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Jun 11, 2015

TS – MY LIFE - BROKEN PIECE FINALLY MENDED (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 79 times)

A Two Shot about our Arshi.........

I'm starting this OS from the Holi Incident

“It’s Holi today” Khushi thought sadly.

She is sitting on recliner in the poolside, thinking about her life.

“My Marriage, Such a fool I was….” She smiled a sad smile.

“I trusted and loved my family, but they didn’t. They didn’t even hear me. They threw me out of their life.” She thought all the things she had done for them, including her marriage.

“Yes, they threw me because of My Marriage…..But I did that for My Family. Didn’t I. I don’t even know the reason for my marriage. I loved Arnav. Huh?.... Loved?.... No, I still Love him… But what he did? He Married me without telling anything. I didn’t regret for marrying him. But why did he force me to marry him by keeping my sister marriage at stake…. He made me go through all the hell. Now, I don’t even want to live this life. It’s holi day. Everyone is enjoying. But Me?... Im here crying about my fate….. I want to get out of this hell. But How?.. I’m feeling pain, a unbearable pain in my heart. I feel suffocating staying here. I want to get out of this place” with these thoughts Khushi stood up and moved out of his room.

While she was moving out, she looked back to see the room.. “His Room……. It can never be their room”

She walked out. She saw whole family enjoying holi. She saw her so called family smiling fondly at her sister who is playing holi with her husband.She turned and looked at her husband who is standing beside his sister watching her with an smiled adoring his lips. She saw her In Laws, celebrating their holi.. “I can never be a part of this family and their celebration”……… She moved further. She saw everyone dancing, playing with colors and enjoying their time. “I’m here with no one beside me, I wanna forget this pain. Everything here is seems to be so real, But the fact is It’s Not. Oh God, Please get me out of this Virtual world” She saw HP serving bang.

“HP…. Can you get me some juice?” she asked the person as she was in no mood to go and serve herself.

What she didn’t know is that someone watching her activities keenly. That person moved to HP who is about to go and get the juice…

“HP.. Give this juice to Khushiji.. I get this for me, but seems like khushiji need it. She looks tired” showing the glass juice to HP, Shyam said everything.

Poor HP, without knowing his intention took the glass from him.

“Khushiji… Your juice” HP said holding the glass to Khushi.

“Thanks HPji” She smiled and took the glass from him…

Shyam smirked evilly seeing khushi taking the glass from HP.

Khushi started sipping her juice. She felt weird sensation having that, She felt like she is losing her sense. She can’t even stand properly. She felt dizzy.

“Seems like I need some sleep” thinking so she moved towards her room.

Arnav saw her moving towards his room with unsteady steps. He didn’t care about that. He stood there watching his family playing holy. But he felt some unsettling feelings, like someone calling him for help.

He turned around and looked for shyam. He found him missing.

“Are they both together?.. I know khushi would have called him. Such a cheap Middle class mentality. My sister is waiting for him here, but that **** enjoying his time with my so called wife. I won’t spare them today. This is the last day in this house for both of them.” Thinking, he marched towards his room with anger.

In the mean time, shyam entered arshi’s bedroom and saw khushi lying there unconscious.

He smirked, a sneering smirk.

“Khushiji.. I tried so much to get you in my bed…. But No, You didn’t even give ear to me. But now you are here where I want you to be” He laughed and approached her.

“Your Arnav, Your love… He made my way easier by getting you here in this house. Khushiji, you know what? Your arnav thinks that we both love each other. But the fact is he doesn’t know you love him dearly. What he don’t know is that, Me Cheating your family faking that I’m still unmarried and got engaged with you. But everything vent in vain. All my plans to get you failed. You found me married to Rani Shaba and broke the engagement. I married Anjali only for her money. Who will love a limp girl?... When I saw you on the day of fashion show in Arnav’s arm.. I wanted you all to myself… I got to know your home address by following you. I sent goons to harass you and got into the goodbooks of your family. Me getting you a job, My stay in your house as a Paying guest was all my plan. But all messed up when you joined AR and got to know this family and Anjali. your frequent visit to RM created problem for me. Tsk Tsk Tsk… Your Father got to know me cheating.. I tried killing him but before that everyone came. But I’m happy that he got paralyzed. I used that opportunity to pressurize your buaji. You know, Your buaji  was so smitten by me that she agreed to get you married to me.When Arnav announced his marriage with lavanya, I was so happy that there will be no obstacle in getting you. I myself set my men to wrote on your house wall that “ Shyam and Khushi Loves each other”. With the pressure and Society gossip, you at last agreed. But again Payash marriage.. with that my truth was revealed. I thought I won’t get you.. I even tried to kill Anjali 3 times. But all the time that **** escaped. On the day of Marriage, Arnav saw me in your arms, he took everything wrongly. The biggest mistake is he confronted me instead of you. I lied to him, that we both love each other. That Fool accept all my lies. But never ever in my dreams I thought he will marry you. Ok fine… Whatever had happened is Good for me… There everyone is enjoying holi.. Here I’m gonna enjoy you” with this he slowly moved toward khushi..

