Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD)

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Mar 7, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

The rain pelted against the windows, the hospital room was lit only by a dim light, the night sky had taken over. Shyam's eyes flickered open, his vision was blurry. What the heck was he doing here? He frowned, groaned and closed his eyes again, the pain in his head too much. Closing his eyes tightly, he propped himself up on his pillow and thought back to the events that had taken place that day. He struggled to remember what had happened, he saw flashes of a car that he drove manically, he saw Khushi laying motionless and then he saw a fist propelling towards his face...and thats when it all blacked out. His heart stopped, he'd been exposed and he knew that. Surely Khushi still loved him though? He'd have to get out of this hospital fast and take Khushi with him. Deep in his reverie, he didn't hear the door squeak open.

'I've been waiting for you to wake up Jijaji.' Shyam's eyes flicked open to the sound of the snarl.

Arnav stood before him, eyes red, shaking and looking like anger had seized every cell in his body and he would go ballistic any minute. Shyam cowered back, his eyes bulging like saucers.

'You see JIJAJI, i've been wanting to finish off what I started earlier before you blacked out' Arnav whispered, a deadly whisper, emphasising 'Jijaji'.

'Ar...Ar...Arnav bhai, let bygones be bygones na? It was a moment of madness...'Shyam's voice trailed off as he saw the veins in Arnav's temples bulge.

'Bygones huh? THAT'S what you call the actions of a cowardly, disgusting excuse of a human being?'

'...Na...Na...Nahin...' Shyam stammered.

'You hurt her. And for that, i'll kill you.' Arnav said softly.

'B...b...but...-' Shyam was cut off and Arnav launched himself on top of Shyam.

'NOBODY touches Khushi. NO ONE.' Arnav yelled, throwing punch after punch at Shyam. Shyam received a blow to his head and the last thing he heard before blacking out was...

'NOBODY touches her because she's MINE.'

Arnav continued to pummel Shyam, even though he'd blacked out again. His mind snapped back to Khushi, he had to go back to her. He had to try and save her.

If you guys like this, then i'll continue...i've approached the story in a diff sorta way than my usual ones so feedback would be lovely :)

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Mar 10, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Arnav's bloodshot eyes gazed into the face of what he thought to be the most disgusting creature alive: Shyam. He didn't want him alive...he wanted him dead and he wanted him to feel the pain and intensity of every punch and battering he got. Arnav dragged Shyam out of his bed and threw him to the floor, continuously hitting him. When he was breathless from this, he knew he had to go and see Khushi. He quickly ran to the bathroom and fixed the state he was in, blood was everywhere, his shirt was untucked and sweat dripped down him. He washed his face and cleaned up and hurried to Khushi's room. It was late at night and the Gupta and Raizada family had gone home to sleep, he was the only one who insisted on staying. Arnav reached Khushi's room and held out his hand to push open the door, he closed his eyes and sucked in a ton of air. Composing himself, he gently pushed the door open. Upon first glance, Arnav froze to the ground. It felt like all that air he'd taken in had been whacked out of him. He wanted to rip his hair out, because of him Khushi was laying in a hospital bed, battered. It was all his fault and he knew it. If only he'd listened. Trusted. Been assertive. He lowered his gaze, unable to look at her and finding it difficult to look into her pain filled face. Taking a deep breath, he decided to man up and put all fear behind him.

Walking up to the side of her bed he looked down into Khushi's face, her still so beautiful face. He willed life to animate her once more, he wanted her to drive him mad again...anything, just as long as she hadn't gone. Just as long as she'd never go.

To be continued...if you like!

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Mar 11, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 29 times)

Arnav held his hand out, it shook as his fingertips got closer to her face. Sucking in some air, she caressed her cheek and traced a line down to her heart. He felt her weak heartbeats and let out a little gasp. The bubbly, vivacious girl had been chiselled into a frail and vulnerable figure. He sat on the chair near her bed and pulled it to the edge of the mattress. He held her hand and lay his head on her stomach, he inhaled her scent and a single tear travelled down his face.

'Ar....Arn....Arnav Ji?...' He heard a dry whisper.

