Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love

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May 13, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

“What are you talking about grandma?” Arnav asked innocently.

“Arnav stop being innocent, I was told by someone that you were with a girl? Who was she?” Nisha asked

“Oh that… she was a school friend mom, I just met her randomly so we were just talking” Arnav said

“Oh okay, but then Sheela what are you doing with him?”

“I was passing by and I met Arnav so he came home with me” Sheela replied

“Okay mom now stop this, I am hungry please get me something to eat”

“Arnav you called me mom? Does that mean that you aren’t angry anymore?” Nisha asked

“Sorry mom, actually I just over reacted, I know whatever you will say or do will be for me, I just couldn’t understand that and I shouted at you, I am sorry”

“It’s okay, I am glad that you understood this”

“Sorry grandma, I also misbehaved with you”

“It’s okay Arnav, anyway go to your room, Nisha will get you your food there”


Both Arnav and Sheela walked to the room.

“Did you notice? The lady Dracula was actually smiling” Arnav giggled

“Shut up Arnav, I told you not to call her like that, you are a grown up now so behave like one”

“Grown up? I am just sixteen Aunty and this is the age when you have fun and when you play pranks”

“Pranks? Don’t tell me you are planning to play a prank”

“Of course and guess who it will be with?”

“Your mom?”



“The lady Dracula… she was also involved in the kidnapping of Khushi right? So just wait and watch, everything is going to be fun”

“Arnav she is your grandmother, you have to respect her and not to play pranks on her”

“That’s not my problem, now if I don’t play my pranks on her who else would I play them on?”

“You are just impossible, anyway whatever you want to do I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t harm anyone okay?”

“I don’t know if there is anything that can harm that lady Dracula”

Nisha walked in Arnav’s room with the food as she fed him.

She received a phone call and she just left the food like that and rushed to Devyani’s room.

Arnav obviously smelt something and so he followed them up.

Scene shifts to the village.

Garima and Khushi were standing outside the house of one of the villagers arguing with some men.

“We won’t let you do this, this isn’t right!” Khushi shouted

“You are just a small kid, better stay away from this, your parents maybe wanted to carry burdens but then we aren’t interested so it’s better if you stay out of this okay?” one of the men said

“Why don’t you understand this? A girl isn’t always a burden, we are in the 21st century and you still have those kind of fake beliefs? Nowadays there is no difference between girls and boys” Garima said

“There was and there will always be a difference… a boy is good luck for us, he would stay with us, get a wife and dowry with her but a girl, we just have to bring her up and get her married to someone else plus paying them the dowry? Isn’t that a burden?”

“Okay so you mean you can bring someone else’s girl and take dowry to but when it comes to you, you want to kill her? No! We won’t let that happen”

“Listen Madam, we told you this is our own matter we know what to do, don’t teach us, that lady who gave birth to the girl child is my wife and that girl is my daughter I can do anything I want to, I have the right”

“And who the hell on earth gave you the right to kill her? No one had the right to kill anyone, she is just an innocent child, you can’t just kill her like that, what’s her fault in it? Why should she get punished because of your mistakes of fake beliefs?”

“Stop this lecture of yours, just wait for Mrs. Devyani to arrive she would surely teach you some lesson”

“I won’t! I won’t stop this lecture neither will I let you kill the baby” Garima shouted

She looked around and noticed that Khushi wasn’t with her.

“Khushi!” she shouted as she looked for her all around.

At that moment both Devyani and Nisha arrived at the place and found a huge crowd.

“What’s going on?” Devyani asked

“This lady and her daughter aren’t letting us do what we have been doing, my wife gave birth to a girl, we were just planning to kill the child when they interrupted and since then they have just been giving us lectures” the man said

“Garima who gave you the right to interfere in the village matter?”

“I also live in this village, I am also a part of this village and so I have right to talk and to raise my voice against anything that goes wrong”

“Stop paying heed to her, go get the girl, I’ll do the needful let’s see who can stop me”

“Don’t do that otherwise I will seriously call the police” Garima said

“Get the girl, let me see what she does” Devyani ordered

The man went inside the house and returned back empty handed.

“What happened? Where is the child?” Devyani asked

“I don’t know” the man replied

“What do you mean by you don’t know?”

“I mean my wife was inside with the daughter since she gave birth we have been standing here but just now when I went inside she wasn’t there”

“What? How did she leave from here?” Devyani asked angrily.

Garima finally understood where Khushi had disappeared to all over a sudden, she just smiled all alone as everyone set to search for the lady and her daughter.

“This must be done by you, tell me where she is Garima otherwise I won’t spare you”

“Even if you kill me I won’t tell you”

“Let me get that woman and her daughter, I will kill them both in front of you and I’ll see what you would do”

“You will never get her”

Arnav who had been listening to all this from a corner was obviously confused for a while but somewhere he had got an idea after he saw Garima smiling that Khushi was behind the lady disappearing.

He left from there to look for Khushi as he did not want anything to go wrong with her.


Precap: Finally the lady and her daughter are found.

Devyani is ready to kill them, will Garima and Khushi be able to stop them?

May 14, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

All the members of the village were busy in searching the lady and her daughter.

This narrow mindedness had influenced everyone that they wanted to kill that child at any cost just because she was a girl.

Arnav rushed to Khushi’s house but he dint find her there, he rushed to many other secret places they used to meet in but Khushi was nowhere to be found.

He dint know why but he had started believing that Khushi was with that lady hiding them safely somewhere and all he hoped was she wasn’t caught.

If he could be with her he would have done anything for her but at the moment he had no idea on where she was.

After almost an hour Khushi was caught with the lady and her child in some dark cave. The villager gathered up and took them back to where Devyani was.

Devyani saw the villagers heading towards her with the lady and her daughter, she turned to Garima and smiled.

“I told you… no one will be able to save them” She said

“I wonder why some people like putting their legs in everything” Nisha said

“Nisha not everything, I like putting my legs in something that is wrong, and till the end of my life I always will fight against wrong”

“Let’s see how you fight this today, there is no one to support you here”

“It’s obvious because very few people on earth follow the right path”

Khushi, the lady and her daughter were brought to Devyani as she looked at them with a smile on her face like always.

