A Comedy Of Errors

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Jul 3, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 67 times)

Part 1

As the wind slowly blew the curtains of his bedroom window, he stretched his arms and jumped out of the bed. The clock ticked Seven o’clock.

He was late again for school. This was his daily routine, he would wake up late then knowing the fact that he will get late for school then he would get punished, he rushed to the bathroom to have his warm water shower and headed to school without taking the breakfast.

As he entered in the black colored school gate he saw the teacher staring at him with her red eyes, today she seemed to be lot more angry.

He rushed towards her as she started shouting at him for being late as always.

“Is this the time to come to school? I have always told you, learn how to keep time otherwise you will be left behind in this world” she said in her angry tone.

“Ma’am you know what? This pink lipstick suits you more than the red one, you looking extremely beautiful today” he said knowing her weakness.

“Really? Thank you Arnav, you are the only student who compliments me on my beauty everyday” she said with a smile on her face.

Today again he escaped from the punishment just by using his few lines.

“You are great Arnav” he congratulated himself as he headed towards his class.

Arnav Singh Raizada, a nineteen year old teenager. He was a full of life type of a guy he liked being happy and making other happy too. Music was his passion, in spite of coming from a rich family, he would end up singing in the bars on weekends, maybe that’s what passion is really called.

On the other side, a young beautiful girl walked towards her classroom with stacks of books in her hands.

She kept the books on the table and walked to sit on her desk. She turned around and saw her desk mate cutting papers from the book and playing with them, she gave her an angry  look and snatched the book away.

“Books are meant to be read or written it, not to cut their pages and play with them, learn how to respect your books, otherwise there would come a day when you will yearn for knowledge but you won’t get it just because of disrespecting the books”  she said rather angrily.

“Khushi, come one stop being a lecturer and for heaven sake, why should I respect books? They aren’t human beings?”

“but they are sources of our knowledge, without this books you wouldn’t be able to speak those word you are”

“Whatever” her desk mate replied trying to avoid the argument.

Khushi Kumari Gupta, an eighteen year old teenager, she was respectful and obedient. She wouldn’t tolerate anyone throwing books or tearing them, for her they meant a lot. She loved photography, it was like her passion too, whenever she could get free, she would go to beautiful places and take pictures of anything she liked. Just because she is obedient and respectful doesn’t mean that she is someone serious, No, she is a full of life girl too, she loves making fun she is bubbly too. Just call her the perfect girl, she got all the good qualities.

The teacher walked in Khushi’s classroom and was happy to see the books well kept on the table.

“Thank you Khushi, you are the best student, your classmates need to learn a lot from you” Mr. Frank said

“it’s my pleasure sir” she replied with a smile on her face.

“So students, I checked the essays I had told you to write and I was very impressed on how all of you had written it, the wordings were so beautiful but then I was disappointed by my other class, all the student in that class seem like they don’t know how to write, so looking at that I have decided to mix the both classes for tomorrow’s lesson.” He said with a sigh

“Sir, you mean to say we would write compositions in groups?” Khushi asked.

“Not really , I want it to be in partners that would be one person from this class and the other one from the other class, I have a reason for this, as you all can use your words well and write it so well, so it will be good for the other students and you will work together and discuss with this they will learn how to improve on their essays.”

“How will we choose our partners sir?” another student asked.

“I have this books here, they belong to the students from the other class, you all will come and take a book one by one, so whoever’s book you have, tomorrow when they come to this class you will show them their book and then be partners.”

The class was silent, Mr. Frank was sure everyone had understood what he meant, so the next thing he told the students was to pick the books one by one. Everyone stood in the line picking the books. Khushi picked the book and walked back to her desk.

She looked at the book with weird expression.

“What happened?” asked her desk mate.

“Look at this book, it doesn’t have a cover, it is almost tearing apart, I wonder what kind of a student this person is.” She replied

“Whose book is it?”

“Some Arnav Raizada” she said as she read the name on the book.

“Arnav Raizada? Khushi how lucky” her desk mate almost pushed her out of the desk, she looked at her like what the hell.

“Lucky for what? Look how dirt his book is, no respect at all, you call me lucky for getting such a partner?” she said

“Oh God don’t tell me you don’t know Arnav Raizada, he is the most happening guy of the school, girls drool over him, they look for one chance to be with him and look how you are reacting on this”

“The most happening guy? Wrong choice girl, he doesn’t even keep his books well how would he keep a girl?” she said laughing at her desk mate.

The teacher walked out of the classroom leaving the students busy discussing about tomorrow’s class.


Khushi was roaming around the beach, this was her daily routine, after school she would go to the beach to feel relaxed then come back and do her work.

Her camera was with her always, she would take pictures of the kids who were playing there or anything that caught her eye.

She was just walking around when she saw a beautiful boat heading towards the s****s. She ran a bit nearer and took the pictures.

The boat was finally on the s****s, a young boy jumped out of it and tried tying it. She moved a bit closer to look at him, he seemed to be repairing some broken part of the boat, he looked so cute while being busy in his own world.

She took his pictures too while he could feel like someone was taking his picture but he did not react. He walked away yet not looking at her. He remembered something and turned back when he saw Khushi, she signaled him to stand back as she took his last picture. All he could do was just smile at her.

He then walked away leaving a smiling Khushi behind.

The boy was Arnav, he loved boating and whenever he could get free, he would go to the beach take his personal boat and go around the ocean. It felt at peace and today he was happy, he did not know why maybe because of Khushi or maybe his inner feelings

Jul 4, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

“Wake up Khushi, you will be late for school”

She was woken up by the voice of her father. She stretched her arms and jumped out of the bed. Her dad was standing at the door. She ran to him touched his feet then hugged him.

“Morning dad”

“Morning dear, the breakfast is ready in am going to office make sure you aren’t late for school okay?”

“Dad I have never been late and don’t worry I am not going to break my record” she replied as she rushed to the frog’s kingdom to have her warm water shower.

Arnav was busy having his breakfast when he heard footsteps heading towards him. He shut his eyes knowing what was next.

“Oh so the prince is awake, very early huh” his mother said

“Mom please”

“At least let him finish his breakfast mom” his elder sister Anjali came in between.

“Yeah he always wakes up late and gets late for school and you always support him Anjali right?”

She walked away leaving Anjali and Arnav hi fiving each other.

“You saved me again, thanks sis”

“Yeah I am always there to save you right, Arnav when you know mom doesn’t like all this then why can’t you just do as she says?” she asked

“Sis now you don’t start it, come on I am not stealing things I am just going late to school what’s the problem?”

