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SS:IGNITING HER SILENT HEART (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 38 times)


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Here, We are with something interesting and most promising thing to everyone.

We, Iansomer, Nakshu_Haya, Kalai and Sankadevi_Lg are here to give you all a VISUAL TREAT

Teamwork and Collaboration does wonderful things. you will see the proof very soon when we launch our very own SS.


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Are you Guys Wondering What is INKS?

Introducing our First Writer 

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S FOR SANKADEVI_LG (Sri), Ms. I’m so patient, Having ability to handle all the kiddos in INKS, the sweetest of all.

So that’s what we are……… THE INKS……

Guys, Remember   No ‘I’ in Teams.

We all will try to make Our Team Work as DREAM WORK

Are you guys excited to know the plot?  

For that, You all have to wait till then we are launching out promotion trailer for our SS.

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INKS - don’t thINK it, INK it

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Prologue, Teaser and Banners are up.............. (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 57 times)

The Banner of Igniting her Silent Heart:

The Teaser of Igniting her Silent Heart:

You can get the video link in the Facebook comment section below. As I can't upload in you tube because of copyrighted problem, I have uploaded in Facebook.

The Prologue:

She stumbled on the rough stones lying in her path but she supported herself  somehow. she was not going to fall today. It is said that when you face the prospect of death your life flashes before your eyes but for this girl it was not her past that was flashing in front of her. All that was on her mind was the determination to save her dignity, survive this night and live to see tomorrow. Who says a women is not strong?

Khushi Gupta is a living example of a strong,determined girl.

She took the first turn she saw and bright headlights blinded her but she was quick to recover. She ran in front of the car not caring about her life, thankfully the driver applied the brakes urgently and she managed to cross the road and duck into the next alleyway.

“Oh God”. She breathed a sigh of relief at finally feeling safe. She was shaking vigorously due to the fear of them finding her again but she was overwhelmed by the anger she felt for the Khanna’s.

How could those dogs think so low? Was the world really this cruel? Honesty has no value? She sobbed her heart out not knowing since how long she sat there under the midnight moon,shivering and crying.

Finally as the sun started rising she wiped her tears fuming with anger. She would no longer be a poor frail girl. She would rise like this sun and shine brighter than anyone. She is no lesser than those rascals. She would earn a name in this world and make them pay. She will carve her own destiny in the face of fate and she will learn from her mistakes like a true winner.

She will never trust men. They are two faced dogs who care about no one. She will not be played as the innocent bystander any more. She stood up her head held high, determination dripping from her face. she started treading on the first steps towards her NEW LIFE.

To be continued........

Stay tuned

Will catch you all soon with the chapter1

until then its by from

Iansomer Nakshu_haya Kalai Sankadevi_lg

Jul 1, 2015

Collab SS : Igniting her silent heart Part 1 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 57 times)

First of all, Thank you so much each and everyone who read the prologue and responded. Thank you...

AND, Here I want to give a test to OUR ( iansomer, Kalai, Nakshu_Haya and Sri) readers. Do you want to know what it is? nothing big, it's just after reading the part you have to tell me which part was written by whom   As we are writing for long time and I'm sure you guys are reading too, so let's see how many caught our style . Are you ready? Good... I will be waiting for your answers...

Here is the

Part 1 :

‘I’m standing on the line between giving up and seeing how much I can take. Life was never good with me. The path through which I came was not made of rose petals, it’s made of rocks and thorns. I , Khushi Gupta, a self made woman is now in search of a Job, the one thing i need the most right now. Thinking about my previous job, you would think it’s better to be jobless rather than having such a job that is why I resigned. I don’t want my past to affect my future. Hope I succeed in making my life’ Khushi sighed thinking about her life, while entering into one of the Fashion houses in this city.

‘This is my 10th interview that i’m gonna give in these two days. Hopefully this is the final one that changes my life for the better.’ she thought while glancing at the oak desk where the receptionist was typing away hurriedly.

Khushi walked over and said “Excuse Me.”

Receptionist looked up at her leaving her work “Yes, What can I do for you Mam?”.

“My name is Khushi Gupta. I have an job interview at 10 am.” Khushi said politely.

Receptionist smiled at her and said, “Yes Mam,  please wait here(showing the waiting room), Let me inform Our Manager”

Saying that the receptionist headed towards a cabin. Khushi took a seat in the waiting room anxiously chewing her nails out of habit. Thankfully the receptionist returned with the manager soon thus saving kushi’s nails from being completely bitten off.

“Hello i am the manager of  JD TEXTILES.You are here for a job interview I understand?” he said while looking at her from head to toe.

“Yes i am sir.” khushi replied nervously sensing his lusty gaze on her.

“come this way so we shall start.”he walked towards his cabin with khushi in tow.

Khushi clutched her resume tightly,her nails digging into the folder trying to release some of her tension on the file.

“So Ms Beautiful , I am Mr Mehta the manager of JD. you are here for the job of Jr Fashion Designer, right?” He asked looking at her in an  inappropriate way.

“Yes sir, I'm here for Jr.FD. Here is my resume”Khushi gave her resume to him. Her hands were wet with  sweat. She was so nervous with his so called sweet talks and looks.

“Ms.Gupta, you can keep your resume  with yourself,  You are hired. But on One Condition?” Mr.Mehta without speaking much, came to his point.

“Condition” Khushi Stammered.

Making his cheap intentions very clear he got up from his chair and came around the table invading khushi’s personal space.

“Yes condition Khushi” he said lustily. “you see i am the head here. Whomever i choose gets to be the Jr designer and for me to choose you i should see what you can do for me. Dont you think?” Mehta said pressing her shoulder with his hands.

Khushi felt disgusted and stood up from her chair shrugging his hands instantly...

“What do you mean Mr. Mehta?” She asked with her eyes spitting anger.

“I know that you know what I’m asking khushi. Yes, I mean what you are thinking” Mehta said nearing her

That’s it… immediately after his words left his mouth, his eyes became blurry, his heartbeat rose, his cheek winced in pain due to her one tight slap...

“Is that enough or you want to see what else I can do for you Mr Mehta?” Khushi said furiously. Mr. Mehta was so shocked with her guts that he couldn't open his mouth.

“I think you would like to see more” saying this khushi grabbed her file and kicked her chair back and braced her legs apart.

Counting in her head till 3 she kicked him hard making him buckle over in pain. “Never Ever In your life ask this again to any girl Mr Mehta”

Saying this khushi walked out of the cabin. Mr mehta’s intercom rang and his receptionist said “Sir , Here is another girl for an interview”  

“Please ask that sister to come to my cabin after some minutes” Mr Mehta trembled and groaned in pain and fell to his knees.

Khushi was feeling elated at having taught a lesson to that Mehta but she was back again from where she started,  jobless. she thought grimly.

She was walking aimlessly on the road without knowing her destination. She didn’t had her breakfast nor lunch, she is not hungry enough to eat, but have to, FOR HER 11TH INTERVIEW.

She saw a food stall selling sandwiches. She thought something is better than nothing. Taking some money out of her purse she made way towards the stall.