“Well done Khushi, what if you dint succeed, I am glad you tried” Garima said

“Thanks mom, and I still will keep on trying no matter what” she said as she looked at Devyani and Nisha in anger.

Arnav on the other side was still in search of Khushi when he heard some villagers conversing about the topic and got to know they were already found.

Arnav obviously knew that his mother and his grandmother were the most evil ladies and they could harm Khushi too, without thinking of anything else he ran back to the place.

“Snatch that child from that lady” Devyani ordered

A few men walked to her as they tried snatching the child but Garima and Khushi helped the lady in holding the kid safely.

“Leave her alone, I said leave her!” Khushi shouted

“You girl will you shut up? Can’t you see this is the matter of elders so kids like you have no right to poke your nose in it” Devyani said

“I will poke my nose, I was born in this village I have lived here, this place is mine as much as it is your and I won’t let anything wrong happen here, not anymore”

“So you will stop me? A helpless twelve year old girl will stop Devyani Raizada?” she laughed

“A girl is only helpless until her nail polish dries Mrs. Devyani Raizada and for your kind information I have no nail polish on my nails so better take care”

“Look at the guts of this little brat, she is challenging me? Devyani Raizada? You don’t know who I am so better stay away”

“I won’t, I will fight till the end, you can’t just kill this child like that, you have no right to, she doesn’t belong to you and even if she did no one gave any woman or any other person on earth to kill anyone, so Mrs. Raizada better mind it”

Devyani pushed Khushi away angrily as she fell down and she started laughing.

She snatched the child from the lady’s hand and laughed more.

Just then Arnav stepped in as he helped Khushi in standing up.

“Arnav! What are you doing here?” Nisha asked

“I came here to see how cheap you both behave, shame on you mom and shame on you grandma”

“Arnav go back home, we are in no moods of listening to your lectures”

“Grandma leave that child alone, give her back to her mother please” he pleaded

“Arnav dint you hear what your mother told you? Go back home” Devyani shouted

“No! I am not going anywhere”

“God knows what this girl has done to you, for her you are arguing with your mother and grandmother?” Nisha asked

“No mom, Khushi hasn’t done anything, if there is anyone’s fault in this then it’s yours, if today Khushi was wrong I wouldn’t support her not at all, but then how do you expect me not to support Khushi when she is wrong but support you when you are wrong?

“This is not right mom, what will you get from killing this little girl, why this injustice?”

“Arnav you won’t understand this so better stay away from this”

“Okay fine I will stay away but only when you answer one question of mine”

“What question?”

“Mom why dint you kill me when I was born?” he asked

Everyone there went silent because they all had an answer but which was so shameful.

“Answer me mom, why dint you kill me when I was born? If you can kill this girl then why not me too? What’s the difference?”

“There is a big difference, she is a girl and you are a boy”

“No mom, that’s not a difference, she is a human being and I am also a human being, I have been taught in school to fight for right even if it’s going against anyone even if they are my parents, so I am sorry mom but till Arnav is alive he won’t let you do this”

“Nisha your son has started talking nonsense, take him home right now or I might just slap him” Devyani yelled.

“Sorry mom, I will take him away right now”

She walked towards Arnav trying to pull him away but he was adamant, he wasn’t going to get out of this place not until he saves the little one.

“Shame on you grandma, you are killing her because you are a girl, I wonder why dint your parents do the same because as far as I know you are also a girl” Arnav said

Just at that moment Nisha slapped him hard as he looked back at her in anger.

“Slap me a million times mom but the fact would remain to be you are also a girl and I wonder who the hell on earth got this cheap belief like a girl is a burden so you just kill her, what do you think then you must have also been a burden to your parents right? When they dint do this to you who the hell are you to do this to anyone’s child?”

“Arnav this is enough now, you are crossing your limits, remember you are talking to your mom”

“No, for now I am just talking about the truth and I won’t go anywhere no until this lady and her daughter gets justice, enough is enough now, it’s high time you both and all those villagers with such cheap thoughts stop thinking so stupid” he shouted.

He rushed towards Devyani and tried snatching the girl from her as Garima and Khushi joined him in doing that.

He finally took the girls in his hand and stood there holding her in his arms.

“Let me see now who the hell on earth tries harming her, anyone who dares will have to pass by my dead body to harm her” he said in full confidence.

Nisha and Devyani stood there helpless wondering what to do while all the villagers were left in shock on the way Arnav supported Khushi and Garima instead of supporting Devyani and Nisha after all he belonged to their family.

May 15, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

“Arnav this is not any kids game okay so just go back home” Nisha shouted

“That’s what I am trying to explain, this is not any kids game, you just can’t kill anyone, you got no right to”

“Arnav I told you to stay away, you won’t understand this”

“Okay mom I’ll get away, but only if your answer to my question would be a yes”

“Okay ask your question”

“When I grow old enough, you will obviously want to get me married right? so at that time will you get me married to a boy?”

“What nonsense is that?

“Exactly, you want to get me married to a girl, and I agree I am a boy I should get married to a girl and that’s what I’ll do but right here you are killing a girl, what kind of justice is this? What if there comes a day when all the girls would actually be dead, then where the hell on earth would you get a wife from for your son’s.

This is not only to you, but to all the members of this village who believe in the stupidity. You just find your girl a burden because when you marry her off you’ll have to give dowry? Then don’t! If you have a son stop taking dowry and if you have a daughter stop giving dowry.

This problem has a very simple solution but you people are up to complicating it and you just want to kill each and every girl on earth.

My dear men, did you ever think for a while, if it wasn’t for your mother, you wouldn’t have been here today and mind it she was also a girl wasn’t she?

Why are the people in this village so narrow minded and why are girls the one to be treated so? Why shouldn’t we also kill the boys then?” Arnav asked

“I think Arnav is right” One of the villager said

“I also support Arnav on this” another man said

“Exactly why are we ladies always the ones to get punished?” A woman shouted

One by one all the villagers started supporting Arnav while Nisha and Devyani looked around in disbelief.

Both their minds were still not ready to accept this.

