Apologies to ...Yours Truly readers

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Jun 16, 2015

Apologies to ...Yours Truly readers (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 26 times)

Hello dearies...

Hope you all are doing good. I will come to the point directly...

I ask sincere apologies from you all

I'm really sorry for making you all upset with my worst update yesterday.

I know, if I say the reason it won't justify my writings, because I don't have any right to upset you, when I upset with something horrible.

But, trust me, I never wanted to or want to upset or hurt you all. You all are my support, strength and weakness. When I was writing the update, I heard a really horrible bad news (my cousin brother lost his two and half years daughter, she passed away suddenly without any complications in her sleep). I always known as very patient and balanced and controlled. But after reading my ...Yours Truly update, I truly doubt my self, being balanced and controlled.

But still, I don't have any right to hurt you or upset you.

So, as my punishment I offer you all

1. If you all want, I will delete the latest update and re-write the part again ( it will be decided with the response and votes)

2. Leave whatever I wrote... ( I will try my best to amend my mistake, but not sure whether I can or not. It may get spoiled too)

and finally

3. I will stop the story... ( If you feel I'm doing injustice to the Characters whether it is Arnav, Khushi or Aman or any others)

Please Comment and Respond...

Once Again my Sincere APOLOGIES TO YOU ALL...



Voting: (Total Votes: 191)

Delete and Re-write the chapter (Votes: 86)
Leave whatever has written (Votes: 101)
Stop the story (Votes: 4)
Jun 18, 2015

Thank you (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 19 times)

Thank you so much for your response.

in total 86 members chosen option 1

101 members chosen option 2

So, I will go with maximum votes.

Whoever chosen the option 1, Dearies please don't get upset. I will try my best to bring everything normal. Trust me I'm not bad. I Love you all, I  never bothered about negative comment, but when came to know that I was the reason for your upset I felt really bad. So, i gave the options. Now i will put myself completely and write the update.

Whoever chosen option 2, Dearies thanks you for your wonderful support. I will try my best for not to disappoint  you. 

Once again sorry for making you upset

Love you all. 

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