Arnav's head shot up to look at Khushi, her eyes half open and her hand reaching out for him. Arnav held onto her hand and buried his face into her palm, kissing her hand continuously. Khushi tugged onto Arnav's collar, implying for him to come closer.

'Don't cry.' she said quietly, wiping his face dry.

'After all i've done to you, how do you still care about my tears?' Arnav inquired, wondering how a girl could care so much for him.

'Because I've never stopped caring for you.' Khushi muttered.

Arnav smiled at her.

'But that doesn't mean I forgive you.' she added.

Arnav's smile faded from his face.

'I know you won't forgive me straight away but give me a chance....' Arnav started.

'Nahin Arnav Ji, no more chances. After what happened....' Khushi trailed into her thoughts of what had happened earlier that day.


Khushi woke up, knowing it was late as the sun had fully risen. Arnav wasn't in the room so she quickly got dressed and went downstairs to start breakfast. Everybody was still asleep but as she came downstairs, she heard a clatter in the kitchen. Khushi held her breath, frightened of what it could be.

'Om Prakash Ji?' Khushi called.

She heard low murmurings and tiptoed to the kitchen, hiding behind a pillar.

'Listen Shyam, you stay away from Khushi and you stay the heck away from Di. I've given you the damn chance to make up for you and Khushi's dirty affair so start making the effort and look after Di.' Arnav snarled.

Khushi frowned to herself, 'Affair?' she whispered.

'Han Saale Saab, Don't worry yourself, you stress so much! You know Khushi Ji loves me, is this why you're so angry?' Shyam replied with a chuckle.

This annoyed Khushi and forgetting she was hiding came out from behind the pillar.

'Love YOU? Tum pagal hai? You know I value my marriage, why would I love you? After all you've done!' Khushi said harshly. She then turned to Arnav, 'What do you mean affair? Who do you think I am for you to make such assumptions?'

'I see what's happening here.' Arnav said, 'You planned this dialogue so if this sort of scene ever happened, you could play it out flawlessly?' He paced up and down the kitchen and clapped. 'Va! Well done Khushi, great acting!'

Arnav turned his back towards the both of them. 'I saw you Khushi, on the terrace hugging that creature. I'm not a fool, i'm not blind.'

'Kya?...' Khushi thought to herself. Shyam realised that Khushi now knew the truth and panicked, as Arnav's back was turned to them he quickly put his hand around Khushi's mouth and dragged her out of the kitchen. Khushi flailed but to no avail, Shyam's grip was too strong. As he'd pulled Khushi out of the kitchen, she'd banged her hand on the tabletop and her bangle had broken and cut into her skin.

Arnav continued talking, unaware of the scene taking place behind him.

'I've always been smarter than you Khushi, and to think think that I actually mellowed towards you! I God damn...' He turned around as he'd not heard a sound from either of them, to see that he was alone.

'What the?' Arnav snarled. His eye caught the broken bangle on the floor and drops of blood leading towards the door. His heart was Khushi's bangle. He ran to the front door and saw Shyam pulling out of the driveway, with a frightened and crying Khushi in the front banging on the window for him. Arnav grabbed his keys and drove after him. After a long chase, Shyam had hit a wall and decided to go by foot. He pulled Khushi out of the car and shoved her into a desolate shop. Arnav followed and pounded the door just as Shyam was trying to close it. Shyam won this and Arnav was outside, trying to break in. He heard Khushi's screams as Shyam attempted to rip her clothes off and make her his. Shyam hit Khushi repeatedly, trying to get her to be still. A battered Khushi lost consciousness just as Arnav burst into the shop, seeing a much aroused Shyam on top of her. Arnav yanked him off and pounded him repeatedly. Calling the ambulance, he ran to Khushi and rocked him in her arms, crying.

*End of flashback*

Khushi closed her eyes as if flinching from the pain the memory brought to her.

'What shattered my heart was you actually thought that I cheated. You thought that I would do such a didn't once trust me or my love. That alone proves that you could never have been in love with me.' Khushi said softly.

'Please Khushi...' Arnav said.

