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Jun 22, 2015

Saathiya (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 55 times)

"Is she?" asked his surprised mind.

"May be she is" said his heart

His lips stretched themselves into a small smile showing their interest in her.

"Are you sure" asked his mind.

"Hmm. No I'm not. But we need to find" declared his heart.

Lips continued their smile, saying "Pumpkin"

His ears conveyed this word, which uttered by the lips, to mind.

When ears conveying, heart also heard and increased its beats. With that his hands, helped his heart to cool down. But next moment his eyes saw the loneliness and pain in her eyes, his heart felt sharp-pain. Automatically his legs rushed towards her


She turned to side in force to see the person who only can dare to call her with that endearment.

“Arnav Ji?” she whispered

Arnav not knowing what to say, he just uttered her name again “Pumpkin” with so much love. That’s all Khushi wants. she rushed to him and hugged. She vent out all her pain in his embrace. Surprised with sudden outburst, Arnav too hugged Khushi and tried to console her.

“Pumpkin is it really you dear?”

“Where were you? Why did you leave me?”

“Pumpkin? What’s wrong sweetheart?”

khushi looked at him with her innocent eyes

“Arnav Ji… I missed you a lot. Seeing you after a long time, I felt like living my life again. Thanks for coming into my life. I don’t know what would I have done if you don’t come. This is the thing I want to do before I leave. Thank you Arnav Ji”

“Pumpkin… what’s wrong? What are you talking about? Where are you leaving?”

Realizing what she’s talking she said “Nothing Arnav Ji, I just missed you alot. that’s all” she faked smile

But with one look in her eyes, he knew she’s fibbing to him. But he didn’t say anything, just smiled at her “No need to miss me Pumpkin, I will never leave you from now. I won’t let you either”

Her fake smile got vanished and eyes welled up.

“You can’t Arnav Ji, I’m going in few days”

“What? Where?” He knew that’s not the reason

“Yes, Arnav Ji, I need to go now, I will tell you everything later. bye” with that she left without giving any chance to Arnav

Sensing something wrong, he dialed his PA’s number and asked him to collect details about khushi’s life.


"What the hell is this?" Arnav shouted at his PA when he barged in his cabin and kept the file on Arnav's table

"Umm… sorry sir… I was just in hurry to give this. This is the report of that girl sir" PA's expression is weird.

"KHUSHI, Her name is KHUSHI - My friend" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Sorry sir, after knowing about her, I thought she is something else" his PA smiled differently.

Frowning, Arnav looked at his PA then the file.

“Get out…” Arnav shouted at his PA dismissing  him after taking the file to read thinking what might be there which made his PA smile like that. He opened the file with a thudding heart.


Khushi Kumari Gupta

Age: 20

Parents: Shashi Gupta (Biological) Garima Gupta (Biological - late) Gopika Gupta (Step)

Stopped studies after class 10.

No friends or no contacts with relatives or neighbours.

After subject's mother got killed in an accident, her father married to Gopika to take care of the subject. But the result is different. Gopika is so lovable mother in Shashi Gupta's presence, but in his absence she is a nightmare and horror to the subject. Gopika was attracted to Shashi's money and the comfort she would get with that money. But with taking care of two year old subject, she got irritated. Gopika slowly made Shashi Gupta addicted to alcohol and got succeeded in getting his property on her name. After that she started harassing the subject. She wants  to earn money using the subject. Gopika's boyfriend planted the seed in her mind about making money with subject as she is way more beautiful. He introduced Gopika to one lady, who runs a brothel house. Gopika signed a deal with that lady about sending the subject to them when the subject turns into 18. From that time subject is trying to save herself from her stepmother and brothel house goons. She was attacked by Gopika's boyfriend, but again she was successful in saving her pride.

The subject was escaped with the help of her father, from her house and hid herself somewhere. But as per few people, they saw her near Sheesh Mahal few times. The goons and subject's mother are searching for her"

Arnav finished reading.  His blood is boiling in anger.  He knew why she went to Sheesh Mahal, because that was HIS home,  before he left for higher studies. After he went to UK, lot of things happened. His Mother's death,   with that his sister's marriage broken,  and then they gave Sheesh Mahal to lease and shifted to Delhi. All these happened when he stayed in UK. His father took care of everything. Arnav came here to renewal the lease. But seeing Khushi here after a long time in that situation he couldn't understand anything. One thing was true, that he wanted to enquire about her. But thinking she might be busy with her life, he left the idea. But that thought itself made him uneasy for some unknown reason. He couldn't understand what feeling is that.