“Okay fine let’s not argue, you will be late for school hurry up” she smiled the walked away.

“Sis!” Arnav shouted.

She stopped and turned around, she handed him some money and walked away with a smile

“That’s your pocket money for the whole week” she said

“Whole week? Not fair” he shouted then left angrily.

Whatever it was, he had to understand that he belonged to a middle class family and not a rich one.

How could Arnav obviously break his record of being late, yes even today he arrived at the school late.

He used his lines and escaped the punishment as always and headed toward his class.

Khushi was a good student, she always arrived early at school, almost all the teacher loved her, where as Arnav was a complete spoilt brat for them.

Khushi was busy in writing some notes when she just heard the students discussing about the class, the way they were going to get mixed and write the essays.

“I am very excited by the way girls do you know Arnav, he is in that class” a girl said.

“Wow, who is his partner, if it’s a girl she is really lucky” said the other girl.

“I heard Khushi talking to her desk mate about this, I think Khushi is the one who has his book so they will be partners”

“Really? Khushi and Arnav partners? All I can do is laugh at the statement, I wonder how they would write the essay together, I hope they don’t end up fighting.”

“Why would they fight?” asked a girl.

“You don’t know Arnav, yeah is handsome rich he has all the qualities of a good boyfriend but then he is someone spoilt, he doesn’t respect people and mostly if you go to his class, he is the most disorganized person, and on the other hand, Khushi, an obedient, well pretty too, rich girl but then she respects people and is organized doesn’t like anyone misusing books or keeping them badly. They both are like the opposite of a pillar if Arnav is south then she is north and as you know north and south can never be together” explained the girl.

“Why are this girls so much interested in this, cant they just leave people alone” wondered Khushi.

Arnav walked to the canteen where his friends were having some snacks.

“hey bro” he said

“Arnav, late as always, how did you escape the punishment today?” asked his friend Sid.

“I told her that she is the prettiest teacher in our school”

They all sat there laughing, Arnav, Sid, and Rohan the three spoilt brats.

“Arnav breaking news for you, Sid has a huge crush on this girl, what’s her name… something like Khushi, yeah she is called Khushi.” said Rohan

“so what if I have a crush on her, she isn’t you sister so please” Sid shouted back.

“Relax guys don’t fight again, so who is this girl, her name sound cute, is she my type? I can snatch her away from Sid as you know girls die for me” Said Arnav trying to tease Sid.

“No way Arnav, she is not your type at all, she is the obedient type of a student you know, I mean you and her, it’s just like impossible” said Rohan

“Is she pretty?” Asked Arnav

“Obviously” replied Sid

“if she’s pretty she’s my type” said Arnav cheekily.

“Stay away from her, many girls die for you at least leave her for me.” Said Sid.

“She is all yours bro I was kidding, this serious girls are not of my type.” He said giving a high five to Sid.

“By the way lets go to the class before Mr. Frank arrived, otherwise we will be in trouble” said Rohan

The three stood up and headed to the class. After some time, Mr. Frank walked in and explained to the class about the essay writing and how they were going to be mixed with the other class, he told then to carry their pens and books, and with that they headed to the other class.

Arnav and his friends stood outside as there was a big line inside. Khushi had gone out for some work and she was walking back to her class. Arnav was tired of standing so he sat on the staircase throwing his book aside. Khushi noticed all this, she walked to him picked the book and wiped the dust from it.

Arnav did not see this as he was busy talking to his friends. She tapped him on his shoulder as he turned and looked at her. She was arranging the papers that came out of the book. Arnav was wondering all this while where he had seen her.

It then clicked his mind, he had just seen her at the beach, she was the one who had taken his pictures while in the boat.

She handed the book to him telling him to learn how to keep his books well and walked inside the class without having an idea that he was the one she had met yesterday.

All the students in the other class had already arranged themselves as they had been told, everyone was sitting alone leaving the other bench beside them empty for their partners.

All the students started reading the names from the books one by one as the other students sat next to them.

Everyone was obviously shocked when they heard Khushi saying Arnav’s name, it was just impossible for the both to get along.

Arnav was smiling to himself wondering what was really happening, firstly he met her at the beach then just right now he met her outside and this time she was his partner, was this just a coincidence?

He walked towards her with a smile and sat next to her.

“Hi” he greeted her.

“Hi” Khushi greeted back.

“It would have sounded better if it was a hi with a smile, don’t you smile or you aren’t smiling because it me?” he asked.

“Excuse me, I do smile and what do you mean that I am not smiling because it’s you, who are you? we have met for the first time” she replied.

“You are forgetting Miss, this is the third time we are meeting” he said with a smirk, maybe trying to impress her, after all he couldn’t ignore the fact the she was the prettiest girl he had ever met.

“Third time?” she asked in shock.

“Yeah, first of all yesterday at the beach, you were taking my pictures remember, and second we just met outside when you told me to keep my books well”

Khushi finally remembered that he was the one whose pictures she had taken at the beach.

“Anyway whatever it was, I am Khushi”

“I am Arnav, I guess you know my name, anyway nice to meet you, it would be great writing an essay with you”

“Learn how to cover your books first then talk about writing an essay why are you guys so careless mostly when it comes to books?” she asked angrily.

“Sorry Miss, just a mistake I will cover my books next time and keep them well.” Replied Arnav.

Sid was angrily looking at Arnav this time, Arnav was unaware of the fact that this was the Khushi that Sid had a crush on, while the rest of the class concentrated on looking at the both expecting a fight, which was maybe not going to happen

In fact Arnav was trying his best to get along with Khushi as he had just liked at the first sight, and his statement turned out to be true, the statement he said at the canteen “if she’s pretty she’s my type”

so the next thing was flirting, that’s what was exactly going on in his mind, not knowing how dangerous it could be flirting with no one else but Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Jul 4, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Mr. Frank gave them the topic to write an essay on and everyone set to work. After every five seconds you could find someone staring at both Arnav and Khushi wondering why weren’t they fighting yet.

Khushi was busy explaining to Arnav about the essay while he was just staring at her continuously lost in her beautiful eyes.

“Arnav are you listening to me?” she asked as she shook him.

Arnav jumped out of the desk as everyone looked at him thinking that the fight had began.

“What happened Arnav? Why did you stand up?” asked Mr. Frank.

“Sorry sir, I got a shock so i…” he stammered.

“A shock? There is no electric switch over there that you touched and got the shock, concentrate on your work and stop making fun.”

“Sorry sir” he sat back on his bench and looked at Khushi.

“Don’t touch me again, I felt like my whole body vibrating, damn you will kill me someday” he said

“Do I look like a shock machine? Shut up and please concentrate on the essay” Khushi replied angrily.