For them no matter that they were ladies they still hated the girls child, wasn’t this really something just ironical?

At this moment, Arnav wasn’t the one to be blamed but Khushi for teaching Arnav things like this, this is what both Devyani and Nisha actually thought.

“We won’t let anyone kill this girl”

“Yes we would support Arnav and Khushi in this case” The villagers said

Devyani and Nisha had no other option than giving up.

“Okay fine, if the villagers find it right then be it so” Devyani said

“Now what are you all waiting for, get back to your homes and works” Nisha said

All the villagers dispersed as Khushi secretly thanked Arnav

Nisha pulled Arnav out of there as she dragged him to the car.

“So now that you have grown up you would teach us what is right.

You still support that girl and not us, even though we are your parents.

Let’s go home I’ll teach you a good lesson!” Nisha said

“Mom I told you earlier, I neither supported Khushi nor you, I only supported the truth”

“You know what, let me first teach you a lesson and then I know what to do with her”

“You better stay away from her, I wonder what has she done to you, you are always behind her”

The three arrived home as Devyani silently walked to her room.

Akul who was waiting for them in the hall actually found his mother’s behavior a bit different.

“Nisha is everything okay with mom? Why did she walk away like this? is there any problem?” he asked.

“Problem? Our son is the main problem!”

“What do you mean to say come clear”

“I don’t know what had happened to him.

At times he argues with me and tell me that I am not his mother.

At a times he comes and asks for forgiveness and today was the worst

He supported that Khushi and went against us, I think that’s why mom is angry”

“Where did Khushi come in between this?”

Nisha explained the whole incident to Akul who by now was burning red with anger.

He slapped Arnav angrily who in return rushed to his room and locked himself inside.

“Akul what did you do? Why did you slap him?”

“Nisha because of him mom is hurt today, but she dint tell him anything because she loves him a lot, and is this what she gets in return?”

“I know Akul, but still he is our son, you could have just talked to him he would have understood, what was the need of slapping him? And anyway all this isn’t his fault, I am sure that girl has done something to him”

“Which girl?”

“Khushi… we have to do something about her”

“Like what?”

“We have to do something so that she can go away from Arnav’s life completely… or something like Arnav hates her which is really tough.

We tried our best to separate them but still he supports her so I guess we have to do something which would separate the both forever”

“Well I am not interested in all this, I just slapped him because he went against mom, if you want to do anything, you can talk to mom about this”

Akul walked away as Nisha stood there in thoughts.

“There is only one option left that would take her far away from my son forever” Nisha said to herself as she walked to Devyani’s room.

She walked in and found Devyani sitting there tensed, she thought if she would discuss with her then Devyani was surely going to refuse her from doing so.

Even last time she just allowed her to Kidnap Khushi and now if she told her that she was planning to get her killed it would create more problems.

Actually till today Nisha never understood why Devyani did not want to kill Khushi even though she hated her.

She walked to her room and got her phone as she dialed some number.

“Her name is Khushi, Garima and Shashi’s daughter… I want her dead, tomorrow morning when I wake up, I want to wake up with the good news okay? She said over the phone as she disconnected it.

May 16, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

Nisha smiled thinking that now she would finally get rid of the girl who was behind all her problems.

Arnav had obviously known his mother and grandmother so well that he knew after what happened today one of them would surely try to harm Khushi.

He rushed to Sheela’s room with a plan in his mind.

“Sheela aunty please open the door” he said as he knocked at the door

Sheela opened the door wondering what went wrong now.

“What up Arnav? What happened now?” She asked worriedly.

“Can you come with me to my room, I need to discuss something with you”

“What’s that?”

“Just come with me” he said as he pulled her.

They both walked to Arnav’s room and Arnav started explaining the matter to Sheela.

“Aunty I really have a feeling like Khushi’s life is in danger, we need to do something”

“Relax Arnav, why would anyone try to harm her?”

“Aunty you remember what happened last time don’t you? I am sure after what happened mom and lady Dracula won’t stay quiet, they would surely try to harm her because I supported her today… I don’t understand why they Khushi that Khushi will snatch me from them when she is trying to get me closer to them”

“So what do you want us to do?”

“I don’t know, I don’t care if mum gets to know about our friendship, all I want is to save her life that’s it”

“Should we go to her place?”

“How would that help? I think I should bring her here, she will be safe here”

“But what if your mom got to know about it?”

“She won’t, it’s so simple she would look for Khushi everywhere but not in this house, I will keep Khushi safely here”

“And what if her parents don’t find her, they would get worried and they might get to know about your friendship”

“I have no option, our friendship will always remain for now her safety matters the most right?”

“So should we go now?” Sheela asked

“We have no time to waste, that’s why I called you here, we have to rescue Khushi at any cost”

“Okay then let’s hurry before anyone gets to know”

Both Arnav and Sheela ran out of the Raizada mansion hoping to save Khushi.

Arnav rushed to the window of Khushi’s room and Sheela was hiding behind a tree.

“Arnav! How comes you are here at this time?” Khushi asked in shock.

“Khushi please don’t ask anything just come with me right now!”

“What? Are you serious Arnav? Where do you want to take me to?”

“Khushi there is no time for questions and answers just come with me please”

“But Arnav I just can’t come like that, I don’t know where we are going, what would I tell mum she would ask me thousands of questions”

“Khushi all I know is that you are coming with me that’s it”

“But Arnav…”

“Five minutes… if in five minutes you don’t come out I will come inside”

“What? Are you out of your mind? What are you doing Arnav”

“Your time starts now Khushi hurry up otherwise within five minutes you would find me inside and I am not joking at all”

Khushi had no option left, she rushed outside her room and found her mother sited in the sitting room, she made some excuse in a hurry and went out.

“What the hell is this Arnav?” She asked him angrily.

He held her hand and pulled her with him and she pushed him away.

“Arnav will you answer me what’s going on, where are we going?”

“Khushi you are coming to my place, you will stay there”

“Arnav I think you need a doctor, you know that cannot happen, I can’t come with you, mom and dad will be worried for me”

“Khushi why don’t you ever take me seriously? You need to know this, your life is in danger got that?”


