the room and found everyone standing there in tension.

“Come on guys Arnav is okay, relax yeah anyway dad I need to talk to you about something” Khushi said

“Yes tell me dear”

“Dad Arnav and I have decided that we don’t want any high profile wedding, just a simple one which would take place tomorrow” Khushi explained

“What?” her dad asked in shock.

Mrs. Raizada, Anjali and Sam looked at her in shock too.

“Why are you guys so shocked it’s just a wedding I am not running away with Arnav” Khushi said

“Khushi come with me, I need to talk to you” Her dad said as he held her hand and took her outside the hospital

Sam also followed them up.

The three stood at the garden as Khushi looked at them wondering what was going on.

“Why do you all look so depressed? Come on guys he just fainted because of weakness, we brought him here and he is fine what’s up then?” she asked.

Neither Khushi’s dad nor Sam had the courage to tell her the exact reason behind their depressed faces. Her dad took out a paper from his pocket and handed it to Khushi who opened it up and started reading it.

She looked at her father in shock

“No! No! It can’t be! No!” She shouted out in pain as she hugged her father.

“It can’t be, it just can’t be” she cried

“It was the question of your life Khushi, we knew if we would tell you about it then you might just get mad and do something stupid” Sam explained

“We lied to you Khushi, Arnav has cancer, third stage… It seems that he started smoking at a very young age” Her dad explained

Khushi was continuously crying, she yet couldn’t believe that all what she was being told was true.

“Why don’t you kids understand? Smoking cigarette isn’t any fashion-statement but it’s an open invitation to cancer” Her dad explained

“Khushi we dint tell you the truth before we were scared that you would even go to the limit of destroying your life because you wouldn’t want to live without him, we just wanted to save you because we cannot save him” Sam said

Khushi looked at her dad with painful eyes, how could they even think that she could have done anything like that?

“When you did not want to tell me the truth before why did you tell it to me now? you could have just hidden it, I just made some promises to Arnav what about them now? if you could have told me earlier then I would have at least known how to handle everything.  What did you do dad? You gave life to me but took away my hope of living? You know what you both were successful in lying to me to save my life but you snatched away the meaning of my life”

“I did what a father could have done, my decision was mine your decision would be yours, do whatever you want to I will accept it”

Khushi’s dad told her everything and left the decision on her. Khushi walked around thinking for a while and finally came up with her decision.

“Dad there is no change, I am getting married to Arnav tomorrow that’s it, the way you had hidden the truth from me hide it from Arnav too, no one would tell him that he has cancer” she wiped away her tears and walked back to Arnav.

Aug 12, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

Arnav was discharged from the hospital.

Everyone headed back home but none of them seemed to be happy.

Arnav had no idea about his illness and all he could do was wonder why no one was happy that he was well.

Khushi took him to his room and helped him rest on the bed.

She did not talk, instead she just walked away.

“Khushi” Arnav called out from behind.

She stopped controlling her tears and then turned back.

“Do you need anything?” Khushi asked

“Why is everyone so sad? I mean I am well now, and even you, your face shows something else, aren’t you happy?”

“It’s not that Arnav, it’s just that everyone is tensed, all this happened all over a sudden right and we are also getting married tomorrow so they are all disheartened, they wanted our wedding to be a good one but I spoilt everything”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Yes my dear, it’s only that”

“Okay fine, anyway where are you going? Come sit with me here and talk to me”

“Arnav I will sit with you for the rest of your life for now let me go, I have lots of preparations to make”

“Okay fine bye”


She walked out of the room and cried hard. Only she knew how hard it was to control her tears in front of him.

She went back home and found Sam waiting for her.

“You dint go home?” she asked pretending to be normal.

“I wanted to talk to you” he replied

“Yeah tell me”

He walked towards her and hugged her tightly.

Khushi broke down into tears and hugged him back.

“Why does this happen always Sam? Why me? Don’t I deserve to be happy? Why can’t I get happiness?” she cried.

Sam broke the hug and looked at her

“Why were you hiding those tears Khushi, I am your best friend and I know how you are feeling, you can share your pain with me” Sam said

“Sam I was just… I don’t know why I am so scared… I never knew that this day would come in my life, and now that I want to get married to Arnav even after knowing that he has cancer why is everyone thinking that I am being ignorant? Just tell me one thing, if today I was in Arnav’s place then wouldn’t he have done what I am doing?”

“Relax Khushi I am not here to tell you that what you are doing is wrong, you are right you love him and you are getting married to him, nothing is wrong, I stayed back so that I can be with you, I know how broken you are feeling at this moment but you need to be strong, be strong for him Khushi because you love him right?”

