Kya yahi pyaar hai??

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Mar 1, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 38 times)

Hey everyone,

I know there are already a lot of stories going around about how Arshi's story should go starting at different points.... I am sorry to be adding to the stock pile. I am very skeptical as I begin this story... Apologies to everyone who does not like stories and more so my story.... and now that I have apologized .... I will begin... forgive me for any grammatical errors...

Kya yahi pyaar hai??? (Is this Love??)

Khushi calls Arnav from her parents house.... "I am leaving from here...Kindly pick me up from the temple..." and she disconnects the phone. At the other end Arnav is perplexed for a short while. What is the matter with her?? And then suddenly he gets angry...'How dare she order me that way... I will show her who is the boss...' starts dialing the number but thn disconnects mid way...'damn it I am Arnav Singh Raizada...I will tell her to her face' Thinking this he storms out of office.

Khushi picks up her stuff and walks out of her maternal home. She vows to herself that she will not let even a single tear spill out of her eyes. She does not care who is staring or who is talking about her. She finally reaches the temple....The same temple where Arnav broke her fast.. the temple where she saw Arnav giving everything to bring a smile on a little girl's face.... the temple where Arnav bandaged her finger...where God alone was witness to their engagement..... She steps into the temple and feels the tears stinging the corners of her eyes.... But she sucks in a breath and puts on her poker face.

Her thoughts keep going back to the marriage the morning he was so sweet to her helping her out with the lunch arrangements, wanting to talk to her... indicating something more with her bindi.... and suddenly he seemed to change... like a split personality.... suddenly he seemed compelled to hurt her and force her to do the unthinkable.... 'Atleast he married you..' said a meek voice in her head. She immediately roared back at the voice...' Marriage??? you call this a marriage.... giving me some symbols does not make it a marriage... a marriage is an understanding between two people... a bond respected by the society.... not something you sneak away and complete for the sake of it....'

Khushi decides then and there... 'I am not going to fade away like he wants me to... what does he think I am?? I am not going to lie down and let him walk over me...He has to answer all my questions today or he will see what hell is'

She turns around to find her phone so that she can call him and finds him staring at her. All the thinking gave her enough steam to go stand inches away from his face. She stares him straight in his eye and says just one word.... "Why???"

Arnav: "Why what??"

Khushi:"Why in the world did you have to do this... why did you change so suddenly??"

Arnav's nostrils begin to flare. He had come there with every intention to show her her place... He stormed up the temple steps and is about to shout her name when he finds her looking vulnerable yet there was something about the way she held herself that screamed 'I am strong'... He was just caught by the way she absent-mindedly kept toughing her mangalsutra and holding onto it like it was the source of all the strength.... In that moment he didn't know what to make out of her.... He didn't know why he hated her...his wife... damn he couldn't even remember why he was angry with her when he came...

And then she turned with all that fire in her eyes and walked up to him...He was rooted to the spot... She questioned him "Why??". His fried brain could barely make sense of that question... but when she elaborated... it all came flooding back..... the anger, the pain, the betrayal....He opened his mouth to retort but she beat him to it.

Khushi: "You know what I dont give a damn about what goes on in that head of yours... All I care about right now is having my family back.... I am not going to accept being orphaned again for no fault of mine... So you will go to my house NOW and explain it all to everyone... and only then will I be your obedient wife... Else you can kiss your marital status good bye Mr. Raizada"

Arnav: "How dare you talk like that to me you cheating gold digger... I am going to do no such thing... so shut up and come home on your own or else your sister Payal can kiss her sasural good bye"

Khushi: "Do you think every man in your family is like you?? I have more trust in my jijaji than anyone... you see unlike you he has had a good role model for a father... and I know he will never agree to leave my jiji... SO do what you can Mr. Raizada... but at the end of the day you will need me to play your doting wife"

Arnav spins around and twists her fore arm .... Khushi winces in pain... but looks him in the eye as though challenging him to go any further.... He pushes her back and walks out in a rage.

Khushi has a little smile on her face despite the pain... it seemed like she managed to rattle the great Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She waits at the mandir for him to get her parents.

Arnav drives like a mad man to vent out his frustration at being reminded about his father. He can never disclose the reasons behind his marriage to Khushi... he hated her cheating guts... How could she ever look him in the eye after creating such a mess in his and his Di's life... He reaches office and starts pacing around his room... after while he sits on his chair exhausted... and closes his eyes...