They both started discussing about it and Arnav was obviously getting bored, he just hated studies, why do people have to go to school to study, can’t they just chill out have fun and flirt around only?

“tanha yunhi bore hojaye to pyar do.. pyar lo… bandishe tod kar… bekarari agar… badi jor hojaye to… pyar do do.. pyar lo lo..” he started singing while looking at Khushi.

Khushi looked at him with an angry face wondering what the hell was wrong with this guy.

“I told you to concentrate on the essay not to sing, Arnav can’t you just concentrate for half an hour?” she asked

“I can think of that, if you say so okay fine I will concentrate” he replied cheekily.

She started writing with her angry expressions.

“Khushi can I ask you something?” Arnav asked.

“Ask” she replied.

“Don’t you ever smile?”


“No seriously I mean don’t you get bored of being serious, it’s good to smile at a times”

“Will you shut up Arnav, I am not the serious girl you think, I do smile make fun and all but outside the class.”

“Oh then meet me outside the class”

“Will you please shut up, what’s wrong with you?”

Arnav sat quietly staring at her as she wrote the essay.

“Mere jaisa koi kaha ten on ten… kaise me kisi ko dedu ten on ten” he started singing again and this time Khushi looked at him much more angrily.

Mr. Frank walked out of the class to attend a call.

“Sorry” he replied being scared with that puppy face, oh he looked so cute, how could she just scold him.


“chocolate boxes, men on horses.. Valentines parties on Saturdays…

Teenage pop stars, filmy film stars… Gulaab ke phool, people think these are cool…

Yeh sab to hain four on ten… Acche lagte hain now and then…

Oh mere jaisa koi kahan ten on ten… Kaise mein kisi ko dedu ten on ten…”


She started singing while looking at Arnav who was left totally in shock. She stood up held his hand and they both started dancing together.

The whole class looked at the in shock, they thought this two would end up fighting but instead they ended up dancing together.


“Meri zid bhi  adatein bhi… Meri baatein, attitude bhi…

Ten on ten… oh ten on ten… Mein jo bhi hoon, jaisi bhi hoon…

Jo chahti hoon  who karti hoon… Ten on ten… yeah ten on ten…

Chalo tum bhi hon six on ten… Ache lagte ho now and then…

Oh mere jaisa koi kahan ten on ten… Kaise mein kisi ko dedu ten on ten…”


And they continued swirling around, dancing around as the class joined them too, everyone started dancing with their partners. For Arnav it seemed like a dream, the girl who was just serious moments ago was now dancing happily and smiling fully, well she was right she does smile, he just stared at her, the beautiful smile and got lost into it.


“Galti se jo muskura doon ek hasi mein sab bhula doon…

Ten on ten… ten on ten…

Kadmon pe bhi girljayega phir bhi mujhe na payega…

Ten on ten… ten on ten…

Even if I break your heart… even if if you fall apart…”


Arnav just kept on staring at wondering who could more prettier than her?


“ tere jaisa koi kaha ten on ten… kaise tu kisiko dede ten on ten…

tere jaisa koi kaha ten on ten… kaise tu kisiko dede ten on ten…

Ten on ten… ten on ten… wohooooo…”


He sang while looking at her and in return she smiled at him.

Everyone sat back on their benches as they saw Mr. Frank walking back in the class but Arnav and Khushi did not notice this and they kept on dancing until Mr. Frank spoke.

“What’s going on here?” he asked.

Arnav and Khushi stopped, they looked at each other and went back to their seats. Khushi was wondering what had happened to her, why did she all over a sudden start dancing, that too with this Arnav?

“Sorry sir” she said.

They all sat down while Sid walked to Arnav, held his hand and took him outside.

“What the hell were you doing with Khushi, I had told you about her dint I then why?” he asked angrily.

“Relax Sid, you don’t love her, it’s just that you like her because she is beautiful anyway I am not interested in your so called Khushi so don’t even think that I would come in between” he said

“Well I am not even worried because you can’t even come in between, it is just impossible for a girl like Khushi to be with someone like you”

“What the hell do you mean? If I want I can make her fall in love with me and there is nothing you can do about it, no girl has the guts to reject Arnav Raizada.” He said with his attitude.

“oh really? Then lets bet upon it, the day Khushi fall in love with you I swear I would fall on your feet”

“then be ready to fall on my feet because I never lose a bet”

He said that and walked back to the class, he sat near Khushi, Sid also walked back and sat on his place.

“I have some news for you students” Mr. Frank said

“What news sir?” a girl asked.

“there is a big competition organized between our school and the other well know schools of the city, there will be different kinds of competitions and different participants in each of the completions, there will be sports, drama, music, dance and many more, so we need as many participants as we can get for all the categories, we need to make our school win, and according to me, I guess I have already got one pair for the dance competition”

“Who are they sir?” Sid asked.

“Arnav and Khushi” he replied.

Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other in shock like what the hell.

“but sir…” Khushi tried to say a no for the completion.

“Khushi it’s a life time opportunity, this is something really big not just the normal competition, the winner will not only get a trophy but they will get the price money of one million Indian rupees, which if you won by any chance can help you a lot in future, and I just saw you and Arnav dancing, you both were really good at it and I am sure if you practice more you will be perfect and you can beat the rest.”

“One million? Such a huge price sir, I can’t believe.” She said in shock.

“Yes Khushi, I told you this time it’s something different, we have many sponsors for this competition and one of them is a big company that holds such competitions and they are the one who said this, the winners will receive their prize plus they would be the judges for the next competition that will be held, it’s something for the first time ever in history” he explained.

“But sir I don’t know how to dance, I was just…” Arnav stammered

“I saw you dancing Arnav trust me you are good”


Before he could say anything, Khushi held his hand and told him to shut up.

“Okay sir, Arnav and I will participate in the competition” she said leaving Arnav in shock.

“That’s great so come to me for the details when you are free, for now get back to work” he sat back on his chair.

“What the hell Khushi why did you say yes?” he asked angrily.

“Arnav it’s a good opportunity, I mean I don’t know about you but I belong to a rich family but still if we won the money it would be like something different, we have till today used our parent’s money but if we win this it will be our money, we can share it in half, you go with your I go with mine, it will be a new feeling buying something for yourself and your family that too with your own money, don’t you think so?”

“Well you are right Khushi and as I belong to a middle class family that money would mean a lot for me” he replied.

“You belong to a middle class family? But I guess that day I saw you boating at the ocean in your own boat right? Then how did you afford it, I mean it looked like an expensive one” she asked.