“Yes, and I can’t just leave you like that so please stop arguing and come with me”

“Arnav calm down first and relax”

“There is no time to relax Khushi… you know how mom and grandma are, they don’t like you and after I supported you I am sure they would try to harm you”

“So what Arnav… I am not going anywhere, let them do what they want”

“Khushi are you mad? You are inviting your own death!”

“Arnav why don’t you understand, I can’t just come with you, if they don’t find me they might create problems for mom and dad and don’t you remember what we were taught in school? We should fight for ourselves instead of getting scared that’s why we have karate classes right?”

“I don’t care Khushi all I know is I can’t afford to lose you and you are coming with me that’s it”

“Arnav hurry up before anyone comes” Sheela shouted

“Sheela aunty, what is she doing here?”

“She came to help us, please Khushi don’t think of anything else just come with us and you will be safe”

“Arnav do you trust me and my words?”

“I obviously do but this is not the time to talk about this”

“Then trust me, I know nothing would happen to me… Mom and dad are there for me Arnav then why should I be scared, just go back home and relax”


“Don’t worry… trust me I will be fine”

“Are you sure you want me to leave without you?”


“Okay the promise me, if you feel like anything is wrong you will inform me”

“How would I do that?”

“You can call on the phone, the one we have in our house okay?”

“Okay I’ll do that now please leave before anyone sees you here”

“Okay I am going, bye and please take care of yourself.”

“I will”

He turned to walk away but then his sight stopped on something and he froze.

Shashi was standing just a bit further from him looking at him angrily.

Khushi was also shocked to see Shashi there and they both looked at each other not knowing what would happen next.

May 16, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

“Dad!” Khushi said in shock

“****, what will we do now?” Arnav whispered

“I hope he doesn’t get angry then I can talk to him”

Shashi walked towards them as his face looked really angry.

“What are you doing here Khushi?” He asked

“Dad… I … actually I was…” She stammered

“And you, what are you doing with my daughter?”

“Uncle I was…”

“Don’t call me uncle, I relate to you in no way”

“Dad he just came to give me some books”

“And why would he come to give you some books? You both don’t study in the same class”

“We do”

Arnav looked at Khushi in shock.

She just spilled the beans out that they both were in the same class.

“You mean to say Arnav and you are in the same school?” Shashi asked in shock

“Yes dad… I mean no dad…”

By now Khushi was really scared, she did not know what she was saying and what not while Arnav was continuously passing angry glares to her.

“So this is what you have been hiding from us all this years, come with me Khushi, I will teach you a good lesson, I never wanted to send you to a city but now you will have to join Payal and study there”

“No dad, please don’t do that”

“Please uncle don’t do that, I promise I will never meet Khushi again but please don’t send her to the city” Arnav begged

“And who are you to tell me what to do? Your parents have said a lot before I don’t want to give them another chance”

“But dad what’s wrong with our friendship why is everyone against it?” Khushi asked

“Shut up Khushi, all I know is your are going to the city”

“Please don’t do that Shashi, you will get nothing by separating this two” Sheela said

“I will, if Devyani and Nisha find out that Arnav and Khushi study in the same school and the same class they won’t spare my child and I am sorry but I don’t want to lose her”

“But dad…”

“Shut up Khushi, this is my final decision, let’s go home, you better start packing because there is no one who will be able to stop me from sending you away tomorrow”

“No you can’t do that” Arnav said angrily

“And who are you tell me what to do? She is my daughter and I know what is best for her, come on Khushi let’s go” Shashi said

He held her hand and pulled her away as Arnav started running behind them but then Sheela stopped him.

“Leave me Aunty, I won’t let Khushi go to the city, she can’t… what’s wrong with everyone why doesn’t anyone like our friendship?”

“Arnav you live in a village where girls are thought to be a burden and that’s why your family doesn’t like Khushi, firstly because she is a girl and the secondly they think that Khushi will snatch you from them, she would make you go against them…

On top of it, Shashi and Garima had no problem with your friendship before but you know what happened seven years back, how can any parents do this? They know if Khushi will be with you then Nisha and Devyani would try to hurt her so they are doing this for her.

Arnav neither you nor I will be able to stop Shashi from taking this step”

“Why are people so narrow minded?”

“Because there is still lack of education over here”

“But what does that have to do with me and Khushi, all I know is that she isn’t going anywhere, I would talk to her parents”

“Arnav you are just fourteen they won’t listen to you, for now you both are still kids and lack of education is why you both are being separated today, if Devyani and Nisha were educated enough then they wouldn’t be planning this, they wouldn’t be killing young lives, they wouldn’t go against yours and Khushi’s friendship”

“So what do I do?”

“Let Khushi go…”

“What? Aunty are you the one saying this?”

“Yes Arnav, I also know if she stays here her life will be in danger, so let her go please”

“Isn’t there any other way?”

“No… let this happen… if you both go far away and then anytime in future if you still come face to face and decide to remain friends then it would prove that separation wasn’t able to break your friendship because your bond was strong”

“Will Khushi come back?”

“She has to… after she finishes her study what will she do in the city?”

“So you mean to say all this years we would not talk, we would not see each other but still remain friends?”


“And what when she comes back? Her life would still be in danger”

“By that time you will be grown up and she also will be, she would learn how to take care of herself and safeguard herself, and you will be grown up enough to protect her too”

“What about mom and lady Dracula?”

“Education is the only way… in this year’s you can try to teach them what’s wrong and what’s right, I am sure it would make a difference”

“And why would they listen to me?”

“I Don’t know but the fact remains that Shashi isn’t going to listen to a word so it is fixed that Khushi is leaving tomorrow”

“Let’s go back home then..”


“I have to make a plan… I want to meet her for the last time before she leaves”

“Okay let’s go”

They both headed back to the Raizada mansion.

May 19, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

Arnav sat in his room thinking of anything possible.

He surely wanted to meet Khushi before she left and for that he was ready to do anything, but the problem was he wasn’t getting an idea of what he should do.

Khushi and Shashi entered in the house as Shashi told her to go and pack, Khushi headed to her room silently while Garima looked at Shashi with eyes full of questions.

