a story of khushi and arnav :)

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Mar 11, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 109 times)

khushi woke up and got ready for holi. she changed into a beautiful white sari.

she went downstairs and started helping with the preparations.

khushi: today i am going to forget about all my sadness...and have so much fun. (khushi said to herself)

payal: what are you smiling at khushi?

khushi: nothing jiji, im just excited about holi. i can't wait!

payal: oh i see. haha

everyone came to the table for breakfast. they all sat down and started eating, shyam was staring at khushi and arnav notices...

arnav: khushi, go and get my laptop, i need to do some work .

khushi is about to get up when anjali interrupts...

anjali: chote, what do you need your laptop for? its holi.

arnav: di, its not that much, i will finish it in about 30 mins.

anjali: hmmm....ok.

khushi sits back down, everyone finishes their breakfast.

nk: come on everyone! let's start. (smiling)

they all head outside to begin holi, arnav also goes.

anjali: what happened chote? i thought you had to do some work??

arnav: di, i will finish it later, its not that important.

anjali: oh ok.

khushi runs to the table and starts coloring everyone. although no one has put any on her yet.

arnav sees shyam strolling towards khushi with color on his hands. arnav quickly puts color on his hands and colors khushi. shyam gets angry, and arnav starts smiling. khushi is staring at arnav, wondering why he put color on her.

khushi: what do you want? go away from me.

(she walks away.)

khushi goes to the counter and drinks 2 cups of bhaang.

arnav: khushi! what are you doing? why did you drink that?

khushi: why? what your problem with it?

khushi starts dancing, then she smears colors on arnavs face. arnav gets annoyed, khushi starts laughing.

khushi wraps her arms around his neck.

khushi: whats wrong meri jaan. it my right to put colors on you.

arnav: khushi? what are you doing? stop this. go inside, you are drunk.

khushi: NAAY! its holiii!!!! everyone its HOLI!!!

khushi starts screaming and running around throwing colors on everyone. Shyam is angry because he couldn't put color on khushi because of arnav, he starts drinking bhaang, lots of it.

anjali: shyam ji? what are you doing? don't drink too much of this. please stop. (anjali gets worried)

shyam: rani sahiba, let me enjoy, its holi. stop pestering me.

anjali gets a bit upset, but forgets about it because she knows he doesnt mean it, and its just the bhaang.

khushi feels a bit tired from all the running around so she goes inside the house.

shyam who is very drunk, follows khushi with a big smile on his face.


Mar 11, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 86 times)

Arnav sees khushi going inside and shyam following her, he quietly follows them.

khushi walks into her room and is so tired that she falls on to the bed. shyam lays next to her and holds on to her wrists.

shyam: khushi ji, i have been waiting for this moment for so long.

khushi: what!? let go of me! leave me.

shyam: no khushi, not this time.

khushi: why are you trying to ruin my life? i don't love you! i hate you, i always have.

shyam: (drunk) khushi....don't ruin this moment, otherwise it will not be good...

khushi: why? will you do? get off me!

arnav is watching everything from the door.

arnav: (what is this? why is khushi saying this, i thought they loved eachother....)

he carries on watching.

khushi: what kind of a husband are you? how can you betray anjali like that? she loves you so much.

shyam: but i don't want her...i want you.

khushi: you make me sick, get away from me otherwise i will tell...

shyam: who? who will you tell? (smiling)

khushi: i will tell arnav

shyam: no need...i have already informed him. haha

khushi: what! what did you say to him.

shyam: that we love eachother...we are crazy about eachother.... :)

khushi: what! but i don't love you!

khushi starts crying and has a flashback of when arnav tells her that she hurt him.

khushi: so thats why....he ..he

shyam: yes thats why he forced to marry him. but don't worry khushi i will get my revenge.

arnav realizes that khushi doesn't love shyam.

arnav: (how could i have believed him...i didn't even listen to khushi.)

arnav quickly runs in the room and grabs khushi's arm. khushi is shocked and confused and is not sure with what exactly is going on. arnav grabs shyam by the collar and starts shouting at him.

arnav: how dare you! i gave you second chance with my di and u have ruined it! i forced khushi to marry

me just because i got fooled by your words! i put her under the oath of her sisters marriage to

get her to do that, and she didn't even have a clue as to why this was happening. but you knew!

if i didn't love my di then i wouldve kicked you out of here a long time ago.

