rabba ve in the family trip!!!!

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Mar 6, 2012

rabba ve in the family trip!!!! (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 19 times)

Hi friends!!! Long time i haven’t posted a view!

Well a few days back i had a dream and arhsi were in it – like in a jungle with the rest of family.... it was quite unclear, but when i woke up an idea popped in my mind and i decided to write this story!!

I hope you like it - plz plz plz comment ! oh and i wont write it fully in story story way- cause i don’t have much time but hope u don’t mind!

So here goes


1 month into arshi wedding... nani and anjali are now happy with khushi and have seemed to forgotten the sudden incident that took place on payash wedding.

It was afternoon lunch time and all the Raizadas were home, gathered at the dining table, as khushi and Payal happily served the food. Everything was quiet for a while, just the sound of plates and spoons clattering amongst each other. Anjali broke the silence.

Anjali : umm.. hmm.. nani ... hum soch rahe the, kyu na hum sab kisi family trip pe jayen? Waise bhi itne dino baad humare gar mein sab kuch thik ho gaya hai toh hum soch rahe the kyu na hum kahin jayen .( nani i was thinking why don’t we go on a family trip? Afterall, happiness has returned at our doors after many days, so i was wondering maybe we should go out somewhere. )

Nani: haa bitya . humme bhi aisen thik lagat hai . kyu chote? Akash bitwa? ( yes dear, i also feel this is a good idea. Why arnav? Akash?)

Akash : uuh.. ha di , nani jaise ap thik samanje ( as you feel. Then so be it. ) he looks over at arnav for his opinion.

Payal gives a smile while exchanging looks with akash, as she blushes realising that they can spend some time together. On the other hand though, arnav glares at his di, thinking to himself ‘ are you serious? Everyone? Me .. and that khushi? No way...’. he stares at khushi , who is now fidgeting with her fingers ... and before he speaks...

Shyam : “ ha ha saale saab – humme be ye idea acha laga... hum sab ko thora maza karne ka waqt mil jaye ga, kyu rani saiba? ( yes yes BIL, i feel this is a good idea. We will get a chance to enjoy ourselves. Why rani saiba? ) he winks at anjali then gawks at khushi who is now burning with hostility and disgust towards shyam.

Arnav notices shyam’s stare at khushi and confidently speaks out “ yes ofcourse – afterall di mujhe aur khushi ko bhi thora time mil jaye ga... “ ( yes di, afterall i can also spend some time with khushi)

Shyam winches at arnavs words, his expression as though he just got sudden cramps in his stomach. Oh the steam that woot wooted out of his ears ! he was burning with jealousy

Khushi’s eyes widen as she gapes at arnav who is seated opposite her, smirking . She gives one of her confused looks and takes a rough swallow as she reassures herself that he is only playing a drama in front of the family and of course he has no intention of spending time with her, not even a minute!

Anjali’s giggle breaks the eye contact between arnav and khushi, and both quickly look away

Anjali : GREAT! Acha toh khushi aur payal ji ap dono khana khane ke baad humare sath challiye ga, packing karni hai ( ok then payal and khushi after eating you two come with me, we have to pack )

Payal/ khushi : thik hai anjali ji ( ok anjali ji) they say at the same time.

Mami ji: hello hi bye bye ! wut shay ji ( what say) ( smiling over at mamaji) ye humra secondwa honeymoon ho nai? ( what say ( to mamaji) this can be our second honeymoon eh?)

Mamaji lightly slaps his palm against his forehead and blurts out “ tumra dimaag to thik hain a manorma?” ( is your mind ok? Manorma?)

Mamiji : mumbles something to herself, by which anjali, payal and khushi give a light mirthful giggle to.

Akash : aa bhai.. i know of a wonderful place , should i book rooms for tomorrow for 3 nights

Arnav : aah... ok akash whatever, i don’t really care... he replies in his slipshod tone.

By the time all preparations were completed, the sun had settled down and it was night. Everyone left for their rooms.

Khushi quietly and slowly crept up to her room and closed the door behind her. She turned back and noticed arnav was working on his laptop – “ of course, it’s his usual routine” khushi thought to herself as she picked up her pillow and blanket and headed for the poolside, to once again face with the chill of the night breeze and the harsh, cold concrete beneath her. She positioned herself under the blanket and gazed at the stars above, wondering how tomorrows’ trip will go...

after a busy and tiring day, khushi’s eyes begin to shut.... shut... shut... and she falls asleep huddling the blanket, covering up her face with it , to prevent the cool wind from entering her warmth.

Arnav stares at his screen but he is also lost in his thoughts of the trip... for some reason, his instincts informed him that something will happen tomorrow... something different, unexpected and or rather peculiar. ...

He gave a deep sigh, shut the screen, took a glimpse at khushi and then dragged himself into bed.

What is going to happen tomorrow? he questioned himself as he fell asleep....

The birds chirped their morning melody, by the window sill, as the sun shone in the sky, causing light rays to penetrate through the curtains, hitting arnav’s sleepy face. He gave a small groan as he rubbed his eyes, angry at the fact that it was already morning. Yes – our Arnav Singh Raizada began his day with an upset mood. He freshened up and walked down to the hall room. Everyone were sitting on the couches, chatting amongst themselves while waiting for arnav and mamiji.

Anjali : khushi ji jaye dekhiye chote teyar hue hain ke nai ( khushi go check if arnav is ready)

Just as khushi turned around she sighted arnav standing behind her

Arnav : di im here... shall we leave?

Khushi : uh.. vo... uh.. ( umm... )

Anjali : vo .. chote mami ji aa rahi hain.. thori der wait karo ( chote wait, mamiji is still to come)

Mamiji : aa haa.. i em here anjali bitiya .. howz do i look ? , she inquired as she multitasked; she was walking her stylish, cat walk towards the sitting area, in one hand blowing at her purple shades, cleaning the glass , whilst in the other hand she held a small hand- mirror and continuously gazed at her reflection talking to herself “ be – u- tiful Manorama.. hehehe”

Mamaji again pressed his palm against his forehead, giving out a little clap as he hurriedly rushed behind mami and carted the suitcase that included their essentials for the trip.

“ ab challo” ( now lets go) he spoke, intending his words at Manorama.

The bus was waiting outside the house. Yes, Akash the smart bloke had organised for a bus, since taking the cars would be too much of a hassle, and there was too much to take, there were 5 suitcases – one for each couple, and one for nani – oh and lakshmi! How can i forget! , there were two large coolers holding food and drink bottles, there were a few hand holding items and a basket full of earlier prepared picnic food.

Arnav, akash and the bus driver placed the belongings in the bus and everyone was ready to go.

Out of all the rush and hurry.. arnav didn’t even pay any attention to khushi who was looking absolutely stunning in a simple baby pink saree . However, right as he saw her, he melted... his stare frightened her and before he could say anything, she quickly ran into the bus and took a seat with payal. He gave a little smirk ! and hopped in the bus....

Loads coming ahead folks! Plenty of rabba ves! Stay tune and hope you enjoyed so far

oh and sorry for any mistakes!

Plz comment if you wish for me to continue



Mar 7, 2012

rabba ve in family trip! (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 15 times)

Thank you for the encouragement friends!

Here goes the continuation!

The driver started the engine, accelerated it and the bus drove off. He was an old man but an experienced driver, the raizada’s had known him from before as two years back he was the one to take them to a picnic. The bus was large, though it wasn’t double decka which is a shame... it had 20 seats with compartments at the roof for holding the luggage and equipment. At the back of the bus there was a small attached kitchen, with a single wooden bench, a stove, a miniature fridge in the left corner and a small steel- made sink with cold tap water. Next to the kitchen was a closet with a blanket, the fire extinguisher, the emergency hammer and a torch.