After reading report, Arnav decided to clear this mess, save his life, punish the culprits. He decided to talk with Khushi and their common friend Aman.

After that day, Arnav couldn’t see Khushi as got busy with his work. It's almost 10 days he last saw Khushi. But all these days he couldn't sit quietly. He felt some uneasiness in his heart. He is feeling like something is going to happen.

Today, he came here to meet his business friend after his accident. When he is leaving the hospital premises, he met with his childhood best friend - Aman. After completing pleasantries, Aman slowly revealed the reason for his presence in this hospital. And now,  he - Arnav, is here in the temple of the hospital, praying for his khushi.

“Please..” that’s the only word came from his lips while his eyes looking at the God with tears

“Arnav, Khushi wants to talk to you” he heard Aman's voice. Arnav rushed inside and stood beside the bed


“Arnav Ji” she whispered, nodded her head asking him to come to her

“How can you do this to me?”

"What did I do?"

"Don't you know what you did?"


"If you have any problem, you could have come to me" Arnav wants khushi to confess about her situation. But he knew how stubborn she can be. He knew her as his cousin's classmate. His cousin NK and Khushi were used to study together when they have exams. He was 17 and Khushi was 14 at that time. Arnav always waited for her to come to their home. He had a huge crush on Khushi. But he never dared to confess. But when NK planned his birthday with the help of Khushi, wished him giving surprise, he felt so excited. From that day onwards he became Khushi's best friend. They shared a fantastic bond. They both were so close till he left for his higher studies.  After that for some days they continued their talks through mails. But after few days, Khushi didn't respond to Arnav's mails for an unknown reason. Arnav tried his best to come into the contact with Khushi. Whenever his friend went to Khushi's house to know about her, the only answer they got is 'Khushi is not here and she went somewhere to complete her studies'. That gap became unerasable. That time Arnav couldn't understand how to contact Khushi. After seeing her in Sheesh Mahal after 10 years, he felt unknown happiness and relaxation. She didn't change a bit to not to recognise her. If she changed too he will and can recognize her just with a look into her eyes. Arnav looked at Khushi with accusing look

“I don’t want you to be sad”

"Oh, really? After seeing you on almost death bed, do you really think I will be happy? Do you really think I will be happy after knowing I couldn't help you and I wasn't there when you needed me?

"Arnav ji" Khushi tried

“Don't try to stop me. How could you do this to me Khushi” he couldn't digest the fact that Khushi attempted for suicide. Tears formed in his eyes

“Hush… it’s okay”

“No it’s not okay” before he continue,  doctor came and said “Don’t worry Mr. Raizada, your friend is completely fine. She needs rest, that’s all, nothing else. She will be fine with needed rest and your support. But please make sure her family gives her what she’s craving for. Emotionally she’s not in a good condition. She needed a heart to understand her pain” Doctor said looking at Khushi

“I will doctor"

"Where is her family anyway? I need to give them instructions about Khushi's care"

"Her family my foot. She doesn't have family. In fact she doesn't have anyone other than me. Whatever you need to tell her family, please tell me. I will take care of her more than her so called family" Arnav said controlling his anger on Gopika.

Doctor looked at the angry young man before him and Khushi who lied on bed with closed eyes with rolling down tears.

"Okay then come to my cabin..." doctor gave all the instructions to Arnav about how to take care of Khushi. He also suggested Arnav to take psychologist's suggestion about Khushi's mind condition.  Noting everything doctor suggested, Arnav asked "Can I take her home now doctor?”

"Yes, you can. I will ask nurse to help you in completing the discharge process", said doctor

Nodding his head Arnav took leave from there and went to Khushi's room.

"You are getting discharged now. You are coming with me and no more arguments on this"


"I said no more arguments. I will deal with you once we go to my home. Till then keep your mouth shut and follow me."