'Arnav Ji, no.' Khushi looked deeply into his eyes, tears welling them. 'We could have been together, I would have loved you unconditionally. But now look? The damage is irreparable. I have to leave your life, make a fresh start. I would say that I hope you find a new girl who'll look after you, but I know that nobody will ever love you as much as I. You'll always be my laad governor.' Khushi held a sob, turning away from him, she lay back down in her hospital bed and cried silently to herself.

Arnav stood there dumbstruck, his heart froze. He didn't know what to do.

'Go.' Khushi whispered. 'Please.'

To be continued, only if you want! :)

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Mar 12, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 24 times)

@Taaniiyaa Thank you for that wonderful comment...that seriously boosted my confidence so much! Thank you for supporting my stories to much :)

And to all my other viewers, thank you for being so lovely and for taking the time to comment and thank're all beautiful <3

Khushi's words echoed in Arnav's head. He knew he'd screwed up big time.

'You would have loved me unconditionally?' Arnav said, his voice getting quieter with each word, until he hit silence.

After being so calm, anger took over Khushi. She glared at Arnav, feeling hopeless that their once-so-perfect fairytale was now a pile of debris.

'I would have loved you more than any woman can love a man. All our arguments, all of our moments, all of our jokes...I would have cherished in my heart and told our children, our grandchildren about. You're stubborn, you're temperamental, you're an idiot that stole my heart. After all the ways you mistreated people, I saw past that. I saw your heart and felt the side of you that all girls yearned for. I thought you felt the same for me as I do for you, but no.' Khushi turned towards Arnav and motioned for him to come forward. She cupped his cheek in her hand and let out her sob. 'I will miss you so much Arnav Ji. You gave me my happiest were meant to be the knight in shining armour that I always spoke to Payal about. You swept me off my feet and lifted me in the air...but then you let me fall.'

'Then let me pick you up again Khushi...' Arnav said huskily, sadness intertwined in his voice, sadness and desperation.

'I let you. I gave you chance after chance but not once did you trust me enough. So how could you ever have possibly been in love with me? You know how much I respect Anjali Di...and you...You DARE think I would do that to her?' Khushi shouted the last bit.

Arnav dropped to his knees and pulled her hand to his cheek. 'PLEASE Khushi, forgive me. Please.' Arnav begged and begged.

Khushi closed her eyes as she knew that she'd give in. Her heart strained against her chest, she so badly wanted to hold this man and love him with all her might. She pulled her hand away from him and turned around again.

'Leave me Arnav your life. Smile. Be the person you were before you met me, the person who didn't have any such problems. You always said having emotions ruined ones life, I guess you were right. I won't come back for you...never. One day you'll wake up knowing that you loved a girl, but you'll turn around in your bed and find that the one that you're in love with is right next to you asleep. You'll find the one that you can trust and love. The way I trusted and loved you. As for me, YOU were always that person, and that feeling may never be possible for me again. But for hasn't happened. I love you Arnav...I always will.' And with that, Khushi closed her eyes.

'Khushi...' Arnav began.

Khushi pressed the button on the remote to call the nurse, as the nurse entered she said,

'Please make him leave.'

'Khu.....Khushi! KHUSHI!' Arnav said as the nurse brought security to release Arnav from the room when he refused to obey their orders. 'PLEASE KHUSHI!' he screamed and screamed down the corridor as he was yanked away.

'Make sure he doesn't come back please.' Khushi requested to the nurse. The nurse nodded and left. As soon as the nurse stepped out of her room, Khushi cried relentlessly. Her heart begged for Arnav, she wanted him so badly. His touch, his scent, his warmth. She knew deep down that she never wanted him to leave her, that everyday she would pine for him. But she had to have space. As Arnav's wails became more distant and he moved further away from Khushi, her tears became stronger, almost suffocating her to sleep.

Dont worry guys, it shall get happier! If you want me to continue!

