The Burning Chill

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Jun 1, 2015

The Burning Chill (Prologue) (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 49 times)



“……..He hits the ball and it flew over the boundary aaannnndddd a beautiful lady caught it….


For the first time in the history of IPL, BCCI announces that if in any match the first ball went over the boundary and if anybody can catch it, that person will get the chance to meet the batsman…


As announced, Virat Kohli is going to meet the lady and after some minutes he will be back in the match…


Anyone can easily guess seeing the excitement of the lady that she is a great fan of Virat.. Well now lets see what they are talking:”


Virat: Congrats…


Lady: Thank you..


Virat: What’s your name?


Lady: Khushi…


Virat: Well, congrats again Khushi….


And he extended his hand to shake, but everything started to blur….


“Wake up…..” “Wake up…” Is there earthquake? Uh huh… I think no… Then why I am shaking like crazy… “Wake up…” The familiar voice again screamed near my ear and shaking me… Oh yeah… That person was shaking me…. Thank God… No earthquake… I left relax… *poke* *poke*…. Ugh… The shaking had stopped and poking had started… I heard a small voice giggling… Again a poke… Holly Broccoli… Groaning I buried my face on my pillow…. Wait… What? A pillow? I was watching the match then Virat hit the ball and I caught it and about to shake my hand with him…  But that’s not the point… The point was how I ended up in a bed…. Intending to blow the cover from the suspense I opened my eyes only to immediately close it due to heavy sunlight attacking my eyes…


“Holly Broccoli….” I groaned….


“She is up…. She is up….” A small voice spoke up excitedly…. I scowled and opened my eyes….  


“Holly Broccoli….” I was in my room…. And I was DREAMING…… FREAKING DREAMING….. I sighed and sat up……


“Hoosh… Finally you are up….” The same familiar voice said…. Rubbing my eyes I looked up at the face and came face to face with my best friend cum cousin Prisha…


“What do you want?” I asked already bored…


“Oh My god… Di you forgot what is it today?” I jumped hearing the sudden scream and heard a round of giggle….. Rolling my eyes I looked at the face of the voice whose scream made me jumped and saw our another cousin Vanshika… Now I remembered hearing her giggling when Prisha was yelling and poking me….


That annoying brat…. I grabbed her and started to tickle her…. She started to laugh her heart out….Soon Prisha joined me and the three of us ended up with a tickle match…


After half an hour and so we all settled down on my bed still smiling…. “So what’s today?” I asked remembered remembering Vanshu’s previous talk…


“You really forgot… Isn’t it?” She asked…. What so important today yaar…. Okay… I admitted that I forgot… I heard her sigh… Could she get more dramatic? “Today is our graduation result… And had a Bangaluru match too…”  She finished… Her each word made my eyes wide and wider….  Oh My god… How could I forget that…….


Shuffling with the mess we created I dashed to my washroom earning another round of giggle…. What’s with giggles today… I would never know…. Setting the temperature of the water I hopped in…….


 After my shower, I quickly got dressed up with a dark blue jeans, a red lace top, and my grey blazer & the outfit had finished with a pair of red heels, and red earrings…. I put my hair in a pony tail….. I came to our kitchen and saw Vanshu  was reciting one of her school poems… I flopped down beside Vanshu and watched Prisha, who was fully ready with her knee length peach summer dress and white earrings and white stilettos keeping her hair open looking gorgeous as always… I noticed Vanshu too fully ready with pigtail hairstyle and a jeans frock with white jacket and her white palm shoe…


“Breakfast is ready…” Prisha’s voice echoed in the room and three of us started to eat…. After eating we locked the house and hopped in the car we owned and started towards our college… I am really scared for the result… Don’t know what would happen… In our exam time Vanshu was very ill and Prisha and I were taking care of her… And both of us really did not want to sit in the exam but our grandparents convinced us… And I knew that I would not qualify…. “Khushi, Yaar I am really scared….” Prisha spoke up ending my thought…


“Me too yaar… I know that I will not qualify…” I told her… She sighed.. “I won’t qualify too..” She informed me…


“What the hell….” Vanshu yelled from the back seat…. “vanshu language…” Prisha scolded her sighing audibly… “Sorry….” Vanshu said sheepishly, “But why you guys are so negative?” She pouted, “You guys will pass with great marks….” She scolded us sternly…. We burst out laughing seeing her cute stern face but quickly sobered up seeing her glaring…  


Finally we arrived in our college… As soon as the building was visible my heartbeat picked up… I thought Prisha had heard that she looked at me mirroring the same expression as mine… We came out from the car and timidly walking towards the list of marks and reached there…. Oh god.. I think my heart would explode…. I started to check the list from below as we both knew that even if we would qualify, we would be at the last of the list….


OMG…. There were no names of ours…. My heart sank…. Deep down I hoped may be, just maybe we would qualify…. I looked at Prisha and shook my head indicating the negative… Her face became pale… But she forced a smile and told, “We will try again next year…” I nodded agreeing… There was no way I am missing being a graduate so what we had to miss a year….We came back to the parking lot silently…. Vanshu was surprisingly silent the whole way….


“KHUSHI…. PRISHA…” someone yelled our names out from behind…. We turned back and found our friend Indu running towards us…. She finally came to a stop… “Co..congrats…” She said in between her panting…


Talk about weird… Here we got failed and she was congratulating us…. What type of friend she was…. “You are congratulating us for getting failed!!!!” Prisha asked narrowing her eyes…. “What are you talking about?” Indu seemed genuinely confused….


“Indu…. We got failed… I have checked the list from below and I cannot find our names there… okay… ” I snapped… Indu looked at me her jaw rolling on the floor…. “What?!” Prisha asked annoyingly… But we get no response from her….  “Indu didi…” vanshu tugged her hand which made her snapped from the world she had been from the last 5 minutes…


“you idiots….” She glared at us, “you both became toppers…. Go and CHECK NOW..” The last part she almost shouted…..


I think she had gone totally mad… We were toppers… Hah… joke of the year…. And this made me burst out laughing…. Prisha, Vanshu, Indu and other passers-by students were looking at me like I had gone crazy… I tried to control my laugh but another fit of laughter came out from my mouth….. Finally seeing their glaring after some minutes I took control over my laughter….


“You done?” Indu asked dead serious…. I nodded vigorously trying to control another fit of laughter…. “Good… Now go and check….” And before I could react she started to walk away with Vanshu….  And that made Prisha and I rushed towards them…. Finally we made to the list and this time I checked from the up and found…. Wait…. What????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


My name was in the TOP and Prisha’s was in the second TOP………….. I was sure my jaw was rolling on the floor by then…. How was even this possible??????? Well, I thought we were that much good……. I turned towards Prisha and her expression was mirroring mine……. We both jumped at the same time and hugged each other & soon Indu and Vanshu joined us.….


And then started the part of congratulation……. Was there that much students in our college???? I would never know…….. I, Prisha and Vanshu almost flew away from the scene and went to the stadium… yes… We were finally going to watch, my favorite part of the day, IPL match that too Bangalore match…. Yay….




Ahhhh…. Bangalore finally won the match… I never had enjoyed this much of an IPL match…. Right now I am driving towards Vanshu’s fav restaurant for dinner..Yes… It was night time and we were going to celebrate… YAY….


“Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi Rendi eh…


(The girl keeps on talking about Saturday so that she can party)


Kudi Saturday Saturday….


(The girl  keep on talking about Saturday….)


Vanshu and Prisha both were singing in a very very very loud voice…. To be honest that was horrible… But nope… I would not say that…. We arrived in the restaurant and I parked the car…. We came out and went in the restaurant…. Taking seat we ordered our meal and God… we were hungry… In no time we finished… I told Vanshu and Prisha to go to car and I went to pay the bill… After paying the bill when I reached the Parking lot a bunch of guys was coming towards the restaurant…. They were talking to each other and one of the suddenly bumped with me sending sparks in my skin…


The sparks burned my skin sending chilling sense in my spine not really but literally… I would like to told the feelings as ummmmm… THE BURNING CHILL? Yeah that would be right….





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Jun 18, 2015

Chapter 1: Stranger Danger (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 46 times)

Chapter 1: Stranger Danger


I looked up at the guy whom I got bumped with when I said looked up, I meant really looking UP… He was so tall… May be 6 feet… And I was met with chocolate brown eyes, found myself lost… I think I can live my entire life staring at these eyes…


Honk Honk


The sudden honk from our car made me came back to this world from whatever world I was in… Holly Broccoli… What had gotten into me…  How could I just stare at a guy’s eyes…  Cursing under my breath and lowering  my eyes I hurried to the car mentally face palmed myself….


“What was that?????” Prisha encountered as soon as I got into the car… I shrugged.. I myself did not know what had happened…. Thankfully she dropped the subject…


How did that happen? I was never like that.. I did not want to involve with a guy…. Heck… I still don’t want to involve with a guy.. I wanted to take care of Vanshu… Well, until she was an adult…


I looked at Vanshu who was fast asleep in the back seat…. Poor her… She had had enough in her 12 years of life…. The first blow was from her parents… Thinking about her parents along with mine and Prisha’s made me grit my teeth… Whenever I thought about them I felt like murdering them… Though I am never gonna doing that… Why would I murder that lowest category people and went to jail…. If it’s not our grandparents then I think we would have live in street… After I and Prisha turned 18 and entering college we decided to move out from our grandparent’s home to another city with Vanshu…. Though at first Dadu and dadi had denied but they eventually agreed with us and helped us moving out…. And now we were happily living in a two story building, we called home… Just the three of us…


“Khushi I think we are being followed…” Prisha’s voice brought me back from my thought and looked at her in the driver’s seat…. “what??” I asked confused… “We are being followed” She told frantically looking at the rare view mirror…. I followed her gaze and saw really a jeep was behind us… And there was the people I just bumped in restaurant…. But was they really following us? Maybe they were going in the same direction as us… I told Prisha my assumption and she gave me ‘are you kidding me’ look… “Just check it girl…. Go to any random direction but make sure that you know the way back…” I told her and she nodded before turned the car in right… I looked at the jeep behind and saw they too turned to the direction we were in… Then Prisha again turned to another direction but the jeep was right behind us…


Holly Broccoli… They  were really following us… THEY WERE FOLLOWING US… what if they were serial killer? Or the worst.. A gang of rapist??? OMG….


“Probably you are right….” Prisha’s frantic voice was heard…. Oooopppppssss I think I have said that out loud…. “What will we do now??????” She asked…. I really didn’t know what to do… A gang of maniac was behind us.. And we were only three… Well, two… I could not just bring Vanshu in a fight…. Me and Prisha were enough to bring some guys on their knees…. But with a group of maniac boys we did not have much chance… “Bring the car in a population area, where they did not do anything to us…” I shouted lowly to her forgetting about a sleeping Vanshu… “What happened?” Vanshu asked rubbing her sleepy eyes….. I and Prisha looked at each other debating whether told her or not… But finally decided to tell her… If she was going to live through this, she needed to know what was going on around her…. “Some people are following us…” Prisha informed her….. Instantly her eyes widened… “What will we do now?” She asked feared….


