The Runaway Bride

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Jun 28, 2015

The Runaway Bride (By Sameea) (Thanked: 63 times)


A 23 years old girl adorned in wine long skirt with beautiful heavy rich and shining gold sequence work on its border and a waist length short kurti, her dupatta on her head was fixed with several hair pins so that it doesn’t move from its place, was sitting in a secluded corner so that she can hide herself from the various strange stares she had been receiving.

Her henna studded hands with red painted nails were holding a passport and a boarding pass. Huge gold multi layered necklace was resting in her neck and a matching maatha-patti with rubies was embedded on her forehead. Her hazel eyes, neatly painted black and gold were continuously looking around, as if something was amiss, something will suddenly happen..

“Passengers travelling from British Airways to Delhi are requested to kindly report at gate number 30”

With the announcement made, she quickly picked her long skirt in one hand slightly so that she doesn’t fall, and passport in another hand, step ahead to stand in the queue to finally board the plane. Once checked in, she looked back one last time with tears in eyes..anyone who’d see her will think of her as a bride..

Indeed she was..a runaway bride!    

Jun 28, 2015

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Jun 29, 2015

Chapter 1 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 92 times)

The plane looked comfortable, her favourite window seat, the best airline with excellent services, and above all, she was stepping forward to fulfil her dream. Dream to be independent, dream to study what she wanted, to become someone she always wanted to and not something..

She shook her head to stop her mind wandering around. The passengers were still coming in and finding their respective seats. Her dupatta was too long to manage. Every time she moved to set it, her bangles made sound causing her to earn glances. It was only then that she realized that she was still a gazing stock-and why wouldn’t she be. She had so confidently represented herself as one-still looking like a bride. Immediately, she took off her jewellery one by one and packed them in the paper bag which she supposed was for air sickness. She was glad she didn’t had any such problem or otherwise she had to borrow it from someone else which right now wasn’t really a good idea considering what everyone else would be thinking of her.

Plane door was now closed and the air hostesses were taking rounds to ensure everybody is wearing their seatbelts. It wasn’t obviously the first time she was travelling by air. She had before, of course, but she wasn’t alone, she never was. He was there. Even if he was busy in his work, he was still there.  

She closed her eyes and taking a deep breath, leaned on her seat and peeped outside her window. The plane had started running fast and suddenly very smoothly, it took off. Gradually, everything started looking small. She saw the London Eye getting small with every second and then all the beautiful cute memories she had started flashing in front of her.


“OMG!! Did you see that?! This is so amazing. I can actually see the whole city from here! You know when Ashley told me she could see even the Buckingham Castle so small, I thought she was just exaggerating things. Now I see what it really meant to be here”

She turned around and saw him still stuck with his phone and calls. She made a face and tugged at his pants.


“I’m talking to you and you’re not even listening to me”

“You can see I’m working”

“Yea but you booked the whole capsule for just two of us and i need to talk no..I can’t stay quite like you are a..”

“Can you just stay quite for 10 minutes, I really need to finish this off and you are not letting me”

“I just wanted to say thank you to you”, she whispered, eyes casted down.

“That’s okay. You asked for it and I brought you here. Now it’s your part of the deal’ll let me finish this off now. Go and watch the sunset, it looks beautiful from here”, he said still looking at his phone. That was enough for her to realize that she was dismissed from his court.

She turned around and looked out of the window forgetting whatever he said or whatever she felt at his attitude. He was right; the sunset really looked beautiful from here. The lights of London Bridge, the traffic lights, the cars zooming on the nearby busy roads, people walking around the city on a Saturday evening, everything with a background shade of peachy orange. Just like Cameron Diaz lip colour in the Oscars. She giggled at her weird comparisons. With everything in front of her, she had almost completed the painting in her mind, now she just have to rush back home and give her imaginations a visible shape.

For the next 3 hours, both of them had completely forgotten about each other. While one was busy cracking deals, the other one was drowning in her own imaginations. After the amazing ride, he got her favourite ice cream and packed fish and chips for her.

“You said we’ll dine at Mint Leaf”

“I did honey but right now I’m in a rush. I’ll drop you off at home and I’m gonna run to my office.”

She pursed her lips together and ignore his so called plans for the day. It was her day, how can he leave her alone on this day. But it was happening like always and she wasn’t happy with this. While closing the car door, he called her,

“Hey sweatheart! I know I messed up and the things did not go as we had planned but you know work is as much important as anything else.

“Happy birthday, love”, saying this he took out a big box wrapped in her favourite pink colour gift paper and a huge card with ‘happy birthday’ written on it with silver glitter. 

“thank you so much!”. Only the idea of such a big gift made her forget her sadness and increased her excitement.

“Enjoy your day. Love you sweety!”

“Love you too”, saying this, she quickly placed a kiss on his cheek and waved him good bye.

She ran in her room and tore the paper only to find her favourite MAC complete cosmetics box. He never fail to surprise her and hugged the card.


 She smiled remembering the day, her birthday. Everything was fine, he understood her, she was adjusting with her life. But now, everything’s changed. He isn’t with her, they’re not together anymore. Everything she held dear to herself was left behind. She herself left it. With the same thoughts, she closed her eyes with a single drop of tear dropping out of her each eye’s corner and slipping through her cheeks. 

Jun 30, 2015

Chapter 2 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 69 times)

A/N Hello buddies !! with all your love and encouragement I've been able to write the 2nd chap and so im posting it early. But please, all of you reading, buddies dont stay silent..COMMENT!! Even if its a word or encourages me and it means alot to me so just Comment.

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“Excuse me Ma’am,” she opened her eyes and adjusted her vision. The air hostess was standing with a tray in her hand. Strong aromas filled her lungs and she took a deep breath. Seems like the food is here.

“Yes?” she asked keeping her tone light and soft.

“Your food Ma’am,” the air hostess said while opening her tray table.

“Which drink would you like to have?”

“ you serve fresh juices?”

“Yes Ma’am. What would you like to have?”

“One Bouvrage, please,”

“Sure Ma’am,”

“Thank you”

A Bouvrage? Seriously?? Since when have I started liking fruit juices? I’ve always been running away from them. Well, I guess it’s the ‘runaway dementia’ that is getting over me. I just ordered something that all my life I have been running away from, while I’m on my runaway. She chuckled sarcastically. How irony.

She shook her head and started opening the aluminium foil off from the tray. She took a deep- deep breath filling herself with the mouth watering aroma. “hmmm..CHEESE!!”

She quickly opened her eyes and literally attacked the food. Suddenly, her hand stopped in air as a thought hit her mind, “When will be the next time I’ll have cheese? Or my favourite food? Or Will I be able to earn myself bread and butter? Will I be able to achieve what I have set out for?” Tears formed in her eyes threatening to pop out of their territory. With the same thoughts, she continued eating while looking out of the window. A rug of clouds and the dark sky was only she could see. Maybe this is what her life really is right now. No light. No ray of hope. How she wished she had a tunnel vision. Even if you are in dark, you could still endeavour for that small circle of light that you see at the end. She sighed.


She halted in her steps looking at the security check officers with an elderly woman.  She had just collected her luggage from the belt and was now moving towards the exit when she saw some commotion near the gate. It looked like they were having some sort of argument. As she neared them, she realized that the lady was carrying some huge amount of cash with her which she was not supposed to.

“Okay fine, I don’t have huge cash but..” she talked to herself, doing her self assessment when negligently her hand moved to the paper bag that she was holding.

“Shoot! I’ve my jewellery! Would they create a fuss out of the jewellery too??” She was now worried. She had to do something before she caught too. She had already been earning the bizarre and freaking stares all her journey, and right now, she was absolutely in no mood to deal with any nonsense anymore. She had to do something and quickly, before someone catches her. An idea struck her mind.

“Not if I wear them.” She smiled slightly and quickly grabbing her backpack and duffle bag turn around and..


“What the f-”  

Jul 1, 2015

Chapter 2-contnued (By Sameea) (Thanked: 100 times)

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“The name’s Arnav Singh Raizada. A.R.N.A.V  S.I.N.G.H  R.A.I.Z.A.D.A” oh how he hated repeating himself and this idiot had asked his name what like four times. God! Why do the management even keep such dumb people here? I mean, they don’t even know me? Seriously? Who on earth doesn’t know me? ASR. The great ASR! The fashion king. The multi billionaire successful, wealthy and ***y entrepreneur. The youngest to win the best business man award. And what else..o yea not to forget, the most eligible bachelor in Asia. With so many titles already attach with me, how this stupid chap can not recognize me. Do I really have to be always in my ‘always-grumpy-and-grouchy-ASR-avatar’? And then they say I’m the bad guy.

“Here, your passport and boarding pass, sir”

Arnav literally snatched his things from him and turned to move when he heard,

“Sorry and thank you”.

He saw the counter man saying the two words he never really liked to hear. Why do people make mistakes when they have to apologize later? And what’s with the thank you. Absurd.

“Whatever”, he said and made his way.

Heathrow airport is one of the biggest airports in the world, not to mention even the busiest of all. People arrive and depart. And he was standing here in the longest queue he had ever come across in his life. Not even the queue at John F. Kennedy International Airport was this long when he visited NYC last year. Oh how he wish he could bring his private jet. Only the authorities had to create an issue. Cursing under breath, he took his position and waited for his turn, not to mention, not so patiently.

Arnav Singh Raizada was in London for the past 2 weeks to attend the most prestigious London Fashion Week, followed by his ‘exclusive’ interview for the Vogue Magazine. Although he was a fashion king himself, this event was one he had settled his schedule for long time ago. In simple words, this was one show he was looking forward to for the past year. His interest in this field was ever since he was a teenager. But his busy routine, huge clientele and consecutive and continuous meetings never allowed him to attend it. A series of catwalk shows by top designers and fashion houses. The latest innovations in dress designs are showcased by renowned fashion designers during these fashion weeks, and all these latest collections are covered in magazines such as Apart from his interest, there were two other reasons for him to attend this event which were only known to him.

