OS: Poor Daddies

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Jun 27, 2015

OS: Poor Daddies (By V1184) (Thanked: 52 times)

"What the..what are you saying??aashi is no where to be found.. " Arnav read the lines again only to be interrupted by his friend RK. "Come on dude... Just chill now... They aren't so tough.And by the way thanks to the storyline that you're given some angry dialogues.Or else what's this??? Arnav Singh Raizada... The Great business tycoon ASR who can do within seconds is practicing few lines from hours...Unbelievable man... " RK spoke. Arnav interrupted his friend saying " You're an actor already but am not.Acting is not my cup of tea dude.Try to understand. I just don't know why Aashi has asked me to do this... I mean seriously acting in a film.All thanks to Kushi who finally made aashi agree for a 30mins film. How can you say all those big big dialogues without break?? Here am getting mad seeing these lines." RK replied "Just the way you crack your deals... And see this is the last shot so at least now don't be serious.All you're doing is for your daughter only naa.And dare you don't forget our deal... See this film will be released only if I approve and it'll be approved only if you help me out." Arnav said " Yeah I remember... I'll help you dude after all you've been helping me from the last week.Finally I can sigh a relief after today.Designing isn't tough if you've preset your mind.Tina won't be disappointed." Tina is RK and Madhu's daughter.Aashi is Arnav and Kushi's daughter.They both are beat friends like their fathers and mothers.They always try to make their fathers do something odd when they're given the grant for asking a wish on their birthdays.Both are born on the same day...This year when they turned 16 they asked their respective fathers their wish. Tina asked RK to design a dress for her whereas our cutie Aashi asked Arnav to act in a film and she should be impressed.Not only she but the whole family should be satisfied with his acting and the film.Both were adamant in their decisions so these two mates RK and Arnav have come up with a deal that they'll help each other.RK is helping ng Arnav for the film and now Arnav have to teach RK the basics of designing so that he can fulfill his daughter's wish. Finally the time given to both of them that us 15 days is over and they're waiting for their gifts. RK designed a beautiful frock for his princess.He gave it to Tina and is waiting for the response. All the Raizada's and Kundra's are present there.They're way too excited As these two girls can make their fathers do anything. After what seemed like eternity for RK... His princess Tina approved the gift.Everyone are satisfied. Now came the other exciting part of the day... The great ASR's acting skills.Everyone settled themselves in the couch comfortably. All watched the thirty minutes film keenly and are overwhelmed by seeing his acting skills. Aashi didn't utter a single word yet.Everyone is praising both RK and Arnav for their hard work. But these didn't go into the head of ASR...He's waiting for only two persons reply... One is Aashi and the other is Tina... Both are the apples of their eyes. Over the ears... Kundra's and Raizada's became so close that they're are one family now. After a long pause Tina spoke out " Excellent job dad.Well done... " and turning to Aashi " Oye madam speak out.Come on he's waiting" Aashi spoke " Agree with everyone here.Its excellent papa but your daughter is not gonna leave you so easy next time.You've excelled yourself in acting... Let's see next time." Saying this she hugged arnav and then RK. Arnav and RK sighed and felt relieved as finally the task for this year ended peacefully... Not that they don't like doing anything for their daughters but sometimes they're way too tough for them to handle. Sometimes these girls wishes seem to be funny ... But for them there lays ahead a tough job to complete.Last year they're asked to prepare nearly 25 different dishes in a single day.Thanks to Madhu and Kushi who helped these guys. Remembering and cherishing all the sweet memories everyone went to their respective rooms after enjoying their day with the whole family. But RK and Arnav are still in the garden thinking that their daughters have grown so soon and now they're 16 years old already. They're still busy with their talks that they failed to notice two pairs of angry eyes which have been calling then from hours.Getting no reply the owners of those eyes... i.e., Kushi and Madhu...dearest wives if ASR and RK...went near their husbands...touched their shoulder and when their train of thoughts broke...the two guys can see burning eyes. They know the meaning of their look... It's been one month since these two have talked to them. Always busy with some work that they forgot that they have a wife. Madhu glared at RK and went inside the house giving him a 'You're gonna Regret' look. On the other hand Kushi didn't say anything neither expressed anything with her ever so expressive eyes.Arnav understood he need to do something before damage increases but to his bad luck she gave him one deadly glare and thrusting her hands into the pocket, she walked down with an independent air. *********************************************************************************So here's my second submission for Nayasa_Khan's Competition.I've already asked her for multiple submission as am not sure of my first OS...even this one too....But am posting it here with a hope that you all will like it.I am slightly disappointed for the other OS where there are more than 45 thank yous but comments are hardly 10.There are only 9 comments now.I want to know what you felt after reading it.Please comment and tell me if its good/bad or where I've to improve myself.Both positive and negative comments are welcome.To the readers of Homeless Heart... I am sorry for not updating it yesterday and even today too.. I am writing these OS.So didn't update it but I promise to post an update of it by tomorrow So till then bye all Take Care Be Happy and Please do comment your views.

Link to my first submission : http://hinditvadda.in/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=118296

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