Arshi moments story no.7 (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3)

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Mar 2, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 38 times)

Hey y'all, I hope you're all doing well :) I haven't posted a story to my series of Arshi moments in a while so thought i'd post once again. I hope you all enjoy it and i've missed all your comments :)

*After Arshi marriage and Shyam has been exposed/ Khushi found innocent*

Khushi woke up clinging onto the edge of the bed, the rays of sunlight which had woke her were seeping through the curtains, illuminating her face. She slowly turned around, she saw Arnav asleep next to her, his arm slightly closer to her than usual. She jumped out of bed, she recalled how ever since Shyam has been exposed, he'd tried to compensate for his damage. She hadn't left the marriage yet as 6 months wasn't up and divorce wasn't allowed yet, a large part of her believed that that was the reason she was still at the Raizada's while the latter knew for a fact that it was because not for one moment had she stopped loving Arnav. But she wasn't going to show him that. In love or not, she was still horrified at him for what he had done to her, so every night that he tried to hold her and show his earnest love, she just continued to cling to the edge of the bed.

Khushi slowly got up, not wanting to awaken Arnav. She crept around the bed and accidentally bumped the edge of it, hurling forward. She managed to stop herself from falling flat on her face, however Arnav was aroused from his sleep and automatically propped himself up on his elbow when he saw Khushi was awake.

'GGood morning Khushi!' Arnav said groggily, stammering as the light hit him and his head whirled.

Khushi ignored him and continued to walk on, promising herself to not nurse her wound in front of him, to not look weak and vulnerable anymore.

'Khushi!' Arnav said a little louder, a little more desperately.

Khushi was passive and walked straight to the bathroom.

Arnav sighed deeply and he looked crestfallen, he continuously cursed himself each second of each day for being such an idiot.

'Arnav Singh Raizada, the big business tycoon who can't even add two and two together.' he hissed under his breath.

Khushi walked out of the bathroom, wearing a simple light blue sari. She hadn't bothered with any make up, no jewellery, nothing flashy or exceptionally beautiful. But of course, she still looked stunning. However, she had begun to show signs of dark circles under her eyes, her hair and body weight was thinning at a surprisingly rapid pace. She wasn't hungry, wasn't ever tired, she just walked through day by day with her eyes closed. Khushi didn't care, she'd learnt to stop acting desperately for Arnav's love. She's stopped making conversation, stopped looking at him eagerly and had lost all bounce in her step. Even though her conscience has been cleared, she could still see the clear preference by Amma and Buaji for Payal's marital partnership. As usual. So Khushi didn't say anything, she listened when she was told to listen and she did what she was told to do. Never disobeying, never arguing even Manorama found it difficult to insult someone who took her insults without a word, without a look of interest on her face. Khushi's eyes had lost all sparkle.

Arnav looked up as soon as Khushi had walked out of the bathroom, he was taken aback by the difference in her stature. Yes, she looked stunning but there was no life in her eyes. No skip in her step. No jingle with every word she uttered or breath she took. It was just cold, clear movement. He looked at her, she had lost tremendous weight and for an always slim girl, that resulted in her looked fragile and withered.

'Khushi...are you eating?' Arnav asked, deep concern in his voice.

Khushi completely acted as if she hadn't heard this while combing her hair and applying sindoor.

'KHUSHI! DON'T ignore me and answer me Damn it!' Arnav yelled.

Khushi froze, she turned on her heels and looked at him square in the face.

'Don't you DARE shout at me.' she said with a deadly whisper, 'You don't think you've caused enough noise and damage in my mind without you shouting at me STILL? When you know i'm innocent? But of course, all you saw me as was a heartless gold digger na? After everything we'd been through, you took my actions for granted and thought it was a joke? You think i could act the way i acted with you as a JOKE? throw every piece of love and care you ever get because you're a selfish man who thinks that the world revolves around himself. Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Raizada, but wife or not your wife, i deserve more respect than a dog.'

Khushi stormed out of the room after this. Arnav sat there, fuming that he allowed his temperament to get the better of him...he was just so worried for her. He threw the duvet on the floor. He had to get her back...somehow. And he would, eventually.

I hope you all liked it guys :) <3

Z <3 xxx

Mar 3, 2012

Arshi moments no.7 (part 2) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 30 times)

Khushi morosely made breakfast, not allowing Manorama's comments about how slowly she cooked disturb her. She'd heard just about enough and whatever Mamiji said was just the same thing over and over again. Payal entered the kitchen.

