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Mar 5, 2012

HOLI STORY.... xx (By Shivyy) (Thanked: 28 times)

It's the evening, the Raizada's are busy mixing with the crowd, Khushi ; Wearing a plain, delicate red Sari, her hair down and her fringe in a side parting and she is by the poolside and Arnav; wearing a dark blue 3 piece suit and is watching her secretly. (A tray of Bhang is on the poolside table.)

"Why does this have to happen to me? My family have rejected me, disowned me, my sister cant even look at me properly, I've lost all respect and..and..." Khushi wept wiping her tears.

Arnav watched her innocent face, fists clenched, he hated her tears, they killed him. Like a grenade burning through his heart with each tear that falls from her face, he shut his eyes in pain the same way he had when she needed him at the hospital. He felt like monster. He didn't know what to believe.

"NO. No more crying Khushi..time to live up to your name..." She looked around, deciding she didn't want to feel this pain anymore she spotted the tray of Bhang, she picked up the glass examining it.

Arnav's eyes widened shocked..she wouldn't...

"Come on Khushi, drink it. You wont have to feel this anymore if you do..." She said to herself. Before Arnav even had a chance to register what had just happened Khushi shovelled the glass down. "Not bad..." She giggled the Bhang already taking affect. Her hand went for another glass and she washed it down in seconds.

Arnav was deciding what to do, should he stop her? Yes..No...Of course he should... He clenched his fists in irritation of not knowing what to do. Khushi's hand reached for a third glass when she started stumbling far too close to the pool side she was almost about to...

"KHUSHI!!!" Arnav shouted grabbing her free hand and pulling her towards his chest. "What the hell do you think you are doing?!!" He screamed while she looked up into his eyes gently.

"My Knight I..n....shh..shh..in..ing.....ar....m...o...urrr" She giggled stirring on her words.

Arnav was stunned..."Khushi..." He made her sit down on the pool-side chair in fear she might fall.

Khushi looked at him lovingly and she went to start her third glass just as she put the cold glass to her lips...

"KHUSHI! STOP! Don't you think you've had enough?! Khushi give it to me!!" Arnav shouted caringly, this was all his fault although he had to admit the drunken Khushi reminded him of the old days where she was so clumsy, playful and cute...before everything..

Khushi pulled the glass back "Nahiii!..P..P..lea...seee....Ar..na.vv..jiii...Hehehe Ji....rhymes wi..thh Jalebi...I thinkk...Hmmm Jalllebbis....." She said a playful grin on her face.

Arnav looked at her nervously and then burst out laughing...

She had done it again, managed to make him laugh, the only person in the world who could.

"Awhh Arn..naaavvvjii You..have such a swee..tt smilee" Said Khushi laughing to herself. "And look..at..y..ooour eyes...Ohhh those eyes...hehehe"

Arnav lost himself in her, she really cared about him, he couldn't believe she had just said that. His whole life had changed in a few days, he hated that he loved her so much. Her eyes glistened the way they used to when she would run away scared, when she would hide in his cupboard, when she would loose herself in him... Everything he needed to hear she was saying...he was so confused, his heart was aching, the tears which burned him a matter of moments ago were still on her face.

"Khushi Give me the glass." He said firmly, his hand reaching to take it from her hand. She pulled the glass back.

"You will neverrr get...itt..." She said refusing to hand it over as she laughed in victory.

"KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA!" He shouted angrily at her. She looked around as if she hadn't a clue who he was addressing. "LOOK AT ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU!!" He followed up even more furious, he hated that she wouldn't look at him.

"Oh Me?" Khushi pointed to herself confused.

"YES YOU! DO YOU SEE ANOTHER KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA?!" He shouted angrily at her sarcasm.

"Ca..L..mm..downn...A.r..navvjii...K.huushi Siiingh Raiizaadaa youu saidd myy name wwwrrrong....." Said Khushi unable to complete a single sentence without stirring her words. Khushi laughed at Arnav who looked like her was burning with fury.

Arnav grinned at her, she had no control over what she was saying. If she hadn't been drunk he'd probably have yelled at her but he loved the way it sounded, the way she said it, the way the words felt on his lips...Khushi Singh Raizada..". He began to loose himself in her.. "Okay Mrs Raizada come here.." He took her hand gently and led her to their room, made her sit on the bed. Arnav knew he was affecting her and he loved it..he walked closer to her stroking her hair carefully and swiftly removed the glass from her hand and walked towards the poolside, leaving her.

Khushi ran after him stumbling "Giiiveee ittt backkk!" She said hitting his chest effortlessly.

"What did you say Khushi? I'd never get it?" He grinned with his signature ASR victory face.

"HMPH!" She said pouting at him.

She looked adorable like a lost puppy, as easily as she could have won him over, he had to stop her from drinking anymore. Khushi started walking towards him slowly...

"Pleaaa..sseee Arr..naaavvjiii" She said batting her eyelids.

Arnav melted...he was just about to hand the glass over when he took a deep breathe FOR KHUSHI he thought and gulped down the glass in one go. One glass remained on the tray, Khushi's hand went for it but Arnav grabbed it and cleared it down his throat.

"S...oo...greeedddyyy youu could haveee giveenn me...." Said Khushi shocked..

Arnav put the glasses aside and took Khushi by surprise and picked Khushi up in his arms And he put her down next to their bed. Arnav sat down and pulled Khushi onto his lap, his hands wrapped around her stomach....

Khushi could feel her heart beat increasing, her hands shaking, she turned her head to look at him;

"Wheeneever youuu come neaaar me, Whyyy..doesss my heaaartbeeeat increaaase?" She said lost in his eyes.

"Becaausee Wheeenverr... I comme neaar... youu mmyy heart beats and yourss mixx togetherr that's whyy.." Arnav stroked the hair out of her face with one hand and tightened his grip on her.

Khushi's eyes closed immediately at his touch, he carefully ran his hand across her cheek, her heart racing faster than light. He shut his eyes and leaned in lost in her and her beauty....


Arnav let out an irritated sigh and Khushi's eyes flashed open only to see one hand of hers on his around her stomach and the other clutching her sari. As Arnav took his phone out of his pocket Khushi grabbed it with a playful look in her eye and ran to the pool-side. She waved it at him like children fighting for chocolate in a teasing manner.

"K..K...HUUUSSHIII!!! G...iii..veee it..." He said not sounding the least bit concerned that it was ringing rather the fact that his wife had it and that mean a challenge.

Arnav ran after her, Khushi ran around the pool and stumbled into their bedroom laughing, she paused for a break but as he started running after her she ran up on to the bed, he speedily came after her..

"C...cooo.mmee..gettt ittt!!" Khushi teased playfully.

He ran up on to the bed and before she could get away she tripped on her own foot and ended up laying down flat on his bed. Khushi curled up cradling the phone refusing to accept defeat, by this time the phone had actually stopped ringing but neither of them noticed.

Arnav laughed and laid down next to her with a sigh, he could do anything to see her smile..."Okk...a.yyy Mrrsss Raiizadaa You Wiin.." He grinned at her shock. He put his arms round her waist and she nuzzled into him, neither of them needed to say a word, they both fell asleep easier than ever before because that's where they belonged...in each others arms.

hope u liked it



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