“So you mean you remember that it was me? Anyway about the boat leave that when you see my house you will think I am hell rich but we aren’t rich, that boat belonged to my dad, he had bought it long back for himself but after he passed away I use it, we used to be rich, we even bought a house, the one we stay in but then after my dad passed away we were left with lots of loans so all our money went in that, my mother works day and night so that she can pay my school fees.” He said as he became a bit emotional.

“ I am sorry” Khushi said

“it’s okay we can’t change fate anyway I am sorry I became a bit too personal we don’t even know each other well”

“But we can become friends right?” she said bringing her hand forward for a handshake.

“I don’t think so.” He replied

He stood up and walked away leaving Khushi in shock

PS: i know there are many grammatical errors but please ignore them, i'm always too lazy to proof read before i post so bear with me in this part and other parts for grammar

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A Comedy Of Errors... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Khushi followed him up to know why he rejected her friendship.

“Arnav wait!” she shouted

Arnav stopped at turned to look at her.

“Arnav why did you refuse for the friendship I mean is there any problem?” she asked.

“A big one”

“What is the problem?”

“the problem is that you are rich and I belong to a middle class family, on top of it we are both different, you love studying you keep your books well and I am opposite of that I hate studies my books are always in a mess, both our thoughts differ and I know we can’t be friends like this, anyways it was nice meeting you”

“Okay fine but what about the competition?”

“It’s simple, we will meet at the decided time, practice and go back on our own paths, no friendship no relation and after the competition we will be strangers again.”

He said that and left leaving Khushi behind in thoughts, for the first time ever she had asked someone for friendship and he just rejected it because she was rich? That wasn’t the reason there was something else, but what?

“This is just the beginning Khushi now see how you start falling for Arnav Singh Raizada” he smirked and entered in his class.

Khushi was unknown to Arnav’s plans, she did not even have an idea that he was doing all this to make her fall in love with him, but why would he want her to fall for him? what reason did he have for doing this?

Khushi walked back to her class lost in her thoughts and talking to herself.

“what does he think of himself, he rejected my friendship, stupid, idiot, foolish, I would never ask for friendship again, I don’t know even thought I did not like you why I tried being your friend anyway Khushi hates you Arnav and she will always, I just wish I couldn’t have said yes for the competition now I would have to face him daily, the guy who rejected Khushi Kumari Gupta’s friendship, why does this happen to me always God?”

“What happened?” her desk mate asked.

“Nothing, I was just…”

“Thinking about Arnav right?”

“No, why should I think about him, he is such a idiot I hate him”

“I told you earlier you won’t like him, you both are different”

“I wish I could never have to see his face again”

“Relax don’t think about him”

“Anyway see you I need to talk to someone I’ll catch you later okay?” she said that and rushed somewhere.

She went to one of the classes, then to the library and finally to the basketball court.

“Finally you are there, I looked for you in the whole school.” She sighed in relief.

Arnav, Sid and Rohan gathered back in the canteen, having their usual talks about girls, they were busy having their burgers and chatting.

“What? Khushi? Are you serious Arnav?” Rohan asked in shock.

“Yes I am, ask Sid I don’t know why he gave me such a stupid task to do”

“I just want to see if Khushi falls for you simple but anyway I was just jealous at that time so I gave you such a bet but that doesn’t mean it creates a problem in our friendship, I mean I can take my bet back” Sid said

“No it’s now a challenge for me, let me also see how Khushi doesn’t fall for me.” Replied Arnav.

“well it would be fun let’s see how you do it” said Rohan

A boy came running to the canteen, he stopped near Arnav’s table.

“Arnav.. Ar.. i..” he started speaking.

“relax, calm down first and take a breath”

The boy finally calmed down.

“Now tell me what is it, why did you run at the speed of one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour?”

“what is this Arnav, fun at this moment too?” said Rohan.

“Okay fine anyway dude tell me what’s wrong who died that you ran this first to inform us?”

“Khushi.. Khushi has a boyfriend”

Arnav jumped out and looked at him with anger.

“What? A boyfriend? I hope you are kidding me” asked Arnav

“I am not, I just saw them together at the basket ball court” he said

“Seriously, can this be possible? Khushi and a boyfriend? I need to go and check this myself.”

He started walking away and then stopped he turned back and looked at the boy.

“Why are you telling us that she has a boyfriend? I mean there are many other people in the school the why did you choose us to tell?” he asked with doubt.

“I had heard the bet you had with Sid and right now I saw her at the basketball court so I just thought of informing you”

“Well if this is true then okay and if it’s not then it’s you and me”

He said that and headed towards the basketball court angrily.

He arrived there and looked around but there wasn’t anywhere he could spot Khushi.

“Stupid boy he lied to me, I am not going to leave him alive today” he turned around to leave just then he heard someone’s laughter.

“you know what you are just crazy” he heard a voice.

Wasn’t that Khushi’s voice? It sounded similar, not similar it was Khushi’s voice, he saw her sitting in a corner with some guy.

“What the…” he stood there in shock, they boy was right, Khushi indeed had a boyfriend

He stared at them trying to make sure what he saw was right, he wasn’t yet able to believe this, just then Khushi stood up and started running here and there while the guy followed her up.

The guy wasn’t bad, he was cute, he had a good body and he seemed to be rich also, just like Khushi, how did he even think that a girl like Khushi would fall in love with him, he did not even have money.

Khushi continued running and finally bang! She hit Arnav. he looked back at her with anger as she started shivering wondering what was next.

He held her by her arms tightly and looked into her eyes.

“What the hell is this Khushi?” he shouted in anger, the anger was obviously about the boyfriend stuff and not that Khushi had hit him.

“I am sorry I did not see you” she replied.

“I am not talking about hitting me Khushi” he said as he tightened his hold on her.

“Ouch, Arnav leave me you are hurting me!” she shouted.

Arnav’s eyes had turned red by now. The boy came in between and pushed Arnav away.

“Stay far from her got it?” he said in anger.

“He is her boyfriend, I am now sure of this otherwise why would he warn me to stay away from her?” He thought.

“I won’t, what will you do?”

“You want to see what I can do?” he said as he jumped on him and held his collars.



Precap: The Fight

Jul 8, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

The both boys held each other’s collars ready to fight.

“Sam, Arnav what are you guys doing? Stop it!” Khushi shouted.

None of them listened to her, for now they both were angry and yearning to fight.

“Come on let’s see who wins” Said Arnav.

“I am not fighting to win, I am fighting for Khushi, and I will always fight whenever anyone tried to hurt her” Sam replied.

