Arnav and Khushi's Love/Hate Story

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Mar 29, 2012

continuing... (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 22 times)

hi! So,I know I told you guys that I will not be continuing the story anymore,but I gave it some thought and I decided to continue.Sorry for all of the confusion!! I want you guys to forget about the children that payal and Khushi had(the rest of the story will stay the same) Once again I am sorry for the confusion. Just a side note I really miss NK from the real show,so I decided to keep him in the story.

Part 12

**The next morning,Khushi woke up real early because she wanted to be down for Puja first***

** after getting dressed,she went downstairs and as she planned she was the first one down**

** she decides to get everything for the puja ready to give Nani and Anjali a surprise**

**after a couple of minutes,Nani and Anjali come**

Nani: Oh Khushi Bitya,you got everything for the puja ready? Thank you!

Khushi: Nani,what is the need to say thank you? As a Raizada Bahu this is my duty.

Anjali:Wow Khushiki,I have to admit that this marriage has really changed you!!

**Payal,Mamaji,Mamiji,Akash,NK,and Shyam all come down at different times to join the family.

Anjali:Khushiji,where is Chotte? He should be down by now.

Nani: Anjali Bitya I think Chotte is tired from Holi yesterday.

Khushi:Nani,I want everyone to be here in the puja with us . I will go wake up Arnavji.

Nani: Alright,but hurry back!

** Khushi goes to the room and wakes Arnav up**

Arnav: Khushi, Do you have to wake me up?

Khushi: Arnavji,downstairs we are all having puja and everybody including you should be there!

Arnav: Alright!

**Arnav hesitatingly gets up and goes in the shower**meanwhile Khushi get Arnavs clothes and lays them on the bed**

**Khushi goes downstairs**

Khushi: Nani,Arnavji will be down in one minute.

Thank you for understanding! And Part 13 will be up soon!!

Mar 31, 2012

update march 30 (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 26 times)

Part 13

**after a couple of minutes Arnav joins the family downstairs for the puja**

Nani: Khushi Bitya,Chotte is here now let's start the puja.

**Khushi hands Nani the plate for puja**

Nani: Bitya,why are you giving me the plate? You got everything ready,so you should start.

Khushi: No,Nani you are the eldest in the family,you have the right to start.

**Everybody smiles at Khushis respect for Nani**

**after the puja is done everybody sat down for breakfast** Khushi and Payal served the food and then sat down beside their husbands to join everybody else in breakfast**

Arnav:Nani,I want to ask for permission to take Khushi out tonight.

Anjali:Chotte that is a great idea since you two have not gone out since your marriage.

Shyam:But Rani Sahib,yesterday was holi and they should get some rest.

Nani:Damadji,you are right! Chotte you can go some other time.

**Shyam smiles a Khushi(Arnav sees this)**

Khushi:Nani,I am fine. Me and Arnavji got our rest yesterday night**

**Arnav smiles at Khushi**

Nani:Alright,Khushi Bitya,if you are not tired than you may go!

Arnav: Thank you Nani! And Khushi I will pick you up at ready so we can leave fast(**then Arnav gives a mean glare to Shyam **

Part 14 will be up soon!!

Apr 1, 2012

part 14 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 24 times)

Part 14

**after breakfast Arnav and Akash both got ready to go to office**

Nani: Chotte,remember to eat your lunch with Akash!

**Nani always had to remind Arnav because Arnav got so occupied with work he forgot to take care of his own health**

**Akash and Arnav left and after a while arrived at the AR office**

***At WORK**

Arnav(*to himself*) What magic has Khushi done on me? Why can't I forget her beautiful face or her loving eyes.

** Arnav gets startled by a knock on the door**Arnav turns and realizes that it is Akash**

Akash:Bhai,remember your promise to Nani this morning to eat lunch with me? C'mon let's eat it is lunch time!!

**Arnav was kind of upset from being bothered from his thoughts but he was really hungry**

Arnav: Alright! Let's eat!

Akash:Bhai you and Khushiji are a unique pair.

