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Mar 2, 2012

OS: TILL THE END (By Samantha)

The third and final Part.

Arnav- "Ok, My Jalebi Bai. I leave you with this." The scene changed into a very young Arnav holding the cam in one hand and pulling Khushi towards him and kissing her passionately. Next minute, the scene then changed to an Old Arnav and Khushi, all wrinkled and white haired and in the similar manner kissing each other with the same fervour and excitement.

Tears rolled down Khushi's eyes, who suddenly felt very lonely. She closed her eyes and lay down on the bed as she recollected that fateful day, five years ago, the last time she was with Arnav.

It was 10:00 p.m. Everyone had settled back into their respective rooms after Dinner. Arnav had invited his children and their family for a get together last week. Tomorrow, they would all leave back to their homes.

Khushi entered the room to find Arnav lying on the bed. He smiled at her and she went and sat beside him.

Arnav- "It's time we talked."

Khushi- "About what Arnav?" she enquired caressing his wrinkled forehead.

Arnav- "I have a feeling."

Khushi- "What feeling?"

Arnav- "That today will be my last day and tomorrow I won't be alive."

Khushi- "What are you saying? That's rubbish. There's nothing like that. And I don't want you to die so fast. As much as I hate you and fight with you, I love you the same way." She said unable to grasp what he was saying.

Arnav-"Do you remember the day before Nani died? She too had said the same thing. At that time, even I reacted in a similar way like you. But today, I think I understand what she meant. And I'm hundred percent sure about this."

Tears started to roll down her eyes. "Stop saying like that! You will be fine tomorrow, laughing and making fun of my white hair and wrinkles."

Arnav- "But Khushi this is serious. My health has been deteriorating for the past few weeks. Doctors said that Diabetes is slowly affecting my health. There's nothing that can be done about it. And I'm a 70 year old man now. I don't think the world needs me anymore."

Khushi- "But I need you Lard Governor. I need you." She couldn't stop her tears. He cupped her cheeks and wiped away her tears with his thumbs.

Arnav- "Let's not argue about this. Now this dying man has certain wishes. Will you fulfil it my Jalebi Bai?" he said winking his eye.

Khushi- "What?" she asked him in a soft voice.

Arnav- " The old man here wants you to stop crying first. Otherwise he is going to push you and pin you against that wall." Hearing this Khushi burst into laughter and stopped crying.

Khushi- "I will stop crying but the old woman here wants to have some action and be pinned to the wall just like old times."

Arnav-" Is it?" he said as he slowly got up from the bed and stood up. "But the old man here doesn't have the strength anymore to shove you up against a wall." He said smirking at his wife.

Khushi- "It's ok. I will pretend you pinned me." Saying so she held his hand and led him to a wall where she placed her back on the wall and pulled Arnav towards herself and placed his arms on either sides of her shoulders. "Just like old times." She said.

Arnav- "Just like old times." It was then, Arnav noticed the cam on the table beside and switched it on. "My next wish is to kiss those luscious lips of yours." Khushi couldn't stop herself from blushing feeling his face very near to hers.

Khushi '" Your wish is granted," she said before she pulled Arnav's collar and passionately kissed him, the camera recording their last kiss ever.

Arnav quickly broke off the kiss to grasp for breath. "Damn! Old age sucks! I need fresh air. I'm suffocating." Khushi couldn't stop herself from laughing.

Khushi- "Any more wishes left?"

Arnav- "You know I was thinking that maybe we could get some action on the bed. But then I know that you don't find me appealing anymore. My six pack abs have been replaced with a huge belly." He said anticipating her reaction.

Khushi- "Oh no Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! I think that you are still hot and sexy for me." She said embracing her husband.

Arnav-"But you aren't hot for me. I think Mrs. Chadda is hot. She still has black hair and slim figure unlike you despite being of same age."

Khushi- "Who Chadda? That female at the park who colours her hair with fake dyes. She's hot? Haw.. Arrnaavvv. I had doubts you were eyeing that woman in the park." Saying so she started hitting his shoulders, opening her lips in a wide O.

Arnav was grinning like a fool seeing her reaction. "I don't think you are hot. I think you are beautiful." He whispered into her ears as he pulled her into a big bear hug. Then he continued.

Arnav-" Actually I have something for you. But before that give me 15 minutes." He went to his laptop and connected the handy cam and got busy with it. After finishing his work, he handed over a DVD to her. "This is for you. Something to entertain you. Watch it when you are bored and missing me."

