Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love

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Apr 25, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 65 times)

Soon the teacher entered in the class and started teaching.


He taught them some words and told all the students to write those words in their books.


Everyone began writing and after that the teacher walked around checking their books.


When he saw Arnav's book, he got angry on him.


"What is this Arnav? Is this what you are here for?" the teacher asked.


Arnav looked down with no answer at all.


"Arnav, i wrote some words on the black board, i want you to write those not Khushi's name" The teacher said.


Khushi looked at the teacher in shock and took Arnav's book.


All she could see was her name written all over with different kind of handwritings.


She was completely speechless, she had no words to speak, who should she support? The teacher or Arnav? The teacher was teaching them all this for their bright future while Khushi knew they both don’t have any future without each other.


"Skip this page and write those words on another page, i am giving you five minutes" the teacher said.


He started teaching something else while Arnav was writing.


After five minutes he walked back to Arnav to check his book.


He gave Arnav an angry look again.


"Arnav look at those words on the board, and look at your book, i told you to write those not Khushi's name, why aren’t you getting this?" the teacher asked angrily.


There was no reply from Arnav again.


"I need to talk to your parents about this, but before that you will be punished for what you have done" he said as he walked back to his table.


"Come here Arnav!" he shouted.


Arnav walked towards him with an innocent face.


"Bring your hand forward" he ordered


Arnav hid his hands behind being scared.


"I said bring you had forward Arnav" The teacher said again.


Arnav slowly brought his hand forward and the teacher beat him hardly with a stick.


He cried in pain as his hands turned red almost bleeding.


But he wasn’t alone, he was crying alone, with him Khushi was crying too.


Arnav walked back to his bench and sat there.


He found Khushi crying and asked her what happened.


"What happened Khushi? Why are you crying?" he asked innocently


Khushi brought had hands forward and showed them to Arnav.


Her hands were the same as his, they were red with the stick marks on them, it was as if Arnav wasnt the one who was beaten but Khushi.


The teacher left the class after the lesson was over.


Arnav took Khushi outside and sprinkled some water on her hand from the tap which made her feel better.


As the pain in Khushi's hand became less, the same way the pain in Arnav's hand got less too.


They then headed back to class and continued with their studies.


At the end of day, Nisha came to pick Arnav from school, before she left with Arnav, the teacher informed her about what Arnav had done in class.


Nisha got more angry. This girl was really getting into her nerves day by day.


Every day she had to do something to make Nisha angry.


This had been heights now, Nisha was only waiting for one more complaint and it would be the end of that girl, that's what she had decided.


She headed back home with Arnav and started quarreling with him.


"What is this Arnav? You go to school to get education not to learn how to write Khushi's name" Nisha said.


"Sorry mom" he replied.


"Sorry? Arnav i have always been getting complaints about you from school, and every time the complain has a concern with Khushi, who is she, and why is she so important in your life that at this young age you see nothing apart from her?"


"Mom i am not always wrong okay? And what did you do right? Today you told Khushi you would kill her was that right? Be right first then teach me how to be right, i won’t listen to a word against Khushi" he said angrily.


Nisha slapped him and he started crying. Devyani heard Arnav crying and she rushed to the hall.


"What happened?" She asked.


"Mom look what he is up to, today instead of writing the words the teacher had taught him he was writing Khushi's name, and when i ask him he replies rudely, and he talk so like a mature person no one can say that he is still a kid" Nisha said.


"Nisha why are you always angry with him? Let him be in peace, come on Arnav go to your room" Devyani said pulling his cheeks


he pushed her away and ran to his room.


"Mom you are supporting him?" Nisha asked.


"No Nisha, but he is obsessed by the name Khushi, we need to separate the both from this age otherwise it would be tough to do that when they grow up" Devyani replied.


"But what would we do? He is against listening to any word against Khushi" Nisha replied.


"I got an idea and i am sure it's going to work"


"What's that??"


Devyani explained everything to Nish and they both ended up smiling, obviously those evil smiles!!

Apr 27, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 60 times)

“I hope this plan would work” Nisha asked

“Why won’t it? I would throw that girl out of Arnav’s life.”

“I really wish that happens soon”

“It will but then you would have to take the first step tomorrow”

“I would do that”

“Great, anyway I have to leave I will get back to you on this later on”

“Where are you going to?”

As soon as Nisha asked that, Devyani stopped and looked at her with an angry face. She walked towards her, pulled her hair and gave her an angry look.

“Since when did you start asking me questions? Don’t forget you are also a helpless woman and I can do anything with you too, don’t forget this also, I am the only witness of your deeds, I saw you killing Damini and I was quiet because I wanted that woman to die, she was of no use to me nor my family, she had always given this family girls and thanks to me I forced her to abort them all, but don’t forget you are in this house just because you gave me Arnav, a boy so better stay in your limits got that?”

“Yes I will, I am sorry please leave my hair it’s hurting” Nisha said

“Oh is it so?” Devyani asked pulling her hair more as Nisha screamed in pain.

Someone was witnessing all this.

It was a lady who was standing in a corner witnessing all the bad deeds of this two women, well she knew this since long but all she could do was to keep quiet.

The lady was none other than Sheela, Wife to Arun the brother of Akul.

Sheela and Arun shifted to a city after Damini passed away.

Just like Damini, Sheela  was also being treated very badly by Devyani.

Arun was a simple person who believed in being happy.

He was the person who believed in equality, for him both girls and boys were equal.

But his mother, Mrs. Devyani Raizada never understood this.

She kept on torturing Sheela and when it was enough for Arun to see all this he decided he would leave this place and go to live somewhere else.

He made some excuse and finally convinced Devyani about his shifting then they both left.

Today they were back here not to stay forever but for just a visit.

No matter how wrong Devyani was, no matter how much she had hurt them, Arun and Sheela never stopped respecting her as their elder.

