ArShi OS: I wanted him to be happy. [PART 1]

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Jun 6, 2015

ArShi OS: I wanted him to be happy. (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 58 times)

REQUEST: Please don't kill me for the ending. 

I saw him there, smiling at me, and staring at her through the corner of his eyes. I was again jealous. But considering the sweet person I was, I smiled back. He was Arnav. He was 25. He had chocolaty brown eyes, shining white teeth and a cheesy grin. His hair always stood up. I knew him from the age of 2. He is my friend. No, my best friend. No, my secret crush. No, the person I love.


That was it. Trying to first make out the least complicated things and then to the latter. Like Katniss Everdeen. People told her it makes things easier. It would have made for her, but definitely not for me. Nothing would now be able to make things better for me.


"Kya aap pani loge?", I hear a small boy asking from behind and turn back. He has a toothy grin, like him. I sweetly say a no, and pull his cheeks. They are soft too, like his.


I know I mustn’t think about him. For he is no more mine. Today is his wedding, he is hers, and would always be. I am no one to interfere. But people tell the truth, Love is such a strange thing. It makes you think crazy. You can't control your mind. How true!


I hear her, Lavanya laughing from behind. She sounds happy. He looks happy and isn't that what really matters at the end? Both happy, leading a life of happiness. Who am I to interfere? I sighed at myself, and the thought came, it would have been much better if I asked that question 12 years ago. My life would have been much better.


Who am I to interfere? Who was I to interfere?




I was a girl of 12 that day. Happy on the outside, Okay on the inside. Arnav was my father's friend's son, which basically made him my friend even before properly talking to him. He used to come to my house from childhood, and expectantly, we were very close with each other! Things really started working out with us when we joined the same school and ended up in the same class on the same bench.


It was after half a dozen years when I started feeling the real electric buzz. He would touch me and a shock would go through my spine. I would be talking with someone, but would still be looking at him through the corner of my eyes. His laugh would automatically make me laugh. His tears would make me sad. I was literally willing to do anything for him, for his happiness.


One day, we were sitting in cafeteria sipping hot chocolate when he hesitantly asked me, "Maybe you could help me out yaar."


I laughed, "First tell me what help you want. If you are lucky, I may just come around."


He didn't laugh back., "I am serious yaar. Damn serious. I don't know how I should tell you. But see, you are a true friend for me, and I would never be able to trust someone else with this."


"Oh come on! Tell me Arnav, I was just kidding.", I said this time giving him all my ears.


"I love someone."


I don't remember what exactly I felt after hearing those three words. But I felt air escaping me, and my heart suddenly going dhak dhak. I could also feel then-unknown feelings which I later identified as jealousy and pain. I don't remember how I reacted, but he looked at me strangely. And I suddenly changed my face. Yeah, I was a very good actress.


"Oh My God! Arnav, I am so happy for you.", I lied. I saw one side of his lips curling up. The unknown feeling started conquering my heart. "Tell me who it is." I was sure I didn't want to know. It would have just broke me completely.


"It's... Lavanya."


WHAT? THAT STUPID IRRITTATING SPOLIED BRAT? "Oh... her. She is a very nice girl. Good friend infact!"


"Oh I know. I had been following her every day when she walks home, you know in my bicycle. She isn't that good, but I love her yaar. People tell me she is a stupid little thing, but I love her. I loved her. I can't change that", What? Following her? He did know. Love is blind. It makes you see the opposite of what actually is happening. He paused for a second and then added. "I have proposed to her heart two times. She doesn't even mind yaar. Not even a bit. She doesn't even care a person exists who loves her."


That kind of stirred the emotions of me. A strange bitterness and a tinge of sweetness together. He did so much and didn't even care to tell me? She doesn't care for him? Good!


"But I just thought you can help me.. my friends tell me she is just scared of the society. And that she loves me. And that she gets so jealous when I am with you or any other girl. I think the only option left is to... just super increase the jealousy and take out the emotions inside. And I need help." He pronounced the words with the innocence of a five year old boy pleading to his mom to get him a new toy.


"What help?"