“Don’t fear baby… Nothing will going to happen…” I assured all of us…  Prisha brought the car in a market complex as it was somewhat crowded in 11 o’clock n the night…. Wait… 11 O’CLOCK….. It had been 2 frigging hours of the car chasing…. Holly Broccoli…


When we parked the car the following jeep were nowhere to be found… Thank God…. We finally save ourselves from the maniacs… Hoosssshhhh…Finally we made our way home….. HOME… That sounded so comfortable….. And in some minutes we reached there…. Changing our clothes we sprawled on the couch in our living room watching our fav TV show, that was repeat telecast of CID… So what if we did not able to watch the actual telecast becoz of the bloody followers…


When the show was about to finish the doorbell rang….. Who could have come in this hour of night…. May be Jheel… She had the tendency to crash in our place in odd hour of night… She was our friend from diaper.. After we moved from dadu’s house she too moved here with her parents… She must be here now too…


I and Prisha were too tired to move so we sent Vanshu to open the door… After few moments she shouted from the door, “Didi… Someone is asking for you…” Who had come here in this hour… I lazily dragged my feet to the door….


As soon as I was in front of the open door I was pulled in a warm embrace and I could feel the weird ‘burning chill’ and a whispered “MINE…” Holly Broccoli…. They chased us to our house… I tried to wiggle from the embrace but he was too strong…


“Khushi, What taking you so long?” I heard Prisha’s voice as she too came there and was pulled in an embrace by another guy, “MINE” He growled… Wait, growled??? Who growled ??? Of course it had to be the weirdoes.. Both of us struggled to be out from the embraced…. I looked at Vanshu and saw her looking at us confused…

“Vanshu… Go watch TV… We will be back in a second….” I told her… “But…” she tried to deny but I gave her a stern look and she went from there….. “Will you guys leave us?” I asked sounding too innocent… Hahaha… No one… I repeat NO ONE could defeat Khushi Gupta in acting….. “Nope…” The guys answered….


“Shall we?” I asked Prisha and she grinned wickly… “Ofcourse we shall…” She told… It must be confused the guys as they asked, “What are you talking about?” the guy, holding me, asked…. I looked at him for the first time… The familiar chocolate brown eyes were staring back at me… My eyes travelled down to his face… His perfect nose, strong jaw line, full lips… I wondered how it felt kissi…..


Holly Broccoli… From where the thought came… Stupid, Stupid Khushi… Now Focus…. Mentally slapping myself, “You will see..” I replied before looking at Prisha…. “1…2…3…..” Prisha counted down and when she ended counting 3 we kneed them where the sun doesn’t shine… They fell on the ground in pain leaving us and we both shut the door… But I had a strong feeling that it’s not the end… So we grabbed Vanshu in our way and bolted out of the house from the back door… We were nearly made it in the street and I wanted to just check out what they were doing and when I looked at them over my shoulder the most handsome guy’s eyes, who was holding me, met mine…


Oh No….


“Prisha and Vanshu, run fast… They saw us…” I shouted and they too tried to run as fast as possible…. I again looked over my shoulder and found they were just behind us….


Holly broccoli….. And I was again in the arms of the handsome guy…. Ughhhhh….. “Don’t you wanna stop the chasing game Khushi?” He asked huskily in my ear making me shivered…. The way he told my name made me wanted to die with happiness… I really did not know what the heck was happening with me… Here the weirdoes were trying to kidnap us and I was thinking some weird thoughts…. Shoot me….


And when I tried to knee him again he hold me and landed me on the ground… “Arnav, take this…” oh then this handsome had a name too… Arnav… What a se*y name… ughhh… Again that thought…  A man whom I did not notice handed him a handkerchief and held Vanshu in his arms…… She was fast asleep… Hopefully they did not do anything wrong with her.. I swear if they did anything wrong I am going to kill them with my bare hand…..“Take it, Kinshuk” and he handed another handkerchief to the guy who was holding Prisha…  


Oh no… I was not that idiot… The Arnav guy pressed the handkerchief on my nose… Don’t breath Khushi…. Don’t breath… Don’t breath…. Constantly reminding myself I stopped my breath… But the urge of needing oxygen into my system I finally took a breath and immediately  my vision started to blur… I looked at the place where Prisha was under that Kinshuk guy… And her condition was no less.. She too was about to faint and the last time oureyes met befor blackness covered my vision….






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Jul 10, 2015

Chapter 2:The Great Escape (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 51 times)

The Great Escape


Khushi’s pov


My entire body was stiff.. I stretched my limbs… They made some cracking noise which felt wonderful….  The bed beneath was luxurious and felt like silk against my skin… I buried my face in a pillow and I was immediately greeted by strong aroma of male perfume… Please excuse my lack of knowledge about male perfume… Anyway, the main thing was, it was too comfortable to be my own… It took a moment to register in my slow brain, and when I did, sleep completely wiped away from my tired eyes….


I bolted up from the bed, sweating… Black silk sheet covered the king size bed… A string of diamonds and pearls hung down from above the bed as a decoration with the black canopy hanging giving the bed a comfortable look…  As a gust of wind blew from the open balcony, the string made a tinkling sound… The room was painted with white and black…


This was not my home…..


A watery image of Prisha and Vanshu’s face came into my mind… This was the final straw that show that everything that had happened before was a hundred percent real… I quickly looked at myself… Thank god I am still wearing clothes…. A shiver rose up as my bare feet touched the cold white tiled floor but I ignored it…. Flashes of what happened last night came in my head adding the increasing panic in me…


Suddenly I heard a whimper…. Wait… A whimper? I searched the room for its owner and when my gaze landed on the bed I was in… Relief washed over me when I saw Vanshu sleeping there…. Thank God… They did not do anything to the poor soul…  But the relief was not long lasting as I saw Prisha was missing…


I swear to the God, if anyone of them laid a finger on her I would kill them… I needed to find her… AT ANY COST…. I started to shake Vanshu awake and in no time she was awake fully… I quietly explained her that we needed to get out of here and found Prisha and she agreed….


Tripping over several times we finally managed to reach the door … I pressed my ear on the door listening any sound of a human being and when I did not heard any I yanked the door open and peeked outside and when I found the coast was clear I took Vanshu on my back and rushed to the next room which was open…


Thank goodness Prisha was there…. Hoossshhh… Relief washed over me… I shook her awake and the three of us rushed to the direction, what we assumed, of the door…


“How will we get rid of them?” Prisha whispered in my ear…. “Let’s take their car..” I whispered winking at her… She grinned an evil grin.. And who were going to give me lecture for stealing our kidnappers’ car then let me tell you it’s no crime… If they kidnapped us then we can took their car for the escape.. So shut up…


We successfully made to the living room and like any other normal person they kept the car keys in the centre table… When our eyes met with the car key we grinned… Yes.. Finally we are going to escape… Take that lunatics… haha.. Mentally laughing we made our way out of the door and when we found the cars there we almost fainted… There were at least ten cars of various models standing there….


Holly Broccoli… How would we know which car’s key we had? Oh God… Help us… Looking at Prisha, I was sure she too was thinking that…


“How?” We both asked each other together and then gulped in fear… What if they got us again? What if they did not spare us this time? What if… No stop Khushi… I did not want to think about this…


“Didi… The car key is remote control type… look, there should be a button/switch to recognize which car it belonged…” vanshu’s whispering  voice brought us some relief and soon we found the button/switch in the key… Prisha on the switch and there was a beeping sound before one of the car door opened… Thanks to Vanshu and her weird obsession for cars…


Holly broccoli….. It’s an Aston Martin Vanquish in blue color… But I have no time to admire the car… Three of us climbed onto the car and Prisha started it….


“Oh sh!t…” A Voice came from behind us and I risked glancing to the source and my eyes found Kinshuk’s and I instantly panicked…. But thanks to Prisha we had already started to drive… When we were sighting distance from the house the lunatics kept us, I took in the surroundings…


Whoa… The house was in middle of nowhere… It was surrounded by woods…. Looking kind of creepy.. Well, that described what happened to us… They were officially kidnappers that are why they had to keep their hostages in the house… Away from anybody….. But though the stresses were going on in my system, the scent of fresh rain in the woods and the soil, I could feel myself relaxing…




Thanks to the god, there was a road through the woods, telling us to the way out… Finally we found ourselves in the town… “didi… I am thirsty….” Vanshu spoke up tiredly from the back seat… Poor soul.. She had had enough in less than 24 hours…


“Look Khushi, there is a shop….” Prisha pointed out and then spread to there… We were about to  climbed out but then remembered something and both of us spoke up together, “But Money???”


 Cursing under our breath sat there not knowing what to do…




The distance honk brought us from our little thought-land and we stared at the car coming towards us in utter horror…


Arnav, Kinshuk and two others were coming towards us in their jeep….


Holly Broccoli… This was not going to happen again… I refused to be caught again… “Move…” I demanded… “What are-” but Prisha’s voice were died down as I yanked her towards my seat and I went to the driver’s seat… Don’t ask me how I did this but I somehow just did…


I started to car in full speed and eventually they fell back… Gosh… Then I found a decent shop to bought Vanshu water… “Khushi how? We have no money with ourselves…” Prisha said knowing my intension to stop there…


“Gain sympathy…” was all I said before hopped out from the car, Prisha on my tail not before telling Vanshu to wait for us..… I looked at her and found her pulling a poor face… Ah… That’s my actor sister… I raised her so well…. I mentally wiped my non-existence tears… And smirked towards her which she returned with hers….


We managed to pull a pained expression…. In fact Prisha managed to drop a few tears… I mentally grinned at her and thought to compliment her later… She deserved one gift from me….


“What happen to you two?” an elderly lady asked us concerned… I just sometimes loved people for their nosiness… Those are kinda helpful in time beings… “We-we were kid-kidnapped yesterday an-and w-we so-somehow mana-managed to flew away from them stealing their car… Our baby sister is in the car an-and practically dying in wa-water thirst…. And th-they we-were foll-following us…” Prisha managed to say in between her sob…


“Oh honey….” The lady exclaimed in sorrow… “Why don’t you call the police?” She asked… “No… no.. I-it’s okay.. What i-if th-they did some-something ba-bad to our baby s-sister?”  this time I said but to my utter surprise I managed to shed some tears too…


Whoa… Good going Khushi… I mentally patted my back… Thought I said that I did not want police involvement to the lady but I would definitely file a complaint as soon as we were out of the town… Oh believe me…


“Oh.. Okay.. Okay… I got it… Jake, bring two bottle of waters to the ladies…” She yelled to the Jake person and soon a cute looking guy came with two bottles of mineral water.... “Hello beautiful…” The Jack guy said Prisha and handed her the bottles… “Thank you bhaiya…” She replied innocently but I know she was far from innocent which made me almost laugh… It took everything in me to control myself…


The corner of my eyes I saw a familiar jeep spread towards us… Oh no… “Thank you aunty… We will send your money once we get in our house…” I said hastily and thanked her… “Oh don’t bother with the money… ” The lady replied with a kind smile to her face… “Can you tell me in which way the railway station is?” I asked politely…


“Sure honey… Go straight.. Then turn right… Then left.. you will find it…” She instructed… “Thanks…” Prisha thanked her and her ‘bhaiya’ and once we were in the car we handed one bottle to Vanshu and then I started the car to go to railway station….


And thanks to the lady we finally reached there…. After parking the car we entered to the station and was about to hop in the current train which was standing there, which we really did not know where would go, but hands grabbed my waist lifting me from the ground sending the familiar burning chill through my body….


“Gotcha” was all he spoke before I blacked out….