After listening to the conversation that Devyani and Nisha had had a while ago, Sheela was really scared, she was scared for Khushi, although she did not know her but all she was worried about was that the little girl doesn’t get hurt.

She had always been quiet when anything wrong was done to her, but today she wanted to speak out, she wanted to save the little girl and she had to talk to Arun for that.

A little girl came running to Sheela.

“Mom, Mom I am hungry!” she shouted.

Devyani and Nisha’s attention got driven to Sheela who was standing there with her little daughter.

Arun walked inside carrying the luggage.

Devyani was delighted to see her son after so long.

She just rushed towards him and hugged him emotionally.

“It’s been so long since I last saw you, the last time I saw you was an year back” Devyani said

“Sorry mom, I just got busy in work and Ruhi’s school was on too so we couldn’t miss her school” Arun said

“What’s the need of sending her to school?” Devyani asked angrily as she broke the hug.

“Come on mom, she has to study for her future to be bright” Arun said

“Which future are you talking about? Girls shouldn’t study, they have no future, all they have to do is get married some day and go serve someone else, instead of sending her to school teach her how to do house work and cooking, you are wasting your money on her for no use” Devyani said

“Mom it was my decision that Ruhi should study so she would, no arguments and come one we have just arrived and instead of welcoming us you are arguing with me” Arun said

“Nisha get Arun something to drink, Arun come sit with me in the hall, I have a lot to talk to you”

“Mom but at least greet Sheela and Ruhi”

“I have already greeted them, you come with me” she said as she pulled Arun to the hall.

Sheela stood there feeling rejected.

This was the way Devyani always treated her, she never wanted to even talk to her.

Sheela had been used to this behavior but her daughter Ruhi wasn’t, she was just an innocent 5 year old girl, she knew nothing about this family, she never knew how much her own grandmother hated her just because she was a girl.

She carried all her luggage and headed to the room with Ruhi.

Later in the evening Arnav arrived home from school that too with Khushi which left both Nisha and Devyani in shock.

“Arnav what is she doing here? Doesn’t she have her home?” Nisha asked angrily

Khushi was looking at her in fear all the while, she was just scared yet of what Nisha had told her.

“Mom she came to help me in my home work, any problem?” Arnav asked rudely.

He was angry at her for what she had told Khushi.

“But then who will take her back home?”

“Her dad would come and if he doesn’t I will, now please excuse me”

He frowned and gave Nisha an angry glare.

He then held Khushi’s hand and pulled her to his room.

“What the hell, this girl taught Arnav how to be rude to his mother too” Nisha said angrily as she went to her room

Arnav and Khushi were busy doing their homework when Sheela walked in the room.

Arnav was over excited to see his aunt after so long

He was young but he still remembered that he had met her last year as he had a lot of fun with her.

He rushed to her and hugged her happily.

“Yes! Yes aunty is here now I will have a lot of fun” Arnav jumped up and down in happiness.

Sheela smiled at his antics.

“Where is my little sister aunt? Where is Ruhi?” Arnav asked

“She is sleeping in the room, meet her later okay? For now complete your homework” Sheela said

“Okay Aunty, by the way that is Khushi, Khushi come here, Aunty she is my friend since childhood”

Sheela laughed at his words

“Since childhood Arnav? as if you have grown up, you still are a child”

“Hello aunty” Khushi said with a smile

“Hello little one” Sheela said holding her cheeks

She then just remembered on the talks she had heard when she arrived.

This was the girl Devyani and Nisha were talking about.

She just hugged her feeling pity on what she had to go through because of the evil plans of Devyani.

But then she would try her best to save this girl because she wasn’t at fault, not at all.

Apr 30, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 66 times)

Devyani was in her room talking to someone over the phone.

Sheela was passing from there when she overheard the conversation.

“Do as I said, no arguments” she said angrily.

“I told you I want that girl out of my grandson’s life, do what you can but by tomorrow I need everything set got that?” she said

Sheela had already smelled some danger, she had no idea on what exactly Devyani was planning but she knew Khushi was in danger.

She had no idea on what to do to save her, should she inform her parents? But would they believe her?

It wasn’t the right thing to do, all she could do is try being around Khushi so that she can keep an eye on her.

Arnav and Khushi were busy doing their homework together when Nisha walked in.

She obviously was angry on Khushi but she couldn’t do anything against her son’s will.

“Arnav” she called him.

“Yes mom” he replied

“Arnav here are some snacks for you, have them then continue doing your work”

He looked at Nisha holding a dish of snack which had enough snacks only for him.

“But that’s for me but what about Khushi?”

“Doesn’t she have own home, she will eat there”

“But mom…”

“Arnav you better stop arguing with me on this matter got that?”

“I will argue, she is my friend mom, how can you treat he so badly”

“If she wasn’t a girl I would have treated her properly”

“Then from today should I also treat you badly because you are a girl? Should I not give you anything to eat? Should I scold you because you talk to my dad?”

“Arnav! what’s wrong with you? why are you taking her side?”

“Because she is my friend”

“And me? Am I not your mother?”

“You know the answer better”

“Here are the snacks have them I got other works too rather than arguing with you”

She placed the dish on the table and left angrily.

Arnav took the dish and walked towards Khushi.

“You must be hungry right? Here have some snacks”

“But you…”

“We will share this”

She smiled and they both had the snacks together.

After a while Garima came to pick Khushi, she left with her and Nisha called someone.

“Hello, I hope you are ready”

“Yes ma’am”

“No mistakes got that, she shouldn’t be hurt you just need to kidnap her and shut her in any hell I don’t care but no scratch got that?”

“Yes ma’am all will be done as you say”

“Call me to inform me when the work is done”


The phone was disconnected.

Sheela, who was standing in a corner smiled to herself.

After listening to the conversation she should have been more worried that Khushi was going to get kidnapped but then she was smiling because of some unknown reasons.

She walked to her room and sat on her bed.

Ruhi was sleeping peacefully on her bed as she looked at her.