He got hold of her duppatta and about to remove it from her neck…….

Khushi protested, “No, You are not Arnavji… Don’t come near to me”

“khushiji your arnav won’t come here” He started to removed her duppatta from her hold. But khushi was holding it tightly.

“Get away from me.. You are not arnavji… I love only My arnavji.. leave me……… Leave me. Leav…” Khushi got unconscious.

Shyam removed her duppatta……… He was about to Kiss her, but was pulled back brutally by Arnav…………..

He hold shyam’s collar in his fist “You….. How dare you touch my wife?... Didn’t I tell you to stay away from her… How could you cheat your wife?” He punched him continuously.

He was beating him cruelly. He wants to kill him with his bare hands.

What they both don’t know is that, a pair of eyes watching all the things from the time shyam entered arshi’s bedroom.

That pair of eyes is furious. It is burning with fire.

Arnav throw Shyam out of his bedroom and locked the door…

His eyes are reddened with anger, it showing his rage, guilt, remorse, love, care, concern………… He looked at his love of life with pain..

“How could I do this to her?... I loved her with all my heart, but what I did?. I treated her as my slave… Because of me, she is suffered and suffering so much. I made her to leave her home, I humiliated her in my office, and I threw all the brutal word at her. But she accepted everything with smile. I tried all the possible ways to kill her smile. Every time I broke her, she came back with new life. The least I can do is to give what she deserved. But No, I snatched her dream, her life, I made her again orphan…” He cried thinking all the things he had done in her life.

Khushi not knowing what is happening, she kept on murmuring “Arnavji…… Arnavji…………. Arnavji…….. Save me…. Save me”.

On hearing this arnav’s heart pained more..

“Even in her unconscious state, she is only saying my name. How can I do this?.” He is crying thinking about her fate.

He moved toward khushi with fear….. He sat on bed beside her and holds her hand.

“Khushi, I’m sorry…. I’m sorry khushi……… I’m sorry” He kept on saying this.

Khushi unconsciously hugged him in her slumber…….. Arnav to laid down beside her. He closed his eyes only get the flash of Khushi with tear stained face, her eyes full of pain. He no more got the flashback of shyam hugging khushi.. His only question in his mind is “Will she ever forgive me?”.

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I know Some Would be really cursing me Now.. because I didnt update Unknown Love and Love, Hate n Sacrfice.

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Jun 11, 2015

Last Chapter is Up (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 119 times)

Arnav don’t know when he closed his eyes and slept.

When Khushi opened her, she saw herself being wrapped in arnav’s arms. She got up  hurridly by waking arnav in that process. Both were standing in the middle of the room.



“What Happened?”..


“Sorry?, But for what?”

“I don’t know how I ended up here” Khushi said with fear..

On hearing this arnav closed his eyes with regret………

“Khushi , you no need to say sorry for this. This is now your room too. You have all the rights to use all things that belongs to me” Arnav said looking at her with love and care.

“What happened to him? Why he is acting all weird? Is there anyone watching us” thinking she looked here and there to see anyone being watching them. But she found none..

Arnav looking at her like ,“What happened to her?”


“Where are they?”


“Huh… Your family members”

“Oh.. They may be in living room.. Im Not sure”

“Then why are you behaving like this”

“Like What?”

“Like all lovey dovey husband”

Arnav closed his eyes with guilt…… It pained to hear his love saying all his care and concern are fake…….

“What can I expect from her? I should say everything to her” Arnav thought sadly…

“Khushi I want to tell you something” Arnav started..

“From when did THE GREAT ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA decided to take permission?” Khushi asked sarcastically.

“From Today..” Arnav answer her, even if it’s no nonsense question.

“Seems like sun rose from west”

“Khushi , Please I want to tell you everything”, Arnav pleaded her.

Sensing the seriousness in his voice, khushi nodded at him.

Arnav narrated all the things from the terrace till his fight with shyam today in their bedroom.

Khushi was shocked… Tears were flowing from her eyes….

“You didn’t let him to touch me right?”


“YOU DIDN’T LET HIM TO TOUCH ME RIGHT?”she shouted at top of her voice holding his collar….

“No, Khushi.. NOOOO………. I will never allow him to touch you.. Not only him, Anyone… I mean it.. I won’t allow anyone to touch you” Arnav said this to her looking at her eyes with such an anger

“Why?” Khushi retorted back at him.

