Imagination of mine

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Mar 8, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 51 times)

There are many stories on this site but actually I wanted to write a story which I have imagined. Sorry for the mistakes and if you dont like it I will not mind .Feel free to give your comments.

So the story goes this way....

After the marriage of Arnav and Khushi, they still had their usual fightings and pretendence to be good in front of others. Almost 5 months were over.

Shyam was pacing in his room angrily to what he should do to bring Khushi back into his life. He knew that Arnav and Khushi were having a hate marriage and he still had a chance on Khushi. As he was in his deep thoughts Anjali came in and ask him "you came, I was waiting for you". Shyam gave a faint smile and goes to washroom.

After entering in washroom an idea struck in his mind, "what if I kill Anjali. then Arnav will leave Khushi because their will be no reason for him to keep her and Khushi will be mine."

He comes out and started to plan to eliminate Anjali. Then he realized "Anjali is 8 and a half months pregnant and a slip can take her life", and he smirk to himself.

He went ahead to execute his plan. He had fixed a string on stairs and hid behind the stairs. Everything was going according to the plan Anjali was coming from the stairs and all of a sudden the mission was accomplished. Anjali gave a shout and Shyam with his presence of mind took the string and hid it and came running to Anjali.

Shyam: what happened?

Anjali: Please help me, myyyyy stomach....

Everyone enters and are shocked . Arnav hauuried her to hospital.

In Hospital

Doctor: Mr Raizada I think we have to operate on her, her labour pains have started.Her condition is very critical.

Arnav: carry on! my sister should be saved I beg you.

(he started crying)

Khushi comes from behind and puts her hand on his shoulder and suddenly Arnav turns and hugs her)

Arnav: Khushi everything will be alright na please tell me...

Khushi: (too sobbing) everything will be fine. Nothing will happen to anjaliji. I will pray for her.

Arnav was so helpless that he did not realise that he was talking to the person whom he hates the most.

After sometime

Doctor: I have a good and a bad news.

Arnav: Is Di alright.

Doctor: sorry Mr Raizada your sister has not yet came out of danger.

then the doctor turns to Shyam .

Doctor: please come with me

Arnav was now angry. He was just pacing outside the OT.

Doctor: Mr Shyam have a look at your child, Its a baby girl.

Shyam after seeing the baby had tears in his eyes and took the baby into his arms. He very delicately placed a kiss on her forehead.

Doctor: your wife wants to meet you.

Shyam: where is she I want to meet her ,(still crying)


Anjali: aap aagaye( you came)

Shyam: I am here Anjali

(He did not realise that he stated her with her name. this he was not faking anything. He just wanted Anjali back into his life)

Please feel free to say that should I continue or not

love Taaniiyaa

Mar 9, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 54 times)


Anjali: I dont think I can live any longer. You please take car......

She was unconcious now

Shyam: Anjaliiiiii You cannot leave me. doctor!!!! see what happened to her

Doctor: Mr Shyam please go out. Nurse please help

Shyam comes out and falls on his knees in front of Arnav who was shock to see him like this.

Arnav: what happened Is Di alright just tell me dammit...

Shyam:( almost like a drunkard) I will not let anything happen to my Anjali.

wiping his tears he went off .Arvav could not understand anything.Khushi just went blank to what she has seen just now.Arnav followed shyam thinking he may come up with something.

In Temple

Shyam to Devi mayya: You cannot do this to me you cannot take my Anjali away from me I know I have always hurted her ! but give me one chance please I promise I will always keep her happy.

He started crying and Arnav came from behind.

In Hospital

Doctor: where is everyone.

Khushi: How is Anjaliji ?

Doctor: she is alright. As her daughter is premature. We have to keep her under observation for few days.

Khushi: she has given birth to a girl wow . thankyou Devi Mayya. I will call Arnavji right away.

But stops as doctor calls her to come inside.

In Temple

Arnav: Jijaji??????

Shyam: I want to repent for everything I have done. And I wanted to say you something.

Arnav: yeah go on

Shyam tells him everything between him and Khushi and how he met her and how he got engaged......

Arnav was shock struck and could not control his anger and holded Shyams collar, then his phone rang.

Arnav: Khushi.....(he could not utter anything else)

But the phone got disconnected

Shyam: Arnav Iam really very sorry. I promise you I will never ever hurt Anjali again.

Again went on his knees and started apologising.

Arnav: I think we should go to hospital Khushi's call got disconnected.

In Ward

Anjali: what were you doing bhabhi . dont call him I want to give him surprise. And you know na nani, mama. mamiji , payal and Akash had gone for party So let give themm a surprise. what say.!!!