khushi is just staring at them shocked, and there are tears rolling down her cheeks.

arnav: get out of my room! now! and you better watch what i do now.

shyam silently walks out of the room with anger on his face.

arnav: khushi, i am so sorry...i really am. i can't believe i made such a mistake. i shouldn't have done that.

i know it will take time for you to forgive me but...

khushi: you shouldve asked me! i was going to tell you on the wedding day but you didn't even give me a

chance. but yes i am not heartless like you, i will only forgive you if you go and tell the whole family

why you married me.

arnav: really? ok i will tonight, but we have to do something with shyam. because i doubt he is going to


khushi: yes your right...but anjali will be hurt so much if she finds out.

arnav: hmm...we will think about that later. first we will tell everyone about our marriage tonight when the

guests go home.

anjali is at the door, listening to everything khushi and arnav just said....she has tears rolling down her cheeks. arnav and khushi doesn't know that she is there. anjali walks away to her room.....

Mar 13, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 64 times)

All the guest go home and arnav walks downstairs.

arnav: om prakaish, go and call everybody downstairs except from khushi.

op: ji sir.

everyone gathers downstairs.

mami: what is this? heh? do you have to announce something? did you get married again?

nani: manorama!

mami: hello hi bye bye! hmph no frredom of speech.

anjali: what is this chote? what do you want to tell us? (although she already knew)

arnav: i am going to tell you all the reason why me and khushi got married. and this is all my fault, not

khushi's. i threatened khushi and said that i stop her payal and akash's marriage if she didn't

marry me.

everyone: what?! (they all were shocked except anjali)

nani: chote, how could you do that? how could you ruin her life like that? she had to bear all of

humiliation! i am ashamed of you.

arnav looked at his di and she just looked normal.

anjali: (quietly) chote, go to khushi's familys house and tell all of them about what happened.

arnav: ji di, i was just about to do that.

anjali: chote, everything. (she emphasized on the last bit and held a stare at him)

arnav looked at his di and was wondering why she was talking like that.

anjali quietly walked away, and arnav looked at her in a confused way.

something was wrong, he thought.

Mar 13, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 70 times)

arnav was about to leave to go to khushi's house.

nani: wait! don't think we have finished with you. you haven't done anything small that we will let you get away with it. why did you threaten khushi bitiya like that? why?

mami: yeess what happened huh? come on tells me

Aakash: bhai? is everything ok?

arnav: i don't know why i did it. just everyone was always telling me to get married so i did. and i know

that i shouldn't have done it that way, and....i was very wrong but nani...i have realised my mistake

and i honestly am sorry.

shyam: (smiling) yes saale sahib, you should be sorry because what you did was very wrong. it was a big


arnav is glaring at him and is gritting his teeth out of anger.

arnav: i don't regret marrying khushi, because she would've married me anyway. and she will only ever

be married to me (he says looking at shyam) i love my wife a lot, thats why i got her to marry me.

and khushi also loves me a lot thats why she has forgiven me :)

shyam gets angry and walks away.

nani: poor khushi bitiya. how i spoke to her was very wrong. but if she has forgiven chote then what is

there for us to do? chote go to khushi's house and sort the matter out there.

arnav: ji nani (he leaves)

mami: what a weird family...hmph

everyone leaves except payal and akash.

payal: (crying) khushi...did this sacrifice for our marriage. she sacrificed her happiness for ours. did you

see how everyone shouted at her? amma and bua ji disowned her, she had to...bear all of this...

akash: payal, its ok, it was just all a misunderstanding and no one knew at the time the reason.

payal stops crying and goes to khushi's room.

khushi is sitting in her room wondering what is going on downstairs.

khushi: 'why did i forgive him? after all this, i just easily forgave him like that. but then it isn't his fault

it is shyams fault for poisoning arnavs mind. why is...'

(knock knock)

khushi: who is it?

payal: khushi, its me can i come in?

khushi gets up and opens the door.

payal rushes and hugs khushi.

payal: khushi im so sorry. you shouldn't have done that. because of me you were forced to marry him.

khushi: jiji its ok. don't worry, whats happened has happened. there's nothing we can do now.

payal: khushi? why did he force you to marry him? i know there must be some reason. please tell me.

khushi: (i have to tell her about shyam...i can't hide the truth from her again)

At the same time anjali is walking towards khushi's room so she go and talk to her.

she is just outside the door when she hears...