She saw a car parked nearby with its bonnet open and an old man standing near it with his back turned to her talking to his driver. “I need that car to be fixed immediately. Find any mechanic near by or else i will be late to my meeting for the first time in my life. can u believe it? Me and unpunctual?”

Khushi smiled hearing his voice. It was just like her dad’s, sweet and stern at the same time. She kept her money back and headed over to his Mercedes deciding to help him.

“Good afternoon Sir” she greeted him politely. That man turned to her and looked at her. “Can i help you” she said with a genuine smile. He was surprised thinking how this petite girl can help him. “Nothing is impossible Sir, true determination and hard work can achieve anything” saying this as if she  read his thoughts, she went towards the open bonnet. She spent few minutes tampering the wires.That man in the armani suit came near her and watched her keenly observing her. After that she turned towards that driver and asked him to start now. He did as she said. He tried. Then finally that Mercedes roared alerting everyone.

That man was taken aback with her skill. He thanked her. She smiled back saying “You are welcome”. Suddenly he thought he has seen her somewhere. Before his mind could conclude she had left to the stall. As he’s already late, he just sat in and the Mercedes zoomed. But he kept thinking about her. Finally it halted picturizing her figure. He has seen her in KB Fashion House. “But what is she doing here… at this time…” he thought. He dialed his PA to get the information. What he heard made him angry. “How dare they do that to her…” muttering furiously he again dialed his PA and ordered his thing.

Khushi felt her sandwich was difficult to swallow. She closed her eyes and gulped. Somewhere she heard the ring. Coming to reality she looked at her cell which was ringing with an unknown number. She attended it hesitatingly. It was a call for her next interview. Sighing deeply she looked her watch and drank some water. She then started to move towards her new destination.


Nayasa_Khan : Thank you... We made the image in Photoshop, not online

Imaanjillani : Thanks for your trust and love. I hope we won't disappoint you with future updates.

Lily30 : Thank you...

Tparvaiz : Thank you...

Noordina : You will get all the answers, just follow the story

V1184 : Here is the Part 1. Hope you liked it

sheya : Thank you...

Jelebigirl : Thank you...

clau18 : Thank you... Hope your wait paid enough

Arshi_Shreya : Hahahha... here is the update. Hope you enjoyed

Imaanjillani : Thank you...


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CHAPTER 2: (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 66 times)

‘Don’t Know whats waiting for me here?’ Sighing she stood before the huge building muttering prayers under her breath.

“AR DESIGNS” She read the Name board that stood within it’s  proud glory. She entered the office only to witness people working seriously as if the knife was hanging  just above their head.

Wondering about the strict environment she headed towards the reception

“Excuse me” She asked thinking ‘God.. How many times should I repeat the same dialogue again and Again?’

Receptionist looking at her “Are you Ms. Gupta?”

Khushi nodded at her, thinking ‘How does she know my name?’

Receptionist “MD is waiting for you Ms.Gupta. You can go this way, upstairs , second room” She guided Khushi to meet the MD of AR.

Khushi thanked her and moved towards the Cabin…

“Will I get this job?” was the only question that was ringing in her mind.

She saw the name board and read it loud “HARISH SINGH RAIZADA”

‘I have heard this name before. But Where?’ Thinking deeply, she knocked the door thrice.

After hearing the same sweet and stern voice “Come in” She entered the cabin.

She looked up to find the familiar person sitting before her.


“Welcome to AR, Ms. Gupta”

“SIR!!??” if she was surprised seeing him there then she was even more surprised and shocked to hear him welcoming her into the company

“You are appointed as head designer of AR designs”

“What? But how? When? I mean you didn’t see my profile or you didn’t take my interview?”

“But I know you well enough to take you in my company. I never want to lose such a talented person. After all I need them to run my company” he smiled at her

Khushi looked at him not knowing how to react. She kept looking at him with wide eyes and open mouth. Mr. Raizada smiled looking at her shocked face and said “I know it’s a shock to you, but it’s true. you are appointed. I hope you won’t disappoint me”

With that she came out of her shock and composed herself “Sure sir, I will try my best to do the work. I promise you, my work will be the first priority to me. Thanks for the opportunity you gave, I will never make you regret  this decision of yours” Khushi said with a small smile on her lips and happy twinkle in her eyes.

She turned to go but stopped in Middle , she looked at him and asked “ Do you know me from before? “

“Yes” He nodded at her.


“AR is the Rival of KB Fashion House”

Shock was evident in her face… She looked at him with doubtful eyes.

“I know everything that happened there” He said confirming her doubt.

“Then, How come you offered me this job?” She questioned back at him.

“I know about you.. I know you had no hand in that issue. I also know that it was planned by Mr.Khanna. You don’t have to worry about that issue. Now you are an AR employee. All the best. You can continue your work. Yeah, get your appointment letter from my manager” He said and gave her warm smile.

His smile gave her, a very much needed support.

Khushi nodded at him , “Thank You Sir”

“Mention Not” Saying this he got immersed in his work.

Khushi left his cabin, while leaving she looked back at him… she don’t know why she wanted to see him again, but she felt so.. She was feeling like as if Her father was sitting there and working.

‘Her father?’ Smiling at her stupid thoughts, she moved to Manager’s cabin.

She stood before the cabin and knocked once…, she heard “come in”

She entered the cabin saying “Good Afternoon Sir” but stood surprised seeing her one and only friend in her life, Aman Mathur.


“Hey Khush………… Come in na” Aman said, Surprised and shocked to find his friend.

“What are you doing here?”

“Excuse me?....... Of course working here as a manager”


“Khush… Do you have any problem with me working here?” Aman asked her teasingly.

“NO.. No at all………… Infact I’m happy to have my friend working here along with me” Khushi said to him, feeling relieved about having got her friend back.

“But Khush…….. If i do remember, you were working for KB Fashion House na?” He questioned her to clarify his doubt.

“Aman, Please shall we drop this topic. I’m in no more mood to explain everything to you yaar” Khushi said to him, making her intention crystal clear that she doesn’t want to speak about it anymore.

“Ok relax Khush”  Aman said trying to calm her.

“Aman… Where is My appointment letter yaar?” Khushi asked him trying to distract him from the topic.

“Ms.Pam from HR department will bring  your appointment letter signed by the CEO”


“So… How are you doing?”

“For Now, I'm Fine Aman”

Someone knocked the door…

Pam entered  the cabin, gave aman the file signed by the CEO and left the cabin.

“Here Khushi….. Your appointment letter. You can join day after tomorrow” Aman said giving her the file.

“Thank You Aman” Saying so she stood up and shook hands with him.

After some little chit chat , she left the cabin bidding bye to him.

precap: first meeting of arshi. gear up people. thankyou for all your support guys. INKS LOVE U.

Jul 9, 2015

CHAPTER 3 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 54 times)


Khushi left AR with a light heart and a smile on her face. She finally had a respectful job and she could go ahead in the field of fashion which was always her dream. She was confident with her sheer hard work she would prove her mettle to everyone and finally have her own chain of fashion houses across India. 