Nani sat in one seat patting lamxi in her lap. Across from her was shyam seated next to anjali , while talking on the phone. Payal and akash were chatting and laughing amongst each other and mama and mamiji sat separate because mamiji wanted enough room ( an empty seat) to put her necessities ( her carry bag, mirror etc..) she was too busy fixing her makeup and hair. Mamaji sat next to the driver seat, just gazing out of the window....

And our arshi ... sigh* well they were in the back row of the bus sitting across each other, staring into one another’s eyes, but not speaking a single word. Arnav was dressed in casual today, he wore a dark blue shirt and jeans, with runners underneath. Khushi gave a sigh of relief seeing her so – called husband finally wearing different attire; it was a new, different sight. Something you wouldn’t see every day, at least not from Arnav Singh Raizada.

The journey was long , 5 hours. They had left the house at around half past 10 , and only an hour had gone.... Nk took out his camera and began filming everyone “ mujhe khilao everyone!” ( give me food people) ! Nobody payed much attention to this except for khushi. She gave her cute, entertained giggle and corrected him “ nanhe ji mujhe khilao nahi... MUSKRAO HAHAHA” ( not give me food nk its smile ) her smile and laughter was a pleasant sight to see. Arnav gazed at her for a moment, he could see the sparkle, the twinkle in her eyes again. The glow which he hadn’t seen since a long time, it had disappeared the day they had gotten married. A quick beam appeared on his face , but right as khushi turned back at arnav, looking him into the eyes, his smile faded. Her twinkle had gone. Sadness had struck her once again.

Arnav : uh? Akash where exactly is this place that we’re going to? I mean where and how much longer will it take?

Akash : aah bhai actually, bus Nanital se thora sa aage hai, ek open park hai, wahan jaa rahe hain , bus thori der aur bhai... ( actually, its just a little ahead of Nanital , and it wont take much longer. Its an open park )

That word... Nanital... that place... memories rushed back to their minds. Arnav and khushi gawked at each other, realising that they were remembering/ thinking of the same thing – their nanital trip. The coincidence where khushi ended up in his car boot , his fear of losing her when he felt she was lsot in the jungle, the dabba scene, khushi in the wedding dress, how beautiful she looked.. the misconception the dabba owners took - thinking that they were husband and wife, khushi dancing .... arnav yelling at her, khushi catching the cold, arnav caring for her, loving her , admiring her , him saving her from the goons....

the film played along in their minds for a few minutes.... then their eye locking broke. Khushi looked away, her face had turned pale and the rosiness of pink shade on her cheeks faded, but there was something more... yes.... her eyes were teary... she looked away biting her lip trying not to let the tears fall, but she was futile. A droplet splattered on her cheek and on her hand. She quickly wiped it away , hoping arnav would not see. He was unsure of why, but internally he felt weak, empty and maybe that feeling was called REMORSE. Did he feel guilty for the tears in her eyes? Did he repent his actions maybe just for that one second? Did he feel like giving her a reassuring smile? He wanted to see her happy. He couldn’t bear seeing her cry. But why? Why was she crying? Was it because ... because she enjoyed and missed the moments in nanital? Because she missed him? His caring? Was it because she had feelings for him? Did she love him? Or was it because she regretted having spent time with him only because she was now with shyam? Yes that’s right . Arnav thought to himself “ khushi never loved me. She used me... .. she played with my emotions , she mocked my love. And i bet she wished shyam was in my place at that time... well you know what khushi kumara gupta – i don’t love you damn it, i hate your guts.... i hate you and that bastard! Those fake tears mean nothing to me... I don’t give a damn about you., and i won’t regret anything. Oh! i promise... i won’t fall for your insane trap again..... i won’t fall for your wicked tricks... i won’t fall for you..... i won’t....”

i will continue soon!!!! very soon!!!!!!!!!!! hope you enjoyed! leave your comments friends. theres a lot to come!

Mar 7, 2012

rabba ve in family trip (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 11 times)

Finally, the bus arrived at the destination. Anjali gave a yawn and spoke " aaahh ponch gaye kya?" ( have we arrived?)

Lamxi replied " mmaaaa maa" laughter took over the bus as akash mocked " haah yes di... laxmi bohot khush lag rahi hai, kahin aj isse apna raj kumar goat na mil jaye!" ( yes di, laxmi is certainly excited, maybe she may come across her prince charming goat!"

Everyone took their belongings and stepped out of the bus onto the gravel, anjali was all occupied with the items, she was meeting difficulties holding the stuff. Khushi quickly rushed up to her and politely said " anjali ji ap kyu takleef kar rahi hain , ap rehne den , ye sab mujhe dijiye mein utta thi hu, waise bhi ap ma banae wali ho , aur wazan apko ni uttana chahiye" ( anjlai ji why are you do this. Here give it to me i will hold the stuff, and besides your pregnant and holding heavy items is a hazard for you) .

she takes the items out of anjali's hands and begins to walk. She held the picnic basket and a carry bag in one hand, and in the other she wheeled a suitcase.

" wow! You play a very good drama khushi kumara gupta... kitni asani se tum acting kar leti ho... aur di.. unki tumhe fikr kahan? Tum toh unki shaddi torne mein lagi thi na ( how easily you play an act in front of others .. and di, you don't even care about her, you were intending to break her wedding at one stage..." arnav mumbled to himself.

The driver got off the bus, locked the door and began juggling the keys as he followed the raizadas, he was asked to stay with them for the night, as he would be very tired to go back to home town now.

... something was left in the bus..............

Arnav looked around the place, he was standing on a muddy, gravel path. They were surrounded by tall, old trees of different varieties. The sun was to be unseen, as they were shaded by the branches of the trees, preventing sunlight to reach them. There was a muddy, curvy footpath narrowing into the jungle of trees and bushes...

Arnav : what the f- ? akash? Where the hell are we?

Akash : oh bhai... this is the place. We just have to follow the path and we will reach the guest home/ hotel , the fun is all behind these trees bhai.. you know what i mean... fun with our wif.....

Without finishing his sentence, he pats arnav on the shoulder, gives him a wink and an energetic smile, and then heads off into the bushes leaning his bag over his shoulder, whistling a wild tune. The others trailed behind like a colony of ants.

Arnav : what da?

He shudders his shoulders and follows along....

Khushi was tumbling here and there, she would drop an item , pick it , drop another, pick it up... and her silliness continued till a few steps... until she felt a hand on hers . she raised her head to see who it is... and look who it was!

Mr Arnav Singh Raizada..

" here ye suitcase mujhe do tum baki saman le challo...( give the suitcase over to me, you take the rest of the stuff), he firmly said.

Khushi : nai.. hum hud AKELE kaam kar sakte hain. Ap ki koi zarurat nai hai . shukria. ( no i can manage. I don't need your help thank you) with this she takes another step, but stops midway. He grips onto her arm and pulls her back, in line with his face. Their eyes meeting...

Khushi : ap....

Arnav : kitni bar kaha hai jab mein kuch keh raha hu toh meri puri baat suna karo aur kiya karo ( how many times have i said to u to listen and follow my orders) he speaks through gritted teeth.

Khushi : vo.. hum.. vo..

She was now scared, his eyes showed anger and only anger ...

Khushi : ouch...

His grip was rough, and she was under pain, her delicate, angel- like arm was too weak to break free.. it was pinching her...

As another tear escaped her eye, he let go, pushing her back and taking hold of the suitcase bar. He stomped off with the suitcase wheeling behind him, showering small pebbles in to the air . khushi kept her distance with him, she was the last one trailing behind. The others were far ahead now...

