RKBala OS: New Beginnings

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Jun 19, 2015

RKBala OS: New Beginnings (By Tainar) (Thanked: 3 times)

RKBala OS: New Beginnings

It is said that a baby is born free of father's sin.  Well Upparwala certainly did not grant such a boon to Madhubala Jr.  And to add insult to injury, she is paying for a crime that her father never committed!  Though she didn't have the wealth and glamour that was destined to be hers, it was peaceful.  But the last few days, Madhu Jr's life has become like a horror movie, unpredictable twists and turns with horrific consequences.  The full credit goes to none other than the most hateful creature ever to walk the planet, Abhay Kapoor.  Just when she thought things couldn't possibly change, life throws her a curve ball.

She slumps against the wall as she slides slowly down on to the floor.  A steady flow of tears stream down her ashen cheeks from her blood shot eyes.  She is plagued with painful thoughts about the last few hours.

Why PK?  How could you let my mama chacha get hurt?  Why did mama chacha have to barge into that demon's lair?  Why couldn't he call me first?  I would have explained EVERYTHING to him.  PK...you are my friend right?  Please...please don't let anything happen to him.  PK...please let him live or I promise I will never speak to you again!

Madhu thinks back to that horrific scene.  Mama chacha had slipped through the guards to enter into AK's house.  He had screamed and heaped curses on that demon's head for daring to hurt his Chief's daughter. 

I should have told him about my marriage.  Dammit!  I thought I was protecting them all by keeping quiet.  PK...is this my fault?  Am I responsible for mama chacha's condition?  PK...please don't punish him for my mistakes.  Please...please save him!  Let me pay the penance for my crime, I should have never lied to mama chacha and dida.



Madhu screams as she tries to pull one of AK's brutish guards off but in vain.  Depleted of strength, she blocks her ears to ward off AK's evil laugh as he instructs the guards to administer the beating.  Bile rushes up her throat as hears the sickening thud of sticks against human flesh.  Unable to stop the brutes from savaging her mama chacha, she searches for other ways to stop the attack.  She picks up one of AK's precious, porcelain vases and throws it on the floor.  She picks up a sharp piece of broken glass, runs to AK and grabs his collar. 

Madhu (holding the glass menacingly against AK's neck):  Order your men to back off or I will gut you slowly and most painfully.

AK (smugly calls her bluff):  You wouldn't dare.

Madhu presses the shard of glass against his repulsive neck till blood trickles out of his small wound.

AK (screams in a panic):  Dammit!  Okay...Okay.  I will cooperate.  Just throw the damned thing away and I will call off my men!

Madhu (smirks as she continues to hold the sharp piece of glass against his neck):  I thought you're a hero and heroes don't get hurt?  Isn't that what you're always chanting to Raj?  (Snickers) Now look who's whining like a baby.

AK (more panicky than before):  Bloody hell!  I said I will call them off...just take the damned glass away from my neck!

Madhu (presses harder menacingly):  No.  You call off your brutes RIGHT NOW and instruct them to take my mama chacha to the nearest hospital.  You have 5 seconds to do it and your time starts now.  1...2...3...

AK (screams at his guards):  You bloody idiots!  Do you want to be charged with murder?!?  Stop the beating at once!

The guards stop administering the beating and steps back from Bittuji, affording Madhu Jr a clear view of his still, bloodied body.  Her eyes fill with unshed tears to see the result of such savagery.

Madhu (angrily):  Order them to immediately make arrangements to take my mama chacha to the hospital.  Give it now or I swear on PK that I will sever your head with this piece of glass!!  And I assure you it won't be quick or painless.

AK (silently curses and yells):  Why the hell are you buffoons still standing there?  Take that man to the nearest hospital...RIGHT NOW!

Still holding the glass piece to AK's neck, she watches vigilantly as the guards picks up Bittuji's broken body.  She does not let go till they leave the hall, so AK can't countermand his orders.

Dropping the piece of glass Madhu Jr steps away from AK, only to be pulled back.  She looks down at the tight grip on her arm and stares up at the angry, distorted face of the ugliest man in the world.  It boggles her mind now, how she ever found him to be remotely handsome.

