Faith In Love

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May 12, 2015

Faith In Love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 20 times)

To all my readers , thanku so much for your support till now. I wish it will continue in future too. Here i am with a story in differrnt background. I will give the character sketch and introduction now. Pls support me.

May 12, 2015

Faith In Love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 41 times)

««CHARACTER SKETCH»».RAIZADA FAMILY: ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA: the main lead. Same as in show . But believes in marriage. Loves his nani a lot. Adores his three brothers to core. Runs AR designs. ARJUN SINGH RAIZADA: Same as arnav but bit more strict. Elder of the raizada brothers. Believes in love and marriage. Runs AR industries. .AKASH RAIZADA: same as in show. Adores her brothers and consider them as his role models. Younger of all. Runs AR financial dept. Loves his nani a lot. Waiting for his ladylove. AMAN SINGH RAIZADA;: twin brother of arnav. (Not identical). Loves and adores everyone. Runs Ar financial dept. along with akash. NANI: lovely woman. Loves her grandsons a lot. Pray to god to bring good matches for them. ««JHA FAMILY»»».:: SHYAM MANOHAR JHA: : eldest of his two brothers. Very cunning and cruel lawyer. Can go to any extend for money. Sleeping with different woman is his hobby. Married. Treats wife as a slave and has his eyes on his brothers wives. SHIKAR MANOHAR JHA: same like shyam. Runs SM group of industries. Treats wife as slave and abuses her. Has eyes on his brothers wives. SHANKAR MANOHAR JHA: youngest of all. More money minded. Treats his wife badly and insults her infront of everyone. Has underground buisness with his brothers. KHUSHI MANOHAR JHA(AKA KHUSHI SINGHANIYA): main lead. wife os shikar.Is a famous cardiac surgeon. So angellic beauty , anyone can fall for her kindness and culture. Orphan. Lived in orphanage aashiyana with her sisters after their parents died ate the age of six. Cheated by shikar and was forced to marry him. Hates him to the core. Is treated as a slave in sasural. Lives to save her sisters from this hell. ANJALI JHA: (AKA ANJALI SINGHANIYA):wife of shyam. A professor in most reputed college of delhi. Orphan. Lived in aashiyana orphanage with her sisters after they lost their parents at the age of ten. Eldest of the singhaniya sisters. Loves her sister a lot. Married to shyam due to circumstances. Abused by her husband. ANSHI JHA: (Aka ANSHI SINGHANIYA): youngest of singhaniyas. Wife of shankar . Works in AR Designs as the head designer. Lived in aashiyana orhanage after she lost her parents with her sisters. Treated badly by her husband. MANORAMA JHA: mother of jha's . Very cunning. Money minded. Lover her sons a lot. Abuses her daughter in laws a lot. Made her sons marry orphan girls bcoz she can over rule them .always taunts them. She made them stay there to get money. Even tried to sell them and gain money with the permission of her sons. Never values her husband. MANOHAR JHA: a soft man. Ruled by his wife. Loves his daughterin laws a lot and try to save them from his wife and sons. Hates his sons a lot. Never raise voice on them. PAYAL GUPTA; frnd of khushi, anjali and anshi. Works at AR. Orphan. Lives in aashiyana. She knows very well how her frnds are suffering and under what circumstances they got married to save aashiyana orphanage. Prays for them. Loves akash singh raizada.

May 12, 2015

Faith In Love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 35 times)

RM»»».Early morning the boys woke up hearing the rong of bell from mandir. They all got up to start their routine. They after the morning pleasantries moved to office. They heard nani asking them to go to mandir evening which they agreed sulkliy. ««JHA MANSION»».THey day started for the girls with the usual taunts and abusing words from their husbands and motherinlaw. They moved to their work places with empty stomach and heavy heart like everyday ««ARD»»As ASR entered the whole office become quiet. Aman and akash giggled from behind which got stucked seeing arnav's heated gaze. They gulped and moved to their cabin. Akash on his way met his ladylove payal who qas engrossed with their head designer aashi jha. Akash and anshi share a good bond. Akash know aman having an eye on aashi but he was sad when she got married. Even now aman loves her which only he knows. Arnav was impressed with anshii and her honest work and talents. He admireds her as a little sister from the day he came to work. He respected her and liked het innocence. He was not able to attend her wedding which occour suddenly. Soon their day was same like everyday. Arnav was busy as usual.soon the boys reached home earlier as they dont want their nani to be upset. Soon they got fresh and moved to temple muttering under their breaths. ««JHA MANSION»»: khushi , anjali and anshi came back after their tired day and know what is there to welcome them is usual taunts of manorama. They never raised their voice bcoz the other sisters will have to suffer from their husbands if any one dare to raise their voice. When they entered manorama was sitting with manohar beside her. As soon a she saw them she started. MANORAMA: arey why are you staring like this? Should i take aarthi for you all to enter or what? Without saying a word they moved inside. MANORAMA: anjali bahu go and prepare tea for me and also prepare the dinner fast. . Khushi bahu go and clean all the rooms. Shikar bitwa was saying that the washroms and all rooms were not cleaned. So clean it all. Not even a single dust should lie in any room . Clean all washrooms tand rooms . Anshi bahu go and wash all clothes that are kept outside all rooms to washup. Shyam bitwa was saying that his white shirt was not washed properly. Wash wverything . My clothes are kept in the washroom. Take it from there and wash. Do everything fastly bcoz after finishing this u all should go to temple to pray for my son's welfare. Go fast. Girls moved without saying a word to do their job. They do it everyday. If it is not done properly then manorama will taunt and beat them and will accuse them infront of her sons making them to beat them again. After few hours they finished their work and set to temple. . Soon they reached temple which is their only solace to be in peace. They shed all their worries and tears there. Raizada boys to came and met the pandit and informed him about the pooja for their mother and father's death anniversery. They moved out. Aman banged into someone and fall down along with the person. All looked to find who it is. AMAN: what the hell? Cant you see with you..Aman was about to thrash the person but stopped looking at the person. It was anshi. Akash hide his smile seeing aman's face. Arnav and arjun smirked . Anshi quickly said a sorry but was surprised to see them in mabdir as far as she now none of them believed in god. She was coming out from mandir with khushi and anjali but syddenly banged into aman as she was too engrossed in their talk. She didnt get time to talk with tyem in house bcoz of sasuma so they spent time with each other in mandir. ANSHI; sir what are u people doing here? AMAN(to hide his embras****t): why?.is mandir written in your name that you only can come. Anshi was shocked . ARJUN": dude dtop it. ARNAV: anshi we are here due to nani's compulsion. Anyway are u alone? ANSHI: no sir i came with my sisters. She showed behind their back and was so lot in the godess of beautied standing there. Arnav was lost in the one in red saree(khushi) and arjun in the yellow one(anjali). They blinked their eyes and thought can someone be this much beautiful just like angels descended from heaven. They were brought back to reality from their dream world by akash's voice. Akash and aman saw their brother's state and chuckled. They know their brothers didnt give any damn about girls but they were too lost in these two. AKASH: oh anshi are they u r sisters? Dont u introduce to us. ANSHI: ofcourse sir. She moved towards them . Arnav and arjun was eager to meet them , they both didnt understood why but they felt their heart beating fast. Anshi moved to anjali and introduced her first. ANSHI(pointing anjali): she is my elder sister anjali. She is a college professor in the topmost college XZYcollege of delhi. Anjali said namasthe and was so lost in her sweetvoice. Then anshi introduced khushi. ANSHI(pointing khushi): she is my second elder sister. Khushi. She is a cardiac surgeon in the most reputed XZY hospital of delhi. She too said namasthe which made arnav's heart to beat fast. He pronounced her name KHUSHI again which akash heard. AKASH: oh u are her sisters right. She talks a lot about you two. She loves you a lot. Anjali and khushi smiled making the boys so lost in their lips. AMAN: are you twi are not only her sisters but her sister in laws too right. U three are married to the same house right. How lucky you people are?. Arnav and arjun then only noticed the sindoor and mangalsutra of them and felt their heart breaking. They doent understood why but felt so sad that they are married . But what surprised them was they noticed how their face fallen when they heard aman saying about their marriage. They thought they should be happy afterall they are not seperated. A question arised in their mind arent they happy on their martied life? They smacked themselves for thinking about them ." I have only met her now then why i am sad that she is married. Why should i worry if they are not happy. ", both thought. Then they saw a woman in mid fortees charging towards anshi and holding her hands harshly. They paled and looked pleadingly at the woman. The boys noticed how the girls were shivering under that woman's gaze.