Arnav punched him on the face and he did the same in return. They both pushed each other will all their force as they both fell on different places.

“Please guys stop it” Khushi pleaded

Many students had gathered there, they all were watching what was going on as Khushi was continuously pleading them to stop.

They continued hitting each other removing all their anger as the others cheered them up instead of stopping them.

It was enough for Khushi how could she see two guys fighting that too because of her? She walked to them and tried separating them which was almost impossible. She had no option left she closed her eyes and with all the strength she slapped Sam.

“Stop it!” she shouted.

Both the boys moved backwards, Khushi was in tears by now.

“What the hell is this?” she asked

“Khushi you slapped me when it was his fault?” Sam asked

“Yes Sam, I slapped you because I can only slap the person whom I can call mine, not a stranger, you are mine he is not, I know you not him, and Sam please for heaven sake why are you both fighting for what?”

“He slapped you Khushi”

“And why are you fighting Arnav?”

“He started it I dint, I don’t need to answer this and please better explain it to your damn boyfriend, it could be good if he stays away from me”

“What the hell!” shouted Sam.

“Relax Sam, let’s leave I don’t want to create a scene over here please let’s leave” she held his hand and pulled him.

“Yeah take him away and please give him some of your bangles to put on” Arnav shouted from behind.

This was completely intolerable for Sam, how could any random guy say this to him? He walked back and punched him hard on his face leaving him bleeding.

Khushi ran towards Arnav who was on the floor by now. She got out her handkerchief and wiped away the blood looking at him worriedly.

“What the hell is this Sam, does anyone beat someone like this?” she shouted

Arnav was continuously staring at her wondering why she was so much concerned about him.

“Khushi leave him, let’s go” he held her and pulled her away she kept on looking at Arnav worriedly.

They both left from there when Sid and Rohan arrived at the place, they helped Arnav stand up and took him to the class.

He sat in the class angrily wishing for revenge, he really would kill that Sam if he came in front of him again.

“Rohan pass me my bag”

Rohan gave him his bag, he opened it got out a box and removed a cigarette from it, he lightened it up and started smoking.

(Cigarette smoking is injurious to health)

“ I guess he wants to get killed” said Sid

“What?” asked Rohan

“He is smoking in the class, what if any teacher finds you like this? You will surely get us suspended one day.

“If you don’t like being with me you can leave no one is forcing you” Arnav muttered angrily.

“Why are you removing someone else’s anger on him, what is his fault?” Asked Rohan

“Will you both leave me alone for some time?”

Rohan and Sid walked away leaving Arnav is his pleasures while smoking the cigarette.

He wasn’t going to keep quiet, he had to plan something, he had to revenge for each and every wound he had on his body, he wasn’t going to spare Sam for this.

He sat there planning something in his mind.

Sam and Khushi walked in the classroom, they both sat on a bench as Sam had nothing to say, he knew Khushi was really angrily and he was going to get scolded for this. He just pretended to be looking all around avoiding eye contact with her.

“Sam look at me” she said.

He unwillingly looked at her, her eyes were red.

“I am sorry Khushi” he whispered.

“Sorry my foot, what if something had happened to you Sam? Don’t you care about yourself, not even a bit?’

“I do Khushi but you know I have never bared anyone hurting you neither will I ever in future.”

“Shut up! I know you are short tempered but that doesn’t mean you have to start fighting because of a small issue, we could have talked this out right?”

“I am sorry I will make sure it doesn’t happen again”

“You promised me the same last time dint you?”

“Yes I did but you know what if an year ago I could have killed that guy then I guess I couldn’t be wrong he was a creep”

“relax, and please not everyone is the same, you know I don’t like telling you all this but you always create that fear in my heart, I don’t want to lose you like I lost him, you are the only one I can call mine and please Sam you know we will always be together right so please don’t care on what anyone does next time just control your anger, I really don’t want to lose you”

“Sorry Pretty but I promise you won’t complain next time I am sorry”

He held his ears and looked at her waiting for her to forgive him.

“Okay fine but you need to promise me whatever happens you won’t raise your hand on anyone, anyone means anyone okay?”

“Okay I Promise you, now please smile and lets go to the canteen I am really hungry”

They both walked to the canteen to have their lunch.

Arnav finally smiled, he had that evil smile on his face, he was done with his plans and wasn’t going to spare that Sam.


Please ignore the grammatical errors, i don't proof read the updates so you'll find many errors just bear with me, i'm too lazy to proof read

Jul 10, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

As the day ended everyone walked back home. Sam had just finished his work and was on his way back home when he met Arnav, Rohan and Sid outside the school gate.

He smiled to himself knowing what was next.

“So the bodyguard is here” Arnav started teasing

“Excuse me!” replied Sam

“You will be excused but not so early first eat something with us, we got a good menu for you, you can choose, slaps, punches, cuts and many more which one do you prefer?”

“Grow up kids!”

“Whom are you calling a kid? As far as I know we might be the same age you then if we are kids you also are a kid”

“Kids are the ones who wait for revenge don’t they?”

“Be ready to get beaten by kids then, I swear you won’t be able to hold my collar again for the next few weeks”

“Oh really?”

“Come on boys don’t wait, start the game” he ordered.

Sid and Rohan held Sam from both sides not letting him move, Arnav came closer to him and started punching him.

Sam tried his best to get out of the hold but nothing happened, he was being held tightly and he could just do anything, he couldn’t even beat him up  as he had promised Khushi that he won’t raise his hand on anyone after this, it was better for him to die than to break her promise, it really meant a lot to him.

Arnav was smiling for his bravery, well it was a cowardly act for the heroes but for him it was bravery.

Sam fell on the floor bleeding all over.

“Next time you mess up with me, think twice”

He kicked him for the last time and walked away from there.

Khushi had just arrived at home when she received a call from someone. She dropped the phone down in shock and rushed out of the house.

City Hospital

Sam was admitted in the hospital by some students who had found him unconscious on the road.

Some who witnessed the fights informed Khushi about this and it made her hate Arnav more for his cheap act.

She waited for a while until the doctor gave her permission to meet Sam, she rushed inside as tears ran down her cheeks and hugged him.

“Relax Khushi I am fine” he said

She was continuously crying, just with the mere thought of what if she had lost him? What if something had happened to him? She wouldn’t have spared Arnav for this, well she neither was going to spare him after all this.

“Khushi please stop crying you know how much I hate seeing those tears on your eyes?” he said in a faint voice.

She broke the hug and looked at him, he slowly wiped her tears away.

“Sam you are telling me not to cry? Look at you, the state you are in what the hell is this, you had promised me you won’t raise your hand on anyone then why did you fight I hate you for breaking the promise.”