Firstly, his own fashion show was expected to be held in another six months and since such fashion shows are the benchmarks for what’s in and what’s out, he wanted to take a look himself for what latest trends are and then plan out every strategy himself. Secondly, there was a name flashing in the news for the past couple of months. Pratab Gupta Raina. A UK based Indian business man, owned a chain of 5* hotels, not only in United Kingdom, but also in other big cities including Paris, Milan, New York, New Delhi, Lucknow, Shanghai, and Berlin.

ASR was a shrewd and an ingenious business man. His farsightedness is what makes him what he is today. He knew which deal to crack which to reject. And right now, his optimistic mind was only looking forward to meet P.G. Raina personally and settle a contract with him. If he is successful in this, then no one can stop the AR Designs from reaching the top of ladder. With the same thoughts in minds, he had been quite busy with negotiations and continuous meetings with P.G Raina’s company ‘Kiyashi Hotels and Resorts’.  

And here he was standing at the airport all successful in persuading Raina. That old man was one stubborn nut to crack. Although he wasn’t able to make him agree on his terms and conditions, but he was still happy with the proceedings. The rest can be taken care of later.

The seats were comfortable. Of course, what if he couldn’t bring his own private jet; he was travelling in first class. The journey was fine but the flight seemed to take more than the usual 7 hours to reach Delhi. He was super exhausted, so he closed his eyes and remembered what had happened at the airport.


There had been a certain commotion ever since he had reached the airport. People had been talking about someone. Some girl, in particular. He doesn’t know what was so special or out of the box in her that everyone was so much showing their interest in her. But not caring, he just took his position in the queue to board the flight.

“Hey did you see her?”

“Who? The one sitting in red?”

“Yeah! Doesn’t she look like a living makeup store? I mean who wears so much makeup altogether?”

“O yes, and then her accessories! OMG ! looked like she had worn every damn piece of gold that any person of her family ever owned”

“hahaha..yes! o and not to forget, her all bright red skirt blouse”

“Such a fashion disaster”

He heard the two girls standing behind him discussing her. Hmm..seems like a desi girl. Who else would wear so much makeup and jewellery in this century and come to airport? He smiled sardonically and carried out with his boarding pass and boarded the flight.


Weird. Why on earth am I thinking about someone I haven’t met? I’m not even interested to. I have my own damn problems and I’m super tired and I’m super tensed about my own fashion show. Gosh! I need some strong coffee.

“Excuse me,” he called the air hostess

“Yes sir, how can I help you?”

“I need a cup of strong black coffee”

“Sure sir”.

With every sip of this strong caffeine black thing going down his throat, he felt more relaxed and clear minded.

Journey was pleasant, but too long for his own liking. Although coffee did wonders, but for some strange and unknown reasons, he couldn’t close his eyes. Rather he had to read some pathetic cheesy magazines to soothe his uneasiness. Finally the journey ended and he had to stand in the queue for clearance yet another time. All the irritation and tiredness was now taking over his already wandering mind. If the day had to be worse, he had to deal with that dumb fellow at the counter. He had just finished clearing when something hit him.



“What the f-”

No it looked like someone has collided with him. He looked down and saw her in red long dress, holding her back and muttering something. He had his phone in one hand and laptop bag in another so he couldn’t help her or hold her. Oh why couldn’t I just drop my phone or my Macbook? At least I could hold her, even if it was to be for a few seconds. His reverie broke when her dupatta flew in air and she looked back at home, jerking her head slightly so that her long thick black hair moves out of their way.

“Oh I’m sorry”, she had said which she hadn’t realized was only whisper.

She quickly gave him an uncertain look, said something which was too low for him to hear, bend down picked her things up and in a flash ran to washroom, unaware of a pair of dazed and amazed eyes still looking at her disappearing figure.


Jul 2, 2015

Chapter 3 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 94 times)

A/N hello friends !! thank you soo much fr the lovely comments and for showering ur love! im flattered. really!! the story is going to be a bit slow till the protagonists meet. it may speed up in middle, but i cant promise that. Its just that i dnt feel satisfied till I write cmplt details. I knw all of you r waiting for the meeting..n trust too  they may meet in the next 2-3 updates...but till then..just have patience. I'll try to make it less painful.

Keep smiling and happy reading :))


The snow glows white on the mount tonight

Not a footprint to be seen

A kingdom of isolation

And it looks like I’m the queen

She stood in her room’s balcony-correction-her new room’s balcony. Light breeze flew her wet hair. The drowning sun behind thick layer of clouds was again creating a déjà vu. She smiled sadly.

The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside

Couldn’t keep it in heaven knows I tried

 Don't let them in, don't let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

            Well now they know

She remembered how he used to strictly instruct her to not create any scene in front of the guests, which were more of his clients and business colleagues. His business has always been dearest to him. She sometimes used to wonder whether he loved her or the business more. No matter how broken she was from inside, she always used to wear the facade as the happiest person on the face of the earth. The usual happy-go-lucky type. She had been living a life of pure dictatorship. She did what he wanted her to, studied what he wanted her to, and partied with people he thought she should party with. And now, he had even snatched the right of taking the most important decision of his life. Tears flowed from her eyes without a pause, straining her cheeks. She has had enough of taking all nonstop nonsense.

Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door

Yeah! That’s exactly what she has done. Slammed the door to all luxurious life, to his dictatorship, to all being the puppet at his hands in only his created shows, and to the groom of course. She chuckled.

I don't care

what they're going to say

Let the storm rage on.

The cold never bothered me anyway

It's funny how some distance

Makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me

Can't get to me at all

Oh how she used to fearful with even the thought of going away from him. 4 years BBA program at Cambridge University and the 2 year MBA program at Harvard Business School, were awful at the start, but they had definitely taught her some positive things. Surviving alone is one of them.

As a young teenager, she used to wait for just one glimpse of him all day, she had even slept in her huge living room while waiting for him. And then next day she used to find herself in her cosy bed. But now she is here, and she is all alone, without him dictating anything. She has to prove him wrong in all his presumptions about her way of judging and idea of life.

It's time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me,

I'm free!

Let it go, let it go

I am one with the wind and sky

Let it go, let it go

You'll never see me cry

Here I stand

And here I'll stay

Let the storm rage on

She quickly wipes off her tears and smiled confidently. Yes a pure genuine and the most beautiful smile. She moved inside her room and opened her ACCO Brand’s stylish leather look conference document folder and examined all her academic documents and diplomas.

My power flurries through the air into the ground

My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

I'm never going back, the past is in the past

She put them in the shelf on the wall, took out a paper and wrote ENROLLMENT IN MAKEUP HOUSE and pasted on the wall beside. Then she stepped back and saw both of them together. Yes, that is her task at hand. She has to get herself enrolled in some good institute where she can polish her skills and then pursue her career as a makeup artist.

Let it go, let it go

And I'll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go, let it go

That perfect girl is gone

Here I stand

In the light of day

Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway!

                                                          (Song from “Frozen” by Idina Menzel)


“OMG! Holy C..Shoot! who are you?”

“Who am I? What? This is supposed to be my house so why don’t you tell me first who are you?”

“Oh so you’re the owner?”

“Apparently yes! And thank you so much for realizing it so soon before you really hit me hard with that..besides, what the hell are you doing with that spatula in your hand”

“I’m sorry, I..I thought there was some unknown intruder in the house, and it is pretty late, so I was kind of scared.”

Examining this quite pretty fragile girl standing in front of her eyes with that god darn spatula in her hand and eyes filled with guilt casted down. Realization dawned to her and she said,

“So you are the new PG from US?!”

“UK. Yes.”

UK! Right, whatever. Hi, I’m Sia ” she extended her hand for a polite shake.

“Khushi R-”. She stopped immediately and corrected herself, “Khushi Gupta” and shook her hand with Sia.

“Well, it’s really nice to meet you Khushi”.

“When did you reach?” Sia asked keeping her bag down on the sofa and sitting down, her head rested back while her feet rested on the centre table. Khushi looked at the free style with which she had lied down and talking with her as if she knew her before.

“Just this afternoon” she replied sitting down beside her. “Thank you”, she said genuinely happy for the help.

Sia opened her eyes and looked at her “I’m sorry, what?” Khushi looked at her confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“uhmm..For letting me stay here of course”

“Oh no” Sia said shaking her hand in air and said, “that’s ok. Not a big deal. I needed someone here anyway.”

Khushi said “because you live here alone and you needed someone to take care of your house” that was more of a statement rather than the question. Of course with the way Sia was living her life and the time at which she returned, and obviously the time she was going to wake up the next morning-or afternoon probably, it was pretty clear that she may need someone to look after this huge apartment.

Sia looked at her wide eyes and burst out laughing. Seeing khushi’s confused face, she sobered a bit and then continued, “uhmm..yea that too, but not exactly. I wanted someone to share my expenses. You see I have made this apartment myself, with my own ideas and imagination but now the bank loans is what making me worried at the moment. Plus the electricity, gas and water and other miscellaneous expenses are also too much for me to handle single headedly. So I needed someone who can share my expenses with me. I would have told you all the conditions before but you were in such a hurry for the booking, that I never got the chance.”

Khushi looked down and remembered that day. Sis’s right she really was in a hurry to arrange her accommodation. She was no fool to let herself knock around the roads in one of the unsafe-est cities of the world for girls, till she found a decent place to live. So she had booked herself this apartment the moment she read the adverti****t on the net and transferred her advance money online. But now she was glad that the owner was a girl and lives alone.

“Yea, ok. No problem. I’m fine”, she said smiling at her uncertain smile.