Madhu (glares):  Let me go AK.

AK (glares and tightens his grip):  How dare you Madhubala?!?

Madhu (snaps):  Consider yourself lucky that I haven't called the police yet for attempting to murder an innocent man!  Now let me go you bas***d!

AK:  You're not going anywhere!

Madhu (snarls):  Not even God can stop me from going and making sure my mama chacha gets proper treatment.  So a pathetic creature like you can't do a damn thing!  Let me go now or I swear I will finish off what I started earlier.  (Smirks) Chopping off your head would be quite satisfying. 

AK (angrily):  Try killing me but you won't succeed.  You're not going anywhere!

Raj shuffles down from upstairs and looks inquisitively at AK's tight grip on his Gudiya's arm.

Raj (innocently):  Hero...why are you holding Gudiya?  (Looks at Madhu Jr) Are you going somewhere?  (Pouts) You want to leave me?  Bad...bad Gudiya.  I am katti with you.

Madhu Jr closes her eyes for a second to gather her wits, slow down her wildly beating heart and calm her nerves.  Dealing with Raj in anger, never equates to good results.  She opens them back up and smiles at him.

Madhu (conspiratorially):  How can I just leave my Raju?  (Smiles) I was just telling your...HERO...that I want to take you out.  You've been such a good boy and deserve a reward.

Raj (jumps up and down and claps his hands):  Yay!  My Gudiya is the best.  Where are we going Gudiya?  (Excitedly) To the park?  Toy store?  I want (holds his hands wide) a lot of toys.  I want Superman action figure, Batman, Spiderman...You'll buy for me na Gudiya?

Madhu (smiles):  It's a surprise baba.  Now jaldi chalo.  Wave bye to AK uncle...(smiles falsely at a stunned AK) I mean say bye to your...HERO.

AK (recovers and yells):  Neither one of you are leaving the premises!  Do you understand?!?

Raj (stomps his feet):  No...I want to go out!  (Pouts) Hero yelled at me. Gudiya...hero yelled at me.  Very bad.  Very bad. Katti with you hero.

Madhu (quirks her brow and smirks):  That's not very heroic of you AK to yell at a sweet child.

Raj (pouts):  I am not a kid...I am superhero.  (Stomp his feet and whines) I wanna go out...I wanna go out...I wanna go out...I wanna go out.

AK (yells in frustration):  Fine!!!  (Takes a deep breath and speaks calmly) Raju you can go out...(attempting an evil smirk) but make sure you come back home with your Gudiya.

Raj (nods his head vigorously):  I won't leave Gudiya alone...I am Superhero...hero protects his Gudiya.  If anyone disturbs her, I will dishum...dishum and send them all away.  No one can hurt my Gudiya.  I am Superhero...hai na Gudiya.

Madhu (smiles distractedly, her mind already with Bittuji and his severe condition):  Yes Raju...you are my Superhero.

AK:  Good boy.

Flashback Ends

Endless tears continue to stream down her cheeks, threatening to create a tsunami at the rate of its flow.  She slams her head against the wall in frustration.

PK...if anyone should be held accountable, it's that demon AK.  Please help me bring his true face in front of Raju.  Show me the way to eradicate his evil presence and win back our freedom.  Please don't show him any mercy.  I want him to burn in the fiery depths of hell for all his crimes!

Madhu Jr is still slumped on the floor in the waiting area, hoping for a miracle that would really save them all.  As she continues to wallow in her misery, she feels a tug.  Someone is pulling her up from the floor.  She looks up at Raj's concerned face and immediately wipes away her tears.  Though she is breaking within, Madhu does not want the sweet, innocent, childlike Raj to see her tears because it will only upset him.

Madhu (smiles tremulously):  Raju...I am sorry...

Raj lifts his palm and with his fingers wipes away the stray tears still seeping out from her eyes.  Madhu shuts her mouth and looks at Raj in shock.

Raj (smiles):  Biwi...you don't look good crying.  I would rather you unsheathe your claws and fight. 

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