May 14, 2015

Faith In Love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 34 times)

The woman looked at them accusingly. KHUSHI: sasumaa.. woh.. She didnt continued as manorama glared at her. MANORAMA(to anshi): what are u doing here? Who are they? ANSHI; sasuma they are my boss. I saw them here so was just talking. Manorama suddenly behave so lovely not wanting anshi to loose her job. She wished they boys and started dragging anshi by gripping her nails fiercely without anyones notice and asked khushi and anjali to follow them. They saw the fierce hold of manorama on anshi and they shivered and got worried for their sister. ANJALI: : (to raizadas): Its good that we met you. Now we will leave. Saying this she folded her hands and did a namasthe and holding khushi rushed behing their sasuma. The boys got worried this nking that woman will hurt them , seeing her behaviour. They saw how that woman digged her nails on anshi"s hand and how she glared at the other too. AKASH: i heard that their sasuma is a bad woman from patal. Dont know what will happen to anshi now.? I think that woman didnt like her talking with us . They decided to go back. ARNAV: what the!!!. I forgot the keys in that place near pandit. I will go and get it. He moved to mandir to get the keys. While returning he heard some sound from the secluded corner of mandir. He rooted to the spot seeing the scene unfolding behind him. The others not seeing arnav came in search for him too stood still. There anshi was beaten cruely by manorama and khushi and anjali were pleading holding her legs to stop beating anshi. KHUSHI(crying): Sasuma pls dont do anything. There is nothing as you think. They were her boss. Seeing tgem she introduced us to them. Thats all . There is nothing more. MANORAMA: really . I dont believe you all. You all are cheating my sons i know. ANJALI: pls sasuma there is nothing as you think. Pls believe us. MANORAMA: believe youall,, my foott... saying this she shrugged her legs whichmade both anjali and khushi to fall on ground. Manorama stroded towards anshi and pulled her hair which made her to growl in pain. MANORAMA; that day i saw you with one of those men in the hospotal .that day i beated you badly and said to not to go behind any men .ANSHI": no sasuma that day payal was not well so i took her to hospital along with aman sir. Nothing more. Pls ask my di she knows it. She had treated payal. KHUSHI: yes sasuma thats the truth. Pls believe. MANORAMA: i dont believe. God knows the truth. May be she would have slept with any one of them and would have gone for abortion or something. Anshi was shocked so as others. KHUSHI: (raised her voice): Sasumaaa how could you say something like that about my sister. Ho.. Before she could finish manorama slapped her hard which made her to fall down.MANOHAR: ranisahiba what are... Manorama glared at him which made him to stop. Anjali and anshi hold her. MANORAMA: how dare you raise your voice on me.? I dont believe you all. .. Maybe you both (pointing anjali and khushi) will be sleeping with them too along with your sister. You are cheating my gem like sons. I will teach you three what will happen if you raise your voice on me. Let me go home. I will make my sons to thrash you all so that you people will understand that you three are no less than servants for me. Saying this she stroded towards her car. The three stood there crying holding each other.. ANSHI: sorry di bcoz of me you too got beaten. KHUSHI: shhh. Its not becoz of you. That woman will find a reason everyday to beat us by herself and by her sons too. Today she got this reason. Atleast i am happy that i got beaten bcoz i raised my voice on her. Atleast there is a valid reason for todays slap. Everyday without any fault she and her sons are killing us but today i felt a relief that i was able to raise my voice atleast once. I can happily accept shikar's beatings today night. They hugged each other and cried.MANOHAR: pls forgive us bitiya i cant raise myself for you all..ANJALI: its ok we know how you are suffering too. You should not interfere then sasuma will scold you too. We will think this as our fate only. Saying this they moved holding each other by their arms. They didnt noticed four pair of eyes watching everything in agony. Arnavs heart was bleeding when he saw that woman slapping khushi. He felt to kill that woman when she asked khushi whether they sleeep with them . He felt too disgusted. Same feeling was going on in others hearts too. Arnav turned back hearing a thud. Aman sat down on the ground with a thud. He was crying. They rushed to him .ARJUN": arey yar why are you crying? AMAN: bhai i loved anshi more than myselc and wished to marry her. But before i could propose her she got married suddenly. Seeing her happy i thought she has no feelings for me. I thought if she lives happily then i too should be happy for my love. But i didnt knew that she and her sisters are living in a hell. ARNAV: aman i can understand u r state. Bit what was that woman saying about seeing you both in hospital. AMAN: voh.. when you three got to mumbai for a meeting that day anshi rushed to my cabin saying payal fainted. So we brought her to hospital.. Payal fainted due to stress. Anshi's sister attended her and gave a trip . So we waited there. That woman (manorama) saw us there and is accusing anshi. How could she speak about them like this? Chiiii. They all felt sad for them .they all had a gud bond with anshi as a small sister of them . They felt sad for the three girls. AKASH: bhai we heard their husbands will beat them . I cant think of ot. Now itself that lady hitler beated them to their pulp, dont know wat will be their state if their husbands too did the same. How can someone be this cruel. I didnt knew that anshi as always showing a smiling face amidst all her miseries. The others too got worried thinking about them . Not knowing what to do they all left home. At night sleep was far away from them . Arnav was thinking aboout khushi only. He didnt understood why but he was sad seeing her in that condition.

May 16, 2015

Faith In Love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 43 times)

NEXT MORNING»»»».... Raizada boys went to office as usual but all were worried and wished to see anshi once. All looked in her cabin but alas she was not there. It made them worried more. Aman was walking restlessly in his cabin when he saw anshi coming. After sometime Anshi entered to arnav's cabin. Arnav looked at anshi. He saw a finger mark and bite mark near her neck. But he understood that anshi tried to hide the finger marks with makeup. She smiled widely to him. ... ANSHI: gdmrng sir. I came to get your sign on this. ARNAV: okay. Why were you late anshi? ANSHI": woh sir actually ...... I went to mandir thats whyyy..... Arnav smiled himself thinking how much this small girl is smiling amidst all her miseries. Anshi moved out of cabin but stumpled. He saw her foot which has a red mark as if it is burnt with a rod or something. He saw her flinching but covered and moved out of the cabin............... . He felt so sorry for the girl. He had never thought she will be hiding so much of pain in her smile. Aman and akash too saw this too.. Tears formed in aman's eyes. Akash patted his back. They moved to arnav's cabin. AKASH": you should move to conference room . Everything is ready. ARNAV: okay. Lets move. They move out of cabin. They saw anshi working and sighed and moved for conference. ......... The meeting went well and while coming back they saw payal holding anshi and asking is everything fine. ........They heard their conversation. PAYAL: anshi u r fine na? ANSHI ya i am fine. Payal caresssed her face. PAYAL: anshi how much marks you will hide with makeup? What was the reason for yesterday's beatings?.ANSHI": hum . Yesterday she saw us in temple talking with our boss . ........ she narrated everything. ....... PAYAL: is khushi fine? He would have killed her na? ANSHI: ha he almost killed her yesterday. Anju di and khushi di was not able to even get up from the floor morning . They rarely slept for two hours. Shekar was not there so i didnt get beating. ...... PAYAL: how many days u will suffer like this anshi? I know only bcoz of you people we are living safely. U all gave u r life for us. Pls forgive me. Even after knowing everything i cant do ajythong for you all. ANSHII; payal di its ok. Its our fate. But we will never let them to destroy the orphanage. It was startedby our ma. We will fight till the end to save it. There is nothing for us to suffer any more. What remains is only our virginity. She hugged payal and cried .ANSHI: which man will ask their wife to sleep with his brother di? . Only due to that woman we are saved from being touched by them . She said them due to some problems they can start our relationship in all way after 6 months. Only becoz of that we are saved from such a torture. We cant let them touch us. They slept with a lot of women infront of us . How will we allow them to touch us. ? Its better to die rather than that. Their ma said then to wait only bcoz she want to utilize max from us by making us work.. we heard her saying to our neighbour that" if they bcome pregnant then how come they will do job? They should work and get a lot of money". you know payal di , khushidi is coming at late night. Sasuma asked her to work at night also in hospital. And anjalidi , sasuma made her take tuition for children till late night after her college. Only i am left bcoz she cant make me work here overtime na. PAYAL::i dont know what to say anshi. Pls forgive us all. Now come eat something. U didnt eat anything. i know you didnt had anything. I know you three prepare food for them in early morning but they wont give fud to you all. You are coming empty stomach everyday thats why i pack food for you all and take it with me. .... i send food for khushi and anju di too. Now come eat. Anshi smiled and ate. Arnav , akash and aman heard it all and they all had tears in their eyes. They left from there. Aman broke down reaching his cabin. Arnav and akash consoled them . AKASH: bhai i think i will ask payal and know everything. Later we can help them if we can . I always consider anshi as my little sister. I cant evrn think that their husbandd are such cheap persons. How can they ask their wives to sleep with their brother? Oh my god. ARNAV: i am thinking the same. We should do something to help them . Later they moved to their cabins with heavy heart. Arnav felt so restless. He took his key and moved out. He informed akash that he going out. Arnav reached XYZ hospital . He didnt understood why but he felt to see khushi once. He didnt understood why. But he moved inside. He checked on the list of doctors and saw her name written on the top. KHUSHI SINGHANIYA- carduac surgeon. He thought she didnt changed her name as jha. He felt good. He moved towards her cabin but she was not there. He saw her coming out from ICU. He saw her swollen legs first as she was stampling. He saw red marks on her neck back and her eyes were swollen.he felt his heart flinch to see her like that. He heard a small kid approaching her. Khushi bend to the kid smiling with difficulty. KHUSHI: How are you rohan ? How you are feeling now? KID(ROHAN): hum teek hai didi. He extended her a rose and kissed her cheek .ROHAN: i am leaving today. Keep this as my rememberance ok. You should always remember me ok. KHUSHI: sure we will meet again not in hospital bit at some gud place. You should take care of youself ok. She kissed his cheek. KIDSMOTHER: thank mam .f you were not there we should have lost him. KHUSHI: no anty what i did was my duty. Thats all.. MOTHER: but you paid the full bill and helped us. KHUSHI: any human will do that. Now stop saying thanks and takee care of him. The kid went away after hugging her. Khushi sighed and moved to operation theatre. He felt sad seeing her like that. He can see she is so tired He thought why he is so much into her? "May be because i fall for her on first sight itself. I should help her to be out of this mess. He vowed himself to save them and went away.