Mar 15, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 67 times)

she is just outside the door when she hears...

payal: shyam! how could he?! why can't he just leave you alone? he has been after you for so long.

khushi: i know jiji but it would break anjali ji's heart if she found. i couldn't bring myself to tell her. and arnav

was about to tell her but she suddenly found out she was pregnant...

anjali: (is still outside listening to their conversation, has a flashback of the wedding day when chote tried to

tell her something but then she fainted)

payal: ohh...don't worry khushi, i am with you, and i will tell akash tonight about shyam. come on. lets go downstairs and prepare the dinner.

khushi: ok jiji.

anjali quickly walks away. (she goes to her room)

anjali: shyam betrayed me! (she starts crying) i loved him so much, i prayed for him so much. i am going to be strong now, for my child aswell. shyam thinks he can fool me? now lets watch. i will show him that i am arnav singh raizaida's sister!

[sorry guys its a short update, ive been very busy lately. i will try and do it longer next time.]

Mar 15, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 56 times)

khushi and payal walk downstairs, nani goes to khushi and says:

nani: khushi bitiya...forgive me. but i wasn't wrong with how i behaved...anyone in my place would've

behaved as i did. yes maybe i reacted but what chote done was not good. but now what has happened

has happened and we can't change that.

khushi: ji

nani: so lets forget everything :) ok?

khushi: ok nani (they hug eachother)

nani: haven't you started cooking yet? im so hungry!

khushi: nani! i will just go and make it :D you watch Khushi Kumari Gupta's cooking will be so...

mami: 1 second not khushi kumari gupta! khushi kumari singh razaida. hmph it may not mean anything

to you but believe or not! you are married now.

nani: manorama! be quiet, go khushi and prepare dinner.

payal and khushi are in the kitchen getting the food ready.

anjali walks in

khushi: Di, do you need anything? just tell me and i will get it.

anjali: khushi....i...i..

khushi: di whats wrong?

anjali suddenly faints.

Mar 15, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 75 times)

anjali wakes up and she is lying in a hospital bed.

arnav: di, are you ok?

anjali: chote? what happened to me?

arnav: di you fainted, but your ok now. the doctor said it was because of stress...is everything ok di? what

stress do you have?

anjali: (she didn't want to tell anyone that she knew yet) errmm...i was probably worried about holi etc.

i wanted holi to be special maybe thats why...

arnav: hmm...well you will not be doing any work from now on. you are going to rest.

anjali: acha baba, don't worry about me. come on lets go home.

arnav: ok, i will just go and tell everyone that you are awake now.

later on at home.

arnav: khushi! come here..

khushi: yes?

arnav: can you go and stay with di. make sure you are with her all the time.

khushi: ok. (knowing fully well what he was trying to say, he didn't want shyam to be with his di alone)

khushi knocked and walked into anjali's room.

khushi: Di! today i will be with you all day, and keep you company. so you won't feel alone

anjali: haha thanks bhabi....errmm...can i ask you something?

khushi: yes, of course di (they are both sitting on her bed)

anjali: can you sleep with me tonight. i will feel good.

khushi: (sensing something was wrong) yes of course

anjali: thank you

khushi: we can stay up and chat all night :D

they carried on talking until shyam came into the room.

shyam: ahh khushi ji. your here?

anjali: yes she is, and she is going to stay here. khushi will sleep in my room tonight.

shyam: acha? why is that?

anjali: because i want her to. do you have any problem?

shyam: err..no...why would

anjali: (cutting him off) you can sleep in the guest room.

shyam: hmm...ok

shyam looked annoyed and gathered his things and went to sleep in the guest room.

khushi: di is everything fine between you two?

anjali: yes, why would'nt they be?

khushi: no...i was just wondering...

payal comes into the room with a tray of food on for both of them.

payal: here you go

khushi and anjali: thanks

they both eat they're food.

khushi: jiji can you inform arnav that i am sleeping with di tonight?

payal: yes ok. im going now. you two get some sleep

the next morning...