"I want you to do a bit of acting. Ah, don't give me that face, I know, you are a wonderful actress. Just act like you love me and you are gonna confess everything to me. All infront of her, and I am sure, she is gonna come around." He paused for a second and then added. "Please don't say a no"


I wanted to reject everything. I wanted to slap him hard on the face, hug him and tell him, that I loved him, that I was crazy for him. But I wanted his happiness, not mine. I wanted him to be happy, not me. "Yes.. I would love to help.", I whispered the words, and my heart busted out. I had to get out before the explosion started coming out in the form of tears. But his 1000 walt smile and a one-hand hug made up for everything. I just wanted him to be there, happy.


That evening I hid behind a tree to see if he really followed her. He did. I watched her happily walk home with her friends, and him, behind, pushing his bicycle with an innocent smile. I wondered if she really doesn't see him, or just acts as if he isn't there?  It was hard to tell. I saw him staring at her until she disappeared from the next turn. I saw him return back, with a grin as wide as a man who had conquered the world.


And within a day, I had become, happy outside okay inside, to okay outside and broken inside.





Things started working out for him the next day. I sat beside her during recess and bragged about how much I loved him. He told me to notice her expressions, but I really didn't want to know. And the next day I showed her the poem I wrote for him. And then the Valentine's week came. On rose day, I got him roses. Oh chocolate day, chocolates and the propose day, I planned to propose him. Yeah, everything was a drama. But deep inside my heart I wanted all this to be real. I wasn't lying. Every single thing, I told her was a truth from my heart. Only if.. I could tell him that.


Then the propose day came. We waited for school to end and her to walk school, and him to follow her, and everything went as usual. When we reached the middle of the street, I came out from the hiding place, made sure Lavanya was watching and told Arnav as loudly and sincerely as I can, "Arnav, I have known you for years. I know what you like. I know how you behave. And I like everything. I like everything about you. When you talk with someone else, I get jealous, I would feel like I wanna slap her on the face. When you smile at me, I would feel like I have conquered the world. When you touch me, electric shocks go through my spine. And there is only this conclusion for these symptoms, that I love you and have always loved you! I want to be with you forever Arnav, will you be my boyfriend, my darling, my everything?"


He gave me his signature toothy grin, and was about to reply when we heard a female voice from behind. It was Lavanya. I had forgotten that she was listening. "Please stop this. I can't bear it anymore.", I saw a teardrop escaping her right eye, and started feeling guilty. Arnav gave her a smile and opened his mouth to answer when she turned away and ran down the stairs. We both stared at each other in confusion. He broke the ice. "That was like the best confession I had ever heard. Wish I could say yes." He laughed. That was enough for me. We hi-fived and left.




With her crying and leaving, I thought it wasn't going to change anything. I was  happy. But the next morning proved me wrong. Arnav believed that it had made an impact on her as great as possible, and that he is going to propose her again. As always, I didn't object.


That evening, strangely I saw her buying balloons (his favorite) and him buying a bouquet of flowers (her favorite). I knew,something was definitely fishy. I quietly followed both of them, for they were heading the same direction, as if everything was already planned. They both stopped at the same place, near a park, and stared at each other for a few seconds. I hid behind a tree. By then, I had become an expert in that.


"I saw the note.", He initiated the conversation. "To be very honest, I was actually going to write you a note too, to meet in this exact place. We think a lot similar."


She smiled. "I am sorry for making you wait so much Arnav, but I was frightened. No boy had ever told me that he loves me. I was terrified of the society. I have thought about this for weeks, and I realized that I love you. And pyaar kiya to darna kya."


He laughed out loud and whispered. "I am glad you understood my love now. I am so glad, and you don't worry about Khushi, she did everything for us. She just wanted to stir the emotions inside you."


She looked at him in surprise and then heaved a sigh of relief. "I thought it's really real."


"She is a good actress. She is my best friend."


A smile appeared at my lips. I fled, not wanting to steal their privacy. I waited for him on a nearby bench. He appeared after a couple of minutes with her, both laughing. He laughed, that's what it really mattered to me. He gave me a wink and I winked back.



Everything changed after that day. They were suddenly the sweetest couple in town. On Promise day, I again eavesdropped on them. I told you, love makes us do real strange things. I did feel guilty afterwards.


They were both standing near the school fence, silent. They were staring at each other's eyes, as if they were talking without words. I quietly watched them. Then she started talking. "Thanks for the note. I actually like this note thing a lot. It’s exciting. But this one especially made me smile like a fool."