May 19, 2015

Faith In Love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 40 times)

At evening............... Anshi moved out of her cabin to go to house. Arnav , aman and akash too came out. Seeing anshi arnav thought they can drop her home as she is stampling. ARNAV: we will drop you both . All looked at anshi's fearful expression. ANSHI: no sir its ok. I will leave. Payal will come with you all. AKASH: dude come yaar we dont eat you. He smiled. ANSHI: no sir actually i want to go to di's college to join her in shopping. So.. Payal looked at her. Everyone understood that its a white lie and they all know why she is refusing too. They didnt force her. ............ Akash asked payal to join but she refused. PAYAL: vo actually i am also accompanying anshi. AKASH:But...... Arnav nudged at him. So they bid bye and moved to their car. Payal and anshi moved. In the way payal asked anshi why she refused to go with them?.................ANSHI: di u know it very well. Why i refused? Yesterday seeing them sasuma almost killed us. I dont want that to repeat again. If they drop me our neighbours will say to them . She will make it a big issue again.. Also today shekhar will return and others too will come home. For yesterday's issue they will blast us today and if todat too the same thing repeats then they will kill us today itself. ......... Payal hugged her... ANSHI: dont worry di. Now we dont fear for anything. Its usual for us now. If they didnt blast on us one day then we wont be able to sleep that day thinking what will happen next day. We got habituated with this dii. ......... They moved saying this. Arnav, aman and akash too heard it. Aman was on the verge of breaking down. ARNAV: aman we will do something . We should know what is happpejing to them fully. Then only we can help the. AKASH: bhai mat be payal can help us . She knows everthing right. If.she know that we are trying to save them then payal too will help us. ARNAV: yes i too think the same. We can talk with payal tomorrow. Saying this the trio left to their house. They told everything to arjun. Nani too heard them NANI: you should help them. I know anshi bitiya. She is a gud girl. Her sisters too will be good. ARNAV ARJUN TOGETHER: yes nani khusi/anjali us very good girl. Akash, aman and nani looked them suspiciously. AMAN: what is it dude? U have seen her only once but u r sure they are good haa?......... Arnav and arjun got embrassed while otyers chuckled. They covered up saying thaat they are anshi"s sisters. They know anshi is gud so their sisters too will be gud only. OTHERS: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... They dispersed to room . Sleep was far away from them thinking about their respective partners. They prayed to god to not let anything bad happen to them.... .................................................. «««JHA MANSION»». The girls finished their chaos and went to sleep empty stomach to their room .They are sleeping in same room due manorama. Manorama dont want them to sleep with their husbands for six months. That is the only lucky thing for the. They reached their room only to be stopped by their husbands.They shivered seeing their killing gaze and they know what is coming in the way. SHYAM: what was that we heard ahlbout yesterday from ma? Shekhar rushed to anshi and hold her by her hairs which made her to cry. SHEKAR: you bas***** how dare u cheat me? Are u slewping with them? How dare you go behind me? He slapped her hardly which made her fall down. Anjali and khushi rushed to help her but shyam and shikhar beated them too mercilessly. Shikar slaped khushi thrice. SHIKAR: how dare u idiot u raised u r voice on my mother? Who gave u the right to do it? I wonrt leave you tday. Saying this he took one of the heated iron rod and pulling khushi down plafed it on her foot she cried in pain. Shyam did the same to anjali. After that the three beated them with their belts too SHYAM: remember this before once again raising against us or our family. We brought you here just to take u all to the bed and after our wish is fullfilled and having enough of you all we willsell u three as pro********. Saying this they moved to their room. Anjali , khushi and anshi hugged each other and cried. Manorama who was enjoying all this came inside. MANORAMA: u hear what my sons said right. They will sell u. Dont you three dare you raise against me again. Do you get that. She moved to her room smiling wickedly. Manohar came beside them and patted their head consolling tyem . MANOHAR: forive me bitiya. They will never listen to me. Sorry. Saying this he too left the burning souls behind.

May 21, 2015

faith in love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 37 times)

Next day raizada boys went to office with a resolution to ask payal everything. When they reached office they found anshi's cabin empty. payal was in her cabin. she greeted them.

AMAN: payal  anshi didn't arrived till yet. did she informed u anything / payal paled.

 PAYAL; sir she is not well. she had a little fever yesterday. today she asked me to convey to u that she is not well so she wont come. Arnav, aman and akash looked at each other. ARNAV; OK. saying this he left from there with aman after  nudging akash to convince payal..

 AKASH: I need to talk to you something important . wait in the evening ok.

saying this he too went to attend the meeting.

  ARNAV'S CABIN: Arnav was restless. he thought to himself: ' Is everything fine with them ?why anshi didn't come today? did their husbands beat them badly.? he was so restless thinking about khushi. Immediately something clicked him and he dial the number of XYZ hospital. he enquired whether dr. khushi is there or not. He got the answer as no which made him more restless. aman too was in the same state thinking about anshi,.

the day was too bad for AR employees facing the wrath of ASR who was in very bad mood today.

 JHA MANSION:::::  khushi and anshi was cleanng the whole mansion. Anjali was washing clothes of all the people in the house. shyam , shikhar and shekar was out of town for some work. manorama was taunting the girls to no extend and later she went for shopping. Manohar take her to shopping to save the girls from her wrath. khushi 's foot was bleeding. Anshi and Anjali bandaged her wounds. Khushi did the same for Anjali too.

ANSHI; di why are we suffering like this? we haven't done any sin till today. then why god is punishing us like this? she cried hugging her sisters.

ANJALI;  anshu didn't u heard that god will test her devotees a lot to see the extend of their devotion to her. just think like that may be god is testing our devotion. she too cried. eventhough she said those words to anshi and khushi she know they don't deserve this.

khushi hugged both of them, KHUSHI; don't worry di. anshi u also don't cry. everything will be fine soon. these monsters will surely get punished for their sins. I have belief that soon everything will be fine and our sufferings will end. she consoled both of them.

