Rishbala Munchkin OS: Always Daddy's Little Girl

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Jun 19, 2015

Rishbala Munchkin OS: Always Daddy's Little Girl (By Tainar) (Thanked: 6 times)

Rishbala OS: Always Daddy's Little Girl

At age 22, Maya Kundra is still, through and through, a daddy's little girl. Sitting in her very feminine bed with pink ruffles to match the white and pink princess theme she refuses to grow up from, she works painstakingly on her Father's Day gift. Tomorrow is Father's Day and only she will be around to celebrate her daddy. Vibha, her elder sister, got married 2 years ago and she is currently residing in Delhi with her husband. She is 7 months pregnant and due to complications, Vibha has been restricted from traveling. Her brother, Arjun, recently got married and he and his new wife are away for their honeymoon. So since neither of her siblings will be around to celebrate Father's Day, it is up to her to celebrate her daddy and make sure he feels extra special.

Maya thinks back to the conversation she had with her mom the other day. According to her mom, now that she has graduated from college, she should mentally prepare herself to eventually get married. Of course, after she falls in love. Her mom, Madhubala Rishabh Kundra, wants her to find the kind of bone deep, soulful, intense, passionate love, her mom's exact words, she had found with her daddy, Rishabh Kundra. But she doesn't want to think about one day falling in love. She does not wish to get married like her sister and move away from her family. She doesn't care what society thinks, she will always remain with her parents, in their warm, protective presence. Maya thinks determinedly that doesn't need any man in her life other than her daddy.

Determined to make the best gift yet for Father's Day, Maya has set out to make a s**** book. She could buy him a nice, expensive gift more suited for her Superstar daddy. But that wouldn't be from the heart and she knows her daddy prefers her sloppily made gift over any of generic gifts she can purchase from the mall. The world may know him as Superstar RK, a man with expensive tastes, but they don't know him like she does, an awesomely chill dad.

Holding the picture she just pulled out of the dozens of albums she has strewn across her bed, Maya smiles looking at it. She was 5 years old when the picture was taken. Di had refused to play tea party with her and she sat in a corner and cried quietly till daddy swooped in and played her knight in shining armor. He sat in her dainty pink chair and allowed her to dress him up with pink feather boas, tiara and glitter. Her daddy humored her and pretended to drink tea with an air of importance as if he was in the presence royalty. Smiling affectionately, Maya kisses the photo and places it down on to the pile she has created to go on to the s****book.

She picks out another photo from the open album and giggles. Maya remembers she was about 6 years old in this picture and given how lazy she has always been, she fought vehemently with her mom, refusing to practice. To gain her cooperation, her daddy donned a tutu, and he had cajoled her into practicing for her recital. Maya notes, that her daddy is the sort of man who does not give a hoot about embarrassing himself for the sake of his loved one. He is sweet, kind and gentle yet also very fiercely protective; these are just some of the many qualities that makes him the best daddy in the world.

Maya sorts thorough a few more photos, reliving sweet memories from each one. She hanging precariously on his shoulders as he had lifted her up to put the ball in the hoop because she was too tiny to compete against anyone in the family and he didn't want her to be upset. In another, he got into a shoving match with the referee of one of her soccer games because she was shown the red card and kicked out of the game. Maya giggles, you don't kick out Superstar RK's baby girl from a game and expect him to accept it quietly.

Hearing her daddy's deep, resonant voice calling out for her mom, Maya closes the s**** book and scrambles off her bed. She returned from a 2 weeks long trip with her friends earlier this evening and has sorely missed her daddy. Maya runs out of her room, into the hallway. Descending down the stairs, she halts halfway. Looking at her parents in their over the top, open display of affection for each other, she is surprisingly not gagging, her usual reaction. She ****s her head to the side and examines, her dad has one arm tightly wrapped around her mom's shoulders and his other hand is gently caressing her face with a tender smile on his face. Maya makes a note of her mom's expression, the love and joy in her eyes plenty evident. It hits her then, what her mom really meant about falling in love with the right man that it will induce her to leave the arms of her loving, protective family and start a new chapter in her life. Maya decides, observing the immense love between her parents, that though she will still always be her daddy's little girl, she wants a life partner like her daddy. She has been raised like a Princess and she expects her husband to treat her like a Queen and she won't ever settle for less.

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