Written Update - 18th June 2015 Kalash

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Jun 19, 2015

Written Update - 18th June 2015 Kalash (By sanchi)

Kalash 18th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Sanjay says that girls side is winning in dance, Shweta, Monty and Vikas comes on floor and says boys side is no less, they starts dancing alongwith Manju, Manju brings Navi too, she dances with them. Devika comes to Ravi and says why you are doing this? problems are coming in my way at every step, i dont know what to do, i am tired of all this, i dont know what to do, Ravi ask to tell who is bothering you, DEvika says you are my problem, Ravi says but what i did? Devika says you didnt do anything but all are alleging you, talk rubbish about you and i cant do anything, i cant stop them, all are happy in my sangeet but i am not happy, i get irritated with small things nowadays, i wasnt like this, my family is happy but i am not, i dont know what has happened to me, i am bickering with you without any reason, dont take me wrong but our relation is being alleged before, if anyone see us together now, they will cook up stories os i have decided to end all this, Ravi says i want to end this so i wanna show everything, he ask her to come, he holds her hand and takes her, she sys leave my hand, Ravi says i will prove today that i am right and Saket is liar, they find Gayetri coming there, Ravi hides with Devika behind curtain, they come closer, both look at each other, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Devika looks down, she removes her hand from his shoulder, both get conscious, Ravi looks around, he ask Devika to come out, she comes, he says i am sorry to bring you here, i was right but Saket proved me wrong, i got opportunity today so i wanted to show it to you, i have nothing wrong for you in my heart, this marriage is destruction for you and i cant let you go in this, Sakets girlfriend is here and Saket went to meet her, i am not lying, i have bothered you alot, i will not force you to come with me but all depends on you, if you wanna see truth or not, dont blame yourself in future that you didnt see truth before, you have to take decision, he leaves, Devika is tensed, Ravi waits for to come with him, she comes, they both are going towards Sakets room when Savitri comes there, she is shocked to see them together, she says to Ravi that you will not leave your cheap tactics, she says to Devika that how you got so much courage? your sangeet is going on and you are roaming with this guy? Ravi says listen to me once, Savitri says stop it, you have crossed all the limits, we said so much to you, we insulted you but still you are roaming around her, you want to destroy her life and otherside your mother is dreaming about rich girl, you left that girl and brought my DEvika in corner, she ask DEvika how did you come here with him? all are celebrating your sangeet and you enjoying with him? any shame is left in your or not? Ravi says dont scold her, Saviri says enough, i know you helped us but that doesnt mean you can do anything, you destroyed her mehndi ceremony and now you are here to destroy her sangeet, i will not allow you to do all this, Devika says listen to him once, Savitri says he doesnt have any sister thats why he cant respect girls, if it was not DEvikas function then i would have beaten you here, we have some respect in society so i cant make issue here, let this function end then i will see you and your family and dont you dare to come in marriage ceremony, i will hand you to police, she ask Devika to come with her, she drags Devika from there, she keep looking at Ravi while going.

Scene 2

Ajay says to Sanjay that your dance was amazing, he says infront of Vikas and monty that boys side are dull sanjay you are lion, Monty says to Vikas that some people have eye problem, he indirectly calls Sanjay elephant, Ajay says they are losers thats why taunting like that, Monty says to vikas that when elephant dances then he feels hungry so arrange more food, Sanjay gets angry, monty says now hotel will get destroyed, but this bull doesnt have horns, Sanjay says you called me bull? i will not leave you, Monty says you recognizes yourself well, he teases Monty, Sanjay runs behind him, Monty goes upstairs. Savitri as Devika what you want? where you were going with him? Devika thinks no if i tell her truth then she will insult Ravi again, Savitri ask what are you hiding? do you have affair with him? DEvika says enough, it hurts me when you point at my and his friendship, there is nothing like that between us, he was discussing office work, if he talked to me infront of all so all would have mouthed bad so he took to corner but he was proved wrong again, Savitri says he cant redeem himself in my eyes again, tell him to not roam around you else i will teach him lesson and end this friendship and all, dont meet him before marriage, if he do any mistake now then you will be responsible for it too, end all this else i will punish him and will not you leave you too, she ask her to come in function, Devika comes in function, Navi sees her and thinks what happened to her? she is so pale? lets find out, she comes to Devika and says bride is usually happy but its not case with you? something is wrong, why i am feeling that something happened which shoudnt have happened, did Ravi ask you to runaway with him? or your husband saw you with Ravi sharing friendship and broke marriage? Devika says when i listened about you i thought you are sensible girl as you own a big company but after listening to you i feel i was wrong, you have no sense you are talking like ones who have nothing else to do and just interfere in others lives, what problem you have? that there is something between me and Ravi or Ravi is not giving you attention? Navi says mind you language and i dont need his attention, Devika says then live your life, dont interfere in all this, there is nothing between me and him, do something whoch will give you happiness, Navi says this is common between you and RAvi, when other talk about your relation, both of you get angry, you both dont want to accept things, i have seen world, i have never seen a girl and boy so close and then call it just friendship or maybe you both are unique, if its the case then i will support going against world, she leaves, DEvika is tensed.

PRECAP- Ananya says to Saket that you talk about trust but cant accept our relation infront of all but i can announce our relation infront of all and will see how you stop me, Ravi listens all this from outside.

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