Sensing his angry Bird mode, Khushi silently nodded her head muttering 'Lad Governor'


"I know I wasn't there when you needed me. I'm sorry Khushi"Arnav said holding her hand while driving with other.

"Don't be Arnav Ji. I know you were busy in your work, that's why I didn't contact you" Khushi looked down at her hands

"You didn't??? I thought you will say, that you couldn't, because of that lady" Arnav said looking straight towards the road.

Khushi looked at him surprisingly

"Don't look at me like that. I know everything about you and your life"

Khushi looked outside from the window trying to control her tears. But her tears stopped automatically and eyes went wide after hearing Arnav's words. Shock is evident in her eyes

"If you couldn't contact me or inform me as the love of my life, you should have contacted me as your childhood friend Khushi. But you disappointed me"

Khushi sat there looking at Arnav shockingly.

"Arnav Ji?" Khushi whispered

Arnav continued "Do you know how it feels when you come to know how your love is suffering in her life? Do you have any idea how it feels when you try your best to get her in contact but get failed? Do you have any idea how I felt, when I came here thinking to meet you? Do you have any idea how I felt when I saw you in Sheesh Mahal in completely tensed condition?  Do you have any idea how I felt when I saw the report of your life, which I asked my PA? Do you have any idea how I felt when I met Aman in hospital? Do you have any idea how I felt when knee your condition? Do you have any idea how I felt when I saw you nearly dead? Did I come here after 10 long bloody years to see you suffering or to see you What the hell did you think you are doing? What if I lost you? What would have been my condition if something happened to you? ANSWER ME DAMN IT"Arnav shouted in frustration.

Khushi didn't know when, where,  how the car was stopped. She just threw herself on Arnav and hugged him tightly shedding happy tears. Arnan was taken aback from the sudden reaction of Khushi. He too hugged her as tightly as he can.

Mistaking her low voice smiles as her sobs, Arnav said "I'm really sorry Khushi. I didn't mean to hurt you.I just couldn't see you in pain and I blurted out my frustration and everything. I'm sorry, please don't take that seriously. I just blabbered don't know what I'm saying. That's all rubbish Khushi, I'm sorry dear,  I'm really sorry. Please don't cry. Please..."

“Don't stop shouting. Don't stop blurting out your frustration Arnav ji. I'm waiting for this day from long years."

Arnav looked at her surprised “Pumpkin”

“I love you Arnav Ji… I can’t live without you”

This is really shock to Arnav, but he’s really happy after hearing her confession. He always wanted her all, throughout his life. It's almost 10 years after their separation as best friends. He’s more than happy now as the life giving him second chance to grab his love. He forgot everything about khushi’s suicide attempt. He just hugged her as tightly as he can, welcoming her into his life.

“I love you too Pumpkin I always have"


How did you feel after reading this?  Please let me know...

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Jul 1, 2015

2S Saathiya by Nakshu_Haya (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 36 times)

First of all... I want to thank Nakshu_Haya (HEMA) for writing this part. As I couldn't get time, I requested her to write which she accepted and wrote.

Thanks Hema dear... for the wonderful part. I couldn't write the way you wrote, thanks for giving an awesome end.

Thank you...




"Arnav Ji" called khushi not moving from the hug. They both just landed the plane from Lucknow. They are in the car. Arnav didn’t let her sit far from him. He is feeling like if he let go of her, then she will vanish in thin air.

"Hmm..." Arnav too responded without moving

"How much time it will take to go home? I'm feeling hungry" Khushi said in low voice

Arnav looked at Khushi breaking the hug, not knowing how to react. Understanding his confusion, Khushi said "I didn't eat anything from three days thinking about..." Khushi looked down in guilt. "I'm sorry Arnav ji"

"Hush... Khushi relax, we are together now. Don't worry, everything will be okay. I will make everything okay now. I will deal with the people in your life from now on" Arnav side hugged Khushi rubbing her back soothingly

"Let's go" with that Arnav ordered the driver to drive  the car towards his home - Raizada Mansion


Arnav rang the bell, wrapping his hands around khushi securely. When the doors about to open, Khushi tried to free herself from Arnav’s hands. But arnav held her more tightly, saying “Once I made my grip loose and let you go khushi, but not anymore” he looked at khushi’s eyes with determination

Khushi looked at him and smiled with moist in his eyes. Thier trance broke with a cough sound. They both looked at the person, who was standing near the door with curious eyes

Arnav moved past her, very slightly pushing her sideways, making her open her mouth wide. Arnav smirked seeing her shocking expression.