She nodded positively and smiled.

“Don’t be scared okay? You know what you are doing is right so leave the rest on God and be ready for tomorrow, I will leave now but I promise I would be here early in the morning, if in between you feel like you want to talk to me then don’t hesitate just give me a call okay?”

“I will”

“So see you tomorrow”

Sam left as Khushi rushed to her room and locked herself inside crying out all her pain.

What she was tensed about was how would she be able to hide her tears from Arnav, for how long?

And when he would see her crying he would ask, and maybe she wouldn’t be able to tell him what was wrong.

But like what Sam told her, she left it all on God and drove to sleep.

The next morning she woke up as the bright sunlight fell on her face.

She took a shower and got dressed in her bridal dress.

She tied her hair up and put on some simple make up.

Finally she was ready for her big day.

She walked downstairs where her father and Sam were waiting for her.

“You look beautiful” Sam said

“Thanks” she replied

Her dad just held her in his arms as they both cried.

It was a tough thing for a father when he sees his daughter leaving him and going with someone else, well this has to come one day in every father’s life but maybe no father would have faced such a day where his daughter is going to get married to a person who doesn’t have much time to leave and there is nothing he can do about that

They all left for the temple in a while where they were supposed to meet the Raizada’s.

They arrived at the temple, the Raizada’s were already there waiting for them.

Arnav was really happy, finally he was getting married to the one and only girl he loved.

Everyone was happy for them, because this wasn’t a love story that ended, it was a love story that lasted forever.

The rituals began and both Arnav and Khushi performed all the rituals one by one and were finally married to each other.

It was a complete simple wedding, no guests no celebration nothing, just a simple one but still it meant a lot to the both because it had tied them into one.

After that they all headed to the court for a legal marriage.

They signed the papers and finally Khushi was bided off by her dad.

The Raizada’s arrived home with the newly wedded couple.

They welcomed them performing all the rituals as they were supposed to be.

Arnav and Khushi were taken to their room which was fully decorated.

She looked around as her smile faded away, not because she did not like the room but only because she couldn’t stop counting the days she was left with.

Arnav was busy admiring his bride as she was lost in her own world.

“Khushi” Arnav called her


“Are you okay?”

“Yeah why?”

“We got married today, come on and instead on being romantic you seem to be lost, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I am just nervous”

Arnav started laughing at her and seeing his laughter Khushi forgot about everything.

She wanted to be with him and spend time with him like before and so she decided to forget the pain she had in her heart and make him happy.

She shut off the lights and Arnav laughed at her for being shy.

Precap: Arnav gets to know the truth.

((Last part))

Aug 13, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 30 ((Last part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Day changed to months and life was still going on normally.

Arnav had no idea about his illness, he was just happy enjoying his life with Khushi.

At a times he did feel weak and unwell but he still couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

It was on a Monday morning when he was busy working on his laptop.

Khushi walked in and sat next to him.

“Morning sweetheart” he said with a smile as he looked at her.

“Morning” Khushi replied with a smile.

“Do you need anything?”

“No, today I am here to give you something?”

“Wow now that’s interesting, what do you want to give me?”

“A gift you will never forget about”

“And what’s that?”

“Arnav… you are… I mean I am…” she blushed

“Khushi you…  I… what’s all this? Be clear I am all confused”

“Arnav you are going to be a father… I am pregnant!” she finally said.

“What? I mean are you serious? Khushi wow! I am going to be a father, I mean it seems like a dream… Oh my God thank you, thanks a lot Khushi you were right it was the biggest gift” he stood up and hugged her happily.

“Thank you Khushi thanks a lot, I love you more than anything”

Khushi could really feel how happy he was. She was glad that she gave him all the happiness he deserved.

They both informed Anjali who was like overwhelmed and she rushed to inform her mother.

Arnav called Khushi’s dad and informed him too.

There was happiness all over, Arnav and Khushi were happy unknown to the dark shadow that was coming over to snatch away all the light of happiness.

As time went on, day by day Arnav started noticing a change in his health.

At a times he could really feel pain in his body and he would just wonder what was wrong.

He would get tired even if he walked small distance.

He slowly became weak.

All this wasn’t unnoticed by Khushi, she had seen him suffering and every time she broke down seeing him like that.

She finally decided she won’t keep quiet, she knew Arnav would ask about this and maybe it was time, time to tell him the entire truth.

She told him everything, about his sickness and all and Arnav was just left in shock.

He couldn’t digest the fact that he had cancer.

“Cancer! I got cancer?” he cried and looked at Khushi holding her by her shoulders.

“You idiot! In spite of knowing that I have cancer you got married to me? Why? Why? Why?”

