OS : This is not fair Mr.Raizada

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Jun 28, 2015

OS : This is not fair Mr.Raizada (By V1184) (Thanked: 74 times)

" What the..what are you saying??aashi is no where to be found.." Arnav asked. " Yes sir... " came the reply to which arnav said " From when??" The other man on phone said " Sir madam went to shopping first then along with Rishi sir had lunch and went to Rishi sir's house." Arnav asked " what happened then?? " The man replied " Sir till evening madam was in their house.When she came out with Rishi sir they went to a nearby park sir.After entering the park for 15 minutes madam was there only but suddenly she disappeared and even Riahi sir too." Arnav said " Search for her and I'll send few others for your help." Saying this he cut the call and sat on the sofa thinking where these two might have gone.He is little bit relaxed as she was with Rishi her fiance. After an hour still there was no clue of both Aashi and Rishi. Arnav called them but none of them is picking up the call. Then Kushi came to the hall smiling. He asked her the reason as he's restless from the last one hour. Kushi smilingly replied him " Finally my daughter got free time to spend with her fiancé that's why i'm happy." Arnav looked shockingly towards Kushi and spoke " What the! You know where your daughter is??? And didn't even say me a word.I'm worrying about her and you're smiling?" Kushi said " Or else what?? If I informed you will you sit quite?? You'll send those black huge guards there.Our daughter can't even breathe peacefully with your security guards around.And you're not paying any attention to her plea.So I gave her this idea.She got some time to spend with her fiance now." Arnav said " Do you think am not concerned about her??? See I've appointed security guards for her safety.By the way I haven't denied her meetings with Rishi.Then how come she doesn't get free time??" Kushi replied back " Oho Mr.Raizada can't you understand this simple thing.How can you expect your daughter hug her fiance when those huge huge security guards are seeing with their big eyes?? How can her fiancee be all lovey dovey when people are watching them??" Arnav simply nodded his head and asked her " Ok Mrs.Raizada can you please tell me the address where they are... I'll inform the guards to be at little distance.I want her safety." Kushi murmured " Unbelievable Mr.Raizada.How unfair of you?? Poor Rishi... What you would've done if my dad has done the same?? You've never left a chance to be with me and see your own daughter is suffering because of you" Arnav simply said " Come on Kushi don't start again.. At least ask them to come soon.It's been an hour now." Kushi went from there saying " Mr.Raizada I won't and try to find if you can.By the way they'll be coming in few minutes.I am going to our room.Bye" After Kushi left Arnav saw his daughter Aashi and Rishi coming hand in hand. As he already knew that they both were together, he asked them where they went. Rishi said " Uncle we were in that park only.I am going now.So bye uncle and Bye Aashi.Take care" saying so Rishi went to his house. "Aashi please don't do this again.Understand my concern dear daughter."Arnav said to his daughter. Aashi replied " This is not fair dad.You've spent almost everyday with mom after engagement.And not allowing me even for an hour" and thrusting her hands into the pocket, she walked down with an independent air. ***************************************** Here's my third OS for Nayasa_Khan's competition.I don't know why but I wanted to write another OS with same lines. Both positive and negative comments are welcome.Please do comment when you read it.I am sorry to the readers of Homeless Heart.The update is almost ready.I will definitely try my best to post it tomorrow.When I was to post it today net connection wasn't good.So the update got deleted. Typing it again and it'll be posted tomorrow for sure. Till then bye all take care and comments please... As the number of thank yous are more but comments are very few. Bye all Good Night... ................................................................................. Link to my first OS for the same competition :http://hinditvadda.in/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=118296 ......................................................................... Link to my second OS for the same competition :http://hinditvadda.in/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=118650 ...............,............................. Read and comment whether you liked it or not.

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