Sheela was pregnant at that time.

She was at the last stage of her pregnancy and was going to deliver any time.

Devyani had tried many times to check what she had in her womb, a girl or a boy but then everytime Sheela escaped it by making excuses.

Finally she paid the doctor to lie to Devyani that she had a baby boy in her womb although she knew it wasn’t a baby boy but a girl.

Devyani was all happy that she would finally get a grandson unknown to the lie she had been told.

Sheela was worried at that moment, she knew when she would deliver Devyani would surely get to know about the lies and she might even try to harm her baby girl.

Lost in thoughts she started feeling pain in her stomach, it was the labor pain.

She was rushed to the hospital and finally she gave birth to Ruhi.

Devyani was shocked on the news obviously and then she found out about Sheela’s lie.

That night she told Nisha to do anything so that the next day she finds both Sheela and Ruhi dead.

Nisha did as per she was told and on the other side Devyani also did as per she had planned.

That night she might have been killed because no one had an idea of what this two evil ladies had planned.

But call it a miracle or the wish of God.

What happened next was obviously their plan but they had no idea that it would backfire.


Flashback ends

“Mom! Mom” Ruhi shook her mother as she came out of the flashbacks.

“Ruhi you woke up? are you okay? Do you need anything?”

“Yes mom I am okay but why are you crying?”

“Nothing much baby I just remembered how God gave me a beautiful gift”

“Gift? Which gift? And if you got a gift why are you crying?”

“He gave me you” Sheela said as she hugged her and cried more.

Yes they both were alive today but she also couldn’t forget the danger they had faced that night.

She was sure Khushi was going to face the same danger but she also knew like God had once saved her and Ruhi, he would also save Khushi.

Garima was on her way home with Khushi when their car broke down.

Garima walked out to check what was wrong when all over a sudden a gang of men came there.

They stood there looking at Khushi and Garima.

Garima obviously sensed some danger but before she could react, a man rushed to Khushi and got hold of her.

May 5, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Khushi!” Garima Screamed.

One of the men pointed a gun on her forehead and told her to shut up.

Khushi was already scared at the moment.

She was just a kid, what would she have understood in all this?

All she saw was a gun being pointed to her mom and she was being captured by some unknown men.

She started crying badly.

Garima had no way to escape, she did not know what exactly to do.

The men were just taking Khushi and Garima to their van when another gang of men came.

They walked towards the men and tried freeing Khushi from their hold.

“Leave her alone” one of the men said

“I am here to take her not to leave her” the other replied.

Garima was just watching all this wondering what was exactly going on.

Raizada Mansion.

Arnav had obviously noticed some danger.

His inner feeling were telling him that something was wrong somewhere but he couldn’t understand anything.

He was just changing sides on his bed trying to sleep but the fear that had developed inside his heart wasn’t letting him sleep.

Sheela was walking in her room wondering what might have happened by now.

She was regretting keeping quiet, destiny isn’t same always, it wasn’t a must that the way she had escaped in past, even Garima would be able to escape like that.

She was so confused having no idea on what to do.

She walked out of her room and headed to Arnav’s room to check on him.

To her shock he wasn’t there.

She got worried and rushed everywhere, checking the whole mansion f she could find him anywhere.

She finally took a deep sigh of relief as she spotted him at the terrace.

“Arnav, what are you doing here at this time?” she asked.

Arnav ran to her and hugged her directly.

He started crying and Sheela got more tensed.

“What happened Arnav? Why are you crying?”

“Aunty I… I don’t know.. but I am scared” he replied

“Scared of what?”

“I feel like Khushi is not well, please take me to her, I want to make sure she is fine”

Sheela looked at him wondering how could he sense all this?

Yes she knew Khushi had to face some danger today but then how did Arnav get the hint of this?

“Arnav who told you that she is not okay?”

“I just feel so, I am really worried please take me to her please”

“Okay relax first, I will take you”

Sheela thought for a while and decided to take Arnav to Khushi’s house, she also wanted to confirm if she was safe.

They both slowly tiptoed out of the house and walked on the streets leading to Khushi’s house.

Garima was yet trying her best to escape only if she could get a chance to.

The men from both the gangs started quarreling and after that they began fighting between themselves on who would go with Khushi.

Garima finally got the chance she was looking for and ran away from there with Khushi.

All the men were busy fighting that they did not even notice that they had left Garima and Khushi who had already run away.

Both Khushi and Garima were running on the streets not knowing which way they were using, all they knew was that they wanted to end in a safe place.

Just then they saw Sheela and Arnav heading towards them.

They rushed towards them as Sheela looked at they both finally feeling relaxed.

Yes Destiny had once again played the same game and this time it saved Khushi.

She stood there smiling on how foolish Nisha and Devyani were.

They both planned to Kidnap Khushi and keep her somewhere until she agrees to get out of Arnav’s life.

But then they did not decide on who exactly would send the goons to kidnap her so Devyani sent the goons from her side and Nisha sent them from her side and they did not even inform each other.

Wasn’t this what had exactly happened once in the past when they tried the same with Sheela?

Both the gangs were left fighting on who would take her and Sheela had escaped in between their fights, something that exactly happened today with Khushi and Garima.

History was like repeating itself, all Sheela hoped was once again history should repeat itself and Nisha should have to undergo what Damini had gone through.

It would really help in taking off the masks on both Devyani and Nisha’s face.

Sheela was sure of one thing, whenever the truth comes out Arnav would never forgive Devyani for what had happened with Damini in the past and he would surely hate Nisha for killing her.

She was the only one, with her husband Arun who knew the truth that no one else knew, there was this truth that Nisha and Devyani had tried hiding and it was hidden from everyone else apart from Arun and Sheela.

Akul wasn’t also aware of this bitter truth, only if he had an idea of how his first wife was killed he would have hated his mother and his second wife for this.

Yes he had always been with his mother, he also did not like the girl Childs but he had always loved Damini more than anything.

