love, the strongest emotion

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Mar 16, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 39 times)

hi guys this is my second my view, i hope you like it.. my first my view was "realization of love" and it was a hit so i hope you like this one as well

The scene opens as we see the pool side area and khushi is sitting on the chair, arnav is kneeling down and has put her hand on his heart and just told her that their heart beats become one when they are together, both are in a romantic trance as rabba ve plays in the background, they stare into each other's eyes, both are at peace, suddenly the moment is ruined when anjili walks in from behind and finds them, and says

Anjili: chotte

The moment breaks arnav looks behind and says

Arnav: ya di

Anjili: chotte what happened

Arnav: nothing di,

Khushi gets up from the chair to greet anjili, but faints as she is still in her drunk state, she is about to fall when arnav quickly catches her, and put his arms around her,

Anjili: bhabhi are u alright

Khushi touching her head and said ya I am fine, I am just alittle dizzy,

Anjili: I think u should take rest, and sleep for a while, chotte take care of her,

Arnav nods his head and anjili leaves, khushi frees herself from his hand and says that I'll get my blanket I want to sleep, she is about to go, when he holds her hand and says

Arnav: no, your not well, sleep on the bed today,

Khushi looked surprised at him, was he actually letting her sleep on his bed,

Arnav: don't looks so surprised, ur not well come on sleep on the bed...

Khushi, just said ok and went to lie down on the bed, he helped with the blanket and tucked her..

Khushi: arnavji are you not going to sleep ?? (worried that if he is ok)

He smiled back and said

Arnav: no khushi I am going out, don't worry I'll be fine..

He shut the lights and left..

He walked to the same place, under the shamiana , where he found her when she was lost, he looked around to reencounter the moment, he saw a different side to her today, his head was spinning, not because he had drunk but because he had so many questions on his mind,

Arnav to himself

Arnav: what just happened, today she was soo different, just like she was before the wedding, I could see in her eyes that she cared for me, loved me,(smiling) but what about shyam, (smile fades away)

Arnav was so confused, he saw her hugging shyam on one side and on the other side he could see that she cared for him also, this was boggling his mind, but he wasn't alone, khushi herself was battling her feelings

She was not sleeping, she was also trying to recollect what was going on, what is it that arnav is trying to do, on one end he is rude and conceited and on the other hand he is so sweet, so loving,

Khushi: arnav singh raizada what should I do with you, why are you like this, your behavior changes,

She pondered for a long time, lots of flashbacks in her head, she knew the answer was somewhere close but couldn't put her finger on it, until she had the flashback of the day when she threatened him that she will leave and go. He held her by the arm and said to her that she had hurt him, her eyes opened wide, the answer was right in front of her, he was behaving rude because he was hurt, but she had asked him so many times that why he is hurt, and he refused to tell her,

Khushi: arnavji what have I done to hurt you, I don't understand I love you so much and I cant see you in this pain, what should I do??

Time passed and it was getting dark, it was dinner time, khushi got up from the bed and went to have a shower, arnav walked into the room also all exhausted and tired, he was still in the same clothes that he wore in the morning. Khushi walked out was wearing a white sari, her hair was wet, arnav looked at her, and was mesmerized by her beauty, she looked so beautiful, with wet hair, she looked at him and saw he hadn't changed, so she went up to him with a towel and said

Khushi: arnavji, why don't you go and change, you will fall sick.

Both their eyes fixed on each other, for almost a minute, he took the towel from her and nodded.

Arnav: how are you feeling now??

Khushi: arnavji I am better. (she smiled)

He went into have a shower and khushi was brushing her hair, still wondering what she did that upset him so much. Then it struck her that does he know about shyam,

Khushi: but how can that be khushi, if he knew then he would have done something by now. I have to tell arnavji about shyam, even if it hurts him, khushi you have to be strong and tell him everything, don't hide anything from him, he is your husband, khushi.

Khushi had decided that any how she would tell him, no matter what happened she would tell him the truth.

She went down after brushing her hair to the kitchen to help payal and anjili serve dinner.

Arnav came out he looked around the room but couldn't find her.. he thought that, he needs to find out what khushi feels about him, whats her true nature, he wanted to ask her right now but he couldn't, then it struck him that if he just directly asks her she will never tell him her intensions, so he decided that he would not talk to khushi about this topic for a few days, he would be quite because he needed time to figure out what to do, more over he decide to observe khushi's behavior, so that he can have a better understanding, he decide to put his ego aside and think calmly..

He also went down for dinner, khushi was serving food and laughing away with payal and anjili, nani was also back to normal the situation was under control, every1 was fine and happy talking about the days events..

Anjili saw arnav come down and said

Anjili: chotte, cant belive that you actually played holi today,

Arnav: please di, don't make a big deal

Nani: arrey chotte, u played holi we are happy

Arnav was about to say something when anjili interrupted

Anjili: nani, we should be thanking bhabi, its because of her he played holi,

Khushi was blushing away, and she smiled at arnav, he had a small smile on his face too.

Nani: ya khushi betiya thank you so much, you finally thought chotte to enjoy a little bit..

They all were laughing,

Shyam walked in

Shyam: tell me also what we are all giggling about

Anjili: about chotte playing holi,

Anjili: u no chotte I remember what you told nani and me when you were drunk ..

Arnav looked confused because he doent remember

Anjili: u said that bhabhi is so beautiful, that she is a little mad but very cute, and that you love her hair, her eyes and her smile

Khushi was realy blushing away, and she had become red, everyone noticed and so did shyam his eyes were full of anger, arnav was also blushing

Arnav: please di

Nani: but chotte what is this she is your wife,

They were teasing the two,

Mami: u phati sari, I am not going to leave you, u gave me bhang and told me its thandia, hello hi bye bye..

Mamaji: khushi betiya its good u gave manorma bhang, whol doent have bhang of holi

They all were laughing awy, and shyam was getting jelouse, every second.. latter one the they all went up to the rooms to rest.. as it had been a tiring day..

Khushi decide that she would tell arnav now so she went up to him, hje was bussy checking his mail on his laptop, she said

Khushi: arnavji, can... can... I talk to ...u (hesitating)

Arnav looked up at her and said

Arnav: khushi can I talk to you later as I am bussy with some work, (in a normal and sweet tone)

Khushi: arnavji its important

Arnav: I no khushi I will talk to you later, I promise, right now I have to finish this.. will u bring me my black file please

She goes to the table and picks up the black file and hands it over to him..then she picks up her blanket and goes outside to sleep..

Arnav: looks at her, he wants her to sleep in with him, but he had to wait, he had to think of a way to first find out what was going on..

thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed it..

precap: arnav encounters shyam and khushi in the kitchen...

love sheena

Mar 17, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 33 times)

hey guys thanks for the comments,

The next morning again she tried hard to talk to him but he was getting late for office.. so she couldn't..

Days passed by arnav was not fighting with her, he was behaving nicely but still a bit aloof with her, she still dint talk to him about shyam.. her attempts were failing, until she decide that if doesn't want to talk to her its fine. She will have to convey a her message in another way, so she picked up a paper and pen and wrote a letter to him, she thought that any how it was important to tell him the truth...

In the evening when he came back from work, he was tired, so he went to change in his jumper and pants, and again went to sit on his laptop, she walked into the room with a tray which had some coffee for him..

Khushi: arnavji, I made coffee for you,

He bussy on his laptop,

Arnav: thanks khushi just leave it here, I'll drink it

Khushi (in a low voice) arnavji... I tried talking to you but you don't have time

He looked up at her... with a blank face

Khushi: I have written this for you, when you have time read it please. Its important that you know this

She hand him the letter, and goes down to the kitchen to give him some time alone...

