ArShi TS: It's Okay to let go..

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Jun 22, 2015

ArShi TS: It's Okay to let go.. (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 59 times)

ArShi TS: It's Okay to let go..

"Arnav, do you really have to go? I am scared.", Khushi asked her husband, tears starting to flow down from her eyes.

"It's okay sweetheart, please don't cry.", he caressed her face and wiped away the tears, "It's  just a matter of months. It's only training and I would be back soon, okay?"

Khushi didn't reply. Long streaks of heavy teardrops fell from her eyes like waterfall,  ", don't cry.", Arnav held onto her closely patting the small of her back.

They stood like that for a moment, and khushi freed herself from the embrace. "How will I live without talking to you?"

"Come on khushi, we are in the 21st century. We have mobile phones. We will talk everyday. Now smile.", there was no response from Khushi.

"Khushi, I promise I will be back as soon as possible. Promise. And remember, I am a man of words, I never break my promises."

Khushi took a deep breath, wiped away her tears and hugged Arnav tightly, inhaling the deep scent of his perfume. "I know I am acting silly. I just don't feel good."

"I understand Khushi, but I really have to go. Remember, it's just a bad day and not a bad life. The bad feeling will go away tomorrow. Now give me your 100 volt smile. In these days, I want to remember your smiling face and not your crying baby face. So smile."

Khushi moved her jaw muscles and the smile turned out to be rather painful than pleasant. She kissed him in the cheek, and waved him goodbye from her doorstep. 

It was only after a matter of seconds when his car disappeared from her view, and Khushi's eyes welled up.

His call didn't come the next day. Neither did it come the next or the day after. She couldnt call him cause she was unaware of his international number, which he had to buy after reaching Florida. Khushi spend the whole day either crying or weeping. The bad feeling didn't go away, not even when her mom cooked for her, rajma chawal, which happened to be her favorite dish. The chawal suddenly started to seem so tasteless.

The call came after a week, from an unknown number, "Hello Khushi, this is me.", his voice was so urgent and tense that her heart started going dhak dhak. "our manager here is so strict.  He won't let us call home. He tells us its distraction. I had to do a lot of hard work to finally get you a call. Our phones are with him. I am completely okay here, just missing you a lot. I will try to call you whenever I get a chance."

Khushi  heaved a sigh out of relief or self-sympathy.  "Arnav, I love you..", she whispered.

"I love you too Khushi.. don't cry too much, okay. I am perfectly fine here, and come on, what can happen when I am learning construction supervision here, it's not even dangerous. Don't worry. I will be fine. You take care of yourself, and no crying, love you a lot."

There were voices from the background, "Khushi.. There are 50 of us, all of us have to call home. I gotta hang up. Love ya, and don't cry..", he gave her a virtual kiss. She couldn't reciprocate the gesture as the phone went beeep beep. He had cut the call. 

Khushi sat down on the bed, and cursed herself for not asking when he will be coming back. 


Days passed on like that. Arnav's call never came, and khushi was, as always, worried, and spend her time sobbing on to the pillow. The bad feeling was still there. 

One day, she woke up with very high fever which went on for days. All the medicines the doctors gave and her mom tried were turning out to be unsuccessful. Accompanying the fever was a severe headache, and dizziness. She had never been so ill in her life. 

After days of illness, the doctor asked her to go for an MRI scan. The scan gave the results as expected. She had a tumour inside her brain, the doctor's uneasiness while he pronounced the words, still echoed in her brain, "It's a very rare type of tumour, with minimum treatments, and..", he paused to take a deep breath... "a very very low survival rate. As much as I hate to say this, we can't expect anything more than 6 months."

She didn't cry. She just stood up from her chair and walked outside. The pain was too much that she no longer felt it. 

After reaching home, her mom with a strong willed yet painful smile gave her the pain killers.  She took it and went to a sound sleep. She woke up the next morning drowsy and dizzy and having a feeling of letting go.

As a result, she stopped taking the painkillers. Every night, with the white searing pain cutting through her head, she would stare at the ceiling clutching her phone, expecting him to call. The pain would eventually tire her out and put her to sleep in the middle of dawn or midnight.

Because of very less sleep, she soon started to have dark circles around her eyes. Her mother was worried, and insisted her on taking the painkillers, she replied in a ragged and pale voice,  "I am scared of letting go, Maa."

Her mother remained silent. "The first day I took them, I woke up with a feeling that I am already dead. I don't want to let go Maa, not without him. He promised me he will come back. He will. I know that."

It was only silence from the other side. 


After a few days, her mother found her clutching her head with her eyes wet with hot tears. She immediately took out a painkiller, and forcefully made her swallow it.

Her body slowly calmed down, but her eyes were filled with rage towards her mom, "I would have managed without them , Maa. What if I never wake up from this sleep?"

"Shh Khushi.. don't say like that.", she paused for a second and then added, "Are you scared to die, beti?"

"No Maa, I am not. I am scared to die without him. I am scared I might let go without seeing him again.  I am scared I might slip away during the deep sleep. I don't want to Maa."

She kept on whispering 'I dont want to' until her eyes closed and her voice disappeared into nothingness.



I know it's completely cliché that they are not able to contact him in anyway, but you can't expect much reality in fictions. Plus, I randomly added Florida and construction, they are all just a part of the fiction.

