Written Update - 25th June 2015 Kalash

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Jun 26, 2015

Written Update - 25th June 2015 Kalash (By sanchi)

Kalash 25th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ravi says to Devika that when i said you are changed, you agreed to it and as much as i know, girls change when they are in love, why you are behaving like that? Devika says its not necessary that we change only when we are in love, maybe it happens to other girls but not with me, Ravi says i will leave, he says soon i will surprise you then your life will change, he leaves, Sadqe tere plays.

Saket meets his men, he says to them that i have some work, tomorrow is my Haldi but some people are trying to stop me, he ask his man to keep an eye on Ananya, dont let her come to my haldi ceremony, he ask his man Raghu to keep an eye on Ravi, Raghu says tomorrow we are asked to create chaos in city by party hierarchy, Saket says i didnt know you are so much loyal to party, he beats him and says forget everything and doe my work, i dont want to take any risk, do my work only, if anyone do any mistake in this work then i will not leave him, he ask Raghu to be careful while spying Ravi, he is clever, Raghu and men leave, Saket says now i am at peace but what if Ravi gets successful in breaking my marriage even after all these measures.

Devika comes to her room, she recalls how Ravi was dancing with navi, how Sakshi said that she was jealous, how Sakshi said to Saket that Devika loves him, she says i dont know why i am thinking about all these, i want to come out of all these, she lies to sleep, she recalls how Ravi said that she has changed, she says what Sakshi was saying was right, i scold her but truth is that i dont feel anything for Saket, maybe this all is happening, maybe the change in me is because of my marriage, the change comes in girl when she is getting married, Tanu had same feelings too, she has changed, i am changing because of marriage thats why i am behaving weirdly, these all are pre marital jitters nothing else, she goes to sleep.

Scene 2

Ravi says how will i find Ananya, she said to me that if Saket do Haldi ceremony then she will break marriage herself but Saket must have planned something to stop her, i cant sit quitely, i have to find her and make her believe that what promises Saket has done are all wrong, i have to find her, he is about to leave, Manju ask are you going to office? Ravi says no, you have not left any chance for me to go to office, how will i face navi? Manju ask then you will leave your job? RAvi says dont know but for now situation is not such that i can go and work there, i have some important work then i will think about job, he is about to leave but gets call from Vikas, Vikas ask him to come to haldi venue, Monty says Savitri and family will make us go crazy, they are changing decorations in every minute, Ravi says i have some work, i will come there.

Gayetri ask Saket to change clothes, Saket says i am going to Devikas house, Gayetri says you cant meet your bride before marriage, Saket says what stupid ritual is this? this is my haldi and i will do it my way, i will come after meeting and will do my haldi, make guests wait else they can leave, leaves.

Ravi comes to Devikas house, Ravi says why you people are changing decorations every minute, Shekhar says Ajay i asked you to do decorations, Ajay says i asked Sanjay, Shekhar scolds Sanjay for not doing his work, he says sorry to Ravi, Ravi says i am sorry to be rude, Ravi ask where are decoration things, i will do it, Rekha says its in Devikas room, i will bring it, Ravi says no you sit, i will bring it, he goes, Rekha is impressed.

Devika is getting for haldi, she is wearing yellow sari, she is trying to tie dori of her sari, Ravi comes there, she ask what are you doing here? he says i have come to take things, Devika says i will give it to you, she hides her back, she ask Ravi to go for now, i will give it later, Ravi says i will take it, she says no, she is shy as her back is open, Ravi sees it in mirror, he says why i am feeling that you are not liking my presence, Devika says nothing like that, Ravi says maybe you wanna talk to Saket, Devika says yes my call is coming you, go, Ravi says yesterday you said you have nothing for saket and now saying this? Ravi says you are behaving weirdly, he says i feel something is open, she gets shy, she says what you mean? Ravi says i am mean your room is open, DEvika says we have rearranged things, Ravi takes box of decoration while involving her in talk and leaves, DEvika have sigh of relief, she tries to close her dori, Ravi comes and says i will do it, he looks other side and ties her dori, she sees him not looking at her, she is tensed, Ravi does it and ask her to smile, she smiles and says thanks, Ravi leaves, DEvika looks at her dori in mirror.

Scene 3

Savitri is handling work in house, Rekha says everything is done, Rekha ask Sakshi and Pallavi to go and see Devika, Saket comes there, Sakshi ask Pallavi what he is doing here? they find Ravi there too, Sakshi ask what are you doing here? Ravi says its secret, i will tell you later, they leave, Saket sees Ravi there and says to Saket that today is out haldi so i have right to come here, right? Savitri says yes only you have right, Saket says i wanna apply haldi to Devika so that our love goes stronger and nobody can come inbetween us, he stares at Ravi, he comes to Ravi and says you came here? Ravi says i had to come, Saket ask what are you doing? Ravi says i am finding proof as someone is trying to spoil a life, i am trying to save it, Saket says keep trying, Saket says you cannot snatch my happiness from me, try as much as you want.

ananya comes to market, Raghu and men are following her, Ananya thinks who are these people? she gets tensed and leaves from there, Raghu follows her, Ananya hides, Raghu says where did she go? he ask men to go and find her, he is finding her too, he leaves, Ananya thinks why they are behind me?

Devika comes in hall after getting ready, she sees Ravi and Saket standing there, she leaves, Saket says i got what i wanted, he leaves.

PRECAP- Saket is applying Haldi on Devikas hand in cheap desparate manner, Devika is tensed, Ravi is angered seeing this.

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