“Khushi I did not raise my hand on him that’s why I guess I am here today”

“I won’t spare that Stupid Arnav what the hell does he think of himself?”

“Wow Khushi Kumari Gupta gets angry too? Leave it Khushi there is no need to say anything to him, relax okay?”

“He did this to you and you are telling me to relax? I really need to teach him a lesson”

“Now why are we wasting our time by talking about him? Just leave him anyway I am really hungry get me something to eat please”

“Okay sit here I’ll get something for you”

She stood up and walked towards the door.

“Khushi” he shouted

“Chinese right?” she smiled


Arnav arrived home happily finally he had taken revenge from his enemy.

Anjali was all the while staring at him the way he was behaving like a boss as if he had achieved something big.

“Any good news for me Arnav?” she asked

“What? I mean no good news but why are you asking that?”

“Because you behavior seems different today, what’s so good?”

“Oh sis you won’t believe it, I am just happy, today I had a fight at the school…”

He explained the whole matter to her while Anjali looked at him in astonishment.

“What? You did that? What a cowardly act” she shouted.

“it isn’t cowardly sis come one”

“Three boys together beating up one helpless boy is cowardly, Arnav before I tell mom about this, you have to go and ask for forgiveness for whatever you did to him”

“No way, me and asking forgiveness? Forget it!”

“Fine then I need to tell mom this, be ready to face it”

“Are you my sister or my enemy?”

“I am your sister Arnav and whatever I will say will be for your good, if you take me as your sister, tomorrow the first thing in the morning is you will go and ask for forgiveness otherwise I will have to inform mom about this, and I am serious okay?”

She walked away from there leaving Arnav in confusion, he did not know what to do and what not to.

Khushi walked back with food for Sam and they both had it together. Khushi was having some plans going on in her mind to which Sam was completely unaware of.

She spent the whole night at the hospital and also informed her dad about it.

The next day at school was going to be a dramatic one, there was something going to happen that would teach Arnav his lesson and get Khushi her revenge back, the question was why were they both playing this revenge game, was it just a coincidence or was it destiny?

Jul 11, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Next Day

Khushi was eagerly waiting for Arnav to arrive at the school, she already knew what she had to do, she was all set, well she lacked confidence and she really was nervous but for Sam she could have done anything, anything means anything!

As usual, Arnav arrived at school late again, Khushi was finally relaxed to see him, this was exactly yhe right time for executing her mission. She went to the staffroom for her first step.

Arnav walked to Khushi’s class, he had to ask for forgiveness as his sister had told him, forgiveness for his cowardly act.

He looked for Khushi all over and asked her friends too but no one knew where she was. Arnav was by now feeling very guilty for what he had done and he really by heart wanted to ask for forgiveness but maybe destiny wasn’t supporting him.

The bell rang at an unusual time, as per the rules of the school, whenever the bell rings at any unusual times everyone should immediately gather themselves in the school hall. All the students rushed to the hall where usually meetings were held, they all stood in lines and waited for the bad or good news.

The teachers too arrived at the hall and waited for the head teacher to come. Not even the teachers today had an idea of what was going to happen. The head teacher walked to the hall looking at everyone in confusion.

“I Am sorry to say this but it seems like some students have played a prank, I did not order for the bell to be rung and neither the teachers did, if the student knows him/herself it’s better to surrender at the moment otherwise they will have to bear a tough punishment.” The head teacher spoke.

All the students looked at each other wondering who it could be just then Khushi walked to the stage from nowhere.

“I did it sir” she said.

All the students looked at her in shock, she walked towards the stage giving Arnav an angry glare, Arnav was sure there was something bad going to happen to him, something he might have never dreamt of.

“Khushi you of all the students did it? I thought you have always been a good student why did you have to play such pranks and gather everyone here?” The head teacher asked in shock.

No one from all the student and the teachers who were present there wanted to believe that Khushi might have done that.

“Sir I did not play any prank, I am here to say something really serious and I had to do this I am very sorry for it and you can also punish me for this I don’t mind”

“What is it that you want to say Khushi?” the teacher asked.

“Sir first of all I would love to call Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada on the stage, he deserves to be awarded for his good deeds am I right Arnav?” she asked ironically.

Arnav silently walked to the stage and stood in front of Khushi, he was ready to accept any punishment she would give him, he knew it was his fault and he was wrong.

“Khushi please don’t create a scene, I am sorry for what I did but please for heaven sake don’t do this to me, I don’t want them to hate me”

“No Arnav they also should know what you have done shouldn’t they?”

Arnav just looked down in shamed. She gathered all her courage keeping in her mind what if she had lost Sam? She gave him a tight slap as his cheeks turned tomato red.

Everyone was left with their eyes wide open.

“This is what you deserve Arnav, for doing such a cheap act, no I am wrong you deserve something worst that this, you almost killed him, what of o had lost him Arnav? I would never forgive you. shame on you Arnav shame on you, you are such a coward that to prove your bravery you had to beat him up like a beast, and if you are forgetting he is not an animal, he is a human being and he doesn’t deserve this, even animals don’t deserve this” she said with tears in her eyes.

There was noise all over the room, everyone was discussion about what had happened.

“You know what Arnav, thanks to you for rejecting my friendship at least I won’t ever regret anything because if you my friend I would really have regretted this, I really could have. I hate you, I just damn hate you!”

She ran away from there and headed to her class, she carried her bag and rushed to the hospital.

Arnav was silent, he was continuously looking down, he dint have the courage to face anyone after such an act, he just did not know what to say so he preferred keeping quiet, but what was more interesting was that he was listening to each and every word of Khushi which directly pierced his heart but he did not even get angry on her, he rarely knew her even then why wasn’t he getting angry, why was this happening? He wondered.

Sam was asleep, when he woke up as Khushi ran inside with tears in her eyes. He saw her crying and got worried.

“What happened Khushi, are you okay?” he asked.

“I did not want to do it but I couldn’t also keep quiet, he had beaten you up like this, I am sorry Sam, I really am.”

She hugged him and cried.

“ It’s okay Khushi you don’t have to be guilty for what you did for me, I had something once for you and today you did it for me, what are friends for after all right?”

“You aren’t just a friend Sam you are my best friend, my life”

“Wow I hope there isn’t something more than friendship between us”

She hit him on his chest and nodded a no.

She hugged him again while he held her in his arms, he knew she really was feeling bad for what she had done, she did not  like hurting anyone but she had to do this for him.