A shrill sound breaks through his consciousness... again.. and again.... He opens his eyes and blinks to clear the haze....His phone was ringing incessantly.... He gets irritated and barks into the phone "What???"

Anjali: "Chhote, Payalji and I were wondering if Khushiji is with you??

Arnav: "What?...What do you mean she is with me... why will she be with me??

Anjali: "Payalji told me she left her maternal house in a bad mood and had asked you to pick her up... Did you??... Coz come home yet ... it is past 11pm"

Arnav does a double take on hearing the time... "It's ok Di I will get her home.. pls don't worry"

Arnav drives to the temple and searches for her but he is unable to find her there.... He tries calling her but her phone is switched off.... thinking that she might have gone home he decides to drive slowly to see if he could find her.....He is about to start his car outside the temple when he hears her voice... "Stay away from me...." and then a loud shriek.

I will write a few more parts guys.... do let me know your feed back

Mar 1, 2012

current episodes are very boring (By vilasmith)

let not arnav get khushi so easily in temple let both families search & doubt shyam for his abnormal behavior. let arnav go crazy to let her open eyes & all this to happen only once shyam's secret is revealed to arnav that khushi is innocent. these episodes are getting too exaggerated & boring seems like a lingering story bring some twist like shyam finds some other gal & khushi & arnav spying to prove to anjali or let shyam improve but for that khushi & arnav has to be together fighting for ideas, some good or bad major incident required in family to keep it interesting & rolling.khushi has to win heart of both the families then only distances of arnav & khushi can work out. currently she fighting with all is a big bore drama.also NK is a very nice entertainment material you are under utilizing it, take his help to improve arnav or mamiji dont let him in side light, he can bring back romance back i n arshi's life

Mar 1, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 32 times)

"Stay away from me" and then a loud shriek...

Arnav's mind kicks into overdrive.... It conjures up all different possibilities... He runs towards the voice. In the dark alley next to the temple... He sees Khushi surrounded by three goons. One of them has her hand in a vice hold.... the same hand that he had twisted in the morning.... She seemed to be wincing in pain.

That was all he had time to register before he launched himself on the three goons. Seeing him charge towards them one of the goons fled... one of them faced Arnav while the other held Khushi in place. Arnav punches the guy facing him... he holds him in place and bashes his sides ... then he stares at the guy holding Khushi in place... that stare was enough for the third guy who lets go of Khushi and starts running out of the alley... But that wasn't enough for Arnav... How dare he hurt his Khushi.... his wife... He runs after the goon and manages to land two blows on him while running.

He would have chased him to the end of the world but then he hears a small voice from behind him... "Arnavji"

He stops dead in his tracks. He turns around to find Khushi fainted on the ground. He runs to her and...

"Khushi.... Khushi.... open your eyes... come on....Khushi"

He lifts an unconscious Khushi in his arms and takes her to his car. He sprinkles some water on her and she wakes up. He offers her a drink of water and she accepts gratefully.After two gulps she remembers where she was and all that happened.. how Arnav fought for her... How he was unwilling to let go of the goon who had hurt her.... She looks up to his face fearing what she will find there.... but she is taken aback. What she saw on his face was not anger or hatred. It was plain pain, fear and concern.

She wondered 'what is going on in his mind. Why did he fight those goons? If he hated me as much as he claims... why is he worried now?'

Arnav was in his own circle of thoughts - 'What if I was even a minute late to reach her? Does she have any idea how much trouble she could've been in? Oh dear! I could have lost her today'

Both were lost in their own thoughts when Arnav's phone rings...

Arnav: "Ya... Khushi is with me.. we will be home shortly"

Khushi: "Who was that?"

Arnav: "Someone who clearly cares for you I dunno why... It was Di"

Khushi: "Well she does care for me but are you telling me you don't care for me???"

Arnav: "What?? What's the connection"

Khushi: "Answer me Arnavji... Don't you care even one bit for me??"

Arnav: "No I don't ... now wash your face and look presentable... we are going home"

Saying this he turns to go to his side of the car when Khushi holds his wrist and stops him. The touch caused an electric current to zing through Arnav. He turns back to look at her wondering why he was still so affected by her when he had cut off all feelings from his life.

Khushi: "Liar!!..."

Arnav: "Huh??!! Meaning?"

Khushi: "Are you saying that if something had happened to me today... it wouldn't matter to you? What if those goons succeeded in...." Arnav closes her mouth with his hand preventing her from saying anything else to complete the visions that were already tormenting him. He stares into her eyes...and it could have been just the two of them in the world....