She was also more confident that her best friend from her childhood Aman Mathur is also working in the same office. She got sad remembering that, for past many years she had lost contact with him due to her hectic life and obstacles. She had stopped  talking to every single one of her friends and still she was grateful for having such a wonderful friend who didn't bat an eyelid in accepting her back. That is why she trusted Aman, her friend, her guide more than anyone of her friends ofcourse. He was the person who had supported her after her parents died in a horrible accident. Some drunk driver had ran their car off the bridge into the water, she was the lone survivor of that accident. She was the apple of her dad's eyes. When none of her relatives came forward to take her she was sent to an orphanage at the mere age of 7 she was troubled with survivor's guilt and the loss of her parents. She was in constant grief, living like a zombie when Aman had become her friend. Soon they had been the best friends and they were famous for their  fun, pranks and friendship. 

She laughed a little at remembering Gayatri maasi who had linked her with Aman and a blushing Aman had clarified that Khushi was like his little sister. Then she had turned 20 and received a job at KB Fashion House. She had been on seventh sky, she had rented a one bedroom apartment in a simple neighbourhood and worked hard at her job. Slowly with her salary she had decorated the house and made it a home. 

She had been a KB employee for 4 years and she was going good.

Then came that fateful night when she was working late at the office on an upcoming bridal show project... the 5th floor was always restricted to the staff but she had gone there that night and what she found had rocked her entire world. 

She had found out that Mr Khanna bribed and scammed clients to earn more money. He even paid arsonists to burn down his rival’s  cloth factories. He paid money to get clients. She was beyond shocked. She had been working for such a man all these years!!!

She being the naive girl that she was decided to confront him right then and there. She still remembered how she had demanded them to stop this injustice and work honesty and in turn they had threatened to blame this all on her. She knew they had enough power and connections to do that. She had resisted their attempts to involve her in the dirty work. She had resigned on the spot which had enraged them to the extent of trying to attack her.  The spoilt son of Khanna had even tried to take advantage of her that night but her will to survive had saved her from that lusty dog. She had survived the night and after getting a job at AR she was on her way to shine bright like a sun. A new Khushi was born that day, a fierce less, strong independent Khushi,  who will not bow down to others will, she was not naive anymore. 

She shook her head to clear her mind. She would no more think of the past because with that came all the hurt she wanted to forget. Instead she started to get her things ready for office the next morning. After all she had a job at AR designs - another form of perfection. 

2 days later, at 8.30 in the morning Khushi was up and running around to get ready with new energy and enthusiasm. 

Khushi rushed through the glass doors into her new office, she was planning to reach 15 minutes earlier to make a good impression on her boss Harish singh raizada. 

She was few feet away when she saw the lift door closing running like a lucknow express she was just in time to stop the doors from closing. Huffing she entered the elevator and breathed a gulp of air. “Damn these elevators” she muttered. Failing to notice the handsome man standing beside her looking Smoking Hot in his 3 piece armani suit stood... Arnav singh raizada... the one and only heir of AR designs.  He glanced towards Khushi admiring her looks when Khushi turned towards him….

That’s when his world had stopped. Her side profile had not prepared him for the beauty she emitted when standing face to face. Her hazel brown eyes had him captivated instantly, he saw the shock registered at her face at seeing him. He saw a glimpse of fear flash in her eyes quickly overcome by slight anger and confidence. It was safe to say he was highly intrigued. 

Khushi slapped herself in her mind how could she be so stupid not to notice the handsome man in the elevator before her…. Handsome?? she slapped herself again. What the hell was she thinking. Being all alone in the lift with him had dredged up that black night again but she had quickly pushed it back down and turned away from him. She pressed the 6th floor button and paid no heed to him. 

“Hi miss, how are you?” Arnav asked trying to get more information about the hazel beauty with long silky hair. The red kurta she was wearing highlighted her fair complexion making her look like a delicate doll. 

Khushi had heard him perfectly fine after all 24 was no age to start going deaf but she ignored him. She ruffled in her bag and took out her ipod, plugging in the headphone she put them in her ears intently ignoring him and turned the volume to max. Her ears hurt with the blaring sound causing her to wince but she bared it so she wouldn't have to talk to him. 

To say Arnav was intrigued would be an understatement. He was highly amused by her antics and also surprised at her audacity. No girl had ever refused a chance to talk to him even if they didn’t know his status in the fashion world, his looks were more than enough to get him the girls where as this girl was not at all showing any interest in him. He was plagued with a moment of self doubt that maybe she didn't find him handsome enough but he shook that thought out quickly, he was not arrogant but he knew he was good looking.  

Oh god this was the most dreadful lift ride ever, the great ASR doubted his good looks, a girl blatantly ignored him and refused to look at him. He was mildly hurt but his interest sparked. Lets see till when she can resist my good looks. He thought straightening his collar and smirking. His confidence was back. He straightened his tie and when the lift opened he saw her preparing to move out he purposely moved at the same time and she bumped into his chest. He said a simple “sorry” and walked out of the elevator pretending to not look at her whereas in fact he did a mental happy dance because he had seen the blush creeping up her cheeks, coating her face in a rosy pink. “HELL YES SHE IS AFFECTED” His mind cheered. 

Khushi cursed herself for changing color… that too in front of him…. he was probably just a good for nothing employee of AR. she huffed and exited the elevator after him. She said to herself “damn my face everytime turns red in anger” She took a deep breath and headed towards aman’s office to ask where her workplace was. She wanted to start as soon as possible because she knew only work will keep her mind off  her troubles which just seemed to be increasing after her meeting with that flirtatious lift guy. 

Soon Aman had assigned her a desk which was  in front of  Mr. Harish’s office and Aman had also told her that the office straight in front of her desk was of the boss’s son. She looked at the glass doors, the cabin looked spacious with tasteful furniture inside but to her surprise no one was inside. She checked her watch which said it was already 9:15 and everyone was suppose to be in the office sharp 9:00 because the boss didn't like anyone being late. that was the first warning aman had given to her. 

“Why is Harish Sir’s son not in the office yet?” Khushi asked Aman while setting her things on her desk. 

“Oh him? The Arnav Singh Raizada” You will see him in the office cafeteria probably having fun with his friends or flirting with the office staffs there and also one suggestion if you want models to do the fashion show rehearsal i suggest you will find them wherever Arnav is.” Khushi was very much surprised by this revelation. Harish singh raizada, the stern man who followed his principles religiously and was a man known for his discipline in the industry had a son like that? She hated people like that who thought if their father is rich they can do anything. they make others feel like trash and don't know the value of hard work.

Aman saw Khushi lost in thoughts with a frown on her face to distract her he reminded her about the conference in room D12 at sharp 10:00am and went to complete his work after all being the manager of AR was no easy feat.


Khushi soon busied herself in office work. She even completed a bridal lehenga design. Soon it was time for the conference. Taking devi maiya’s name she entered the room and saw most of the people were already seated in and rest were piling through the other door of the conference room. She took a deep breath and found a seat for herself. After being seated comfortably in the spacious chair, she waited for the CEO to start the meeting. After a minute or two, Harish Singh Raizada entered the hall gathering everyone’s attention. Soon meeting was started. Khushi’s entire attention was on the presentation, noting down all the important points discussed.

