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Mar 2, 2012

OS: TILL THE END (By Samantha)

This is the second part of it.

The door opened and the nurse came out holding a baby in her arms. "Congratulations Mr. Raizada! It's a boy!" and transferred the baby into his arms. Arnav held the little baby and squatted down a little, so that his daughter could also get a view. "Cookie! This is your baby brother." He introduced the baby and immediately Aaliyah leaned a bit and kissed her baby brother on the cheek. Then they went inside the room to Khushi, where Aaliyah climbed on the bedside beside her mother and cuddled her. "Arnav! I think he looks a bit like Anjali Di right!" "No! I think he looks like my Mom." he said and the screen froze returning back to Old Arnav.

Aarav- "Was that Rishab Chachu?"

Khushi- "Yes Beta. That's your Chachu. The naughtiest of all." She smiled remembering her son who was now living with his wife and two kids in Australia.

Arnav- "Khushi, Do you remember the first dance recital of Aaliyah?" the scene changed to a 3 year old Aaliyah on stage wearing a pink tutu dancing in a group. The song stopped and the performers bowed down as the whole audience erupted in cheers. The camera then turned to Khushi who was sitting with one year old Rishab in her hand and tears of happiness streaming down her eyes. "How was it Khushi?" asked Arnav. "Did you see she didn't miss a single step. She performed so well, Arnav she danced so well." She said with a huge smile on her face. The screen froze to change back to old Arnav.

Arnav-"Do you remember how much you had made her practise, one month before the actual performance? How much she used to irritate you by forgetting the steps? Actually Khushi, she was doing it purposefully to annoy you, by my insistence. Yes, the father- daughter duo loved to see your annoyed and worried expressions. I remember, you were so worried that she would forget her steps during the dance. But I knew our daughter very well. Now if you see back you will realize what a talented dancer she has turned out to be. Just like you."

Khushi smiled remembering the accomplishments of her daughter and smiled proudly for raising such a good daughter. He continued.

Arnav-"Remember Rishab's first soccer match when he was five? I was late for it and he didn't shoot a goal until I arrived coz he wanted me to see it." The scene changed to a small soccer field where kids were playing soccer. The camera zoomed to a gloomy faced Rishab who was searching the crowd for his father's face. And suddenly the camera zoomed out to Arnav who was slowly making his way through the seat row and sat beside Khushi who was recording all this. "Rishab is going to be very angry with you. Why are you so late?" "Khushi, I had a meeting. Sorry Jaan. I will make sure I make up for it after the game." The camera focussed on Rishab's face which now brightened up seeing his father and two minutes later, he scored his first ever goal in a game. The camera turned back to Arnav who was now practically jumping out of his seat cheering for his son and turned towards Khushi to hug her. "Did you see the way he kicked that ball? Did you see Khushi?" his face was filled with excitement like never before.

The scene froze returning back to Old Arnav. "I still remember how much we celebrated for his one goal. I still feel like it was just yesterday." He said warmly recollecting those old days.

Arnav- "You know Khushi, the next video that you are about to see will definitely shock you coz u had no idea at all that it was being shot." He said giggling with laughter. I think this is the funniest moment of all times. Watch this!" he said and the scene changed to Aaliyah, now 8 years old, dancing to a song in her house, while Arnav is busy recording it. Beside him, his son Rishabh, now 6 years old is busy doing his homework. And then all of a sudden, they hear Khushi screaming out from the stairs and coming down. "LARD GOVERNOR!" surprisingly, the three of them become silent and turn their heads towards the voice of the matriarch. "Why didn't you use protection?!" Khushi demanded furiously at Arnav pointing at the white stick in her hand, while the children looked at her in confusion.

"What is Lard Governor and what protection are you talking about Mom?" Rishab asked innocently. Arnav had turned red- faced in embarrassment about the situation and the next minute his eyes popped out wide open seeing the positive sign in the stick. The screen changed back to Old Arnav who continued.

Arnav-"Gotcha right! U had no idea that your outburst was recorded. Remember that whole day and the next few days, how much I had to convince and apologise to you. Poor Kids. They were so confused seeing their Mom's outburst and that was the first time they came to know that their Mom called their Dad 'Lard Governor'. I'm sorry Honey, I know that you had no plans for a third kid. But if you think about it now, wasn't it all worth it? Check this out!" and the scene changed once again to the hospital corridor.

Again Akash was holding the camera. "It's baby no.3 for Arnav Bhai. He is still nervous like the first time. As you can see, it's 1:00 in the afternoon and the kids are becoming restless due to hunger. But they are also eager to see their baby sibling. Hey Kids!" he called out to them as they came running towards him. "Aaliyah, tell me, do you want a brother or a sister?" "I want a sister" "What about you Rishab?" "I want a brother" "Ok Kids. Let's see what will you get. Here comes the nurse!" The door opened.

Arnav who had been leaning silently and tiredly on the wall, immediately stood still. "Congratulations Mr. Raizada! It's a boy!" "Yippie!" they heard Rishab screaming out in joy. "So what if it's a boy? I'm the elder one and he will be my brother first! Not yours!" Aaliyah said haughtily not wanting to admit her defeat. Afterall, she was just like her Dad.