Yeh Dosti tere dum se hain… yeh dosti tere dum se hain…

Tu zindagi… tu zindagi… kasam se hain…

Saari Khushi tere dum se hain… yeh dosti tere dum se hain..


This is what True friendship is described like. Doing everything for each other without the other person asking for it, trying anything you could to always be there for each other as support each other in everything.

Khushi and Sam had known each other for two years now, talking about Sam he was someone who would give his life for friendship but at the same time he wouldn’t support his friend if he or she is doing something wrong.

Sam and Khushi weren’t friend’s at all, for Sam Khushi was a ‘Sister-in-law’, that’s what he always called her.

Jul 11, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

Sam and Khushi were busy having their own times talking to each other when they heard a knock at the door.

“Come in” Khushi shouted.

The door opened as Arnav walked in.

Khushi stood up at the moment

“Get out!” she shouted.

Arnav stopped there feeling scared. He wasn’t here to hurt anyone he just wanted to ask for forgiveness for his deeds but Khushi did not even want to see his face, was he that bad?

“Khushi..” he murmured

“Dint you hear what I said? Get out!” she shouted.

“Relax Khushi, let him talk at least” Sam interrupted.

“Sam you are telling me to relax? I can never relax, whenever I see him I remember what he did to you, just because of him you are in this damn hospital and you tell me to relax? Never!”

“Khushi at least let him speak”

“Sam if you are interested in talking with him then please do but don’t expect me to talk to him right? I hate you Arnav I really do!” she shouted and ran outside the room.

“Sam I am really sorry for what I did…”

“Hey dude relax its all cool yeah it happens” Sam replied

“Sam you forgave me so easily? I mean I did all that to you and… you really are a good person and I am sorry once again I really shouldn’t have done that to you.”

“well we are humans and we make mistakes right? you made a mistake and you asked for forgiveness that’s the biggest thing, you know that day I really did not want to start a fight with you it as just that I thought you were misbehaving with Khushi and I couldn’t stop myself, I have always been with her no matter in what then how could I have left her alone at this moment?”

“You love her a lot right?”

“Love? Arnav you think I am her boyfriend?”

“yeah obviously, and I mean there is nothing to hide in all that, this is common nowadays”

“No way Arnav I would never hide it if we both were together, yes you are right I love her a lot but as a friend, and as a brother, I have always taken her as my sister in law and never thought of her in any other way.”

“Sister-in-law? She is married?” Arnav asked being shocked.

“No, she isn’t and well she isn’t my sister-in-law too now, she is just my sister and my best friend.”

“You are confusing me, what’s the real story?”

“Nothing much it’s just something with her past let me not reveal it”

“No, tell me I need to know this, and I also think there is something with her past that makes her hate me this much just for doing all this to you.”

“Well in that case you are right, as you have asked me I will tell you. It’s all about Khushi and Arnav.”

“Khushi and Me? What are you talking about?”

“Not you, Arnav my brother”

“You mean to say you have a brother with the same name as mine?”

“Yeah that’s it, so Arnav, I mean my brother and Khushi were together for a few months when I came to know about this, my brother himself told me about this and he also introduced me to Khushi. Within some time Khushi and I became so close but I always stayed in my limits knowing she belonged to my brother and not me, we shared each and every secret. They were happy together for some days but then as time went on I started noticing something with Khushi, I don’t know why but I felt there was something really wrong with her.”

“Dint you ask her about it?”

“I did”


Khushi walked into her room arguing with Sam.

“Khushi today you have to tell me the truth, I know there is something wrong between you and bro, I have noticed it with you the way you behave and all says it”

“Relax Sam there’s nothing like you think right everything is fine”

Sam held her hand and pulled her putting his hand on his head

“Khushi I give you my oath, it’s either you tell me or you see me die” Sam said angrily.

“Sam leave it, I don’t want to create problems between you both, I don’t want you both to fight because of me so please don’t force me”

“Khushi don’t forget I have given you my oath, are you telling me or not?”

“My eyes are smiling but my heart is crying painful cries, when someone gets hurt in love, oh dear it hurts a lot ((Muskurati hain nazar, dil tadap ke rota hain, aur chaut jab lagti hain… uff dard bada hota hain)) ”

“Stop this poetry lines and tell me what happened?”

“Sam look I dint break your oath, I told you everything in those two lines to understand them is up to you.” she said that and walked inside the washroom shutting the door behind.

Sam walked out of the house being tensed, he really had to find what she meant with those lines she said.

Flashback Ends

“What did she mean to say by those line?” Asked Arnav feeling confused.

“I was confused like you too, I tried a lot to find out the meaning of the lines but at that time all I could understand was that she wanted to tell me she was hurt but how? I always saw Arnav happy, whenever her talked to me about Khushi he would talk with a smile on his face so I was more of confused on what was making her feel hurt like that.” Sam replied.

“So did you…” before Arnav could complete his sentence the door opened and Khushi entered in.

“You are still here? Sam what is this please…”

“I am sorry Arnav but I guess you will have to leave I can’t afford hurting my Angel.”

Arnav just smiled and walked out of the room all the time turning around and looking at Khushi hoping she would talk to him.

Jul 14, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

Khushi sighed in relief after Arnav left.

“Khushi you hate him because of bro right?” Sam asked.

“no way Sam, come on I never hated him only because his name is Arnav and let me tell you I had also asked him for friendship but he rejected it, well I guess he did good by rejecting it at least today I don’t regret anything with him.” Khushi replied

“You mean to say he doesn’t affect you in any way related to bro?”

“If I’s talking about his name, it does remind me of him but that doesn’t mean I should punish him for someone else’s mistake, if it’s talking about his behavior, and they way his books are torn apart without covers, he still reminds me of him but he is Arnav Raizada and he was Arnav Malik, there is a difference between both yet a similarity.”

“Then why don’t you forgive him?”

“Because he tried snatching you away from me, Sam I can’t afford losing you.”

“Khushi the Sam you can’t afford losing is the one telling you to forgive Arnav, still won’t you?”

“Okay fine only for you, and only because you are saying it, I will forgive him.”

“Thanks Khushi.”

“I’ll beat you up Sam how many times do I have to tell you not to thank me for anything?”

“Okay fine I won’t now please smile and yes if you meet Arnav anywhere you will talk properly with him and tell him that you have forgiven him too okay?”

“Okay boss”

Next day

Khushi arrived at school and the first thing she did was to go and check for Arnav in his class. She looked around and asked his friends and got to know that he hadn’t arrived yet.

She was feeling nervous, she did not know what she was going to tell him, and how would she start it all. She walked back to her class all tensed.