Arnav opened the letter and read

Dear arnavji,

I am very sorry, but it is important for me to tell you this, we are married, and even though you don't accept me as your wife, I still consider you as my husband.. I am writing this letter to you today to tell you about my past.. I was engaged to a man who cheated me and my family, very badly. He ruined my life.. I met him in lucknow, he had saved me and jiji from some goons in the market place.. After we moved to delhi he became a paying guest in my house and occupied the above floor, he won over buaji, heart, and so she and babuji decided that he is a nice guy and that I should get engaged to him.. I was not happy with the decision as I had never looked at him this way, but I still agreed to the engagement because of babuji.. I got engaged to him on the same day that you had tied the bandage on my finger in the mandir,(arnav remembered) but one day I found out that he was cheating on me, that he was already married to someone.. he knew I found out the truth and before me he went to my house and told everyone, that day buaji was shocked, no one could believe that he had done such a thing, I broke the engagement immediately.. my mangetar was someone who is very close to the raizada family he stays in this house only, and his name... is ... shyam. When I found out the truth I was devastated by it, I remember running into you when you were drinking coffee (arnav remembered that day) I hugged you and started crying, and you asked me also what was it, you knew it was something to do with him.. but that day I dint tell you the truth because I dint want to upset you, I dint want to see you hurt.. next day I thought of telling di the truth but I couldn't, she loves shyam a lot, I couldn't take her happiness, I was trying hard to save her from this mess.. I have always conserved di as my own sister.. so I decided to give shyam a chance to rectify his mistake, but he dint he, on the day of the wedding night, someone had written the mirror with lipstick that I should meet them up at the terrace, and I thought it was you.. he hugged me I and I tried to free myself but was unable to.. I told him that he should leave anjili di if he doesn't love her, I told him that no matter what he does I'll never be his..

Arnav: was shocked, his eyes wide at reading the letter couldn't believe it.. he went on to read

I am sorry arnavji, I know that you are hurt and very upset, but I had to tell u this, it was important.. I don't know if you will believe me, but devi maya's kasam that it is the truth..i am truly very sorry if I hurt you, please forgive me



Arnav was stressed; he putt the letter down got up and started pacing the room, in frustration .. he then decides to go down to the kitchen to get a glass of water

Khushi meanwhile was down in the kitchen, she was cleaning but her full mind was on what arnav was going to think after reading the letter. She was nervous and scared, but she knew she did the right thing shyam enter from behind and holds her, she realizes that its him and tries to free herself..

Khushi: how many times have I told you leave me

Shyam: khushiji tell me why you married him

Khushi: I married him because I love him..

Shyam: u don't love him , ur lying

Khushi: I love him there is nothing that you can do

Arnav was about to walk into the kitchen when he sees the two quarling he decides to stay behind and here what was it that was going on

Shyam: khushiji I no the truth,

Khushi: what truth,

Shyam: he doesn't treat you nicely, he is rude to you, he make you sleep out near the pool area

And he lifts up the blue piece of cloth and shows it to her

Khushi is shocked at this, how does he know

Arnav walks in and hugs khushi from behind, she looks at him and feels a little safe..

Arnav: jijaji, your right khushi was sleeping out in the pool area, but not alone, I was there with her too.

Shyam shocked by what he heard

Shyam: don't lie, I no this is all an acted

Arnav: jijaji, u can think what you want, it doesn't make a difference, we were both sleeping out that night, because we wanted to count the stars, and so we decide to camp out, is it a problem

He looked at shyam with raised eye brows

Khushi was also confused at what was happening

Shyam was speechless,

Arnav: jijaji, if you don't mind I would like to take my wife up to my room,

And he took khushi's hand and walked up stairs

She went in the room all lost and confused, waiting to hear a shouting from arnav...

Instead she sees him standing infront of her, with his arms wide open, she was shocked as she dint excpect him to do this..

Arnav: khushi

Khushi ran to him in a flint of a second and hugged him tightly, he huged her back, they were lost in each other's arms.. khushi placed her head in his chest and his arms were wraps around her covering her, she started to cry, he let her cry, he just wanted her to remove all her frustration and all her feelings.. he couldn't believe that khushi had been through so much.. all by herself alone.. she cried and cried.. and when she finally stopped crying she looked up at him he was looking at her.. her hair was over her face so he took his hand and just moved it behind softly caressing her face.. then he said

Arnav: khushi I am sorry,its all my fault,

Khushi: looked at him confused and lost

Arnav: that day I saw you on the terrace and I thought u and shyam

Khushi pulled away from him in a second

Khushi: arnavji, I don't love shyam, I love you

Arnv: I am sorry khushi, I truly am, if it wasn't for my sister I wouldn't have thought this, I would've ask you, but di is the most important person in this world to me, and when I heard you say that shyam should leave her I was upset. (in a pleading voice)

Khushi: arnavji I dint mean it like that

Arnav: I am sorry khushi, I know asking for forgiveness is too late but I am still asking you please forgive me

Khushi: arnavji, I don't know what to say, all I know is that I love you with all my heart and I care for your family a lot. i tried very hard to hate you but I cannot, I cannot hate you, I love you. but I don't understand just by this how could you think that i was wrong

Arnav: khushi shyam told me that you love him, he created a misunderstanding between us

Khushi: arnavji, is it ok if for a few days I go to my parents house, I need some peace, some time to think. Please arnavji, I have been through a lot and all I want now is some peace and some tranquility, if you don't mind can you drop me off tomorrow

Arnav: ok khushi I understand what you are saying... but promise me something

Khushi: what

Arnav: that you won't sleep out tonight you will sleep here in my room on my bed with me

Khushi: arnav... arnavji

Arnav: please khushi, if you want I'll sleep out but you please sleep in

Khushi: nahi, I'll sleep on the couch you take the bed

Arnav: no khushi

Finally she agreed that she will sleep on the bed,

hope you are enjoying it will update soon

precap: arnav will yell at mamiji for insulting here

love sheena

Mar 17, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 34 times)

The night passed by and the two were tossing and turning away, when morning came, khushi woke up to get ready, she called buaji and told her that she wants to come and stay with them for sometime khushi explained to them that she was missing them and arnavji had told her to come and stay with them for 2 days..then she went down to the kitchen arnav also got and got ready, he also went down on the dining table every1 was eating, and talking away

Arnav: nani I am sending khushi to her maika for a few days

Nani: y chotte what happened

Anjili: ya bhabhi all ok,

Arnav: ya di don't worry everything is fine, I am sending khushi because she is missing buaji a lot and after they patched up they haven't had time 2gether

Manorma: hello hi bye bye, arnav betwa y do you want to send her there, phati sari should learn to live in her sasural, this khun bhari taang and phati sari have solid natak, hello hi bye bye, they are both drama queens

Arnav raging in anger got up and finally stood up to mamji, and said

Arnav: Mamiji please stop calling my wife that, she has a name, I would like it if you call her khushi, and no you are wrong she is not a drama queen, she is a very nice girl, payal is your daughter in law and you can do what you like with her but khushi isn't, so please treat her with respect

Mamji, is shocked and stunned by what arnav just told her, she got up and went into the room and cried

Nani: chotte what happened

Arnav: if anyone says anything to her, I'll kill them

He got in anger looked at khushi and said

Arnav: khushi are you ready, I'll drop you off

Khushi nodded her head and got her stuff, she hugged anjili and payal and took ashirwaad from nani and left..

They were both in car, arnav was driving khushi was struggling to put on her belt, he bent forward and put it for her, then after 2 seconds she ask him

Khushi: arnavji why did you talk to Mamiji like that

Arnav: because I never like the way, she treated you, I have always wanted to tell her that

Khushi: you shouldn't have

Arnav: khushi I am sorry but I cant see someone ill treating my wife..

they reached the gupta residence and khushi got of the car, she was about to shut the door when arnav stopped her and said

Arnav: tack care of yourself

She looked at him, gave him a nod and then left..

Buaji opened the door and hugged khushi, garima was happy to see her,

Buaji: sanka devi, where is arnavji

Khushi: buaji he left he was in a hurry

Garima: he should have come for tea inside

Khushi: he was let amma that's why, can I atleast come in, amma make something for me to eat I am so hungry

Khushi ran into her room she freshened up a bit and then went into the kitchen to help buaji

Meanwhile at RM

Mamiji was in her room crying away, nani and anjili walked in

Nani: manorma stop crying

Mami: saasuma how can I stop crying, arnav spoke to me so rudely,

Anjili: mami please understand he doesn't like it if anyone talks about khushi in a wrong way

Nani: manorma you are a very rude and snide person, you should not have spoke to her this way, she is the daughter in law of the house,

Mami: that khoon bhari tang and phati sari have done damage to this house

Nani: no they haven't and immediately stop behaving this way,

She walked out in anger.. by evening arnav came home and was tired, he went to change his clothes and sat on his laptop.. he was trying very hard to avoid thinking on khushi but he couldn't. then he went to anjili's room to see what she is doing..

