OS darkness back in arnavs life

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Mar 7, 2012

OS darkness back in arnavs life (By Shokofa) (Thanked: 10 times)

Arnav Sighn Raisada the biggest tycoon in Delhi who never belived in god and love and has never begged anyone before nd had just realised his love for khushi. he was smiling to himself nd enjoying touching khushi... he finaly found his true love whom he cant live without. and he was very happy.

he holded khushi's waist and pulled her more closer to him.

khushi felt his touch nd closed her eyes. she didn't know what was going on. She could hear her heart beating fast.

oh god what is heppening to me? why is my heart beating so fast? why am i feeling strange?

She had thousands of questions in her mind and yet she hadn't realised her love for arnav.

i closed my eyes feeling arnavs touch and had thousands of quistions in my mind.

i didn't know where to get all the qnswers from.

ohhh god how i wish i could get the anwers...

for the first time i was feeling strange and my heart was beating really fast nd i could hear the beats... this heppens whenever i was near arnav.

i putted my arms around his neck. nd i too had enjoyed dancing with him.

the song had finished nd we haven't even realised it.

we were lost in each others eyes.

suddently i realised that we are not alone. i could see the shocked face in every ones face.

i turned around stepped back nd looked at arnav. i could see his shocked face.

he wondered why i stepped back.

for the first time i felt happy. no wait REALLY happy. i had just realised my love for khushi nd i was really happy about that. i had just found my true love. ok yeh i addmit that i never belived in love. but now... i dont even noe how to discribe this love...

i holded khushis waist nd puled her more closer to me. i touched her stomic nd she closed her eyes.

i could hear her heart beating really fast.

i wondered if she was feeling the same way as i was feeling.

i was about to ABOUT to kiss khushi when i suddently realised that we are not alone nd khushi just stepped back. i didn't want her to step back.

i wanted her NOW... kiss her NOW but no how could i say this.

i cant kiss her. not now... but one day i surely will.

there is no one NO ONE at all who could stop me from coming more closer to her.

i waited for khushi to get alone. i staired at her. but ufff no one was leaving her alone. i couldn't even talk proply with my family. they asked my thousands of quistion but i couldn't answer them. not even one. i was lost...lost in love...

but i was smiling as i was happy that i had found my love. theres FINALY gonne be happiness in my life. there is nothing NOTHING at all that would bring back the darkness in my life...

i looked at khushi she she looked at me too. but she quickly turned around and i wondered why...

HEY DEVI MAIYA... HELP ME... i said...

now my heart was beating really really fast. i couldn't take this anymore.

all i wanted was a place to hide. suddently i saw arnav smiling and looking at me. this time i could hear my heart beating faster nd louder then before...

i got scared...

i quickly turned around my face nd i turned my back on arnav.

nd then i heard a voice. i jumped nd looked at the person who was speaking with me. it was payal.

payal: khushi are you alright??

khushi: huh?? yes di i am alright... ummm di i will coe right back.

payal: ok but come quickly ok.

khushi: ok.

i quickly went upstaires.

i stayed there for sometimes.

no wait really long time. i stayed here for a really long time.

Garima: payal where is khushi??

payal: i dont know. i've looked every where for her but i cant find her.

garima: have you looked in the changing room?

payal: arre no i haven't. i forgot to look there. wait i'll go and bring her right now. ok

garima: ok

i wondered where khushi has gone...

i was getting really worried now.

i missed her.

i cant even live without her for 30 mins now.

it has been 30 mins tht i haven't seen her.

suddently i heard payal and garima talking about khushi. about where she was.

then i heard payal going nd finding khushi. i followed her as i knew she would find her.

payal: khushi are you here? are you changing?

i heard di... talking and knoking the door.

khushi: yes di i am here. wait i will come back in 5 mins.

payal: ok khushi. i'll come back.

PHEWW finaly i found khushi...

i missed her already. i missed her so much.

i got really happy when payal left the door and left khushi alone in the room.

i went to the door nd knoked it.


khuhi: wait di let me change...

she went to the door nd unlocked it.