Arnav walked in his class when he was informed that Khushi was looking for him. He was obviously left in shock, the girl who wasn’t even ready to see his face was looking for him? What had happened to her all over a sudden?

He had many questions running in his mind but then he also had to know why Khushi was looking for him so he decided to go to her.

He walked to Khushi’s class and everyone stared at him.

Khushi saw him and knew why he was here. She stood up from her place and walked towards him.

“Khushi i…”

She held his hand and pulled him out of the class as Arnav looked at her in shock.

“Let’s go to the canteen” she said

“What? I mean sure”

Arnav was all confused, why was she being normal, she was even asking him to go with her to the canteen.

They both walked to the canteen and Khushi ordered some sandwiches.

Arnav got out his wallet to pay when Khushi stopped him.

“It’s my treat” she exclaimed

Arnav was about to argue but he just wanted to solve everything so he decided to keep quiet.

They had their sandwiches but all the times Arnav would just look at Khushi and hope for her to say something, he was feeling completely awkward.

“Khushi… did you want to talk to me?” he asked gathering all his strength.

“Yeah! Arnav I am sorry”

“For what?”

“For being rude to you, for slapping you in front of everyone and creating such a huge scene” she replied feeling guilty.

“But yesterday you did not…”

“You are confused right? well I don’t know I just reacted that way because I was scared of losing Sam but then he talked to me and told me I was wrong I realized my mistake, I shouldn’t have done to you I am really sorry.”

“It was my mistake I am sorry”

“So friends?”

She brought her hand forward for a handshake.


They both shook their hands.

They stood up looking at each other with smiles on their faces and awkwardness too.

“So…” Khushi had nothing to say.

“So…” Arnav too had nothing to say.

They both stared at each other for a while then busted out laughing.

“Awkward right?” Khushi asked.

Arnav nodded positively.

“Want to get rid of it?” she asked

“Sure but I mean how can we get rid of this awkwardness?”

“There is one way, if you don’t mind”

“Why would I mind?”

Khushi smiled and moved closer to him and gave him a friendly hug.

Arnav was left still, he wasn’t able to believe that she just hugged him.

She broke the hug and looked at him, he seemed to be lost in his own world.

“Arnav” Khushi shook him.

“Yeah, sorry I was...” he was blushing.

“Look at you, Oh My God! You are blushing!”

“Stop teasing me Khushi!”

“ Arnav you are blushing!”

“Yeah go write it on the notice board”

“Not a bad idea, I will do that”

“What the hell Khushi, I won’t spare you today”

Khushi ran away as he followed her and finally got hold of her.

“So you see, the awkwardness is gone” she said.

Arnav just smiled at her, she really knew how to make things right.

Jul 15, 2015

A Comedy Of Errors... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Both Khushi and Arnav headed back to their classes after solving all their problems.

The day had just been a beautiful one, everything was right back on track.

As the day at school ended Arnav dropped Khushi at her home, and then he headed to the beach for his usual boating.

Khushi changed and rested for a while, she saw her camera and thought of going out to take some picture.

She went to the beach and started playing with the small children like she always did and took their photographs.

Just then her eyes went on the s****, she saw Arnav tying the boat there and she rushed towards him.

“Hey Arnav!” she shouted.

“Khushi! How comes you are here?”

“I was just bored at home and you know I love photography a lot so I thought of coming here”

“I see, by the way remember this is the place we had seen each other for the first time?”

“ I also took your pictures, you want to have a look at them?”


She moved closer to him and excitedly started showing him the photographs, all the photographs were really beautiful.

“Khushi you take really beautiful pictures, seriously”


“So anyways I will go home now otherwise mom would beat me up”

“Sure, I will also go, I have to finish my home work”

“Home work? Don’t tell me you do home work”

“Yeah obviously, why you don’t?”

“I don’t remember the last time I did home work.”

“You are not serious with life”

“If I get serious with life when will I enjoy? Life is the name of enjoyment”

“Yeah whatever, by the way I hope you remember about the dance competition right so I guess we will start practicing from tomorrow onwards”

“At your place?”

“Yeah, so be ready with the dance shoes on”

“Khushi did anyone tell you that you are crazy?”

“No but they don’t need to tell me, I know I am crazy”

They both laughed and then walked away.

Next morning.

Khushi walked to her class, she was overjoyed when she saw Sam there.

“OMG Sam you are back? Wow I am so happy” she jumped up and down then rushed to hug him.

Arnav walked to Khushi’s class to wish her good morning but he stopped at the door when he saw Khushi and Sam in each other’s arms, he did not know why but he just couldn’t see this, he did not like it at all.

He walked to his class, took out a cigarette from his bag and went to a corner and started smoking.

He always did this when he would get angry and today it was worse because he did not know why he really was feeling angry like this.

He smoked until he felt relaxed then he sat and thought, when Sam told him about Khushi he said she is like a sister to him then why was he still feeling bad?

He took a deep sigh and decided to forget it all.

“Hey bro what’s up?” Sid asked

“You look lost, is everything okay dude?” asked Rohan.

“And wow you broke the record, you came to school early today?”  Said Sid.

“Sid that’s not a big deal yeah and Rohan I am fine just feeling low” he said lost in his own thoughts.

“By the way so what’s about the deal? You had to make Khushi fall for you, remember?” Sid asked

“I remember but the deal ends here, I don’t want to hurt her, she has been hurt once already and I don’t think I am mean enough that to prove myself I will hurt her” he replied angrily.

“Wow look who’s talking, anyway great that you forgot about the deal I also wouldn’t like it if she got hurt” Sid replied.

Arnav gave him an angry glare and walked away. He threw his books on the staircase and sat there angrily.

Khushi picked the books up and looked at him.

“So you will never change? Arnav learn how to respect your books”

“Khushi please, not this lectures early morning, my moods are not good”

“Why? What happened?”


“Okay fine don’t tell me but please change those moods, you look cute when smiling”



They both smiled at each other sharing an eye lock.

The then headed back to their classes and as the day ended they both headed to Khushi’s house for practice.

Arnav could just look around the mansion in disbelief, it was really big, like the ones he had seen only in movies.

“it’s a house not a haunted mansion Arnav stop looking like that and please select a song we would dance on”

“It’s such a huge Mansion Khushi, you live alone here?”

“Obviously not, with dad”

“And mom?”

“She passed away”

“I am sorry”

“Don’t be, anyway select a song please”

“I got a good song, it’s music is superb but one thing is bad, there is no male version only female”

“Which Song is that?”

He took out his mobile and started playing it. Just as the first line began Khushi was almost in tears.

“Stop the music right now Arnav!” She shouted.

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