Khushi: you are right I was about to call Arnavji, thank god you stopped me.

Please tell me if I should continue.........

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 9, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 45 times)

Thankyou very much to all of you who have encouraged me to continue.

Everyone of you are always welcome to give your ideas to how should I write. I am not very creative so I may need help.


Shyam and Arnav rushes into the room to see Anjali and Khushi talking to each other merrily

Arnav: How are you di?

Shyam: anjali are you all right.

Anjali: arey baba you both think so much. Come here.

Shyam was having tears in his eyes and with a big smile he came and sit beside Anjali and put his hand around Anjali and said, I will never ever leave you, you have given me the worlds best gift .

Anjali: And may I know what is that ?

Shyam: Its your smile and our angel.

Arnav: what the....nobody told me that.

Khushi: Ji Arnavji it was Di's idea to give you a surprise.

Arnav had a very peaceful look and also felt guilty for what he has done to Khushi.

Precap:-Anjali and Khushi will get to know the truth and struggling Arnav and Shyam to bring them back into their lives

I will continue tomorrow and I wanted to say something In this story leads are arnav khushi anjali and shyam. And I am always welcome for your comments

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 9, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 40 times)


Arnav: So Di where is my angel?

Khushi: actually doctor had said that the baby is premature and they have to keep her under observation for few days.

Arnav: Khushi I want to talk to you its very urgent

(their was desperation in his voice an eagerness)

Anjali: take her even I will have some time with my husband.(giggling)

Khushi followed Arnav quitely

After reaching downstairs

Khushi: So what do you want to tell me.

Arnav was having tears in his eyes and they were red.gaining the courage he started.

Arnav: jijaji had said me everything between you and him.(he paused)

Khushi: I know again a misunderstanding go on I am listening.

Arnav: Its not like that now the misunderstanding has cleared.

Khushi: whaaat?

Arnav said everything to her to why he had married her .

turning to Khushi he said "I am sorry please forgive me"

Khushi:did Shyamji said you about this???(confused)

Arnav: yes jijaji apologised in front of me and he said that he love Di.

Khushi: well thats great now I can leave RM whats the use of me staying now.

Arnav: No you are not going anywhere

Khushi: who are you to tell me that, your problem is finished right.

This time Khushi was not crying she felt as if enough is enough.

Arnav: (now angrily)(to stop her) We had six months contract before that you cannot leave.

Arnav thought to himself only one month is left and I will bring Khushi back into my life.

Khushi: no I am not going to stay.

Arnav: kyun dargayi( scared or what)

Khushi: who is scared here I am not scared of anyone. i will stay

Arnav was happy now .

In Hospital

Shyam: Anjali

Anjali: how come you are calling me by my name.

Shyam: this is first time that I have called your name with my heart

Anjali: so these many days you......(confused)

Shyam: you will not believe me I was not the person which I used to pretend in front of you. I was much like a demon. Only money was my target to be in your life. Now I will not hide anything from you. I want to begin a new life with you now...(he paused and turn to face Anjali)

Anjali was having tears in her eyes .

Anjali: So what made you to express this to me.

Shyam: I was always very coward, selfish, self centered man. Today I dont know how I got to see the real self of mine. You know what when I took our angel in my arms I realized that their is something more precious than money.Something more beautiful than anything. It was like someone whispered in my ears that true love was always with me and it was you Anjali.

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 10, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 41 times)


Shyam then turn back to see Anjali with an angry face.

Shyam: Anjali I know I hurt you but now I have realized my mistake and I want to repent for the mistakes I have done.

Anjali: so you need my love after having the baby. I think only for the child of yours. Nooo I will not forgive you .

Shyam: I know I was mad that I could not see love for me in your eyes. Do whatever you want , you want to slap me or you want to hit me. I am ready for anything. but please forgive me.

tears were welling out of his eyes.

Then enter Arnav and Khushi

Arnav: sorry if disturbed you but I wanted to ask should we inform everyone.

Then Arnav realized the tears on Anjali's face.

Arnav: what happened Di

Anjali: Its just khushi ke aansoon(tears of happiness)

But Arnav realized that their was a serious talk.

Anjali: I think now we should inform everyone.(wiping her tears)

Shyam: saale saab you go with Khushiji I will stay here and inform everyone.

Arnav: okay jijaji

Arnav and Khushi left.....

Anjali: now if you want to repent just stay away from me and pretend to be happy in front of others. I will not forgive you so easily.

Shyam: who is saying that you forgive me easily. I have committed blunders but now I will repent for each and every blunder.

Then to himself " I had used so many bad tricks to be in life of both Anjali and Khushi, but now I will plan that how can I bring you back in my life." a small smile appears on his lips.