YESSS... i got really happy...

i went inside nd i heard her talking to her di.

well she thot it was her di.

khushi: i dont noe how this heppend. i didn't know that laad governot would do this. that he would dance with me.

what does he think of himself. i dont car... i stopped in half way when i saw him.

ohh goshhh now i am really getting nervous nd my heart is beating faster nd the last time. the more he gets closer to me the more my heart beats FAST.

arnav: if you dont care then why did you stop?

khushi: y..yo..you...

arnav: haan... m...m...me.

she was going backwards.

i stepped forwards to her...

now there is NO ONE that would stop us now.

ohhh this is the perfect time.

yesss i finaly got time alone with khushi.

then i saw payals coming upstaires.

ufff crap...

why the hell cant they just fu*king leave her alone? ( poor arnav little did he know that khushi will be the one whos gonne leave them)

why the hell do they always get to be around her.

i had no choice... i finaly had time alone with khushi but this girl... she ruined everything.

i quickly locked the door.

i had only 3 mins left to talk to khushi coz payal was coming... well she was downstaires nd i saw her coming upstaires.

i stepped forward nd khushi steppd backwards. this kept on going on nd on when her back finaly hit the mirror.

i stepped forward to her nd whispered in her ears.

arnav: khushi why are you stepping backwards everytime i stepp forward to you??

khushi: because...y...you kee...keep on coming forwar...forward to m...me.

arnav: its not like i am gonne eat you. by the way arent you gonne say thank you to me? i danced with you.

khushi: than...thank you...

then i putted my hands around her head to get the hair clip of her hair.

i whispered in her ears

arnav: you look more nicer now... by the way this colour suits you...

nd then i walked to the door quickly before payal finds us.

i was really scared nd nervous...

i gosh i was feeling my heard is gonne pop in any seconds.

payal: khushi hurry up ppl are waiting.

khushi: ok di i am coming.

5 mins past.

i finaly went down staires.

YAY finaly i won but i wasn't feeling that happy as i was yesterday.

about how i wished tht i would win this..

about now i tottaly felt different.

i dont know what was heppening to me.


it was midnight shyme got the scorpian out of the box nd slowly throwed it on anjalis bed...

later that scorpian was on shyms back... he starts screaming nd anjali waked up.


shyme is still screaming...

anjali: shyme wats wrong let me see that.

she saw it nd sarts screaming...

anjali: OH MY GOD... she quickly throwed that scorpian off from shyams back... nd starts crying really badly.

anjali: what if something heppend to you?? i cant live without you... i love you... why is god doing this to us.????

i cant live wiithout you...

she hugged shayme nd shyme was sososososososo scared nd shocked that this is gods doing...

he hugged anjali back as he was really scared.

he then realised how anjali cares for him nd just saved his life.

he hugged her again.

nd promised to himself tht his never gonne do this awful thing again.

he appologised to god as he just realised tht this was gods doing on putting the scorpian on his bck...

( guys i dont want shyme to be bad anymore so i've dicided this.)

it was morning now.

i was getting ready to go to RM.

we reached there.

i knocked the door nd arnav opend it...

ohh gosh now my heart is beating fast again.

i went nd ignored him...

arnav: khushi...

WOAH for a moment i thot he was gonne scream nd shout at me for ignoring him. but now... he was beeing really kind to me.

i stopped nd he camed forward to me.

he holded my hands nd i was wondering wat he was doing.

he putted an earing on my hands.

just like the diwali night... he gave my payal on diwali night but this time he gave me my earings...

i was wearing a red sari that time nd something terrible heppend...arnavs engagement announcing with lavanaya..

and this time i was wearing a green sari but i felt something terrible is gonne heppen really soon.

NO i mean it something really TERRIBLE... REALLY REALLY terrible.

i was scared now. i was feeling as if my life is gonne END now.

but then i thot NO.


* payals mehindi night...

* arhi missed each other BADLY...

* arnav dressed up as a girl as there are NO boys allowed nd anjali wouldn't let him come inside...

* arnav kissing khushi...

* khushi realising her love...

* khushi feeling a SHARP pain in her arm...

i just realised my love for arnav...

i letted go of his neck as i felt more weaker...

i kept on calling his name but no response from him coz he was enjoying kissing me...

i looked at arnav one last time before i die...

i did felt this feelings before that something really terrible is gonne heppen. now i know what it was...

i let go of arnavs neck nd closed my eyes as i was getting more weaker.

i know that arnavs not gonne let me go now. as his buzzy kissing me.

i know that its gonne be really late till arnav finds out about me...

so therefore i give up...i closed my eyes completly now...

i didn't want to but i couldn't take this pain any longer.


khushi will be alive... as arnav is praying to god from morning till night nd night till morning. without eating...

khushi finaly she will be alive.

btw shyme will realise his love for anjali...

nd he will never do something stupid like this again... coz anjali saved his life from the scorpian...

ok guys this is it. i hope use like it.

i'll write the nxt part soon.

plzzz comment. i love getting commentsfrom use.

i always comment on ur story so use do the same.

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