He then went towards the drawer and took out a box and gave it to Khushi. She opened it to reveal red bangles, similar to the ones she had first received from him years ago. "When I'm gone, I want you to wear this. That way whenever you feel lonely and miss me, just wear them and I will be present around you. And over there, by the window, I have hanged a chime. So whenever I miss you and around you, you will hear the chimes ringing. This way we can still be connected with each other."

Khushi- "Nice idea Arnav, but I'm sure we won't need it. But thanks for these lovely bangles. And now for some action." She winked and pushed him down on the bed.

Arnav-"Oww... Khushi! I'm not that young Arnav anymore to get wild with."

Khushi- "Sorry Arnav!" she giggled.

Arnav-"You know Actually I feel very weak. I don't have any strength left in me."

Khushi- "it's ok Lard Governor. I can be on the top." She said caressing his cheeks.

Arnav- "I'm serious Khushi. Do you want to kill this old man?" he said laughing out loudly.

Khushi slowly slid beside him on the bed and settled her head on his chest, feeling the warm heart beating inside, entwining her legs with his.

Arnav- "Khushi, I remember how hard it was for us when we first began together. Our contract marriage and all that," he sighed regretting those old times. "I know that I have wronged and hurt you a lot. I shattered your plans of your ideal wedding. But every single day, after our misunderstandings were cleared, I made sure that you had the best possible life. I tried my best to be a good husband to you, a good father to our children. I don't know how much successful I was in it, but believe me, I gave my best to you." He said caressing her back, feeling her warmth on his ailing body.

Arnav-"Now I want to die in your arms just like this, feeling safe and comfortable and not worried or afraid about anything."

Khushi- "But I still feel that you are not going to die today Arnav. Trust me!" But he closed his eyes coz he knew this time he was right.

Arnav-" When I'm gone, don't be afraid and feel lonely. I'm sure our kids will take care of you. Even though they irritate and fight with you a lot, I can bet you that they love you more than me."

Khushi- "Yeah, that's true." She squealed with laughter just like her younger days.

Arnav- "You know, I'll be meeting my Mom after so many years. Will she recognise me?"

Khushi held his hand and entwined her fingers with his. "She will."

Arnav- "Maybe I would get to see your parents too. But how will I recognize them?"

Khushi- "Don't worry, they will recognize you. If not, you can wait till I introduce you to them."

Arnav- "Maybe I'll meet 'Captain'."

Khushi- "If you do, tell him that I miss him so much and please pat him on the head. He loves it."

Arnav- "I'll do that." Silence enveloped them as they got lost in their own thoughts.

Arnav-"Khushi, there's a key in my drawer. It opens the box on the table. I have left something for everyone. Make sure you give it to them."

Khushi- "Why should I give it? Give it to them yourself." She said grumpily.

Dammit! He didn't know it would be so hard to leave her go. He wanted to hold on to her as long as possible.

Khushi- "I love you, my Lard Governor."

Arnav- "I love you too, my Jalebi Bai." He closed his eyes, as a tear slid down the sides of his eyes, onto the pillow he was sleeping on.

Arnav- "One last wish. I want you to say my name, the way I love it."

Khushi looked up into his eyes and smiled at him before she called out, "Aarrrnavv!" His eyes glinted with happiness one last time as he pulled her closer to his chest and slumbered to a deep peaceful sleep, in the arms of the love of his life, his Khushi, never to be woken up ever again.

Khushi snapped back to reality. Her eyes were flooded with tears. "I miss you Arnav, I really miss you. Five years. Five Long years without you. How could you leave me all alone? But I'm coming. I'm finally coming to meet you." She whispered.

She took the red bangles lying in the bedside drawer and slowly slid them onto her wrists. Somehow, she felt safe and comforted wearing them. Just then, she heard the chimes ringing near the window. He was here.

"Now I know what feeling you were talking about. I feel it. But I'm scared." She said closing her eyes tightly to wipe away her fears. It was then that she saw a vision. A sight of Arnav standing with his arms stretched, calling her to join him. "Khushi! I'm here." he called out. "Hold my hand! Trust me!" she had a flashback of all the events in her life, how he had been beside her till the end and now beyond. She took the leap of faith as she held his arm and slowly crossed into oblivion, reunited with Arnav forever and ever.

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