“Di… come here, I have a interesting news for you. In fact a VERY INTERESTING news about YOUR CHOTE for you” said arnav with a smile on his face. He knew his sister very well. When he finished the the line, he heard his sister saying

“Really? interesting news about YOU chote? coming… i’m coming…” his sister - Anjali rushed towards him with a bright smile

Khushi looked at Anjali and then at Arnav who is smiling back to her

“She didn’t change a bit” said Khushi in amazement with a smile

“She will neither” said Arnav with a smile

“What the news chote… tell me fast and who is this girl? Looking like I saw her before” Anjali came to KHushi and asked “Do we know each other?”

“Of course, we do Anjali big sister”

“Khushiiii???” Anjali shouted in shock making Arnav close his ears

Khushi nodded her head and smiled heartily when she was tightly hugged by Anjali. Arnav too smiled at the long lost friends.

“What’s going on here?” Arnav’s father came there hearing the sounds in hall.

Both Anjali and Khushi turned to him. Just a look at Khushi, Arnav’s father recognised her

“Khushi?” called Arnav’s father, looking at them happily

“How did you recognize her, Dad?” asked Anjali

“I don't know” Arnav’s father came forwards towards them and patted Khushi’s head "How are you Khushi"

"I'm fine uncle" Khushi touched his feet and smiled at him

He looked at his son “Arnav?”

“Yes, Dad… she is” Arnav answered his unasked question

“OH… That’s great… let me call Pandit then” Nani said coming from kitchen, leaving all four surprised with her sudden comment.

“Nani… we have time for that. Before that I need to tell you all about Khushi and happenings in her life. I need to clear the mess, in which Khushi is” said Arnav in no nonsense tone.

except Khushi all three looked at each other then to Arnav. Arnav sat on the couch with Khushi beside him and narrated what has happened when he went Lucknow - how he met Khushi, how he asked his PA to enquire about her, then what happened with her and how she tried to take her life. By and of this discussion Arnav along with his father was in rage and Khushi along with other ladies was in tears

"You shouldn't have done that Khushi. When you came to Sheesh Mahal, why didn't you call us? Arnav might have come to you."

"I couldn't get his number uncle.  The security at Sheesh Mahal thought I was just trying to trap one rich man. That's why they didn't give his phone numbers" Khushi smiled

"Okay enough, no more talks about past. As Khushi already came here, let's forget everything. I want you both get married ASAP. Arnav what are you going to do now? I want you to clear this mess before your marriage. I don't want any disturbance in my son's marriage" Arnav's dad said

"Yes, I agree with you dad. Don't worry, I will take care of everything"

"Can I know who the bride is?"asked Khushi suddenly


"Arnav ji, who is your bride?"

"Obviously it's you. I love you, you know that, right?" Arnav said

"Without my concern you are going to marry me? That's weird"

"What hell is this Khushi?"

"Yes, I will make your life hell Mr. Raizada. How dare you to plan for our marriage without proposing me?" After a long time Khushi want to enjoy her life. So, she is trying to be her normal self.

Understanding her, Arnav smiles at her and nodded his head on agreement. Suddenly, he came on his knees and held his hand towards Khushi.

"Khushi, I love you and I want to marry you. Will you?" Asked Arnav leaving everyone in the room open mouthed

"Aww... how unromantic?" Taunted Anjali


"Beta ASR... this is not our business deal. You have to be romantic. Come on yet again. And Khushi don't accept the proposal till he completely becomes one" said Arnav's father

Arnav was about say something, but his father stopped him showing Khushi. Sighing in defeat Arnav tried

"This is really difficult to do this. Khushi I love you. I want to be yours in all ways throughout my life. Will you accept me by agreeing this marriage proposal? Will you marry me Khushi? Will you be mine forever?"

(From here Hema's part starts)

"Not bad" muttered Anjali gaining a angry flats from Arnav.