She remained quiet , her gentle footsteps followed his. A quick shot of a memory arose in his mind, when khushi and arnav took the short cut through the jungle when the car was empty fuelled. He remembered when khushi was following him through the jungle, how she was that chul- buli, talkative, energetic girl eating pakorae . Now she was speechless, she didn't say a word. He shut his eyes and pressured himself to remove that memory, after all it didn't matter to him right?

Khushi tracked behind him , she gave quiet sobs, sniffed her nose and wiped the tears that rushed down her cheeks... the climate had changed. It was chilly walking under the trees , the sun had hid behind the clouds and it had gotten a little dark . it was a nice sunny day when they had left and so khushi didn't wear her sweater. And now when she wanted to wear it, she couldn't, because it was in the suitcase and someone else had already taken that. She was cold. For two reasons. First being the weather had a sudden change and second reason being that arnav's words, his anger had caused shivers to run through her body, she was cold all over.

Up coming :

Khushi : anjali ji vo humara suitcase ap ne kaha rakha? ( anjali ji have you seen my suitcase?)

Anjali : nai toh humne ni rakha khushi ji... ap kahin dekhiye... yahi kahi hoga... ( no i havent. Look around )

....... its late / dark anjali think the suitcase is left in the bus she makes khushi and arnav both go to get suitcase .... will they go? Its dark ? its dangerous?

Wats gonna happen? Wait and watch. Stay tune friends!!!!!!!!!!!! A VERY BIG RABBA VE HAPPENING! Don't touch your remotes! LoL !

hope you liked -

Mar 7, 2012

continued.............. (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 11 times)

Im back . and this will be the last update for the day! Enjoy!

Everyone stood in front of the small hotel it had a beautiful garden, full of roses of all sorts of colours...

The sun was setting, and it was evening twilight now. This made the garden look even prettier.

khushi reassured herself that she was here to enjoy her time with anjali, and payal and the rest of the raizadas maybe excluding arnav. So to make her feel better, she went up to the rose bushes and began humming a sweet tune while inhaling the gorgeous smell of the roses. She picked out a dark pink one to contrast with her light pink saree. As she was trying to pull the rose she managed to prick her finger with the spike on the stem.

OUCH! She gave a quiet wail and held onto her finger, from which now there was a spot of blood on it. Noticing this, arnav quickly rushes to khushi grabs hold of her finger and examines the prick , he quickly pressed his thumb against her fingertip , in an effort to inhibit the blood. Once it had stopped he firmly and caringly asked " khushi... tum thik ho? ( are u ok?)...

rabbbbbbbaaaaaaaaa veeeee......

She just ogled at him, her eyes expressing confusion and somewhat irritation. Her looks questioned him back that is this care you are showing towards me or just another one of your dramas?

She only managed to quietly utter a " huh?"

Arnav: are you ok? Does it hurt?

She nodded her head as to say 'no'.

The entire Raizada family were watching the play with bright grins on their faces, pleased to see the love and care arnav shows towards his wife, even though the matter may seem to be so mild. Arnav notices that all eyes were on them, so he takes the dark pink rose and positions it in her open hair.

" there, ab thik hai ( now its fine) . He quickly pecks a soft kiss on her cheek , causing khushi's eyes to widen even more wider than usual and her mouth to drop open! Everyone start giggling and our poor khushi stands there like a statue, frozen, confused, shocked! A cold chill runs down her spine as her cheeks catch a gentle shade of pink , soon blushing into red once she realises that everyone was watching. She looks back at arnav her eyes once again pleading him for a response " why? "

Why did arnav rush to me for a tiny prick in the finger? Why did he care for me? And the kiss? What on earth was that for? Did he even mean to care? Or was it all merely a drama because everyone was watching? . these questions were pressuring her brain... it was going to explode!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

There were not many people there at the resort, which was a good thing. The raizadas thanked akash for choosing a great place for the picnic!

They entered the hotel and akash walked up to the reception

Akash : hi . uh.. humne 6 rooms book kiye hain under the name of ' the Raizada family ' ( we have booked six rooms)

Receptionist: oh the raizadas. Hello sir.. thank you for staying at our resort. We hope to and promise to provide everything to your convenience. Here are the room keys. Ap sab ke rooms sath sath hain . just turn left and you will see.

Then she noticed the goat! Her eyes broaden as she leans over her counter at the figure roaming around in the corridor with jingle bells around its neck...

Receptionist : um uh.. huh? Aah... is that a g... g.. oa..t?.. my goodness.. yeh andar kaise ayi.. ( how on earth did this goat enter) she was about to call the security when she saw the reaction on nani ji's face..

Nani gave a slightly annoyed look, raising an eyebrow , and opened her mouth to speak when

Akash : aaaahh no.. its our home pet.. laxmi.. naam hai.. . but umm you don't have any pet restrictions on goats- it only says no puppies, no cats, no birds, no mice... no.....

He could have gone on with his list

But the receptionist interfered and hesitantly spoke " no sir.. im sorry... i didn't mean to.. ofcourse... koi res..restric..tions nai hain... i think you might have had a tiring journey, why don't you go to your rooms and take some rest... and .. uh... your pet... laxmi ( she sarcastically spoke) can also rest. We have no issues. Once again thank you sir.

Akash : thank you... uh thanks..... uh...

payal noticed akash's behaviour towards the receptionist and in a little mixture of anger, jealousy and innocence she pulled akash's hand and lead him to their room

Everyone laughed and followed.

Akash and payal entered their room ( number 45) , anjali and shyam also went into their room ( no. 46) , nani and laxmi in theirs ( no. 47) , NK in his ( 48) , the bus driver in his ( 49) and finally our arshi steadily enter their room (50) .

The lights were off. Khushi walked in and hurriedly the first thing she did was turn the light switch on and the room suddenly went bright. She was scared of the dark, and besides she wouldn't want to spend a minute of darkness with the rakshas!

It was a well decorated room, the colour combination was maroon and black with white hand made crochet, embroidered, cotton lace curtains that blew against the breeze coming from the windows. After settling all the luggage and items that khushi held, into the rooms , she looked around for arnav and her suitcase.... now she rapidly searched for it, lifting things and moving them aside...

Khushi : wat da?"

Arnav : what da? Did i just hear you say?... he smirked

Khushi : huh? Uh.. nai... vo.. vo.. mera.. mmm..mera matlab HUMARA suitcase kahan hai? ( umm.. where is my.. i mean OUR suitcase?)

Arnav : wat da?... maine nai rakha mujhe kyu dekh rahi ho ? ( i didn't hide it why u looking at me like that )

Khushi : ap wat da wat da kehna band karo ge please? ( will u stop saying wat da...) aur mujhe sochne do ( and now let me think)

She paced the four corners of the room bumping into furniture but remaining careless , she was holding her chin with her right hand , thinking furiously.... where on earth is our suitcase, she questioned herself.....

Arnav was enjoying her frustration... he found it quite amusing watching her so stressed. She looked cute. If he was arnav the one who loved khushi, he would have rushed over to her and embraced her in his arms to express his feelings and tell her how beautiful she looks when she is angry. But shame. This was not that arnav standing in the room. It was ASR- his evil, slapdash, cruel reflection.

Khushi : aaa.. arnav ji vo hum anjali se poochne challe hain .. unnhe shayd pata ho ( arnav ji im going to anjali maybe she knows where it is.

He doesn't respond. Instead he takes out an juicy, deep red apple and takes a bite out of it.

Khushi again getting cranky, rushes up to the picnic basket pulls it away from him before he takes any more food and says " ye sare parivaar ke liye hain. " she takes the basket and runs out of the room to anjali.

Knock knock...

Shyam : yes?