 Sia let out a sigh of relief at her approval of the conditions. “Cool! Feel at home Khushi and make yourself comfortable. And there’s one more thing. You know I live here alone and I know you’re from US-” she stopped at Khushi’s change in facial expression and then continued, “sorry, UK. But that doesn’t mean I can allow you to do everything you want. No drinking. No smoking. And no guys at any cost.”

She listened to her rules and then smiled. She was relieved. If she was expecting all this from her then all these rules would apply on her as well, right? That was such a relief. 

Jul 4, 2015

Chapter 4 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 86 times)

A/N hello fellas !! hope every one is doing good!! here's the next part. will be waiting for ur feed back. All negative and positive comments are welcome. Press thank you, comment and enjoy.

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She listened to her rules and then smiled. She was relieved. If she was expecting all this from her then all these rules would apply on her as well, right? That was such a relief.

“You’re hungry?” she asked moving to the kitchen and brought a Panini sandwich. Sia looked at the sandwich and then at Khushi. “I hope there isn’t anything that you have mixed in it”.

Khushi’s smiled faded, took a deep breath and then took a bite from the sandwich herself. Sia was completely flattered with the cute little gesture so she hugged her instantly and apologized for her previous statement and said she was just joking. “I’m famished” saying that she picked the sandwich up and started munching.

“ night Khushi” and disappeared in her room. Then again popped her head from the door and said, “welcome home, honey” and closed her room door. She laughed at this new person altogether and went in her bedroom, not before picking Sia’s shoes, shawl and bag from the ground and putting them on the table. The jet lag was now taking a toll on her and she needed sleep badly so that she can start working on her task form the next day.    


“Namaste Bhaiyya”

“Hi HP”

“Shall I get the dinner ready?”

“uhmm..yea go ahead I’ll just got get change. Where’s Di?”

“She has just gone to sleep. She was waiting for you since afternoon.”

Arnav had gone straight to his office. He was constantly disturbed with her thoughts. And now he was irritated. He had to busy himself before he gets insane. But he had completely forgotten about his sister to whom he had told that he’d be back by afternoon. He sighed helplessly. No matter how much he asks her to not wait for him, she never stops doing that. Old habits die hard Chote. She had said that a few years ago. Guess she believes in it just too much for her own good.

He lied down on his big California king size bed for only this could accommodate his 6 feet 2 inched finely built body. Oh how much he missed his bed. Wonder why don’t even the 5* hotels keep big beds in UK. First he couldn’t take his jet, then had to deal with tenacious and obstinate lad, then couldn’t even get good nights’ sleep all because of those good for nothing extremely small-for-his-size beds. And if that wasn’t enough, he was haunted with her thoughts. Guess this UK deal is going to cost him a lot, his peace too. So beautiful. Yup. That’s what described her perfectly. A small smile lurked on his face. Her almond shaped heavily painted clear and doe eyes. What was in them that made his breath stuck in his throat. Fear? Pain? There was something, which left him with uneasiness ever since she collided with him till the moment. Those little frown on her forehead. Was it because she was hurt when she fell? Or was it due to the heavy dress she wore. Or was something else that she was bothered about? Or perhaps someone. With the thoughts moving down the memory lane about the happenings of the day, his already unsettled heart was even more disturbed when her image once again popped in his mind. Her clothes. Skirt blouse. No, Lehenga Choli. A deep red wine and gold Lehenga choli. And her hands-the mehndi..what was all that supposed to mean? Is she..s..she is married?

With the ‘married’ word coming in his mind created jitters in his body leading to insomnia, and with the disturbing thoughts of a fragile and delicate particular someone, Arnav Singh Raizada drifted to a lunatic and an insecure sleep.

Next day, Arnav was sitting in his conference room along with his PA, Rohan, and his creative team, discussing about various ways to make the upcoming  fashion show a complete bang in the whole fashion industry when one of the employees suggested,

“Sir, wedding season is coming soon. So wouldn’t it be good if we launch our own bridal collection. Plus we have been into western collection for quite some time now, and so many people including your family doesn’t really appreciate it so why not we..”

He stopped in between when another employee hit him hard on his leg from beneath the table and he looked away embarrassed when Arnav passed him his famous dirty and cold looks. He did not like the mention of his family but he can’t even deny the fact that indeed his Di, Anjali Singh Raizada (now a Singhania) and his grandmother, Nani, never approved of his designs and everyone were well aware of that. So he considered the suggestion and asked his creative team to start working on the project from today onwards.

He went back to his cabin after finishing the conference and sat on his giant office chair and closed his eyes. Just the mere mention of bridal collection again took him 24 hours back when he met her. Her picture was well glued in his mind and now his constant flashback was moving that picture towards the frame of his heart. He had been over thinking things, her, and he wasn’t liking it a bit. She doesn’t have any right to just descend in his world and change his life. He was the king in his world and he just simply cannot afford a queen right now. Because if the queen was someone like her, he was sure to bear huge losses, losing his mind was one of them-or perhaps your heart too. He snapped open his eyes with the ring of his cell phone. Di!

“Hi Di! How are you this morning?” he asked extra cautiously measuring her mood carefully.

“O shutup Chote, now you don’t have to act over smart, because you are not”

“What the-” Now that was what you call the female version of Arnav. The ASR. Anjali Singh Raizada. So what if she is married, name can change, blood doesn’t. And she reminded him of that every now and then. She can be witty at times, a child even, but when it comes to being stubborn or angry, she was definitely his big sis.

“Stop with your incomplete sentences. I had just called you to remind you that his b’day’s on Saturday, and we are all going Goa. Do not forget.”

“What Goa? Di we have our fashion show in 6 months, vacations at this time is not a good idea.” He said and waited for her reply.

“I’ll be waiting. Don’t fail me.” She said quietly and put the receiver down. He sighed and cursed himself for hurting her again. But he knew that she was just being emotional to drag him to Goa with her. And he cannot upset her, not even if she is pretending to be. So typical her. He smiled and resumed his work. He has to pack up a few things before leaving, so he drowned himself in work again.


“Here you go”, Sia came in their balcony where Khushi was standing watching the sunset, not so happily. It’s been a week since her arrival, and she had tried applying in over half a dozen of popular and trendy makeup institutes with high market value and huge favourable clientele. But no use. They are asking for a huge fee deposits. Okay she comes from a very strong family background, have probably millions of pounds deposited in her name, agreed. But she has left it. She only has a few hundred thousand in her account which she is counting on. She can’t just throw them at anything she likes. Not until she is capable of.  Even if she deposits the first semester fees in the oh-so-popular institute, what is she going to do for the rest of the semester, or even living. She had promised Sia that she will contribute in house’s expenses and there was no way Khushi R-..khushi Gupta is backing off. So, here she is, standing in her balcony, trying to judge and assess what possible solution would there be to solve her problem.

“Thank you!” Khushi took the coffee mug from Sia and then continued staring out.

It had been around 10 minutes that Sia was observing Khushi. What is so wrong with her? Why is she so quite? Is she some sort of a reserved type of a person? An introvert? What? No way. If that is the case, how is she going to kill her time with her being all-so-quite-I-love-my-silence? She has to initiate a conversation. Maybe there is something she is bothered about.


“Yea. No. Not really. I mean yes, there is but not a big deal, I’ll figure out something” saying that khushi passed a tight smile to Sia.

“Com’on you can tell. You’ll feel better. I’ve told you so much about myself, why can’t you tell me?”

“Wait-koi murder ka chakkar to nae haina? I mean I hope you are not involved in some crime or something”

Khushi laughed at her yet another weird self assessment about her. It is true. Khushi had learned so many things about Sia. She came here three years back when she was twenty, had ran away from her house because her step mother was some sort of crack headed b****, had worked at different places. There was a time when she was earning quite well when she had built this house. This was her dream house. Like the way she had always designed for her Barbie dolls, before that crack head came into the picture and had practically ruined her dreams. Right now she was a struggling model. Does ad films when offered. And even though she had asked her ‘no guys at any cost’, she does bring this certain cute guy with her sometimes. She suppressed her smile, remembering the very next day of her arrival, when she had met with him for the first time.


“Sia. Wakeup. There’s someone at the door.”

“Go away khushi. And ask that moron to leave as well.” Saying so, Sia changed her side, covered her ears with the pillow and went back to sleep.

“but t-“

“I’m very sleepy Khushi, just leave the hell alone me.” She literally screamed, and the door bell stopped ringing suddenly, as if the person at the door had heard her yelling.

It was 1:45 pm. It is past noon. When is she going to wake up? I have to go for my work. Grossed in her thoughts, she went into the kitchen to prepare something for the grumpy girl sleeping in the next room. She felt something. She looked to her right, there was a shadow. There was definitely a shadow. But a shadow of what? There isn’t anyone. Maybe Sia’s awake. Finally. She sighed relieved and continued making sandwich. She really liked it the day before. Plus, she doesn’t know anything to cook other that than a few types of sandwiches and pastas. After finishing, she put the plate on the dining table and went to call her. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw someone in faded blue-black jeans, a white shirt and a black jacket, with something in his hands. Oh My God!!! There is a thief!!!! Shoot..what is she going to do now? Covering her mouth with one hand, she took steps backward and went back into the kitchen; she quickly scanned the area and found a broomstick. Yes, that will serve him right. With that she went back and saw him staring at her luggage. Oh so he knows where have I put my jewellery. Smarty pants. But you are so not going away with this or anything else from this house. She took in a deep breath, held onto the stick more firmly and attacked him from behind.

“What the h-”   

With the words of disgrace leaving his mouth, she was startled f or a minute. Hasn’t she heard of similar words before, at the airport, by...

Her chain of thoughts was broken by the sudden movement from the guy. He turned around and they faced eye to eye. No he was not him. Of course, why would he barge in like a thief. Thief! OMG! I’ve a thief in front of me!! Attack khushi, do not back off.