Anjili: chotte what are you doing here

Arnav: di I am bored, so I came to see what u are doing

Anjili laughing away said

Arnav: chotte are you bored, or your missing bhabhi,

Arnav: no di (trying to avoid the topic)

Anjili: don't lie chotte

Arnav: di stop it (getting irritated)

Anji;i: ok ok ok don't get annoyed, come lets go down for dinner

Then went down for dinner, and after dinner arnav went up back to his room, he was working on his laptop and it was very late so he decided to go to sleep, khushi's thought was coming back to his mind again again, after their marriage this the first time that he was sleeping alone in the room, and he was missing his wife a lot so he got up and went t o the pool side to look up at the stars

Khushi was also alone for the first time after marriage, she was also missing so she went to the window and stood there watching the stars as well, she said

Khushi: amma babuji, I miss him, so much.. I am so confused and lost. What should I do, I cant believe he dint trust me.. that's not good it's bad, when we got married everyone was upset, everyone was annoyed, I was lost and so scared, at that time I needed him the most.. he never gave me the wedding I ever wanted, how can I assure that he can give me all the happiness that I want.. how do I know that he won't doubt me like this ever again.. ama babuji please help me, show me the way..

Arnav looking up at the sky he said mom dad I love her, I love her so much, I am a fool to doubt her, she is my life..How could I have done this.. every time I troubled her I felt the pain, I felt the trouble, I cant see her like this mom and dad show me the way, make her come back to me...

Both were longing for each other but they were confused.. and scared,

3 days passed by and they were away from each other, khushi dint call arnav and arnav never called khushi, both were scared to talk to each other, arnav tried very hard to sleep at night with her but he couldn't because he missed her, he decided that I have to see her, he started the car and drove to her house.. he saw the window open, he jump in through the window,

There was a figure in the dark sleeping, she looked in deep sleep, she had a blanket on her face,it was dark and barely anything was visible he moved the blanket and to his surprise he saw..Buaji sleeping there,

Buaji in her sleep was muttering

Buaji: hi re nand kishore, sanka devi what are we going to do with you..

Arnav was horrified he wanted to see his khushi instead he saw buaji, he tried to go out of her room with making a noise, when he reached the hall he took a right and entered khushi's room, he saw her fast asleep, she looked so beautiful, just like an angle sleeping on a cloud, he was lost at her sight, he longed to hold her tightly and call her back but he cant, he wanted to caress her face and he was going to but stopped shut his hands in a fist, he dint want to wake her,she also in her sleep was mumbling

Khushi: ama babuji, see I made so many jalebies, jiji come here, stop sticking to jijaji, and come taste my jalebies, I made sugar free ones also, for arnavji..(Smiling away, in her unconscious state)

Arnav was smiling away and laughing away softly, he found her soo cute.. he felt nice that hshe was thinking about him and even in her dream she remembered that he can only

2 hours had passed he was just looking at her sleep, until he realized that it was 3:00 in the morning he better go now, he was about to climb out the window, but while he was climbing the vase on the table adjacent to the window fell on the floor and there was a bang, khushi's eyes opened she got up and she saw him..

Khushi: arnvji.... U here at this time

Arnav: ya khushi sorry, I dint mean to wake you

Khushi: but what are you doing here so late

Arnav: I wasn't getting sleep, I wanted to see you and so I came here

Khushi (confused startled) how long have you seen me sleep

Arnav: 2 hours, khushi... come back home please

Khushi: arnavji (shocked to hear this from him)

Arnav: khushi I am genuinely very sorry, I love you khushi please come back to me.. I no I have done wrong in not believing u..

Khushi: arnavji but u have to understand that I got everyone's shouting for no reson, everyone went against me.. I was all alone.. arnavji no one sided me.. at that time I needed u the most.. (she caught his hands and took him to the window and she pointed up at the stars)arnavji I would tell my amma babuji to find a raj kumar for me, he would come on a godi and take me away to land that was only full of love and joy, and at are wedding amma babuji, buaji and jiji would be so happy for me, and I would be the most beautiful bride in this world.. when my raj kumar would see me he would not stop looking at me, arnavji this was my dream, amma told me that when I get married my life will be much better but that never happened,

Arnav looked at her, he wanted to just hold her tightly , suddenly there was a knock on the door and buaji screamed

Buaji: hi re nand kishore khushi who are you talking to

Arnav quickly jumped out the window and khushi went to open the door

hey guys thanks for the comments..let me know if i should continue

love sheena

Mar 18, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 37 times)

Buaji: sanka devi what are you doing up so late

Khushi: nothing buaji, i was missing amma and babuji so I went to the window to talk to them..

Buaji smiled at her caressed her face and said

Buaji: khushi I no u miss them a lot, but don't forget that we also love u a lot

Khushi smiled and hugged her and said ya buaji I will never forget you, then she went to sleep,

Arnav went home, he was lying in his bed all night, thinking of what khushi said that she always wanted big wedding with her family and prince charming.. all night he thought what should I do that will make her comeback..Then he had an idea he smiled he knew it would be perfect.. he quickly shut his eyes and went to sleep

Morning came, the sun light came on his face, he woke up got ready and came down to the breakfast table where everyone was gathered , shyam wasn't there he had gone to lucknow for a few days..

Arnav: di I need your help

Anjili and nani looked at him confused

Nani: what happened chotte is everything ok

Ya nani everything is fine don't worry I need the family to do me a favor

He explained to everyone his plan, they all smiled and were very excited

Anjili: chotte we are with you don't worry, I am so excited finally

Arnav: but di we have to careful

Anjili: don't worry chotte

Payal: I'll call buaji and tell her everything

Buaji told garima and shashi and they were also very happy with the idea, buaji assured payal that khushi wouldn't know about it

Khushi was in the kitchen cooking food when buaji came to her and told her that anjili is on the phone

Anjili: bhabi, we need you to come out with us today, there is a big party and we need you to be there I am sending over some clothes and jewelry for you

Khushi: di ok I will come

She puts down the phone

Anjili: chotte ur work is done

Arnav: thanks di

In the gupta house

Khushi confused about where she has to go today, and she has to go back to arnav today

Buaji: sanka devi, its good ur going today, because we also have 2 go out to mrs Sharma's party,

Garima: khushi payal is also going to be there don't worry

Khushi: ya amma

At 4:00 the door rang and khushi opened it

Driver: mam anjili mam has sent you this packet

Khushi took the packet and thanked the driver ..

She took the packet in the room and opened it, she found a very pretty lengha, it was red and gold, it was very elegant,

Khushi then looked at the box inside the bag it had a lovely necklace, matching to the lengha,

Garima walked in and said

Garima: khushi this looks beautiful

Khushi was blushing, buaji came running in

Buaji: hai re nand kishore, ur not ready, the driver is waiting for you hurry up, and garima we also have to go,

Khushi got ready and left, the driver took her to RM, she entered and she found anjili,

Anjili: bhabhi u go up2 your room, there is still time to leave

Khushi goes up to the room, and anjili signals arnav that she has come, the rest of the family gather out in the garden to get ready, arnav goes up to the room and finds khushi staring at pool,

Arnav: khushi

Khushi turned around and saw him, she was stunned to see him in a white kurta and pajama, he looked so different, he looked so good

Arnav couldn't take his eyes of her, she looked beautiful, she was so pretty, she was so divine in the red lengha,

Arnav: khushi, you looked beautiful,

Khushi: arnavji... ur wearing a kurta??

Arnav smiles at her, and bends down on one knee, holds up a ring case, he opens it and there is a nice silver princess cut diamond ring,

Khushi: what are you doing??

Arnav: khushi, will u marry me

Khushi: arnavji, I am already married to you remember, for 6 months

Arnav: no khushi that's a contract, I am asking if you will marry me for life,... will you spend the rest of your life with me

Khushi alarmed and shocked, but very happy, she smiled and helped him up to stand and said

Khushi: but arnavji, can you make all my dreams come, true (she was pretending now, and just wanted to trouble him)

Arnav: khushi I know that I am making one of your dreams come true right now, (taking her hand and holding it in his he said) I will make all your dreams come true, I will love you and protect you forever, and I promise that I will never ever in my life ever make the mistake of doubting you

Khushi smiled and she put her finger out, and he made her wear the ring..

She was about to say something when anjili and payal walked in and said

Anjili: chotte now u have finished proposing to her now go quickly, don't you no its not a good sign for the groom and bride to see each other before the wedding,

She took him away, while he was walking out he turned around to see her and she smiled at him, payal hugged khushi and said

Payal: khushi I am so happy for you, finally you are getting the wedding that you deserve,

Payal made khushi sit down and made her wear the rest of the jewelry, amma and buaji walked in

Garima: khushi you are very lucky to have arnavji as a husband, he will take good care of you..