“What’s going on Shashi? Khushi’s holidays aren’t over yet… I hope you aren’t planning to send her to school today”


“Then why did you tell her to pack? Where is she going?”

“She is going to the city to study…”


“Yes… She will stay with Payal and study there”

“Why did you take this decision all over a sudden?”

“Because I had to… do you have an idea of anything that’s going on?”

“What do you want to say, will you explain it clearly please?”

Shashi explained everything to Garima and she was shocked to know that they never got any idea about both Arnav and Khushi studying in the same school for all this years, but they were glad that the Raizada’s dint have any idea about this.

Garima agreed with Shashi’s decision of sending her to the city because that was the only way to keep her safe.

On the other side Arnav was still worried, he knew his mother had sent some goons and he dint know how to stop them and to save Khushi.

He thought for a while and finally came up with an idea.

He rushed to his mother’s room as he shouted calling her.

“Mom! Mom where are you?”

There was no reply from anyone.

He looked all around and found the room empty just when his eyes went on the bed.

Nisha’s phone was kept there and that’s what he wanted to get.

He quickly picked it up and rushed to Sheela’s room making sure nobody saw him.

“Aunty open the door” he said as he knocked at the door.

Sheela opened the door as she looked at Arnav in surprise

“What happened now Arnav? Why are you here?” she asked

“Aunty actually I need your help, please don’t say no, if you help me we might be able to save Khushi’s life”

“I hope you aren’t taking me to her place right now”


“Okay then what is it?”

“Let me come in, I will explain everything to you”

Arnav and Sheela sat down as he explained his plan to her.

“Look here is mom’s phone, I took it without her having any idea about this now all I want you to do is call the goons mom had hired to kill Khushi and tell them that the plan is canceled”

“What? How can I do that and what if your mom gets to know about this?”

“She would surely but she won’t know who did this”

“But what would I have to tell them?”

“Just call them and say that the plan is cancelled, they shouldn’t kill Khushi that’s it”

“Okay fine… I’ll try but wait how would we know which goons your mom hired? I mean how will we know that the specific phone number in theirs?”

“Let’s check on the last dialed list we would get it”

They both went through the dialed numbers and finally found one unknown number, Arnav dialed it as he handed the phone to Sheela.

“Yes ma’am we are just heading towards the target, we would give you the good news soon” a man said

“No!” Sheela said as she panicked

Arnav held her hand and gestured her to be strong.

“I mean... I mean to say that you don’t have to kill her now as I have cancelled the plan”

“What? Why all over a sudden?”

“My wish, I told you to kill her and now I don’t want you to so do as I say”

“As you say ma’am but how comes your voice sounds different”

“Actually I have a sore throat and wait who the hell are you to ask me all this? Just do your work”

“Okay ma’am sorry”

Nisha disconnected the call as she took a sigh of relief.

“You’ll get me killed someday Arnav”

“Relax aunty, nothing of such sort would happen”

“What if your mom gets to know that I was the one who called? I am scared she doesn’t end up hurting Ruhi”

“Don’t worry she won’t, I promise for now I am going to meet Khushi, I’ll get back to you later”

“How will you meet her?”

“The same old way” he said as he walked away.

He returned Nisha’s phone back in the room then left for Gupta mansion.

He arrived at the Gupta house and headed towards the window of Khushi’s room as he peeped in.

She was lying on the bed crying badly and he couldn’t just see her like that.

“Khushi!” he whispered

Khushi looked directly towards the window as she stood up and rushed there.

“Arnav! Dad us really sending me to the city.. Please tell him not to…I don’t want to go, I don’t want to be in any place without you”

Arnav looked all around and then he jumped inside Khushi’s room as he shut the windows and the door.

“Arnav what are you doing?”

“I need to talk to you and this was the only way…”

Khushi hugged him tightly as she cried.

“Khushi know this I will always be with you, right now your dad won’t agree for anything so you have to go to the city, this is the last time we are seeing each other, God knows when we would meet next so I just wanted to tell you to take care of yourself, eat on time study well and be happy okay?”

“I will be alone without you”

“Payal is there for you right? Trust me you can do it, if this separation is there let’s face it and prove that our friendship is stronger than any separation”

“But…” before she could continue they heard a knock at the door of Khushi’s room

“Khushi open the door!” Shashi said

Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other in shock wondering what to do next

May 20, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

“Arnav! Dad is here what will we do now?” Khushi asked in shock

“Just pretend you are angry” Arnav said

“Khushi open the door” Shashi said again

“Dad leave me alone for a while please… you have already decided to send me to the city so for heaven sake let me cope up with myself”

“Okay relax Khushi… I am leaving”

Khushi looked at Arnav and hugged him tightly.

“I’ll miss you Arnav” she cried

“I’ll miss you too Khushi... Come back soon… anyway let me leave now, I just came to bid you a good bye”

“Please don’t”

“Khushi we will meet again soon, we can’t go against your parents right? So do as they say, look I got something for you”

He got out a key chain from his pocket and handed it to Khushi

“Keep this with you and whenever you miss me just have a look at it and you’ll feel like I am with you okay?”

“Thank you for this… at least now I got something from you”

They both hugged each other again and after that Arnav left.

At this point of their life when separation was coming.. Khushi had actually realized that the feelings she shared with Arnav was not only any friendship but it was something more than that.. only if at such a tender age she would understand what it was.

She knew the separation that came would actually give a name to her feelings but then she dint know why she was scared of something… something unknown.

Khushi walked out of her room and told her dad that she was ready to leave, neither Garima nor Shashi wanted Khushi to leave but they had to do this for her.

The next morning Khushi left for the city not knowing when she would come back, when she would meet her best friend…

She was scared of the life in the city plus she had never spent any day without Arnav in her life till now so even the thought of being without him for all this years was scaring her.

Time went on and as the holidays ended Arnav went back to school but without Khushi everything seemed so different.

They both were so far from each other but not far from each other’s heart, they did miss each other but they couldn’t even communicate.