With that said, she attacked him once again, this time on his head. The guys seemed to feel dizzy for a second but regained his posture once again. “Just-just a sec-ond lady” he tried saying in between the beating he was receiving so harshly from her.

“You barge into my house, rob off and then ask me what am I doing? How dare you?”

“w..what? bar..barged in?” khushi stopped for a second and raised her eye brows. Dare you deny it?  “Okay fine, I did but-”. That’s it, khushi again started hitting him.


“Stop shouting you JACKASS”, she said while stopping for a few seconds. Gosh! This guy is huge. He has made her tired in the morning itself, what is she going to do the whole day. She wasn’t even over with the jet lag yet, and now this. “I should be the one screaming” 


“You shout one more time and I swear I’ll hit you in your gut”

“No you won’t”, he said a bit hesitantly and scared. Who is she? Lady Gaga? Or the Jhansi ki Rani. No I bet Phoolan devi.

“Try me!” she replied confidently.

“What the hell is going on here? Khushi? And what on earth are you doing with that broom?”

They both turned towards Sia who was staring at them with wide eyes, still in her night suit. As soon as he saw her, he rushed to her and said, “Baby, look what has she done?”, showing her his now blue skin to Sia.

“Get away from my friend you jerk, before I hit you really bad this time”

“Stop it both of you!! Khushi drop that stick, now. And you get away from me.”

Sia said to khushi and him. “But he is a t-” khushi started.

“No he is not. He is actually my boyfriend, NK. ”

“What?” khushi asked again. Maybe she heard it wrong.

“I’m his boyfriend, and she is my girlfriend,” said NK looking towards khushi a bit confidently this time. Khushi quickly dropped the stick and covered her mouth with both hands.

“But then why were you barging in like a thief??”

“That’s because we broke up last night.” Sia said.

“No, don’t say that baby, I said I’m sorry. I was not in my senses. I didn’t know you’d take my jokes by heart. Please, just this one time, please?” NK looked at her with puppy face. Oh how much she loved that cute li’l face of the love of her life. But he did cross his limits last night so why not pretend to break up. “You said I was-” she said sadly.

“Of course not. Baby you’re my princess and will always be mine till I make you my queen.” Saying that, he hugged her. Sia smiled and winked at khushi while hugging him. Khushi raised her both brows in realization that all this was a drama she had been doing all this time only to regain his love. She smiled at them. They really looked like made for each other couple. She cleared her throat and said, “I..I’m sorry NK. You see I’m new here and I didn’t know about you so..I’m really very sorry.”

“Oh thank you all Gods in heaven!! She finally realized that I’m not a ‘thief’” he said raising his index finger and middle finger in air stressing on the word thief. Khushi gave an embarrassed smile to him.

“Hi, I’m Nikhil, Nikhil Kapoor. Call me NK!” he said and winked at her.

“Khushi Gupta.” They both exchanged pleasantries.

“Wow! Perfect American accent! Who are we with, America’s next super model?” NK joked around and khushi rolled her eyes. These both..urgh..what can she say now. 

“UK! I’m from London!”

“Top Model UK!! Even better!” NK squealed with excitement and appreciation and khushi just simply smiled. Sometimes, fate isn’t too cruel. It can compensate for all the brutality by just sending some amazing people in life, who we proudly call friends. And right now, khushi was feeling very contented with what she have achieved.

Since then, NK has been the regular visitor to them. And she has realized that not all people are mean and selfish. There are some great people like Sia and Nikhil for whom respecting people and their space is important. And she wondered how well they have come along together in such a short time. Even though NK was beaten to pulp by khushi, he was glad his girlfriend was safe with the Meow. Yup, that’s what he had started calling her ever since the beating session. Meow, black cat, the ultimate fighter, unaware of the fact that she really was a fighter. 


“No. No problem. I was just having some weird flashbacks” and when Sia frowned at her, she said, “ignore that.” And smiled at her. There was no way she was going to tell her about her problems, she’ll leave that to NK. She had seen how both of them have come closed to each other in just a week’s time. And no, she did not doubt them. She may not know khushi properly, but she knew NK enough and she trusted him. Provided she had some trust issues at the beginning but now she is working on it and guess khushi is entering in her circle of trust. She can definitely count on her. So, she decided to talk something else. Staring at her hands, she asked. “What’s with the mehndi and all?”

Khushi looked at her hands and smiled and looked at her, “what do you think it is?”

The mischief in her eyes indicated something. Sia looked at her confused and then her eyes increased in their size, ready to pop out. No, it is not what she is thinking, or is it?

“You’re married?” her voice a bit too loud for someone standing just in front of her. Khushi chuckled at her reaction and said, “Almost.” And burst out laughing at her face-confused and shocked and stunned and amazed and all the adjectives that can describe surprise.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I ran away from the venue on the day of my wedding!”

“You ran away from your wedding?”

“Yes, just like you did”

“But how come none realized that the bride has run away from mandap?”

“I don’t know. I wasn’t there to see what and how did they found out I was missing” she chuckled at her own answers. Sia and NK have seriously driven her crazy. Just like they are.

“Tell me everything.” Sia said, keeping her coffee mug on the table and resting on the cane sofa placed there. Khushi once again looked at the sun set and continued,

“I did not want to get marry and my father was forcing me to tie knots with one of his business colleague’s son. So I ran away.” She turned telling her as a matter of fact.

“Why didn’t you want to marry? Did you love someone?” Sia’s eyes sparkled at her own question and khushi simply laughed.

“No I do not love anyone. It’s just that I wanted freedom. I wanted to do something for myself, wanted to study makeup and pursue my career as a fine makeup artist.”

“Didn’t you try convincing your father?”

Khushi sighed remembering the innumerable times she had tried to convince him about her dreams and goals in life and said, “I did, only he wouldn’t listen. For him, his business was important dreams were lame like teenager’s wishes when asked, they say they want to go Mars and talk with aliens. And when he forced me for the wedding, I knew that was the end of my life if I agreed, so I ran away. So you see, I’m not Khushi Gupta, I’m a ‘Runaway Bride.’”

“who said you are a runaway bride?” A voice from behind startled the, both.

“Gosh NK! When will you stop jumping on us from behind?!”

“Don’t change the topic girls. I’m serious”

“You were eaves dropping us, weren’t ya?! Khushi asked.

“If listening to what bulls*** my friend thinks of herself, then yes, I was eavesdropping.”

Khushi lowered her eyes sighing, took her coffee mug and started sipping while again diverting her attention toward now black sky. No matter what anyone thinks of her, good or bad, truth remains the same. Although she had ran away for what she think is a right reason, it does not leave the fact uncovered that it was indeed a wrong approach.

“Khushi I’m talking to you. Look at me” NK said, this time a bit sternly. Khushi swiftly turned around. She was stunned at is tone. She never knew the always happy guy like NK could have this serious epitome as well. She needed to calm him down before he gets angry and asks her to get the hell out of here. Then what will she do? Where will she go?

“Baby bear, why would you say that?” upon seeing her confused face, he continued, “listen to me very carefully and believe me when I say that you are a fighter! You tried talking to you dad didn’t ya? So if he did not understand you because of his all fat ego, you certainly had to take a step. I’d rather say if had you accepted to marry someone who I’m sure was akin to your dad, that would have made you a runaway wimp. You’re my pumpkin okay? And you have absolutely no right to say anything to her and I mean it.”

Happy tears were formed, not only in khushi’s eyes but in Sia’s as well. Khushi hugged him and started crying. Not that she wanted to but the tears were threatening to come out of their territory ever since she had written that awful letter to her father that she was leaving. Now she realized that she had left for good. And now, these painful tears changed into happy tears. And she was happy.

“Okay. Enough with the crying. You need a change. I’m celebrating my b’day this Saturday in Goa, and you are coming with us.” Khushi opened her mouth to retort but was cut in between, “and I want no arguments on that. End of discussion.”

Khushi smiled wiping tears and the trio shared a cute hug. So Goa it is. Destiny has some amazing plans outlined for the two souls. No one knows what is in store for them.    

Jul 7, 2015

chapter 5 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 81 times)

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Khushi got down from the car and adjusted her Valentino Crocodile Rock stud Tote bag on her lower arm. Her black jumpsuit with sleeveless top and a golden chain belt on her petite slim waste made her even more delicate and elegant beauty. Short round neck design with a deep slit that reached till the narrow valley of her upper body just left the audience unentertained. She wore dull gold block high heel court shoes with matching black and gold Rolex watch in her left oh-so-smooth-and-milky-white wrist. Guests present at the reception area had literally stopped their businesses and were mesmerized by what look like an angel has been descended right from the heavens. Not even a smallest dust particle could blemish the pulchritude that was standing right in front of them. With so many varied stares; some with admiration while some with jealousy, she recomposed her posture, wore her Ray Ban shades again and followed NK to the reception.

Sia had rigorously been peering at her, marvelling her sense of fashion. Such a stylish chic. She laughed at her own terminologies. Wait till she tell this to her. Her expressions would be worth watching.

“Here are you room girls. This is one is your Meow, and this one’s your, babes” NK said, handing them two different keys.

“What? We are staying in separate rooms? What is the need? I mean, we c-”

“Com’n Khushi! We even have separate rooms back in Delhi too”

“Yeah, but..if that was the plan, you should have told me before NK, I would have arranged for myself. Really you don’t have to do this”

“Shutup Bonbon! This is my b’day and all my friends coming here are my guests and I’m affording all the expenses. So a single room will neither increase nor decrease my expenses. Now don’t be a spoilt brat and follow me”

Bonbon. Another nickname, great! I wonder how many more such words does he have stored in his dictionary. But whatever it is, and how much ever she pretends of not liking it, the truth was, she had actually started getting used to him calling her names. Her nicknames. She smiled. She was never called by any other name other than Khushi or Ms. Raina. Being called by other names actually makes her feel a new person altogether. A new khushi, the more herself.