Out of NoWhere, Someone entered the hall turning everyone’s attention on him. Khushi was surprised to see the same man whom she met in the lift. “How can one be late for a meeting? I’m damn sure MD is gonna scold and throw him out of the hall” thinking this, she smiled inwardly. But what happened was completely opposite of her thought. She saw Harish welcoming him warmly. Later what followed this was a shock for her.

“Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to Introduce my Son , Arnav Singh Raizada” Harish said introducing him to everyone...

“Son?” Khushi was still in her shock.. Arnav’s eyes wandered at everyone’s face and finally settled at her. Khushi felt nervous sensing his gaze on her. Arnav smirked seeing her so worked up because of his presence. He sensed she looked shocked at knowing who he really was. “Maybe now she regrets not showing any interest in me” He thought, what he didn’t know was this was only causing her anger to boil further at him. First he comes late to the meeting only because he is the owners son and now he is looking at her like she is the only one in this room. And what is with that smirk. what the hell has he achieved that he is smirking about it, She bristled.

Soon the meeting ended though Khushi had to work extra hard to keep her mind focused. 

“I hope everyone is clear regarding the new project. We shall start it soon after the client’s approval till then i want everyone to finish their pending projects. good bye.” Harish said and left the conference hall. Arnav delayed and stayed behind waiting for the room to clear.

Khushi immediately headed towards the door but heard someone saying “Hey listen up darling!” She thought it was for someone.. but again she heard “Hey ****y!!!.. I’m Calling you only” She turned around and saw him sitting in the chair with his legs up on the table. She focused all her anger on that chair and prepared to give this man a piece of her mind. 

precap: fight


once again guys thankyou for your support and love. now comment how did you like first meeting? please silent readers do give feedback it motivates alot.

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its ok
Jul 11, 2015

CHAPTER 4 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 45 times)

Khushi moved towards him, she was now right next to his chair. “You said something sir? I couldn't hear you.” She pretended, giving him a chance to right his mistake but it was not Arnav’s lucky day.

“I said... darling would you like to go out for coffee with me?”

Putting the most fake dazzling smile on her face Khushi replied “I’d rather die of thirst but NO thanks.” She relished the look of shock and outrage on his face at being rejected. He was 100% sure she would agree now after knowing his status.  

He dropped his legs of the table and stood up straight.

“Anything else sir?” She said knowing perfectly well she was insulting him politely.

He shook his head and she left after saying through gritted teeth “Have a good day.”

Now Arnav was in a dilemma what was this girl made of. Why was she repeatedly saying no to his advances. He thought of checking her resume to make sure she was single. He called Aman and asked for a copy of her file. A perplexed Aman brought her file and handed it to him. Arnav opened it and spend more than enough time staring at her picture. Aman cleared his throat after seeing ASR hadn’t turned the page since so long, causing Arnav to jerk back to reality and turn the page. He saw her name written in bold “Khushi GUPTA” hmm so thats her name  “Khushi” it rolled of his tongue easily. Such a sweet name but why was there no happiness in her eyes when they were in that elevator. He closed the file without reading anything else and handed it back to Aman after all he had what he need her name and her status which was to his relief single.

“Okay… she’s clearly not like other girls… who will do anything for my single gaze… Arnav… I think you need to work a bit more… to get her attention….” thinking this with a glint in his eyes he ordered a fresh rose bouquet and asked everyone to clear the last storage room of the office.

That evening he knew Khushi would come to the storage to put away her finished designs he would be waiting for her. He had never done so much for a girl but this one seemed special. For some insane reason he wanted her to accept him.

Khushi walked slowly towards the storage room, exhausted after the entire day of working but feeling happy that she was independant now. Entering the storage she got the biggest shock of her life. The bright yellow lights of the room were dimmed to create a golden glow everywhere. In the middle stood Arnav Singh Raizada with a bouquet in his hand.

“Hi Khushi” with a dashing smile. Khushi started to burn in anger instantly. She tried to compose herself. She can see the rose bouquet in his hand. “Hi baby. You look pretty like always” he winked. “Changed your mind yet? I know a really cool restaurant few blocks away. It has really delicious coffee and snacks. shall we head over there and spend some quality time together this evening?” Arnav tried his charm with her for the third time.

“Seems like you are really in need of coffee… If you want one…, please go and get it… I’m not in mood to have one” Khushi said sarcastically.

“But i want to have coffee with you.. Really A Very Hot Coffee” He hinted his intention very clearly.

“If lines like that work i pity my gender Mr Raizada.” Khushi bristled. He just stood in front of her aggravating her further with that stupid smirk on his face as if he was very sure that her answer would be yes. Oh he was in for a lot of shock. Khushi thought.

She moved towards the centre of the room right in front of him and took the bouquet from his stretched hands. She pretended to see them for a minute and the next minute the roses were ten feet in the air crashing down near her feet. she stepped on them, crushing them and stood toe to toe with him. “Surprised Mr? That how can I reject the mighty ASR? You think your wealth, your status matters to me? You think now that I know you are the worthless heir to this company I will agree for coffee with you? You are very much mistaken Sir. This wealthy means nothing to me. I dont even trust men like you to be kind enough to anyone. You are just a man drunk on power thinking he can have anything he wants.” Khushi said in his face in a quietly calm voice which was highlighting her deadly anger underneath the calm facade. “You think after seeing your status I will be lying at your feet begging for attention? I would rather die then take your wealth, you aren’t even rich. This is your dad’s company. Have you ever earned a single penny by yourself? If you didn’t have the name Raizada attached to you what are you? So stop pestering me and look for someone else as your flavour of the week. I am not the type who will dance to your whims and pleasures.” Khushi took a deep breath finally having released her pent up anger on the spoilt brat of AR industries and left the room by slamming the door really hard ‘poor door’.

Arnav stood there not understanding what’s just happened. he looked at the door from where Khushi left. Then at the crushed roses near his feet.

‘What the hell just happened? Is asking for coffee that much big mistake? Did I sound that much desperate to her? Did i sound that worst? Oh hell, Arnav you are gone case now dude… you have to be careful with this fiery Lioness. Or else she will strangle you to death or she will strip you apart.  Just cool down, relax and observe her first then try to understand her life. Oh God(ASR and GOD… LOL)… but why in the hell i’m hell bent on thinking about her?’ he left an irritated sigh and walked towards outside of the office but not before bending and picking up a rose that was spared from the wrath of Khushi Gupta and keeping it safe in his pocket.He made a promise with himself that he will be the one to return her lost happiness one way or another.

Next day

He looked at the cabin which is opposite to his father’s. he didn’t know why but he was disturbed he wanted to see her face, those pain filled eyes. he wanted to see her smile for once, at least for once. he want to see her happy - not for once but for always. he stood at the window and looked at the parking from where all the AR employees are entering. his mind is filled with Khushi’s thoughts. yesterday night he couldn’t sleep for some or other reason. he felt like he had lost something he deserves. After standing for long time and thinking about particular her, he turned back and came to sit on his chair. he wanted to see her before he left for his day out.

Not able to wait for long, he called Aman and asked about Khushi…

“Sir, she went to a meeting along with Harish sir. Why sir, do you need anything?”

“No nothing, I just want to see the designs she is doing. that’s all. by the way, when will she return?”