Arnav thinks 'Why can't it be just the two of us in this world... So that she could be only mine... mine forever'.

Khushi thinks 'His eyes tell me he loves me then why has he been behaving so badly?? I have to push him to tell me the truth' thinking this she removes his hand from her mouth but holds it firmly in her hands and

Khushi: "If the way you fought those goons was any indication of how you feel... then I must be the luckiest girl in the world"

On hearing her words Arnav is taken aback... He wanted to treat her like she was scum... but here he was saving her and laying out his heart in his eyes. He had to get his emotions under control before she chipped off anymore of his armour. Khushi notices the change in his expression

Khushi: "Arnavji don't go away from me... please talk to me"

Arnav: "Forget it Khushi... you are not worth it"

Khushi: "What made you think so Arnavji... I don't think I did anything wrong... how can things flip 180 with you in just a matter of minutes?? You did this to me on Diwali... then again on jiji's marriage and ever since you have been hot and cold with me... Let me in... tell me what happened??"

Arnav gets into a rage and comes to her holding her close.... "Do you have any idea how much your actions have killed you think you have done nothing wrong is it?? You have no conscience after what you did to my........."

Khushi: "To your???"

Arnav: "Get in the car Khushi"

Khushi: "No Arnavji... if I am being punished then I have aright to know why"

Arnav in a tired voice: "Khushi .... I don't have to explain anything"

Khushi gets into the car without another word but vows to get the truth from him sooner or later.

Through out the way Arnav had a disturbing feeling... but he couldn't put a finger on it. He keeps thinking but it keeps slipping away.... something that didn't fit neatly into his boxed up notions about the people around him. They reach home and are met by a worried Payal, Anjali and a worried and jealous Shyam.

Anjali: "Khushiji where were you?? Why didn't Chhote pick you up"

Khushi looks at Arnav who seems lost for an explanation. So she says

"Anjaliji, why do you worry so much.... you know how your brother is... if he is working he forgets everything. I told him that I will go to the temple and stay there till the night Aarti... he got caught up in some work so he told me to wait there only so that I didn't have to come home alone"

Saying this she hugs Arnav around the waist in a fond way. This jerks Arnav back to his senses.... the feel of her arms wrapping around him, the rose petal smell of her soft hair... his senses are overwhlemed and he finds his hands resting on her shoulder of their own accord.

Anjali: "See Shyamji how well Khushiji and Chhote understand each other... I think I am actually beginning to forgive Chhote for his indiscretion... after all whatever his reasons maybe... he seems to have found the girl who understands him and loves him with all her heart"

Shyam ( trying to hide a scowl while looking at Arshi): "Rani Sahiba, I think it is too late we should all go sleep now"

Anjali: "Yes yes, Chhote, Khushiji dinner is in the kitchen please have it and then sleep.. Goodnight"

Payal: "Khushi are you alright??"

Khushi: "Yes jiji... please don't worry you go and sleep"

After everyone leaves Khushi goes towards the kitchen to serve dinner and suddenly realises that Arnav hadn't moved or said anything all this while... She turns around and see him staring at her... She looks at him and he starts walking towards her as if in a daze... She is tempted to walk back as she always does... but this time instead she decides to stand her ground.

He walks up to her and holds her gaze... In his eyes she saw confusion... She sensed a question coming up...

Mar 1, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 30 times)

She sensed a question coming up.....

Arnav: "Why would you do that in front of....."

Khushi: "In front of??? Whom Arnavji?? Our family??"

Arnav is surprised to hear her call it "Our family". He says still in a confused tone "They are my family "

Khushi: "Well because you married me... they are now my family too. Anyways we can argue about whose family it is after we have dinner. Come..."

Arnav follows her without a question as he is unable to clear the confusion in his head and that 'something' that kept bothering him all along the drive home was back again.

Shyam is restless and agitated as Anjali enters their room. She wonders what is wrong.

Anjali: "What happened Shyamji... you seem disturbed.. would you like to share??"

Shyam who was lost in his own thoughts about the open love between Arshi is disturbed wondering if the misunderstanding has been cleared. He does not notice Anjali entering and is caught unawares by her question.

He stumbles on his reply saying " Nothing, Nothing Rani Sahiba.. it's nothing to be bothered about. You sleep now I have some work"

Saying this he is about to leave as he intends to go and check on Arshi and think of a way if necessary to spoil their realtions again. Anjali blocks the door saying "No, you work too hard. As you said it is late now... work can wait till tomorrow... now come to bed with me"

In the dining area Arnav and Khushi are having their first meal together as a married couple.