“You are more than welcome in my room khushi, whenever you want” said Sia

“Unless you are dying to rate on us both in the middle of night, and listen to our voices and moans, making out and h-”

“OMG Shutup NK! Khushi, don’t listen to him” Sia said placing her hand on laughing NK’s mouth. Khushi recovered from the shock she had just received from NK’s confession and glared at him for making fun of her. He and his big mouth. She made a face at him and entered into her room.


People who were still in a trance after watching the God’s most beautiful creation on earth came to reality when the next minute they heard the disembodied stentorian taut, and then entered the owner of the voice. He was as usual heated on his PA for the stupid questions that he should be fired for even daring to ask them from him.

“Dummy up Rohan, before I personally right your resignation letter. Dare you call me again for this nonsense and I’ll make sure it’s your last call” Arnav shouted on phone and cut the call. Seriously, what has gone wrong with Rohan? Has he been on some drugs or something? Why was he asking about the casting of models? Am I the CEO or the casting manager? Damn him idiot. He looked ahead of him to find his Di and Nani with arms crossed against their chest and glaring at him. He rolled his eyes. He had promised to come with them doesn’t mean he leave his work and control his temper. He has some controlling issues, everyone knows that. And Rohan’s been pain in a- His thoughts were broken by his family ladies.

“Done?” ask Anjali. Arnav nodded and then asked “Where is he? Wasn’t he supposed to be the one ‘arranging’ everything?” he again said in his foul mood.

“Stop it Chote, he has just taken his friends to show their rooms. He must be coming. Calm down”

“Well it’s been quite some time now, where has he gone?”

“Were the friends girls?”


“Well, that explains everything” he said and turned towards the receptionist “Where’s my room?”

“Sorry?” asked receptionist in confusion.

Arnav groaned. much I hate this word. His eyes turned cold and he continued in his now icy tone “Room. Where is my room?” he asked in a louder.

“What name do you have your reservation here with, sir?”

Shock was an understatement for him. This is the limit.

“Listen to me you idiot good for nothing stupid chap. The seat you’re sitting on is not meant for you. You do not deserve it if you don’t know me. And if you don’t know me, you have absolutely no right to stand right in front of me. Disappear and call your manager before I practically ruin your desk and then your life. RUN” shouted Arnav. The manager came running followed by an embarrassed receptionist behind him. The moment he saw ASR, he knew it was the end of his career. With the expressions and fright on the faces of manager and his subordinate, ASR felt satisfied and controlled his anger.

“ASR! Sorry sir. He is new here, didn’t recognized you. I’m so sorry sir. Actually he is from Nepal so he doesn’t know you so he-”

“Cut the **** and give me my room keys.” Grabbing the keys, he walked away leaving behind his sister n grandmother embarrassed, a couple of hotel employees shivering, and a group of people confused and wandering about the guy who had just stormed into the hotel and had walked away like a hailstorm.

“What happened?” a voice from behind startled both Anjali and Nani. They turned around and found him. Their cute little crazy dimpled younger son of the house.

“Chote just had a heated argument with some people here” said Anjali, looking around. She sighed and then smiled and said while hugging him, “Happy birthday in advance NK bhai!!!”


Khushi stepped out of her room, locked it and headed downstairs. Since NK knew that she had visited India for the first time, he had specifically arranged her room on second floor for the better view of beach. And she totally loved her room. She had initially thought to just sit on the ceiling swing chair in her balcony for some time, but then she considered going out for a little walk would be better. The weather was pleasant and the light breeze had just casted it’s soothing effect on her worked up mind. So walk was the better option. It had always helped her. The day NK told her about the plan and arrangement details, she had immediately googled it. Goa Marriott Resort and Spa. Wow! The best and the most expensive hotel in the whole vicinity. Gosh! What was he? King of India? Or the underworld gangster?? How can he afford this all alone, not just for himself, but for his family and friends as well? That reminded her that she had actually never asked about his job, and his family. They had known each other for the past one week, he knows everything about her, well most of it, but she doesn’t have any even the tiniest bit of an idea.

Absorbed in her own world of thoughts, she passed the coffee cafe when she found this really adorable and cute little girl facing the glass wall. She passed her a smile and got a weird face from her in return. She was amused. This little monster was up for some weird-face-making-fight. So am I!!! She lifted her nose with her index finger and showed her tongue to her. The girl then took out her tongue too, slightly bended towards left. Khushi couldn’t control her giggles and then squinted her eyes, placed her hands on either side of her temples, took out her tongue again and started shaking her head. The girl laughed at this pretty girl’s funny face. She then opened up her eyes with the help of thumbs and index finger and showed her top two teeth to her. Khushi laughed again and this time she stretched her mouth wide with her middle fingers and took out her tongue started moving it left and right. The girl whooped with excitement and khushi gave her a flying kiss from across the glass wall and went away. She was still laughing at the cute game she just had, she had had so much fun. Unknown to her, a pair of amazed chocolate brown eyes was still looking at her.      


It’s been quite some time now that Arnav hasn’t been on some vacations. And now that he as here, he was now confused about what to do as he was not used to sitting leisurely. So he thought to go down in the cafe and have a cup of coffee. And he was doing exactly that when he found a little girl sitting just beside him giggling facing the wall behind them. He ignored her at first but then upon seeing her making weird faces while still looking out, made him wonder about what exactly was happening. So he just lifted his eyes and looked into the mirror in front of him. And there she was. Was he hallucinating? He had been thinking about here a lot lately, so does that mean that by any chance he was imagining her. No, that was just not possible. He is a sane man, and there was no way was he hallucinating things. And then he concentrated more. She was making funny faces. Funny? The little girl who is no more than 5 years old making faces was weird and this matured girl doing the same makes her look funny? Biased! But she looked super cute. If he was amazed to see her at the airport, he was felicitous and very much delighted at the current moment, much to his own surprise. He then saw her giving a tight flying kiss to the girl and moving away. What a lucky brat! He thought rather a bit bitterly and then moved his eyes from the girl to her. By then she was gone. He put the coffee mug down, put a few notes at the table and ran outside. He had to catch her before she again run away. He is not letting her go away.

He came out of the cafe and saw her near the pool side. He walked towards her. She was wearing Rotita vogue scoop neck sleeveless stripe design green summer dress. Two completely different sights of same person, eastern and western. And the amazing thing was, she looked exquisite. He was still in a trance when something disturbed his view. He frowned and turned his eyes from her to the person standing in front of him.

“Bhai! Hi! Where have you been? I’m sorry I was late in the afternoon.”

“Y..yeah, no it’s fine really,” he said still looking at her back. Damn, she was going away and his brother was wasting his time.

“Really? I was..” NK stopped talking and looked at his brother. He was not paying attention. He was rather looking at something behind him. He snapped his fingers at him and said, “Bhai, what happened? What are you looking at?”, saying that he too turned around and followed his brother’s constant gaze and saw Khushi now standing with Sia talking.

“Come bhai, let me introduce you to my friends”

Before Arnav could say anything he was already pulled by NK. He was surprised to see himself being taken to her.

“Hey Meow! Bab-” he stopped mid sentenced, sheepishly looked at his brother who doesn’t seem to notice him calling Sia babes and then he continued “Hey Sia!”

Both girls turned around and welcomed Nk with a warm smile. Seeing her smile, he automatically smiled a bit. But then frowned again. “Meow?” he said out loud.

Nk bit his tongue and khushi blushed with embarrassment. “Sorry. That’s what I call her. She is Khushi.” Arnav was still goggling at her with his penetrating looks. Khushi, what a beautiful name. He thought and extending his hand towards her said, “Arnav.”

NK was above being super shocked. Was he dreaming? His brother jsut introduced himself to someone, a girl. And he just called himself Arnav. Not Arnav Singh Raizada or better ASR. As far as he knew, these were the only two names had been using to introduce himself, even to their own relatives. And didn’t Di said that he had scolded the receptionist and threatened him to ruin his entire life only because he didn’t recognized him. And here he was introducing himself to Meow and that too with his first name only. He was still standing there with his mouth wide open, when his eyes travelled to his now extended hands. Was he looking forward to shake hands with her? He had never ever done that before. He was so engrossed in his thoughts when Sia nudged him with her elbow and raised her brows. He closed his mouth and gulped his surprise and then said, “Khushi, he is my cousin brother, bhai. I mean, Arnav Singh Raizada.” Khushi smiled and shook hands with him.

Who doesn’t know him? She had seen him in news and a couple of times with her dad in his office. And then again at the airport. She gulped hard. What if he had recognized her? Is he going to inform him? Or is he going to leak the news to the media? And then he introduced himself. Arnav. Thats different and unique. And there was something about his eyes. They are chocolate brown, a shade of which she had never seen before, very rare, very uncommon. Oh! So he’s NK’s brother. She sighed in relief and shook hands with him. But the way he as constantly looking at her made her a little uncomfortable. Was there any way he had recognized her. I hope not.

Arnav smirked at the slight widening of her eyes and he knew she had recognized him and he was glad he was remembered. He then smiled at Sia and nodded politely in acknowledgement and then turned his eyes again towards Khushi. It’s so great to finally find her name. At least he wouldn’t have to call her ‘her’ anymore. “What are you doing here so late khushi?” asked NK.

“I wasn’t feeling sleepy so I thought to go for a walk. But now..I..umm..I..I think I’m tired so I’m gonna call it a night. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”  Saying that, she waved bye to everyone and passed a little smile to Arnav before leaving. NK and Sia too left for their respective rooms, leaving behind Arnav who had now found a new development in his dreams. Now it wasn’t just’her’, it is Khushi.            