**Arnav is curious but continues eating**


Akash: Well,on one side Khushiji is very bubbly and loves to have fun and you are this very serious and straight forward business man! Who imagined you guys together?

Arnav: Akash,have you ever heard of the saying "opposites attract"? And,about love doesn't have a time or place! It can happen anywhere!

**Akash is shocked by Arnavs answer**

Akash:Bhai,Anjali Di was right! Your marriage has changed you very much.

**Arnav smiles and thinks about Khushi**

**Then Arnav looks at the clock and says..**

Arnav: Wow! Our talk has tooken us to the end of lunch time! We need to get back to work!

Akash: Alright Bhai!!

**Akash leaves and Arnav gets back to work**

**after a while he glances at the clock it is three**

Arnav: two more hours till I meet my Khushi! But,I can't go empty handed! This is mine and Khushi's first time out and I need to get her something.

**He sets the file he is holding down on his desk and rushes to Akash**

Arnav:Akash,I have to go! It is very urgent,please take care of things.

Akash:Bhai but

**Aranv rushes out the door not even letting Akash finish his sentence**

Thank you!

Apr 4, 2012

part 15 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 26 times)

**After a couple of minutes Arnav finally reaches a sari store**

**He decided to buy Khushi a sari because she loves new clothes** **Arnav enters the store**

Arnav:Excuse me?

Store Owner:Yes sir,can I help you?

Arnav:Yes I am looking for a sari for my wife. Can you show me the best ones that you have?

Store Owner:Sure no problem just follow me

**Arnav followed the store owner to the other side of the store**

**the owner pulls out two beautiful saris one was a pretty red color with a hint of orange and the other was green with purple embroidery**

Arnav: I know that these saris are beautiful but I need a sari that no one has ever seen.

Store Owner:Alright sir,I'll check for you again.

**the store owner checks again and pulls out a beautiful red and green sari**Arnav loved the sari at first sight**

Arnav:I want this one.

Store owner:alright sir no problem! I will get it packed for you in just a moment. It looks like you are buying this sari for someone really special.

Arnav:Yes it is.

**arnav hands the store owner the money**Arnav races out the door**

part 16 will be up soon!!

Apr 7, 2012

part 16 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 22 times)

**after getting the sari Arnav finally reaches home** He rings the doorbell**HP opens the door**

Arnav:Hari Prakash where is Khushi?

Hp:she is in her room.

**Nani and Anjali come**

Nani:Chotte,Khushi Bitya is in her room fixing things up!

Arnav:Nani thank you I will be right back so we can leave.

**Arnav rushes up the stairs**he finds her fixing the bed**he quietly walks up to her and grabs her around her waist**Khushi turns around and sees Arnav with only inches between them**their eyes lock and both of them just stare into each others eyes lovingly!**

~*Raaba Ve*~

Khushi:Arnavji what are you doing?!

Arnav:Well,you're my wife and according to that I have the right to touch you!

Khushi:Oh really!?

Arnav: Yes,and Khushi I want you to wear this to we go out tonight!

Khushi: What was the need for this?

Arnav:Please Khushi,will you wear it for me?

Khushi:Alright,I will be right back.

**She goes and changes**after a couple of minutes she comes out and she looks gorgeous in the green and red sari her hubby brought for her and her hair is down and wavy like this..: **

**Arnav can't get her eyes off of her**

~*Raaba ve*~

Khushi:Arnavji,what are you staring at?

**he walks over by her and puts his hand on her cheek**

Arnav:Khushi,you have no idea lucky I am. I have the most gorgeous wife on earth. I can't believe that because of a foolish mistake I might have lost you...

**Khushi quickly puts her finger on his mouth telling him to not say anything else**

Khushi:Arnavji,please we promised we would forget the past and start all over!

Arnav:(*smiles*)Okay let's go we don't want to be late!

**Khushi and Arnav go downstairs and are seen by Anjali**

Anjali:Khushiji,you look gorgeous today.

Khushi:Thank you!

Arnav: Di,we will be home late so please don't wait for us. Also you guys can have dinner and go to sleep.