'Good morning Di! Sleep well?' Payal inquired, cupping Khushi's cheek in her hand.

This was probably the only part of the day that Khushi genuinely smiled, waking up realising that Payal things between her and Payal were all sorted out, Payal still felt guilty but she treated Khushi just how they always were.

'Ha Di, i slept well and you?' Khushi replied, smiling lovingly at her sister, her eyes growing some warmth.

Payal replied saying she had. Khushi turned around to get some almonds and she caught Arnav's eye who was walking down the stairs for breakfast. Khushi's eyes automatically turned cold, Arnav attempting a smile but Khushi resisting the temptation of smiling back, just turned away. Arnav saw her eyes change and go flat, his heart sank.

Khushi walked to the table to serve breakfast, trying to smile a genuine smile at Anjali. Arnav saw her and his heart went out to her: despite everything that had happened, she still managed to put a smile on her face whether it was real or not. He adored her and felt huge pride towards her for this, he wanted to boast to everyone that his wife was strong, beautiful, capable. But he knew that despite him doing that, their relationship wouldn't be any of those things until he won her back.

Khushi walked towards Arnav with his coffee, looking straight ahead. She didn't look down to show any signs of vulnerability and she didn't look at him so that she didn't look needy. She just remained consistent in getting her work done and then hiding away from reality. She placed his coffee down in front of him and served him his breakfast, as she turned away Arnav held her hand and looked at her lovingly.

'Thank you Khushi.' he said softly.

Khushi's eyes flickered towards his face, she put a small smile on her face for the rest of the family to not be disheartened and she automatically turned away from him. Arnav knew that the smile was fake, she was hurting inside. Khushi sat down, and slowly sipped at her tea. She didn't touch any of her breakfast.

'Khushi...won't you eat anything?' Anjali asked, concern drawn on her face.

'I've eaten Di.' Khushi lied.

Anjali looked uneasily towards Nani, guilt written on both of their faces.

'Eat a little more.' Nani said gently.

'No thank you, I'm full.' Khushi replied, no effort in trying to sound genuine.

She took another sip of her tea to please everyone and got up and started to clear everything. When she'd done this, she went up to her room and cleaned the room, it didn't even need cleaning. yet that's what her day consisted of. Wake up, make breakfast, clean, help with lunch, clean and then help with dinner and then it would be time to sleep. Khushi suddenly felt dizzy, the room span and she struggled to keep her footing. Suddenly, she felt a warm hand slide across her waist firmly keeping her up. She let her weight fall against the support, she realised how tired she was and how empty her stomach felt, so empty that she felt sick.

'Hey hey hey...' Arnav said surprised, 'What happened to you?' he said in a whisper.

As soon as Khushi heard this, she jumped out of his reach, but this made the room spin faster, making her fall. Arnav caught her just before she hit the ground.

'I know your mad at met, but that doesn't mean I can't help you.' he said, holding a squirming Khushi still in his strong arms. He pulled her up from behind the knees so she was in his arms properly, and looked down at her. His face softened, laughing quietly as he saw such a small figure trying to fight against him. She had no chance against him. He put Khushi under the sheets and told her to sleep. She refused.

'Khushi, if it's not for me than think of the rest of the family, they don't want to see you ill. So please rest? I'll be back in a second.' Arnav said, getting up and leaving the room.

Khushi didn't have time to see when Arnav got back, she'd fallen asleep. When she awoke, she saw Arnav sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at her. He helped her to sit up and gave her a warm smile.

'How're you feeling?' he asked.

Khushi said nothing.

Arnav tried again, 'I got some food for you.' He had a platter laid on his laps and picked up some food, attempting to feed her with his hands. Khushi turned her face away.

'Please Khushi.' Arnav said, exasperated. Desperation wrung around his voice and his eyes were needy of her love. Khushi saw this and her heart pierced. Slowly she opened her mouth and allowed him to feed her. He looked content.

'So now that you forgive me, how abo-' Arnav started.

'Kya? Just because i let you feed me, it means that i've forgiven you for all the pain you've inflicted upon me? You think that the normal thing a husband should do for a wife, completely erases everything you've done? You think that just because a rich man fed me, i'll jump into his arms? NO, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, because i am NOT a grovelling gold digger as you claim i am. I have morals and beliefs, something which I wait for you to acquire.'