Arnav’s POV


(Little before the time he bumped with Khushi)


From someday I was feeling restless… My wolf was on edge… Before you freaked out, let me tell you that I was a werewolf… You know, the human turned into a wolf… That’s me… Well, I am not a freak and the werewolves were not only in myth.. They were real… I am not the only one in my spices… there were many… when I said many, I meant it MANY… But the humans don’t know about us… They were clueless about werewolves…


So where was I… Oh yeah…. From somedays my wolf was on edge… He was spacing in my mind nonstop which was giving me a freaking headache…  I asked him what happened but he did not answered me…


Bloody Wolf….


He growled at me… Oooppppssss… Apparently he did not like calling him ‘wolf’….  He had a name… In fact like our human form, our wolf form too had a name…  Mine was Aryan…. We could talk to each other in our mind and we even tuned each other when someone had had enough….


I again gone off topic… uff… So Aryan had not told me what’s wrong with him and for him I am snapping to everybody which kind off bad I might admit…


“Hey Arnav… Let’s go to do some fun tonight…” Kinshuk, My best friend barged into my office… No one… I repeat no one could barged into my office like that but my best friends… If it was anyone else then they would suffer the consequences…


“I don’t know man…” I said unsurely rubbing my forehead as I felt another head ache was forming…..


“Oh come on buddy… You had enough of the works… A night won’t difference… And it will lose up Aryan a bit…” He reasoned out and it seemed the best idea at the moment…..


I, Kinshuk and my another best friend Neil and some other boys went to my old jeep and headed to the restaurant Neil once told about…


In the middle of the way Kinshuk had to go see his parents as they had called him to meet.. But nonetheless We finally reached to the restaurant and leave the jeep for Ved to park….


When we were entering I was suddenly distracted the amazing scents I had ever smelt in my whole 23 years of life…. Aryan was saying something which I just did not focus as I was too distracted to find source of the tuberose mixed with jasmine and suddenly someone bumped with me and I immediately felt the sparks…… Breathing her scent, the tuberose mixed with jasmine, made me feel alive….


I looked down at the beauty in front of me… When I said looked down I meant looked down… She was so short… But perfect for me…. Then my eyes locked with hers….. I could practically see our future together in her hazel brown… Our marriage, Our little kids running through the house, growing old together…


Honk Honk


The sudden honk of a car made my mate pulled away the eye lock and she practically ran away from me…… What the…. This made me piss… Really really piss…


Why did not you just kiss her…You scumbag…..Yeah of course Aryan had to rub it in… I growled in annoyance….


Do you think she would have appreciate if I kissed her… She is a human… I replied to him….


Whatever… But You had to do something.. Aryan told me….


I am trying to think what to do you wolfie… So shut up and give me suggestions… I replied back…


He growled in annoyance as I called him ‘wolfie’ I smirked to him… Why should I? You are human for some reason… That’s your job..


You are wolf for some reason… so think about it… and talk to me if you get some ideas… Okay wolfie? I smirked knowing the consequences and immediately heard him growled but I blocked him out….


“Boys apparently we are not having dinner… I found my mate…. And I need to see her…” I announced to my boys and saw their faces lit up…


Let’s follow her… I heard Aryan told me in my head and I found the idea best… When we were about to start my jeep I saw Kinshuk came to the restaurant with a confused look in his face… “Where are we going?” He asked…


“To follow my mate… Now buckle up…” I told him and he immediately grinned and congratulated me and the next thing we know we were chasing a highly speeded car….


Oh God….. Why the hell they were speeding this much? I thought to myself…


‘Because they found out we are following them’ I heard Kinshuk’s voice in my mind… Oh right… He had to go through my mind now… “What are you doing in my mind?” I asked him aloud narrowing my eyes… He gave me a sheepish smile and told, “I wanted to know what you were thinking… I wanted to know what was it felt like to find your mate…” Yeah ofcourse… I scowled at him but did not said anything…. I blocked him out from my mind…


Hahaha… I am intelligent I know….


Oh Sh!t…. They were in a market complex outside our territory and I couldn’t drive there… Sh!t… Sh!t… We had to wait…


Finally I saw them coming back to our territory when they saw us not following anymore… I slowed down my car when I saw they parked the car in a two story building and got inside…. We stood there for more time and then went to the door… Kinshuk rang the door bell…. After few minutes or so a cute little girl opened the door…. I instantly fall in love with her…. Not a perverted way… Stop guessing… Gosh… I felt a connection with her… Like I was her big brother.. I had the urge to protect her…


That’s strange….


I smiled at her which she returned… “Hello dear…. Do you have any elders to talk to?” Kinshuk asked her politely… The little bundle of joy nodded her head vigorously making her hair fall on her face making her look adorable…


“Didi…. Someone is asking for you….” The girl shouted making all of us winced… I had to resist the urge to chuckle when I saw the lady of my dream dragged her feet lazily to the door… As soon as she was by the door I pulled her in my embraced inhaling her scent to calm myself and Aryan down and growled, “Mine” ….


She tried to wiggled out my I did not like it so I tightened my grip around her…


“Khushi, what taking you so long???” I heard another voice and soon another girl came to the view… Oh so her name is Khushi… That’s great…


Arnav’s Khushi… Sound perfect…….


“Mine…” Kinshuk Growled and embraced her…… I smiled inwardly…. Kinshuk too found his mate… ‘Congrats bro...’ I congratulated him through our mindlink and got a ‘thanks’ back in my head…. They tried to wiggle but we did not like the idea of letting them go… So we kept our hold…


“Vanshu… Go watch TV… We will be back in seconds… ” My beautiful mate told the little girl… She I mean Vanshu tried to deny I Khushi gave her a stern look that made her go back to watch tv….. It made me so proud of her… She was caring… She had power over people… Perfect for me…


“Will you guys leave us??” I mate asked so innocently…. Her voice was music to my ears… “Nope..” Both Me and Kinshuk replied….


“Shall we?” She asked Kinshuk’s mate… What she was talking about? I mind linked Kinshuk and he too had no idea… “Of course we shall” apparently Kinshuk’s mate had the idea… “What are you talking about?” I felt myself asking…


“You will see..” Khushi replied… and Kinshuk’s mate started to count, “1….2…..3…” what the hell they were doi- ooooffffff…. They kneed us  in the place where it hurts more…. Ouch…


We fell down in the sudden pain and saw the door shut with a slam…. After few seconds I smelt their smell which was way too strong… were they in outside? I turned to the direction from where the scent was coming and soon enough my eyes met with Khushi…


Ah ha ha… Not so soon sweetheart… I thought and chuckled to myself… “Prisha and Vanshu. Run fast.. They saw us…” we heard her shout….


“Oh my mate’s name is Prisha…. So sweet.. what a unique name…” Kinshuk remarked dreamily….. “Snap it out bampot… Or else you will not see her again..” I told him and use my inhuman speed to catch Khushi…. And she was in my arm… “Don’t you wanna stop the chasing game Khushi?” I said in her ear as soon as I caught her…


Watch out Arnav.. Aryan shouted in my head and I saw she again tried to knee me but thanks to Aryan I hold her and landed with her in the ground…. “Arnav take this…” Neil told me from the side with Vanshu in his arms and I took the handkerchief from him and pressed in her nose… And he did the same thing to Kinshuk and soon Khushi and Prisha were unconscious in our arms…..


I swear if they co operated with us then we did not have to kidnap them… I just wanted to talk and explained her what’s going on… But seems like fate had other plan for us…


Currently I was laying in my bed with my mate in my arms and the little bundle of joy in her side.. Both were fast asleep… I felt complete with her… Aryan had stopped pacing as soon as I met her so I assumed that he got the hints of my mate…


Our Mate..Aryan reminded me… I chuckled at him and corrected, our mate… Breathing in her scent I closed my eyes but felt someone knock my mind link… I frowned but opened my mindlink……


As I listened what had happened I had to leave Khushi in the room reluctantly and I came out of the house meeting a waiting Kinshuk, Neil, Ved, Dev and Mehul….


When we finished the business it was already morning… I was about to go straight to my room to see Khushi, but Neil stopped saying if Khushi was already awake then she would throw a fit… After debating with myself and Aryan we both agreed to stay away from her for a while and went to kitchen and saw others were already there including Kinshuk…


After breakfast and some planning about the business, we suddenly heard a car beeping… What the… we looked at each other confused…. No one would come today and we were all here sitting… Kinshu went to investigate what was happening and after a second or two he mind linked me, ‘Arnav they are leaving….’ He practically shouted….


Oh sh!t… we bolted towards the door and saw our mates and Vanshu were leaving….. Holly sh!t…


“Arnav they are taking my baby… my car…” Kinshuk whined… “Suck it up drama queen..” I said rolling my eyes…. And Me Kinshuk Ved and Neil climbed my old jeep and follow them… Ved was driving…


As they were really going in maximum speed, we were really really way too falling back… When we were in town we found them standing in front of a shop…


“What they were doing?” I wondered…


“Maybe the car broke down..” Neil gave his input…


“No smart@ss... I did the servicing few days back….” Kinshuk replied with a smack on Neil’s head… Neil pouted… Gosh.. They were acting like 5 years old… I swear if I was not in worry about my mate I would have pushed them from the running car…


*honk* What the freak…. I looked at Ved in disbelief… “Why the hell you are honking…. If we lost them then you will suffer the consequences…. ” I said in a very calm voice… They knew that when my voice was this calm, I was angry… “Sorry…” he apologized with a fear in his eyes… I again sat comfortably satisfied that I had feared that poor soul….


The car of our mates again started to move and soon was out of sight… Sh!t….  But we went through their scents they left behind and found the scent strong in the shop of Margaret and Jake…. That means they were here for few minutes…. Margaret and Jake were among us… Jake was Margaret’s son… Even though Margaret was a human Jake became a werewolf as his dad was a werewolf… We crossed the shop and found their scent trailing to the railway station…


Heck no… They would not go anywhere… Ved might be thinking the same as he went to frantically drive the car and we finally reached to the station and saw they were about to climbed to the train…


Uh hu… Not happening sweetheart…. I thought and jumped from the jeep before Ved actually stopped it and found two different footsteps followed me… No doubt Kinshuk and Neil was following me… I used my inhuman speed to catch her and soon enough she was in my arm, “Gotcha…” I whispered before I found he limp body in my arm… She must be stressed out and exhausted… I turned towards Neil and Kinshuk and found that they too were holding the girls before walking towards the car….





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As Arnav is a werewolf, he has a wolf inside him… He can shift into his wolf form whenever he wants…  His wolf has a name , Aryan… Apparently everybody’s wolf has a name… The conversation in italic bold was with Arnav and Aryan, means his wolf…


Werewolves can talk through their mind link… It helps them to communicate when they are in their wolf form… And they can communicate through the mind link in their human form too…. The italic conversation is the conversation through mind link…


Mate is a short form of soul mate…


Hope you won’t be confused again… I’ll explain the other facts later… till then keep reading…


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Jul 26, 2015

Chapter:3 The Fight (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 36 times)

The Fight


Khushi’s pov


I woke up feeling exhausted and sat up…Gosh… My hair fell on my face… I tried to move the hair form my face by something was holding my hand… Following my hand I gawked, what I saw… How dare he…. My eyes fell on the piece of paper on the night stand and I picked it up with my other hand…


“Dear Khushi,


I have to go to attend a business meeting… I hope you will behave when I am away…. But don’t worry about escaping… Dev, Mehul and Ved are guarding you three…


Have fun being handcuffed ;)








That brat… He was mocking me now that he had handcuffed my hand with the night stand…. Crumbling the paper I gritted my teeth… Suddenly something crossed my mind and an evil laugh escaped my lips… You did not even know Mr. Arnav whom you were messing with… It’s now time to show the experience I got from CID… I brought my other hand to my hair and soon enough I got my clip and brought it in the lock of the handcuff… I twisted it there but nothing happened… It had to be like this… I again tried…. Come on… Come on… I chanted…. And after some struggling I heard the click of opening the lock… Grinning at triumphant I jumped from the bed… Hearing my foot step on the floor Vanshu woke up…Thank got they had the curtsy to put Vanshu with me…I did the same thing with Vanshu and we both headed towards the door…. And I tried to yank the door open…. Key word: TRIED… But the door did not buzz…. Then I realized that the door was lock and that too from outside…. Ugh… You had got to be kidding me…


“Didi what will we do now?” Vanshu whispered… “Shhh.. We will do something…” I assured her and placed my ear to the door… Soon I heard voices…


“I think The Luna and her sister are awake…” A voice spoke…


“How do you know?” Another voice spoke up….


