Rishbala OS: P.S. - I Love You

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Jun 19, 2015

Rishbala OS: P.S. - I Love You (By Tainar) (Thanked: 1 times)

Rishbala OS: P.S. - I Love You


Am I your wife or your maidservant? I clean up after you litter our bedroom with your dirty clothes like a tornado. Then I have to take care of the kids, make sure they are clean, fed and their adorable tushes so their homework when they come home from school. Now I have to cook as well? As you ORDERED Your Highness, slightly burnt gobi sabzi, roti and kheer has been served to on a silver platter by Patil. I cooked Pati but don't expect me to serve too. Eat well because I am not cooking dinner tonight!

- Frazzled Biwi

P.S. - I Love You



I know that you know that you love serving me, your dearest Pati. *Wink* This family can handle only one Nautanki. Since I hold that honorary title along with being a Superstar, cut the drama. You will cook tonight Biwi. Not only will you cook but you will also feed me with your loving hand, wearing your Mr. Indiawala watch. Now be a good girl and make your famous sarson ka saag and I will grant you an appointment with your hot, ****y, Superstar Pati for ****y times between the sheets. So you won't complain that I don't treat you like a Biwi. *Wink*

-Nautanki Pati

P.S. - I love me too. Okay. And I love you too Biwi.

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