AR DESIGNS:;:  at evening Arnav , aman and Arjun waited for akash and payal in a park. they were feeling so restless. they saw akash coming with payal. payal was tensed thinking whether she did any mistake or not. seeing her tensed Arnav said; payal there is no need for you to worry. we called u here to discuss something abput u r friend anshi.

payal got confused thinking why are they asking about anshi. AMAN; payal we know everything. we heard u r talks with anshi yesterday, . payal looked at them shocked. ARJUN. payal don't be tensed. he narrated everything starting from temple to everything they hear and saw. Payal was dumbfounded. ARNAV; payal we want to know everything about them.

payal was confused. PAYAL; sir no I cant tell u anything. how can I disclose about anshi,s married life to u people. I am sorry.  saying this she moved. Arnav nudged aksh. akash stopped payal. AKASH; payalji don't you want to save them/ payal lokked at him and then at others,.

ARNAV; payal we know its not good to interfere is someone's personal matters but u know we consider anshi as our little sister. we cant see her hurt also her sisters too. don't u think as a friend u should do something to help them. PAYAL; I really wish, but what can I do. their inlaws are monsters, AMAN.; we too are not less. u know our powers too right, . u also know payal I love anshi a lot. I was about to propose her but before that she got married. I thought that she is happy. that was my relief. but now seeing her like this I cant live in peace. payal looked at the teary eyed aman sadly. she too know that is true. she always wished to see them together.

ARNAV; payal u tell u everything u know about them. then we can help them. we are sure about it. think over it payal. u r getting a chance to save three lives.

Payal stood without any chance. she know if anshi came to know about it she will kill her, bbut no she can convince her. if she can help them it will be the biggest thing she can ever do in her life. she looked at the four hopeful faces as if their life depended on this.

       PRECAP::;;   singhaniya's past

Jul 20, 2015

faith in love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 49 times)

PAYAL: if I should say about their reason for their suffering now then I should first say about their past, means their orginal family.

AMAN: what? if they had a family why they lived in an orphanage?

payal got angry as he interrupted and she  glaer at him

PAYAL: if u interfere like this then I wont speak a word.

others too glared at him..

ARNAV: aman don't open u r mouth till payal finishes. okay. aman pouted. payal staRted.

PAYAL: they are not orphans like u think. its that their family abandoned them after their parents died. aasshiyana is actually an orphanage started by their mother but it ended up as a home for her own children. u would have heard of singhaniya's roght?

they nodded.

PAYAL: amith singhaniya , a great business man , one of the most richest person of india , but a very good and soft hearted person is their father. ria singhaniya, an orphan is their mother. ria singhaniya was an orphan whose parents died at an age of 4 and she was left in an orphanage she was a graet classical dancer, so beautiful and innocent. Amith unlce met her in a dange programme held in theor college and fallen in love with her. later he found out about her and approached her to marry him. she didn't agree as she wished to live a single life and simple life. she never wished for such luxuires. Amith uncle only had a  brother ankith. ankith uncle was married . after a lot of pestering and all atlast due the orphanage people's pressure ria aunty married Amith uncle. and they were such a lovely couple. they loved each other a lot. anyone will wish to be born to such a lovely couple. . after that their first daughter was born, ie. Anjali di(Arjun smiled thinking about her). she was their princess as she was so cute and filled with happiness in their lonely life. they were so happy couple. later khushi  was born. she was such a beauty from birth itself. she was born as a lucky charm for them , so naughty. after her birth uncle's business become world wide and he was so happy . Anjali di too loved khushi a lot. she was so naughty nd bubbly .she was the apple of everyone's eyes, especially Anjali di. khushi was born as their lucky charm. (Arnav just remembered her face when he saw her the first time). after that anshi was born. she was the most pampered one and spoily one especially by her khushi di. both were so naughty and made Anjali di too like them(aman chuckled). they were so happy and loved each other a lot. ria aunty with the help of unlce established the orphanage and named it as aashiyana where she lived ealier and did its maintenance and all and secured a lot of amount for it to secure its existence. ria aunty always brought anjalidi, khushi and anshi with her to our orphanage. they never behaved as rich they played with us and gave as all their toys to play woth them . ria aunty too loved us like her own children and her daughters too considered us as their own sisters and loved us. ria aunty made all of us join the same schools with their daughters. happiness never long for so much rights, that's what happened to them too.

Arnav , Arjun , aman, and akash looked at payal to see her wiping her tears.

PAYAL: actually jha's were their servants.

ARNAV: what theeeeeeeeeeeee.. others were also shocked.

PAYAL: yes actually manorama , that woman was their maid and her husband manohar unlce was their driver, but ria aunty and amith uncle never considered them like that, for them they were a family, amith uncle gave them a house and also respected them  a lot, he helped them to gve educaton to their sons,. they had three sons, elder one shyam, seond one shikhar and third one Shankar, such a creapy bas*****. they were lusting on Anjali di khushi nd anshi from childhdd itself so they hated these people. we too. but Anjali di, khushi, and anshi always loved and respected manorama and manohar uncle. but we never knew manorama and her sons were cruel idiots who will kill their masters itself.

AMAN: whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? others too were having the same shock.

AKASH: what are u saying? they killed anshi's parents and again married their sons itsElf? didn't anshi get some one else?he got angry. payal too.

PAYAL: don't u dare to open ur mouth if u didn't knew anything mr. akash raizada.

akash was shocked at her outburst.

ARNAV: akashhhhhhhhhhhhh.

akash: sry payal.

ARJUN: payal pls continue. we are sorry for these idiots pls.

PAYAL: it was on the anniversary of our orphanage. at that night they all were with us. Anjali di , khuhsi, anshi,.  ria aunty were helping us to dress up for the dances and all. later ria aunty got  a call stating that amith uncle and she is needed in their office immediately. so she left with uncle leaving khuhsi and others with was the last time we saw them alive.  but we didn't knew that it will be their drive to their death. after all our programmes ended too they dint return. little anshi was getting too tired and started crying, we all were trying to manage her. but later we saw our orphanage mother going out immediately worried and crying as she got a call. we didn't understood anything. but later wen they came back it was with the worst news that ria aunty and amith uncle died in  a car blast. Anjali di fainted and they took her to hospital. khushi was only 8 years as me, we didn't even understood the meaning of death, but hearing that we will never be able to see them again made us worried and also seeing Anjali di fainting made khushi too cry. little anshi didn't knew anything but seeing khushi crying she too started crying due to whch she had fever and it made the situation worse.she sticked to khushi which made khushi to stop her cry. later we all went to hospital and at that time Anjali di said us that their parents will never return to us. we saw their deadbodies there. then only we understood the  meaning of death. but what worried us more was khushi . after seeing her parents deadbodies she never cried nor moved an inch from there, she was in a shock. we all tried to make her cry but all went in vain.. we all feared seeing her. after we took their deadbodies to their home for their funeral. I stayed with khushi and anjlaidi and anshi as I didn't had a heart to leave them like that. I too loved them as my parents. after everyone went at that night the worst happened. they chacha ankith showed his true nature, jha's too. he made khushi and Anjali to sign a lot of papers by blackmailiing to kill anshi and also took anshi's thump impression and threw us all out at that night itself. anshi was crying due to fever and Anjali di was too shocked to even react.  khusi pleaded them to let them stay there at least for that night since anshi was not well. but they kicked us out. we went to orphanage. later we foundout that ankith alon with his wife and maorama planned the accident and killed amith uncle and ria aunty for their properties. manohar uncle was a good person he told us the truth but we were not able to do anything  since ankith threatened to destroy the whole orphanage. our mother tried to inform police which made ankith to kill her infront of us. we were too horrified due to their cruelties. we were threatened to keep quiet. the orphanage was not their since ria aunty made it in the name of government earlier itself, so he was not successful in throwing us out from there. 

payal was crying by now. Arnav , Arjun and aman too had tears in their eyaes. aakash wiped his own tears and consoled payal. others too controlled themselves. they can understand the situation as they too suffered similarly, they felt as if their past is remainded to them.  but the singhaniya faced the worst more than them, they can think of the little Anjali/ khushi and anshi clearly. they cried for the children. \

payal controlled herself and continued.