Without asking what was happening and all, Sheela took Garima and Khushi at a safe place where they sat peacefully and discuss on what had happened.

Khushi had hugged Arnav and she was continuously crying in his arms as Sheela was discussing something with Garima.

She was just trying her best to convince Garima that Arnav and her were there by coincidence because she knew that this wasn’t the right time to tell her the truth.

Arnav was sitting holding Khushi in his arms tightly.

“I… I was really scared Arnav… They had put a gun on mama’s head and one man carried me in his arms, I was really scared” Khushi explained the situation to Arnav.

“Don’t worry Khushi, I am here now and they are gone and they won’t find you again”

“You will always be here right?”

“Always… Don’t worry okay? Everything is good and now don’t cry or I won’t give you a chocolate tomorrow”

“If I don’t cry will you give me chocolates daily?”


“Okay then I won’t cry”

She said holding him tighter into her arms.

They both felt relaxed finally.

Khushi was relaxed that finally she had escaped the danger and was with Arnav.

While Arnav was relaxed that he finally confirmed that Khushi was all okay and his fear vanished.

It was really hard to understand what kind of bond these two kids shared from this young age.

Being with each other was what made them feel comfortable, if one was in a problem the other would know about it, it was something rare, something the world might have never seen, maybe this was what we called pure love.

Because at childhood no one had any deceit in their hearts, its only purity which this both kids had and the purity defined how pure their love was.

May 6, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

As the night slowly faded away welcoming a beautiful morning, Sheela and Arnav escorted Garima and Khushi till Gupta house and then they both headed back home.

Devyani and Nisha were sited in the hall discussing something when they saw Sheela walking in with Arnav.

“Where had you gone?” Devyani asked.

Sheela looked at Arnav then back at Devyani wondering what to reply.

“For a morning walk” Arnav replied.

“Morning walk? Since when did you start waking up early for  a walk?” Nisha asked.

“From today, I have decided as long as Sheela aunty will stay here I would wake up early every morning and go with her on a walk”

“Really? That’s good come on now let me take you to bath” Nisha said as she walked towards him.

Her eyes were on Sheela.

She was giving her angry glares, she obviously did not like Sheela taking Arnav anywhere.

She took Arnav to the room as Sheela headed towards her room but then Devyani stopped her.

“Wait!” she said

By this time Sheela had started trembling with fear.

She did not know what was going to happen.

“Yes mom” she said

“Don’t call me mom got that and yes I would love to know where you took Arnav early morning”

“He said it right? we went for a walk”

“Stop fooling me I know your intentions behind all this”

“My intentions?’

“Yes, I know you want to teach him nonsense and make him against us like you did with my son”

“No mom, trust me I dint do anything like that”

“First of all stop calling me mom got that”

She nodded positively

“And secondly, next time if I see you anywhere near Arnav I won’t spare you, it’s better you stay far away from him”

She nodded and then walked to her room.

Arun was there waiting for her

“Where had you gone? Do you know Ruhi cried at night and you weren’t there, it was really tough for me to take care of her”

“I am sorry”

“That’s okay as a father that’s my duty but then where were you?”

“I had gone with Arnav”

“With Arnav? Where?”

“To save Khushi, you don’t have an idea on what mom and Nisha are planning against that little girl”

“Really? What did they do now?”

Sheela explained everything to Akul and he was glad to know that Khushi was well.

He promised Sheela that he would be with her to save Khushi from these cruel ladies.

Arnav was finally ready for school, Nisha and Devyani were both happy that from today onwards they would see Arnav with Khushi as they had no idea how their plan had backfired.

Nisha dropped Arnav to school and headed back home.


Arnav was eagerly waiting for Khushi to arrive.

After the incident last night, he knew she was well but still he was tensed for her.

After some minutes he saw her walking in from the gate.

He rushed towards her and greeted her.

“Good morning Khushi” he said

“Good morning” she replied.

She put his hand in his pocket and got out a chocolate.

He handed it to Khushi as a beautiful smile curved up on her face.

“You remembered you promise?” she asked

“Of course, I would never forget any promise made to you”



“Then promise me you will always be my friend, you will always be with me and like yesterday you will always save me from bad people”

He smiled at her innocence and held her hand.

“I promise, now come on lets go to class or else we would be punished”

They both walked in the class holding each other’s hands and sat together.

The whole day they were together, they had their lunch together as always and finally when the day came to an end, the driver came to pick Arnav.

Arnav had no idea on what his mother and grandmother had planned against Khushi, he knew his mother did not like her but he had no idea that what Khushi had faced yesterday was because of his mother.

He thought he would take Khushi home and tell his mother on how Khushi was attacked and how she escaped and they would be happy for her unknown to the fact that it was going to be a shock for both Nisha and Devyani.

He told Khushi to go with him at his place then her mother would pick her from there.

She agreed and they both entered in the car as they were driven to Raizada mansion.

Nisha had already prepared food for Arnav, in fact she had served it in the dish and was heading to the hall expecting him to arrive anytime so she can feed him happily knowing that she had kicked Khushi out of his life.

Arnav entered in the Mansion holding Khushi’s hand and Nisha was left dumbstruck.

The dish she was holding in her hand fell down and broke into pieces.

She wasn’t able to believe that she was seeing Khushi in front of her.

Hadn’t she just sent some men to kidnap her then what happened?

“Mom!” she shouted.

Devyani rushed to the hall and was left in shock too.

Both Arnav and Khushi were standing there with smiles on their face not knowing what shock the ladies had faced.




Shashi and Garima in Raizada mansion.

Fights between the gupta’s and the Raizada’s

May 7, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

“What the hell is this girl doing here?” Devyani asked Nisha.

“I have no idea mom”

Arnav looked at the both in confusion.

“Mom, grand mom aren’t you happy to see her here?” Arnav asked

“What the hell is going on in this house?” Devyani shouted.