'I am TRYING Khushi...' Arnav pleaded.

'YOU are trying? You? What about when I pleaded with you to explain to me why you forced me into marriage? When you saw I lost all my family, my home, everything. I forgive you, all the time. But this didn't realise how much I gave my heart to you. How I loved the Arnav you had turned into. Your love, your care, your practically had my heart. You had it in the palm of your hand and then you went and crushed it. Willingly. I always dreamt of having my knight in shining armour...but you? All you are is a coward. A coward who gets thrown a girl who is in love with him, and just brushes her aside. I did everything for you.' Khushi said, her eyes piercing into him.

Khushi turned around and lay back in bed, clinging once more to the edge of the bed, as far away from him as possible.

Arnav had tears in his eyes, 'I promise you Khushi, i'll make it better. I promise.' And with that, the tears got the better of him and he walked to the poolside, praying to the stars that Khushi had shown him to be his parents and planned everything he would do to win her back again.

To be continued!

Z <3 xxx

Mar 3, 2012

Arshi moments no.7 (part 3) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 60 times)

Khushi struggled to sleep that night, she detested herself for creating that pleading look in Arnav's eyes. He pulled at her heart strings immensely, despite all he'd done, she still felt guilt. She turned her head and looked at Arnav, he didn't realise she was looking at him and he was staring at the ceiling, tears glistening in his eyes.

'Im so sorry.' Khushi whispered and turned back. She stifled a sob, and clenched the duvet in her fist with all her might, willing herself to not be weak and open the dam that was waiting to release all her tears. They both were wide awake, thinking of all the precious moments they'd shared, unknowing to the fact that the other was in the same reverie. Khushi finally fell into sleep in the early hours of the morning. She awoke to sun on her face, the sun that couldn't add a glow to her day anymore. She turned around unintentionally and instantly realised that Arnav wasn't there. Her eyes widened in worry, where was he? She saw a note on his pillow and uneasily lifted it up and opened it.

'Your eyes have opened and you're reading this note, so you deserve to know this:

To my beautiful wife,

You are the sun in my sky,

The oxygen in my lungs,

The heat to my fire.

I only love you when i'm breathing. The day i stop breathing, my love will still live on for you. You taught me what love is, you taught me the definition of being IN love. You're my zindagi, my jaan. How can i cope without you? I made a mistake, a big one. And it's okay if you don't forgive me today, tomorrow, next long as one day you DO forgive me. And we can live the happy life that's in out kismet. I've started to pray, i've started to believe in hope that one day you become mine again. Your Devi Maiyya is now mine also!

You drive me crazy Khushi Singh Raizada, but for all the right reasons.

It's just me and you, forever.

I love you with every beat of my heart, with every breath i take, with every step i make. Forever and always.

Your husband, Laad Governor x'

Khushi stared at the paper, giggling at the last line. The first true laugh she'd had in months. She looked up to see Arnav standing against the wall, holding his ears with a shy smile on his face. Khushi couldn't resist, she smiled back at him, only a small smile. Then she looked away again. She put the letter on her bedside table and was about to get up when Arnav slipped into bed next to her and grabbed her around the waist.

'Not so fast Mrs. Raizada' he said grinning.

'Let go!' Khushi said, half-heartedly trying to fight him off.

'Kyun? I want to spend as much time with you as I can before you go and make breakfast for everyone.' Arnav said, the grin getting wider.

Khushi blushed.

'VVVo, Anjali Di is waiting for me, I can't stay.' Khushi stammered, his sultry eyes digging into her.

'Not even for this?' Arnav whispered, a cheeky smile on his face.

He pulled her closer to him so that her palms were on his chest and so that he looked down at her. Khushi's body turned into goo, she didn't even battle against the temptation to give in. She could feel his breath on her neck, her heart beat quickened. He gazed down at her and ran his hand through her hair, planting a quick, charming kiss on her check. Khushi's face grew hot and a slow blush creeped up by her neck to her cheeks.

'Why're you blushing Khushi?' Arnav challenged, smilingly.

'IIm not!' Khushi said indignantly. She gently pushed him off and went to change. When she came out of the washroom, Arnav was still laying on the bed. She was just about to leave when...

'Khushi?' Arnav said, his husky voice making her heart do somersaults.