"Hich.... Hich...." Khushi looks up to find Arnav hiccoughing continuously. She immediately goes to him with a glass of water and makes him drink it.

Khushi: "Are you alright now?? Where are you lost?? I had already warned you that the daal is spicy and you should not have it..." saying this she rubs his back to let help the hiccoughs subside.That physical contact glued him to his spot and he had to gulp lungfuls of air to calm himself.

Arnav is again surprised by her admonishing tone. It seemed to him she suddenly decided to forget whatever happened and start being his wife. Was that it?? He did not pay attention to what he was eating because he kept thinking about Khushi's behaviour in front of Shyam. He could not comprehend why she would behave like his doting wife in front of Shyam if she loved him so much??

Khushi smiled to herself as Arnav had a stunned expression at her admonishing tone. when she came to the house and saw that everyine was worried she looked towards Arnav for an explanation. She did not want to get everyone worked up by telling them about the incident at the temple. But when Arnav said nothing, she just said the first thing that came to her mind and without thinking she hugged Arnav. But immediately she regretted it because she felt like she was electrocuted by a mini surge of tingles in her body. Being so close to him she could feel his warmth and all the lean hard muscle rippling under his shirt. Add to it the heady scent of his perfume and she could have swooned in his arms. She was as confused as he looked by her reaction to him. Was it merely attraction or was it that thing called "love".

When she realised that Arnav was surprised and confused too... she decided to test her hypothesis again. If she touched him again would a current zing through her body again??? So when she realized he wasn't paying attention to his food, she deliberately did not mention the spicy daal. He ate it and had hiccoughs. So that was her cue and she rubs his back. What she was not prepared for was her hand not wanting to break the contact. She was just wondering why and suddenly her heart answered her question with

Dhak dhak.... Dhak dhak....

Mar 1, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 43 times)

Dhak dhak... Dhak dhak...

Stunned at her heart's dhak dhak despirte everything that ASR did.. she looks at him and finds him staring at her with so many questions...She removes her hand immediately and goes back to her plate.

After dinner Khushi is about to take her pillow and quilt out towards the pool when suddenly

Arnav: "Why are you ttaking those??"

Khushi: "???"

Arnav: "I mean where are you taking those? Don't go outside"

Khushi is shocked to hear this. "So where do you expect me to sleep?"

Arnav: "In here"

Khushi's face lights up with happiness. Seeing this Arnav feels an immense satisfaction... But immediately all the questions come back so he adds "It's just that I don't want Mamiji to know anything more than she already does.. that's all"

On hearing this Khushi's face drops a little bit and Arnav curses himself while Khushi sets her bed on the couch.

After sometime Arnav: "Khushi??? Are you sleeping??"

On getting no answer he goes to check on her and finds her sleeping on the couch... all innocence on her face. He feels drawn to her and wants to touch her face. Just once. But he withdraws himself lest he should wake her up. He walks out to the poolside in an agitated manner.

Flashes of memory keep coming back to him......

Khushi and Shyam hugging on the terrace... Khushi saying leave Anjali

Khushi hugging him that night.... Did both the hugs seem different???

Diwali time...... lights.... surrounded by diyas....

Shyam's ugly triumphant face when he told Arnav that Khushi loved him (Shyam) deeply

Shyam's enraged face when he saw Khushi hugging Arnav int he hall....

Then Khushi trying to find him before the marriage.... 'She wanted to talk to me.... why??? about what?? Didn't Shyam already tell her that I knew everything??'

And then it hit him like a speeding train..... that 'something' that kept slipping away from him ever since he saved Khushi and drove back home.

He thought 'Wait a minute.... maybe then Shyam did not have time to tell her.... but even now??? How come he hasn't told her anything till now. Coz no matter what Khushi could not tbe faking the confusion and the pain I saw on her face when she asked me why I changed. Did I see what I saw?? Or was there more to it? Is Khushi really involved with Shyam??'

And then another flash.....

Shyam saying that Khushi is his madness.... his reason for living....

He thinks 'What if it is only Shyam?? Maybe Khushi has no such feelings... if that is so then how do you explain the hug on the terrace??... No .... there is more to that episode than I initially thought.. I will have to find out..

Oh dear... I hope in my haste I have not hurt this one girl who was willing to love me back!!!'

Flash of memory....

'I hate you Mr. Raizada... because you are not worthy of being loved.....'