Sheela, Arun and Akul rushed to the hall wondering what was wrong.

“Mom relax” Nisha tried to calm her down.

“No, I won’t relax, I just don’t understand why the hell on earth doesn’t this girl leave Arnav alone? I am so much fed up of her”

“Mom I also am but we can’t do anything because we know Arnav won’t listen”

“What did we not try we also trying kidnapping her yesterday but she just escaped damn you Khushi cant you leave him alone?” Devyani shouted.

“Mom, Grand mom please don’t tell Khushi anything”

“Shut up Arnav, just shut up… from tomorrow onwards I don’t want to see this girl anywhere near you got that?”

“No, I don’t” he shouted back.

“Don’t worry from tomorrow onwards you won’t see Khushi near him but from tomorrow onwards I also don’t want to see him anywhere near Khushi” Garima said as she walked in with Shashi.

“It’s your daughter who doesn’t leave my son alone, this is what you have taught her to run behind rich boys from such a young age?” Nisha said

“Miss Nisha better mind your tongue, Khushi doesn’t come here on her own its Arnav who brings her”

“Your daughter is the one at fault and being her parents you and Shashi are at fault, she had learnt it all well from this tender age how to trap rich boys and all right?”

“Shut up!” Shashi shouted at the top of his voice.

“Mr. Shashi you have no right to shout at us when you are standing in our house” Nisha said

“If I am quiet today it’s only because Arnav saved Khushi yesterday, otherwise I am not interested in coming here at all, I just game to thank him, but you people with you cheap and disgusting thoughts amaze me”

“You amaze me Shashi, don’t you feel like having a lot of burdens? Having two daughters burden is too much I guess that’s why you are so frustrated” Devyani said.

“You know what Miss. Devyani my daughters are never a burden for me neither will they ever be, I am proud to have them because I know they are better than the boys and you being a lady yourself say this? I wonder if you respect yourself or not”

“What do you mean?”

“I just mean that don’t forget you a lady too, and I guess if your parents had aborted you before you were born then maybe all the little girls who died because of you and your cheap thoughts would be alive”

“We dint invite you here to give us lecture, just take your daughter from here, I don’t want to see her face ever again”

“We also don’t wish to show her your faces” Garima replied.

“Arnav go to your room” Nisha said

“No!” he replied

“I said go to your room right now Arnav!”

“Dint you hear me? I said I am going nowhere”

“Arnav!” Nisha shouted almost slapping him but Khushi stepped in between.

“No Aunty don’t… don’t slap him please, I promise you I won’t talk to him again but please don’t slap him” She pleaded.

Sheela’s eyes were filled with tears, she had never seen such innocence anywhere ever before.

“Let’s go home Khushi” Garima said as she held her hand.

But before they could walk away Arnav held Khushi’s hand and pulled her.

“Khushi isn’t going anywhere, she is my friend and she always will be” he said

“Arnav leave her hand” Garima said

“No I won’t”

Garima pulled Khushi as Nisha pulled Arnav from the other side.

Both the kids were holding each other’s hands tightly not wanting to leave but then they were forced too.

They couldn’t hold on for long, their hands slipped away as tears escaped both their eyes.

Milke bichad jatein hain jis tarah, Do raaste nayi manzil ki taraf…

Ankhon me rehjati hain umra bhar ke vaaste… Tadapti ek tadap…


Arnav ran behind Khushi but Akul got hold of him and pulled him back.

“Dad please let me go, please dad” he pleaded but there was no one who could listen to his pleadings.

Khushi was looking at Arnav all the while as Garima just pulled her away.

She was just feeling like someone was snatching her life away from her wondering how she would live without him.

Arnav was trying his best to escape his father’s hold and rush to stop her but he wasn’t that strong yet and all he could do is scream in pain.


Pyar who zakhm hain jo bhare na kabhi… marke bhi khatam hota nahi ye safar…

Kaise kahe hume kitani mohabbat hain…Kitani mohabbat hain…


“Khushi!” he shouted

Khushi wanted to stop, she wanted to run back to him but her mother too wasn’t letting her go.

They both had no idea for how long this separation was going to be.

They had no idea if it was going to last for a few days, months, years or for a lifetime.

Arnav ran to his room and shut himself inside.

He was hell angry at the moment and he did not want to face anyone as he knew he would just say or do something bad.

He really wanted to meet Khushi but he did not know how.

Even if he escaped from here, Khushi’s parents won’t allow him to meet her, he felt really helpless.

He sat on his bed thinking of something when he heard a knock at the door, it was Nisha.

“Arnav open the door” she said

“Leave me alone mom, I don’t want to talk to you”

“Arnav stop being stubborn got that, it always won’t happen as you wish”

“That’s the problem mom, you never want to see me happy”

“Arnav you are becoming rude day by day”

“I will be rude, you always snatch my happiness from me”

“Arnav I am your mother I would always want good for you”

“You are not!” he shouted.

“You know what Arnav? you are going to a boarding school that’s it! That’s when you will learn how to respect elders”

“I am not going anywhere”

“You have to and that’s final”

She walked away angrily as Arnav started punching his pillows angrily.

“I won’t go to any damn boarding school, I won’t!”

May 8, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

Arnav sat on the bed sadly.

He knew his parents would never listen to him and he finally had to go to boarding school.

Before he went there he wanted to meet Khushi for once, for the last time maybe and promise her that he would come back someday.

He thought for a while on how he could escape when his eyes went on the window.

He was still young and jumping out of the window was something really dangerous for him.

He took some kind of a rope that was in his room and tied it up with his bed throwing it out of the room.

Just when he was about to hold the rope and jump down the door of his room opened.

He was shocked thinking that it might be Nisha or his dad.

“Arnav what are you doing?” Sheela asked in shock as she entered in.

“Aunty I want to meet Khushi”


“Dad is sending me to boarding school before that I want to meet her”

“And you are jumping out of the room for that?”


“Arnav what if you got hurt?”