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chapter 6 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 81 times)

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Arnav stepped out of his washroom after much needed shower. The weather was humid in day but very pleasant at night. Last night was even more pleasant. He thought with a slight smile. After everyone left for their respective rooms, it took him good at least 10 minutes to realize what had just happened. He had met her, talked to her and finally touched her, what he couldn’t do at airport. He had then took his way to his room and lied down in his special big bed with one arm under his head and the other playing with the phone in his hand while he lied on his back facing the ceiling. Khushi. He again called out her name, this time a little louder and smiled immediately. He had felt such happiness before once when his PA had informed him that one his biggest client had finally agreed to meet him. The happiness was same, a happiness of achievement after facing quite a hard time. Of course khushi had given a hard time living the past whole week with just a single memory of a few seconds and nameless night long dreams. With the thoughts of khushi he hadn’t realized when sleep took over him. He had slept like a log after what feels like ages, because thanks to khushi, he had been deprived of his sleep in his own bed for the past whole week. And now that she was herself there, he had felt immensely satisfied finally receiving a good night sleep.

And here he was right now, taking a good shower, getting dressed up neatly and casually with his simple khaki six pocket pants and a black shirt, combing his hair and went down to the banquet hall where everyone was supposed to meet for the breakfast. He had waited for NK for 15 minutes and now his patience was reaching its limit. So his sister had politely suggested him to go ahead with the buffet and that they’ll join him once NK comes. So, not wasting even a single minute he had left to grab himself breakfast. It had been a while since he last ate. In the plane, probably. He hadn’t eaten anything since then. Well, coffee that he had last night doesn’t really count because a) it was a beverage so technically he hasn’t ‘eaten’ anything, and b) he had left it half unfinished because he had to catch her. With the mere mention of her, he again drifted back to so many thought of her. He was going for some buttered bread slices when a pair of hands helping some waffles into the plate, caught his attention. All 10 finger nails were painted with a different neon colour, and they looked beautiful. White skin with multi coloured nails, they just looked like jelly beans to him. Unique and beautiful. Khushi’s thoughts in his mind had taken a back seat and now all his attention was at those pair of hands. He followed the path from hands to slim spotless arms and then finally resting at the beautiful face. The face that had been conquering his dreams very recently.


Khushi had spent a restless night. She was worried about the recent happenings. First, she hadn’t been able to enrol herself in any good institution. Secondly, she was running out of money. Not now, but if the situation doesn’t change, she will some day and then she will have to beg Sia to let her stay in her house till she finds a solution. Thirdly, these unexpected vacations. Although NK had been the one affording it all but she really doesn’t like it. She was the daughter of ‘king of hotels’ so she had never asked anyone any favours. She was the sole heir of the world’s top and the most expensive hotel and resorts chain. And here she was staying in a hotel her friend has booked for her, and she doesn’t even have any idea how is she going to survive the rest of the time. And if that wasn’t enough to worry her, a new headache with the name of Arnav Singh Raizada had so happily entered himself in her long list of problems. Oh God what am I going to do now. I had left London and its top rated fashion institutes and came to India only because I did not want dad to find me. But now it seems that I’m going to meet him soon for him to take me back to his castle, never to step out again. This Arnav will definitely tell dad. I know shrewd business men like him knows well how to enter into the good books of their partners. What if he tells him my whereabouts? What am I going to do then? But the way he introduced himself last night, it did not look like he knew me. But then why was he continuously staring at me? And those chocolate brown orbs of his were melting something in me of which even I wasn’t aware of. Melting? Of course melting, that is why i felt hot all of a sudden. Or maybe the AC’s weren’t working properly. Whatever! Those eyes held volumes and they..STOP Khushi! Stop with the non sense. Not a word more about those eyes. She took a deep breath and tried to cool herself. But nothing was helping her out. So she stood up from her bed, went to her wardrobe and opened her MAC complete makeup trunk. She then took out all the nail colours it had and started applying them on her nails one by one. It is said that painting your nails always help cure depression and stress and it was true for her. After painting all 20 nails, she closed her makeup kit and headed back to her bed for a disturbed sleep.

In the morning, she waited first for Sia and then for NK outside each their rooms but seems like none was interested to wakeup. After constant knocking and calls, she was able to wake NK up. “Meow! What are you doing this early?”, he asked looking at her white cotton capris and an Aqua sleeveless top with a white cardigan.”O yes. I’m going for a walk in my flip flops in 38 degrees so that I burn myself to death!” khushi replied irritated.

“What?” NK asked confused

“It’s 9:00 am NK, wakeup!! We were supposed to meet at 8:30 in the banquet hall. We are already half an hour late and neither you nor that girlfriend of yours have any plan to wakeup”

Khushi said and crossed her arms against her chest angrily.

“Holy C-Shoot!! I’m late again! Bhai’s gonna kill me! Khushi, please go downstairs and meet my family, I’ll be down in 10 mins”

“But I haven’t met your family yet, how am I going to recognize them?”

“Two ladies sitting with Bhai in sarees will be my sister and my grandmother. Now go go go, I need to freshen up”

“With Sia.” Khushi said while turning to go.

Khushi entered the banquet hall and scanned the whole area nervously. He wasn’t there. She sighed relieved and then again looked around and finally spotted two ladies in sarees. Must be them. She went towards them and greeted them with a smile and said, “Hi! I’m Khushi, NK’s friend from Delhi” and extended her hand. Anjali and Nani both smiled at her politely and Anjali shook hands with her. Khushi then turned towards Nani and bent down a little to touch her feet. Nani was astonished and looked towards Anjali who was equally stunned. She then immediately put her right hand on her head and said, “Bless you my child”.

“It’s really nice to finally meet you two. I’ve heard so much about you both from NK” khushi smiled while settling herself beside Anjali. Anjali smiled and then said, “BTW where is your lazy friend? Still sleeping, eh?” and laughed. Khushi smiled and nodded. “Aren’t you going to eat?” asked khushi seeing their empty plates.

“We are waiting for NK bhai. You please go and help yourself with the buffet.”

She went to the buffet and started putting waffles into her plate. She then looked at the buttered slices but there was someone who wasn’t allowing her space to get some for herself. Slowly, she looked from the immobile pair of hands to the stiff stationary body. And then those eyes! So deep, so hot, melting her again, and them frozen at her, again.


The clock had stopped ticking, people had stopped moving, the crying baby wasn’t crying anymore, the falling spoon never reached floor, the waiter with food tray never reached the table, and time had stopped. Only the light breeze causing their hair to float in front of their eyes was the only thing that reminded them that they were still alive, still on the earth, but for them it was heaven on earth and they did not want to come out of it anytime soon. Khushi’s flicks came in her eyes causing her to blink and slightly move to keep the plate in her hands on the table so that she can move her hair. Before she could do anything, a masculine hand stopped her hands from moving and the other hand lightly touched her hair and put them behind her ear, touching her earlobes in the process. His touch on her skin was spine chilling. She shivered as soon as his hand made contact with her skin and stepped back immediately bringing Arnav back in reality. With just officially meeting once and in total meeting twice doesn’t take them to heavens. No they can’t be. That is illogical and dangerous. They were engrossed in their own world of thought; one with nervousness, while the other one in confusion about losing control. 

“Meow! Hey what are you doing here? Haven’t started your breakfast yet?” NK patted on her back making her jump in startle. With wide eyes she looked towards her left and found her dimpled crazy friend side hugging her. She smiled and followed NK’s gaze and saw Arnav standing in front of them in black mood with his stare fixed at NK’s arms encircling her from shoulders. What did she saw there in his eyes? Was that anger, irritation or depression? His eyes were now a darker shade of brown. More icy, as if the chocolate has been frozen. She was surprised at what she saw. She smiled and replied, “I’m almost done making my palette. I’ll see you at the table.” Saying that she left for the table. Her heart was thumping in her chest. To be honest, she was scared of those eyes. The thing she had adored the most in him had now started haunting her. Those spooky eyes hold volume of emotions. She had started digging those volumes and she didn’t like it. She quietly went and sat at the table with Anjali and Nani.

“What happened? Didn’t you liked the food?” asked Anjali looking at her untouched plate. Of course she could see something was wrong with her and she had been quite. Khushi lifted her eyes, cleared her throat and said, “No, I was waiting for Sia. She’s getting food there” she said and pointed towards the buffet and saw Arnav talking with NK but still looking at her. She turned back quickly. “NK has come, why don’t you two also get your food? We only have an hour till the buffet closes.”

With both the ladies going away for the food, she sat there alone still looking at the untouched food. As much as she was hungry with all the night long restlessness, she had lost her appetite with what just happened 10 minutes ago. She frowned a bit and thought, there isn’t anything big happened here. Then why the hell am I making such a big fuss over this petty issue. If he helped me in getting rid of my hair from my eyes, there isn’t anything wrong in it. But what was with the time stopping and the heart beats. And then those multi shaded eyes. One second they are all warm and molten and the next second they turn so icy that they can lower Goa’s temperature. She made a face and jabbed the knife in her buttered toast and was on her way of talking it in her mouth when she saw Arnav sitting right in front of her and opening up his napkin and kept in his lap.

The moment Arnav saw his brother hugging her boiled his blood and involuntarily his eyes moved from their faces to her shoulders where his hands were resting. He had no idea what cause him to stare at his hands or the catastrophe that hug was causing inside him. He just simply stayed there staring at them. She had then smiled at NK and politely replied to him. She wasn’t uncomfortable with him hugging her. They were friends, NK had told him last night. But then so was the other girl. Was his brother the same way with his other friend as well or was it just her? Well, she is beautiful, more than beautiful, if one may say. Anyone would proudly give away anything to be just friend with her. And she had the power to steal away anyone’s heart with just one smile of her. That’s how much magical and compelling she was. Wasn’t that the reason why he had been so much sunken in her thoughts since the first time he ever laid his eyes on her? And the attractiveness he had been fighting so much. He saw her talking to his sister and Nani and turning back immediately when she saw him. He had frowned a bit but had let it go. He knew he was acting like a complete psychopath these days and it wasn’t her fault if she wanted to stay away. Wasn’t it exactly what he had wanted since the first night he had spent thinking of her? She was right. They both should steer clear of each other. That was the best they could do. She was doing her part, he should too.