I have the last part written. So will update sooner than you expect! Please do comment and thank if you think it's worth it. :)



Jun 23, 2015

Part 2. :) (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 49 times)

Part 2: It's okay to let go..

Apparently, everyone had come to know about the disease, the house was soon filled with visitors and well - wishers who sat beside her and tried to make her pain fade away. 

Everyone from Arnav's and Khushi's close family and friend circle came to visit her. She wanted to smile and talk, but the pain was too much. Even a bit of listening made her cry out in agony.

She always remained silent during the visits, only giving out occasional smiles, and most of the time staring at her phone screen or trying out the number from which Arnav had called. It remained switched off of all the time. 

Her body was weakening away, but her hope remained intact. She knew he would come. He had promised.


One night, when Arnav's di Anjali came to stay with her, Khushi took out all the efforts to talk to her.

"Di, will you try in this number?", she showed her the number from which Arnav had called. "Maybe it's because of my weak fingers, the call is not getting to the other side."

Anjali started weeping almost immediately. 

"I would just like to see him again, hug him again and have him kiss me again. I would like to have his body against me. But I am scared I might let go di. I have hope, but I am just frightened."

"You won't slip away Khushi, I know it. "


A couple of months passed, Arnav didn't call. She knew it was impossible to call from there, but she still hoped. All her close friends and family also started to try out in the number. A couple of times, the phone got switched on, but the call never reached,  they said the line is busy.

Khushi slowly became a creature of bones, and not flesh. She was as thin as anything you would see. Most of the time, she would be in semi-conciousness and when she did have the strength to do something, she would call on that number.

Doctors occasionally came to visit, but there was no good news.

She didnt cry anymore. Maybe, she was too tired for it.

Her mother couldn't see her in pain, and started to give her sedatives and painkillers in the name of vitamin medicines. Khushi was too weak to find out. 

She slept almost all the day.


One fine day, Khushi woke up from her sleep screaming, not in pain but in excitement, "I saw a dream, he is coming maa, he is coming. He is on his way.", she hadn't talked this much in weeks. Her mom smiled, and silently said out a prayer that her dream comes true.

Khushi refused to take any medicines, and always stared either out of the her room door or the windows, and always held her ears high to hear the sound of the car when it came. 

It did. That evening, she heard his voice after 5 long months. He screamed her name in excitement and ran inside the house. He went right inside the room and his eyes bulged in shock, and terror. The creature in bed looked nothing like Khushi.

Her mom came from behind and asked him to come with her to the other room. He followed without any word. Khushi heard her mom explaining everything to her husband. She could see his eyes welling up in pain.

She suddenly didn't want to face him. She wanted to sleep. She couldnt see him in pain. The pain she had caused. The pain her disease had caused.

Arnav came inside a few minutes later,  looking prepared,  and ready to see the truth. He sat beside her in a chair.

"Khushi...", he started while his wife stared into his eyes where tears where naturally forming. "I am so sorry."

Khushi didn't reply.  "I ended up in a fight with the guy who gave us the phone and he refused to give it to me again. There was no other way to call. We were not let out of the construction site. I am so sorry, I shouldn't have."

Khushi smiled, "It's okay Arnav, won't have made a big difference.", she replied in her painful voice. 

"You are going to be alright Khushi, you are. I am not going to let anything happen to you. This is just a tumour, I will take you to the best of hospitals and this can be cured. I will make you the old cheerful self Khushi.. I prom.."

"Don't Arnav, don't say promise. If you do, you won't be a man of words anymore. You will have a promise unfulfilled. I always want you to remain the man of words, my prince charming,." 

Arnav didn't smile, he just stared. "I am sorry Arnav. I am sorry that I ruined the only good quality I had, I am sorry that I couldn't remain beautiful. I tried, but it wasn't working. I won't blame you if you don't love me anymore."

"Shut up Khushi. I loved you for what you are and not how you looked like, I will love you in any way, even if you look like a monster. And you don't look ugly, you look beautiful. My beautiful wife.", he kissed her forhead.

"I was scared I might let go Arnav. I was frightened I might slip away without me seeing you again. But I didn't.  I had hope. Hope always works", she gave him a wide grin. He couldn't smile back, he tried. He couldn't. 

Khushi's voice had become a whisper, cutting in between to take breaths. Her head was soaring with so much pain, but she didn't feel it anymore. 

"Will you hold my hand?", Arnav still didn't reply, but he held onto his wife's hand.

"Kiss me.", He did, he did it with so much passion that even khushi forgot she was dying.

"Hug me", he put his one hand on top of her chest and the other under her body.

"Not like that. Get on the bed. Lie with me.", He did.

It was only silence for the next few minutes, Arnav listened to Khushi's breathing, and Khushi held onto Arnav's palm.

"I love you Khushi.. it's okay to let go. I would be here."

Khushi held onto his body, he caressed her hair. She continued to breathe. He wasn't awake enough when her ragged, pale breathings came to a stop.



I am so sorry for making Khushi die, and not letting her become one of those rare survivors. I was very emotionally moved while writing this story, and thus it has a very special part in my heart. I have a wierd thing for heart touching tragic stories, they are my cup of tea!

And wah! 51 Thanks is quite a big thing for me. Thank you so much for all of your support! :D

I will be back with a more cheerful story next time around!

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P.S.: The last bit of the story about Arnav lying down with Khushi is taken from Love Story by Erich Segal. Those who loved I too had a love story and a walk to remember, do try this out. It's beautifully painful!  

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