Khushi smiled at her, as they were praising arnav

Buaji: sada suhagan rahon, khushi,

Babuji lifted his hand with great difficulty to give ashirwaad to khushi...

They are got ready for the ceremony

It was around 8:00 anjili walked in to tell khushi to come down,

As she was walking down she saw mandap, and a pandit chanting mantars, and the whole family was surrounded around the mandap, arnav was sitting there, as soon as she walked in he could not remove his eyes of her, his bride was walking down the steps, she is now officially going to be his very soon, garima and buaji helped her sit in the manadap, the pandit started chanting the mantras over and over and they were told to perform the ritual, the pundit told them to take the pheras, nani tied the knot for them and they started taking the pheras, then the sindoor was put and lastly the mangalsutra, they stood up and took blessings from nani first, then from shashi arnav bent down and whispered in shashi's ears

Arnav: babuji don't worry, I will prtect your daughter from every bad thing.

Shashi smiled at him and gave him blessing, then they turned to garima and buaji, anjili went to hug khushi, and congratulated arnav, payal and akash followed..

Khushi felt like she was on top of the world, she finally got the wedding that she has always wanted, she was continuously smiling and blushing away, now the ghar pravesh ceremony started, nani was about to tell arnav to pick khushi up, but arnav had already done it before she could say, he wouldn't remove his eyes of her.

Anjili: nani who knew that my chotte could be soo romantic.. bhabhi you are very lucky..

Arnav: di stop it

After the ghar pravesh puja anjili took khushi up to their room, the room was decorated with flowers, and candles.. it looked beautiful,

Anjili(caressed her face and smiled): bhabhi thank you so much

Khushi (looked confused): for what di ?

Anjili: u thought my chotte how to live again, you thought him that love trumps hate,

Khushi: di I promise I'll never let you down again, and I will stand by arnavji through everything, di you also be strong and have fate, u never know what the future holds (trying to indicate that future is going to be a cyclone, and that she will be there for her and arnav)

Anjili smiled at her and said wait i will send chotte

precap: arnav, khushi's suhag raat

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Mar 18, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 38 times)

and she leaves, arnav walks in and finds khushi standing near the mirror, removing her jewelry, he goes to her and hold her from her waist from behind and cuddles her up. She smiles at him looking at him from the mirror

Arnav: khushi

Khushi looking down at the floor, she was blushing and was nervous

Arnav: Mrs khushi arnav singh raizada you look so beautiful today,

Khushi: (in a soft voice) arnavji, you also look handsome in a kurta.. I can't believe you did all this for me

Arnav: khushi I love you so much,(then he turns her around slowly, she is facing him, and looking into his eyes and he takes her hand and puts it on his heart, and puts his hand on her heart) khushi now are heart beats are officially one, now no one can separate are heart beats, for the rest of our life we will be husband and wife

Khushi hugged him tightly, she buried her head on his chest and he rested his head over her, he had a cute smile on his face, no it wasn't a smirk it was a smile...then she looked up at him, she was looking into his eyes and she said

Khushi: arnavji, when anyone has looked into your eyes most of the time they have found anger and hatred in them, but when I look into your eyes I can only see love, and passion.. I love the way you look at me like this

He smiled at khushi and picked her up,

Khushi: arnavji, what are you doing

Arnav: khushi, I am doing something that I should have done a long time ago, when we had gotten married first, today no one is going to come in between us,

he placed her softly on the bed and caressed her face with his hand, then he goes shirtless and he laid down over her and kissed her forehead, khushi shut her eyes, then he kissed her eyes and cheeks, he had now reached her lips, he looked at them and then he place his lips softly on hers, he slowly nibbled on her lips... khushi lost in his touch, loved the sensation that he was giving her.. he started kissing her intensely, khushi puts his hands around his neck, he then moves on to kissing her chest, he starts tracing his lips over her neck, his touch is feather light, khushi could feel the magic building up, every second she lost control of herself , her hands moved to his back and she started moaning his name

khushi: arnavji....arnavji.... Arnav....Arnav... Arnavji

he bit her neck giving her a very mild love bite, and she in turn dug her nails in his back.. but none could feel the pain both were lost in each other... the night was warm so magical and extremely divine... both had experienced each other in every possible way, it was a mutual feeling a good feeling... in the wee hours of the morning both seemed very tired and fell asleep.. Arnav cuddling khushi had his hands around her and she had her head placed on his bare chest.. He had cover her in every way with his body.. the next day had come in the light started to shine on her face as she woke up, her eyes opened up softly and she squinted her eyes around, she felt a heavy grip around her waist she looked up to see arnav lying beside her hugging her, she smiled at him and loosened his grip to go and kiss him on his fore head..then she mumbled a few words to herself

khushi: khushi he looks so cute when he is sleeping (touching his face and playing with his hair) who knew that my laad governor could be soo romantic.. I have never seen this side of him.. hey devi maya please let my arnavji always be like this, please let my every moment be like this, I wish to get up like this in my arnavji's arms everyday.. (she kissed him on his cheek)

she was about to get up when he pulled her down and said

arnav: Mrs arnav singh raizada,u no u are so weird,

khushi looked at him confused

arnav: u just prayed to devi maya that you want your every moment to be like this but here u are going away and breaking the moment

khushi: arnavji ur awake

arnav (smiling in a cheeky way) yes I am awake, how can I not be awake, my wife sweet voice woke me up just now

khushi (blushing) arnavji ... wo.. uh woh

arnav got up and sat on the bed holding her hand in his and said

arnav: hey mrs arnav singh raizda lost your words soo quickly

khushi: no I dint, just because we love each other doesn't mean that you can still tease me, don't forget I am still the same khushi who stood up to you

arnav (raising his eyebrow...) really, so if you are the same khushi then stay here with me for some more time, why are you going down, u only prayed to devi maya that you want to be like this forever...

khushi: arnavji, I cant di must be waiting down for me, leave me arnavji I have 2 go, I no I prayed to devi maya that I want to be like this forever but I dint mean it literally I meant it...

arnav: u meant it??

Khushi: I meant it in happiness wise

Arnav : ohk, but I mean it literally and happiness wise my love...

Khushi blushing away.. suddenly there was a knock on the door.. it was anjili

Anjili: bhabhi, sorry to disturb you but we need you and chotte to come down soon,

Khushi freed her hand from arnavs and then went to the bathroom,

Arnav (to himself) mrs arnav singh raizada.. u cn run and hide as much as you want but eventually I'll get what you want...(he smiled to himself and got up from bed)

precap: arnav protects khushi in front of shyam and makes him jealous

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Mar 19, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 30 times)

Khushi got ready and went down to the kitchen to help payal and anjili.. arnav got ready for office and came down, where everyone was eating breakfast,

Nani: khushi betiya today I would like you and payal to help me, I have to clean the old store room up.. anjili is busy today and cannot

Khushi: ya nani sure, no problem as soon as I am done with preparing the lunch I will help you...

The door bell rings and anjili goes to open the door, shyam enters

Shyam: hello everyone.. (smiling)

Anjili: I am soo happy your hear, I have 2 go to the doctor today, u have to come with me

Shyam: rani saheba offcorse I will come with u, but first can someone make tea for me, khushiji will you make tea for me.

Khushi looked at arnav and arnav looked back at her, then he looked at shyam in a angry way..

Arnav: why should khushi make tea for you??(in a very calm and composed tone)

Shyam: sale sahib, whats the big deal if she does, is there a problem

Nani: chotte what happened its ok, its just a cup of tea

Shyam: I dint want to trouble rani sahiba because of her condition..

Anjili: chotte relax

Khushi: its ok arnavji its just a cup of tea..

Arnav got up and left in anger...khushi went to the kitchen,

Nani and mamaji finished their breakfast and left akash also left for office and Mamiji took payal to her room to do some work..anjili went up to confirm her doctor's appointments shyam was still on the dining table, khushi was in the kitchen making tea for him, shyam took his chance got up and went t o the kitchen to talk to khushi. She poured the tea in a cup and turned around to give it to him and he was standing there,

Shyam: I cant wait to drink your tea khushiji, after along time you made tea for me

Khushi in a disgusted face handed him over the tea, then she got busy cleaning the table,

Shyam: khushiji what is this I have come to meet you and you are running away from me

Khushi: please just go away, I am busy, I have work to do

Shyam (holding her tightly)no I wont let you go, I will never let you go, arnav will have to let go of you

Khushi: he will never let go of me, he loves me and I love him

Shyam was about to wince khushi's arm when arnav put his hand forward to stop him

Arnav: jijaji what do you think you are doing, how dare you touch my wife

Khushi went and stood behind him,

shyam (made his sulky face)arnav that day is not far when she will be mine.