He just hugged her and cried his heart out.

“My lie became a truth Khushi? My lie became a truth!” he cried

“Which lie are you talking about Arnav?”

“Remember that day in college? I had lied to you I have cancer not knowing the fact that I really had cancer!”

“Arnav please relax…”

“Now what… what will happen Khushi… what should I name this? A Comedy of Errors? Or the irony of fate?”

Khushi broke the hug and looked at him.

“Forget everything Arnav, just remember our love which is neither a slave of life nor a slave of death, and see a part of you is growing up in me. I won’t be there, you won’t be there but still there will be proof of our love”

He just hugged her again emotionally lacking words to say. He felt so lucky to have Khushi in his life because he knew no other girl on earth would ever support her like this.

Yes it was a shock for him but it was a fact too, he did not want to spend his remaining days in sadness or anything, he just wanted to be normal and make everyone feel normal.

He knew everything would happen as per God’s will, and we as human beings have to accept God’s will and wish, but he also had love is his life which was granted to him my God and he really was thankful for that.

Today if he could feel better even after knowing that he had cancer was only because of Khushi and her love. If love wasn’t there in this world, this world would have been like a desert, life would have been just meaningless but with Khushi’s love his life seemed just beautiful.

A few months passed and finally came the terrible day.

Arnav was on a wheel chair now, he had lost his strength to walk completely.

Arnav and Khushi had already been told by the doctor that they were going to have a baby boy. It wasn’t that they were differentiating between a girl and a boy, it was just that Arnav wanted to know who it would be before he leaves the world

Early in the morning Khushi took him to outside the house as they both looked at the sun rising.



“My son’s name should be Suraj okay Khushi?”

“Okay sir, any other order?”

“And if possible make him a sportsman”

“And what if he wants to be a film star?”

“Then let him be, as long as he is happy with what he does”

“okay, anything else?”

“Never hide it from my son, that his father died because of smoking cigarettes, so that he wouldn’t ever smoke”

“Come on Arnav, will you finish all the talks today or will you save them for tomorrow too?”

“Now you are forcing me to say something that I know you wouldn’t like”

“Really? And what is that?”

“You will be surprised, I’ll shock you”

“Yeah right first say what you wanted to then we see”

“Repeat once again what you had said”

“Okay.. will you finish all the talks today or will you save them for tomorrow too?”

“Who knows if I’ll see tomorrow?”

“You know what Arnav? you really surprised me”

She said as she looked at him.

She froze for a moment, she put her hand on his shoulder but he did not react.

“You really surprised me Arnav” She said as tears rolled down her eyes.

Just then a voice came from nowhere, she looked at him and he was holding a radio in his hand in which he had recorded something.

“I said it I would surprise you, dint I? Ever since I knew that I had cancer then I decided that my death should be a simple one and I really don’t want you to cry at the moment, as you said love isn’t a slave of life nor a slave of death so no tears my dear, I love you and I always will no matter which world I am in”

Khushi just hugged him and cried.

7 years later…

Tender earth… tender sky…

Every particle on earth says the same thing…

Only the color of love is true…

Suraj, Arnav and Khushi’s son was now grown up.

Like every year on his birthday, today also Khushi took him to the place where she had first met Arnav.

She sat there telling her son everything about his dad.

A young boy was sited under a tree smoking a cigarette when Suraj ran to him and snatched it away from him.

“Cigarette smoking is not good for health, I lost my dad because of it, do you want your mother to lose her son because of it?” Suraj asked.

The boy’s eyes were opened up and he promised that he would never smoke.

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health

At a times we do make fun of this statement, some say that they say if we smoke we would die but that doesn’t mean that if we don’t smoke we would never die.

Then the truth hits everyone here, yes we all have to die one day but think for a moment, if Arnav never smoked then maybe he would be alive today, he would have missed seeing his son’s face, he would have been spending his life happily with Khushi and his son.

He would be alive to give his son a father’s love.

He would have been alive to be with the love of his life Khushi.

He would have been with his mother so that she couldn’t have to lose her son at such an early age.

He could have been there for Anjali as her brother to support her every time she needed him.

But just one thing snatched it all from him.

A pleasure of smoking cigarette snatched his future from him.

Let’s get this in our minds, cigarette isn’t any medicine that would heal your pain or anything, it is a poison that would eat you up slowly from inside.

Prevention is better than cure, let’s stop it before it starts consuming us.

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.


The end!!!



So many of you might have wondered about the meaning of the title right? a comedy of errors means a lie becoming true, like Arnav just lied in fun that he had cancer but it became true… anyway d ff comes to an end, I know a bad ending but sometimes we get morals from such things right?

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