“I don’t care, I can’t break my promise aunty, I promised Khushi I would be with her always so before going to boarding school I have to meet her and tell her that I am going but I would come back soon”

“Arnav I don’t know what relation you both share at such a tender age but you know what after years I am seeing a ray of light, I feel like you are the one who would save all the ladies, Khushi is the one who would support you always on this… I know you are too young to understand what I am saying at the moment but when you grow up you’ll remember my words…

Anyway I have opened the door for you, you can escape from here but be back soon okay, I don’t want anyone to open the door and not find you here, it would be another drama”

“Don’t worry about that, even if they don’t find me they won’t blame you because they would think I have escaped from the window, as they would see that rope”

Sheela hugged him and finally let him go. He happily escaped without anyone’s knowledge and rushed to Khushi’s place as Sheela locked his room from outside and headed back to her room.

Arnav arrived at the Gupta mansion and stood at the door.

All he was wondering was should he knock or not? What if Khushi’s parents open the door and they don’t let him meet her?

He headed towards the window of Khushi’s room and peeped in.

Khushi was lying on her bed silently.

“Khushi… Khushi… hey!!” he called her.

For a while Khushi wondered who might be calling her, she looked around but couldn’t see anyone.

Arnav knocked the window and finally she saw him.

She rushed towards the window happily.

“Arnav… how did you come here?”

“I escaped… Sheela aunty helped me as I wanted to meet you maybe for last time”

“Why last time?”

“Dad is sending me to boarding school”

“You mean we would never meet? Then what about our friendship?”

“It would never end… I won’t break my promise”

“They both talked for a while and then finally Arnav headed back home.

Luckily no one had checked for him in his room and with Sheela’s help he got back into his room again knowing that after this he would meet Khushi after years but then he would never forget their friendship.

A few days passed on and everything remained same, Arnav was still locked in the room and finally one day his dad took him to the boarding school.

He got admission over there and finally the long separation came.

Khushi had become so lonely, she had no friends at all… Arnav had always been her only friends because when he was there she never needed anyone.

Her life had become so simple, her daily routine was just going to school, coming back, eating reading and sleeping.

She never blamed her parents for anything that happened, she knew they cared about her and they did it for her, at such a young age she could understand everything like a mature maybe that’s why God had chosen her to be the savior.

Her parents weren’t happy at all with this, in the past few days Khushi had become so silent, she wasn’t the happy and bubbly one, they may be understood why she was like this, and being in such a small town they knew she would never move on from what had happened.

Garima and Shashi finally decided to send her to Delhi… a city where everyone forgets there past… a city which is always in a rush… they hoped that after going there she might get out of all this that had happened and forget everything.

The problem arose when they couldn’t decide on how to send Khushi to that big city alone, they had no relatives there where she might stay.

Shashi decided to shift to Delhi and live there where both Payal and Khushi would learn in good school but that was surely going to take some time and meanwhile they decided to send Khushi to a boarding school for three months so that she might meet some new friends in the boarding school.

Khushi did not obviously want to go to a boarding school but there was no way she could object her parents decision and finally she was also sent to a boarding school.

The twist in the tale comes up here.

Shashi had no idea that Arnav was sent in the same school where he had sent Khushi at the moment to study.

Neither Arnav nor Khushi also had the idea that they both were once again going to be in the same school even after all this tries of their separation.

It wasn’t any choice, it was just Destiny that was every time bringing them nearer whenever anyone tried separating them.

The wait now was for their first meet in the boarding school.

They surely were going to be happy but then what would happen when both the families got to know about this?

What would happen when both the families would again try separating them, would it be for lifetime some years or some days again?

What would destiny play now?

Would the divinity of their relation bring them together again?

May 9, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

St. Mary’s Boarding School.


It was Khushi’s first day today.

She had joined the same boarding school with Arnav but none of them had an idea of it.

She walked to her classroom alone as she was just new and had not made any friends yet.

The class was empty and she looked around wondering why wasn’t anyone in class.

She just sat on a random desk waiting for the other students to arrive and in the mean time she leaned on the desk and fell asleep.

After around ten minutes the students walked in the class and sat on their desks.

Arnav stood in front of his desk wondering who the girl sleeping on his desk was as he could see her face.

“Excuse me” he said

She did not reply and he had no idea on what to do to wake her up.

“Hello, this is my desk will you please wake up?”

He shook her and Khushi woke up all over a sudden.

For a moment they both were in a shocked state, they were staring at each other with their eyes wide open.


“Khushi!” they both shouted happily.

All the students turned to look at them as they both hugged each other happily.

“How comes you are here?” Khushi asked him breaking the hug

“I had told you right that dad was sending me to a boarding school?”


“So this is the school he sent me to and how comes you are here?”

“Dad sent me here”

“You mean he dint know that I am here?”

“No, he just saw that I was lonely after you left, I had no friends so he sent me here thinking I would get friends and wow I got you here”

“I am just so happy Khushi”

“Me too”

Arnav held her hand and dragged her out of the class, he just noticed that they were creating a scene in front of the other students.

They both sat in the school garden for a while.

“You know I missed you a lot, this school seemed so boring without you”

“Why? Dint you have any friends?”

“I did but they couldn’t fill your place in my heart, did you miss me?”

“A lot, just a few days without seeing you seemed boring, I dint even want to make any new friends”

“We are so alike yeah?”

“Exactly but so anywhere fulfill your promise”

“Which promise?”

“My chocolate? You promised me a chocolate daily dint you?”

“Oh that? I’ll get it for you later, let’s go back to class for now before anyone finds us here, we would be punished”

“Okay let’s go”

“Wait, I got something to discuss”

“What is that?”

“We would have to make sure that my parents and your parents don’t get to know that we both are in this school otherwise I am sure dad will get me out of here and send me somewhere further then we might never ever meet again”

“But how would we do that?”