Bichde bhi to hum bas kal parso… jiyungi main kaise iss haal me barso…

Maut na aayi teri yaad kyu aayi… hayee lambi judaai…

Chaar dino da pyaar oh rabba badi lambi judaai… lambi judaai…

Honton pe aayi meri jaan duhaai… haaye lambi judaai..


This went on for so many days as the days changed to months and months to years…

Seven more years had passed by the same way… nothing had changed for Arnav and Khushi apart from their age and their feelings.

They still missed other, they still remembered each other…

Khushi would always hold the keychain in her hand and stare at it for minutes while remembering him..

In this years Khushi actually had got a name for the feelings she had for Arnav.. she had realized that she was in love with him.

Arnav was twenty three years old now while Khushi was twenty one…

This wasn’t any teenage love story nor any childhood love story because Khushi  dint know when she actually fell in love.. Was it at that time when they first held each other’s hand at the hospital, was it when Arnav first said her name or was it when he supported her in everything

This was a story of divinity… Khushi was an angel, she was the savior who had come to save the ladies of her village… but she couldn’t have handled this alone so God sent Arnav for her…

All this was nothing less than just a divine love story… But till now it was only from Khushi’s side…

Neither Arnav nor Khushi knew what fate had for them… Khushi had feelings for Arnav but did he also have the same feelings towards her?

Would they end up together? Would Arnav love her? There were so many questions which needed an answer for Khushi but only if she knew that their love story wasn’t going to be an ordinary one.

There love story was divine because behind it there was salvation for everyone else…

Their love was going to change everything…

As for now… seven years later…

Khushi was on her bed as she was staring at the keychain Arnav gave to her.

Payal walked in and found her sister in the same state she had been seeing her since the past seven years.

“Khushi… you are again with the keychain!” She said

“I Miss him a lot sis… I don’t even know if he still remembers me… I don’t know if he feels the same towards me… I don’t know anything…

You know it feels like we had just got separated yesterday and I couldn’t live without him for a day… I wonder how I spent these days without him…

The worst part is I don’t know when we would go back, I don’t know if I would meet him again…

I am so scared, so hurt… would we meet again? Why had this separation come? Why with us? Why?” She cried

“Khushi be strong… he was your best friend and if you love him trust him, I am sure he hasn’t forgotten you”

“But till when… seven damn years I have stayed without him.. How long is this separation yet? How long?”

Ek to saajan mere paas naahi re… dooje Milan di koi aas nahi re…

Uspe yeh sawan aaya… aag lagaye… haaye lambi judaai…

Char dino da pyaar oh rabba… badi lambi judaai…


“Khushi where you have waited seven years, wait for some more… dad will call us back soon”

“Dad… I don’t know why he separated us”

“Khushi he did it for you… you know how the family of Arnav was… they dint like you”

“I don’t understand what’s the problem with everyone, why couldn’t anyone understand our friendship damn it!”


Toote zamane tere haath nigode… jinse dilon ke tune shishe tode…

Hijar ke oonchi… deewar banayi… haaye lambi judaai…

Chaar dino da pyaar oh rabba… badi lambi judaai…


“Khushi relax… trust God… it just a matter of few months or day, we are done with our studies also so dad might call us back anytime.”

“Sis why is that people who are in love are the ones to face such kind of pain?”

“Because without pain there isn’t love Khushi… I know you both got separated when you dint even realize your feelings but you can be positive and take it as if the separation never came, you would not know what you felt for him, you still would be just friends”

“I know sis but what do I do? I have become so weak, every single thing reminds me of him”

“Just relax Khushi I promise I’ll talk to dad okay now please cheer up”


Baagh ujhad gaye khilne se pehle… panchi bichad gaye milne se pehle…

Koyal ki kook ne hain hook uthayi… haaye lambi judaai…

Chaar dino da pyaar oh rabba badi lambi judaai…

Honton pe aayi meri jaan duhaayi haaye lambi judaai…

Okay the leap was too fast but i saw there was nothing i could write without Arnav and Khushi so that's why i made it this first and anyway this is the story of their divine love and the story of being a girl so that's what would come up...

May 21, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

Back in the village…

Arnav had completed his studies and he was back home.

He was busy searching for some of his books in the store when he found lots of his belongings that ended up remind him of Khushi.

He sat down as a smile curved up on his face.

He took out his small diary from the pocket as he started writing something in it.

*... She must have grown so tall… So beautiful…

I don’t know if she yet remembers me…

I don’t know if she loves me like I love her…

I don’t know how she would react when she sees me…

I know nothing apart from the fact that I love her…

It’s been seven years and this diary contains everything about you Khushi…

My day begins with you and night ends with you…

We were once best friends but now I want to be your man…

I want to be your hero, the one you can love deeply…

All I hope is like you are my choice, I too am your choice…*

He closed his dairy as he kept it back in his pocket and continued searching for his books.

Meanwhile he found a book, not a book actually but a dairy…

He picked it up as he opened the first page and what he saw written on it was a mystery for him.

“Damini, who is that?” he thought as he read the name of the page.

Under the name Damini was a photograph of a very beautiful lady.

“She looks pretty” he thought.

He looked at the whole dairy and got lost in deep thoughts.

“This lady, whoever she was doesn’t seem to be someone from this village, she rather seems to be someone educated as she had a dairy and her writing is so good…”

“Arnav! Where are you Arnav!” Nisha shouted

Arnav rushed out of the stores as he hid the diary between his books.

“I am here mom” he said

“Hurry up, the guest are already there and you are still with your books” Nisha said

“Were we expecting guests? Seems like I am living in another house because honestly no one tells me what’s going on in this house”

“Just get ready and come downstairs in the next five minutes got that”

“Stop being rude mom, I am coming”

He walked to the room as he kept the books aside and changed.

“Dear Damini’s diary, I’ll get back to you in a while for now I got to attend some guests” he said as he walked out of the room.

He headed downstairs and found Nisha and Devyani busy attending the guests.

They were discussing something and as soon as they saw him, they turned to looked at him.