“The Beta female is also awake..” A different voice spoke…


What the heck are they talking about? Who was The Luna, her sister and Beta female…. Holly Broccoli… They had more hostages….


“How do you both know?” I heard the second voice spoke up followed by two different voices “ow”… “I heard them talking…” The first voice said… “I heard her muttering profanities…” The third voice spoke….


“Okay… First we will check Luna and her sister and then the Beta female… got it?” One of them spoke up and I heard footsteps coming towards this room… Okay… So if they passed this room and if I acted something then we should be free…


“Vanshu it’s time for some acting” I whispered in her ear while winking at her making her giggle… Well, if you did not noticed yet, we Gupta sisters loved acting and we tried to show our acting skill whatever the chance we got… Soon the footsteps came nearer… I climbed on the bed quickly, Vanshu hot on my tails… I started to cry loudly or rather I said started to act… The footsteps stopped in front of the door and the door yanked open I glanced at Vanshu and saw her lips quivering … I mentally grinned at her….


The door opened revealing three guys… Two of them have same face and same feature making me shocked then I realized they were twins… They were about 15-16 years old and a guy maybe in his early twenties.. But the shocking thing was they were utterly handsome along with Arnav, Kinshuk and the other guy, I did not know his name… But who cares…. Phewww….


They looked at me with shocked and then at Vanshu….


“w-what hap-happened?” One of the twins stuttered.. Hearing his stuttering I wanted to burst out laughing but I had to continue my acting… “Don’t know… Only Prisha didi can stop her crying…” Vanshu spoke up… Wah… Keep it up Vanshu… I mentally cheered….


“What?” They almost screamed together… “Yeah…” This time she replied confidently, “or else she will cry the whole day..”


Their eyes grew like the size of football.. ha ha… This was so fun messing with them…


“What are you doing here nutsacks… Go.. Get her..”  The older guy spoke up…


“But..” one of the twins tried to protest.. But the guy growled at him, “Do you want Alpha to kill you?” The poor boy shook his head and hurriedly went from the room… Gosh poor boy… But I wondered who the Alpha guy was…


After few minutes Prisha came with the boy… When she saw me crying she smirked, very well knowing it was acting… But as soon as her smirk came to her face, it was vanished and she hurried towards me with a worried expression and hugged me… “What’s the plan?” She asked very quietly in my ears… This time Vanshu too joined us and we created a group hug while I explained them my plan very quietly so that the guys did not hear me…. Vanshu and Prisha  agreed with me….


Looking over the boys I noticed they zoned over like they were talking to themselves in their minds… I shrugged off the feelings and took the opportunity and three of us bolted from the door and locked the door behind us…. Hooossshhhh…. That was easy… We went towards the door when we heard the footsteps running towards us… Panic filled me when I grabbed both Prisha and Vanshu’s hands and pulled them with me a nearby room and locked the door behind me and pressed my back against the door closing my eyes….


“Whoa…” Prisha’s voice made me open my eyes… I looked at the room with awe along with fear… The room was filled with weapons... There were sword, bow-arrow, various guns, various sizes of knifes and many more which I did not know the names…. But the main questions were what’s the weapons for… Oh right they were kidnappers so it’s obvious… Silly me…


“If Alpha gets to know we are dead…” I heard one of the twins said…


“Where the heck are they?” Another twin spoke up…


“Wait… I smell them…” the other guy spoke up…


Wait… Were we stenching???  I sniffed my body but did not get any bad smelling and I looked over the two and saw they did the same… Sharing a confused glance with each other we listened them..


“Khushi took a sword with you and I am taking a knife with me.. Let’s fight them if we again get caught…” Prisha suggested… I nodded in agreement and took a sword with me and Prisha did the same… “Same plan…” I told them and turned towards Vanshu, “Always stay behind us… Don’t come forward okay?” I told vanshu and she nodded and we took our position beside the door… Thank god the room is dimly lit...


“Ved..I smell them in WR…” One of the twins shouted beside the door making me jumped…. Placing my hand on my heart I tried to decrease my heartbeat… Gosh.. They can shout..


In no time the door burst open… Holly broccoli… How did the open this Iron door to unlock… What were they made of… Shaking my head I concentrate the task in hand… As soon as they were enough into the room we bolted out of the room and locked the door behind us again and rushed to the front door and what we saw making our jaw dropped…


We saw the three musketeers were there standing arms crossed…. “What the… How the… When the…” Prisha spoke up in shock unable to form a full sentence … They looked at us with amu****t… “Ever heard about the window?” The other guy spoke up… Oh yeah right... “Whatever..” I spoke up overcoming the initial shock… “So if you excuse us..” I said grabbing both Prisha and Vanshu’s hand and started to walk…


I a heart beat they were in front of us… “No can do L-Khushi…” one of the twins spoke up…. I narrowed my eyes at him trying to intimidating.. The boy back off looking frighten… I again started to walk but getting interrupted again…


“You cannot go…” the other twin spoke up…. “Do you want to fight? Then we are ready for fight..” I came straight to the point and tried to punch him on the face…. Keyword: tried… But the guy dodged off my punch… Huh.. He was a good fighter.. I again tried to punch him and bingo… This time I succeeded and gave him a black eye… Haha take that… We continued like that and finally I won the match….


“Anyone wanna fight?” I asked the shocking faces… “I wanan fight…” the other twin came forward…. I guess he too wanna beat up like his brother… But wait I need to know there name… I am feeling very difficulty referring them… “Okay… As you wish…” I shrugged, “But first I want to know your names..” “I am Dev..” the twin whom I just beat up informed…. I nodded… “I am Mehul…” The other guy spoke up… I nodded to him too… “And I am Ved..” The other twin who was about to fight with me informed… “Okay… let’s start…” I told and stood in a fighting stance..  “Hey… hey… Wait…” Prisha’s voice echoed in the background… I looked up at her curiously… “Ved and you do your fight and I will fight with Mehul…” Prisha announced… “Perfect…” I declared straight punching on Ved’s stomach… “Hey..” He cried out, “I was not prepared” I just shrugged and did some skill of martial art…


oh yeah.. I forgot to mention.. I and Prisha both were black belter in Karate… So if you were not highly trained then you could not able to win against a black belter…. And as predicted both Mehul and Ved sat down on the grass defeated beside Dev… “So can we go now?” I asked sarcastically…


They again zoned out… I groaned in frustration… What was with these guys and zoning out? Looked like they were mentally talking to themselves…


“Can’t I go to all Alphas’ meeting with some peace?” A voice boomed behind us making me jumped… The three musketeers immediately stood up and bowed their head and greeted him, “Alpha…” hain… If his name was Alpha then why he was called Arnav? This was so confusing… I never heard anyone’s name Alpha… It’s an ugly name… I would never give my son’s name Alpha… “I went to a meeting with my Beta and Third in command and in the middle of the meeting I got to know our mates were trying to escape and I had to leave the meeting in middle…” His voice bring me back from the self reverie..


“Sor-sorry Alpha..” The bowed their head in shame… Wait.. What was there to shame.. They kidnapped us and we tried to escape… This was as simple as that… These guys were over reacting…


“What made you look like this?” His voice again boomed.. Seemed like Mr. Alpha finally saw the guys conditions… A giggle escaped from my lips… His head snapped to my direction… Oh no… That was a bad idea Khushi…. “You did this?” He asked amu****t filled voice.. Whatever the anger he had earlier seemed to have gone.. Whoa…


Bipolar much…


“Nope..” I answered popping the ‘p’, “We did this..” I gestured between Me and Prisha... I looked over at him again and saw his expression had changed again and now it was telling that he was impressed…


“We defeated them in a fight and we are going home now….” I again grabbed Prisha and Vanshu’s hand but I could not walk off as I felt the burning chill in my waist as he pulled me by my waist…. “Uh hu.. Not so soon smoochie pie… You need to fight with me… If you can defeat me, I will let you go… Same goes to Kinshuk and Prisha… ” He informed me…


Holly Broccoli… what’s the nick name… But I can worry about that later… Now I needed to fight with him… I barely controlled myself with the burning chill when he was around… Oh God….Help Me…. But Nonetheless, I had to had to do it… I looked over prisha and saw her eyes closed… I think she was thinking the same… And when she opened her eyes she looked over me giving me an assuring smile…


“Okay we will do it… Everything for freedom….” I saw hurt flashed over Arnav’s eyes but it was gone as soon as it came… I debated whether I even saw it there but shrugged it off…. Suddenly I saw him opening his shirt… Holly broccoli… What would I do with the distraction…. “Khushi’s what will we do with the distraction they are putting us?” Prisha spoke up panic filled voice… Taking a deep breath I told her, “Don’t get distracted… Remember that they are our enemy… remember what sir taught us…” I lectured her along with me….


“Come on guys… Let’s start….” Kinshuk’s voice heard in the background and we both hurried in the ‘battle field’ and took fighting position…


Arnav’s fist came flying towards me but I dodged it in time and kicked him in the stomach but flinched back as my foot hurted… Bloody six pack abs.. Arnav just smirked at me and I scowled back at him… He just chuckled… This continued and I was winning until, “Wow… You were really defeating?” A amu****t filled voice came from somewhere…


I whirled around to the voice only to found a junior version of Arnav standing there with amu****t filled in him… he could be around Vanshu’s age which was 12…. But this distraction was my end as Arnav grabbed my hands and kicked my foot making me fall on my knees… I looked over at Prisha and she too was in same condition…










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And as for your confusion I wanted to clarify some things…


Arnav, Kinshuk, Neil, Mehul, Ved and Dev all were werewolves… In a pack of werewolves the leader was called Alpha, who is Arnav.. His second in command was called Beta who is Kinshuk… And they have Third in command who is Neil… I hope everything will be cleared when the truth will be revealed…


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Aug 12, 2015

Knowing Something (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 43 times)

Knowing something


Arnav’s pov


After the boys mind linked me that Khushi, Prisha and Vanshu were tried to escape again, I, Kinshuk and Neil just cancelled the meeting and rushed to the pack house… But I could not understand how they could escape after we handcuffed them… I guess I would find out later… But I swear that there was no bad intention for keeping them hostage… Werewolves were very possessive for their mate and my Alpha blood was not helping too… Upon that Aryan was nagging me to come closer to her…


Don’t blame me for your hormone… Aryan growled in my mind…


Yeah right.. Who was nagging me to kiss her when she was asleep? I retorted back…


Whatever… I just wanted to feel my mate’s lips.. He answered…


Your mate!! I snorted, Dude, she don’t have a wolf.. She is human, in case you forgot…


Yet.. He answered smugly…

What do you mean? I asked confused..