“When we go home for holidays we won’t meet, we would talk to our parents about our other friends but would mentions the names of each other”

“And what if they got to know about it from themselves?”

“The wont”

“How can you say that?”

“I’ll explain, it’s very simple, my parents hate your parents and your parents hate my parents right? So they would never even talk to each other”

“Yeah right so fine we won’t let them know”


They both headed back to class.

Wasn’t this just destiny? Firstly they got separated, then they were sent to a boarding school which eventually happens to be the same school later on they are in the same class.

Everything that happened was indicating one thing only, although all the other ladies were not able to save themselves and their little girls from the cruel lady Devyani Raizada, this girl was surely going to save them, the only thing was wait, a wait for few more years and then the war would begin.

The war of good and bad, the war of wrong and right the war to prove that a girl is the same as a boy, they both can do the same things.

Arnav and Khushi entered in the class but then only Arnav’s desk was empty and there was no other empty desk.

“Khushi sit on my desk” he said

“But where will you sit then?”

“I would stand then at break time I would go to the carpenter and tell him to get me a new desk”

“No, I am not sitting then I would also stand with you”

“I told you to sit so do as I say”

“Okay fine let’s do this, we can go to the carpenter and get a new desk now”

“The class will soon begin and if we get late the teacher won’t allow us in that’s why I am telling you, just sit”

“I can’t sit while you are standing, I am sure we would adjust, let’s sit together”

“Are you sure? I mean wont you be uncomfortable?”

“With you I can never be uncomfortable”

The both finally shared the same bench for a while, although I really wasn’t comfortable and they weren’t even fitting in it but then what they knew was sharing is caring, they cared for each other and that’s why the shared the desk.

Within no time their lessons began and they both got busy in studies.

The only thing Arnav was worried of was what would happen when their parents got to know that they were in the same school?

The thoughts did disturb him for a while but then he brushed them off deciding they would face it when it comes, for now they should be happy that they were together again.

May 9, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

7 years later.

Seven years had passed peacefully for both Arnav and Khushi.

Their parents had no idea still that both of them were studying in the same school.

It was the last day at school today as after that they were going back home for holidays.

Khushi was done with her packing and she waited for Arnav to get done with his.

They both met at the school ground after a few minutes.

Khushi rushed towards Arnav as she hugged him tightly.

“Finally we have to go, I’ll miss you for one good month” she said

“I’ll miss you too” he said breaking the hug.

“I wish we never had holidays”

“Same here, school seems better, much better than the drama’s at home, but I am glad Sheela aunty would be there” he replied

“Dint she go back?”

“She did, but as Ruhi had holidays and also I have holiday so she is coming for a visit, when dad called he told me that”

“Great, at least you will have someone with you I will be alone”

“Don’t worry I would keep on visiting you”

“But we have to make sure no one sees us together, I don’t know for how long we will be able to hide from our parents” Khushi said being tensed

“Stop worrying over that and yes do finish your homework lazy bone I always have to do it for you, make sure you finish it okay?”


“Anyway bye dad must be here anytime see you”


They both hugged each other and parted. Khushi headed back to her room when after a few minutes she was called by one of the girls informing her that her dad was here to pick her.

She carried her luggage and headed out of the room, Shashi was standing near her classroom waiting for her.

“Dad!” she smiled happily as she rushed to hug him.

“I missed you Princess”

“I missed you too”

“So Payal dint come?”

“I told you she had holiday classes she can’t, I am also planning to send you to Delhi, you will get better education over there”

“No, I am not going anywhere, this school isn’t bad too, let her study there, I will be here”

“Okay fine let’s go home, your mother must be waiting”


They both entered in and drove home.

Arnav also arrived home with his dad, Nisha and Devyani were really happy to see him back.

“Welcome home Arnav, you have no idea on how much everyone missed you” Nisha said hugging him.

Arnav dint hug her back, instead he pushed her away and rushed to greet Sheela.

“Aunty I really missed you, why don’t you send Ruhi to the same school with me?” he said

“I wish I could but you see as I am here for your holidays I always will keep on visiting you”

“That’s sweet of you, anyway where is Ruhi?”

“She is in the room”

“Okay so I’ll greet her, bye”

He walked away without talking to anyone.

Devyani and Nisha were boiling with anger at the moment, Arnav did not even greet them he just directly rushed to Sheela.

“Now that Khushi left from his life you came to snatch away my son from me?” Nisha said angrily.

“I did not do anything of such sort”

“Then why is he behaving like that with us?”

“He is your son, you should know him better why ask me?” Sheela said as she walked to her room.

“Mom do you see, now she has the guts to talk to me like this, I don’t understand what’s going on in this house”

“Leave her, I am glad that Arnav forgot about Khushi, and he will soon be normal with us, we just have to keep that girl away from him every time”

“Who said that I have forgotten Khushi?” Arnav asked as he headed towards them.

Both Devyani and Nisha looked at him in shock.

“I would never forget anything, not what you all did to separate me and my friend, not all that you did with Khushi and mind it, Arnav Singh Raizada will never forgive you both for what you did to me and her, Khushi resides in my heart and if you got the strength, get her out of there”

“Arnav forget her, past is past, there must be other good girls in your school, befriend them” Nisha said

“Firstly Mrs. Akul Raizada stay out of this, secondly I will never forget her because no girl can be her okay? Secondly grand mom please tell this lady to stay away from me, she has always killed my happiness, she has always snatched my close ones from me so she better stay away from me before my anger boils into a violent volcano”

“Arnav!” Akul shouted as he walked in.

He walked towards Arnav and held him by his shoulders giving him an angry look.

“Say sorry to her” Akul shouted

“No dad! I will never say sorry to her, and you all thought that sending me to boarding school will change everything? It did change but you know what it changed? Our relations not my relation with Khushi, we were friends and we always will be no matter what anyone tries to do”


“Is this the way you talk to you elders? You dad, Mom and Grandma?”