“Don’t know sir, it depends on the meeting and after meeting formalities” Aman didn’t want his best friend to be in this spoilt Raizada’s books. He admires Arnav for his talent and ability of tackling people. But he hates Arnav for his flirtatious behavior. So, he decided not to give any information about Khushi to Arnav.

His thoughts got disturbed by Arnav’s roar in his cabin

“What the hell is this Aman? I’m talking here with my loud voice from long and you are daydreaming?” Arnav entered Aman’s cabin fuming in anger.

“Sir…” Aman looked at him surprisingly. “How did you come here through phone sir?” not knowing what he is asking to whom, Aman blabbered the question in hurry…

“Seriously Aman… if it was not you, then I would have killed that person by now. What the hell is wrong with you? fine leave it… i don’t have any time to listen your stupid things. I’m leaving now and inform dad that i came to office and left. And yeah, don’t say anything to him if he doesn’t ask, okay?” Aman nodded his head “Good… bye” with that the mighty spoilt brat left the office towards his destination not knowing what he is going to face there...

Arnav threw the car keys to the security guard and entered into the restaurant with a spring in his step and whistle on his lips. The restaurant staff led him to the place booked by him for his day out with friends. Every one shouted seeing him there and wished him good Morning. They ordered breakfast, drinks and other eatables  they wanted. They teased waiters, they commented on other people at near by tables and they did everything to irritate others. They made the restaurant almost a fish market. Why wouldn’t they? After all they all are rich spoilt brats,  friends of another rich spoilt brat. Arnav was enjoying his friends' antics and comments. He sat leisurely leaning on the couch and supporting his legs on table. He smiled at one of his friend when he saw he tried to go behind a girl to tease her. He called to him saying leave her. But his friend  groaned in irritation

"Don't be a good boy ASR,  let us enjoy"

Arnav smiled at that and sat silently messaging his online friends about their day out and uploading the images. He lost the connection with what his friends were doing beside him.

Seeing him busy two of his friends left the table and neared one girl who is walking with an old man. After few minutes when Arnav looked up he saw his friends trying to grab girls veil when the old man is stopping them. Suddenly Arnav felt going there as that old man and the girl needs him. He immediately came to his feet and rushed towards them. When he reaches there he heard his friends saying "You may stop us. But not our friend. He is best in these situation. Now face him" they smiled evilly….

The old man and the girl beside him turned back to see him. Arnav stood there like a statue seeing his father and tear eyed Khushi with shock.

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Chapter 5 of Igniting her Silent Heart (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 57 times)

Here is the Update guys... Enjoy...

Arnav felt the floor slip away from under his feet. He saw Khushi clutching Harish’s arm and trying to hide behind him what he didnt know was this had dredged up the same fear she had felt on that black night of her life. “Dad….” Arnav could only mumble. Hearing Arnav calling that man dad all of his friends were stumped. They quickly returned Khushi’s dupatta back and  tried to move back inconspicuously. By now most of the restaurant staff was surrounding them as both the Raizada men were a regular customer there, Arnav was famous for his parties whereas Harish had his business meeting here all the time.

“Arnav in my car NOW” Harish grounded out, trying to compose himself and not create a scene in front of all. Saying this he patted Khushi’s head and took her with him out of there holding her by shoulder. Arnav quietly followed them. He could see Khushi’s shoulders shaking due to her silent sobs she was trying so hard to hide. He felt miserable seeing her crying and cursed his friends for crossing the line.

One thing confused his poor soul. “Is she the one… who fired like a canon yesterday… is sobbing now uncontrollably…” he looked at his Dad who is holding her as if protecting her from something evil. His mind couldn't picture it clearly. He simply sat in the car in the passenger seat while Harish and Khushi sat behind.

Slowly he looked the mirror only to watch a broken Khushi with tearful eyes. He could also sense his Dad’s worry lines. He observed her again… still her shivers did not subsided. Now he got more curious as what had happened with her all of a sudden… she could have blasted his friends just like that… but she didnt. This increased his curiosity to know more about her. Finally his brain worked up and hinted that she is actually scared… of something…. 'then why that anger in her eyes…. Is she pretending herself to be rude keeping her original self in shell?' He thought. His thoughts were disturbed by Harish words

"Is this what you and your friends are doing everyday Arnav? Abusing innocent girls?"

"No dad"

"Then why didn't you stop your friends when they said you are the best?”

Arnav don't know what to say. Even though he never abused girls directly he enjoyed their uncomfortable state. He looked Khushi through the mirror and thought 'does every girl feel this horrible with our teasing?'

"I never expected this from you Arnav. I thought you were enjoying your life but never thought you will become this cruel by enjoying others pain. You have disappointed me" Harish was really hurt today seeing his son in that situation. He turned to Khushi and said "Khushi beta,  I'm sorry on behalf of him. Forgive me for my bad upbringing. I don't know how to remove your fear. Sorry for not being able to help you in avoiding your past. And sorry for being the father to the person who reminded you  your bad days. I'm really sorry dear"

Khushi heard everything while crying. Not able to control herself and not able to lose this care and missing her father she kept her head in Harish’s lap cried her heart out. Harish patted her head trying to console her. Few minutes later Khushi composed herself feeling the fatherly touch on her head. She wiped her tears and sat up straight. Arnav glanced at them with confused and surprised eyes. He couldn't understand what his father was talking  about. He needed to know otherwise he wouldn’t get sleep,  he knew that very well.

"Dad…."he tried

"Not now Arnav. I'm not in a good mood. I will talk with you once we reach office. Khushi beta I understand if you want to take the rest of the day off… go home and rest. I will ask the driver to drop you to where you live.”

“No no uncle I mean sir I am perfectly fine now. I will manage my office work. Thankyou for the consideration but locking myself in the house is not going to do me any good so its better if I work. I will go to the office with you if it's ok or I can take a taxi as well.”

Harish’s eyes filled with pride at her determined spirit which was not deterred come what may.

“Dont be silly beta of course you will come with me to the office you think I am going to let you take a taxi? I am wounded” he said with mock hurt, amu****t shining in his eyes as he saw a small smile curl on her face.

He finally called his driver to come and drive them to the office. His Khushi beta will bounce back from this as well. She was a  very strong girl with a spine of steel. She might be weak or vulnerable for some moments but she did her best to stay on her feet and like always this time too she succeeded.

His face was grim as he thought about his son Arnav, he was shocked at the atrocity happening today. Come what may he always thought his son would never have such hideous friends who were a disgrace to human beings. What intrigued him more was that his son has genuine anguish in his eyes as he looked at Khushi sobbing her heart out. Why did he look so affected by her tears. On top of that he had not missed his sneaky glances through the car mirror, why did he felt the need to make sure Khushi was alright….

Hmmm he would have to look into this matter. He didn't know when he had started treating Khushi like a daughter, he really admired her inspirational personality and she had the talent to make any big problem just a small nuisance. Maybe his son would be able to learn from her that to handle the world and the obstacles in life one needed the spirit and dedication she has.

To be continued..