PAYAL: anshi was crying a lot not seeing her parents  since she was only 3 years but later she got used to it as she spent her most time with khushi and di earlier too. Anjali di was only 11 year old was too weak for anything and her own family's cruelties made her more weak. the most fearful was khushi.khushi was just 8 same as mine. we were seeing an entirely different khushi. she lost all her bubbliness and she become so silent but so strong. in a single night sever year only khushi was turned into a mature woman who stood for her sisters and also orphanage people. at first we feared seeing her  she never cried, nor let her sisters to cry or suffer. at the small age she understood the cruelty of this world. she become mother of both Anjali and anshi , as Anjali di was too weak. khushi consoled us at the loss of our orphanage mother. we were fearing seeing her change. she made Anjali di to come out of her miseries slowly and  she too become strong. as ria aunty wishe to make our future better, she almost secured a good amount for orphanage. khushi and Anjali di persisted all of us to study . they too studied with us. Anjali di stated taking tuitions for small childrens and we all took care of anshi too. we all worked together. khushi had passion for dance like ria aunty. she with the help of ria aunty;'s collection of dance cd's she studied and later teached al of us. later as we grow old she started taking dance classes for outside people. she took dance classes on sundays and tuition on subjects on Saturdays. I too joined her. we all worked. we made anshi in school later with us. but we were worried over khushi;s behavior bcoz she never cried after that. at nights I and Anjali di saw her looking at stars and crying every night alone. one day we confronted her. she told us that ria anty used to say that the ones who died will become stars and come to see us.thats it. we understood that she is confiding her loss in her heart and wished to continue her belief in her amma's words. she considered he stars as parents. later we too joined her as it gave us relief. it made anjalidi too strong with the belief that their parents are seeing us. soon we all finished our schools. khushi was a hardworker and di too.

later with all the money we made Anjali di and few others to join colleges. di wished to become a teacher. so she too worked hard and they did parttime job in companies at evenings and made us all complete our twelth. khusi always wished to become a doctor, so she worked day and night to achieve admission. we all were sure that she will achieve it since she was too brilliant and also she stood first in everything. she was a brilliant dance just like ria aunty from such a small age and it made her have a lot of fans and also many allowed children to study dance from her which helped us to have an income. we alternately took care of anshi too. later . khushi kept her word. she topped the board examinations all over india and also she got  a lot of money as reward. she gave us all the money to make us join our colleges and maintenance of aashiana. khushi was too determined that she passed almost all the entrance examinations and got admission in several medical colleges. we were so happy and proud of her and we all knew she deserved it. she was our strength.  but her wish was to study in AIImS. that's too happened. with her hardwork she stood 1 st in aiims entrance examination and later she joined in aiims delhi. we were too happy. as she was the topper we doesn't need money for her studies. she too worked parttime along with our studies and by our small salaries we were happy.

we all completed our studies wonderfully. later anshi too joined enginerring. Anjali di did her masters and joined as a professor in the most reputed college in delhi. we were so happy when she got her job. later khushi topped in aiims too which made us more happy and she got admission for MD there itself . as she wished she specialized in cardiac science. then I got job in AR. later anshi too joined .

everything was going well but we dint knew that what was following us was going to destroy everything.

all were having tears hearing this and were so proud of their women. Arnav just wished to see khushi ad hug her. he felt so proud to even have met her. but all got curious to hear what happened after that.

PAYAL": one day we found Anjali di worried a lot. as khushi was not there she didn't tell us naything but day by day Anjali di was becoming more worried . she shares everything with khushi . so we called khushi to come. later we came to know that shyam manohar jha started following her and pestering her to marry him. 

ARJUN: what? why? he was too worried. Arnav controlled him.

PAYAL: AT first khushi was furious but later she made us all calm. she asked di not to mind him and one day directly with Anjali di she met shyam and warned him to be away from them , but we didn't knew that it will result in the worst. he started lusting on khushi too along with Anjali.

ARNAV: what theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. he was flaggbestered.

PAYAL: yes he found out that khuhsi is studying in aiims and also later found that shikhar is interested in him. but what was in their mind was the worst.

Arnav was stupefied. why is everyone after my love? what is this all about?

AMAN: payal please clear it ,we are not understanding anything.

PAYAL: YES. shikhar saw khushi in aiims one day when he went to see his frnd there and later followed her.but one day khuhsi found that ankith singhaniya and his wife were killed in a blast and were bought to aiims for postmortem.  but what worst followed was that later we found out the truth again when we met manohar jha. one day he came to orphanage and all of us where there. from him we came to know that shyam , shikhar and Shankar snatched all singhaniya properties from ankith singhaniya and later killed him in the same way amith singhnaiya and his wife was killed. jha's took all the properties in their names and changed singhaniya mansion into jha manision.but there was no use bcoz they later found out that even though ankith singhaniya threw Anjali di and all out and too their signs they were not valid since they were not reached 18 years. that's it. shyam being a cunning lawyer found it out . amith uncle found out the truth of ankith before few days of his death and he secured everything for his children. he put clause such that only when the three attains 18 and only after they got married they can sell or transfer everything till then they only can use it. amith uncle was too intelligent as ankith only had a daughter so he knew he wont kill khushi and all. also all the three have equal shares and they can do anything on that only after they got married. ankith didn't knew it. but after he died shyam found it out and decided to marry the singhaniya princesses.

rightaway khusi, Anjali  di and anshi refused and that was the worst. they started following them and torturing them. at first we complaint to the police but u know its of no use. since kha's were too cunning lawyers and powerful. they made everything worse. they stared coming to orphanage and started harassing us too. they tourtured the old people and all of us. it was becoming too much difficult for us. one day it went all in vain. it was the worst nightmare in our lives.

payal started crying hard. akash rushed to her. others were not knowing what to do they too rushed to her. they were all having tears in their eyes.

after sometime payal controlled herself and continued.

PAYAL: remember one day akassh. at the party of AR designs , I and anshi went aftr the party alone right? we refused u r help as u all were help we didn't wanted to disturb u. u safely took sent us in a rickshaw right?

akash nodded fearing the worst.

PAYAL: that dayyy.. we were kidnapped.


PAAYAL: yes we were kidnapped by jha's and our worst nightmare come true that day. some goons took us to a lonely place threatening that Anjali di and khushi di are too kidnapped and they will kill us if we put any stunt, they took us to a bungalow far away. there we found some of our other girls too there and some of our old age people tied up. we all feared. lager he tied up me too setting anshi free. later jha's come there and we understood that it was their plan. they called Anjali di and khushi and told them to come their otherwise they will kill us. we ddint understood anything. later we saw they same goon who took me and anshi came with Anjali di and khushi.

FLASHBACK: all were tied up except jha's , the goons and singhaniya girls.

KHUSHI: what the hell is happening here? why did u people took us here?

SHYAM: I will say my dear khushi singhaniya, u will understand everything in a few seconds, don't worry.

they all laughed and lusted over Anjali. Shankar was holding anshi and almost tried to kiss her which made khushi to slap him. that's it shikar slapped khushi and Anjali . they too were tied up.

SHYAM: don't u dare to show u r smartness. u will endanger not only urs but also the life of others here. just wait for few more minutes. what are u stunting? Shankar tried to kiss only his future wife? he laughed with others.

ANSHI: not even  in ur dreams I will marry such a ****. Shankar slapped her tight.

SHANKAR":i am a **** or what I am u will see in a few minutes after our marriage. don't make me do anything that we should do secretly after marriage, infront of everyone here, do you  want that?

shyam , Shankar and the goons laughed. anshi spitted on his face which made him to beat Anjali and khushi too.

SHYAM: don't  u dare to? for what ever u do u r others sisters too will pay for u r wrongs. don't worry u r not alone we too are going to marry ur beloved sisters. u will not be left alone. I am going to marry ur Anjali di and shikar your beautiful khushi di.

ANJALI: this will never happen even if u kill us.

SHIKHAR: NO no we will not kill , but we will kill the others. saying this he slapped palyal hard which made her to fall down.

KHUHSI, ANJALI, ANSHI: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

sSHYAM: that's it. so don't try to escape. soon my family will come and as good girls just marry us, we iwill keep u so much happy and will give u everything. we will keep u as our MISTRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. all laughed and the others looked at in disgust.