“Look at him, he is talking like someone who is mature”

“I am mature dad, it’s just that my body is a bit small, and to you Mrs. Raizada better stay out of my life and my problems because of this time anything wrong happens with Khushi I won’t forgive you”

Akul slapped him hard as he looked at him angrily.

“Is this the way you talk to you mom Arnav?” Akul said

“Dad I am respecting you and grandma because you are my relatives and yes I would behave well with her if she stayed in her limits without interfering in my life, I know you and grandma have the rights but she doesn’t have so she better stays out”

“Why should she stay out? She is your mother and she also had the right to interfere”

“No she is not! She was never neither will she ever be, she isn’t my Mom dad!” he shouted as he ran away from there leaving everyone in shock.

May 12, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

Arnav locked himself inside his room and jumped on his bed, he did not want to argue more about this topic because every time he came back for holidays his family members would never always talk bad about Khushi and now it was just heights.

He decided to talk to Khushi because he knew she was the only one who could make him feel better.

He secretly got out of the mansion and headed to Khushi’s house.

Like he had met her here last time, he went to the window of her room and called her outside.

They both walked far away where they were sure that none of their family members would see them, they sat under the shade of a tree.

 “What’s up Arnav, why do you seem to be in such an angry mood?” Khushi asked

Arnav explained the whole situation to Khushi and Khushi was just left in shock.

“But then why did you say that Nisha aunty isn’t your mom?” she asked

“Because she isn’t”

“And who told you that?”

“No one, I just know that she isn’t my mom”

“Arnav she has always been with you, everyone knows that she is your mother and just that you said she is no won’t change the fact that she is your mother”

“If she was my mom, she would understand my friendship with you Khushi, she wouldn’t snatch my friends from me, if she was my mom she would think about my happiness but no she doesn’t, I just don’t understand on why she hates you this much?”

“Maybe she thinks that I am bad, I don’t mean that I really am bad but maybe your mom thinks that and that’s why she does all this, you know you must have hurt her a lot by saying this, no mother deserves to be told by her children that she isn’t their mother, it really hurts”

“You mean to say what I did was wrong?’

“Yes Arnav, I am not supporting them but as your parents they are thinking about your good and you shouldn’t be angry on them for this, you should respect them, if they don’t like seeing you with me then let it be, you still are with me in the same school right? We are friends yet then isn’t that enough?”

“But they…”

“Arnav I know we both have been so close since childhood but you must not forget that when I wasn’t there your mom and dad were there, you don’t have to go against them to prove yourself right, you have to talk to them calmly to prove yourself right, I don’t mean that parents are always right, at a times they aren’t but then that doesn’t mean that we would fight them, we have to talk and explain our point, you also have to do that, trust me they would understand”

“And what about what they did with your parents? Mom tried getting you kidnapped I hope you remember that”

“That’s because your mom was worried about you Arnav, she gave you birth and you really can’t behave badly with her because of me, that wouldn’t just be right”

“Okay if you say so I would say sorry to her but that doesn’t mean I would break my friendship with you got that?”

“No one is telling you to break your friendship, she is your mother and she should get her share of respect that’s it”

“Okay then I would do as you say but remember we are still friends and I am never going to leave you alone in any situation”

“I know, my parents also don’t want me to be with you right? but I am and I also don’t fight with them because I know they would understand when the right time comes so please don’t forget to say sorry to Nisha aunty”

“Okay enough of your lectures, but anyway you made me feel better thanks for that”

They both hugged each other as Sheela who was hiding behind a tree listening to their talks smiled to herself.

“I really wish Nisha could understand that the girl she hated the most thinking that she is snatching her son away from her is the one who is bringing her son closer, I really don’t know why she hates girls, if it wasn’t for Khushi Arnav would have hated her and she could have done nothing about it.

I wonder why she forgot that she was also a girl, why does she hate girls so much when the proof is here itself today, it was only because of Khushi that Arnav understood her importance”

She walked towards the both who were lost in each other’s arms.

“So you guys were hiding from us huh?” she asked

Both Arnav and Khushi broke the hug as they stood up in fear.

“Sheela aunty? How comes you are here?” Arnav asked

“Please don’t tell anyone about our friendship”

“Yeah please don’t, they would separate us again”

“Don’t worry, Arnav I just saw you walking out of the house so I thought you might be angry and might do something you shouldn’t so I followed you up but then I saw you and Khushi and understood everything.” Sheela explained

“Thank God we are safe” Arnav sighed

“Not for so long, if anyone sees you here it will be another problem so it’s better we go back home, I am saying this for  both of you, you both know that your parents don’t like your friendship and if they got to know that you both are in the same school then you know what will happen next”

“Yeah Aunty is right Arnav, we should leave before anyone sees us”

“Okay then bye Khushi but yeah don’t forget I would come to meet you tomorrow”


“Aunty look what’s that?” Arnav shouted as he pointed the other side.

Sheela turned to look at what he was showing her meanwhile he kissed Khushi’s cheek and held his aunt’s aunt as they walked away and Khushi stood there blushing.

He waved her a goodbye and walked away.

“Arnav what were you showing me?” Sheela asked

“Nothing it’s gone now, come on let’s hurry home otherwise the lady Dracula will eat us both”

“Lady Dracula? Who’s that?”

“Grandma” he giggled.

“Arnav that’s not how you call your grandma”

“You know in school we are taught to say and do what is true so that’s what I am doing, have you seen grandma? Her face is always in an angry mood and then it really resembles a Dracula so I thought of naming her the great lady Dracula” he giggled again.

“You are really impossible and day by day you are becoming naughty huh”

They both arrived home after a walk of five more minutes.

Just as they entered in the mansion they found Nisha and Devyani standing there in their angry moods.

“You see I told you, look at her face” Arnav said

Sheela looked at Devyani and giggled with Arnav.

“Arnav what were you doing there?” Devyani asked

Both Arnav and Sheela looked at each other in shock, how did they get to know of their whereabouts?

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