But he blocked me out…  I sighed and finally saw we were in front of my house and saw the boys mind linked each other while our mates were preparing to leave…. Great.. Just great… Note the sarcasm..

“Can’t I go to all Alpha’s meeting with some peace?” I said in my Alpha voice… The boy’s turned and bowed their head in respect, “Alpha…” I nodded my head in acknowledgement… “I went to a meeting with my Beta and third in command and the middle of the meeting we got to know that our mates are trying to escape and I had to leave the meeting in middle…” I spoke up sternly…

“Sor-Sorry Alpha…” They bowed their head in shame… Good for them…

Then I noticed there bruised face.. For us, cuts healed faster than human and if their cuts were not healed that meant these were recent and that made me fear and worry… If I was thinking what had happened then it was not good… I hope that did not happened at all…

“What made you look like this?”  I asked managing to remain my Alpha voice hiding my worry… I suddenly heard a melodious giggle reached my ear making my head snapped to the direction only to see the angel of my life was giggling seeing the boys’ face… That means may be she did this? When her eyes made mine, her smile faded like she was afraid of me… Nuh, hu… I did not want her to afraid of me… One feeling I want from her was Love…

“You did this?” I asked in amu****t…

“Nope..” She answered popping the ‘p‘ I looked at amu****t as she gestured between Prisha and herself “We did this..” wah… What? Both of them defeated my three best fighters… Wow… That’s impressive…

“We defeated them in a fight and we are going home now…” and she started to walk away… Nuh hu sweetheart… You are not going anywhere… I quickly moved in front of her and pulled her by her waist “Uh hu… Not so soon smoochie pie..” Wait, from where the pet name came from? Hopefully she did not heard.. “you need to fight with me.. If you can defeat me, I will let you go… Same goes to Kinshuk and Prisha… ” I continued…

“Okay… Everything for freedom..” Khushi spoke up after looking at Prisha for a brief moment.. This made me hurt but quickly composed myself thinking she may not be thinking about ‘freedom’  when we told them the truth and got ready for the fight taking off my shirt… What? I cannot go fighting wearing my dress shirt…

I saw them communicate from few meters away and for keeping my ear to eavesdropping I mind linked Kinshuk, ‘You ready dude?’ His reply was instant, ‘I am always ready when it comes to my mate and especially when I get to fight with her se*y self…’I had to chuckle hearing this but agreed with him….

“Come on guys… Let’s start….” Kinshuk hollered for them and they hurried towards us… And the fight began…

So far Khushi was winning… Well, more like I let her winning… I had a plan and I wanted to use it in perfect time… “Wow… You are really defeating?” An amu****t filled all too familiar little voice came.. I groaned… Gosh… Why can’t he be some minute late…

But Khushi made the mistake to turn around and bang… I won the little battle… I quickly thanked the owner of the little voice mentally… nah… I would not going to thank him… It would be too much for me…

“Fine… you won… We lose…” Khushi spoke up gritting her teeth once I released her from my grasp… She ran towards Prisha whom Kinshuk already released from his grip, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” My Angel asked her… “No.. I am fine.. Are you alright?” Prisha asked.. “Yeah I am fine..” She assured… I am really proud of her… She already had the Luna quality… Always think about others….

“Chachu… You did not introduce me with my future chachi…” The devil whined beside me…What? Chachi!!

That sounds perfect… Aryan butted in…

 Shut up.. Do you want to die? I asked him rolling my eyes…

Why? He asked sounded too innocent..

Cause if she heard this she will definitely kill us.. Do you wanna die? I asked after explaining….

Nah.. I will pass… I am too young to die… He answered and I rolled my eyes…

My head whipped towards him and glared at him…He gave me a toothy grin… I sighed…. He always won me over with his smile from his childhood…

Khushi’s pov

Vanshu run towards us and hugged both of us tightly…. “We are sorry baby… We lose the fight…” I said sadly to her… “It’s okay didi….” She assured us.. But I still felt bad… “And we can always irritate them with our antics like we did with dadu and dadi….” Vanshu spoke up with a evil glint in her eyes… I chuckled at her… She was too genius for her own good…. “But unfortunately as we need to say here we want our cloths Khushi…” Prisha reminded me… “Yeah… Let’s talk to them about that…”

As we were approaching towards them I heard Arnav called for us… “What??” I gritted my teeth… In reply he rolled his eyes… HE FREAKING ROLLED HIS EYES… I cannot believe him…

“Meet my nephew Raunak.. Raunak, Khushi…” He introduced with the little boy who was the cause of my defeat… He might be around Vanshu’s age, 12 but even in this age he was almost my size.. Holly Broccoli… There must be something in the water and food…How can they be so freaking tall?

“Nice to meet you…” The boy told me… I smiled at him.. Though Arnav and his group of lunatics had kidnapped us… It’s not the little boys fault even though he made us defeat.. But it was unintentionally… Right?

“I would be saying same if I was not forcefully kidnapped here… But Nonetheless it always nice to meet good persons…” I answered glaring at Arnav and smiling sweetly at Raunak… In reply Raunak chuckled…

“Hey Raunak, meet Prisha…” Kinshuk butted in placing a hand on her waist and pulling her closer.. Prisha wiggled out of his grip after shoving him with her elbow in his ribcage earning a ‘ooofff’ from him… I giggled seeing this… Only I could do this to Arnav….

“And this is Vanshu… Khushi and Prisha’s sister…” Arnav’s voice brought me from my evil planning… When Raunak’s eyes landed in Vanshu who was hiding behind me I noticed some strange things…. His eyes flashed golden..

“Oh My God….” Prisha shriek in surprise… I guess she too noticed this… And she hided Vanshu behind him… As soon as she was hidden perfectly behind Prisha, Raunak’s perfect brown eyes became midnight black and he growled…

“Oh Sh!t…” I heard Arnav muttered and grabbed Raunak from behind and signaled Dev and Mehul to take him home… After they took Raunak away from us and Ved following them only Arnav, Kinshuk and the other guy whose name I still did not know, were left with us……

“If we need to stay, I think we as well as need to freshen up…” saying this me Vanshu and Prisha headed towards the house, the three boys were hot on our tails….

“I still can’t believe what just happened with Raunak…” Prisha exclaimed…

“Yeah… Eye color changed!!??? That’s strange..” I said..

“But that’s kind of cool… And seems like he is a good boy…” Vanshu butted in….        

That took us in surprise… Vanshu never I mean never ever butted in in our conversation… I looked at her with raised eyebrow and she looked away with a redden face… whoa.. What was that? I glanced at Prisha but she just shrugged….

“Well, Uh…” Someone cleared his throat from behind us making us turned around…

“What?” Prisha answered glaring at kinshuk but in reality the guy whom name we did not know cleared his throat….

“Will you going to speak?” I asked the guy…. “Uh... Well… uh… Not only Raunak, but we all can change our eye color..” He spoke up nervously… I did not understand what’s there to  nervous… Oh well, they were lunatics so they had to be nervous to talk to the normal people…

“Really?” Vanshu said in astonishment…. I just rolled my eyes seeing her excitement…. “Yeah… ” he answered..”

“Can you show me? Please? Please?” She practically was begging… Holly Broccoli… “Not now… When we feel a strong emotion then our eye color got changed…”  “Oh okay…” Vanshu pouted….

“Neil… That’s enough for one day…” Arnav growled beside him…

Holly Broccoli…. What’s his problem… “We should let you get freshen up…” Kinshuk spoke up and we all entered to the house…


After taking bath I wore the old clothes on mine… Gross I know… But there was no way I was going to wear my kidnapper’s clothes which he provided me… Nope..

I came from the room I was in to downstairs to the living room… Arnav, Kinshuk, Neil, Dev, Ved and Mehul were there with Prisha and Vanshu… Prisha was scowling to them while Vanshu looked at them with admiration… Wait… Admiration? What the heck… I huffed and came to there…  

“Let’s bring our clothes from home… ” I stated looking at Prisha…. She nodded and came stood beside me as both of us headed towards the front door….

I froze when I realized a hand sneak to my waist but relaxed when I felt burning chill… “What do you think you are going to Sweetheart?” Arnav’s husky voice came to my ears…

“Umm… Home..” I managed to utter without looking like a fool… “You are not going anywhere…” He growled…

“Look Mr… I am not going to wear this days old cloth and I am definitely not wearing your cloths…” As soon as I finished talking he again growled… I rolled my eyes… Did not he have anything better to do except growling…

“No…” I heard Kinshuk muttered beside Prisha while his head was buried in her neck… Was he sniffing her?

Talk about weirdness…

“SO WHAT DO YOU WANT TO US TO DO???? WALK AROUND WITHOUT CLOTHS?” Prisha practically screamed in Kinshuk’s ear… Poor him… He practically bolted away from her like she was a freaking bomb… I pity him…

Wait… Actually no… I don’t pity him… Serves him right for kidnapping us…

I noticed that even Arnav and other boys in the room also flinch at Prisha’s voice… Well, that’s weird too… She did not even shout that loudly to flinch at the voice… “What was that?” I asked confused…

“What?” Arnav asked cautiously..

“Why did you flinch in Prisha’s voice… She did not even that much loud…” I asked not trying to hide my curiosity..

“Well…. Uh… we kind of have …. Uh.. sensitive hearing….” He answered…

“Sensitive hearing like Dogs????” I thought out loud…

“Yeah… Yeah… Like dogs…” he answered relieved.. What’s there to relieve…  Who knows… I shrugged it off….

“Let’s go shopping….” Mehul exclaimed…. That’s a good idea…

“Let’s go…..” I, Prisha and vanshu exclaimed together in excitement..…. The boys rolled their eyes but did not say anything… Arnav and Kinshuk handed their credit card to us and Dev, Ved, and Mehul accompanied us to the mall….





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Dec 21, 2015

There are more lunatics!!!! (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 32 times)

Hi you lovely people *waves from behind a door*


Do not kill me… I can explain… I was ill and then I had exam and  I was too tense to write and then I was out of station and next there was a problem in my PC…


What? You still want to kill me? I have chocolates *bring out hands full of chocolate*


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There are more lunatics!!!!


Khushi’s Pov


I am done….


 I cannot do this anymore…


I quit…


It’s been hours and Prisha was still doing shopping… I really didn’t understand what she was buying.. We are with them just for some days and then we need one opportunity and then we are out of the place….


But I did not dare to stop her… If I tried to stop her she might kill me because she was a shopping freak….


When Prisha announced that she was done shopping for the day I breathed sigh of relief… I heard the boys exhaled deeply… Well, apparently I was not the only one who was exhausted…


After several hours and more than thirty shopping bags Dev or Ved grumbled, “I am hungry…” “Yup yup… Me too….” Ved or Dev told eagerly…


What! Don’t look at me that way… They were identical twin… I can’t really say who was who…


“Of course…  If one of you is hungry, the other too would feel the same…”  Mehul commented rolling his eyes….


“Hey…” was the twins protest but did not say anything farther as we entered the food court in the shopping mall…


We settled in a table and ordered our foods and waited…. The guys were ogling the passerby girls while we chatted…


“Well, well, well… If it’s not the Alpha’s mate…..” Someone said approaching towards our table…. The boys’ nose flared and they growled dangerously at the new comers… Looking at them anyone could say that they were enemies….