SHIKHAR: don't think that u can escape after marriage. no way. u will have to live with us bcoz u know the orphanage which was of the govt, is in our hangs now. we will destroy each and everything and soon everyone will be in the roads begging.

all were crying by now and jha's laughed hysterically. soon after sometime they all were taken to an auditorium where manorama jha and some goons stood and some other  womans. three mandaps were setup there. shyam, shikhar and Shankar went to her and touched her feet. she blessed them. manorama came near khushi , Anjali and anshi and looked at them up and down and throw a disgusting look. 

MANORAMA: wow u r the singaniya princesses right? hahahaaaaaaaaaa. be happy that my sons are marrying u. 

KHUSHI: chi, aren't I ashamed to call them u r sonsss. we will never marry the at any cost.

manorama slapped khushi hard. 

MANORAMA: don't u dare to say a word about my sons. come homa after marriage I will teach u manners. and u will forget everything after once u sleep with my boys. all looked at her disgustingly. jhas laughed.

SHYAM: khushiji I told u already don't be oversmart. if u move a bit, just look at u r back. the three girls in the hold of my goons , the girls will not be of further use .

all looked behind to see three goons are holding three girls (seema, anitha and sreya)and were manhandling them.

ANJALI: onooooooooooooooooo pls leave them plssssssssssssssss.

ANSHI:pls leave them .

SHANKAR: yes that's it. if u marry us they will be safe. otherwise. not only them all the girls standing here will be used by them and then will be throwm. cant u do this much favour for these girls? cant u marry us just to save their honour?

khushi, Anjali and anshi cried hard and fall on the floor.

SEEMA: diii no pls let us die, pls don't marry this creepssssssssssssss. before she complete one goon started beating her and tear off her clothes.

Anjali, anshi, khushi: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pls noo. leave them. pls pls. we will marry u , plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. they fell on the floor crying holding each other, .

SHYAM: that's it. that's the good spirit. so get up and go with this beauticians and as good girls come dressing like brides.

the three ladies took khushi, Anjali and anshi forcefully with them. after sometime they came down in wedding lehangas and jewelleries. jhas looked at them lustfully. pandits too arrived.

PAYAL: pls khushi noooo plsssssssssssssssssssss.

she was crying but no everything went in vainnnnnnnnnnnnn.

shyam, shikhar and Shankar sat in the mandap infront of the holppyre and manorama took the ladied and made them sit as Anjali, khushi and anshi resectivey near the grooms. soon the marriage started and they took seven pheres. tied mangalsutra, and sindoor too. the girls were crying continuously due to their fate and also for their sisters. after marriage at the next moment manorama slapped the three which made them to fall on her feet and she laughed hysterically. after all that fiasco they left the orphanage people back and took Anjali, khushi, and anshi with them forcefully to jha mansionmto see manohar was tied there in a rope so that he wont spoil their plans. he looked helplessly at the three girls.  

MANORAMA: my sons. u wll have to wait for six months to celebrate your suhaggratt.

BOYS: whatttttttttttttttttt?

MANORAMA: yes. I talked with the pandit, as the wedding took place without any rituals and also not at the good time, its not good to take this relationship to the next level now, so I made a good muhurat for that after six months.

SHYAM: but maaa.

Manorama stopped him showing her hands,

MANORAMA: no more discussion. she took the girls to one room and asked them to stay there for six months and others went to their room sulkingly, .

MANORAMA: why do u think I said like that? I don't want my sons to have u as brides. I agreed only bcoz of u r properties. see after six months I will throw u out. saying this she went from their angrily.

flashback endssssssss..

payal finished and cried. all the four stood shocked not knowing how to react. tears flow down from their eyes.

PAYAL: akash they married the beasts and destroyed their own lives to save us, to save our honour akash. they are dying each day just for us. she cried hard. 

others too were sailing in the same boat. they never expected something like this even in their dreams. they felt rage to kill those ****s with their bare hands. now their resolve is strong to save them and make them happy.

Payal composed herself.

PAYAL: the only good thing happened is that manorama kept the 6 months favour for them. only their honour is remaining with them . I know if someday something like that happens, is jhas tried to  use them they will kill themselves. they wont leave after being touched by them, I am sure about that. they are torturing them to no end akash. once they were the proncess of that house, now they are the servants there. u know shyam, shikar, and Shankar take different prostitites with them everyday and enjoy themselves infront of khushi, Anjali di and anshi. they make they serve food and pleasantries to those prostitutes .I once saw how shyam made Anjali di slpi the slippers on the foot of a prostitute he took with him to enjoy . I also saw shikhar making another prostitute slap kushi for pouring water accidently on her.  I don't know how they are tolerating everything. if they try to voice out they are beaten so badly infront of everyone . they make them do all their jobs and also manorama that woman everyday make some issues and get them beaten up by those creeps. manohar uncle is the only one who is saving the girls from the being killed. he is a good man but he is so helpless.

all heard everything silently.

ARNAV: payal, u said everything to us. thanku, u know na, aman loved anshi.

payal nodded.

PAAYL: I know anshi liked aman too. but fate played like this.

ARNAV: I love khushi and Arjun love Anjali ji too. he said simply as if it is a common thing.

PAYAL: whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? she was shocked.

ARNAV": yes one day we saw anshi in temple and also khuhsi and anjaliji. he narrated everything happened that day. 

ARJUN: from that day we understood something is wrong , that's why we asked u. 

payal kept silent after sometime she spoke. 

PAYAL: they are so good and innocent gals. I don't want them to suffer, but I know u all too. I am not sure whether they will accept u. 

AMAN: so uu dont have nay problem? he was shocked hearing payal. payal laughed.

PAYAL:why should I have nay problem? I will be the most happy one if they are happy. but I wont compel them if they don't want to be in u r lives after everything is solved. u also don't force them. but how is this possible to save them?

all the four looked at each other.

ARNAV: I have a plan,

AMAN: what is it Bhai?

ARNAV: atfirst we should save them from the clutches of that creeps. for that first  we should have proofs against their torturing and all. then only we can get them freed easily .


ARNAV: see we should install cameras in their house so that we will get proofs of them harassing the girls( gritting his teeth)

PAYAL: camera? how?

ARJUN: I have an idea too. payal tomorrow there is a function in their house right hosted by jha's for the anniversary of their company and the succession of some stupid project also nani is invited for the wedding anniverasy party.. invitation is for AR too. at that time why cant we hire some of the workers they have arranged for decorations and make them install cameras. also we should attend the function too. what say?

AKASH: that's a good idea.

PAYAL: but how come I will make khushi and others agree. I cant call them , I am not allowed. if that manorama sees them talking to me then that will be the end of them for today.

ARNAV: we can inform them later , after the party when anshi comes we can make her agree. later she will make others agree. ok.

PAYAL: I hope everything goes fine. if it flops then they will be dead. I cant even think.

ARNAV: trust us. we will make everything fine. at first we will take care of the orphanage thing, so that later they wont compel khushi, and others in that name.

all nodded. akash went to drop payal. all returned home with heavy hearts, they said everything to nani and she supported instantly. all went to bed thinking of their beloveds and their sisters and the miseries they had undergone at such young age. they vowed themselves to save them from the creeps and took them t their territory and keep them as their queens and save them. they all slept.

next day all wokeup with a new resolve and vow, all set to work after asking nani too to join them as the pary is held in the home also she can see the girls.  they all got ready and make everything perfect. jha mansion too woke up not knowing what is gonna hit them today .

PARTY:   jha mansion stood in all its glory. guests were flowing inside greeted by jhas. whole house was decorated. manorama started gossiping with her frnds and manohar stood with some of his frnd, others too like that.  khushi, Anjali and anshi stood to receive guest with a false smile. everyone envied manorama for getting sich beautiful girls as bahus.

outside mansion: raizadas arrived in  all their glory. the boys took special care in their appearance as they want to see their ladies too. nani chuckled and teased them , payal too accompanied them as a worker of AR.

ARNAV: all should remember, and try to be calm ok.

AKASH:bhai, we whould say it  to u first. u are th e one who will loose control first.

Arnav was embarrassed and others chuckled. they went inside.

  Arnav, arjun and aman stood their mouths opened when they saw their ladylove standing there in all their glory. Arnav felt as if his heart will burst now due to its heavy beating, same for aman and Arjun too. akash and nani chuckled. nani from the glance of her boys understood that they are the girls who took the hearts away of her heartless grandsons. she chuckled and sighed a relief seeing the girls. she loved them instantly.