Khush(came out from behind him)I will never be yours, I only belong to arnavji, stay away from me

Shyam: khushiji how can you say this

Then from behind anjili comes, surprised to see arnav standing there

Anjili: chotte what are you doing here, u dint go

Arnav: no di, I came back I wasn't feeling well, I will stay at home today

Anjili: chotte is everything alright

Arnav: ya di its fine I just have a head ache, so will work at home today, khushi will you come up with me

Khushi nods her head and says yes and they go up

Meanwhile anjili tells shyam that they have to go the doctor and they need to leave right away, so they go to the doctor

Up in arnavs room

Arnav throws the bag on the bad with anger and sits on the chair, he runs his fingers through his hair with frustration, khushi comes in and sees him in this state, she goes to him kneels down by his side, takes his hand and holds in hers

Khushi: arnavji

Arnav: khushi, thank god I came back otherwise god knows what he would have done with you....

Khushi: arnavji don't worry, its ok I am here now with you and very safe.. as long is u are there I have nothing to worry about

She kisses his hand and then he picks her and puts her on the bed and then lays his head down on her lap and holds her waist from behind, she runs her finger s on his hair, giving him a feeling of love and taken care off. He hugs her tighter, and puts his face to her stomach and then kisses it.. khushi starts laughing and blushing

Khushi: arnavji

Arnav looks up at her and starts smiling back at her..while she is still playing with his hair..

Khushi: arnavji what are we going to do about shyam, its no use, he isn't going to stop,

Arnav takes his hand and holds it tight, and says

Arnav: khushi don't worry just give me today to figure out how to deal with him, I promise I will not let him touch you, he will not take you away from me.. no one can separate us

Khushi: I have full fate in you arnavji...

They then look into each others eyes, and suddenly they hear a knock on the door

Khushi goes to open it but arnav stops her,

Arnav: no don't go

Khushi smiles at him

The knock keeps on increasing .. nani is knocking on the door

Khushi finally goes and opens the door,

Nani: what happened betiya, I thought you are going to help me

Khushi: ya nani ji I am coming,

She walks behind nani and says bye to arnav, arnav also goes and starts working on his laptop... time passes by arnav was intensely working while khushi finishes cooking the dinner and then goes up to the room, and sees arnav working.. she goes up to him and asks him if she wants some coffee and he says no.. then he takes her and makes her sit down, takes her hands in his and says

Arnav: khushi I have decided something

Khushi looks confused

Arnav: khushi AR group of industries is doing really well in delhi and now I am thinking of expanding the business in Bombay as well, Bombay seems to have a good market and we can benefit from it

Khushi: arnavji that's good, (smiling)

Arnav: khushi I will have to go Bombay for 3 months to settle the business,

Khushi looked sad that he was leaving her, but before she could say anything he said

Arnav: don't worry I am not leaving you, you are coming with me to Bombay.. this way you will be away from that shyam and also there will be no one to disturb us.. over here every time we get close someone disturbs us...

Khushi hugs arnav and smiles at him

Again there is a knock on the door,

Arnav: see what I mean.. someone always is disturbing us

Khushi starts laughing and goes and opens the door

Payal: khushi u and arnavji come down we are serving dinner

Khushi: ok jiji, we will

They all go down for dinner, now during dinner arnav makes the announcement

Arnav: di, nani I have decided that I will be going for 3 months to Bombay

Anjili: chotte y whats wrong 3 months to Bombay

Shyam smiles thinking he will have alone time with khushi

Arnav: yes di I am going, because AR group of industries is doing really well in delhi and now I am thinking of expanding the business in Bombay as well

Nani: that's good chotte, ya I think that's a good idea

Akash: bhai but why 3 months, and why do you want to go, I'll go and do it

Arnav: no akash the reason that I am going is because I want to myself take care of it... also I want to understand how the set up will be there, once I am done with the set up I or you can go every 6 months to just check on it

Akash: ok bhai that makes sense...

Arnav: nani one more thing, I would like to take khushi with me also.. I think if she is there then she can help me settle the house also

Shyam: no how can khushiji go

Arnav: excuse me but why cant she go

Everyone looked at shyam confused

Shyam: I mean sale sahib khushiji has just gotten use to this routine, and it wont be nice if it breaks and also who will take care of the house,

Arnav: don't worry jijaji, payal is there she can do it, why does khushi need to stay, I am her husband and I would like her to come with me and settle in Bombay for 3 months... is that a problem (raised eyebrows)

Nani: ya daamadji I think chotte is righyt, anjili betiya and payal betiya are there to take care of this house but there chotte will be alone, who will take care of him

Shyam looked annoyed while arnav enjoyed his discomfort

Anjili: ya khushiji u go in any which ways chotte needs you, 3 months is a long time for him to stay away from you (laughing)

Arnav: di please

Anjili: ok ok, now tell me when are you leaving

Arnav: tomorrow

anjiliI: so soon.

Arnav: ya di, I got the house arranged today, we will be staying at Malabar hill in Bombay..

Shyam: so soon, but arnavji don't you have to finish of with your packing, and finish some important paper work at office, I am sure you cant just pick up and leave

Akash: no jijiaji, bhai can actually, when he is not around I am in charge, and its only in Bombay so I can always courier the papers to him its not a big deal

Arnav (looked at shyam with raised eye brows indicating that you got your answer) as far was packing is concerned don't worry khushi will do it tonight.. di will leave tomorrow at 8pm, I wanted to take the morning flight but khushi incited that we go later as she wants to say bye to babuji and amma..Before leaving

precap: arnav and khushi settle in Bombay in their new house

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Mar 19, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 23 times)

Everyone agreed and were very happy with this and after dinner they left to go up to their rooms...

Arnav and khushi were busy packing their clothes as they had to leave tomorrow, a lot had to be done and there was little time left.. khushi finally finished putting arnav's and her clothes inside the suitcases and she was very tired and just went to sleep early arnav was busy on his laptop finishing of some last minute work.. he got up to go to the kitchen to get some coffee for himself.. on his way back from the kitchen he met shyam who was walking up and down tensed, he bumped into shyam

Shyam: you are doing all this because of me, try as hard as you want to keep her away from me but mark my words she will be mine

Arnav: no she won't she will never be yours and you try as much as you want but she will never me yours mark my words....and now please excuse me I have to go up my wife is waiting for me in bed

He walked off o the room leaving shyam again sulky..

The next morning khushi got early and was again busy with packing up and stuff, arnav also got up to get ready to finish some work in the office.. he had told khushi that he will take her to the gupta house at 4 so that she can say bye to her parents before leaving...

The days was hectic nani, anjili and payal were helping khushi. Shyam was looking for a chance to talk to khushi but wasn't able to as she was always surrounded by people

Once the work was done they were all sitting in the hall payal looked a little gloomy khushi noticed it and asked

Khushi: jiji what happened why do you look sad

Payal: no I am not sad

Khushi: jiji stop lying I no u are sad

Anjili: payal what happened tell us

Payal: khushi ur going today, I am going to miss you soo much, we have never lived separately and here today you are going to live alone with arnavji , I will miss you

Khushi hugged her and said

Khushi: jiji I will miss you too, but when arnavji and I settle you and jijaji can come and visit us

Anjili: ya payal don't worry you can go and visit, and don't worry u still have me here, I am also like ur sister

Payal hugged khushi and then anjili

Payal: ya di you are

And then they all started laughing, arnav walked in too pick khushi

Arnav:khushi are you ready we have to go to your parents house

Khushi: ya arnavji I am ready

Anjili: chotte at least have coffee and sit for a while why you are in such a hurry

Arnav: no di please I have to leave we have a lot to do

Arnav and khushi left to go to gupta house; They reached and rang the door bell, buaji opened it and was happy to see arnav and khushi, they went in a sat down, garima brought shashi out..

Buaji: hai re nand kishore, I cant believe sanka devi is going so far away from us

Garima: arnav betwa khushi has never been alone please take care of her

Arnav: amma don't worry i will take care of her, she will be fine (giving her assurance)

Shashi was smiling away

Buaji: khushi now u will be safe from...

Garima and shashi look at her cuz she was about to mention about shyam , when she stopped

Arnav looked at her and said

Arnav: buaji I no about everything, khushi told me the truth, don't worry, she is far away from him... I wont let him touch her

Buaji, garima smiled at him as he knows the truth and that he is protecting her shashi put his hand over arnavs and smiled at him

They said bye and left to go home, at home none of them had time to sit as they had to get ready for the flight..