Arnav opens his eyes wide in realization... 'I am not worthy of being "LOVED"... does that mean she did love me?? Or atleast did she think about it??'

He turns and sees Khushi throught the window sleeping peacefully on the couch.

Mar 1, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 36 times)

He turns and sees Khushi through the window sleeping peacefully on the couch.

Arnav thinks 'No what am I thinking??? If she loved me then how can she sleep so peacefully despite everything I did to her? This is all too messed up... And I should not give in to the temptation... after all it is tempting to let go of this anger and pain and accept her as my wife... No .... not so easily.... But I have to get to the bottom of this soon enough'

Thinking all this he sits on the lounger by the pool side.

Khushi wakes up in the morning feeling happy. She is wondering why she is feeling happy when she remembers last night's events... How Arnav fought for her... How her heart kept telling her that she still liked him or maybe even loved him... How he let her sleep inside. She turns to the bed but is disappointed to find it empty. Perplexed she freshens up and goes out onto the poolside. She sees him sleeping on the lounger.

She thinks 'Oh so he couldn't let me sleep outside for Mamiji's sake, but he couldn't get himself to sleep in the same room as me.... Fine if this is going to be his attitude then he will get the same from me. I was momentarily swayed by his actions at the temple... but i forgot he is Arnav Singh Raizada... the one man I truly hate'

'Hate Or Love??' said the meek voice in her head. She just shook her head and left from the room to go down.

Arnav wakes up to an empty room. He feels tired and his head was pounding from all the thinking last night. He resolves to clear everything and get proof for facts before he does anything further. He heads down to the dining hall for breakfast and as he enters he sees Shyam walking purposefully into the kitchen where Khushi was working alone. The scowl on Shyam's face told him a lot of things. He was about to turn and walk away in anger when he remembers his resolution to get proofs for all his beliefs.

So he silently follows Shyam so that he could hear their conversation.

Shyam: "That's enough Khushiji... I don't want to hear anything else. Don't forget you are mine. How could you act like you loved Saale Sahab last night?"

Khushi: "I'm not answerable to you. So don't hold your breath for an answer"

Shyam gets worked up and grabs Khushi. She is struggling to free herself. Arnav can't stand it anymore. There is a loud clank outside the kitchen. Shyam lets go off her and peeks outside. Arnav who was about to enter the kitchen is also surprised and whirls around. Khushi uses this opportunity to escape fromt he kitchen. She runs out with tears blinding her vision... and runs into Arnav standing outside the kitchen. She looks up with tearful eyes and looks at his angry face. she just moves away without another word as she was not ready to face his anger right then.

Arnav stares at her retreating back and wonders why she was crying? His anger was right now directed at Shyam for man-handling his wife. Only he had the right to touch his wife. Not Shyam.... Although he is tempted to go tell this to Shyam he walks away without a word.

Khushi runs to the poolside with tears streaming down her face. She tries to calm herself when someone places a hand on her shoulder and turns around. She turns around and stares at that person...

Mar 2, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 29 times)

She turns around and stares at that person....

"Khushiji why are you crying??" ... It was Anjali. Khushi tries to wipe her tears and act like nothing went wrong, but Anjali asks Khushi again "Khushiji is everything alright?? Did Chhote say or do something?? Tell me Khushiji is there something I need to know??"

On hearing this Khushi jerks her head up. "Anajaliji why are you asking such questions??"

Anjali is about to say something when "Di.... what are you doing here?" Arnav walks into the room looking for Khushi and finds his Di with her.

Anjali: "Chhotte why haven't you left for office yet??"

Arnav: "Just about to leave..."

Having no choice he says bye and leaves. He had followed Khushi meaning to trattle her a lil more and get some facts out of her. But his Di being there just spoiled his plan. So he goes to office.

Meanwhile, Anjali makes Khushi sit on the bed, gives her a glass of water and asks again "Khushiji, what is it tell me"

Khushi: "It's nothing Anjaliji just some bad Karma following me"

Anjali: "Bad Karma?? Like what?? My Brother??"

Khushi is shocked to hear this and she searches Anjali's serene face for an answer.

Khushi: "What are saying Anjaliji... Why would my husband be bad Karma for me??"

Anjali: "Because somehow you don't seem as thrilled as you are supposed to be about this marriage... and because I know that he has something over you that he has used to get you to marry him the way you did"

Khushi: "...."