Arnav, Arjun and aman were  having difficulty in taking their eyes away from their ladies. there stood at the entrance khushi drapped in a gorgeus  red and green kancheepuram silk  with jasmine flowers adorning her long plait, with minimal make up, diamond studs,  wrists adorning with red and grren bangles ,single diamond  necklace, mangalsutra and a pinch of sindoor in her maang which made Arnav flinch remembering how those creeps forcefully put that in their maang. she was smiling but that smile doent reach her eyes. his heart pained at the sight.  Anjali was in orange and red combination same like khushi and anshi in blue and red same as khushi.

Jul 21, 2015

faith in love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 47 times)

as soon as payal saw khushi and all she rushed to them and hugged them. they too hugged her back. payal wiped her tears and raizadas looked at them to see their love for each other.anshi at first saw her bosses standing there and she with a smile greeted them. khushi and Anjali too greeted them and nani too. nani came near them .

NANI(in their ears) : beta pls be inside your rooms. don't come outside till the guests leave. khushi, Anjali and anshi looked at each other confusingly and raizada boys looked at nani shocked.

NANI: isliye my children, u three are looking so beautiful that handsome boys who see u three will never think that u r married, they will kidnap u for sure and keep u locked in their cage. she winked and others looked at her disbelievingly.

khushi,anjali and anshi liked nani verymuch and they bent down and took their blessings. nani with all the love blessed them. raizada boys smiled in relief looking at nani approving their selections. they led them all inside. payal came near khushi and told her that she wants to say something imp to them. Anjali, anshi and khushi panicked.

ANJALI: what is it payal? is there any problem in orphanage?

PAYAL: NO no ts not that, . she was about to continue but stopped hearing shikhar.

SHIKAR: wow, payal u? its so long we met u. he looked at her lustfully. akash and others fisted their hands. khushi quickly moved infront of payal as if blocking her from shikar's view. all understood it. Arnav felt proud of her.

AKASH: payal came here representing AR. mr.shikhar jha?

SHIKAR/: okk. soon shyam and Shankar too joined them. they greeted them inside. Arnav, aman, and Arjun were controlling themselves from killing those scumbags. as they move forward they saw shikar, shyam and Shankar holding khushi, Anjali and anshi respectively by her elbow and dragging them forcefully. from the reaction on the girls face it is clear to them that they hated their touch. Arnav, rjun and aman fisted their hands and nani controlled them.

they saw them dragging the girls to different corners. Arnav not able to control himself followed khushi and shikhar while Arjun and aman followed Anjali and anshi respectively. Arnav saw shikar taking khushi to a lonely side and pinned her to the pillar and looked at her lustfully. khushi was protesting.

KHUSHI: leave me shikar.

SHIKAR: how can I leave u my dear beautiful wife. u know I cant control myself by seeing u. u r looking so se** nd hot, u know.

khushi was struggling in his hands to free her. tears flow down from their eyes. shikar tried to hold her chin but khushi turned her face away which made him angry. he twisted her hands making her yelp in pain and shikhar closed her mouth with his hands.

SHIKAR: u hate it na when I touch u. but no way u should get used to I touch u, . u r my wife an di have every right to touch and do more than touching. I am just waiting for this six months to over then let me see how much will u run away. khushi looked at him disgustingly. Arnav not able to control himself more dropped a glass down to gain their attention. shikar immediately left khushi and turned around but didn't saw anyone. shikar was about to hold her again but manohar came their calling him saying that the guests are looking for him, shyam and Shankar. shikar left from there. 

manohar came near khushi and touched her shoulders. khushi hugged him. 

KHUSHI: thanku kaka, if u didn't have come now.. she cried. 

MANOHAR: no beta. I am sorry. I am a useless man that's why I a m helpless, not bale to stand for u all, pls forgive me beta, I don't know how to save u three from these devils when I myself is suffering. 

KHUSHI: I know kaka, u r helpless. u don't worry, we are used to it now. may be its our fate to live  like this, u pls don't worry, I know u r suffering too. pls kaka u don't support us infront of them then they will make u too to suffer, we don't want u to be in trouble for us. 

manohar patted her head and left from there. khushi wiped her face and went looking for Anjali and anshi as she got worried. she saw them near payal and from their face it is clear that they too are in the same state as of her. anshi ran to her and hugged her sniffing. Anjali too followed. khushi hugged both back giving her support and consoling them. payal and nani wiped their tears. raizada boys too did the same. later they all went from their for the beginning of the ceremony. nani stood woth raizada boys and they were just behind Anjali, anshi and khuhsi who are talking woth the guests. nani looked at them lovingly from behind. 

NANI: see I don't know what ur going to do, but let me say u three. pls do something fast and save these innocent girls from their clutches. ok I don't know what way u r using . I will be with u. Arnav , Arjun , akash and aman nodded and promised her looking at khuhsi, Anjali and anshi. then they saw manorama calling Anjali , and others to her gossiping group.  

PAYAL:(to raizadas(: that is that ghaddi woman, their sasuma, manorama jha. they all looked in the direction payal showed and gaped seeing the makeup kit.

NANI: payal bitiya, see u r frnds without any makeup are just more beautiful that even th emonn, and see their sasuma is having all the makeup in the world . they both chuckled. the boys smirked. they saw khuhsi , anshi and Anjali  fidgeting.

they heard manorama introducing them to their gossiping group. One of the ladies: manorama u r sons are so kind that they married these orphans. khushi and anshi fisted their hands and looked at each oother. anjalii hold both their hands to control them.

MANORAMA: yaya, my sons are so kind and good, that's why they marry these low class .the others laughed.

one of them: anyway they are so beautiful and that's why, with their beauty they are trapping rich boys showing everything. they all agreed. khushi lost all her cool.

KHUSHI: really aunty, u r saying as if u r so experienced, I heard that u r having a daughter too, I think may be u r giving her these ideas of trapping rich boys, right, otherwise how can u judge us so quickly. anshi laughed and Anjali hold her hands from doing further damage.

MANORAMA: how dare u insult my guest khushi? she was about to slap her but manohar came their and hold her hands.

one of the ladies: wow manorama, what a cultureless bahus u are having?

manorama glared at khushi and Anjali made anshi and khushi to move from their when she saw khushi was about to reply that woman. Anjali took them to a corner . payal too came there.

ANJALI: khushi pls control u r anger.

KHUSHI: di u r asking me to keep quiet when that woman was saying those stupidities? they are saying that those creeps are saints, my foot.

ANJALI: I know I too is angry. but pls u know na we are helpless. u know na aaj sasuma will kill us for this and also shikar will not leave u. (she cupped her cheeks) pls I cant see u getting beated mercilessly. pls khuhsi control urself. devimayya is seeing everything they will surely punish them for their sins. khuhsi hugged her. anshi too followed by payal.

they then leave to serve the guests. raizadas were seeing everything from a corner and they felt rage towards those women when they uttered those words about them and nani controlled them.they heard khushi replying them and felt so proud of her. Arnav saw the rage n her eyes and smiled  knowing she is another copy of him when she is angry. they all moved too. nani go to join some of her frnds and the boys indulged themselves with some of the colleagues they saw there but their eyes never left their ladylove. 

after sometime they were talking btw themselves when they saw anshi saying something to the waiter . anshi made the waiter to go somewhere and soon she exchanged a glass in the tray and put some powder in it.. aman chuckled knowing whats she is upto while others looked confusingly. then they saw the waiter coming back. 

ANSHI: see give this glass to sasuma itself. its is given by her sons specially to give to their mother. (she pointed a glass). don't make nay mistake, u know the jhas right. waiter nodded fearfully and went, anshi did a victory dance. aman chuckled. Arnav , akash and Arjun looked at him and then at anshi. 

khushi was talking with the guests when she saw anshi behaving weirdly. she understood she is upto something. she excused herself from them and went near anshi and dragged her to a corner. the raizadas followed

Jul 22, 2015

faith in love (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 41 times)

khushi dragged anshi to a corner and the raizadas followed.

ANSHI: what happened di? why are u dragging me? she asked innocently.

KHUSHI: anshi dont start u r drama of acting innocent. I know u r upto something. spit it out fast. khushi shaked her. anshi just made a puppy face.

ANSHI: what is it di? dont u believe me?, u r sweet princess? r u doubting me? she acted all innocent. khushi chuckled and cupped her face,.