Khushi turned to face him.

'Have fun making breakfast...I see the way your hips move when you work, it's quite appealing.' Arnav said, winking at her with a cheeky smile sprawled across his face.

Khushi's eyes widened and she turned on her heel to face the door so he couldn't see her facial expression. She'd gone hot, and frozen on the spot. Quickly walking out of the room, she heard a smug Arnav chuckle behind her.

Arnav knew he hadn't won her back completely, but he wasn't going to give up anytime soon.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

To be continued! (only if you want!)

Z <3 xxx

Mar 3, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (part 4) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

Thank you for all the lovely comments! @Najiya...I don't know if you saw the reply i gave to your first comment? I just wanted to say that it made my day, thank you so much :)

Here goes the story...

Khushi hurriedly entered the kitchen, recalling what had just happened.

'Who does he think he is? Thinking he can charm his way back into my life?! Humph!' Khushi said hotly, secretly loving the way Arnav charmed her. She wasn't planning on forgiving him anytime soon, in fact the next time she saw him, she'd act like the scene upstairs hadn't happened. Anjali who had heard her small tirade, walked into the kitchen.

'Are you okay Khushi Ji? You seem a little flustered...' Anjali asked.

'Nahin, I'm fine Di' Khushi replied, giving Anjali a reassuring smile. Anjali nodded and walked out of the kitchen. Khushi not realising Anjali had left, turned to ask her something.

'Actually Di, I can't fi-' Khushi said, turning around and bumping head first into somebody.

'I'm so sorry.' Khushi said, then looked up.

Arnav held her around the waist and pulled her close to him, her palms flat against his chest. Khushi writhed and tried to move away.

'Why're you apologising Khushi? This is just like old times...remember? I'd always catch you when you fell, you'd never apologise. Perhaps cause we both knew that that's what you wanted.' Arnav hadn't meant this maliciously but then realised what he had said.

'Kya?' Khushi said, pushing him off of her, 'You STILL think that of me? That I threw myself at you and didn't apologise because it's what I wanted? Not what YOU wanted? So the feeling was never mutual to you right?'

'Khushi, I didn't mean it like that...i mean't its what WE both wanted.' Arnav tried covering for his fault.

'Enough!' Khushi said furiously, 'Why do you think I never apologised? Because every time i was in your damn arms, I'd go speechless. My heart would go into overdrive. Believe it or not Mr. Raizada, somebody's actually been in love with you before.' Saying this, Khushi went to serve breakfast.

'DAMN IT!' Arnav yelled, punching the table top. His head was swimming with thoughts.

'She WAS in love with me? Does that mean she isn't anymore?' Arnav pondered. 'All the bad things i did to her and she was in love with me? How? How lucky was I?'

Khushi cursed herself for lying to him, not only had she been in love with him, she still was now. However, she made an oath to herself to not give in so soon, her trust had been broken and it would take time to mend it.

To be continued!

Z <3 xxx

Mar 4, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (part 5) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 53 times)

Khushi started to place breakfast on the table, she was so deep in thought that she knocked into a chair and a glass broke in her hand. Khushi winced, blood pouring out of her hand.

'Khushi! Are you okay?' Payal said, worried. She tried to clean up the wound but Khushi withdrew her hand, the pain was unbearable. Fresh tears brimmed Khushi's eyes. Suddenly, she felt the floor from under her feet vanish, Arnav had scooped her up into his arms and had begun to carry her to their room.

'Arnav Ji...I can sort out the cut, you have your breakfast.' Payal said.

'No, it's okay. She's my wife after all.' Arnav said, emphasising the 'my'.

He looked down at Khushi, considering how much pain she must be in and she hadn't refused to him carrying her upstairs. The glass was protruding out of her skin, blood seeping out. He shielded her hand away from any further danger, not caring how much of her blood smeared onto his waistcoat.

As they reached their room, he lay Khushi on the lounger and bent down to her level and looked deep into her eyes. They both envisioned a similar moment, what seemed like years ago. Khushi trying on Nanhe's bangles, the bangle getting caught in her wrist, Arnav lowering his mouth to her arm and plucking it out gently. They made eye contact, as if to tell the other that they knew what they were thinking about.