Precap:- Now we will see how will they repent for their deeds

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 10, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 40 times)

Thanks all of you who have encouraged me to continue


Arnav and Khushi were walking towards the car. Khushi was still upset .

Arnav: So you are not going to talk to me.

Khushi just stared him with eyes full of anger and disgust.

Arnav: well its ok dont at me like that khalogi kya( want to eat me or what)

Khushi: Aap...

Arnav: Now you want to talk to me( with a cute smile on his face)

Khushi: hum aap se baat nahin karenge( i will not talk to you)

Arnav: its okay Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada.

They went and sit in the car and Khushi did not put the seat belt.

Arnav bent towards Khushi and while pulling the belt he touched her shoulder which made her shiver and was lost for a moment.

Arnav: ahem ahem!

Khushi came back to her senses and replied "you could have told me to wear the seat belt "

Arnav: I wanted to but cant resist you.

Khushi was blushing but showed him her fake anger. And Arnav understood it and smiled to himself.

Both of them reach RM.


Khushi quitely followed Arnav into RM. then they had rain of...................Questions.

Nani: what is this chote? Where is Anjali? I could not find her anywhere?

Payal: Is everything alright?

Akash: Yes bhai tell us?

Mami: What is this suspensiya?

With so many questions NK came in between.

NK: hum kitne pashtaye you know

And all of a sudden everyone started laughing

Khushi: its not pashtaye its pareshaan(tension)

NK: yes that was what I wanted to say. Sorry

Nani: now tell me chote..

Arnav: Its a very great news Nani you have become grand grand mother.

In Hospital

Shyam: so when can I take Anjali and baby home.

Doctor: Anjali had just through surgery and your baby is premature so we need to keep them under observation for few days

Shyam: thankyou doctor.

Shyam to himself,"till you come home Anjali I have to find ways to bring you back into my life. What should I do....". Then an idea struck his mind and it was "Khushi can help me . I will apologise her and I know she is very good and she will definetely help me."

He picked up his phone and dialled Khushi's number......

Well everyone can give me suggestions that how should I take the story. Your comments always welcome.

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 11, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 41 times)

Thanks for the suggestions Jasmine_x, Harshi and KaJen

So here is the continuation.......

Shyam picked up his phone and dialled Khushi's number but stopped midway as the guilt was coming on his way.....So then he dialled Arnavs number

Shyam: hello saale saheb

Arnav: I will call you after 10min (he cut the phone)


Nani: So Arnav you are telling us now (mixed emotions happy and angry)

Khushi came to Arnavs rescue

Khushi: It was Anjaliji's idea to give a surprise.

Everyone was happy

Mamiji: So Arnav bitwa is it a girl or boy

Khushi: It is a girl

Arnav: I wanted to say that you all take rest, tomorrow we will go and meet Di. And jijaji is there with Di he will take care of her.

Everyone retired to their rooms as they were tired of the party. Only Khushi and Arnav were left.

Khushi: After knowing the truth how could you left Anjaliji alone with that man

Arnav: I know what I did it was the right choice. Jijaji is guilty to what he has done with Di and want to repent for it.

Khushi: How can men think that after doing so many wrongs they will get forgiveness.

Arnav: I know he did many things wrong but now there is a ray of hope in my sisters life and I will do whatever to bring my sisters happiness.

Khushi: okay so go ahead and think twice to whom you are trusting Arnavji.

Then khushi left the hall and Arnav dialled Shyams number.

Arnav: hello Jijaji how is Di

Shyam: Saale saheb I told everything to Anjali except the truth of Khushiji. I am fearing that after knowing Khushi's truth she may leave me forever. And I even dont know how to apologise to Khushi. When I never use to think for others it was so easy to handle everything but now it seems I am handicapped.

Arnav: Jijaji I realised that you have become a good person now, I will help you but Even I am struck with Khushi she is not willing to forgive me.But I will try my level best. And one more thing Jijaji you dont tell Di about khushi right now. we will tell her the truth when the right time comes

Shyam: Till I dont tell her the truth of Khushiji I will not be able to face her. I want to tell her as soon as possible and want to start my life with a new beginning. okay I am going to Anjali's room I will call you later.

Arnav: okay jijaji take care of Di.

Arnav now thinking to himself," Now what should I do if Khushi had not been angry with me she would have definetely helped me . But she has full right to be angry on me as wall as Jijaji."

In Arnav's room

Khushi was pacing the room very angrily. And Arnav entered the room. Seeing Arnav she went to the pool side. Arnav was feeling guilty and sat on the couch. After sometime he slept on the couch itself.