KHUSHI: my dear behana, I am seeing u since u r birth, u spent most of u r time with me, so I know it very well seeing u acting all weird that ur upto something. I can understand even the change in ur breathing rate. so be a gud girl and  tell it fast. anshi just smiled.

ANSHI: its nothing big di, I just spike our pyaariiiiiiiiiii sasuma's drink.

KHUSHI(shouting) whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? anshi immediately closed khuhsi's mouth with her hands and asked her to be quiet. khushi shrugged her hands and holding her asked: what are u saying? say me that u r lying plssssssssssss.

ANSHI: u know na di, I will never lie, that too to u.

khushi just hold her hands as her head was spinning hearing this. anshi hold her .

ANSHI: di are u fine?

KHUSHI: do u think I will be fine after hearing this? why anshi,?

Anjali came there looking for them and asked them what it is?

KHUSHI: di , the chit of this girl, see what she had done?

ANSHI: what did I do? she acted innocent infront of Anjali. khushi glared at her and anshi chuckled.

KHUHSI: di she spiked sasuma's drink.

ANJALI: whattttttttttttt? oh my god. khushi closed her mouth this time shushing her.

ANSHI: why are u two fearing like this. no one will know that I did this. saying this she explained how she did it and showed them manorama who was leisurely having the drink.

ANJALI: but what did u mixed in it?

ANSHI: some amount of hallucinating powder mixed with some pepper , chilli and washing powder mixed in equal amount.  , and a bit of vodka. just see di, after sometime what a fun we will have here? she looked at manorama and smirked.


ANSHI: di can u two say I did something wrong? u know na how much that woman is torturing us and insulting us at every moment, that's why, I did wanted her to  taste her own medicine. she wiped her tears. khushi and Anjali looked at her.

KHUHSI: princess, I know after what we suffered, this is nothing compared to the torture these people are giving us, but just think once, what if they found out that we did it. u know that they are shaatir dimaag, they will identify it easily.

anshi just shuddered at this and looked at them. Anjali just looked at both of them and hugged them.

KHUSHI: ok whatever happened had happened, it cant be changed. now u both stop worrying, we can see what happens now. . they looked at manorama to see her holding her head and trying to get up. they looked at each other. seeing manorama they just forget their worries and laughed and controlled themselves. payal too came with them and after knowing everything she just prayed to god to save these three. raizada boys who heard everything just didn't understand whether they should laugh at anshi's acts or they should worry about them.

ARNAV: actually aman, really what a girl u have picked up? what an idea she is having? vodka + chilli+pepper.

ARJUN: washing power too.

AKASH: ha, anyway lets see what happens.  they all went and stand behind the girls who were hiding behind a pillar near manorama. they stood behind them anxiously. khushi, anshi, Anjali and payal looed anxiously at manorama and saw her actions.

manorma was feeling so excited due to the hallucinating agent went inside her and also her head was spinning. she looked upto see the hole room rotating and she felt on the top of the world. she slowly got up from her seat and looked around. others looked at her to see what happened her. the alcohol too started to show its effects. manorama started blabbering. manohar rushed to see her all doing nautanki and dancing. he worried. he went to her and tried to took her to room but she pushed him and mocked him. khushi and others felt sorry for him. manohar got angry and left manorma like that and went away angrily. khushi, Anjali, payal and anshi controlled their chuckles.

manorama started demanding for songs and just picking up her saree end and dipping it in her waist she started to dance.

MANORAMA: I am aakingg u for a sang, why are u nat doinnggg HHBB. raizadas chuckled. anshi laughed out loudly and khuhsi closed her mouth but no alas manorama saw them and started towards them. khuhsi, Anjali and anshi started moving backwards fearing her and hit on the respective raizada boys. they turn around muttering a sorry. they lost in each other's eyes for sometime but comeout of it hearing manorama 's loud voice.

MANORAMA: hey u phattisadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(khuhsi) come here. khuhsi started shivering and Anjali and anshi holded her as if they wont leave her. manorama shouted: cant u hear me phattisadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I called u here. khushi went near her taking baby steps and upon reaching near her manorama grabbed her hand and pulled her towards her,. anshi and Anjali looked at each other.

ANSHI: oh no, its bcoz of me, diiii.  Anjali consoled her and slowly went near them. raizada boys too followed controlling themselves. Arnav was fisting his hands to kill that woman seeing her tight hold on khuhsi hurting her. akash controlled him.

AKASH: Bhai its their house, if u didn't control ur self,it wil make them in more trouble pls.

Arnav looked at khushi's trembling form helplessly. manorama took khushi to the front and showed her as if introducing.

MANORAMA: see everyone this is phattisadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, no no no, KHUHSI SHIKHAR MANOHAR JHA, she is a veay biggggg doctor, working innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. she started thinking of the hospital's name. Arnav gritted hearing manorama

MANORAMA: tell where is it?

KHUHSI: aiims( slowly)

MANORAMA: hahaa kimssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. others laughed out loudly. khushi looked at everyone and tried to free herself from her.

manorama: u know she is married to my second son shikar, dont know what he saw in this orphan that he fall for her? all laughed at this.  anshi shouted: sasumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.anjali hold her stopping her.  manorama looked at her angrily. she came near them and dragged the two near khushi.

MANORAMA: oh sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy maharani(mocking anshi) I forgot to introduce u two. see(pointing anshi) is my youngest daater in law. anshi Shankar manohar jha, is working is a companyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and most worst of the three. no culture, no value, trapped my son. moving to Anjali she said: oh I forgot, this is my eldest daughterin laa, Anjali shyam manohar jh, she is a praaafeaassar in a callege. she pushed Anjali , khuhsi and anshi hold her before she fall.

MANORAMA: I dont know what my son saw in this handicapped woman, that he married her. she mocked them all and her gossiping group laughed at them. Anjali wiped her tears and hold both her sisters. raizadas were burning. suddenly shyam, shikar and Shankar came there and asked them what is the commotion there. they saw manorama in drunken state and shouted for waiter asking who served alcohol?  anshi started shivering and khushi hugged both sisters giving support for them.waiter shivered but  before he could say anything they saw manorama crying saying her body is itching. they rushed to her and took her to room. manohar asked the guests to leave. slwly everyone started to leave except raizadas and payal.

payal consoled khuhsi, Anjali and anshi.

ANSHI: di its due to my stupidity. I shoudnt have done it.

KHusHI: shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. pls dont cry, u didn't do anything. see if they ask who did this, u should not accept it ok.

ANHSI: but di, then they will beat u too.

KHUSHI: even if nothing happens too they will beat us na. so u should not accept , Shankar is the most dangerous among them, he will kill u, I cant tolerate him beating u infront of me.  so meri khasam u wont accept it ok.

ANSHI: but dii. khuhsi stopped her showing her hands .(turning to payal):payal u go to orphanage. go saying this she made her move. raizadas too did the same with heavy heart but suddenly stopped hearing  shyams. shouting.

they saw from outside that jhass coming down angrily.

SHyam(slapped waiter): tell me u bas****who asked u to serve alcohol? he shivered and was about to point to anshi but suddenly khushi intervened.

KHUHSI:a its me.

ANHSI: diiiiii. before she could say anything khuhsi fall down to her feet due to shikar's slap. Anjali and anshi took her in their arms.

SHIKAR: how dare u do something like this to my ma? saying this he dragged her up . he caught hold of her neck and pressed as if to kill her. he dragged khushi holding her hair and dragged her through the stairs to their room.  ANSHI: nooooo its nottttttttt..

she stopped seeing khushi's gesture and her promise, she cursed herself for this. Shankar same forward and took hold of anshi's hair and said: I know u two will have a role here. u know it and supported her right. I wont leave u today , saying this he slapped her .

shyam started hitting Anjali too. they dragged them to their room behind shikar . manohar tried to stop them but all went in vain. raizadas stood rooted helplessly. payal cried and akash hugged her.

PAYAL: they will kill them akassh. khuhsi. oh my god. shiikar will kill her today, and others tooo. oh nooooooooooo. she fall down fainted in his arms. nani too was crying . akash took payal in his armas and went to car. others followed. they heard the helpless cries of the girls behind htem and the boys mentally promised to end this soon and beat those bas****s till they beg for their death. they went with heavy hearts. none was able to sleep thinking about their ladies and their sisters.

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