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CHAPTER 6 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 41 times)


Harish came out from his thoughts by Arnav's phone ring. Seeing the name Arnav disconnected the call. Sighing deeply  in disappointment Harish got down from the car as they reached the office. He waited till Khushi joined him. He didn't want Khushi to be alone with his son. Whatever happened today is enough to get worried about an innocent girl. He moved towards his cabin along with Khushi. He asked Aman to come to his cabin. He also asked Khushi to sit in office as he wants to talk about the project with her.

"Dad I'm sorry"Arnav said for the first time in his life unable to meet his father’s eyes. Even though he knew he was not the one misbehaving with Khushi but nor had he paid any heed to stopping  his friends on other occasions. “It won’t happen again.”

“It won’t Happen again?.. Arnav.. A Lot Has Happened even before my eyes. You can’t justify this act of yours” Harish Snapped at him. His eyes depicting the hurt he felt at his son’s actions.

“Dad… I’m really sorry for their act.. The fact is I was  not aware of this incident” Arnav tried explaining to his dad.

“Not Aware?... Arnav the whole restaurant was watching us.. you are saying, you were unaware of this as if you were not in this world” Harish Question him.

“Dad trust me If I had known this was happening with Khushi I would have stopped it before it started”

“Khushi?.... This should never happen to any girl Arnav.. Its not about only Khushi… What will you do if Gayatri was iyour mom was in Khushi’s place?”

Arnav lowered his head ashamed of himself.. He couldn’t even face his dad now.. He never thought that he will face this situation in his life. His eyes darted towards Khushi. Her tear stained face and her vulnerable look making his heart unsettled. He moved towards her but stopped by his dad's voice.

"Don't you dare Arnav?... Don’t you dare go near her?" Harish shouted at top of his voice.

Arnav had never seen his dad with so much anger.

"You had done enough damages. You can leave now. Whatever it is, we will discuss at home. Get back to work, Now" Harish said to him gritting his teeth. Arnav left his cabin giving one last look at his dad and Khushi.

After Arnav left, Harish turned to look at Khushi.. Even Though she looked vulnerable, her eyes were reflecting shear determination. He thought, ‘She is not a failed Kitten, She is a wounded lioness. She will be back again’. His thoughts was disturbed by the knock. Muttering a feeble “Come in”, Harish took his seat.

Aman entered the cabin but was shocked to find Khushi at such a bad condition. He wanted to be with his friend, but being in Boss’s Cabin stopped him from doing so. During the entire discussion, his only concentration was on Khushi. After the discussion, Aman and Khushi left the cabin.

After few hours Khushi felt more better having shared it with Aman who had been shocked but had said a line or 2 in Arnav’s defence at which Khushi’s glare had been enough to silent him and change the topic distracting her from an awful day.

Harish entered the Raizada mansion,which was standing tall in all its glory.The intricate fountain at the entrance reminded him again of Khushi. She was just like a river, always flowing making her her own path, eroding the mountains and stones in her path and coming out unscathed and victorious. She was like the daughter he never had. He went to his study straight where to his surprise Arnav was already sitting. He saw Arnav sitting next to the fireplace gazing into the burning fire.

Arnav’s soul was also burning with anger and shame at his friends and himself. He wished he could burn his mistakes in this fire as well. He looked up to find his father looking at him with the same fire in his eyes that will burn the entire house..


“Shut up Arnav”

“But Dad… It’s not my mistake”

“It is.. Arnav.. It is… A very big mistake of yours”

“Dad.. I’m even ready to say sorry for the mistake of my friends”

“Your one sorry won’t heal the wound you and your so called friends reopened for the poor girl.”

“Dad.. I still don’t know why are you making it, a very big fuss”

“Fuss?..... Dammit Arnav.. You did hurt her.. Not only that.. You did a grave mistake by rewinding  her past before her eyes today”

“Rewinding her past?”

“Yes.. the past that she only wanted to forget.. The Past that  made her scared to be in a room with men alone. The past that made her so vulnerable. The past that made a permanent mark in her life. The Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real. She may not have any physical scar but mentally she  has gone through such turmoil that is beyond your imagination Arnav.. Beyond Imagination”

“Past.. Past.. Past……. What the hell is her past Dad?..... It’s not that she was raped right?” Arnav shouted at his dad with all the pent up frustration.

“Yes.. It is……….” Harish said shocking him.

Arnav froze, his eyes darting up to his dad in sheer  terror no it couldn’t be. His Khushi couldn’t have gone through such terror alone. He wanted the earth to open up and swallow him for being the cause of her pain, for forcing her to relive her memories.

“Dad?....” He mumbled not ready to believe yet being forced to comprehend it.

“This is what you wanted to hear, Right?. Do you know where Khushi worked before being an employee of AR?”


“Don’t know Right?.... She worked in KB Fashion House”

“KB FH?.. But Dad, It is our rival company”

“Yes it is. She worked there with the same honesty and determination. She helped them to win many projects much to our loss I accept but she was a brilliant designer.”

“Dad, Why are you telling me this?”

“I am telling this because it connects to her past. She found out that the Khanna’s were part of a money laundering racket and they bribed the big names in the industry to gain clients. She found it and confronted them. Would you believe if I say, she was alone that night. Still she stood against their wrong doings. She  demanded that they stop it.”

Arnav didn’t move afraid of what he would hear next. His fists were clenched, his nails digging into his palm.

“They threatened her that they would blame it all on her if she opened her mouth. That rascal’s son” Harish said saying their names with so much venom “they tried to take advantage of Khushi that night.”

Hearing this Arnav stumbled a few steps back, colliding into the chair. He turned his back towards his dad staring into the fireplace, His eyes turning red with rage and shame. He thought he wouldn’t be able to bear anymore but his dad continued.

“She ran for her life that night Arnav and she succeeded. she escaped from those dogs. She escaped with her self respect and dignity.” Harish said pride dripping from his voice.

Arnav felt as if his life was returned to him by that one sentence his Khushi was safe. She was able to protect herself. He felt the wood digging into his skin but he ignored it. Too engrossed in his thoughts about the fragile girl who had made him wish for death for the grief she had to face. The picture was becoming clear, Her hatred for him for men in general. Why she looked frightened in the elevator that day, why his simple proposal had her angry and spitting fire. It all made sense now. The enigma that Khushi Gupta was becoming clearer with each passing second. He had the urge to hold her in his arms and comfort her till all her fears went away. He wanted to rip Khanna’s head off with his bare hands.

He was brought back to reality with Harish’s voice.

“Now you know why and what you did was so horrible. Now I leave this up to you to decide what you want to do” Harish said “Just remember, Memories are dangerous things, you turn them over and over until you know every inch and corner but still you will find an edge that cuts you deep Son, don’t let her be hurt again. Thats all I ask of you.” Harish said emotionally.

Arnav couldn't say much after all he had heard, so, he just nodded

Before leaving the room, Harish said “She is precious Arnav. I know, you like her. Before you accept, let me clear you one thing to you. If your attraction towards her is just for fun or for your time pass; then remember, I won’t spare you or I won’t let you live in peace. Whatever it is... your affection, love or attraction, if that is true then treat her like the women of your life Arnav. She deserves that. At least for now, behave like a man, behave like a responsible man” with that Harish left the room leaving Arnav  to reflect on his thoughts.