Anjali: Okay Chotte!No problem you guys just take care!

Arnav: Okay Di bye!

**Arnav and Khushi leave and they reach Arnavs van/jeep/car? and he opens the door for Khushi**

**Arnav then sits in the driver seat and starts driving**

Thank you!

Apr 8, 2012

part 17 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 25 times)

Khushi:Arnavji,it has been an hour since we have left! Where are we going?

Arnav:Khushi I wanted to go somewhere really far from home because I wanted no one to bother us.

**Khushi smiles and suddenly Arnavs car comes to a halt**

Arnav:Look Khushi we are here!

**Arnav gets out of the car and opens the door for Khushi on the other side**

Khushi:But Arnavji there is NO ONE here!

Arnav: Khushi,what did you hear when I said ONLY US!

**Khushi blushes**

Arnav:Now let's go!

**Khushi examines the place:it was a very serene place. There was a beautiful sea view in the distance. There were big boulders by the shore of the sea. Khushi was so astonished by the view that she jumped when Arnav grabbed her hand**


**Arnav takes her to a big blanket that was spread out between two big trees** Khushi sees something on the edge of the blanket,it was a photo frame of them two together and it said **Khushi,I love you!** on the top**

Khushi:Arnavji this is so pretty. But now you have to promise me no more surprises because my heart races really fast because I get so excited.**Arnav laughs and says "I promise."** he then lays his head on Khushis lap and lays down** Khushi starts playing with his hair**

**Raaba ve**

Apr 11, 2012

april 10,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 23 times)

**it has been an hour since Arnav and Khushi had their first date after the marriage** they both sat their enjoying each others' presence** Khushi then was getting hungry so they went to dinner**

**After Dinner**

Khushi:Arnavji,I am tired we should head home.

Arnav: Yeah Khushi but before we do I have a request. Can you please just call me Arnav instead of Arnavji it makes me sound old.

Khushi(*laughs*):Okay Arnav

**Arnav smiles**

Arnav:Khushi,now let's go.

**they both get in the car and drive off**they finally reach home and of course by the door waiting for them is Shyam**

Shyam:Sale! you really know how to work the system.

Arnav:What system?

Shyam:the system! of course first you treat her horribly and then make her love you!


**Arnav intterupts**

Arnav:Khushi leave it! He will never change. Let's go!

**as they leave shyam stops them**

Shyam:Khushiji why can't you understand that I love you! I love you more than he can ever love you. Maybe I lied to you during our engagement that I was married. I only have considered you my love not Rani Sahiba. I only needed her for the money!

Khushi:What kind of person are you? You have no respect for your wife. she loves you with all her heart.

Anjali: no khushiji I used to love him

**yep,Anjali heard the whole convo(**now how nice would it be if this happened in the show right now**)

Shyam:Rani Sahiba you!?

**she walks towards shyam**

Shyam: you are misunderstanding

**Anjali gives Shyam a slap on his face**

Anjali: i was so stupid that I couldn't see you or see your cheap acts. Also you think that I am misunderstanding you,I don't think that is possible after the long explanation you just gave to Khushiji. How could you betray us?!

Arnav:Di,please! Me and Khushi will take care of him.

Anjali:No,Chotte let me speak today.

**Anjali faces Shyam**

Anjali:Go upstairs and pack all of your belongings.

Shyam:Rani Sahiba please

Anjali:No you are leaving this house right now!!

Apr 13, 2012

April 10,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 27 times)

Shyam: But..

Anjali:I said go!

**Shyam hesitantly goes up and packs his belongings and comes back down after a couple of minutes**

**Anjali sees Shyam and points towards the door.**

Anjali:If you ever show your face again I will call the police and you won't be spared.

**Shyam walks towards the door and leaves**Anjali starts crying**

Arnav:Di please stop crying.

Khushi:Yeah Di the man is not worth your precious tears.

Anjali:Khushiji,I am so sorry you had to go through all that. Why didn't you tell me?

Khushi:I tried to tell you,but I couldn't gather up my strength. I didn't want to hurt you. But now,I want to tell you everything:from beginning to end.

