Arnav's third and last wife ;-)

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Jun 2, 2015

Arnav's third and last wife ;-) (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 167 times)

As we  all are celebrating med week, this dare given by saya_Arshi yesterday as it was dare day to challenge anyone. I completed this OS and posted on that page, now I m presenting it separately so that you guys can also read it..... I dont like this chudeil track * pouting* but I accepted and wrote something in my way, because she dared me to write on sheetal track like khushi trust arnav and insult sheetal.... Hope this OS not that much bad.

Time was moving, khushi was pacing in their room thinking about Arnav and sheetal relationship, like yesterday today also they din arrive on time from office. Khushi thought, what they will be doing at this time, Is she trying to trap my Arnavji, Will he fall for way his first wife, laptop...second wife, mobile... And I will be his third and last wife, khushi kumari Gupta Singh raizada...She was in deep thought how to get rid of her from their life, she din notice arnav who came inside, she bumped with him and fell down. Arnav asked in concern, khushi what happen where you lost. Khushi looked at his hand who showing her to help her. Khushi held his hand but she can't stand due to sprain in leg. Arnav lifted her and took her to bed, he said to tease her, you became heavy... khushi looked at him in anger, Then what about sheetal? Arnav uttered, what the...sheetal...where she came from.. Khushi muttered, ask that chudeil  itself.. Arnav asked did you say something... Khushi stressed, nothing and turned her face. Arnav rolled his eyes and went to get fresh. Khushi felt insecurity more after hearing his comment about her body. She slapped herself for having slight doubt on arnav, she lost in her thought again. 

Arnav came to bed, he hugged her like usual. Khushi pushed his hand recalling his comment. Arnav hugged her again saying khushi I m hungry. Khushi said in anger, oh really..I thought you had dinner with that sheetal... Arnav replied, yup I had dinner with sheetal but now I m hungry for something else which you only can give. Khushi turned to him in confusion and asked, something else...what... Arnav smirked saying, this....he sealed her lips. Khushi was shocked at first later blushed and they forgot everything in their love world. Next morning after love making seeing his passion khushi got confidence. While she is in kitchen, Arnav shouted, khushi I m getting late come soon and serve me. Khushi rushed there saying, coming... Sheetal took bowl saying its okay I will serve you...she tried to serve but before that khushi snatched it and served him. Khushi whispered in her ear, when his wife is here...some chudeil not to interfere. Sheetal looked shocked but she din say anything due to arnav presence. 

At evening khushi went to aarav room to give milk, she saw aarav who was showing his wounded hand to her as he cut with paper cutting knife while cutting his drawing sheet. Sheetal pushed him saying, to put bandaid by himself and told him to stop crying for silly things. Khushi looked at them in open mouth thinking what a chudeil she is... How one mom can treat her son like this.... Khushi went inside after sheetal went to take bath, she put bandaid to him and gave milk to him. She tried to convince him saying his mom was tired as she came from office just now. Aarav replied in crying tone, no she din think me as her son because she din give birth to me na. Khushi was shocked before she ask something, sheetal came out. Khushi went out without uttering anything. She cant digest the news she thought how to prove this in front of all. 

Next day morning arnav went for jogging, sheetal tried to follow him to join. Khushi pulled sheetal hair, sheetal hissed in pain she said, khushi leave me... How dare you. Khushi looked at face saying, see how dare I m.. Stay away from my husband... Sheetal challenged, what if I m not... Khushi smiled and said, your pony in my hand. Sheetal got confused. Khushi went from there saying, soon you will know who I m.. I m third and last wife of My arnav no one cant come between us. Sheetal was shocked, whatttt...third wife... 

Next day evening khushi gathered all in hall, all are confused and asked what matter. Khushi gave envelope to arnav. Arnav opened with puzzle, after seeing it he got shock. He looked sheetal with anger. Sheetal asked what happen arnav. Arnav said with gritted teeth, get out from my house. Nani said, why chote... suddenly. Arnav said, she is lair nani... She is not mother of anyone... Here is the Dna report which states clearly she is not mother of aarav. All are shocked. Sheetal said, no arnav its khushi trap. Khushi smiled and said, you remember my words... Your pony in my hand... Simple I gave your hair and aarav hair for sample. Sheetal was dumbfounded. Anjali slapped her hard, do you know the value of mother...shame on you... Get lost.... Sheetal went out in scare. Anjali asked arnav that she ll adopt aarav as her son. All got happy and accepted. 

In room arnav hugged khushi saying, also have some stuffs...which is called brain. Khushi looked at him in open mouth. Arnav chuckled, she hitted his chest and hugged him saying, after all I m khushi kumari gupta singh raizada..third and last wife of Arnav singh Raizada. Arnav uttered, what the.....

Finally I finished my dare which I got. I dont know how it came, just little time I got so scribbled something. 

Jun 4, 2015

Thank you guys.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 38 times)

Thank you so much guys for peeping into this creation. I din expect this much comments and thanks for this crazy OS. I just written in half an hour thinking how to write in that given track. You guys nowadays never failed to amaze me by showing your love and support. I m so grateful for that. 

Hmmm....All credits goes to Saya_Arshi who gave me dare to write on this track... 

Now one more OS pending 'Under the midnight sky' in Arnav's pov.....ufffff feeling so lazy to write it ??but I will..... 

Catch you soon in some other creations. Love u all...Take care :-) 

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Love me, Like you do :)