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CHAPTER 7 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 45 times)













Next day everything was the same, the sun rose like always the birds chirped like always, the servants of RM worked like everyday but one person  was not the same. He had changed profoundly. Arnav woke up feeling exhausted, his cluttered brain didn't let him sleep much last night. Her words haunted him, he couldn’t help but think about his every meeting with Khushi uptil now. “This is your dad’s company. Have you ever earned a single penny by yourself? If you didn’t have the name Raizada attached to you what are you?” This made him to look his reflection in the mirror with a determination. He sighed deeply realizing how much he had missed. Without wasting much time he got readY and came down for breakfast.

“Good morning dad” he wished him who was having his breakfast. Everyone at breakfast table including his dad looked at him as if he is some alien with mixed emotions. They all were surprised and shocked seeing him in his office attire.

“Arnav, are you okay?” asked his Dadi

“Perfectly fine. Dad, I want to start my work not as your son, but as a normal employee of yours. Is it okay with you?”

Harish looked at him like he lost his mind “Am not ready for your pranks Arnav. Stop your dirty tricks. If you want money ask your mother or sister, just leave me and let me do my work. Don’t waste my time or don’t irritate me. Whatever you want and how much money you want you can take. But don’t spoil my work or time or company’s name” Harish words are rude. Getting irritated with Arnav’s behaviour and feeling disappointed with Arnav’s life, Harish left to office without having breakfast.

Arnav stood there watching his father’s retreating figure. He turned his gaze towards his family to get disapproved looks. Sighing deeply, he left from there saying “I’m leaving to office. I will come back with my job. I hope I will get a chance to prove myself. I may have bad friends, but I never had bad intentions. I may be wasting time and money but I never used that for hurting anyone. I know indirectly I have hurt so many, but trust me I’m not bad person or a monster. I’m just trying to enjoy life. But now I know where my enjoyment is, where my Khushi is. I want to explore my life, I want to enjoy my life with my work. I want to earn my Khushi with my work and sincerity. If anyone of you  can trust me, please bless me and believe me when I say, I’m really a changed man now. Sorry for being an irresponsible child of this house till now. I hope I will get a chance to prove myself as responsible and mature man. I’m leaving now hoping for the best” with that he touched his Dadi and mother’s feet. He hugged his sister and jeeju before striding out.

All family members were looking at the main door side with a shock… Well, shock is an understatement. Dadi is the first to break the silence “I hope our Chote has really changed and wish him whole heartedly to get what he wants now…” All others had a smile nodding for her. They all really wanted him to get succees in his life just like his father. There was just one question in their minds what or who had inspired Arnav to take this step.

He reached his cabin at sharp 9am. Everyone turned to see his presence that too this early. Arnav called Aman and asked about the schedule for meetings. Aman was taken aback with the seriousness in his tone. Then he informed the first meeting will be  in an hour. “Ok Aman. Get back to work” he said and hanged up the phone. Aman didn’t know how to react as he had never asked about work before. Arnav took the file which was kept in front of him. He went through it then when he lifted his head there he saw Khushi.

He kept the file and thought to observe her first. Khushi was so immersed in her work that she didnt noticed him at all. He didn't know how to proceed with his apology. “Will that hurt her more” he thought and felt so guilty. He then checked his watch and realized that it's time for the meeting. He stood and walked out straight to the conference room. Some of the staff members couldn't believe their eyes that he’s heading to the conference room early…. though they always liked his unique style. He sat in the empty chair and waited for the others.

When Harish entered along with Khushi, he jerked a bit to see Arnav there which he never expected. He composed himself and took his place. Arnav tried to look at Khushi but to his disappointment she never looked him. She was busy with her notes, files….

The presentation started… It was about their new project, for Summer Collection. Arnav observed it keenly but didn't forgot to glance at Khushi in between. She kept noting in her notepad. Then when the lights turned on, Arnav showed his hand up to everyone’s surprise. Harish just nodded him to go ahead without any choice. He put some genuine queries which even shocked Harish at first.

“Dad… Sorry… Sir”Arnav started looking at Harish.

“With the amount we are going to spend in this project, I think we should go with something trendy.. My point is, as its summer collection, I’m sure something that attracts all the age groups would be better instead of teens. And also 10 months to complete this project is bit too much. We should have to finish this project before coming February, that is in 6 months time. Because it is the correct time to organise our fashion show as well as getting the collection to the market.” Arnav put forward his thoughts before everyone.

“But Arnav, Completing this project in 6 months that too including all the age groups, will be difficult. It’s highly impossible to finish the work.” Harish said his point of view.

“Nothing is impossible Sir, I know, and you know this too. I can make it possible” Arnav said to his dad with such a confidence that everyone would have agreed if not for Harish.

“Arnav, As far as I know, you had never interfered in such discussion. This is your ever first professional meeting that you are attending. How can I give this project in your hands?” Harish said harshly before everyone, that bruised Arnav’s ego.

“Sir, I agree that this is my very first professional meeting, but not last too. You can for sure give the project in my hand Sir. I think You forgot that I’m also an Harvard graduate.” Arnav said his dad keeping his points much stronger.

“Arnav, You being Harvard graduate has got nothing to do with this project” Harish Snapped at him.

“Of course Sir, It is...  I think, it’s my time to prove my ability. I will take up this project as an head designer of AR.. I will finish this entire summer collection in 6 months time, along with the fashion parade at the end of february. If you still have some doubt, you can appoint anyone in assistance of me. But Let me tell you one thing sir, I’m not the one who accepts failure that easily, and you know that much better than me” Arnav challenge his dad.

“Arnav, You are challenging your dad. Don’t forget that”

“I know dad… I want to do this project and I will” Arnav said with determination that stopped his dad from speaking further

All this time, Khushi was looking at them as if a match was going on. She looked at Harish for his decision.

“Ok… Then it’s done.. Project is yours Arnav. But let me tell you again, you have to complete this in 6 months. If not, you should accept your failure and take the entire responsibility for all the loss” Harish said accepting his challenge.

“Thanks Dad…… Failure was never in my dictionary” saying so, he stood up and offered his hand for shake.

“All the best Arnav” Harish reciprocated his gesture.

While Arnav was moving out of the conference…

“One Minute Arnav” Harish called him.

“Yes Dad”

“Your Partner for this project will be, Ms. Khushi Gupta” Harish dropped the bomb on Khushi’s head.

Khushi stood rooted at her spot. Arnav and Aman looked at him shocked. Arnav thought, ‘Is he the same person, who didn’t allow me to near her?’

Aman thought, ‘Oh god, Please save Khushi from him’

Harish took a quick glance at them both and Continued “I want Arnav and Khushi to work together. I mean, both will be the head of this project. Only Khushi has the final say in all the designs and decisions that are being taken during these 6 months of project.”

Arnav was not ok with the idea of Khushi being his partner and her decisions being final. Not that, he has some problem with Khushi working with him, he would love to work with her. He was disappointed that his dad didn’t trust him completely.

Harish looked at Arnav for his approval, after getting a nod from him, he looked at Khushi who was still in shock……… He thought,  ‘Oh No, I don’t know how to convince her?’

“Everyone can leave” Harish ordered. Everyone, including Arnav left the conference hall except Harish and Khushi.