Khushi hesitates hearing his voice

Khushi : ji... mein hu.. anjali ji?

Shyam opens the door

And khushi waits for anjali..

Anjali : areh khushi ji? kya hua? ( khushi wats worng?)

Khushi : vo anjali ji humara suitcase ni mil raha.... ap ne dekha ? ( i can tfind my suitcase have u seen it?) she glances over at their room but does not sight it.

Anjali : uh.. nai toh... humne toh ni dekha... ( no i haven't)

Khushi gently speaks " acha hum jiji se pochte hain..."

After an unsuccessful search for the missing bag, khushi wonders back to her room when

" khushi ji"

She turns back and sees anjali walking up to her

" bag mila kya? ( did u find it?)

Khushi : nai...( no)

Anjali : ummm... humme lagta hai na ke ap suitcase bus mein chor ayi ho...

Precap : tmr khushia and arnav will alone walk to the bus ... somethings will happen!!!!!!!

this was my last post for the day. stay tune for tmr...............

Mar 7, 2012

continued! (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 7 times)

heyy guys ! my lovely friends!!!!!! i just wanna thank you for all your encouragment and lovely comments! it surely brings a large grin to my face which stretches form ear to ear! and i thank you for it! its what keeps me going!!!!!!!! hahaha and i promise you tomorrow you will really enjoy my story.. i may even end it tomorrow as it is just a short rabba ve story! so stay tune! and sleep cozily tonight! i hope to entertain you some more tomorrow! any guesses for whats gonna happen?????????? i do wanna know your thoughts!!!!!! but i'll give you a hint! its gonna be an awesome scene- cute and unexpected!!!!!!!

lots of love from bestfan! OH and keep watchin promo over and over again!!!!!!! isnt it fanatabulous!???

Mar 8, 2012

continued .......................... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 13 times)


Anjali: uhh khushi ji humme lagta hai ap suit case bus mein hi chor ayi hain. Aise karo. Ap aur chote sath jao aur check kar ke ayo. ( i think you left the suitcase in the bus, how about you go and check with arnav)

Khushi: aahh aa.. arnav ji ke sath? ( uhh with arnav?) she gives a mumble

Anjali : kya hua? Jaye chote ko bulaye. ( wats wrong? Go call chote)

Arnav walks into the resort corridor followed by khushi, who hesitantly fidgets with her saree and bangles.

Arnav : yes di. Ap ne bulaya? ( di you called me?)

Anjali : ha chote. Wo humme lagta hai suitcase bus mein reh gaya hai. Hum chahte hain ke ap aur khushi ji jaa kar le ao. Driver se keys le lo, wo rest kar rahe hu ge.. toh tum hud hi chale jao ok?. ( i want you to go with khushi and get the suitcase from the bus, get the keys form the driver, i think he will be resting, so it would be a good idea to go yourself

Arnav was desperate to make any excuse, anything which would prevent him from having to go with khushi...

Arnav : aahh di.. lekin driver ko disturb karna thik ni hoga... ( but di it would be rude disturbing the driver) hum kal check kar len ge.... ( we can check the bus tomorrow)

Anjali : nai chote. Bus deere se darwase pe knock kar ke chabiyan le lena , aur waise bi agar khushi ji ko kuch suitcase miense zarurat pare toh..... ( no chote, just politely knock and take the keys. Plus, what if khushi needs something from the bag?... )

He was left with no choice, he let out an ultimate sigh and headed for the drivers room. By the time arnav had brought the keys, shyam entered the hall way.

Shyam : uh? Rani saiba? Yahan kya ho raha hai? Saale sahib aur khushi ji kahan jaa rahe hain? ( rani saiba where is BIL and khushi going?) he pronounced khushi's name in a hoarse, deeply desiring manner, causing arnav to tighten his fists angry at the fact taht he said khuhsi's name with his dirty tongue.

However, before he dispersed his fuming anger, he suddenly calmed down, changed his expressions and gave a wicked smirk at shyam. Something was up his sleeve.

He took a step closer to khushi, standing next to her at her right side. He gently reached for her hand, and wrapped his fingers around it, making it obvious to anjali and shyam that they were holding hands and were by each other's side. Khushi was motionless, speechless at this unforeseen act; she held her breath, unable to speak. She felt the warmth of his palm, but this time she felt a different sensation, it didn't make her experience uncomfort, like she usually faced whenever arnav touched her... this time she wanted this hand hold to last.... although she was very unsure as to 'why?" . Tiny tingles ran through her fingers , as he continued clinging on to her delicate , soft hand

Arnav : di, mein khushi ke saath challa hu... ap khushi ki fikr na karo, mein iska bohot khyal rakhu ga ( di im going with khushi. Don't worry i'll look after her well) he spoke, indirectly intending his words at shyam, who was under envy, his ears going red, with imaginary steam blowing out them like a train!

Khushi felt safe hearing this, she knew he was only playing a drama in front of his sister, but she felt secure with arnav, as he continued holding her hand. Shyam was cringing at this, he couldn't take his eyes of their hand hold. He felt disgusted, felt like bashing arnav in the face, felt like swearing at him.....

Khushi was liking his jealousy, his antagonism ... she was finding it somewhat amusing , watching him suffer . She was glad that she didn't fall weak seeing shyam, unlike how she always does. This time she stood in a straight, confident posture, her eyes proving shyam wrong, and informing him that " arnav is with me".

Anjali gave a bright smile as she assured herself that arnav will certainly look after khushi.

Anjali : aahh chote... ye torch le jao.. chahiye ho gi" ( here take this torch. U may need it) she began to snigger.

Her smile lasted until arnav and khushi had disappeared out of sight.

She let out a free, random giggle, leering at shyam who confusedly stared at his wife.

Shyam : rani saiba? Kya hua? ( why u so happy? Wats wrong?)

Anjali : hahaha ji wo... humme acha laga ke chote aur khushi ji akele gae hain. ( i like it the way chote and khushi went alone ) she winked at shyam and questioned whilst laughing " kuch samanje ap?" ( do you get it?)

Shyam : nai rani saiba ... kya samanju? ( no rani saiba i don't get it... what is it?)

Anjali bobs her head from left to right and sighs " humne ye sab hud kiya .... wo suitcase humne jaan bhooj ke bus mein chora, takey chote aur khushi akele thora time bidaa saken" ( i left the suitcase in the bus on purpose so that arshi can spend time together)

Then she takes a pause and blankly stares at her husband

Anjali : what? Aise kya dekh rahe ho? Mera plan acha nai laga apko? ...( what? Don't u like my plan? Why are you staring like that?) she quickly giggles and adds on.... " aur pata hai... jo torch humne di thi uski battery bohot weak thi... kuch hi der baad torch ki light off ho jae gi..... aur un ke liye sirf romance hi romance! ( and btw the torch i had given them was of low battery, its gonna shut any minute! Then all they will do is share romance!)

Shyam was now angrier than ever. Arnav and khushi spending time together! No way! He felt like killing anjali then and there!

Anjali : ab chalein? Apne kamre mein? ( now shall we go to our room ?)

Shyam angrily stomped off, with Anjali following him. She gave a nod and a sigh as she examined her husband's expressions. He was certainly not happy... what was bothering him? ........

On the other end. Arnav and khushi walk past the open meadows , the cold breeze blowing against their faces. Arnav was wearing his jacket, which he had not put in the suitcase, wheras, khushi was feeling extremely cold. Her teeth were clicking as she shivered along...

He had let go of her hand now... she was a little upset... but didn't mind... she could still sense his fingers curled up in hers.. the warmth of his hand , the sweat ..... it dark now... around 7 pm , the sun had gone to bed and now they had only made it to the jungle ( the bushes and the narrow path which lead to the parking lot) arnav switched on the torch and they began to walk through the woods.....