Anjali: "Don't worry Khushiji ... I'm not blind to my brother's faults. And neither am I as fragile as everyone keeps thinking. Now tell me clearly what happened. I promise I will keep it to myself"

Khushi although reluctantly starts telling Anjali everything starting from after the Jaimal. After she finishes she is surprised to see Anjali unaffected by all she said.

Khushi: "Aren't you surprised by what your brother did??"

Anjali: "I was when I heard it the first time...." she smiles at Khushi's bewilderment and elaborates saying "I heard you talking to your Devi Maiyya a few nights back. After I came to know that you were not at fault I decided to make sure no one mistreats you in this house. Don't ever think you are alone... I am with you Khushiji. As for Chhote, he will see the error of his ways soon enough. I will make sure of that. You don't worry. But I will not tell the family about this right now. I hope you will understand as they will be hurt because till date we all have considered Chhote as our pillar of strength and he doing such a thing will break the family in more than one way. You saw and felt the repercussions of just not divulging the reason for your marriage. If they hear the reason God knows how they will all react. Kindly keep this between us for now."

Khushi: "It's ok Anjaliji I understand. I am just glad that I got it all out and now I have someone in the house who understands my plight."

Saying this she hugs Anjali and thinks that if Shyam would as much as even think about hurting such a wonderful person, her only support in both households, then she will tear him from limb to limb.

Shyam is distraught after the episode with Khushi and wants to keep her away from Arnav. He knew he could not puch Khushi but he did find the right buttons to push Arnav to do his bidding. The last time his idea did backfire by Arnav marrying Khushi but now she was int the same house, so he had free access to her. So he decides to play another trick with Arnav but this time a little more discretely. He smiles to himself after framing his plan.

Arnav needed answers. He had too many questions and no answers. He heard their conversation. From the looks of it shyam did not seem too happy about the way Khushi acted in front of everyone. But Khushi's answer did not absolve her completely. She did seem to not like his intrusion int the matter but she did not say anything about not feeling for Shyam. He is thinking all this when his secretary enters with an envelop for him. He leaves it on his desk and tries to finish a little bit of work.

In the evening Arnav returns home and enters his room. He pushes open the bathroom door but it is locked. He tries again but it doesn't budge. Then he hears Khuhi singing the latest bollywood item number on top of her voice. His anger begins to rise. He thinks 'It is my room damn it. How dare she blocks my bathroom.'

He is about to bang on the door when "Is anybody out there???"

Khushi yells this from the bathroom. Arnav is about to answer when suddenly the door opens and Khushi peeks through the half open door. She hadn't tied her saree properly as the bathroom was wet. Arnav was standing outside her view so she steps out slowly with the saree half wrapped around her. She runs to close the open bedroom door. And from behind hears "What the...."

Mar 2, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 30 times)

And from behind hears "What the...."

Khushi's hand stops dead after while bolting the door. She whirls around but finds that Arnav has his back to her and is staring at the blank wall opposite to him.

Arnav is looking at the wall. Not knowing how to react or what to do his eyes stray to left of the wall and then to the right. On the right he catches a glimpse of Khushi's refelction in the mirror. Her haitr is open and dripping water. She is clutching her half draped saree to her like a shield. Her eyes seemed to be rooted on her feet and her cheeks turn a bright shade of pink with the blush. Arnav is mezmerised at this image of Khushi. After a minute he catches himself staring at Khushi's reflection without blinking.

He senses the air of discomfort in the room and clears his throat audibly. This causes Khushi to look up and for a second their eyes meet in the mirror before Arnav looks away again. Khushi suddenly aware of her situation tries to control the damage. She is jerked into action and starts running into the bathroom holding on to the saree like it was her life. A few feet away from the bathroom door she trips over the loose end of the saree and is about to fall when a hand on her shoulder breaks her fall and another hand around her waist steadies her against a hard muscular wall.

Arnav sees Khushi tripping over her saree and in two quick strides covers the distance between them. He holds her by the waist and hauls her against him to steady her. Their eyes meet and the delicious tingles begin to journey up from Khushi's toes. His hand on her waist was like a searing brand. His eyes boring deep into her soul, doing a branding job of their own.Arnav couldn't look away. Her hazel eyes... the windows to her soul... had effectively trapped him into inaction. The feel of her smooth skin under his hand was like a drug he wouldn't mind OD-ing on. He could have stared into those eyes for ages and not known about it.