They all went towards Khushi who was on the bed waiting for the whole gang. "Khushi, I think he looks just like you." Said Arnav kissing his baby and his wife. The screen froze at the picture perfect moment of their family and returned back to Old Arnav.

Aarav- "Is that Dad? I had no idea he looked so adorable. I think this is the first time I'm seeing his childhood pics."

Khushi- "Yes Beta, that's Karthik, your Dad." He lived with his wife and son in Canada, where Khushi had also been living for the past one year.

Arnav-"Now Khushi, Do you still remember 'Captain'? I know it's been long time since he died but he is someone that I will never forget." The scene changed to Khushi in the kitchen busy feeding a year old Karthik on the baby chair and she suddenly turned around to see Arnav and the kids entering the kitchen, the camera in Rishab's hand. "Surprise!" Arnav said as he revealed a wooden basket and a small Golden Retriever Pup popped out his head. "Look Mom, Dad's brought a Puppy for us!" "Are you freaking out of your mind, Arnav? First of all, I have three kids and you to look after. So who's gonna look after the Dog? Did you ask my permission?" "But Honey, Kids wanted a dog. That's why I brought him. And don't worry, Rishab and Aaliyah have promised to take care of him. And he's a very nice Dog. See this." He lifted the Pup in his hand and held it to Khushi's face, and instantly the puppy licked her face showing his affection towards her. "Whatever!" she said and the screen froze.

Arnav- "I know you were very upset with me for not asking your opinion but I think he was the best thing that happened to you right? Coz I remember, fifteen years later when he died, you were the one crying the most. You even decorated his tombstone so that he would be remembered forever. Damn! I feel like crying thinking about him. But maybe I'm going to meet him soon."

Khushi's eyes once again welled with tears. But she found the strong hands of her grandson comforting her weak ones.

Arnav-"Switzerland. Aha! Our dream vacation where all five of us went. Check this out!" and the screen changed to a snow filled location and focussed on the Kids and Khushi who were busy creating a snow man. Arnav focussed the camera on himself. "Khushi is completely behaving like the kids coz this is the first time she is experiencing snow." The kids began throwing snow balls at each other while Khushi came towards Arnav and embraced him. "I think the kids are busy in their own world. So shall we sneak a kiss before they see us?" he said before glancing at the kids and placed a passionate kiss on Khushi's lips before she could protest.

As soon as their lips met, they seemed to lose track of time, lost in each other as if it was their first time. Then all of a sudden, they heard the three year old Karthik scream out from behind. "Dad! Mom! We can clearly see what you are doing." He said as the three kids burst out with laughter. "Shoo! Go away Kids! Dad's having an awesome time with your Mom in this chilly weather." He said as he continued to kiss Khushi. The screen froze and returned back to old Arnav.

Arnav- "Wasn't that awesome Khushi?"

Khushi- "Yes, it was awesome." She murmured to herself.

Arnav-"Ok, Jalebi Bai. It's time for the last video. I know you wanted to see more, but Honey, I'm too tired to edit more of this stuff. So here's the last one." The scene changed to a wedding scenario and focussed on Khushi, now in her mid forties bidding a tearful Goodbye to her Daughter Aaliyah on her wedding day. But Aaliyah instead of crying is happily waving at her father. "Dad! Tell Mom not to cry. Why is she crying like I'm dying?" "Oh Dear! Don't you know your Mom. She has to cry for each and everything." Arnav said and hi-fied his daughter. "Stop you two! Why can't you understand a mother's feelings. Aaliyah, on the wedding day of your daughter, I shall see how you will stop yourself from crying." "But Mom, I will be calling you every day on the phone. So don't cry. Cheer up." Saying so she hugged her mother and the screen froze.

Arnav- "Do you remember how much you were crying for the next one week and how much I had to hug and comfort you that she was going to be fine. Poor Rishab, Karthik and me had to eat Jalebis for the whole next week." He said giggling with laughter.

Arnav-" Khushi..." he sighed, "I miss those old times."

Suddenly they heard footsteps at the door and Khushi paused the screen and turned towards the door.

Karthik- "Hey Mom, it's time for you to sleep. Aarav come with me. Don't disturb your Grandma. And don't you have school tomorrow?"

Aarav reluctantly got up and left with his father. But before closing the door, he turned around.

Aarav- "Grandma, I'll see the rest tomorrow. Thanks for sharing it with me. It was nice to see you and Grandpa." He said with a smile on his face.

Khushi smiled back at him and instantly remembered something.

Khushi- "Wait Aarav! I have something for you. Come here." She fished out a key from the drawer and handed it over to him. Tomorrow, when you are free open this box. There's something important in it." She said pointing to a box on her bedside table.

Aarav- "Ok, Grandma! Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!" he said. But she caught his arm and ushered him to bend towards her and kissed his forehead.

Khushi- "Be a good boy Aarav and make your parents proud." She said smilingly, leaving behind a confused expression on his face at those unexpected words. He quietly closed the door behind him, leaving her all alone in the room.

She pressed the play button once again.

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