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Mar 12, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 31 times)

ALL comments are welcome and they make me smile! :)

Arnav sat by the poolside staring up into the star speckled sky. He could smell Khushi's presence...only this morning she was in his bed. He couldn't bare to think that he had had the world's most beautiful girl as his wife, next to him this morning pleading to be loved. The tears had stopped coming, he was still as stone. He was paralysed to the spot and couldn't move. He remembered how Khushi would run around the pool when he scared her, he remembered how he'd untangled her from the fairy lights here and he remembered that...kiss. That second of teenage madness where they had both been so in love, so happy, so hopelessly lost in their story. And then he'd ruined it. She was right...the damage was irreparable he thought to himself. He put his head on his knees and sighed, his heart was heavy. He'd locked his door, he knew Anjali was mourning too after she'd found out the truth about Shyam. He didn't want to talk to anyone thought, not even Di. Not right now.

Khushi eyes snapped open, thoughts invading her mind. She groaned, not ready to deal with reality yet. The clock read 4.30AM. She looked out of the window to the stars and wondered if Arnav was looking out at them too.

'Stop being silly, it's 4.30 and you expect him to be awake thinking of you?' Khushi muttered. A side of her knew that this was a possibility, but she tried to deny it. Khushi picked up a leaf of paper and a pen and decided to write something to Arnav, something to finish things but also something heartfelt.

Arnav jolted awake by a sharp rap at his bedroom door.

'I've told everyone that I don't want to see anyone.' Arnav said gruffly, his neck aching from falling asleep against the window.

'Sorry sir, but a letter came for you this morning.' Hariprakash said wearily, as he slipped the letter under the door.

Arnav sighed, didn't anyone have any consideration? He caught himself thinking about OTHER people caring and gave himself a small smile as to how much Khushi had changed his life and had made him care about how people treated each other. Khushi. His smile faded as her face flooded his mind. He balled his fist up and punched the wall. Taking deep breaths he walked towards the letter and saw...wait...was that Khushi's handwriting? He bolted towards it and ripped open the letter.

'Arnav Ji, I thought i'd save you some time if you came searching for me. I have left. I'm not coming back and I know you shall not find me. You came into my life and I wish things never had to end, but our lives took an unfortunate turn. It was written in our Kismat. Nonetheless, I've always cared for you and my love for you is undying. Never forget that. Never forget to smile, to laugh and to care for people who care about you. You became the Arnav that I fell in love with for a while...the charming, loving, considerate man. Don't change back.

Yours always,


Arnav clenched his teeth, how the heck could he smile without her here? He fell to his knees and for the first time in his life, he bent down in forgiveness and desperation, asking for help. The tears came back, skidding across his stubbled jawline. His chest heaved harder and harder. He began to rasp...and then silence. Arnav knew that no matter how much he grieved, no matter how much hopelessness he felt, no matter how helpless he was, he himself would have to win Khushi back. And that's exactly what he'd do.

Hope you're enjoying it!

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Mar 13, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Wow guys...what can I say? Your comments mean the world to me...they really do never fail to make my day :)

Arnav hadn't told the Gupta family that Khushi had left him, he assumed that they must already know as Khushi must have told them before she left as she had no possessions. He took this as a slice of hope, maybe they'd know where she'd gone so he could go and find her. How wrong he was.

The next 24 hours were hectic for Khushi, she'd left the hospital early in the morning so she wouldn't have the chance of bumping into Arnav. She quickly made her way to the Gupta residence, lying to her Amma and Buaji that she had to pick some things up from her room as the transition between both houses wasn't complete for her.

'Why're you here alone? Where's Arnav Ji? You've just come out of hospital!' Amma said concerned.

'Han, he's going to meet me by the mandir after, he just went to pick my medicine up for me.' Khushi lied.

Amma looked at her as if knowing she was lying, but gave her the benefit of the doubt and allowed her to get her things. When Khushi got into her room, she quickly packed away the few things she had and also a wad of money that she had always kept with her for a rainy day.

'Yeah, rainy day....more like a stormy one.' Khushi muttered to herself, rolling her eyes. Each movement she took, she took thinking that Arnav could see her. Trying to act as beautiful as possible, still in the mind frame that she lived with him. She caught herself wondering if Arnav was looking and sighed.