While NK and Anjali talked a lot, khushi and Arnav sat silently watching others mingling with each other. However, Arnav never failed to steal a glance or two at her while either taking bite or putting the fork back in the plate. And khushi was well aware of that. By the end of the breakfast, it was decided that everyone will go out for some shopping next day as Nani had some pain in her knees due to long journey.


Being the only daughter of the owner of chain of hotels and resorts had definitely some perks. Enjoying spa services was one of them. Khushi had been undergoing so much mental stress lately, that she thought going to spa for some good massage was a good idea. She quickly gathered her toiletries, got a towel and set out for the spa. NK and Sia had gone out to the beach. She also wanted to go but then she did not wanted to interrupt between the love birds so she preferred staying back.

She collected her locker keys, changed into towel and went into the steam room. She sat in the corner booth with crossed legs, leaned back and closed her eyes. It had been a while since she last had such a wonderful steam bath. This was so relaxing. With the sweat beads floating on her body, she felt more relaxed and fresher.

She peeped out from the window and saw two beds laid outside in open with some oils and potions. And she decided that she needed massage therapy too. She was told that the female massager was busy with other client so only the male massager was available. She had no option but to go for the male. She went and lied down on her front. Slowly, the hands of the massager started doing wonders. This guy undeniably knew all the pressure points and damn was he good at his job. She had mentally made a note to tip him. Thinking that, she turned her head from right to left and gasped loudly. Lying beside her on the next bed was Arnav Singh Raizada.

With the loud gasping sound, he opened his eyes and saw khushi staring at him wide eyes. With a jerk on both their backs, they blinked and their eyes travelled to each other’s massager.

“She’s getting her body massage from a male?”

“He’s getting his body massage by a woman?”

They both thought at the same time. Their decision made at the breakfast table came in their mind and they immediately turned their head to the other side. But guess the massagers were playing a cupid between the two. They strictly told them keep their heads in the previous position and not to move them. Having no other option, they again turned their heads and stared at each other. Arnav’s eyes travelled to the massager’s hands who were roaming around her milky back leisurely. His hands moved towards her neck and then slightly towards her throat in front. Only the thought of how deep his hands can go and what else can he touch made him say “What the-” out loud.

“Oh I’m sorry sir. Did I hurt you?” asked his massager.

“No, you carry on.”

Now it was khushi’s turn to turn blue black with the scene happening in front of her. Her hands were just too small for his big back. She saw her moving both her palms up till the shoulders and then bringing them back till his midriff in a circular motion.  She groaned with displeasure.

“Is the pain gone or shall I continue?” this time asked her massager.

“NO, continue” she said still looking at Arnav. She didn’t know whether she really wanted the massage or did she asked for it because he had asked for more. Jealousy? No way. Whatever it was, she was here to relax, so she put her head down again. Her massager had lowered her towel and now, her back was bare and very much visible to Arnav. Her towel rested at the point where her back bone starts, just above her hips. As much as Arnav was enjoying the sight, he was feeling equally annoyed and grunted with someone else enjoying the liberty to touch her. His eyes rested on her back while her’s rested on him. His restlessness grew with every passing second. It felt as if someone else was taking away the deal he had been so much working hard for so long. He encircled his thumb in his fingers and fisted to control his emotions. How would it feel if I’m the one massaging her? I’d be better I’m sure. Her frosty skin blending with the warmth of my hands..would that make any difference had we met somewhere else in some other scenario? Would she have looked at me with the same indifference as she is now? But NK and she are great together. Maybe if I could start with friendship, she’d be better. But friends don’t touch each other, and the way I’m feeling right now, I’m definitely going to go crazy.

With the wacky thoughts, he hadn’t realized that his eyes had again turned into a darker shade and there was still someone on the next bed who was looking at him. Khushi had been staring at him for quite some time now. She could clearly see the various emotions playing in those round chocolate balls and soon she realized that she had been greatly attracted to them. He was constantly looking at her bare back. The admiration, adoration, fantasizing turned them a darker shade, quite similar to what she had witnessed in the morning and that made her blush.

Arnav looked at her and saw her red cheeks and then her eyes. She lowered them immediately and covered them with one hand. He smirked crookedly. His doubts were just starting to clear now. He did affect her and she had proved him with the crimson shade of her cheeks.


NK and Sia weren’t back yet. She was in her room. She had felt so relaxed and fresher after the massage. And so jealous and desirous. She stood up immediately and went to her window. She remembered how he had constantly stared at her and those eyes of his that had turned a shade darker every now and then. Even I wasn’t less. I had been annoyed and all green for no good reason. She had decided that she won’t go for shopping the next day but she hadn’t bought any gift for NK and since he’s such a sweetheart and one of the very few people she knows in India, she had to buy something. So she had agreed to go. But she was hoping against the hopes that this new headache doesn’t pop his head in between otherwise she’ll have to bite off more than she can chew and this wasn’t going to be good. She was no fool to not realize what those darker shades of his eyes expressing and to be honest, she was scared, very scared.

Whether she wants or doesn’t, destiny have been written for them and there are certain things which you can’t get rid of. May be Arnav Singh Raizada was one of them. 

Jul 11, 2015

Chapter 7 (By Sameea) (Thanked: 105 times)

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“Actually Nani and I haven’t got anything for NK bhai yet, that’s why the sudden shopping plan” Anjali said while moving around in the traditional market of Goa along with Khushi. Nani’s pain hadn’t gone completely so Anjali asked her to stay back and said that khushi and she will do the shopping. Anjali and Nani had immediately liked her the first time they met her. And they wandered how come this girl can be a friend to the spoilt brat of their house. The other girl Sia was as good as khushi but she stayed aloof, a bit more with NK than khushi. This had ringed some alarm bells but they had let that go as they both were too much involved in with khushi. Anjali and Nani hadn’t got any present for NK so they had decided to get him something from Goa and after meeting khushi they had compelled her to come with them as they wanted to know more about this pretty lady who to them was very well cultured and seemed to be new here.

“Even I haven’t got anything for him”

“Oh! I thought you and Sia had already planned something” Anjali said deliberately

“No, we didn’t. I didn’t even know about his birthday till 2 days back” Khushi said still looking through each window of shop and then bit her lip. Shoot! What have I got myself into?  She again continued looking through windows completely ignoring Anjali who had by now raised her one eye brows. She looked at her from the corners of her eyes and saw her raised eye brows. Gosh! What is with this bro-sis? Why do they always raise eyebrows? As if I’ve committed some sort of crime or a sin.

What do you mean? You didn’t know his birthday?” Khushi sighed. She had to tell her now that she is a god damn zillionaires only daughter and that she had on a runaway and she was almost married when she ran away. And she and NK met at his girlfriend’s house and blah blah blah.

“We just became friends recently so I couldn’t get to know about his b’day. I’m sure he doesn’t know mine” she replied politely, skipping most parts of the story.

“Ohkay! How long have you both known each other?” Anjali asked casually while going through the catalogue in the shop. It’s been a while that Anjali had been asking questions about Khushi and she had no choice but answer her. She wasn’t good at lying and even if she tries her hand at it, Anjali will catch her. She was a smart woman; she had realized that by now. NK should have been here when his sister is interrogating me like a RAW agent.

“A week” she said casually. She did not want to spill the beans more than required. She liked her and she did not want to disappoint her so she had answered all her questions politely. By the end of the day, Anjali had bought a Rolex watch from Nani’s side and Khushi had bought an extravagant leather jacket for him. Anjali was quite impressed with her choice and expressed her appreciation.

“What are you giving him?” asked khushi keeping the two handbags in car.

“I made him his favourite painting. It is waiting for him on his room’s wall” she smiled

“Wow! You paint?”


“I’m super tired and hungry. Shall we go to the coffee shop? NK bhai and Sia will also be there.”

They both reached there and found Sia and NK sitting at a table of 4 in a corner. But what caught Khushi’s eyes was that somebody who was also sitting with them with his back towards them. She came forward and greeted them.

“Chote” she heard Anjali say and turned around. And there he was, Arnav Singh Raizada sitting with a glass of fresh lime in front of him. Shock was an understatement for Khushi. She was so much relieved when NK told them in the morning that his Bhai wasn’t joining them. She had done a mental dance at the news. She had enjoyed the shopping, excluding the interrogation part. But this coffee session will ruin her mood. She will have to spend another restless night. By the time she was done cursing, she realized that all seats were occupied by now and she had no place to sit. The waiter got her a new chair and since Arnav was sitting in a corner, her chair was adjusted right next to him.

Arnav was busy with his conference call in the morning so couldn’t join his family for the shopping. What annoyed him the most was that long deep breath Khushi had taken with a slight smile when NK had told them about him not coming with them. And his family, weren’t they interested in tagging him along with them? They were always after him back in Delhi for even taking them to mandir, then why not shopping this time? Had they asked him one more time, he would have postponed his meeting for a couple of hours and would have come along with them. Damn them. He had his own important tasks at hand and they can go take a hike for all he cared. But he did. He couldn’t focus on anything and had threatened Rohan once again for his dear career. He then closed his eyes and the scene of Khushi only in towel lying on a bed came in front. He immediately opened his eyes, grabbed his car keys and went where his sister’s GPRS system told she was. He wasn’t a stalker, but he couldn’t help himself. He had found NK and Sia outside the coffee shop and joined them. He knew his brother was shocked upon finding him here when he had told him in the morning that he was busy. And even he couldn’t understand the reason for his presence here.