"Aww... how unromantic” Khushi said giggling at Arnav…

“Arghh…. Khushi… Ok let me try again.” Arnav said

“Last chance Arnav beta.. If you missed this, then that’s all, you have to see Khushi from distance only. For the first time I’m seeing the great ASR struggling for words” Said Arnav’s father laughing at his son’s plight.

Arnav throw mock angry glares to him and muttered something like, ‘very funny’ and pouted..

“Aww… Great ASR is pouting” Saying Anjali, Khushi and Nani laughed at him.

Arnav brushed out all their teasing and looked at Khushi with his intense eyes. Khushi sensed his eyes on her, she looked at him. Time stopped both of them. Everyone’s attention turned towards them.

“Khushi, I liked you the minute my eyes fell on you. Don’t ask me from when and all. I knew, I loved you even before I know What is love. My day started with only one thought, that was, how to meet you. After my birthday celebration, you came close to me. Each day I went to school only to see you. I always came before you, only to wait for you to join me. I wanted to confess my love to you, but couldn’t imagine the after repercussion of it. So I stayed silent. I was happy with you being with me. Due to circumstance, I left you, We couldn’t contact each other. I felt incomplete because you were not there to make my life complete. Without you, I turned into the ASR who never knew the feelings of love, until you came back to me. My life is of no importance without you. When I saw you in that hospital, I felt as if I was surrounded by darkness without the light. I cannot lose you, If i ever did, I will lose my best friend, my soul mate, my life, my smile, my laugh, my happiness, my everything. I love you Khushi. I want you to stay with me forever, for seven births, to make me complete. I want to share my life you. Will you be my better half?. Will you marry me, Khushi?” Arnav said holding khushi’s hand in his grip. It was not tight grip, it was as though, if he left that she will disappear in this thin air.

Everyone stood silent hearing his confession. None knew, the great ASR can speak like this..

“Aww… Chotte” Anjali started..

“Oh.. Please Di.. not your ‘How unromantic’.... I said what I felt.. Now it’s her decision” Arnav said looking at khushi with full of love.

“Will you marry me khushi?...” Arnav asked her again..

Khushi came out of her trance.. “huh?”

“Will you marry me?” Arnav was very eager and tensed about her answer.. though he know the answer but still he felt little insecure with that thought.

Khushi smiled at him, her smile widened, a drop of tears fell from her eyes…


As though she was waiting for this word, she launched herself in his arms saying, “I will Arnavji… I will”

Everyone smiled at them, even their eyes were filled after seeing them together.

It’s been two weeks since their confession, marriage preparations are at peak. Everyone were busy with the things. Now the main target of Raizada’s were pampering Khushi. Khushi was happy with the attention, love and affection she was getting from them. But poor Arnav, Whenever he tried to sneak and speak to Khushi, one or other will come and disturb them.

One morning, Arnav got down from the stairs, with HP following carrying a suitcase. Everyone looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Nani, Dad, Di, Khushi..” Arnav called everyone.

Everyone asked him what was the reason and where he was going when there was only one month time for wedding.

“Chottey.. Where are you going?” asked Anjali..

“Di.. I have small work.. Will return back in a day or two”Said ASR in a tone that said to everyone that this was the end of the discussion.

Everyone nodded at him not saying anything, only Khushi stood confused, because his eyes were  not soft like before, there was some rage in it. She had a mild doubt whether he was going to lucknow. She looked at him, her doubts confirmed seeing his closed fist and reddened eyes. She saw the same look he gave when he got to know the truth. She opened her mouth to say something, but before that he left. She ran behind him, but No, he already zoomed off in his car. She was tensed, seeing her even Raizada’s become worried. When they asked her, she explained what was running in her mind.

Everyone assured her saying nothing will happen to him.

“Beta, you are underestimating your Arnavji… He is Arnav only for us, but for others, he is the ASR.. You have to pity your so called step mother and others, not Arnav” said Arnav’s father keeping his hand on her head.

Khushi smiled at him..

“Come Khushi… We shall go and look the lehenga designs.. we have so much work for your marriage” said Anjali dragging her inside.