'Get over him you crazy girl! You don't live together anymore, remember?' Khushi hissed to herself, trying to evade any thoughts of HIM, that one handsome man that wouldn't free her mind. Khushi busied herself and only just managed to push him out of her thoughts...for now.

As she left her room, she ran to Babuji and knelt on the ground next to him. Clutching his hand she said,

'Please forgive me Babuji, I promise you'll see me again one day. Remember we'd always joke about who I was to marry? I found him Papa...but he's gone. So now it's my time to get up and take baby steps back to recovery. I don't know how long it will be till we next meet, but never forget for one of those seconds that I love you with all my heart.'

Holding back tears, Khushi got up and swiftly walked away, the moans of Babuji torturing her as he tried to stop her from leaving but to no avail. She quickly big farewell to Buaji and Amma and as soon she got outside, she ran. Khushi ran and ran till her legs could no longer carry her. Past building after building and tree after tree, nothing let her stop running. She ran as long as she felt she would have cried if she allowed the tears to escape. When she finally came to a halt, sweat poured down her back and arms and she was doubled over in pain from the injuries she'd suffered. Khushi didn't care, she'd rather feel the physical pain than the emotional torment that was going on inside her. She knew that soon she wouldn't be able to take the hurt and would eventually break down to shreds. Hailing a rickshaw, she found a small bedsit to stay at for the night. Not knowing where she was and not giving the slightest interest of where she'd end up tomorrow, Khushi threw her bags on the floor and dropped to the ground. Grasping her chest, she felt the tears breaking the boundaries. Suddenly, she started to let out small sobs which led to wails. She began to scream and shout inaudible words, the pain of losing him was unbearable. She thought of his face, feeling so helpless and so angry she threw the duvet off the bed, completely losing her mind. Wanting to live the dream they had once both shared, she knew it were impossible to turn back the time. This made her feel even more helpless. She was lost, scared. She pulled at her hair, scratched at her skin, the fat tears scorching against her soft cheeks. Khushi looked up into a mirror on the wall and gasped. There stood a ghostly figure staring back at her, red eyes and puffy hair...the once so happy girl had lost all control. Sliding to the ground, Khushi stared up to the ceiling, let out a scream and let herself fall into the dark abyss of unconsciousness.

I'll continue if you all like it!

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Mar 13, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 24 times)

Arnav's 24 hours were no better.

Arnav sat with his head in hands once more, knowing he had to get up and face the Gupta's and receive all the abuse he so thoroughly deserved. He knew he had to find out where Khushi was. But his legs were heavy, his heart heavier and his mind the heaviest with all the thoughts of Khushi pounding against them. He wondered where she was, hoped she was okay. BEGGED she was okay actually. Arnav literally flung himself on the floor every so often and prayed to Khushi's Devi Maiyya to keep her safe...this was no longer in his control, he was lost. For the first time in his life, Arnav Singh Raizada didn't have an answer. He had no clue what to do or where to look. The hopelessness weighed against his shoulders, invading his mind and not letting any other thoughts of clarity get in. He'd texted Khushi several times and for the first time he put his fear behind him and decided to call her. Picking up his phone and dialling her number, he held his breath. He heard exactly what he had been scared to hear.

'This phone is unavailable, please call back later.' The automated voice sang to him. Arnav yelled, he threw his phone at the sliding door and took off his jumper, throwing it to the floor next to his tie that he'd taken off yesterday. Running his hands in his hair, he shook, anger welling up inside him making him pull his hair out. The shaking continued until he had an outburst, thrashing everything in his room. He looked into the mirror and glared at his reflection.

'I...I God damn hate you!' he screamed at himself, smashing the mirror to pieces. The shattered pieces of glass caught the light and reflected into his eyes, he blocked the light from his eyes with his hand and turned away from the pain. That's when he saw it. The bangles he'd bought Khushi were laying strewn across the dressing table. His eyes blurred as sanity and reality flooded back to him and he scanned the room to examine the wreckage. Deciding that this was least important, he cleaned himself up and convinced himself to go to the Gupta's.