Sorry friends for the short update, i will update soon , mummy will yell at me...

Mar 8, 2012

continued.................................. (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 10 times)

It was dark and spooky in the wild bushes. The trees whirled from the nights' blustery weather, causing weird , scary shadows to haunt over them, as arnav and khushi quietly crept through the branches and along the grimy footpath.

The two remained speechless for a while, they didn't utter a single word... just continued their walk that seemed to be taking forever and infinite. However, they enjoyed this long journey to the bus., only because along the way they revisited the old memories they shared. The fun, the laughter they accompanied, the loving, affectionate and intimate moments that they collected. The scenes reeled in their minds all from the beginning of the story, from where they had first met. Khushi landed in his arms! He had hated her at first, but then how, when, why it all happened, they were uncertain of, they were clueless. But all they knew was that they had fallen deeply in love ....... maybe they still loved each other.... and deep down they knew the answer.... but concealed this truth............... but why? . .......they didn't have an answer......

After a while of lonesomeness, arnav spoke. He had realised that he will often be put under such situations until their 6 months don't end. So he decided to begin a conversation with khushi, knowing that if they remain quiet, their six months would be a nuisance .

Arnav : khushi ? he said in a firm , easy tone.

Khushi who was following him , tentatively looked up , " huh?" was all she could manage... arnav had called her! But why?

Arnav : khushi... tum kitni pagal ho........ ( your crazy)

Khushi quickly raises her voice and questions in an annoyed tone " kya? ... mein .. mein.. pagal...?" ( what.. me ? im crazy?)

Arnav gives a hasty chuckle at her manner of speaking and answers" yes. Khushi Arnav singh Raizada tum pagal ho...."

' khushi arnav singh Raizada ???? huh? Form khushi kumara gupyta to khushi arnav singh Raizada? Huh? Huh? Huh? Why did he join my name with his? He has never done this before? And why is he talking so politely to me? And why is he calling me stupid? '

she clicked out of her minds questions and promptly frowned " heyy... kyu? Humne kya kiya mr arnav singh Raizada? Hum pagal kyu hain? Aur... aur ap ne humme.. khushi singh ra..raizada. kyu...." ( what did i do arnav singh raziada. And why am i stupid? And why did you call me KASR ?) her tone decreased and she had become tongue-tied.... she began blabbering something to herself...

arnav : KHUSHI? He calls , without looking back at her , he continues walking ...

arnav : tummne suitcase bus mein kyu chora? Agar tumhara ye stupidness na hota to hiss waqt mein so raha hota na ke adi raat ko jungle mein goom raha hota. Next time deyan dena ok. ( why did you leave suitcase in the bus for? If it wasn't for your stupidness, presently i would be resting in our room rather than be roaming in the jungle at midnight. Next time stay awake ok?)

khushi : excuse me mr Raizada? Lekin abhi raat ke bara ni bajae! For your information! Aur jahan tak suitcase bus mein bhoolne ki baat hai, toh mein apko bata doon ke mere pas pehle hi bohot sara samaan tha, agar mujhe pata hota toh mein suitcase bus mein ni rakti. Waisey, ap bhi mera khyal hai so rahe the , ke apko bhi suitcase ki yaad na rahi........ aur waisey bhi mujhe koi shawk nai hai JUNGLE mein ap jaise RAKSHAS ke saath goomne ka! Wo toh Anjali ji ki waja se humme AP ( sarcastically) ke saath iss waqt aana para. ( excuse me, but it is not midnight yet! And concerning the suitcase, i was too busy holding other items that i didn't pay any attention to the bag, but you.. you were only holding one bag? How come you didn't pay any attention? And i don't find it exciting having to walk in the jungle with a devil like you! It was because of Anjali that i had to come! )

arnav gives a louder chuckle as he continues " oh really.... kya kaha tumne ... rakshas? Hahaha ... your seriously crazy ... tum bilkul pagal ho.."

what? He had said it again! Pagal? Or mein?! Arghhhhhh enough is enough!' , she thought as her frown deepened. Over all of anger she furiously, yet accidentally said ....

khushi : " WHAT DA ! ap.. ap.. ne.. "

He stopped walking. So did she.

He turned around to her, directing the torch at her face deliberately

Arnav: WHAT? Meine abi abi kya suna? Tummne kya kaha? ( what did i just here you say?) he sniggered, letting out a little snort!

Khushi : huh? Vo.. vo...

He had an extreme grin on his face now, stretching from ear to ear... his eyes brightened, wildly gawking at her... after a short pause his giggles transformed into a burst of quite delighting laughter....

' HEY DEVI MAYA.... his smile is gorgeous... i love it when i see lad governor laugh!...... ' she thought to herself as she tilted her head to the side a little, admiring his handsomeness as he snickered outrageously

Arnav : HAHAHAHAHA KHU...KK..KHU..KHUSHSHHSHSIII ! hahahaha khushi arnav singh Raizada just said ' WHAT DA' HAHAHAHa... .....

Khushi singh Raizada , you have once again succeeded in making this idiot laugh ! you deserve a pat on the back!' she bolstered herself confidently.

However, After returning a smile and completing his admiration, she realised what he was saying .... . ' huh? All i said was 'wat da ' Big deal... im a human after all you know? ' she thought to herself nodding her head and rolling her eyes at him.

Arnav : HAHAA HA.... HA.. ha... hee. He.h.

RABBA VE played in the background.......

[RABBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAA VEEEEEE...... rabba ve... all the way till the end of scene.....]

His laughter slowly ceased and he intently gazed at what was standing in front of him. The torch light was hitting her face , and she looked even more beautiful than ever. It reminded him of the moment when she held the candle and her face lit up! Her innocent , 'chul bul' character was now reflected in her cute frown that appeared on her forehead, her eyes glowed and the sparkle re-emerge d within them. Her beauty had melted him once again.... he could not resist it any longer....

He took a step closer. She stood still, not breaking the eye lock though. He took another step closer... she remained a statue, frozen, glued to her position. The breeze blew her hair into the air ( hey that rhymes lol ;) ...) throwing a few hair locks onto her face.... she remained still...... she remained silent....

He took another step closer, leaving only a short distance between them....

The torch light was beaming at her face as he keenly took a few more smaller steps towards her.... he grew even closer....

She took a blink.... a joyful dust of deep pink feathered her cheeks.... she could now feel the heat... did she want this to stop? NO WAY!!!

The torch was too bright it was hurting her eyes ... " aa.. arnav ji vo.." she gently whispered then stopped half way through. She decided not to speak; instead she tightly shut her eyes, wondering what was going to happen....

He took another step and.....

TO BE CONTINUED .... ( btw no precap, because next scene is a surprise!) but heyy... this was a long update nai? i promsie to continue shortly.

Hahahaaha hope you enjoyed the update!!! Did you? Leave your comments my fwends!

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Mar 8, 2012

continued.................................... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 20 times)

He took a step closer and....

Arnav : what da?"

A branch of a bushy tree had caught his jacket and he was unable to take a further step. He leaned back and removed the branch

Khushi opened her eyes and covered her face with her hand, she was unable to keep her eyes open....

Khushi : arnav ji" she quietly spoke, vo.. ao torch meri aankhoon mein maar rahe ho.... ( your pointing the torch at my eyes... its light is too bright) please use mere chehre se hataye... ( plz remove it from my face.

Arnav : oh.. khushi... im.. im sorry... " and with that he turned around and directed the torch straight ahead , he continued his slow walk, still shocked with what had just happened.... why? Why did he fall weak? He had promised himself that he would not fall for her... but he was futile. He flashed back at the previous moment.... how he was only inches away from her.... what was he thinking! Had he gone insane! Had he lost his control over himself again!