“What are you doing in our territory Rouge?” Mehul sneered at him standing up… Territory? What were they? Dog? I internally laughed…


“Oh nothing much…  Just passing by….” The Rouge guy answered smirking snapping me out of my thought.. Obviously lying… I narrowed my eyes..This guy and his followers’ appearances were screaming danger… And they were somewhat creepy… Not creepy like Arnav and gang… They were not this much creepy… These guys were much more creepy than that…


This made sense I hope…


Mehul and the twins growled dangerously at the Rouge guys and each of them grabbed our arms and dragged us with them to the car without listening our protests…


“What the bloody heck…” I screeched as soon as we were in the safety of the car… “Why you dragged us here?” Prisha asked obviously angrily… There was another fact about us, the Gupta sisters… We absolutely loved food… If anyone messed with our food or eating time without any valid reason then they should goodbye their happy days….. When we were in high school one boy decided that it would be funny to steal Prisha’s Tiffin and the next thing he knows that he was in hospital with a broken leg…. After that nobody disturbed our foods…


“Sorry… But we have to do this….” One of the twins replied guiltily..  “Why?” This time Vanshu demanded but they thought it was very good idea to ignore her making her scowled at them…


Soon we reached the house and there waited Arnav Kinshuk and Neil… As soon as the car stopped Arnav rushed towards the car door of my side and he ripped the door open and brought me to his chest inhaling deeply putting his head on my neck... This was happening too quick to let me even react… I looked at Prisha over Arnav’s shoulder and found her in the same position as mine in Kinshuk’s arm… She gave me a look asking what-the-hell-is-happening and I replied her negatively…


But I was determined to find out what the freaking heck was wrong with this people… They have something obviously wrong with them…



They growled which was not normal..


Their eye color got changed which was not normal either…


They were extremely large… over 6 feet or so which was not normal either in India…  


They shouted or growled the word ‘mine’ or ‘mate’…


They called Arnav Alpha…


They have Sensitive hearing …

They have sensitive hearing…


They are territorial…


I was ripped out of my inner thought hearing a loud growl… And found myself standing beside Arnav… Well, that was Arnav’s growl…


“What happened?” He asked… Power radiating off of him making the other boys hung their head in fear… “Rouge…” Mehul muttered still hanging his head…. A loud and vicious growl escaped from his chest but not only him this time Neil and Kinshuk also growled and instantly I was again pressed in Arnav’s rock hard chest….


Seriously… What’s wrong with this guy??????


After he finished hugging me he started to search to my body for god knows what… “Are you okay? They did not hurt you, do they?” He asked frantically… “No… They don’t-” before I could finish, I was again pressed to his chest… UGH…


“I am going to kill those idiots…” Arnav roared, his eyes turning black and dashed out to the forest and the others followed them leaving us alone….


Holly Broccoli… They were not lying when they told their eye color could change…


That was weird… Like, really weird….


“What just happened?” Prisha asked coming to my side equally shocked…


“No idea yaar…” I shrugged…


Suddenly Vanshu started to dance singing, “Then, then, then, get idea… Oh ho oh ho get idea… Aha aha get idea…” Making me and Prisha  rolled our eyes at her antic… We just started at her putting a blank face and when she was finally finished she asked, “How’s that?”


We continued to stare at her with blank face and it’s her time to roll her eyes… “Oh come on didis.. I saw this commercial and thought it would be nice place for using it… My idea is best na?” She asked…


She was sounding so hopeful but like a good elder sisters, we had to crash her false hope… “It was lame Vanshu…” Prisha replied…


“Gosh… You are no fun..” Vanshu commented…


Suddenly one idea came to my genius brain… We are alone… ALONE… Finally… We could be free… Finally Free…. Thank god….


I think Prisha too was thinking the same and we both looked at each other and ended up with a jaw breaking smile and we take Vanshu’s arms and sprinted towards the road…




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Jun 27, 2016

The mysterious Pain and strange dream (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 32 times)

The mysterious Pain and strange dream



Khushi’s POV


It seemed like the person up there does not like us very much… We just about went few feet but suddenly a sharp pain hit me in my left leg and shoulder making me collapse on the ground.. I looked at Prisha and Vanshu to make sure that they were okay but saw that Prisha was clutching her stomach and looking like she was in immense pain… Only Vanshu was fine and looked at us confused… That meant she was not in pain..


Thank God..


As soon as the pain came, it went but the impact made us breathless.. “You okay?” Prisha asked after she calmed her breath down…


“Yeah.. You?”


“I have been better..” She answered… I nodded not understanding what just happened…


“What just happened?” We asked in the same time…


“It feels like it’s not my pain but then this was here… I don’t know, I am really confused…” She muttered…


“Hmm… Look..” I show her my shoulder and leg, both woundless, “nothing happened in there but feeling the pain it should obviously start bleeding…” I shrugged…


After sometime we tried to stand up… Key word: Tried.. But again collapsed on the ground making me groan…


Looked like GOD did not want us leave and our plan just backfired…






After mindlessly sitting on the side of the road, thank god no vehicle or people came in this way, we finally able to stand up… The sun was descending and the sky was now pink, yellow and orange color making it looks like it was straight from a page of a fairytale… I was looking at the sky thinking nothing when I heard a commotion coming from the house, well when I looked at it, it was as huge as a mansion…  


A large man in white coat rushed out of the house followed but 3 more people similar, dressed in white coat, looking like doctors and all of them went towards the woods where Arnav and gang disappeared…


That reminded me, where are they? It’s been hours that they disappeared… I don’t know about Prisha but I sort of kinda missed him… His those chocolate brown eyes, that husky voice, those brownish-black hair, those pink li-


Stop Khushi. He was your captor. You are not supposed to think like this about him. Sighing I closed my eyes and leaned back against a tree.


Arnav was sitting on a chair and in front of him had a huge table. His face was practically buried in his laptop. “Arnav this is not fair.” I said bursting through the door. His head snapped in my direction and seeing that it was me, his eyes soften and his lips craved a smile.


“What is not fair, love?” He asked softly extending his one hand towards me and pushed away his laptop and made me sit on his lap when I took his hand.


“This. This is not fair. You are always working and do not even let me help” I pouted.


He groaned, “I don’t want you to stress yourself.”


And kissed me on my pouted lip which was supposed to be a peck but it became much more intense. Arnav pulled, bit, sucked my lips and I did the same with his. His mouth started to trail down from my jaw to my shoulder leaving open mouthed kisses making me moaned his name. His hands started wandering on my body and finally rested on my huge stomach.


His mouth started to bit, sucked, licked the skin of my shoulder making me a moaning mess and I am sure it would leave several hickeys. But I did not care. I too let my hands wander on his torso. I rubbed my hands on his hair, back, and my favorite six packs.  I slid my hand under his shirt making him groan and he detached his mouth from my skin only to discard his shirt over his head and again his mouth came on me. He started to tug on my shirt when a kick from my stomach make me gasp in sudden pain which broke us apart.


“What’s wrong, love?” Arnav asked frowning. I broke into a huge smile and placed his hand on my stomach where I experienced the kick. And as soon as Arnav’s palm touch my stomach another kick happened. Arnav too broke into a huge smile.


“My little girl kicks for the first time.” He all but shouted in glee making me chuckle.


“Nah. My  little boy kicks.” I teased Arnav.


“Love, I know you love just to rile me up. But I know our baby will be papa’s little angel.” Arnav told.


“No sweetheart. Our baby will be mamma’s little man.” I winked grinning.


“We will see that.” He told me closing the gap between our mouth but the kiss never happened as we experienced another kick making us chuckle.


“Seems like this little us don’t want to experience anymore kissing between mamma and papa.” Arnav told pouting.


I giggled, “I love you Arnav.” I said placing my head on his neck.


“Love you more Khushi ” He said kissing my temple and we experienced yet another kick from our baby.


My eyes flew open. Gasping in the air I straighten up against the stree. I looked at Prisha and vanshu and found them staring at the horizon.


Then I remembered my dream. What the actual broccoli. I love Arnav? We are making out on his office? We are having a baby together? This was impossible. Just impossible. This can’t be happening.  I didn’t love Arnav let alone having baby?


Shaking my head I tried to get rid of the picture from my dream. This was just a dream Khushi. Just a dream.


Yup. This was just a dream. I would not think about this.


“You are awake now.” Prisha’s voice broke me out of my thought.


“Yeah. What happened?” I asked when I see the troubled expression on her face.


“I saw a dream.” She spoke up making my eyes grow wide.


“You too?” I asked


“What do you mean by you too?” She then realized, “That means you too?” I nodded in agreement.


“What did you see?” I asked out of curiosity. She blushed.


Woah. That’s new. She never blushed. Never ever.  It made me more curious.


“Okay. Forget that. ” I started feigned uninterested. “I saw that I was in Arnav’s office, making out with him and already pregnant.” I told her leaving out the details. I      this art for Prisha.  If she did not want to say anything , you should feigned uninterest about that matter but you should tell something related to this and she would blurt out hers.


“I saw that Kinshuk was proposing me for marriage and I said yes then we were making out.” She all but blurted out.


See what I meant?


“What does that mean? The dream?” She asked.


“I don’t know. Just forget that. It’s just a dream” I think. I added mentally.


Prisha’s reply was cut off when we see people pouring out of the woods. All half naked. Only wearing  pants or shorts. All were guys ofcourse. They were carrying unconscious Arnav and Kinshuk. Arnav was injured in his left leg and shoulder and Kinshuk was injured in his stomach. The same spots where we felt the pain. The injuries were like some wild animals had attacked them. They carried them to another building which I did not notice earlier. It looked like some hospital.


Without thinking anything we rushed towards the hospital building. There they already put them in two different rooms. I stood there in front of a room where Neil was standing looking ashen.


“What happened?” I asked. My heart was beating over board. I think Neil could hear the beating of my heart.


“Alp- I mean Arnav and Kinshuk was attacked from behind and till we reached the location they were already half conscious” Neil replied.


I nodded and about to asked ‘attacked’ by who but the doctors came out from Arnav’s hospital room.


Neil straighten up and looked at the doctor with so much hope looking a child. “How is he?” He asked choking on his own words.


“His wo-” He started but his eyes glazed over and after a few minutes he nodded and I saw Neil too nodded his head. What was that?


“He is healing. He will be conscious in a few hours.” He said to me. I nodded and asked, “Can- can I see him?” I asked.


“Yeah sure.” The doctor permitted.


That time Kinshuk’s doctor came out with a grim look on his face. “How is he Doc?” Neil asked again


“His internal organs are damaged. But he is healing and Kalyan too making an effort to make the healing process faster.” The doctor said,  “Hopefully he will be awake in a few days” And went to a room I assumed his office.


“Who is Kalyan?” asked Prisha beside me.


“I think Kalyan is a doctor.” I answered.


“I am going to see Arnav.” I said and she nodded telling me she too was going to see Kinshuk.


After telling Vanshu to stay with Neil I went to Arnav’s hospital room. And looking at Arnav lying on the white bed, some wires were attached to his hands my tears started to fall freely.



Okay that’s all for now.


So yeah. I finally am back from my mini vacation outside MeD. I had a huge writers block and some personal problem. I hope you will like this update.


Will be back soon with another one..


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Oct 19, 2016

Strange discovery (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 25 times)

                                                                         Strange discovery


Khushi’s pov


Why on earth I am crying?


This thought was on my head as I vigorously wept the tears from my cheek but no use. Again my cheek got wet from my tears. I think I should be grateful to whoever made him in this condition. But all I was feeling was anger. For whom? I did not even freaking know. I gingerly took his limp hand in my hand and felt the familiar spark.