Walking downstairs to the front door, he bumped into Nani Ji.

'Arnav bitwa, we know Khushi is gone...but don't worry we will try our hardest to find her.' Nani said soothingly.

Arnav's body tensed on hearing her name and he clenched his fist, ignoring the comment made. He gave a sharp nod and continued to walk.

'Arnav Ji! Tell me! Where is she? What have you done? How could you have done this to her? Because of YOU my sister has left! How do I know that she is even safe? How do I know that she is well? She won't even pick up her phone...because of YOU she's hurting! YOU!' Payal said, launching herself at Arnav and punching his chest, weeping heavily. Arnav turned his head away, shamed. Akash ran to pull a screaming Payal away from Arnav, shaking his head he left Arnav alone in the hallway as Nani and him calmed Payal down. Arnav sighed, and left the Raizada residence before things got any worse.

On approaching the Gupta residence in his White SUV, Arnav leant against his steering wheel and supported himself. He felt weak, the memoirs of all that had happened on this little porch came sprinting to him with no delay. Diwali night, the day Khushi had dressed up as Mamiji, the day Arnav had helped her with serving lunch. His vision blurred as a minuscule wet puddle appeared on the wheel, quickly flicking the tear away, he got out of the car and walked briskly to the door.

'Namaste, how are you? And how's Sanka Devi? Did you manage to get all of her medicines?' Buaji inquired innocently, gesturing for Arnav to come in and sit down.

'...Kya?...' Arnav said, lost.

'She told me you were to meet her at the Mandir after she came here as you went to collect her tablets...' Buaji said frowning.

'She was here?' Arnav asked hurriedly, ignoring the tea he was being offered. 'When? How long back? Did she say where she was going?'

Buaji recounted to Arnav all that Khushi had said.

'DAMN IT!' Arnav shouted, getting out of his seat.

'Arre Nandkishore! What happened to you?' Buaji said shocked as Garima came out to see what all the commotion was about.

'Han, what happened?!' Garima said.

Arnav sank down into the chair he'd been sitting in and put his head back in his hands. He explained the situation to them both, his chest heaving and the huskiness in his voice increasing.

'Im so sorry...' Arnav finished saying before he diminished into tears.

Garima and Buaji stood there, shellshocked. What other misfortune would fall upon their family now?

'Nahin! Nahin! This cannot be!' Buaji mourned.

Garima on the other hand was silent and calm.

'All the ordeals I put my beautiful daughter through...because of YOU? This is what YOU did? It's all YOUR doing? And now she is gone? Yes I was angry with when I heard about you finding out about Shyam and forcing Khushi into marriage, but I found a way in my heart to forgive you because I know how much she loves you. But you couldn't even try to win her back? You couldn't even follow her and make her stay? You just let her go? You pathetic excuse of a man! God knows where my daughter is, she's ill and all alone and YOU'RE crying? Chi! This...this is for what you've done.' and with that, Garima gave Arnav a tight slap across the face. The slap echoed and resounded against all 4 walls, creating a tense atmosphere. Arnav held his cheek and looked down, he knew he deserved it from when Khushi had been slapped.

'NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!' Garima screamed at him, tears finally staining her face. 'NEVER come back.'

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Mar 14, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

'Arre! You'll hurt yourself!' Khushi said loudly, followed by laughter as the kids ran around her in circles. 'Oho! You'll all be the death of me!' she said laughingly. It had been a year since she had left, she had made a living for herself by teaching at a local nursery. She owned a little cottage and was safe with her friendly neighbours. Even though her scene had changed, her heart hadn't. Daily, her heart ached for Arnav's warm arms around her. She missed him immensely. Her daily routine was the same: wake up, pray, eat, teach, eat, teach more, go home, clean, eat, pray, sleep. Or rather, that's how she liked to make it seem. On the contrary, her life was plagued by constant thoughts, pains and aches of her love...she was finding it increasingly difficult to cope without him. Weight loss was apparent and her usual bubbly self had been long lost in her past. Each night she'd wrap her arms around herself, pretending Arnav was next to her so that she could sleep.