Slowly a drop of water rolls off her hair onto her back and trickles its way to ther waist. As soon the water droplet touched Arnav's hands he jerked his hand away as though burnt. Khushi lost her balance a grabs onto his shoulders for support forgetting about the saree she was clutching on to. The saree falls to her feet like a ghostly veil. Arnav has a small smile playing on his lips and suddenly she is aware of the absent saree. She turns around and steps away coverng herself with her hands. Arnav bends down slowly and picks up her saree. He looks at the saree with an expression that said 'How lucky you are... you get to wrap your self around that silky smoothness'. He moves closer to her and she steps away again. He takes another step closer and drapes the saree over her from behind. He lets his hands linger around her for one extra moment. At that contact her heart says

Dhak dhak.... dhak dhak....

Mar 2, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 29 times)

Dhak dhak.... dhak dhak....

Khushi closes her eyes tight willing her heart to stop beating so hard. Arnav feels like his hands are bound and he couldn't move them. And then he hears it in his ears...

Dhak dhak .... Dhak dhak....

He is surprised that Khushi could not hear his oh-so-loud heart beat. He gulps down and tries to steady his heart beat. A mischievious glint forms in his eyes and he slowly bends forward so that she could feel his breath upon her shoulder. Slowly he moves his wrapped hand from one shoulder to another as though unwrapping it. In the process he lets his fingers barely touch her... tracing a straight line... the line that separates the brain from the heart. Khushi's head bends back slightly of its own accord. And Arnav exhales a breath he didn't know he was holding.

The feeling on his breath on her shoulder brought her back to her senses. She was still a little hazy when she turns and takes two quick steps towards the bathroom. She stops and turns bent head slightly towards the left and halts. Then thinking better off it she runs into the bathroom and shuts it with a click.

He is still standing with his hand raised, fist clenched and head bent. His heart was hammering away in his chest. He felt like he had just run a mile. He felt a sense of loss caused by her absence in his arms. A smile begins to form on his lips thinking about his actions and her reactions. He pushes his hand through this neatly coiffed hair not knowing how to stop his hammering heart. He takes two steps to the left and then traces his path back as though not knowing where to go. Then he walks over to the table where he had dropped his laptop and office documents. Wanting to take his mind off the images of Khushi in her saree, Khushi in his arms, her dripping wet hair, her blush pink cheeks... he picks up the first envelop from the stack of mail.

He empties it without paying attention to the contents. With a smile now completely formed on his lips he cast an idle look at the contents in his hand. His smile begins to drop and his eyes lose the dreamy look. The contents of that envelop had his full attention now and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He slowly flips through the contents and again and again...

Just then the bathroom door opens and Khushi steps out with her saree properly in place. She looks up at him with glassy eyes and is surprised to find all his earlier disillusionment replaced by sheer anger and disgust.

Mar 2, 2012

Kya yahi pyaar hai?? (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 49 times)

She is surprised to find all his earlier disillusionment replaced by anger and disgust. She wonders what it was now that he is blaming her for. She decides not to give him another chance to abuse her verbally or otherwise. So she takes the lead and says "Before you can think of me as a cheap gold digger who is enticing you let me tell you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada that I did not intend for any of that to happen. I was managing fine on my own before you decided to put your hands on me. I was just fine until you decided to cross the line... So dont you dare think it was my fault"

Saying this she walks out of the room before he even had a chance to comprehend what she said. In her haste to get away she does not see the anger on Arnav's face turning into confusion. Arnav stood there looking at the spot where she stood a few moments ago. Oh yes he was angry but with her??? or was he angry at himself?? or that someone who sent this envelop to ruin his happiness even before it blossomed. He again looks at the content and does not know what to make out of it.

Shyam is pacing his room wondering how to get his letter to Khushi while Arnav is watching so that he can push that wedge a little more and widen the already gaping gap between the two pretend lovebirds. He could not bear to even think about his Khushi spending nights in the same room as another man let alone the same bed. He had to execute his plan soon so that Arnav throws Khushi out of the house and she will have no one left on her side to support her. Arnav had done half his work by alienating Khushi from her and his family.

He decides to pass on a letter to Khushi, a letter professing his love and talking of their supposed plan to elope soon. This he would do when there was no one watching. No-one but Arnav. Thinking this he decides the best time to give the letter would be just before dinner when Arnav was about to enter the dining room. He smirks picks up the envelop and walks down.

Khushi walks into the kitchen and is so angry that she is banging pots and pans around when Anjali enters the kitchen and "Khushiji, what is the matter?? Why do yu seem so angry??"