Looking at Arnav’s unconscious body I started to observe him. He was looking like he was sleeping. Like a baby. He looked so innocent. No trait for being a kidnapper. Black hair, perfect eyebrows, long eye lashes touching his cheekbone,  strong jaw line, pink lips which was by the way looking so soft, slightly crooked nose like he had gotten numerous fights and broke his nose. I could see even over the hospital gown, he had muscle. I would not be surprise if he had six or eight pack.All in all he was quite handsome.


 I think I am starting to like him.




Did I just say that?


I think I did.


Which was by the way not true. Okay?


And then I noticed his chocolate brown orbs. His eyes were so intense that I got the feeling that he was peering in my soul.




He was unconscious or sleeping or whatever but his eyes were closed how come they were open now?


Don’t tell me he was awake and I am caught checking him out.


He might be seen the realization in my face and smirked. “Hello there candy. Did you miss me?” He spoke in a husky voice making me shiver.


Really? He just came back from death and he was flirting with me? I looked at him flatly.


“Oooohhh… I know you missed me. That’s why you are crying for me.” He drawned.


Crying? I brought my hands in my cheeks and sure enough my dried tears were there. Traitors.


“I am not crying. My eyes were just sweating” was my pathetic reply. Amu****t filled his eyes and he started to chuckle and soon the chuckle became laughter, full belly laughter. I looked at him mesmerized seeing him laughing like that. He looked like he became few years younger. I could live my whole life hearing and watching his laugh…




What was that thought come from?


I waited for him to stop laughing and when he actually stopped I said him ‘bye’ and headed to the door.


“Khushi wait…” He called out and when I turned around my eyes went wide as I saw him just inches away from me


Woah.. When did he actually get out of the hospital bed? And when did he move? I did not hear him.


“I am sorry” He spoke up.


“Freaking right. You should be sorry for kidnapping us.” I thought.


“Yeah I know.” He replied.


“Did I just say that aloud?” I thought again.


“Yes yes you did..” He again replied.


“Then you are going to release us?” This time I actually asked  him narrowing my eyes.


“I.. um.. ah… um..Even if I want but I cannot…” He said stuttering.


“What do you mean?” I asked in curiosity.


Arnav looked like he was debating with himself. He looked torn. I watched him curiously as he finally shook his head and in a blink he was in front of me and I felt his lips on me… Sparks exploded my entire being.


Holly Broccoli.


He was kissing me.


Arnav, the kidnapper was kissing me.


  And I was loving it.


After few seconds I came back to my senses and withdrew from him, punched him on the face and flew from there. In my haste I did not see where I was going and found myself in a meadow. A creek was flowing in the middle of the meadow and then went straight down making a little waterfall. The fresh smell of the nature and the sound of waterfall made my nerves calmed down.


Water always seemed to affect my mood. It helped calmed me down. For Prisha it was fire. Fire affected her mood.. That’s why she was always the one with cooking. It made her as cool as a cucumber.  


I sat down on the edge of the creek closing my eyes and leaned on the bid tree nearby. This scenery seemed too familiar to me. But I could not just put my finger in it. It brought the feel of home. But the home we knew was the jungle of concrete. We lived at the main town in Delhi with Dadu and dadi where you could not find any tress of wood. Perhaps it’s where our family lived? But We did not have any memories of our family. We did not know what our parents looked like. Do we have brothers? We even did not know our parents’ names. I only knew that they abandoned us. And after pondering upon many reasons I concluded that perhaps it’s because we were girls. And They did not want any girl in their family. And That’s why I hate them so much.


“Hello princess” A squeaky voice spoke up right above me making me stiffen.


Opening my eyes I looked up and see a chipmunk was looking at me with its adorable eyes. Looking around me I saw no one that’s made me confused.


“I am talking to you princess.” That chipmunk said again.


“Me?” I asked pointing my index finger at me.


“Yes yes princess” It broke into a grin and bowed.


“How do you talk like a human?” I voiced my curiosity.


“Oh you totally misunderstood Princess. I do not talk like a human. You can understand our language.” It said making me want to roll my eyes. It was not real. It had to be unrealistic. I couldn’t just understand animal language out of blue.


As if the chipmunk understood what I was thinking it smiled mischievously  which looked totally creepy in its chipmunky face and said, “You will soon understand my princess.. Very soon.” And went up the tree from where it came.


“Hey wait..” I called out making it stop and looked over its shoulder. “What’s your name?” I asked.


“Rocky” he replied and went out from my site.


Thinking I was dreaming I pinched my hand the stinging sensation brought reality crushing down. I really just talk to a chipmunk. I understood language of an animal.


Holly Broccoli.


I think I am going crazy.


No……. I can’t be crazy. There were people out there who could understand animal language.. Right?




With a new found determination I tried to apply the new found revelation to other people or animal or whatever.


Suddenly I heard a painful groan from my left and went to see what’s that. And the site I see making me almost tear up in tears. A child deer had trapped under a log and the mother deer was crying trying to convince her child that he will be okay while trying desperately to move the log.


“It’s okay my child. I’ll move the log in no minute and then we can go to home.” She said.


I rushed to their side and without much difficulty move the log from the child deer and the child huffed in relief and rushed to his mother’s side.


The mother deer smiled at me greatfully and said, “Thank you princess. I’ll always be grateful to you.”


I smiled at her not knowing what to say in reply, “What’s your name?” I asked.


“Shirsha” She replied, “And this is my son Anand”


I nodded my head and the excused themselves. After that I talked to a bunny, a monkey and a snake. I am happy to discover this quality of mine. But I did not understand why they were all referring me as princess. I guess I’ll come to know soon as Rocky said.


Finally the day’s event took troll on me and sleep overtook my being…..





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I’ll try to update more often..


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Apr 2, 2017

Aryan, the big cute wolfie (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 76 times)

Aryan, the big cute wolfie

Khushi’s POV


*nudge* *nudge* *nudge *


“Five more minutes Prish.” I said groggily rolling over to the other side.


*nudge* *nudge* *nudge *


Not Again. Why she did not want me to sleep peacefully.


*nudge* *nudge* *nudge *


I swatted her hands away but when I touched her I felt a snout and the burning chill I always got whenever I touched Arnav.




Was it Arnav who was trying to get me up from my lovely sleep?


But he did not have a snout like a dog.


Then who on earth was trying to wake me up? 


*nudge* *nudge* *nudge *


Groaning I rolled over to become face to face whoever was making the crime of trying to wake me up. I just slept for broccoli’s sake.


I opened one eye to look at the person but when I saw who was trying to wake me up made me immediately open my other eye and I sat up hastily. All the sleepiness had long gone.


It’s a wolf. Not any normal wolf. It’s a huge wolf, with soft pure black fur, well at least I thought it’s soft, brown eyes, black snout.


A startled scream came from somewhere and the wolf whined lowering its head that’s when I realized I was the one who was screaming and closed my mouth shut and scrambled backward. The wolf again whined and looked at me like I had hurt it. It lowered its head and sat down in front of me with its head on its paws and started to watch me cautiously.


“You are a good wolf. You don’t want to eat me, a helpless human. Now shoo shoo.” I knew it was a dumb move to talk and giving ideas to the wolf’s head but I still tried. A girl had to do anything to stay alive. Right?


The wolf whined again. And looking at its eyes I saw amu****t flickering in it. Woah. Was that even possible? Could a wolf be amused? And in reply it gave me a wolfish grin. Aww it’s so cute.


“Awww. You are so cute Wolfie ji.” I cooed and it playfully growled at me. I knew it was playfully as I saw the amu****t and playfulness in its eyes.


“What? Don’t you like your name?” I asked in reply it shook its head like he could understand me.


Wait a minute. It COULD understand me. Not long ago I talked to some animals. Yup.. I could try that.


“Can you talk? What’s your name?” I asked.


It looked at me like if it was a human it would raise an eyebrow at me. I rolled my eyes. “Just answer.” It shook its head.


Okay. So it could not talk.


“Then I’ll name you” I said gleefully rubbing my palms together. It again grinned at me if it’s even possible.


“Are you a male wolf?” I asked. It nodded confirming.


So it’s a male wolf. My brain was whirling thinking  possible names for a male wolf.


“Yes. I got it.” I told him and he nodded like he was encouraging me.


“Bullet” He shook his head.


“Dinky” He again shook his head.
















“Doggie Do”


By the time I finished the names he looked like he was disgusted and would throw up anytime and I understood that he did not like the names.


“So you did not like the names. I’ll try with hindi names. Okay?”






















By the time I finished I heard a growl and he started jumping around yipping and waving his tail.


“You like the name Aryan?” I asked.


He nodded and growled again.


Aryan looked happy and relieved for some reason. I understood about his happiness but relieved? Why was he relieved? I shrugged my shoulders not knowing the answer.


After Aryan was done with his victory dance he sat in front of me and started to watch me. Looking at his brown eyes I feel like drowning in them. They looked so familiar. Just like Arnav’s, like I am looking at Arnav’s eyes. But that’s not possible. I must be going crazy. If Arnav heard that I was seeing his eyes in a wolf he would definitely kill me.


Arnav’s angry red face and smoke coming out of his ears suddenly flashed in my mind leaving me a fit of giggles. Aryan looked at me with his curious eyes. When I finally able to stop my laughing fit I sat still and looked at him bringing my hand behind his ear to rub and the familiar burning chill erupted through my hand in my body making me shiver.


For some odd reason I feel safe with him. Like, nothing could harm me if this wolf was with me. Like, he would protect me from anything with his life. I was feeling like I could share anything with him and he will listen without judging me.


“You know Aryan,” And words started to spread out of my mouth which I had no control over, “I am kidnapped with my cousins by some people around here. My kidnapper’s name is Arnav or Alpha, I am not exactly sure. They called him with both names. That sounds crazy and unbelievable. My cousins, Prisha and Vanshu are kidnapped by his crazy friends. I tried to hate them for snatching our life out of us but I could do that. I promise, I tried, I tried really hard. Whenever he touched me I felt this weird burning chill running through my body and his eyes were like looking through my soul. But that’s not the reason. They did not really capture us and put us in some dungeon like some of the kidnapper would do. They even let us go to shopping with their credit cards. Can you believe it? What type of crazy persons could do that to their captors?” I chuckled rubbing my hand on his muzzle but I wasn’t finished yet.


“But that’s not the reason either. I guess I can’t hate them because they brought us from a life of loneliness. Yeah we have each other but it’s not the same with other people around. After our parents abandoned us….. ” I swallowed blinking back tears, “We became lonely. Yeah, we had dadu and dadi but they were like some strangers to us. Yeah we knew that they loved us but sometimes I felt like they were under some spell. They ought to love us. After these strange people kidnapped us and brought us in this wood I feel like I belong here.”


A sound like snapping twig brought me back from whatever trance I was before. Looking at Aryan I saw he was giving me most sorrowful face a wolf could master. “Oh don’t be sad Mr. Aryan.” I joked “But if you will tell Arnav or anyone I’ll personally kill you.” I laughed joking at my own jokes. But seeing Aryan’s sheepish and guilty expression I thought he was gonna say someone as he couldnot already tell anything to anyone as he was with me all the time during my sob story. But I knew I could not harm this little… er… huge cute thing.


Suddenly he started to nudge me and I frowned. What on earth he wanted now? When I did not move he started to nudge me again looking at me with an expected look.