These thoughts disturbed Khushi and her smile faded from her face. The first genuine smile she'd had in a year was gone. The laughter of the children rung in her ear as her mind drifted to all the hopes and dreams she had had for her future with Arnav. She looked into the sky and shielded her eyes from the same sun that Arnav shared right at the same moments as her. She thought of this to make her happy, to know that something still joined her and Arnav. Day and night: Sun and moon. Khushi prayed each day to her Devi Maiyya that Arnav was safe, and something in her heart told her that he was. This calmed her down, knowing that his existence was still present in the world. Khushi held her breath, she could feel it coming again. She quickly ran to the bathroom to throw up...she was ill and she knew it. Even if Arnav's presence was around, she knew hers wouldn't be for long. With tears in her eyes and a sigh, Khushi went back outside to reassure the children that she was okay when really, she knew that she was far from it.

To be continueeeed :)

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Mar 14, 2012

Arshi moments story no.8 (Shyam's butt gets kicked xD) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

Dear all fellow Arshi fans,

I would like to say a mighty thank you for your constant support and love and the reason I write is for all of YOU. Your comments would mean the world to me as they portray truly how you feel about the story and as i aspire to be an author, it would really boost my morale and confidence. Thank you all so much for all of your love and care, and thank you for taking the time to read my story :)

After Khushi sent the children to the arms of their loving parents after school, she worried about the doctors appointment that she soon had to determine what exactly was wrong with her. The constant throwing up, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and vertigo were really starting to take a toll on her and so she'd decided to finally take a blood test. When she'd gone for the blood test, she'd squeezed her eyes tight praying that Arnav would be there to hold her hand as she feared needles. As Khushi reminisced about this memory, she winced as she thought of his name. He was forever tattooed to her heart and she knew it. Deciding to shun any further painful memories to bay she quickly gathered her belongings and went to find out what the results of her blood test were.

Arnav was withered, dark circles embroidered his face and he had become angrier than ever. Ever since Khushi had left, the old Arnav had gone with her and ASR was back. He barely ate anymore, barely slept and when he did speak, it would be him shouting at somebody. Everyday his mind was bombarded with thoughts about his lady love, and everyday the ordeal became worse and worse. He walked through each day passively, no initiative came to mind for him and no amount of work could distract him or interest him. All hobbies, morals and beliefs were gone and all that was there was the empty void that continuously grew. Several times he'd gone looking for Khushi and several times he'd failed to find her. Each day he never gave up his search, whether it be gathering information or physically leaving the house he knew he had to and would find her. His heart felt uneasy, as if things were not the same. Arnav couldn't pinpoint what it was, was it maybe that she may not feel the same? Arnav thought of several different interpretations but one that he always steered clear of and avoided thinking about: Khushi's health was not the same.

Khushi sat in the doctors chair, rocking back and forth as the doctor rifled through her notes. A temporary doctor was taking the place of her usual doctor as he was on leave at the moment.

' seems your blood count is low and your platelet levels are also very low...' the doctor began, not noticing a single sheet of paper float out of the folder.

'You dropped something.' Khushi pointed.

'Oh yes!' the doctor exclaimed, talking while he went to pick it up, 'I can give you some iron deficiency tablets to boost your...' the doctors voice trailed off as he looked down at the sheet of paper he had just picked up. He looked up at Khushi, his eyes lost and serious.

'Ms. seems that a more serious means of action will need to be taken...'

'...Kya?...' Khushi said worried.

'It seems that you have cancer. I'm so sorry.'

To be continued!

Z <3 xx

Mar 15, 2012

PLEASE read! (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 12 times)

I know with the twist at the end of my last post a lot of you were upset and were telling me to not create such a problem in the story or else the story will be terrible. As an aspiring author, i'm trying to experiment and write in various different styles. Please remember that after this story I WILL be posting many more happy Arshi stories for you all to view and enjoy but I urge you all to not stop reading or giving me your feedback on this story because a lot of hard work is going into it and I very much enjoy having all of your support. I hope you can all understand :)

An update will be due in a few hours!

Z <3 xxx

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