Once they were ready they went to the hall where everyone was gathered and was saying bye to them

Anjili: chotte I am going to miss you a lot, (crying)

Arnav: di I am also going to miss you, (hugging anjili)

Anjili: bhabhi please take care of chotte and yourself and of you need anything don't hesitate to call

Khushi: di don't worry will, (smiling)

Nani: ok chotte we will rely miss you a lot

Akash: bhai if there is any problem let us know payal and I will take a flight immediately to Bombay

Arnav: don't worry akash we will be fine

They took blessings from nani, mamaji and Mamiji, and khushi hugged payal and anjili, arnav also hugged di and akash.. they were about to leave suddenly payal came running behind

Payal: arnavji, arnavji

Arnav: what is it payal

Payal: arnavji please take care of my baby sister, she means the world to me

Arnav smiled at her and said

Arnav: payal don't worry I will take care of her, and when we settle I will tell you and akash to come and visit

Payal: thank you arnavji (she hugged khushi)

Then they left for the airport and sat in the flight. Khushi has never sat on a plane so she was very nervous..

Arnav: don't worry khushi I am here with you nothing will happen

Khushi: easy for you to say, u sat in a plane so many times , hey devi maya hamari raska karna

Arnav was laughing away at her and was holding her hand, then the plane landed and they got off and finally reached Mumbai... they went outside the airport , khushi was holding arnav's arm and walking with him ..the driver was standing outside with a board which said Mr and Mrs raizada they got into the car and reached a huge building, they entered the lobby which was done up charcoal stone, then got into the lift and arnav pressed the button which had the number 20 on it.. they walked out of the lift and walked towards the flat, arnav removed the key and opened the door and they both walked in.. the driver brought the luggage up and switched on the lights... khushi was amazed by what was in front of her, the house was so posh, it was a 4 bedroom hall and kitchen, each room was huge the kitchen was also very huge, she went to the balcony and opened the window and the view was beautiful they faced a lovely garden which had a fountain... then she looked at arnav, arnav meanwhile was a silent spectator observing her reactions and smiling away..

Arnav: welcome home mrs raizada, I hope you like

Khushi: like it I love it, its huge, arnavji

Arnav: good I am glad you like it, come on now I am going to take you to our room

She smiled he put his hand on her eyes, and took her the room and then removed his hands and she gently opened her eyes and saw a huge room which was painted saturated teal color with a huge bed and wooden cupboards and an attached bathroom which had a huge circular bath tub in the middle and had stone flooring and was furnished with white bathroom fittings,

Khushi: arnavji I will go and organize something for us to eat u go and get fresh,

Arnav got fresh and khushi went into the kitchen it was stacked nicely with vegetables and had all the necessary utensils to cooks so she started cooking.. arnav got fresh and came out in his sweat shirt and jeans and saw her cooking he came up to her and held her from behind cuddling her while she was cooking.. she smiled

Khushi: arnavji leave me

Arnav: why should I leave you , now there is no one to stop us, finally its just you and me mrs arnav singh raizada

Khushi blushing away. Then he started kissing her neck and she was blushing away, she once or twice screamed his name

Khushi: arnavji... arnav...arnavji...

Until suddenly they both could get a bit of burning smell, khushi looked down and saw the rice was almost about to burn.. she shut the gas quickly

Khushi: arnavji leave me the rice is burning

Arnav left her and she managed to set things straight, after that they ate dinner, and went of to sleep quickly both were tired they had a long day,

Precap: arnav and khushi explore bombay and meet new people and more rabbave moments coming up

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Mar 20, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 26 times)

Khushi: arnavji wake up its 10: o clock your getting late, today's your first day at the office

arnav was sleeping sideways, he pulled her down and she landed on the bed in a sleeping position, then he caught her and straitened her and made her sleep with him on the bed, he cuddled her up by putting his hand around her chest in a tight grip and said

arnav: khushi, don't get up, u also go to sleep (in a groggy and sleepy voice)

khushi: arnavji, let me go and please get up...

arnav: but I am sleepy, and I am not letting you go anywhere

khushi started laughing , and chuckling, arnav realized it and opened his eyes and looked at her confused as to why she is laughing

arnav: khushi why are you laughing

khushi: because you are behaving like a child, who refuses to get up, and I find it...

arnav: and you find it....(raised eye brows)

khushi: arnavji let it be come on get up your getting late (trying to get up from the bed)

arnav: I am not letting you go until you don't tell me

khushi :I find it...(blushing).... Cute, I have never seen you behave like that

arnav smiled at her and then they both got up from the bed he went into change while khushi prepared his coffee, then she removed his clothes and gave it to him to wear, he came out wore the clothes went to have his coffee and read the paper, khushi was also eating her breakfast.

Arnav: khushi after I get drop off to the office I am sending the car to you

Khushi: why arnavji, do I have to go somewhere

Arnav: ya khushi I want you to come and see the office, also I need you to sign some papers,

Khushi ok arnavji no problem

He finished his breakfast and gave her a peck on her cheek and left for office.... Meanwhile khushi was busy cleaning up and settling all the stuff at home, she had to still unpack all their clothes and settle the house, s.... she was working and suddenly the phone rang ...tring tring...she went to pick it up, and it was anjili

Anjili: hi bhabhi how are you

Khushi: di I am fine, how are you

Anjili: have you managed to unpack and settle,

Khushi: ya di I am just doing it,

Anjili: where is chotte bhabhi,

Khushi: di he just left for work u can try him on his phone...

Anjili: ok bhabhi wait payal also wants to speak to you

Khushi: hello jiji

Payal: khushi your fine na

Khushi: ya jiji I am fine, don t worry

Payal: khushi how does Bombay look (excited)

Khushi: jiji Bombay is so huge and there are so many buildings which are so tall, its so crowded, arnavji hasn't taken me out yet as we are still busy unpacking and settling, but I am sure he will take me soon

Payal: ok khushi enjoy yourself

Khushi: ya jiji tack care bye, give arnavji's and my love to everyone

Payal: bye

Back at RM

Akash had heard payal ask khushi about Bombay, and he could notice that she was curious to see what Bombay looks like as she has never been there.. so he walked up to her and said

Akash: payal dont worry as soon as bhai and bhabhi settle I will take you to Bombay

Payal: really u will,its just that I miss khushi a lot and also I have never been to Bombay..

Akash smiled hugged her and told her that he will surely take her

Meanwhile back in Bombay, khushi settled the house up , the door bell rang and she opened it to see the driver was waiting to take her to the office..

Driver: are you ready mam, sir has asked me to bring you to the office

Khushi: yes yadav ji I am ready lets go

She went down and got into the car and the driver took her to the office, while she was in the car she was looking out the window and she could see the buzzing crowd of Bombay, she saw the road, the people the transportation was so different from Delhi, she was excited as well because she loved to experience new things and meet new people, finally they reached the office, she saw a huge building which had a board of the AR groups written on it, the driver took her up and there was a man waiting near the lift, to her surprise she saw aman(arnav sectary in delhi)

Aman: hello mam, nice to see you

Khushi: aman how come you are here

Aman: mam I am sirs personal sectary, he wanted me to move to Bombay as well

Khushi: oh that's nice, but where is arnavji

Aman: come mam I will take you

She walked across the office to arnav cabin, following aman, aman knocked on the door and then and took khushi in..