Arnav lowered his head and spread her damaged hand out, he slowly kissed the palm of her hand with his eyes shut. Khushi sucked in a deep breath, not wanting to fall for his charm. Arnav moved closer to her wound, his breath trickling all over her skin. He planted another kiss on her arm. He continued to do this until he got to the glass. He looked up at her, as if awaiting approval and then thought better of it and took his chances. He carefully got his teeth around the glass and pulled, he felt Khushi's body stiffen as the pain intensified, but at least the glass was gone. He then bandaged her hand gently and kissed it softly. Arnav raised his hand to cup her cheek, as she felt his touch, Khushi's eyes snapped open.

'It's done.' Arnav said, repeating what he had said on that beautiful night where he had taken the bangle out of her skin.

Khushi's eyes searched his.

'Perhaps what he said earlier WAS a mistake.' she thought. 'No...he's Arnav Singh Raizada, any minute now, he'll change back.'

As if reading her thoughts, Arnav said, 'If I thought only YOU wanted this, then i wouldn't have looked after you. But I want it to...i want YOU. I realise that i'm the luckiest man alive to have you as my wife.'

Khushi continued to look at him, not wanting to say anything in case he switched into ASR again, just like on Payal's wedding when she'd had no clue what she'd done. Of course she did know now, but with Arnav she was never sure how to keep his love. Then Arnav said something she'd never expected.

'You're not only my wife're my best friend.' he whispered, looking down, almost shy.

Khushi's heart stopped, had he actually just said that to her? Had Arnav Singh Raizada actually just opened up to her and said something so out of character? She couldn't bear to see his pain anymore. Not for now, she'd let him grovel later.

She slowly placed her fingertips under his chin and lifted his face up so his eyes met her.

'You don't have to be shy or embarrassed to let me know that. We are husband and wife after all, na?' Khushi said, emphasising the words the way he had.

Arnav's eyes lit up, Khushi saw the care flood into his face. She didn't want to give him anymore hope than was needed, she hadn't forgotten all he'd said and done to her. However, that night when she got into bed, she didn't cling onto the edge, but she faced him. And to Arnav, he knew it was more than he could have hoped for, and he wasn't going to let this slim chance slip. He'd make her fall in love all over again, and this time, he wouldn't let her go.

To be continued!

Zee <3 xxx

Mar 5, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (part 6) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 49 times)

Arnav woke before Khushi that morning and the first thing he saw was her hand in his. He recalled what had happened that night.


They'd both been sleeping peacefully, Khushi had stirred in her sleep and woken up needing to go to the bathroom. On her way back to bed, her eye caught a dark figure on the wall. She slowly crept forward and had looked at the wall, squinting as her eyes tried to adjust to the light. A huge spider lay in front of her, and it suddenly ran up the wall, scaring Khushi and making her scream. In fear, she'd ran up to Arnav who had woken up from the noise and hidden behind him.

'Khushi?!' Arnav said groggily, 'What the...?'

'Spider! Big big spider!' Khushi said, trembling.

Arnav looked behind him to see her clinging to his shoulders, her eyes wide opened, and he smiled.

'Don't worry, i'll get rid of it.' he said huskily.

He got up from the bed, and dealt with the spider. He turned around to get back under the covers and saw Khushi hiding behind them, peaking out to see if it was still there.

'It's gone Khushi.' Arnav said, smilingly.

'Promise?' Khushi replied.

'I promise, just as I promise that i'll never stop loving you.' Arnav said, his sultry voice making Khushi blush.

He got back into bed and saw Khushi shivering from the cold and also saw her eyes darting around the room to see if the spider had somehow managed to get back in. Arnav chuckled and pulled her close to him.

'Don't worry Mrs. Raizada, I won't let anything hurt you.' Arnav said, poking her nose.

Khushi's cheek was pressed against his chest, she could hear the beat of his heart and she closed her eyes and sighed. She'd missed hearing his heart beat and feeling the warmth of him next to her. She let all barriers fall and she allowed herself to subdue to his charm. She couldn't keep this up anymore. Arnav lifted his head to look at her and saw her eyes closed. He smiled and kissed her forehead. Khushi who was still conscious blushed, Arnav felt her cheek getting hot.

'So my beautiful wife IS awake then?' Arnav chimed.

Khushi put her arm across Arnav's chest without opening her eyes, and snuggled into him.

'Does that answer your question?' Khushi whispered.

Arnav held her tightly, not wanting to let her go and he had rocked her to sleep.