“That’s Arnav, my grandson” Devyani introduced

“Arnav, she is Mrs. Singhania, and that’s her daughter Aarti Singhania, she just came back from abroad after completing her studies” Nisha explained

“Hello Aunty, hello Aarti…” Arnav greeted them

“Hello” they both replied

“Mom where is dad?” Arnav asked

“What is dad needed for here? He must be out with some work”

“Then what am I needed for here too? It’s your ladies talk keep it with you, I am leaving… I got a lot to do”

“No Arnav, come sit here, the topic is about you”

“About me?”

“Yes, I called Aarti here so that you can have a look, talk to each other then decide if you want to spend your lives together we can get you both married”

“What?” Arnav asked in shock

“Stop being shocked, it is your age to get married” Devyani said

“Grandma and Mom what are you both up to? I am just twenty one who  the hell on earth gets married at this age?”

“Many do Arnav” Nisha replied

“They might be but not me, and if it’s getting married then both of you get this I would get married to only one girl, the one whom my heart belongs to”

“Which girl are you talking about?”

“The one you separated from me years back”

“Arnav tell me clearly, stop beating around the bush”

“If you want me to be clear then be it so, mom and grandma please stop trying to get any girl for me because I love Khushi and if it’s getting married I would only get married to her so please stop wasting  your time by showing me any other girls”

“Arnav!” Nisha shouted angrily.

“No mom, don’t shout at me… I have the right to choose my own life partner and I would do that… I never asked you to get any random girl for me, I can’t think of anyone else, not at all

Aarti I am sorry I dint want to hurt you but I can’t think of anything with you, my heart belongs to Khushi it always will”

He said that and walked away leaving Nisha and Devyani behind in anger.

“Who is Khushi?” Aarti asked

“She used to be Arnav’s friend in childhood, I don’t know what she has done to him that he sees nothing else apart from her”

“Don’t worry aunty, if you don’t like that girl she won’t be in Arnav’s life… Your son is handsome he belongs to a high class girl like me not any middle classed village girl”

“But Arnav won’t agree, I know him” Nisha said

“Aunty Aarti Singhania is a girl after whom a thousands of boys run and your son rejected me so easily, boys don’t reject me I reject them…

So I promise you Arnav would get married to me, only me… I know how to keep him away from that girl”

“I Hope you can do it”

“Just leave it on me, I know what to do”

Scenes shifts to the room…

Arnav walked in angrily cursing himself for his bad fate…

He remembered about the diary as he went to get it and then sat on his bed as he went through it…

He was left in shock after he finished reading the diary…

The biggest truth of his eyes had just come in front of him and he sat there feeling numb…

He had no idea between what kind of evils he was living in until he read the dairy.

May 23, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he broke down completely.

He felt so broke so helpless at this moment… he just couldn’t understand how cruel people could be.

He was surrounded by people who were his own but were none less than his enemies.

He was surrounded by a father who was a coward, a mother who could kill and anyone and a grandmother who never cared about anyone else except her own.

Why was he born in such a selfish family? That was the only question he had in his mind.

At this moment he felt like he really needed Khushi by his side because there was no one who could understand him better than her…

He was so confused, he dint know what to do and what not… he just needed to talk to someone but there wasn’t anyone he could trust apart from the girl he loved but fate was so cruel to him that it separated the both.

Later on at night when Nisha came to call him for dinner he dint go, neither did he reply to her.

On one side Nisha was worried, she thought that he was angry because of Aarti unknown to the fact that Arnav had finally got to know something she had been hiding from him all this years.

The next two days he kept himself locked in his room… he dint want to talk to anyone nor did he want to see anyone’s face.

He stayed hungry for the whole two days while Nisha, Devyani and Akul were worried for him.

They tried convincing him a lot but he was adamant.

He did not want to come out of the room and have a look at those faces…

Those faces he always loved and obeyed but today he was ashamed of even calling them his own.

“Arnav it’s been two day you are locked in that room, please come out and eat something” Nisha said as she knocked at the door.

“Doesn’t it get into your mind once when I said I don’t want to come out? Just leave me alone damn it” He shouted

“Arnav why are you doing this? What is it that you are angry about? Is it because I called Aarti over here?”

“No! I just want to be alone for some time so please for heaven sake leave me alone”

“Arnav I am your mother… I am worried about you… I can’t just leave you alone like that… please tell me what the problem is… tell me what’s disturbing you”

He angrily stood up from his bed and walked out of the room as he looked at Nisha with eyes full of anger

“You want  to know what’s the problem? You want to know what’s disturbing me right? Then listen, you are the problem, you and your so called family are disturbing me”

“What are you saying Arnav”

“How could you stoop this low mom, how could you? And Grandma? She did that too? I really can’t digest the fact that I am actually spending my life between evils”

“Arnav! What the hell are you talking about? What have I done that you are so angry and you end up calling your own mother an Evil.”

“You know it well what you have done, I don’t need to tell you about your sins… Just get the hell out of my life.”

He angrily pushed Nisha away as he walked out of the mansion wiping his tears off.

He never thought that there would ever come a day when he would have to talk to Nisha like this but what she did was just out of limits, she had crossed all her limits.

He walked around the dark streets all alone crying over his fate…

Why had his life to be this miserable? Why did he get all this?

He knelt down on his knees as he broke down into tears again.

“Khushi I really wish you were here with me today… I really wish I could hug you tight and cry all my pain out… Khushi please come back please!!” he cried.

“Excuse me” he heard a lady’s voice

Her quickly wiped his tears away and turned around.

A tall enough gorgeous lady was standing in front of him with a worried face.

“Are you okay?” She asked with a lot of concern.

“How unfortunate I am, my own people don’t care about me while a stranger is so much concerned” he whispered to himself.

“Why are you here this late night? Are you okay? Do you need any help?” She asked

Arnav just continued staring at her with moist eyes… this girl seemed so much alike Khushi… she was worried about a stranger… her voice was a sweet as Khushi’s voice was… her face looked so much alike of her but he knew that she wasn’t Khushi because he know if Khushi came back, the first thing she would do is to meet him.

But why was this girl so much alike her? The blink of her eyes… the sparkle in her eyes… everything was telling him that she is Khushi and no one else.

He rushed to her as he pulled her into a tight hug and cried.