Arnav: hi good you are here I was waiting for you

Arnav had a stack of papers on his desk and he was busy with a lot of work

Khushi: arnavji, what happened you seem busy , should I wait

Arnav: no I am done don't worry

Khushi: u needed me to sign some papers

Arnav: yeah, aman will you get the papers from shekhar,

Aman: yes sir

He goes out gets the papers and khushi signs them, then arnav get up and tells aman

Arnav: aman, I hope I don't have any meetings left I want to go out for a while with khushi

Aman: no sir you don't, but I have to ask sir, Mr Sharma wants to have a meeting with you regarding the share deal prices so what should I say

Arnav: ya you can fix an appointment with him on Tuesday at 5:00

Aman ok sir

Khushi was penitently waiting for him, once he finished his work it was around 5:00, he said

Arnav: come on, I want to take you to phoenix mills (popular mall in Bombay)

Khushi smiled and came along with him, when they reached khushi was amazed to see the mall it was huge and had so many shop and so many restaurants', the place was buzzing with people.. they roamed around the mall and bought something's, arnav bought her a very pretty red sari, from the Sabaysachi store, time passed by they ate dinner at the mall and then they came home,

Khushi changed while arnav worked on his laptop and then, arnav said

Arnav: khushi I am not sleepy at all,

Khushi: its 11:00 at night what do you want to do

Arnav: surprisingly I want to watch a movie,

Khushi: I don't mind but which one,

Arnav: I have never watched a movie with you, he claims

Khushi: but arnavji which movie do you want to watch, u like all those English movies that I don't understand much of

She looks down at floor and is embarrassed...arnav lifts her chin up and says

Arnav: khushi don't worry we will watch an English movie but I will explain it to you

Khushi: ok (hesitant)

Arnav pops in the dvd of a movie called Nightmare on Elm street (horror movie)

So now they are watching the movie and arnav keeps pausing to explain to her, the movie is very scary and khushi is now getting very scared... she keeps coming closer and closer to arnav so that he can protect her, he keeps looking at her reactions and takes advantage of it, he puts her on his chest and she is hugging him and watching the movie, on very scary scenes she would shut her eyes and hide inside him, he also held her tight in a way to show her that she is protected... once the movie got over arnav said

Arnav: khushi the movie is over now leave me

Khushi looks so cute, her eyes are shut and she has held onto arnav tightly, and she refuses to let go of him...

Khushi: no arnavji I won't let go, please I am scared

Arnav was laughing away looking at his wife who looked so cute

Khushi: arnavji promise me you wont leave me, please I am scared please

Arnav: khushi I won't leave you I promise, now open your eyes

She slowly opens her eyes and he says

Arnav: khushi see look around nothing is scary, ur fine and safe,

Then he is about to get up to go to the bathroom when she stops him and say

Khushi: no don't go, don't leave me

Arnav: khushi I have to change, unless you want me to change here, in front of you (cheeky smile)

Khushi (blushing): ok go but come back soon,

He goes to change and then they sleep, whole night khushi is scared so she clings to him and sleeps, in the middle of the night she gets up hysterically because she has a bad dream but arnav consoles her and makes her feel protected....

Finally morning arrived and arnav woke up and saw her fast asleep, he dint want to wake her up as she hasn't slept properly last night so he let her sleep, only before leaving for office he woke her up, the day went fine, for both of them,

2 weeks passed by and khushi made new friends with people from the building.... A very close friend of hers was a 20 year old girl Ragini she was, a nice girl, who belonged to a rich family, usually khushi and ragini would spend their afternoons together talking and shopping, arnav would be busy in the office and would come home and then khushi would spend time with him, the two of them adjusted very well to Bombay life and were enjoying spending lots of time alone away from the family and from shyam...

Precap: aman and ragini meet and khushi and arnav play cupid

hey guys thanks a ton for all you comments, hope you enjoy this update

love sheena

Mar 21, 2012

love the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 15 times)

One day khushi and ragini were sitting in the garden and chatting up, enjoying the afternoon, aman came, to sign some papers, this is the first time aman and ragini were meeting... they just had a bit of eye contact, aman thought ragini was beautiful and couldn't stop staring at her and ragini was also lost in aman eyes.. khushi noticed it and broke the eye contact

Khushi: aman you here

Aman: ya mam I came to get some papers signed

Khushi: ohk, but before I sign them I would like to introduce you to my friend ragini, she has just finished her masters and now is waiting for her results...

Aman put his hand out to shake ragini's hand and she also said hi to him, the moment they touched they were lost in each other's eyes... khushi as a silient spectator and noticed it

Khushi: aman, the papers

Aman: ya mam here (handing the papers still not breaking eye contact with ragini)

Khushi signed the papers and then aman left, then ragini immediately changed the topic so khushi wouldn't get suspicious.... 1 week passed by and aman would often come to get some papers signed from khushi and ragini would often bump in to him,khushi noticed the two and their attraction towards each other so she would often find ways for aman to get close to ragini, until one day she decided to tell arnav about it, she had a plan to make them confess, but she wasn't sure if arnav would listen to her and allow her to execute it, but she decide to tell him anyway ...arnav came home early and after dinner she decide to tell him, he was busy watching the news to see the share prices, she conveniently came and sat next to him on the sofa and cuddled him up, arnav looked confused cuz khushi has never done this before, but he enjoyed it anyway, khushi got closer and closer to him and rested her head on his chest, he muted the TV and looked down at her , she looked up at him with the most innocent smile ever, he grinned back at her, in his mind he knew she was up to something, but what is it that she was upto, then he put his hand around her waist and said

Arnav: mrs arnav singh raizada, today you are showing me so much of love, why so ???

Khushi: arnavji, you're my husband and I can show you as much of love as I want (innocent look on her face) ...

Arnav: really you want to show me love,... ok if that's the case then kiss me

Khushi, got herself up to his level and gave him a peck on the cheek

Arnav (looked surprised) khushi...

Khushi: what my husband asked me for a kiss and I gave to him, arnavji, if I won't kiss you then who else will I kiss ??

Arnav (grinning at her)ok kiss me again on my lips

Khushi: (stumbling a bit) o...ok I will

She raised back to his level and placed her soft tender lips on his hard rugged lips, arnav was more and more surprised as to what was going on with her, she had never behaved like this, then she took his hand and softly held it in hers and said

Khushi: arnavji, I want something

Arnav: anything my love what do you want,.... A diamond ring,.... A new sari.... Earrings.. anything what is it that you want...

Khushi: no no arnavji, I don't want all that,

Arnav (confused): then what ??

Khushi: I want you to help me, u no ragini right... she and aman love each other but wont admit that they do, and so now i want them to confess their feelings

Arnav: what the (annoyed) khushi your crazy, this is the aman who works in my office as an assistant

Khushi: yes it is, please, they really love each other so much

Arnav: khushi we cant do this, what will everyone think in my office, I am his boss, I cant do this, my reputation will go down,

Khushi: no arnavji it wont, and aman is a nice hard working boy he will keep ragini happy, and he does so much for you and you cant even do you so much for him

arnav: he does so much for me because its his job, I pay him to do it

arnav: khushi please, and in anyway how do you expect to get them to confess, its not easy

khushi then explains to him her entire plan and he is shocked,

arnav: khushi your crazy this will never work I no it

khushi: arnavji I am sure it will just please for me can you do it,

arnav: I'll think about it

khushi then went into the room and went to sleep and arnav was out in the hall working on his laptop, after sometime he also went to sleep, morning came by and khushi woke up early arnav was still in bed .. khushi was eagerly waiting to here what arnav had to say.. she hoped it was a yes but her head kept telling her no... arnav finally woke up.. and khushi was preparing breakfast.. she came into the room to give him his coffee, she handed it to him she was about to go when he pulled her towards himself and raped his hands around her waist.. she was looking at him through the mirror silently without any movement he noticed it and said

arnav: khushi, stop behaving static

khushi: arnavji so what did you think will you help me

arnav: last night I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that...

khushi: that ..

arnav: that I will help you, I think if you want to help them, then it's a good idea, as your husband I am willing to support you

khushi smiled finally and then turned around and hugged him tightly and said

khushi: oh arnavji I love you, I love you so much

arnav (smiled): I love you too, my beautiful wife

they both hugged each other then arnav left for office.. now khushi had explained to arnav what he had to do, so arnav reached office and started to execute the plan of action.. aman walked into his cabin to inform him about his meetings

aman: sir, you have a meeting with Mr kholi today at 3:00, and I needed to ask you Mr sultan called for you,

arnav: ok aman, at 2:30 have the car ready for me and, about mr sultan tell him I am not there, I don't want to talk to him,

aman ok sir(walking towards the door)

arnav: wait aman, do me another favor

aman: yes sir

arnav: khushi is coming to the office along with ragini, so can you get some lunch organized

aman's face lit up, and he gave a faint smile, arnav noticed it, he could see that aman was happy,

arnav: aman can you get some flowers also organized, Mr Kholis son Akshay likes ragini, and he would like to send some flowers to her..

Aman: Mr Kholis son akshay wants to send flowers to ragini, (face fallen)

Arnav: ya aman, don't look so shocked they met at the party day before yesterday and now he likes her, so he wants to send her flowers and he is coming here also, hurry up get going

Aman: (sad) yes sir ?

Then arnav called khushi up and told her the incident, the two were laughing, suddenly ragini came in and khushi said bye to arnav and put the phone down, she had to now put her plan in action

Khushi: hey ragini,

Ragini: hi khushi, lets leave we will be late for the movie

Khushi: coming ragini, hey I was thinking if we can stop by the office for a while because I need to sign some papers if you don't mind

Ragini: (happy and glowing )ya khushi no problem..