He again nudged me and then looked at the sky. I followed his gaze and looked at the sky I saw that the sun was about to set and it’s getting dark. I hurriedly stood up and Aryan nudged me again and I started to walk while he walked beside me. Whenever I would stand and decided in which way to go he would nudge me again and would lead the path. When I was in front of the house he stopped which made me stopped to. The white colored house was looking like a mixer of red, orange, yellow setting a dreamy look around it.


I was  mesmerized seeing the view infront of me. The red-orange-yellowish hue was started to change and it became green, blue, indigo and violet and the violet started to getting dark and finally it became black as the sun finally set.


“It was amazing is it not?” I asked Aryan but I got no answer. When I looked at my left side where he was standind a few minutes ago, it was empty.


He was gone.


Shaking my head I started to walk towards the house and when I was near enough I saw a dark figure entered to the house making me narrow my eyes.


One thief  had entered the house and I was about to rescue our kidnappers’ possessions. Smirking I carefully followed the thief to the house. It’s time to became a hero and be freed..






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Dec 12

Demands of Vampire princesses (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 18 times)

                Demands of Vampire princesses


Khushi’s POV


As I was tiptoeing and following the thief, I saw him went towards the kitchen and I silently followed him. The house was dark and I could only see his silhouette in the moonlight which was coming from the open windows. He turned to the gas-oven and ………. started cutting carrot???


Why on broccoli he would cook when he came to steal?


Shrugging, my eyes darted around the room and I saw the weapon I could attack him with. I grabbed the cricket bat I saw from behind the door and tiptoed behind him, well, I thought I went behind him and when I saw there was no one.


What the actual broccoli?                                                              


Where was the thief?                                                                                                                                                       



Arnav’s POV


Wow!!! That kiss was amazing. I couldn’t really believe I kissed Khushi. I didn’t know what came over me to kiss her. Aryan was quiet all the time as he was healing from the attack.


Bloody hell. Those Rouges had attacked us from behind. Thank Goddess for Neil and my other wolves to come on time and helped I and Kinshuk to finish them. After that I didn’t remember much and when I opened my eyes I was in the pack hospital and Khushi was crying.


Something snapped in me and I kissed her to take her pain away which didn’t really help though…


Did you know why?


She gave me pain and ran away.


No. Not in an emotional way.


She punched me. On the nose. That bloody hurts.


After the few seconds the pain got away and I felt so much proud of my girl.


She could deliver a punch.


A stupid grin came up to my lips.


Stop smiling stupid human. Follow mate..’ And ofcourse the wolf is back.


Rolling my eyes at Aryan’s comment I decided to obey his advice and started to follow Khushi’s scent. Due to my werewolf sense of smell I could find her easily. Coming out of the hospital room I was in, I found Neil with a worried expression with Vanshu who was looking weirdly at the exit door.


He must have smelled me as Neil’s eyes snapped to me and he sighed in relief.


“Arnav…” He hugged me, “Thank goddess.. You are fine.” I patted his back and he released me.


I didn’t realize a tiny fist was attacking my back until Neil’s eyes rounded like a football. Noticing that I whirled around and the fist landed on my stomach. I smoothly caught Vanshu’s fist to stop her from punching me.


 “You stupid stupid man. What have you done to my Khushi didi? I called her but she did not respond and ran out of the door. AND SHE NEVER EVER IGNORED ME.” She screamed. Thank goddess the hospital rooms were soundproof or else every patient would be deaf by now. “If I found you did anything to her, I will finish you ” After screaming she finished her sentence with a very serious calm expression.


I had a really hard time containing my laughter seeing her innocent  baby like face threatening me . Me. The world’s most feared Alpha. But I dared not to laugh and nodded my head.


Then sat on my knee to make eye contact with her and told her seriously, “I will never ever hurt her.” She merely nodded her head and as I came back to my feet she made a motion with her pointer finger and middle finger bringing  them to her eyes and them pointed them to me as if to tell, “I am watching you.”


Alpha” Neil’s voice sounded in my head as he mind linked. My attention immediately was on him as he only called me ‘Alpha’ when it was something related to the pack and serious.


 “There was a commotion in east border. Some rogues were there trying to walk past the patrol. They are demanding to see you.” He told me.


An earth shattering growl was threatening to come out of my throat but I tried to suppress it as I did not want to scare Vanshu.


That bloody rogues.. Gritting my teeth I nodded and went out of the hospital and to the woods.  Shifting in my wolf I ran to the east boarder of my pack and saw there were 4 people, two males, one female and a child, trying to talk to my guards who were glaring at them.


I went behind a tree and put some clothes on me after shifting in my human form before coming back to face the rouges. Yes we had put plenty of clothes throughout the woods as there would be anytime we needed shifting.


“What’s going on here?” I growled out as soon as I reached them.


“ Alpha Raizada” one of the male wolf said and bowed followed by the other two. My brows shoot upwards seeing them respecting me, an Alpha. Rouges are basically the wolves that did not belong to any pack. They did not obey pack rules. Some were dangerous and cruel.


“Yes” I nodded, “Why are you asking to see me?”


“Alpha, I am Keshav. This is my brother Raghav” he pointed to the other male. “That is my wife Radha and our daughter Alisha.” He then pointed to the female and the child in her arm. I nodded at them whilst they bowed their head at me in respect.  “We have something important to inform you”  Keshav said. I nodded. Let’s listen what this something important really was.


“Can we talk alone?” The rouge had the nerve to say that.


I looked at the guards and they went away from there. No way in hell I was going to allow them to enter in my territory.


Crossing my arm over my chest I looked at the rouges and that was their signal to start to speak.


“I know why the rouges attacked your pack.” As soon as words left his mouth, Aryan growled viciously. He was completely healed now and started pacing inside me. My eyes darken and I glared at them.


“Why?” I growled out. They gulped nervously and looked at the surrounding. “WHY?” I thundered making them kneel down on the ground by the power of my Alpha tone.


“Please calm down Alpha” The younger male, Raghav said in whisper. The child in the woman’s arm started to cry. But I was nowhere near calming down. Aryan tried to come forward but hearing the child’s cry I pushed him back.


“Speak” I ordered gritting my teeth.


“Alpha, they are here for the vampire princesses.” Keshav spoke up.


Vampire princesses?


As far as I knew there were no vampire princesses in the world. Was I missing something?


Dad” I mind linked my father for the confirmation of the news.


Yes son” he replied back.


Dad, do you know if there were any vampire princesses ?” I asked


Vampire princesses?” Dad paused, “As far as I know, No. But wait…. Let me check with your mom.” He said.


Yeah… Mom would know.


She was best friend with the Vampire queen.


Son,” Dad again mind linked me, “Your mom too did not know about any vampire princess.


I sigh. “Okay dad


But what’s the matter Arnav? Why sudden queries about any vampire princess?” Dad asked.


I will tell you in person. Gotta go.” With that I cut the mind linked and focused my eyes on the rogues in front of me.


“There is no vampire princess.” I said glaring at them for misleading me.


“I do not know Alpha. We were passing there hide outs when Radha heard them talking about vampire princesses and taking them from the Majestic pack territory. She informed me about this and we decided to inform you to protect them.” Keshav told.


I searched his face and listened his heartbeat for any sign of lying but found none. I then turned at the she-wolf, Radha and asked, “What did you heard exactly?”


“I was hunting when I heard the leader was shouting that the vampire princesses will destroy them according to the prophecy. So they have to find them and destroy them before they can. According to the leader the vampire princesses are in your territory and under your protection. ” the she-wolf answered in whisper.


The f*ck they were. I scowled. I did not even know any vampire princess how can I protect them? F*cking ridiculous.


Then suddenly I remember about some prophecy the female was talking about. I frowned.


“What prophecy?” I asked


“I don’t know Alpha..” They said.


I sigh.


“So what do you want in exchange of the information?” I asked as I know they did not come here to just protect the vampire princesses. I still did not believe in any vampire princess.


They gulped and looked down on the ground.


“We want to join your pack Alpha.” Keshav said.


Gritting my teeth I nodded. I could do that. But… “You can stay in the pack territory but my eyes will always be on you. One wrong move and you are dead and if you prove you’re worthy then I can decide you joining the pack.” I said menacingly.


They nodded their head in understanding.


I called three of my warriors, two males and one female to guard them 24/7.


I went from there after ordering them about their duties to search of my beautiful mate who after hitting me ran away.


I chuckled. It surely seemed like hit and run case.


As I started to run in my wolf form towards the pack house my mate’s scent hit me from the north part of my territory so basically like a whipped wolf I started to follow her scent and found her after 16 to 17 minutes of running in the woods. She was sleeping under a tree. She was looking so cute sleeping under the tree and like a perverted creep I stared at her.


Arnav Singh Raizada, where are you?” Mom’s voice in my head broke my trance and I wince ‘coz she used my full name and she only used my full name when she was angry..


Uh hu….


I am in the North side of the territory.” I replied whilst thinking why on earth she was angry now.


Why on freaking earth YOU DID NOT TELL ME THAT YOU FOUND YOUR MATE?” Now she was shouting.


Double Uh-Hu..


How did you find out?” I replied sighing.


Rounak” That was all she said.


That little piece of sh!t.


Uh.. Mom.. She is human…


Then how come she was with you?” She asked.


Triple Uh Hu..


Uh.. Mom.. Uh.. She… I…” I stammered….


Tell me you did not kidnap her.” She asked sighing.


I could not say anything. She was my mother and if I lied to her she would definitely catch my lie and then she would go all wolf on me.


I heard her sigh again through the mind link.


Like father like son.” I heard her thinking.


And that got my attention.


What?” I asked.


Dad kidnapped mom? That’s new. I never knew about that.


That’s a story for another day. Come home soon. It’s about to get dark.” And with that she cut the mind link.


Rolling my eyes at my mom I nudged Khushi and she thought I was Prisha. I again nudged her and when she finally opened her eyes she screamed. Aryan whined thinking our mate was scared of him. But after sometime she stopped and the she started to talk gibberish. Like I wanted to eat her. I snorted inwardly. She must have seen amu****t in my eyes as she stared cooing then and there.


She wanted me to talk and asked my name like she would understand me.


When I answered negatively she started giving me some stupid and weird name. I never ever going to let her name our future children. She had some weird imagination.


And when she finally uttered the name “Aryan” , Aryan started to dance like a idiot he was. She must have seen something in my face and then started to speak her heart out. Her life was not easy. They were abandoned by their parents but I think there must be a reason behind the abandonment. No parents can just abandon their children like that. But I did not meet them so I could not be sure.


Not knowing what to do I nudge her to stand up and when she did I started to push her towards the pack house.


She was awed at the scene displaying in front of her on the pack house when the sun was finally setting and I slowly went away from there. Shifting to my human form I slowly entered to the pack house and went to kitchen.




I was hungry.


Don’t judge.


While cutting the carrot I smell Khushi.


What she was doing sneaking on me like that?


I turned slowly and saw her tip toeing towards the door.


What on earth she was doing?


Using my werewolf speed I went right behind her and followed her movement she grabbed the cricket bat behind the door and she went where I was before in the kitchen.


Was she planned to attack me?


Then I heard her.


Where was the thief?  She thought out loud.


“Are you looking for me sweetheart?” I whispered right beside her  ear. she turned around and screaming she stroke  the bat right on my nose.


F*cking hell… Not my nose againg.


It started to bleed and when she saw it was not any thief she stared at me with wide eyes. The pain in my nose started to fade for my werewolf healing power and the bleeding too stop.


Khushi’s eyes wide in horror. And her eyes rolled back and she collapsed. Before she hit the floor took her in my arms.





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