Inside the Car, Arnav sat with closed eyes. He was in so much rage thinking about those scoundrels. He wanted to rip the muscles of each and everyone. He already with the help of Aman and his team, plotted everything. Aman made a paper with Khushi’s custody along with her father's property. Gopika signed the papers, not knowing it was about Property papers, for her it was only Khushi’s custody paper, for that Aman gave 4 crores to her, of course ASR’s money. All the legal formalities are done. Now Khushi’s guardian is Arnav’s father. His men already caught hold of the so called boyfriend of Gopika. They are giving the treatment he deserved. He was held captive with no water and food. Entire brothel goons and the lady who operated it was arrested, all the girls who were under them were saved by policemen and sent everyone to their respective house. Now, only Gopika was yet to be punished. That’s why he was going there.

Arnav boarded his flight, in 4 hours, he was before Khushi’s house, lucknow. He wanted to end this today or else he can’t live in peace. He with his men and Aman was now here before her house. Aman rang the bell, stood waiting for someone to come and open. Gopika came and opened the door. Seeing Aman she smiled. Then her eyes moved to Arnav, her eyes wandered on his physic. Arnav felt disgusted with her looks. He not giving her hoods entered the house, his men entered following him, by pushing her out of the way. The great ASR was seated on the living chair in his glory. His posture reflects his arrogance, attitude, ruthlessness.

He eyed Aman to continue for what they are hear.

“Mrs. Gupta.. This entire property is now belongs to Mr. ASR, so you have to move out of this place. And one thing, you don’t have any rights on anything here” Said Aman without beating around the bush.

Gopika stood shocked, she didn’t expected this. She thought Aman came here only for Khushi.

“What?.. How?”

“Well, do you remember you signed Khushi mam’s custody, in that property papers were also there” Said Aman dropping the heavy stone on her head.

“How could you cheat me?... How dare you do this?” Gopika asked angrily at him..

Till now, ASR Who sat and watched everything , rose from his seat..

“How dare you cheat my Khushi?.. How dare you try to sell her?.. How dare you treat her like a trash?.. How dare you allow your so called boyfriend to harass her?. How dare you killed my Khushi’s father?.. How dare you try to introduce her in brothel?.. How dare you?” ASR asked angrily, His eyes were full of rage and loath for the women.. no she was not to be called as women… she was such a disgusting creature of god…

“Who are you to say all this to me?.. You are supporting that bi..” Her voice choked because of the hands that were holding her neck in tight grip..

Aman and his men were trying to remove ASR’s grip for her neck..

“Not a word… Not a word from your mouth about my pumpkin.. I will kill you for sure making sure you will face the worst kind of death..” Arnav said in his gritted teeth… His eyes were burning in fire…

“Aman, finish all the formalities and hand over her to police with all the evidence we got regarding Khushi’s father’s death and her harassment.. Make sure media is not involved in this” ASR left ordering him.

He don’t want to be here, because he knows he will kill her for sure, if she would have spoke a word more. Arnav want to cool down himself.. He directly drove himself to sheeshmahal.

He entered his room and landed on his bed. His thoughts went back to all the time he and his pumpkin me. He couldn’t digest the fact, that his Khushi had endured so much pain. He wanted to punish that lady mercilessly, but his parents hadn't taught him that. That’s why he left the place.

In a day, he finished all the formalities, ordered Aman to renovate Khushi’s house and left to Delhi.

When he reached Delhi, he found a very anxious Raizada’s and his Khushi waiting for him. He patiently explained to them, whatever had happened. Khushi felt very proud to have him in her life. Raizada’s were happy that they got what they deserved.

Soon, everyone got busy with their works, including Arnav. Well, his only work was to fool others and try to romance with Khushi. Khushi was enjoying her life, though she felt said missing her father, she was happy to get him back in that form of Arnav’s father.

This is the day, When the great Arnav Singh Raizada marking his Khushi as his officially. Arnav’s father did Kanyadan for her. Arnav tied the mangalsutra around her neck whispering , ‘I love you pumpkin’. Khushi felt goosebumps on her skin. He place the pinch of sindoor on her partition. Both stood up for pheras, they did all the 7 pheras, with both of them promising each other silently. Finally the priest announced them as husband and wife.

Arnav hugged her saying, ‘You are mine Khushi’. Khushi smiled and hugged him back.



Sravsluarshi : Thank you...

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