After sometime Khushi came in to take her pillow and blanket . On seeing Arnav she felt peity for him,"how could you Arnav ji , I trusted you. Why did you not asked me once before doing this. why why?" tears started welling in her eyes.

After sometime she bagan,"Why should I care for you, no khushi you should not care for him." then after sometime ,"I will not care for you thats it," a pause" then why everytime whenever I see him my heart goes dhak dhak why? why?"

Actually was saying this in whispers and our Arnav does not sleep soundly and heard her.

Arnav: your heart goes Dhak Dhak because......

Khushi: why??

Arnav: first you have to promise me that you will sleep inside.

Hope you all are enjoying this story. I am always open for suggestions.

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 13, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 27 times)


Khushi: If I dont promise then?

Arnav: I will not answer your question...

Khushi was getting furious and replied

Khushi: Its okay now I will not ask BTW its good that my heart is still beating after so much misery.

She turned and left the room. Arnav was shocked and could not reply anything.But an idea struck his mind and said to himself, "Wah tera jawaab nahin ASR", with a light smirk on his face.

He took his pillow and blanket with him and too went out to sleep at pool side.

Khushi was surprised to see him and thought to herself," Do whatever you want Arnav Singh Raizada, I am not going to forgive you so easily." They both slept looking at the stars.

Next Day.....


there was hush hush in the house, everyone was busy preparing the house for Anjali and baby. Arnav came down and could not understand what was going on.

Arnav: what is going on?

Mami: what happened Arnav bitwa. We are preparingwa for Anjali bitiya and her bitiya.

Arnav:But she is not coming today they will be in hospital for few days.

Nani: Okay then I want to go and meet her. Take me to her Chote.

Arnav: okay nani.

Then he sees Khushi

Arnav: Khushi you can also come along with Nani and Mami.

Khushi: its okay Arnavji, I am staying at home I have to prepare lunch till everyone comes back.

Saying this she left for kitchen and Payal following her.

Akash: Bhai I will come later there is an important meeting in the office.

NK: Nannav even I will come with you

Then Arnav takes Nani and Mami with him to the hospital. and NK follows





Actually I wanted suggestions for the name of Anjali's daughter I have listed 3 of them below and you can help me with the names




These are just my fav names but I am still open to your suggestions.

Please do comment

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 13, 2012

Thanks a Lot (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 21 times)

well I will continue my story in a short while But before that I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me continue my story . I am very grateful to all of you for supporting me.

Dear Observer,

What should I say your coment made my day, I am so happy that You liked my story and appreciate it . It was like I was on seventh cloud today after reading your coments.Thanks a lot.

To all the readers of my story according to the comments I have received , the name has been decided and the name of Anjali's daughter is






Thank you all for helping me selecting the name

Love Taaniiyaa

Mar 13, 2012

Imagination of mine (By Taaniiyaa) (Thanked: 27 times)


In Hospital

Nani, Mami, NK and Arnav enters the the ward room of Anjali

Nani: How are you Anjali bitiya , we wanted to come tomorrow itself but visitng hours were

over. Btw where is damadji.

Anjali: oh He went to meet the doctor.

Arnav: even I take leave , I want to meet doctor too.

Arnav left the room.

NK: So where is our small budiya.

Mami: hello hi bye bye, who is small budhiya.

(mami looks at nani thinking NK was talking about her)

Anjali and Nani started laughing

Nani: You both are just too much. Manorama why are you looking at me as if He was talking about me.

Hearing this Anjali started laughing like anything, and replied after calming herself down.

Anjali: Mamiji Nk ment small gudiya not budhiya (and started laughing again and mami and nani too join her)

NK: I mean that only sorry.

In Doctors Room

Arnav enters to see Shyam talking to the doctor.

Doctor: Hello Mr Raizada.

Arnav: Hello doctor just wanted to know How is Di.

Shyam: Sale saheb, you know what Doctor said we can take her home tomorrow.

Arnav: thats good.

Doctor: Anjali's health is all right and she can go tomorrow but her daughter has to stay for 2 more days.

Arnav: thankyou doctor.

Shyam and Arnav left the room .

Shyam: Did Khushiji ...........

(before completing his sentence Arnav started)

Arnav: dont ask jijaji. She is all her, not ready to listen to me

Shyam: so what have you decided, should we tell Anjali the truth

Arnav: not now Jijaji. We have to first plan out how to bring our wives back into our lives.

Shyam: so whats the plan.

Arnav: Even I have to think .

Then Shyam and Arnav together: I have a plan




So what do you think they have planned ......just wait and watch

Comments and Suggestions are always welcome.

Love Taaniiyaa

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