Khushi and ragini left to go to the office, on their way in the car khushi and ragini were talking away..

Khushi: ragini so tell me whats up

Ragini: nothing much you tell me

Khushi: nothing new,I am just really happy

Rangini: why khushi ??

Khushi: no, no actually you no aman, in arnavji's office, he is in love

Ragini: (eyes lit up) really with who??

Khushi: oh with this girl in arnavji's office, her name is shilpa..

Ragini: (face fallen down) shilpa a girl in your office!!

Khushi: ya she is smart beautiful, sweet they are perfect for each other

Ragini, face fell down and she was speechless, khushi noticed it.. but still tried to make her jealous , so that the desired reaction could be triggered...they reached the office and ragini and khushi went up to arnav's cabin,

Arnav: hi khushi, hi ragini

Ragini: hi arnav

Khushi: hi arnavji, did you eat your lunch

Arnav: no khushi, I was waiting for you and ragini

Khushi: ohk, so can we have some lunch, I am hungry

Ragini: but khushi we will get late for the movie

Khushi: its ok, we can go for a later show

Ragini nodded her head, arnav called the pone and asked to bring the lunch in... they all started eating

Arnav: khushi, I am thinking of throwing aman out..

Ragini's face fell.. and she screamed what!!

Khushi: relax ragini!! Why arnavji what happened

Arnav: actually ever since that shilpa from our accounts department has been asking him out, his focus has been shifted; he is not working properly,

Khushi:ohk, ya I think you should throw him out in that case

Ragini: but arnav, khushi, how can you he had worked so long with u guys that's not right..

Arnav: ya but I think I should throw him out..

Ragini was about to cry as she was worried for him and at the same time she was upset, but she was trying very hard not to show it...suddenly aman came in

Aman: may I come in sir

Arnav: yeah aman come in

Aman and ragini had eye contact, none said a word to each other, and they just looked at each other with a cold stare, khushi and arnav noticed it

Arnav: aman, will you please go and get the papers for khushi to sign

Aman: sure sir

After khushi signed the papers, they were at the door and were leaving suddenly a pone came and gave ragini a letter which said "meet me up at the terrace", aman also was busy working looking at a file and suddenly a pone came and gave him a letter which said "meet me up at the terrace"

Ragini tried to wriggle out of the situation telling khushi that she wants to go up to get her lipstick she left it up, and aman told arnav that he needed to confirm some appointments... both left and reached up the terrace, they saw each other and looked startled

Ragini: aman why did you call me up her

Aman: I dint you called me up here

Ragini: no I didn't, the pone gave me a letter saying you wanted to meet me

Aman: no I didn't I also got a letter and so I came up here

Ragini: why would you want to meet me you have shilpa now (angry)

Aman: how do you no about shilpa

Ragini: the whole office knows and arnav is planning to throw you out

Aman: what, (shocked)throw me out, but why

Ragini: because you like shilpa and you haven't been concentrating on your work

Aman: that's not true I don't like shilpa

Ragini: what, but..,

Aman: but why do you care, you like akshay na

Ragini(shocked): akshay,how do you no about akshay

Aman: he asked arnav sir to get flowers organized for you

Ragini: (angry)I don't love akshay I love...

Aman: u love...

Ragini: I am not saying it first I don't want to look like a fool

She turned her back against aman..aman smiled as he knew what she was going to say so, he came close to her, turned her around and cutely lifted her face

Aman: I love you...

Ragini: I love you too

They both hugged each other..

Ragini: but aman, if you love me then what about shilpa..

Aman: silly girl I don't love shilpa, I love you, why would I love shilpa

Ragini: but everyone in the office thinks you love shilpa, even arnav, he is going to remove you from the job

Aman: ya I don't know why, I will have to talk to him,

Suddenly a voice from behind came " u don't need to" , it was arnav and khushi, aman and ragini looked surprised to see them

Arnav: I am not going to throw you out, this was all a set up

Aman: a set up sir, I don't understand

Khushi (smiling) ya a setup, we told u all these things on purpose so that you will admit the truth to each other...

Aman and ragini thanked arnav and khushi for helping them and then they all went back down, aman took ragini out for dinner while arnav and khushi left for home..

Precap: arnav gets treated by khushi "rabbave moment "

Mar 21, 2012

love, the strongest emotion (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 36 times)

Khushi was very happy that arnav had chosen to support her and so she decided that she would give her husband a surprise and treat him... she was very nervous with what she was going to do, but she decided to do this because she was knew that it would make him very happy...

It was around 12:00 pm arnav was busy working on his laptop, very intensely, khushi was in the bathroom changing, she was about to go out when she looked at herself and said

Khushi: khushi your sure of this na,.. no I am nervous but I have to do it, I love him and he did soo much for me... he deserves it... but what will be his reaction, what if he laughs on me, what if he thinks I am stupid... hey devi maya... I am doing this for him...

Then she looked at herself in the mirror, saw how she looks and then she was blushing she covered her hands with her face, then she looked at herself again and said

Khushi: khushi no you have to do this, he loves you and he deserves it, you have to go out and be confident.. if he is arnav singh raizada then you are his wife, ur Mrs arnav singh raizada.. go out there and give your husband what she deserves...

and after around 15 minutes she came out and stood near the door looking at arnav:

Khushi: mr arnav singh raizada (soft tone)

Arnav lifted his face up slowly and saw her, his eyes were open and his jaws were down, khushi had worn just arnavs white shirt, and black stilettos, she was standing there in a sexy pose and with a smile on her lips..

Arnav: khushi (surprised)

Khushi walked further towards him and said

Khushi: Yes

Arnav so lost right now and so confused

Khushi: Arnavji, don't look so lost,

Arnav: khushi, why are you wearing my shirt..

Khushi went sat on his lap and put her arms around him, and said

Khushi: its my husband's shirt, I have all the right to wear it..

Arnav put his arms around her waist as she was still holding him and he said

Arnav: khushi arnav singh raizada, what do you want..

Khushi: nothing, what do I want, the only thing that I want is my husband..

Arnav looked at her with a soft smile and he understood what she was doing and why she was doing it

Arnav: khushi you know how you look right now

Khushi: how??

Arnav: you look sexy,(in a sexy, sultry voice)

Khushi started blushing; her cheeks now turned absolutely beetroot red,

Khushi: you know mr raizada I am not wearing anything underneath....

Arnav looked at her with raised eyebrows, then he picked her put and put her onto the bed and started un buttoning his shirt.. khushi could see his bear muscular chest.. he sat down on the bed and started to unbutton her.. she was scared so she looked the other way, he then placed his lips on hers and gently he brushed them, she enjoyed the feeling that he was giving her, this time the two of them were even more passionate about their love, arnav was waiting for this moment for a long time when he can actually in full form be one with his wife, the magic had taken over the atmosphere, and khushi was lost in her husband's desire, he kissed her in very part of her body, as she cried his name out with passion,

Khushi: arnavji.. arnav... arnavji...

Arnav took khushi to another dimension, a place where she knew that she could be safe, she knew that in her husband's arms she will be protected and loved, no one could take that away from her.. After today they truly belonged to each other.. After the passionate night they both fell asleep in each other's arms.. khushi lay her head on his chest as he had his hands on her waist, he got up first in the morning and saw her sleeping, soundly and softly in his arms, a flick of her hair was over her face so he slowly with his other hand caressed her face and gently moved the hair to the side, she looked so innocent, and so cute, sleeping.. he smiled and said

Arnav: khushi I love you

Khushi: (eyes still shut)I love you to arnavji

Arnav: ur awake

Khushi: ya I just got up when you moved my hair

Arnav: last night was a mind blowing

Khushi: (blushing) ya

Arnav: but khushi I had to ask what gave you the idea

Khushi: (opened her eyes) what idea arnavji

Arnav: of wearing my shirt and the stilettos, you looked so sexy

Khushi: (blushing away, as her cheeks become hot) woh...woh.. arnavji...

Arnav: khushi tell me...

Khushi: arnavji, actually that day, I was watching a movie on tv and in that the women had had worn her boyfriends shirts so i...

Arnav started laughing he smiled and kissed her on the cheek

Arnav: u are adorable, and so cute and such a drama queen

Khushi: I am not a drama queen

Arnav: really (raised eyebrows)

They both started laughing and then got up from the bed...

hey guys thank you so much for reading my work

love sheena

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