Khushi: "Forget it Anjaliji... it is my fault that I thought of him as even capable of feelings"

Anjali: "Him??? you mean Chhote??"

Khushi: "Yes"

Anjali: "Don't worry Khushiji, he will come around."

Khushi: "Why do you keep saying that Anjaliji.... he will never change.. so stop fooling yourself"

Anjali(smiles fondly): "Khushiji I know something about Chhote that you still don't. Wait a minute come with me I want to give you something"

Saying this she drags her to her room. She opens her cupboard and pulls out a roughly folded letter. She hands it to Khushi and asks her to read it. It was Arnav's mom's letter to her DIL. On reading that Khushi has tears in her eyes. The love of a mother for her son was evident in that letter. Anjali says "See Khushiji, Chhote has always been that way... tough on the outside but soft on the inside... So give him some time"

Khushi hands the letter back to Anjali and asks her to hold it for her until a time when she could truly claim it as Arnav's wife.

Meanwhile Shyam is looking for Khushi in the kitchen and an agitated Arnav walks down into the living area. But instead of heading for the dining room he heads out with the envelop that seemed to turn his world on its end. He drives out and stops at an empty crossing. He removes the contents of the envelop again. They were photographs. Photographs of Shyam handing over sweets to Khushi, Shyam talking to Buaji and Garima who were listening intently, Shyam helping Payal and Buaji with shopping. Arnav's mind starts spinning.

He thinks 'All the Guptas knew about Shyam and Khushi???? What the hell was going on?? How could they keep quiet?? Were they also in on the cheating plan?? How deep did this mess go?'

He wonders why none of the Guptas ever mentioned them knowing Shyam. He makes up his mind and drives to the Gupta house. He barges in through the open door and finds buaji, Shashi and Garima sitting in the hall. They are stunned to see him.

Buaji: "Hai re Nand Kisore. What happened?? Why are you barging in at this hour?? Is Khushi ok???"

Arnav throws the photographs onto the table and says "First each of you will explain these"

The Guptas are shocked to see the photographs and Garima even looks a little guilty. Arnav loses his patience and barks at the "EXPLAIN!!!"

Buaji: "Have patience son, I dunno how and when to begin. But I will just tell you the truth now. We all knew Shyam as a lawyer from Lucknow who helped us a lot here in Delhi and we felt so indebted to him that Garima and I decided to get Khushi and him married."

Arnav's jaw drops on hearing this. But he does not say anything because he wanted to hear all the facts. And more so he wanted to see the self righteous Guptas, who disowned their daugter because of her marriage, squirm under his silent treatment.

Buaji continues: "All of us were blinded by his goodness. So much so that I even forced a reluctant Khushi to get engaged to Shyam"

That did it for Arnav. It was like someone had switched off the spot light and turned on the house lights. The entire picture seemed to fit in. He suddenly remembered that Khushi's fiancee was call "Shyamji". And he remembered how an emotionally broken Khushi had come running down from the terrace. Buaji continues to explain the whole situation and how Khushi discovered the truth about Shyam and how he continued to harass her even after the engagement was broken. She also mentons that Khushi had wanted to reveal Shyam's truth to Anjali but withdrew at the final moment because she was scared about how Anali would react to such a news.

Arnav remembered the tear streaked face of Khushi during Payal and Aakaash's engagement when she talked about broken trust and the hurt tht follows a broken engagement. He remembered how he himself could not tell Anjali the truth about Shyam and Khushi. The more Arnav tried to search for the truth the more he was being convinced of Khushi's innocence in the whole matter. He had heard enough. He gets up and walks out. He stops at the door, turns around and faces Garima and Buaji. He says

"How can you be so selfish?? This girl did everything you asked her to do. She did not care about her life and happily jumped into the burning pyre for the happiness of an adoptive family and what did you give her in return??? Hatred and insult. Khushi had asked me tot tell you about the circumstances of our marriage a long time back. But as it is a night of truths let me tell you....... I forced her to marry me. I laid it dwn as one of the conditions to let Aakash marry Payal". Saying this he walks out. He reaches his car and slams his fist on the bonnet. He is filled with self loathing and disgust.

Khushi's words come hurtling back to him "You are not worthy of being loved Mr. Raizada..." He realizes the gargantuan mistake he made in assessing Khushi. Shyam would have almost succeeded if he hadn't gotten these photographs today. He would have never reached the bottom of things. He didn't know what to do. But he does decide one thing..... He will do anything to win his Khushi's heart back.

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