'I love you' he had whispered into her ear.

Khushi who was falling into sleep had heard him, but not been able to tell him just how much she loved him back.

*End of flashback*

Arnav smiled at the events that had happened during the night and stared at his wife with adoration.

'I have to carry on with the way things are and not let her find a reason to leave me.' Arnav thought, 'I know exactly what i'll do.'

And with his cheeky smile, he slumped back against the pillow and scooped up Khushi closer to him.

To be continued!

Z <3 xx

Mar 5, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (part 7) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Khushi felt Arnav hold her closer and sighed under his touch. She knew that this was wrong, he'd hurt her so much but she couldn't help herself.

'Pull yourself together Khushi!' she thought to herself. 'You're a grown woman and you're letting him charm his way back into your life as easily as it is to count to three!'

Khushi turned away from Arnav and got ready to get out of bed.

'Did I do something wrong?' Arnav said, instantly worried.

'No, but you might think i'm being a gold digger if I get too close.' Khushi said bluntly.

This agitated Arnav and his temper started to warm.

'Khushi...' Arnav said, gritting his teeth.

'Yes?' Khushi replied innocently.

'Why're you doing this? After all the things i've tried to do.'

'You think showing me love in 2 days will make up for all the things you said that pierced my heart? All my feelings for you...were just shoved away by you. You never stopped to think. Besides, what else do I do? Every time I give in and give you all my consideration, you suddenly switch into that violent man. The man who used to scare me, who used to make me stay awake at night in fear that i'd get shouted at again for doing something wrong.' Khushi responded.

'What else was I meant to do? I saw you hugging that THING on the roof, was I meant to take it lightly?' Arnav fired back.

'But does that mean that you force me into marriage? Have you gone insane to think that you're actually right?'

Arnav looked away while grinding his teeth. The perfect moments they'd had had vanished. But he knew she was right, knew that what she said was was his fault and he had to make it up to her.

'Actually, you know what? Just leave it, completely forget it. Because after this 6 months is up, you'll never have to see my face again.' Khushi left to the washroom when saying this.

Arnav clenched his fist and swore to himself. He looked over to the bed where they had cuddled all night. That's when it hit him...he knew what he had to do. Reaching for his cell, he dialled a number.

'Aman...i'm gonna need a 25 dozen roses...'

What's Arnav gonna do guys?! Stay tuned to find out :P

Z <3 xxx

Mar 5, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (part 8) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

Khushi left the washroom and saw the room was vacant, where had Arnav gone? She shook this thought out of her mind and went down to breakfast, Arnav wasn't there either. She showed no concern but her mind was tormented by his whereabouts. She set the table and served breakfast, cautious as to where he was.

'Stop worrying Khushi.' said Anjali who had seen Khushi's facial expression, 'He told me to tell you that he's gone for some work.'

Khushi frowned.

'The stupid man couldn't even tell me that he was going to my face? He let me worry? Humph! We'll see how much I worry now!' Khushi thought.

But of course she ended up worrying, he'd never just left like that. Arnav was due home at his regular time, 5pm that evening. 5.30pm struck and Khushi was worried.

'Where is he? Perhaps he's just caught up in some extra work.' Khushi thought.

Khushi remembered that she had to visit the Pundit Ji about a particular function the Raizada's were having in a few days and left the house to get her mind off of things. Once she got there, she quickly prayed to Devi Maiyya that Arnav was safe and cursed herself for caring so much about him. She quietly giggled to herself for her childish antics.

She finished at the mandir and it was 6.30pm, she wrung her hands, unable to bear the situation if she got home and Arnav was still not there. She reached the house and pushed the door open. All was silent. Khushi looked around.

'Where is everyone?' she thought.

'Hariprakash Ji!' she called out. Nobody replied. Getting scared, she ran to her room to search for her phone and called Arnav. She heard slow, melodic music drifting from behind the door. She slowly opened the door...

'What the...' Khushi whispered.

To be continued! :)

Z <3 xxx

Mar 6, 2012

Arshi moments story no.7 (part 9) (Arnav trying to win Khushi back <3) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

Khushi gawped at what she saw in front of her, her room was decorated just like it had been on her suhagraat. Roses were everywhere, candles light, petals hugging every corner of the room. The soft music continued to waft around the room and Khushi's eyes struggled to adjust to the new scene.