Mar 17, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 53 times)

khushi wakes up and gets ready for the day. payal is with anjali so khushi goes to her room. she goes and sits near the poolside and just sits there thinking...

suddenly omprakaish comes..

op: khushi ji, nani is calling you.

khushi: ok im coming.

khushi goes downstairs.

nani: khushi bitiya i have some gifts for your family, if you want then maybe you can go and visit them and give these to them at the same time?

khushi: ok nani, let me just tell arnav.

khushi rings him up at work and informs him that she is going to her house.

khushi is about to leave..

shyam: khushi? how are you getting there? if you want i will drop you?

khushi: no its ok. i will go in a rickshaw.

shyam: khushi what is this? let me take you. i'm going that way anyway. nani tell her

nani: khushi? go with shyam, he will drop you.

khushi: no nani, honestly its ok i will go by rickshaw.

nani: khushi. its my order, go with shyam, its not safe for a girl like you outside by yourself.

khushi: (i will be safer anywhere than with him) she thought...

khushi goes but it is against her will. they are in the car,

khushi: stop the car i can go from here.

shyam doesn't say anything...he just carries on driving..

khushi: where are you taking me? i said stop the car! my house isn't this way!

he doesn't listen so khushi starts dialing arnavs number but shyam suddenly grabs the phone and chucks it out of the window.

khushi: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! stop the car!

shyam stops and khushi jumps out and finds herself in a deserted area.

khushi: where are we?

khushi tries to run away but suddenly collapses due to being so scared...all she sees is blackness...she feels herself being carried away...and then she loses consciousness...

Mar 18, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 57 times)

khushi wakes up and finds herself sitting in a open barn kind of thing...

khushi: hello? anybody there? helloooo??

no one was there and khushi found that her hands were tied up and her legs.

khushi started crying...she didn't know where she was, and she was very cold and hungry.

meanwhile, arnav had returned home.

arnav: nani? is khushi back yet?

nani: no chote, ring her and ask her when she is coming home...it's been too long now.

arnav rang khushi's phone...i didnt work so he rang on the gupta's house number..

arnav: hello? namaste bua ji...yes im fine thankyou..ermm is khushi there? i wanted to talk

to her...what? she isn't there? oh my god...ok....ok...ok bye.

nani and anjali: what happened chote??

arnav: khushi isn't there...she hasn't been there at all today.

shyam: how is that possible? i dropped her there myself.

arnav: what! why did you drop her?

nani: chote why are you shouting? i told khushi to go with him? whats the problem with that?

anjali: chote...go and look for bhabi...oh god i hope she is ok...shyam ji did you see khushi go in?

shyam: no rani sahiba. i just dropped her outside and came back home.

arnav: di i'm gonna go and look for her. you don't worry i will find her.

shyam: (hmmm...how i will find her? i have hidden her in such a place that you will never find her haha)

arnav called akash and they both went to look for her...

payal, nani and anjali start praying for khushi...

payal: please god save my khushi, bring her back home safely...

anjali: ( please god bring khushi back, i'm sure shyam had something to do with this...please look after her)

Mar 19, 2012

a story of khushi and arnav :) (By Aaliya) (Thanked: 76 times)

it was 5 o'clock in the morning and they had still not found khushi.

nobody had slept at all.

shyam was by himself in his bedroom when arnav bursted in...he grabbed shyam by the collar.

arnav: where is khushi?! i know you are behind this! tell me now!

shyam: saale sahib (removing arnavs hands off him) i don't know where she is. i have been here the whole


arnav: if...

anjali suddenly came in and they both went quiet.

anjali: chote don't worry...we will find her..come on come downstairs and eat something

arnav: di i'm not hungry.

anjali: chote you need to stay strong and you wont be able to if you don't eat.

arnav: di have you eaten?

anjali: how can i when my chote hasnt?

arnav: di you should eat! if not for yourself then for your child.

anjali: ok here's the deal, you feed me and i will feed you. that way all three of us will eat.

arnav: ok

they both go downstairs and eat, as soon as they finish the police walk in.

police officer: mr razaida

arnav: yes sir is there any information?

police officer: yes there is...errmm...i don't know how to say this..

arnav: please tell me is everything ok? TELL ME!

police officer: errmm...we have found a body in the river...we don't know if it is your wife but it fits your description. we have some specialists that have taken the body and are doing the examination on it to see if it is your wife...

everyone starts crying and payal faints. akash takes her to their room.

arnav: (crying) no....please don't say that....it can't be khushi...it's not her...

anjali: (crying aswell) chote it's ok...stop crying...and calm down.

police officer: everyone don't worry. we still don't know who the girl is...so there is still a chance that it won't be khushi. i will be getting a phone call any moment to tell you if it is her or not.

arnav falls to the floor with a blank expression on his face and is in total shock..

10 minutes later the police officer's phone suddenly starts ringing....

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