“Because I Love you Dammit” Arnav confessed his love.

“Love?...Do you know the meaning of Love?” Khushi mocked him..

“Khushi , Please understand me…. I really do” Arnav cried for her not to mock his love.

“Have you ever understood me? Have you ever trusted me? Have you ever loved me? ………… NO………. NEVER……… For you it’s all You… You yourself decide everything. You never heard me.. Then Why No? Khushi question back at him.

“Khushi I’m a fool not to trust you, But I loved you khushi… I still love you”

“No you never loved me. If you ever loved me, you would have trusted me. You broke the wings of my dream. You erased all the colors from my life”

“Khushi just give me a chance, I will bring all the colors of your life, I will make all your dream comes true”

“There is no color for you to bring back that, all my dreams ended on the day you mistrusted me”

“Khushi.. let me try khushi……. Please give me one chance”

“No.. I’m not gonna give you anymore chance to break me”

“Khushi…. Please….. I’m begging you… I will never break you.. You’re the missing piece of my life khushi….. Khushi.. beat me, shout at me, hit me but please don’t kick me out of your life khushi.. All I need in my life is You Khushi” Arnav cried sitting

Khushi melted with his plea…. But something is stopping her from doing so….

“This is the last chance I’m giving you”

Arnav smiled at her

“This is not for you, but for me. If you ever broke my love , then you will never see me again in your life”

Saying this, she marched towards restroom.

“Thanks khushi.. I’m sure I will get back you in my life. I promise Mom, I’ll make her love me back” Arnav promised his mom and moved out of his room with determination……




It’s been three months since the holi incident. Anjali got to know the truth about shyam, because she was the other person who saw the whole incident that happened in arshi’s bedroom. Everyone got to know the truth of Arshi’s sudden marriage. Shyam was out of their life. All asked forgiveness from her. She forgave all of them except her Amma, Buaji, and Jiji.(You guys know why?) But with arnav….

Her relationship with arnav is moving with slow pace. Outings, late night dinners, Hours of talking, Exchanging gifts, Waiting for another, Sharing their secrets.. etc.

In this process, Khushi got to know many things about her husband, his other side which is not known to others, His past, and His growth in business everything.

Situation with arnav is not less. He got to know khushi more. Her likes, dislikes, her childhood memories, her pranks everything.

Now there are close with each other. All most their 6 month contract marriage is now gonna end in some two days.

Arnav is all prepared to propose her.. Khushi is hell nervous because she thinks, she had to leave RM in two days.

Next day, arnav asked khushi to get ready. Khushi thought she is asking her to pack her things and get ready. When he returned back, he was shocked to find khushi packing all her stuffs.

“Khushi… What are you doing?”

“Packing my things”


“You only asked me to get ready na”

“Argh….. You sankadevi.. I asked you get ready by wearing some nice dress and all.. Not to pack your things”

“But Why?”

“Don’t question me. Get ready fast”

After an hour or so, they left RM bidding bye to everyone.

Khushi and arnav reached classic restaurant. Khushi was stunned by the décoration. She turned to see arnav, but found none.

She heard his voice in distant.


Following the voice, she moved towards the garden of the restaurant to see the entire place is decorated by fairy lights and red roses. Again she heard arnav’s voice.

“Khushi… I’m sorry khushi… for all the cruel things I had done for you.. but khushi I never tried to hurt you intentional. I don’t want to lose myself in you, that’s why I kept you away from me. But, Every minute, Every second my eyes found you, I wanna  say your name, I wanna lay my heart for you, I wanna get lost myself in you, I wanna live in you, I wanna forget this world except you,  I wanna forget myself in your eyes. My day start and ends with your name. My life will end the minute you leave me. You are the light of my life. My love for you will never change khushi. All I wanted to do is to spend all my days loving you. I will never ask you to stay with me, but I will never leave u. I love your smile, your hairs, your eyes, your anger, your anklet sound, and your bangles. I know each time we fought, your eyes search for me staying in distant. Only you have the rights to punish me with your hands. Only you have the rights to forgive me for my wrong doings. Please khushi, Punish me by staying with me forever. I love you khushi. Will you marry me?” Arnav said everything holding his breath.

Khushi is in tears hearing him confessing his love for her……….. She ran towards him in a rush and hugged him tightly clutching his shirt collar.

“Arnavji…………. Arnavji………..”

Arnav smiled at her..

“Khushi, answer me khushi…. All you said is my name khushi…… I love hearing my name from you, but still I wanna know the answer” Arnav teased her, even though he knows the answer.

Khushi chuckled at his statement.

“I love you laad governor”

Arnav’s lip stretched into smile, “I love you Khushi”…..


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