He let out all his tears and felt so much peace as if he was hugging Khushi in real.

The lady pushed him away as she stepped backwards.

“Hello Mr. Whoever you are, I was just asking if you are okay and you just hugged me what the hell was that?” she shouted

“I am sorry… I really did not…”

“I know your kind of guys, they just pretend to be sad and when a girl asks them about the problem they start getting closer”

“Excuse me Miss. Just because I am quiet doesn’t mean that you accuse me of anything, I did not tell you to come and ask me, I just had some problems and I broke down I said sorry for that why are you making a big issue out of this small thing?”

“You know what, this is what I expect from non educated people like you”

“Just because I live in a village doesn’t mean that I am not educated got that?”

“Whatever, I am not interested in arguing with fools so end it here”

“I am also not interested in talking to you”

“Foolish” she said as she walked away.

“Hey you… don’t you dare call me foolish got that… I am better off than you”


“Yes that’s what girls like you know… you know what you look like someone from a city so stay here go around the village and then go back to your city, stop creating problems in our village”

“Excuse me, this village doesn’t belong to you, there is no place where it is written that it is owned by you so I will go wherever I want to, I will do whatever I want to, you got no right to stop me”

“Disgusting… girls like you come from the city and spoil our girls over here… learn how to respect others”

“And you don’t need to teach me that”

“It’s waste of time arguing with people like you just get the hell out of my eyes”

She stamped her feet in anger and walked away.

“Just let me meet my best friend, my Arnav first then he would teach you lesson with messing up with Khushi Kumari Gupta” she whispered.

Arnav just stared at her until she disappeared and then he headed back home.

May 26, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

He locked himself in his room not knowing what he would do with his life.

Next morning he woke up early and decided to go for a walk as he did not want to stay in this house after knowing the truth.

He was walking on the street side lost in thoughts when he bumped into someone.

“What the hell are you blind?” He shouted angrily

“You!” The girl asked in shock.

“Aren’t you the one I met yesterday night?” Arnav asked

“Yes I am the one who tired helping you but you turned out to be so cheap”

“Excuse me, do you know who you are talking to?”

“I don’t… and I don’t even want to know… Oh God whose face did you show me early morning” Khushi said looking towards the sky.

“What the hell do you mean, am I bad luck that if you see my face you’ll have a bad day?” Arnav asked

“Wow you know yourself better”

“Who the hell are you and what so you know about me damn it, just shut up okay”

“You shut up.. Who are you to tell me to shut up?”

“It’s useless arguing with girls, now get off my way” Arnav said as he pushed her away.

Khushi almost fell down while Arnav just giggled and walked away leaving an angry Khushi behind.

“You Idiot! You will have to pay for messing with Khushi Kumari Gupta… Arnav damn it where are you look what kind of people I have to face without you” She said as she walked away.

After her morning jog she passed from Raizada mansion hoping to see Arnav. She stood there for a while staring at the mansion when Arnav just headed back home.

He found Khushi standing there staring at the mansion while he walked towards her and tapped on her shoulder.

“So you followed me up till here” Arnav asked

“Excuse me, why would I follow an idiot like you?” Khushi asked

“Then what are you doing here?”

“Does this street belong to you?”


“Do I know you? Are you my dad, my friend or my relative?”


“Then who the hell told you that I would answer your question? My dear you have to right to ask me why I am here what am I doing here and secondly this street doesn’t belong to you so whether I walk on it, I stand or I sleep here you shouldn’t be concerned”

“You are from the city right?” Arnav asked


“You studied there right?”


“No wonder you are so rude, insensible and irrespective” he said

Khushi grinned her teeth angrily as she kicked him on his leg.

“Ouch” Arnav screamed in pain.

“That was for pushing me at the park”

She pushed him as Arnav fell on the floor hurting himself more

“And this was for asking me for foolish questions… next time don’t try to mess up with me”

“Just disappear from here before I cross my limits damn it!” Arnav shouted

“I am going, I don’t wish to see your face even” Khushi replied as she walked away.

“Neither am I interested in looking at you, never show me your face again otherwise I would smash it”

“Dare you!”

Khushi walked away as Arnav slowly stood up and headed to the mansion.

“Foolish, what does she think of herself, this girls from the cities don’t know how to behave” He said angrily.

“Who doesn’t know how to behave?” Sheela asked

“Aunty! What a surprise” Arnav said as he ran to hug her.

“When did you come? Where is Ruhi? Can’t you inform me, oh my God I have a lot to tell you” Arnav said

“Relax Arnav, it’s me not God… I just came a few minutes ago, Ruhi has gone to visit her friend, they both used to study together in the city and yes I am here so that you can tell me all your stories” Sheela said.

“Arnav should I get something for you to eat?” Nisha asked

“No thank you I would serve myself, aunty come with me please” Arnav said angrily.

He headed to his room as Sheela followed him while Nisha was left behind in anger.

“What’s wrong with him mom, why is he behaving like this with me since the past few days?”

“You must have done something” Devyani said

“I just done understand what’s wrong with him, as far as I remember I haven’t hurt him”

“Don’t worry he will be fine”

“I Hope so”

Arnav locked the door as Sheela looked at him in confusion.

“What’s up Arnav, is everything okay? Why did you reply so rudely to Nisha?” Sheela asked

“Then what should I do?”

“Will you first tell me what the problem is?”

“That woman is the problem… She is the biggest problem of my life…

I don’t understand what she is up to, why does she want to snatch everyone from me?

Doesn’t she want to see me happy or what? Why the hell on earth is she doing this?”

“Which woman are you talking about Arnav, you are confusing me”

“I am talking about Mrs. Nisha Raizada”

“What did she do? And Arnav whatever the reason might be you can’t call her Mrs. Nisha Raizada.

She shares a bond with you, she has the relations of a mother with you, you should respect her and not say all this about her”

“A Mother? Does she even know the spelling of a mother? Does she know the definition on a mother? Does she know who a mother is? I guess if she did, she wouldn’t act so cheap”

“Arnav how can you say all this about your mother?”

“She is not my mother Aunty, she is not!!” He shouted.

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