'I've been expecting you Mrs. Raizada.' Arnav said, cheekiness in his voice.

Khushi scanned the room and saw a dark silhouette by the window next to the poolside. She edged slowly closer to the figure, her breath coming out in quick pants.

Without turning around, Arnav smiled at himself and recalled the days events. That argument in the morning, him calling Aman for 25 dozen roses just to handpick each petal off by himself as he wanted the whole day to be created by HIM, not artificially. He'd purposely not been seen around the house all day as he knew Khushi would worry and he didn't want to give any sort of secret away for the surprise to be unveiled earlier than planned. He'd explained it all to Anjali who was more than happy in participating and getting everyone to leave while they had some time together, alone. Arnav finally turned around to look at Khushi. Khushi's heart stopped, he looked so handsome in his three piece suit embracing his body and outlining his muscles so well. Arnav searched her face and looked at her from top to bottom making Khushi blush.

'You're blushing again Khushi...kyun?' Arnav whispered, 'Oh this?' he said pointing to the room, 'I thought you'd barely notice.' he said jokingly.

He pulled her in and stroked her hair out of her face.

'Won't you say anything?' Arnav murmured.

'' Khushi stammered.

Arnav chuckled, 'Why?'

Khushi didn't reply, she was lost in his eyes. She remembered everything they'd gone through...and then the reason for why she'd distanced herself from him fell into context once again. She attempted to push him away but Arnav held her close.

'Khushi, I know you're angry. But give me the chance to make it up to you, to start over. We can fall in love all over again, we can be who we used to be, act how we used to act.' he said, pushing her up against the wall and pinning his hands either side of her. 'Like this, remember?' he said huskily. 'Khushi, you're my eternity. If you walk out of my life now, I will deteriorate. You are the foundation as to why I comprehend the meaning of love, care, compassion, lust. You're the only woman in this world who has ever made me feel any sort of emotion that I promised to never feel, you're the only one for me.' Arnav said softly.

Khushi looked into his eyes and saw the truth that lay in them, the sincerity that was embedded in every single pore in his body. She closed her eyes and felt his warm breath on her face, she knew that sooner or later she'd give in, so why not now? All these thoughts ran through her head.

'So why do up the bedroom like this? To see if I really will jump into your arms straight away?' Khushi challenged.

'Nahin...I messed up our wedding night the first time round. I threw you out, but now I beg you to allow me to take you back in. To protect you and shield you from harm. To trust and believe in you. I want to show you how I always pictured our wedding night to be, how it was meant to be. Because I thought of it Khushi, because i'm in love with you.'

Khushi, unaware of her actions, cupped Arnav's cheek in her hand.

'Really?' Khushi asked.

'I've never been more sure of anything. We can take baby steps...we can relive each day and each moment we had, just as long as you never walk out on me.' Arnav said, desperation laced into his soft voice.

Khushi closed her eyes, 'You know I would never.'

And without hesitation, Arnav lowered his lips to her cheek and kissed her. He lowered his lips to her neck and kissed her again, then followed this with a kiss to her collarbone. Khushi held her breath, her heart beat increasing and beating down her body. Arnav slowly turned Khushi around so her back was facing him and he slid his hand along her bare waist making Khushi shudder. He brushed his lips against her shoulder, and rested his chin against it. He raised his hands to undo her choli, and left his hands by the threads.

'Are you sure about this?' Arnav whispered into Khushi's ear.

Khushi hesitated on how to answer, she snuggled into his body and knew that he wouldn't hurt her. She nodded. Arnav's hands gently undid her top and his fingers traced patterns on her back. His heart was racing and he could feel Khushi's breathing quicken. Turning her around to face him, he undid her hair and held her from the waist close to him. He lowered his lips to her and lightly touched hers with his. Khushi ran her hands through Arnav's hair and he deepened the kiss, knowing he'd been awaiting this moment for a very long time. He lifted Khushi off of her feet and carried her to the bed, where they lived the night of their suhagraat the way it should have been.

Khushi lay her head on Arnav's chest later that night and looked into his eyes.

'The other night I was falling asleep so I didn't reply to what you said to me a few days ago, but what I was planning to say to you was: I love you too Laad Governor.' Khushi smiled up at him.

Arnav looked down at her and showed off his, hugely charming and sexy, lop-sided smile.

'I love you more Mrs. Raizada.'

The end! :)

Z <3 xxx

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