Silence took over the two once again as they dragged their feet towards the bus, which was not that far away now...

The weather suddenly changed.......... the wind furiously blew against their bodies, preventing them to move further.... the twigs and leaves twirled in the air, harshly hitting them across their faces.... the owl hooted in the distance, and the trees continued to forcefully sway and haunt the couple who were now a little frightened.... the torch was now also dimming... it would would turn on and turn off, turn on and turn off.... it was diffusing... they had to hurry to the bus before it completely died , otherwise, it was too dark for them to see ahead.

As arnav hastily moved along he heard quiet shivering and clicking teeth. He turned around to see khushi standing a few metres back , rubbing her bare arms and embracing herself in an effort to warm up. ( as she was only wearing a saree) . Arnav saw her shaking body and realised she was cold. A thought hit him and he rushed up to her , quickly taking off his jacket.

Arnav ( in his most compassionate voice) : KHUSHI... tum...tumne mujhe pehle kyu nai bataya ke tumne sweater nai pehni hui. Tumhe tand lag rahi hai.. agar kuch ho jatta toh? Agar toh bemar ho jati toh..? ... dammit aise chup na raha karo.. mujhe bataya karo ( y didn't you tell me that u didn't have a sweater on? What if something happened to you ? what if you got sick/ caught a cold? Dammit.. you shouldn't stay quiet like this, u have to tell me ok?..)

And with this he wrapped the the dark brown leather jacket around her, ensuring that she was warm....

Arnav : ab thik hai...? khushi? ( now is it better? ) ( rabba veeeeee)

She gives a light nod and speaks " arnav ji humme chalna chahiye , torch ki light hatam ho rahi hai ... ( i think we should hurry the torch is dying )

Arnav : oh haa.. challo ..( oh yes lets go)

A few steps later khushi stops again., hearing rustling in the near by bushes...

Khushi: aa..arnav ji... vo..

Arnav turns around and lets out a sigh " khushi kuch nai hai, bus hawa ki waja se..." theres nothing there, its just cause of the wind....

He notices that she is now scared, so he walks up to her and gently holds her hand, comforting her, consoling her that there is no need to be scared, not when she is with him.... she gives a faint smile, happy at the fact that he has once again showed his care towards her and held her hand in support... she held his tightly and hurriedly paced along in the wind. Then unexpectedly!!!!!!! The rain harshly poured down, it splattered on their bodies, causing them to be all wet and soaked! Arnav quickly gave the torch to khushi and without permission ( ahem * ahem*- naughty naughty) carried khushi in his arms and began to run... run freely.... run happily.... happily in the open... where nothing can barrier them from loving the moment! Khushi gave a grin noticing arnav's smile and his sudden change in behaviour to her , she directed the torch towards the bus and gently rested her head on his shoulder ..... loving the moment... remembering the time when he had saved her from the car in the parking lot and their hug.... ... she smiled .... so did he..... ( rabba vee)

"Let these fresh drops of water refresh everything that has happened in the past and create a new beginning ... well at least for just a short while.... " ... they both thought together as they enjoyed the rain helplessly!...


Arnav took out the keys from his pocket and fitted it in the bus door... it opened with a small click.... and they both entered.

Both of them dripped from head to toe.. arnav noticed that the torch had died. He shut the bus door and searched for the ceiling lights on the roof of the bus.. he found it. Clicked it and boom! The bus had lightened up ! and look! There it was! The suitcase! On one of the seats!! Khushi clapped her hands childishly and smiled at arnav who gave a sigh and a smile in return

He shared a little dull , lame joke with khushi ( now we all know asr does not know how to joke around hahah) :

Arnav : " aah... iss suitcase ke liye... iss suit case ke liye hume adi raat ko yahan tak chalk e aye, wo bi ek poorani, uncharged torch ke saath! Aur iss suitcase ki waja se hum barish mein bheeg gaye... sab iss suitcase ki waja se ( because of this suitcase we had to come here in the middle of the night. Because of it we are now all wet and what kinda torch did di give us! It already was battery down! )

Khushi however, despite how stupid the joke was , lets out a small giggle and remembers

Khushi : oh no! arnav ji! ap Anjali ji ko phone kariye aur unne bata dijiye ke suitcase mil gaya , wo pareshan ho rahi hu gi, waise bhi itni der ho gi hai " ( call Anjali and let her know that we arer fine and the suitcase is here in the bus)

arnav : ok .. wait mein abi call karta hu..." ( ok i'll call now) he takes out his cell.

Meanwhile , khushi bites her nails as she thinks ' devi maya.. hum yahan toh ponch gaye.. ab wapas kaise jayen ge? Bair to andera hai aur torch bi ni hai, aur ( how will we get back now? Theres no torch and its too dark!) ... when she hears..

Arnav : hello?.. ha.. hello. Di? Di.. can you hear me?...

Anjali : hello... ha chote awaz thori clear ni hai....

Arnav : di hum bus mein hain, suitcase yahi hai aur lagta aaj mujhe aur khushi ko yahi bus mein raat guzarni pare gi, bhair barish bohot tez hai....

Anjali on the other end , bites her lip, while giving a grin , remembering the fact that she purposefully sent arnav and khushi to the bus !

Anjali : acha chote thik hai.. goodnight!

With a giggle she switches the phone off.

Arnav puts his phone in his pocket and looks up at khushi... he was stunned .... her hair was all messy and wet, small droplets still dripping on her face and her sari was now transparent as she was all soaked and had taken his jacket off. He gazed at her body, the wet figure standing in front of him... his eyes directed uncontrollably up and down, at her perfect body curves.... he felt like taking a step closer and embracing her tightly! But he stopped. He controlled his weakness. ( rabba ve played in back ground)

Arnav : khushi aj humme raat yahi guzarni pare gi...

Khushi : WHAT?!!!" she questioned with her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open!

Precap : shyam attacking Anjali.... arnav interferes, shyam hurts Anjali and a scream is heard " ARNAV JIIII!!!!"


Thank you! Xxx

Mar 9, 2012

continued..................... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 16 times)

Khushi: KYA????! Yahan! ? bus mein? Puri raat? Hey devi maya.... lekin abi itni der toh ni hui... hum wapas hotel jate hain na.... challiye na... ( what! In the bus? The entire night? But we can still make it to the hotel its not that late.... )

Arnav : khushi .... bair barish lagi hai aur andera hai – torch bi ni hai... aj yahi rehna pare ga. Kal suba challe jayenge... ya tum barish mein aur bheegna chahti ho ? ( its raining outside, and its dark, theres no torch , so we will have to stay here for the night, we’ll leave tmr morning. Or do you want to get wet... even more...?)

Khushi gives a frown and he smiles at her, crossing his arms...

Arnav : khushi tum kapre badly kar lo... nai toh sardi lag jaye gi.... ( go change your clothes before you catch a cold)

She unzips the suitcase, and takes out a night outfit, then turns around, then turns back , confused.

Khushi : arnav ji... ( she speaks sarcastically) hum kapre kahan badli Karen? ( umm? Where do i change my clothes?)

Arnav at first thinks to himself “ maybe here? In front of me”, then looks around the bus and his eyes spot the tiny kitchen room at the far end of the bus....

Arnav : wahan...( he points to the kitchen door)

Khushi: kya?! Udar?. ( what? There?! Are you serious?)

She hesitates for a moment , gives an extreme sigh and heads for the tiny room, understanding that she has no other choice.