"I had to really improve my handwriting to make it look neat, and I am seriously not kidding. It's real. I LOVE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE. And today, on promise day, I wanna give you this pinky pakkawala promise. That I would always be there for you, to make you smile. Always."


"I promise you the same, sweetheart. I would always be there for you. I won't ever leave you, never ever!", She replied with such certainty that for a moment, I was happy for him!


I fled again.




That's the extreme I can remember. Everything else is a blur, for, they were like every other couple, walking down the streets laughing, giving glances at each other during classes, and fighting for the smallest of things.


Several days I dreamt of me going to him and telling him all the truth, that I loved him. But that never happened. I would have made myself happy, but I wasn't sure about him. I may have broken his heart and put him in dilemma. Every day, I woke up reminding myself that he loved her, and not me. That she wanted to see her smile, and not mine. That he lived for her, and not me. But it was definitely hard to digest.


Years passed by. I tried to act as normal as I could, but I was breaking inside. The day of the farewell came, when we were all to part, seeking different destinations.


There was an emotional party at school. I had brought gifts for almost all the people I know there. I distributed them, and there were two of them left- his and hers. They were nowhere to be found. I searched the whole school and finally found them in the lover's meadow, where they were quietly sitting beside each other. And then she stood up to leave. I saw her eyes reflecting, and I knew she had been crying. She walked a few steps, then suddenly stopped, ran back and hugged him tightly. I had only seen such hugs in television.


That moment I knew, he was not mistaken. They were made for each other. Always meant to be. I felt delighted. He tightly hugged her back and they remained in the position for a few minutes.


I came out of the trance and coughed. They left each other,  looked at me and smiled at the same moment. I gave them the gifts. And said, "I am so happy for you guys. I will miss you two. You were a part of the best moments of my life. Goodbye guys.", and blew them a couple of flying kisses. Both caught them and returned the same, Arnav, with a wink!


I felt my cheeks getting wet, turned back and walked away. I was at the gate when I faced them again and shouted the words, "Don't forget to call me for your marriage. I would be there." I ran down the street and heard Arnav shout back, "You would be the first guest Khushi.. Love you!"




The call had come a few weeks back. They were inviting me for their marriage. I hadn't still moved on. I still dreamt about him at nights. People say, you won't ever be able to forget your first love. How true!


I had immediately booked tickets and was now here, attending their wedding, half pretending and half-real happy! The marriage ended in a few hours. Both Arnav and Lavanya were freaking happy to see me, and so was I. It felt good to be with them.


After the wedding function, after years, I heard them both talk while sitting on the grand dining table. Why do I always happen to be there when they talk?


He whispers something to her and slowly stands up, takes out something from his pocket. A ring, I guess. He elegantly puts the ring in her ring finger. She quietly smiles at him. "This is the evidence of the promise I made years ago Lavanya, that I would always be there for you. Thank you for entering my life sweetheart."


Lavanya remained  short of words. She didn't get time to reply when the whole table broke into a round of applause. The claps died down and everything settled down, when I heard someone behind, "I think you look beautiful." I turn back and see a handsome man looking back at me. Maybe, I could move on.



Please don't kill me for not getting Arnav and Khushi together, but this is just to show that love is not just about getting together or living happily for the rest of your lives. But it's also about sacrifices and pain. It's about wanting the other to be happy! Love is not about being selfish.. it's about willing to do anything for the person your love.

And most importantly, love doesn't always need to be two sided. I may love you, and you may not love me back. Whatever it is, it is love.

And love is eternal.. The love Khushi had for Arnav here was eternal. She always loved him and wanted him to be happy!

So yeah, I just wanted it to be a bit different. Plus, I wrote this OS for a competition in another site. the Task was to write an OS based on the pictures below!

Had fun! Thanks. Bye. Like and Comment. 

With lots of love,


Jun 27, 2015

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I was pretty amazed to see all the views. And I felt very happy. Thank you so much to all the 40 people who pressed the thank you button, and the few people who took out their time to leave a comment. Means a lot.

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linayafan - First and foremost, your comment made me smile like an idiot, honestly. It feel SO GREAT to see that mine is the first OS in which you have commented upon. Do keep commenting, you can bring such wide smiles into writer's faces.  And, how did you know my name is Linaya? Just curious. I AM SO SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT. Means a lot. Thanks a ton for the very sweet comment.

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I have written a sequel from Arnav's POV:

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