‘Oh god… A very big task is waiting for you Harish. Brace yourself’ Harish thought.

“Khushi Beta?........”

Khushi kept mum.

“Khushi Beta?....” Harish called her name loud enough to rattle her


“Yes Beta”

“How can I work with your son?”

“Beta, I know you were thinking about yesterday’s incident. But Arnav is not like that in real. He might have bad behaviour but I’m sure he is not bad man or his intentions are not bad. He just needs a guide, a mentor in his life. We gave him too much leinience and pampered him to such an extent because he was born after a long gap after my first child. We never thought our pampering will spoil him to this extent. Now, I need your  help in making him a responsible young adult like you. My old age has taught me that leaving him just the way he is will not only be harmful for me and the company it will deteriorate his life as well. I can't let my son sink beta. So help me mold him into the successful man I know he is, the brilliant businessman I know he capable of becoming. Will you help me?” Harish’s last  words were not a request they were a plea of an old father, a father's hope from her that she could turn Arnav’s life around if she wanted to.

Khushi felt torn on one hand she wanted to do whatever Harish was saying because he was the only father figure in her life and she loved him to death but on the other hand he was asking her to spend time with that spoilt brat who for the life of his could not be responsible… but what if she took a chance, her subconscious told her. What if she dived in headlong and helped Harish maybe just maybe she would turn out successful because frankly speaking she didn't have much high hopes from Arnav like his dad did but she decided to give it a try.

“Do you agree beta?” Harish said after waiting for long time for her reply.

“I DO.” She said loud and clear. Harish was elated at her decision. He blessed her and told her to not be lenient on Arnav in fact she should tighten the rope around his neck metaphorically speaking. Khushi smiled at that. Maybe she could have fun with this. She sobered up quickly no she should take this seriously as well. Harish uncles hopes rested on her dainty shoulders.

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chapter 8 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 43 times)

Next day Arnav was in the office 10 minutes early much to Khushi’s astonishment. Harish had assigned them a joint cabin with all the required stuff needed, computers, desks and fabric samples. They had only 6 months and Arnav was armed and ready. His only worry was that Khushi might be uncomfortable around him.

How could he rectify the situation was beyond him. Last night while preparing some designs late into the night her beautiful face had plagued his thoughts again.

The only thing he could come up with was to apologize without roses this time, he thought remembering the last time he offered her a rose.

He entered  the cabin assigned to them and had an unknown feeling of elation seeing the cabin nameplate which stated PROJECT HEADS “ASR AND KG”

They were in this together and for the first time ever since taking the challenge he was excited to be working with Khushi.

Entering the cabin he saw Khushi standing on the desk trying to do something to the projector hanging from the wall while muttering profanities under her breath. He was sure he heard a laad governor somewhere in between but decided to ignore it. Must be someone from the staff who had irritated her he thought.

Khushi was oblivious to her surroundings and trying to move the projector slightly to the left so it could cover the wall properly.

‘Damn this projector’ she thought,first she has to work with  laadgovernor of AR, and now this machine was giving up on her. ‘Laad governor’ she laughed at this name, she had come up with it last night while thinking of his spoilt habits of coming to office late and not listening to anyone. dusting her hands off she jumped down from the desk and nearly tripped over but managed to grab the chair she was next to. She looked up still half bent from the jump and saw him standing in the door. Embarrassed she righted herself and asked rudely “what are you doing here?”

“Miss Gupta if you know how to read then please read the nameplate on the desk. You will get your answer?” Arnav countered.

Khushi flushed and looked away forgetting the damn name plate “wow good going Khushi” she thought.

“Anyway I wanted to talk to you Khushi” Arnav mustered up the courage to say this “about that day at restaurant Khushi I…..”

“I dont want to hear it!” She said with finality.

“Please Khushi I just have to say it once and you need to hear it. I wanted to tell how sorry I am. There is no apology in the world that encompasses how guilty I am for how my friends behaved with you that way and I know even if I say it 100 times over you might not believe but trust me when I say this I have never done that to any women in my whole life Khushi.” He ended his little heartfelt speech with a plea. “Forgive me” he whispered and felt lighter than he had in a long time.

Khushi felt her heart race at his apology. It sounded so sincere and heartfelt but she could not just forgive him for what she had to go through that day. For him it was only light teasing for her it was the dreadful reminder of that dark night which stole her naivety… which forced her to see this cruel world differently. She built back her walls stronger this time and reprimanded him totally ignoring his apology she said “Mr Raizada we might be heads of this project but I do not want to socialize with you on any topic apart from our work. Now we need to finalize the 30 designs for each category that will be showcased in the big event after 6 months. Categories are listed in that file for your convenience. After all I am sure coming to work after a long time, it will be difficult for you to remember them by heart, after all you might be having a hangover right now going by your past records.” she said snidely “I assume you are at least able to draw the design?” She confirmed from him knowing he will say no.

Arnav didn’t reply and moved with his briefcase towards his desk and started sorting through his files. Khushi thought oh yes now he will ignore me because I know he can not draw. A minute later Arnav was back with a file in her face. He said just to tease her “Khushi ‘mam’ here are my designs I hope you approve  because I only had last night to make them. There are  8 designs in here for bridal them. For the rest of the themes we have 6 months I am sure I can manage.” he smirked. Khushi’s jaw dropped mentally the idiot had made 8 designs in one night? Well she will teach him.

Arnav thought she would be impressed now but to his utter horror she said “Oh really Mr Raizada? 8 designs? well they will be finalized only if I approve and what can I say I am very choosy. Keep them on my desk I will see later” she said while blowing on her nails. “Now start working on the rest of the designs I need at least 20 for summer teenagers category by tonight.” Saying this she headed to her desk and opened her computer.

she saw the blue file containing Arnav’s designs sliding on her table. She waited till he was settled in his desk and then took the file to examine the designs.

To say the designs were amazing would be an understatement. They were perfect. She thought but if she chose them he would be overconfident but damn the man had real talent.

She decided to keep them safe in her drawer and reject them. She turned the shredder on and said to Arnav while sliding a bunch of blank paper in the shredder “I think your designs are missing something, try to be more innovative Arnav maybe they will be good next time.” She saw Arnav look at her in shock. His nostrils flared in anger at her, how could she just ridicule his designs in the shredder, she could have asked him to make some changes and returned them to him but no she had to destroy them damn his brain for not thinking to make copies of the designs yet. He stayed silent not bothering to dignify her with a reply. He furiously typed on his computer ordering a canvas boards and some charcoal pencils for the project. He had some in the storage room but he thought some spare would be good.

Khushi smiled to herself and thought that should teach him not to be overconfident and learn to take rejection like any ordinary  person has to face at least once in his lifetime.

The afternoon passed just like this both of them working and sketching in peace. Khushi was surprised that there was no uncomfortable presence around her that she had been expecting instead they both worked peacefully and had finished more than expected.

Aman came and asked Khushi that would she be joining Pam and Sarah from the office for lunch at cafeteria. She nodded and headed of for lunch with them. Arnav didn't bother going for lunch he had a deadline to finish, Khushi’s 20 designs by tonight.He knew he couldn't go back and make a brand new start but he could start now and create a brand new ending.

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