Arnav:Khushi this is not the right time.

Anjali:No chotte let her. (*Anjali faces Khushi*) Khushiji lets go to my room we can talk in there.

Arnav:Di what about me?

Anjali: Chotte you go to your room. I want to hear everything from Khushiji.

**Anjali and Khushi go to Anjalis room and Arnav goes to his room**

**In Anjalis Room**

Anjali: Khushiji,I'm ready! Please do not skip any part forget what Chotte told you about not telling me anything.

Khushi:Anjaliji don't worry I will and plus I think it is the right time where I tell you everything.

You deserve to know.

**Khushi starts telling Anjali**meanwhile Arnav is getting restless**

Arnavs Room

Arnav: Please god help me and give me enough strength to protect my family from this misery!

**Back to Anjali & Khushi**

Anjali:So you and Chotte got married by a contract!? I can't believe him! God know what everyone called you. Please forgive me!

Khushi:Anjaliji I know you are feeling really bad but I didn't tell you because I wanted you to be safe.

Anjali: No,Khushiji please this is not your fault this is all Shyams fault.

Khushi: Please Di,we have finally have put that man out of our lives,so please don't say his name or mention him in this house. Also,me and Arnav have gotten everything under control between us. All we have to do now is tell the rest of the family.

Anjali:No we can't tell them yet. we need to talk to chotte and then figure out a plan.

Khushi:okay let's go to him right now.

Apr 16, 2012

april 15,2012 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 19 times)

**Anjali and Khushi both go to Arnav's room**

Arnav:(**RUSHES to them**) Di are you okay?

Anjali:Chotte,are you crazy?! Your worried about me? Poor Khushiji! I mean you broke her trust...

**Khushi grabs Anjalis shoulder**

Khushi:Please di! we have to think of a plan and plus there is no point of dicussing the past.

Anjali:Chotte you are very lucky to have a wife like Khushiji.Alright,what do you guys think we should do tomorrow.

Arnav:Di we have to tell the family.

Khushi:Yes we need to tell them. It has been too long for them to be unknown of what has been happening around them.

Anjali: No,we can't tell them because I don't want them to get worried. I need to still process what just happened,I can't even imagine what will happen to the rest of the family!

Arnav:But Di..

Anjali:No chotte we can't tell them.

Khushi:But I think we should tell Payal and Akash maybe they can help us!

Anjali: Alright Khushiji,but no more people until I figure out how to tell them.

Arnav: But what will we tell the family when they don't see him tomorrow?

Anjali:Chotte we will make up something.Slowly they will see that he is not coming back and they will realize that something is wrong and then we will tell them.

Khushi: Di,I just hope everything will be okay.

Anjali:Khushiji you don't need to worry. I feel that you have had so much pain in your life that this is nothing for you. You are a really strong girl. You can handle anything.

Thank you guys for all of your support! Also,sorry for the short update.

Apr 18, 2012

April 17 update (By Khushiarnav) (Thanked: 17 times)


**Anjali,Chotte,and Khushi were the first ones downstairs because they couldn't really sleep**they were followed by the rest of the family**

Nani:Let's start the puja.

**they all head towards the mandir**after the puja everyone heads towards the dining table for breakfast**

Nani:Anjali Bitya where is Damadji? Is he still sleeping?

Anjali:Umm Nani he went on a business trip.

Nani: But he didn't tell anyone about it.

Arnav: Nani he said that it was urgent and he didn't want to wake anyone up!

Akash:Bhai he shouldn't have left that early,I mean Di is still pregnant.

Anjali: I am fine Akash. Don't worry about me.

Akash: But..

Nani: When will he be back?

Anjali: Nani,he said he will come back as soon as he is finished with his work.

Nani:Alright,no problem but Anjali Bitya just make sure to take care of yourself.

**everyone finishes eating and Akash and Arnav leave for office**

Anjali:Khushiji you told Chotte to tell Akash at office right?

Khushi:Yes and I will tell jiji in a while. I mean she already knows half of the story.

Anjali: Okay Khushiji.

Thank you!

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