“Di’s on her mission to loot the shops here” NK told him.

“And where’s your other friend?” Arnav asked before he could stop himself.

“Accompanying Di” was all NK could say. He then looked at Sia who was looking at him curiously about his weird behaviour. She had noticed the same expressions on his face two days back. What was that? Shock? But why? She moved her brows upwards with her eyes still locked with his as if asking what was wrong with him and NK couldn’t help but shrug at the frequent shocks his Bhai’s been giving him ever since they came to Goa. Arnav was eager to see her face when she’d see him here. Time for a surprise Ms. Gupta. He thought and got busy on his phone, because his brother had all his eyes on him only and he knew that he had gone a bit too far than what he really is and all because of her.

Khushi had straight gone to NK ignoring him once again and that made him mad. What does she think of herself? Who is she? How can she ignore me when none has ever done that before? He wasn’t proud but he knew he was good looking and handsome. At least that’s what the people say about him and so many people can’t be wrong, can they? Then why can’t she look at me like that? He was looking at his phone when his sister called him. He looked above and so did she. Their eyes met and that’s when he saw her for the first time. Her peachy baby pink knee length dress complimented her white skin. Her pink matching pumps were accentuating her long flawless legs. Heavy mascara and a nude shade lipstick on her plumy lips. He gulped hard while looking at her lips that had formed into a little pout upon seeing him. The surprise on her face, the wide eyes and the pout she made had made his day. He had achieved what he wanted and he did a victory dance in his mind. He smirked wider when the waiter arranged her chair beside him.

Anjali had ordered cold coffee but khushi was taking her own time. It was hot a day today. After 15 minutes, she ordered plain water for herself. He frowned. What water?

“Just water?” NK asked his question

“Yeah. It’s hot so, nothing’s better than water. It keeps you well hydrated and it’s healthy” Khushi said as matter of fact. The truth was, Khushi was equally hungry and exhausted and her mouth watered when she saw the club sandwiches and cold coffee on the menu. But then they were too expensive for her to afford right now. Especially after she bought such an expensive gift for NK. So what if she had to sacrifice her appetite, she had bought a good present for her friend and she was happy. The continuous display of expressions on her face was however did not go unnoticed by Arnav. She really wants to have just water? Well, it’s past lunch time and as far as he knows, she had breakfast at 9 in the morning. She should be going crazy with hunger but here she’s just ordering plain water for her? There were only 2 possibilities. Either she’s on diet or she controls her hunger pangs quite efficiently. But why would she have to control her hunger? Is she on diet on something? She doesn’t need one. He thought remembering her in just towel once again.

“Stop playing with your phone Chote and talk to us.” Anjali said eyeing her brother who was playing with his phone and not participating. First he gave shock to her by appearing here out of nowhere and then he stays mute.

“Chote?” Khushi asked suddenly and looked confused. NK called him Bhai and Anjali had called him Arnav a couple of times then who is chote?

“That’s Bhai” NK said and controlled his laugh while Arnav stared angrily at his siblings for making fun of him and calling him Chote in front of others. Khushi laughed instantly. As much as her laughter was music to his ears, the reason behind this laughter was annoying him. He quickly held his phone in his hand and lifted himself a bit to put it in his back pocket. In the process, his legs touched hers unintentionally. Khushi, who had sobered by now, froze on the spot. Her eyes went wider than they already were and warmth engulfed her whole body. She felt as if Goa’s temperature had increased to 10 degrees more. She gradually looked from everyone to him, who was now looking at her with a light smile playing on his lips and said “Sorry” so slowly that only she could hear it. Khushi’s heartbeats had increased and breaths heavy. Arnav had noticed her reaction to his touch and he was over whelmed so not to make things more awkward than they already were, he had politely apologized but couldn’t stop the smile that had appeared on his face. However, NK hadn’t stop watching the odd behaviour of his brother. First he hadn’t said anything to them when he and Di had made fun of him with ‘Chote’ and now he was smiling. He had never kept tabs on his brother but seems like now he had to keep a keen watch on him. There was definitely something wrong with him.


Khushi kept her bag and NK’s gift on bed and took out her phone. A message popped on her screen. ICICI Bank. She read. She opened and read the message.

“Dear customer, a payment of Re. 89,000 has been made from your account number 0016579777. Your remaining balance is Re. 4587665. Thank you for using ICICI bank.”

She kept her phone down and sighed. She had spent 89,000 bucks on just a single gift. What would she do the rest of the time? But she had no regrets. Giving gifts have always been her favourite part of her ‘luxurious’ life. Even though she is not as rich as she used to be, but she still hold onto that habit. Old habits die hard. She smiled and headed outside for a stroll as per her routine.

She was walking around the pool side when she collided with the wall. She was looking at her phone when she collided and dropped her cell phone in process. She rubbed her head and bent down to pick her phone up when she noticed very familiar brown boots standing right beside her. She frowned and looked above from the boots, her eyes travelling from feet through long and muscular legs. Well the jeans are quite fitting that does mean that he is a very well built man. And then finally her eyes rested on his face. Headache.

Arnav dropped his phone he was talking on when something hit him. He looked down and there she was. She hadn’t looked at him again. Was she avoiding him again? But then she did. She did look at him from toe to head. Was she checking him out? A naughty smirk appeared. He also bent down and came to her eye level. They were looking at each other, picked their phones and stood up.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking at my way.” Said khushi looking at him

“That’s okay, I have heard that before too, when someone collided with me at airport.” Arnav said as a matter of fact with a smirk still lingering on his face. Realization dawned on Khushi and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Saying that, he made his move, leaving behind a stunned khushi. She looked at him going away and enters his room.

“So he remembered me” she said out loud.

“Who remembers what?” NK asked from behind.

“Nothing.” She looked back and went with them. Once settled on the beach chairs near the pool side, the three friends started talking. Khushi told them how Anjali interrogated her in the afternoon and that she had told her that she is from London and she came to India for job hunt. She told them she did not want her friend’s family to know that she had run away from her wedding. NK put hand on her hand and said, “You don’t have to worry about them, Pinky. I’m sure even if you tell them the truth; they won’t just jump on conclusions. Do not worry yourself sick. Okay?” khushi smiled and nodded and then after a while said, “What is with you and nicknames?”

“Well, since I have this too long name being cut short into NK, I like ruining other’s name too” he said and showed her his tongue.

“But I love Babes,” blushing Sia said. NK put his arms around her neck and said, “I love you too, BABES”. They both smiled at each other. Khushi completely adored them but right now she was feeling quite the odd one out with these love birds so she cleared her throat and said, “Why pinky?”

“Uhmm..because you’re wearing a pink dress” he said and all three of them smiled. This was the best thing both Sia and Khushi loved about NK; honest and trustworthy.


Arnav was still smiling. None could have said or believed that ASR would smile or feel contended after colliding with someone. He opened his laptop and started working on his designs. The moment khushi collided with him, her bent posture clicked a new design in his mind and as much as he wanted to prolong their conversation at the pool side, he had to start working on that design as soon as possible before it flee away from his mind. So his fingers were vigorously moving on his keypad giving his imagination a practical look while picture of a bent khushi sitting in his designed dress kept popping in his mind. He was almost half way done when he heard a knock on his door. He did not want to leave his work in middle but the increased restlessness was announcing the arrival of someone special. He opened the door and found Khushi on his doorstep. The scene at the poolside had reversed. Now Arnav was standing wide eyes and Khushi was standing with a thoughtful smile.

“Hi Arnav” wow! My name’s never sounded so beautiful before. Was it really my name this beautiful or the way her light voice has made it sound so beautiful?

“Hello Khushi! How can I help you?” Arnav said maintaining his calm and controlling his nervousness. What nervousness? No way! Arnav Singh Raizada is never nervous. No one has power to make him nervous. But this girl does, said a voice from his heart.

“I uhmm..actually, I came to get my phone”


“Our phones got exchanged when we..uh..when we met at the pool side an hour back. Here’s your phone. Can I have mine back?” she said while handing him over his phone. Arnav replied without looking at the phone,

“I have an iPhone 6,” he said proudly and continued, “and I can very well identify my phone”

His statement just burned Khushi in and out. What does this man think of himself? What does he mean when he say ‘I have an iPhone6’? Like I care. This man has some serious attitude issues. So what if he is some Arnav Singh Raizada or my best friend’s brother. He can go jump from Mount Everest with his ‘iPhone6’ for all I care. I’d be damned if I don’t show him who he just tried to mess up with. I’m careful in my expenditures doesn’t mean I’m poor or underprivileged. She gave him a tight smile and continued,

“Our phones really got exchanged Mr. Raizada. Your’s an iPhone 6, mine’s an iPhone 6+”. She said more proudly with her eyes twinkling with sarcasm and satisfaction. On your face Raizada.

The arrogance that had erupted on his face slowly faded away. She has an iPhone6+? Wow! When did that came in the market? What world am I living in? And here I just made a fool of myself in front of her. What must she be thinking of me? Bad of course. The gentle smile she had given me when I opened the door was now long gone and a sarcastic smile was now playing on her lips. Damn, she had even replaced Arnav with Mr. Raizada. And at that moment Arnav realized that for the first time ever in his life, he did not liked even a bit to be called by his surname. He quickly turned around and fetched his phone. Oops! This is not his phone. He examined the new technology in his hand and made sure it wasn’t a counterfeit product. Damn his ego. Khushi saw him examining her phone and immediately snatched it from him.

“Good night Mr. Raizada” she said, turned around and left. Arnav still stood in his door looking at her back completely speechless. She is stylish, modern yet cultured, drinks plain water at a coffee shop, is heavenly well mannered, and she even possess an iPhone 6+. This girl is really something.

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