A few minutes later.... she walks out ruffling through her wet hair, drying it. Little splatters of water drop on to her face... she stands in the middle of the bus and soon realises that arnav is staring at her. She was wearing a simple, plain dark blue, greyish white shalwar kameez ( her sleeping clothes ( like she wore when gazing at the stars in gupta house) he couldn’t take his eyes of her

“ my god! What ever she wears she looks gorgeous in it... “ arnav thought as he continued staring at her external, surface beauty. However, realising that she knew, he quickly looked away and walked past her hurriedly with his trackies and grey and white striped shirt , into the kitchen.

When he had come back out, he noticed khushi sleeping on of the seats, leaning her head against the cold, smoggy window. She did not have a blanket , so he went back into the kitchen, opened the closet and took out the woollen blanket that he had seen there a while before.

He hurried back and covered her up , ensuring that she was not cold or bare from any corner.

He shut the bus light (forgetting that she was scared of darkness) and lay himself down a few seats in front of her , in the analogous row. A few hours passed by and it was now 2am.....


Shyam shut the door behind him and began taking furious steps towards Anjali..........

Anjali : nai.. nai shyam ji.... , she cried

Ap.. aa...aaap aise kyu kyu.... kar rahe hain ( why are you doing this?) , she sobbed through her broken , worried voice, trembling in fear.

Shyam : he clicked his tongue , gave a nod and deliberately spoke, tensing Anjali even more... “ rani saiba ... ap janti hain hum aise kyu kar rahe hain... ap janti hai ke khushi ji meri zindagi hai, ap toh shuru se hi janti thi na .... lekin ab hum ye khel khelte hue tak gae hain... har raat ap ke saath jo........... hahahahaa ( he gives a wicked deceitful laugh as he continues) har raat apko rassiyoon se band ta jo tha, aur apke mu pe tape charha deta tha , takey ap meri sachai sab se chupao..... hahahahaa........... lekin rannnnniiiiii saiiiiiiibaaaaaaaaaa .... he enhanced his tone as he spoke on, ab bus! Bus! Bot ho gaya khel..... ab waqt aa gaya hai ke hum khushi ko hasil karlen aur apko iss duniya se dooooooor pohncha doon.... hahaha kyu? Kaise laga hai mera idea?.... rani saiba ap ne mujhe bohot kuch diya hai... naam shoraut, paisa... hahhaa in sab ke liye SHUKRIYA... i loveee youuu .... sorry Anjali ji.... ab apko jana ho ga......

( rani saiba you know y im doing this.... u know khushi is my life , u had known since a long time..... but now i have had enough of this game... every night i would tie you up with ropes and tape your mouth so that you would not run away or tell anyone the truth the following day... i kept you frightened... but rani saiba enough! Ive had enough! Now it is time i capture khushi and send you far away from this world.......... hahahah so how do u like my plan? Rani saiba u have given me a lot... name, reputation, status, MONEY! And for all this i THANK YOU! I luvv u.... sorry Anjali ji........ now u have to leave.... hahaha )

He steps forward with a sharp bladed knife in his hand.... when.... the door slams open......... arnav steps in “ SHYAM!!!!!! He screeches through his teeth in one his loudest hostile voices. “ KAMINE........... teri himat kaise hui meri di ke saath... aur khushi ke saath.... you son of a * beep* u BASTARD! He punches him in the face, causing his nose to bleed... bruising his eye. Shyam strikes back with his knife but misses and the knife lands on the floor... they both begin to fight... attacking one another, the furniture crashing to the floor, shyam slams arnav into mirror, causing blood to run down arnav’s forehead , sideburns as well as his arm... the fight continues...

arnav pushes shyam and in return shyam knocks Anjali down deliberately ...

She falls to ground, her stomach hitting the hard floor boards. She clutches her tummy and gives a loud scream .... the pain jolting tears to roll down her cheeks.... khushi runs in the room and reaches Anjali, she holds onto her , crying along....

Anjali pushes khushi back and forces herself to stand up.... she manages .... , she quickly picks up the knife from the floor and stumbles towards shyam..... as she is about to strike , he grabs hold her of her wrist, arnav is fallen to the ground , injured.

Shyam snatches the knife out of the anjali’s hand, who was now too weak to support herself, he strikes plastering a wide smirk.

A scream is heard. He had attacked Anjali. The knife severed through her left shoulder and pressured her to the ground.

“ ANJALI JI! nahi!!!!!!!! “ khushi shrieked .

His sisters name echoed in his ears as he tried to gain consciousness and strain his eyes to open.... he managed.........

SHYAMMM “ HE howled with all his might, with all the energy left in his body he wilted towards his enemy , his eyes with red, burning anger, disgust, fire. He raised his arm for another attack, when the knife slashed through his stomach , he pulled the blade out again with a jerk. Arnav let out a loud broken, whimper “ di...... khus ..sh..i” and fell to his knees... shyam attacked again, the bloody blade hacking through his wound with even more force this time..... blood now oozing through his wound....


KHUSHI : nai nai... nai.. arnav ji.. arnav jiiiiiiiiiiii” she awoke with a shudder , her eyes wide open , now full of tears .......

.............. hope you enjoyed....... next part to be uploaded tmr, sorry for the late and short update, actually i came home late today so wasn’t able to write up a long part.

Tmr is hopefully the last part!!!!!!! Something is gonna happen! Something rather strange........

Mar 10, 2012

continued! final part!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 17 times)

Khushi : nai nai.. arnav ji.. arnav ji...,

she mumbled in her sleep....... the sudden shock jolted her away and she gave a quiet sob, her eyes now filled with heavy tears... she looked around, it was dark. REALLY DARK. The bus lights were switched off and she couldn't see where she was. She peeked outside her nearby foggy, cold window, wiping the mist with her hand in a circular motion. She looked outside as the violent lightning flashed in the sky between the tall trees, brightening up the sky with electricity. She looked back in the bus, and stood up with a relief " thank god it was only a nightmare" but she couldn't prevent her emotions from expending, since all that time she had buried her pain deep within her, she had concealed the fact that she still dreadfully loved arnav. She could no longer bare it, what if her nightmare was true, what if .. if shyam does try to harm Anjali and arnav, the two people who she loved terribly.

... she began to cry, weeping at first , then began to slowly release her fears, opening herself up , she realised .... it was time to remove her facade....

Her cries got louder , heavy droplets rolled down her face, she whimpered freely and much more intensely.

Khushi : aa..arr nav.. arnav jiiiiiii , she bawled through her trembling , shaken voice. She called for him , desperate for him. She began stumbling against seats as she searched for him....

The thunder bolted , loud... LOUDER... BANG! BANG! BANG! ......... it pierced through her ears, as if to deafen her. She screamed : ARNAV JIIIIIIII!"

The lights switched on. A hand touched her shoulder, she turned around, her face all swollen from crying, her lips shaking , her entire body frozen, scared, worried...

He rubbed his eyes with one hand and glared at her

Arnav : khushi... ? , he spoke, sleepily, yet with much concern " khushi... tum thik ho... khushi...

Before he continued she embraced him, cuddling him, she hugged him, desperate for him to return the hug.

He did. He was worried. He couldn't see her like this. For a second he too removed his facade, embracing her tightly, their bodies meeting, feeling each other's warmth ... they hugged....

Rabba ve.

He caressed her back, assuring her that she is safe

Arnav : khushi... khushi... kuch nai hai.. daro maat... mein hu na... main tumhe kuch nai hone doon ga... , he consoled her, raising her spirits of love.

She mumbled something, but her cries made it confusing to understand.... he gave her a tight hug, hushing her quietly..

Arnav : sshhhhshh...

Her crying ceased for a while, just for a short while...

It had become quiet now. There was now just the sound of loud thunder hammering intolerably in the distant sky, the flashes of lightening striking their surroundings, brightening the woods, the shadows of tall tree branches overpowering them, the sound of the floorboards of the bus creaking and the sound of the bus door rasping against the strong wind.

They stood hugging for a few minutes, he rubbed his hand against her back, calming her down and with the other, he ran his fingers through her silky hair locks. She gripped onto his shirt, pulling on it, ensuring that he stay like this for longer. Her crying ceased. She began to mumble something again.

Khushi ( snivelling) : arnaaav jii... vo.. vo.. apko nai chore ga... apko maar de ga.. apko aur Anjali ji ko.... sh.. shhhya... shya..mmmm... meri waja se... ap ki jaan ko hatra hai... sab kuch meri waja se hua hai... mein ap ko khona ni chahti... apse bohot pyaar karti hu... aur Anjali ji se bhi... agar ap dono ko kuch ho gaya, toh mein hud ko kahbi maaf ni karu gi, khabi ni... bohot pyar karti hu apse ( she pulled on his shirt) vo.. shhshhyam bohot bura hai.... ( arnav he will not spare you, he will kill you and Anjali, all because of me.. your lives are in danger... i don't want to lose you.. i really love you... and Anjali... if anything happens to any of you, i will never be able to forgive myself.... i really love you... , shyam is a very bad man... )

( she retailed her story with shyam, how he saved her from goons, he was their PG, she was forced to engage with him , he was her fianc, he cheated her, how she didn't tell anyone about him for anjali's sake... how he met her at the terrace, he taunted her.... etc etc)

i love you .. love you... bohot pyar karti hu apse....

he pulled her even closer, clinching onto her even more tightly as he thought to himself, tears now streaming down his face " khushi... khushi mujhe maaf kardo... maaf kardo... please... forgive me... maine tumhe itna kuch kaha, tumhare sath bohot bura kiya, tum pe vishwas nai kiya.... ye sab kuch meri waja ses hua hai khushi... agar mein tumhare pyar pe Barossa karta to ye naubat na ati.. uss shyam ko mein.... i will kill him... how dare he try to hurt you and di... ( forgive me khushi... i said so much to you, hurt you so much, i didn't trust you, its all because of me, if i had trusted your love for me, then we wouldn't be facing this situation today,.. im sorry) -

( remember guys, he is not actually saying this out to khushi, he is only thinking this to himself . he will tell her the reason of the marriage after some time- then only the creatives and god knows what will happen, but for now, lets say, khushi is still uncertain of the reason why he married her, so arnav will first try to make things better in their relationship. He will regain he trust on him, she will understand that he loves her back)

now back to where i was...

he continued hugging her.... ( he had noticed that she had a nightmare of shyam.... which caused her to be so frightened)

khushi : arnav ji... agar apko ya Anjali ji aur unke bache ko kuch bhi hua toh mein hud ko kahbi maaf ni karu gi ( if anything happens to u or anjali and her kid, i will not be able to forgive myself) she spoke through her shaky , broken voice. Sab meri waja se hota hai... arnav ji, agar mere se sirf ghaltiyan hoti hain toh baghvan mujhe iss duniya pe hi kyu beja... shayad meri waja se mere ama babu ji ki maut hui.... aur meri waja se aj itne sare problems ho rahe hain... arnav ji ... mein maar jana chahti hu... ( everything has happened as a result of me, if i am the reason why all these problems occur, then why did god send me to this world? I think because of me my parenst died and because of me today we are facing so many problems.. i want to die)

he quickly pulled her apart and pressed his index finger against her lips , hushing her..

arnav : shhh.. doobara aise phir khabi mat kehna... samnji tum.... ( don't ever say that again, understand) tumhari koi ghalti nai hai... tumne kuch bhi ni kiya.. samanji khushi>? ( you didn't do anything wrong... do you understand?) and with these words, he pulled her closer, their faces meeting....

he wiped her tears, slid a few hair locks away from her face and behind her ears. He cupped her face. The warmth of his hands captivated her, she closed her eyes tightly.... the intensity , passion of his touch weakened her even more...

he slowly leaned in, lowering and tilting his face towards hers, she could feel his warm breath blowing at her face, calming her down... she slowly stopped snivelling. He gazed her at her face, at her closed eyes. He removed the inches gap between them and gently placed a kiss on her forehead, then travelled down to her eyes, absorbing the tears that cornered her eyes. She could feel his moist lips on her face, as he placed light kisses on her cheeks, and entire face, still cupping her face with his hands. She loved the feeling of his touch, it had taken her to the most calming, beautiful paradise. He took a pause, opened his eyes ( hers were still shut) he gazed at her trembling lips and lowered his face once more, placing a feathering touch to her lips with his. She held her breath and began dragging her hands up his shoulder and to his neck, she began ruffling through his hair with her fingers, she felt enchanted as if he had taken her to heaven. He released her lips, took a quick short breath and continued placing small, gentle kisses all over, drawing down to her jaw line.. then back to her lips again, placing a gentle one at the corner of her mouth, whereby she let out a little moan. ... he furiously deepened the kiss making it more intimate. He wanted to kiss away all her sorrows, take away all her pain , he wanted to and was desperate to love her and make her his forever and ever.... He had lost control over himself entirely! I LOVE YOU KHSUHI......... I LOVE YOU he whispered

( now you people wanted a scene like this right? so i tried to make it as simple and realistic as possible , trying not to take it far!) raaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaa veeeeeeeee

Then.... the thunder gave a loud bolt and both returned from their trip to paradise. They gently parted, yet remained silent as they heard the rain harshly pour down, hitting the roof of the bus. They stared into each others , taking in the moment they had just shared. Rosiness reappeared on her face once again, making it glow, the twinkle in her eyes shined as she gazed into his. A delicate smile grew on their lips and then they came out of their trance. Without uttering a word, she sniffled ( because of all the crying) and walked back to her seat...

Arnav was confused. He felt ashamed. He felt guilty. He felt gutless and empty hearted. But he loved her. He had always loved her , from the beginning of the time, since she first feel into his arms. Since then he had loved her until this day, but he was scared all along. " shame on you arnav for being an idiot the entire time" he thought, disgusted at himself.

The thunder roared even louder as the lightning flashed all around them and the heavy rain decanted to the ground with pressure.

Arnav slowly and quietly walked up to his seat and unfolded it ( the bus is cool! It has seats that are foldable, whereby if you unfold the seat it becomes flat like a matress , so then you can sleep comfortably on it if you go for long trips!!!) he unfolds the seat and sits down, leaning his face down, covering his mouth with his hands, leaning his elbows on his knees ( if you can picture this?) his emotions look something like this ( if it works)

Then he feels a hand on his shoulders.

He looks up and quickly blinks to hide his tears, and gives a faint smile " khu.. khushi?!"

She was holding her blanket, playing her innocent look...

Khushi : arnav ji... humme dar lag raha hai.... vo badal garaj rahe hain iss liye... mein akele ni sona chahti... kya .. kya main apke pas so sakhti hu? ( im scared... because of the thunder outside... i don't want to sleep alone... can i please sleep with you.... ?)

Now his teary eyes filled with compassion and love. He gave a bright smile , thinking to himself " this is where i will do a fresh start!" and he spoke

Arnav : ofcourse khushi ( in his most concerning, loving tone) ao.. mere pas ao...

He moved aside, gently held her delicate hand and pulled her closer to him, making her sit on the seat/ matress.

Arnav : tum late jao ( lay down )

She slowly lowered herself onto the leathered seat/ matress , not breaking the eye contact with him.

He covers her up with the blanket and tucks himself next to her, laying down they stare into each others eyes ... rabbba veeeee... they remember all their wonderful moments they shared together.

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