Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love

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Jun 11, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 40 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

She broke the hug and stared at him while she held his hand.

“You really are back Arnav? I can’t believe my eyes… I am seeing you after three good years”

“Yes Khushi, I am back sweetheart, now I am sure there is no problem, we both would get married soon and you’ll always find me in front of your eyes”

Khushi turned around as she shut her eyes in pain… she knew what she was going to say would break him, but she had no other option.

“I am sorry Arnav but I can’t get married to you”

“Why not Khushi… everything is okay now… you have achieved what you wanted to then why can’t we be together? Why can’t we get married when we love each other?”

“Because I am already engaged to someone else Arnav”

“No! That can’t be the truth… you can’t be engaged… I don’t believe that”

“It is the truth Arnav, and I am sorry I can’t break my engagement… we’ll remain friends only…”

“Khushi I love you”

“I Know Arnav, but dad told me to get engaged and there was no way I could go against him, you know how much I respect him and obeying him has always been my duty so that’s what I did…

I am sorry for everything, for hurting you and breaking your heart but I am sure you’ll move on with time… in fact why don’t you get married to someone else? Maybe Aarti?”

“Getting married to someone else when I love you? Hell no Khushi… you can be helpless but I am not… I have a choice, I better stay single for the rest of my life than getting married to someone else… and then the worst of all you suggest Aarti.. like seriously, she’s the worst girl I have ever met”

“No Arnav, she isn’t… she changed… she is good now… you know if I achieved all this today then the credit goes to her too… if she wasn’t there to support me I wouldn’t have done this”

“She might have changed Khushi… I agree she might be good now but then I love you and I can’t just marry her”

“But I am already engaged to someone else Arnav, I’ll be getting married to him soon”

“And you want to give me the pain of seeing the girl I have loved since childhood getting married to someone else… you know what Khushi, the pain could be less if I knew you dint love me but I do know that you love me then why can’t you just talk to whoever that guy is, why can’t you talk to your dad and convince him?

I promise Khushi, I’ll give you all the happiness you deserve, if he has problem with my so called mom and grand mom then we won’t live here, I’ll take you to some other place and we will spend our life happily”

“I can’t do anything Arnav, I am sorry but you’ll have to forget me and move on, I am getting married soon”

“Fine then go get married I don’t give a damn but you better not force me to get married to someone else because if it’s having someone as my wife then it would be only you got that?” he shouted angrily as he walked away.

Khushi knelt down on her knees as she cried her heart out.

“I am sorry Arnav… I wish I could tell you that dad had finally agreed, my family isn’t a problem, I am the main problem in this whole matter…

I’ll spend my life knowing we were meant to love but not to be together… I’ll always thank God for bringing you in my life and giving us this unique bond we share…

What makes me wonder more is why did he do this? If everything was us, me and you then why did he have to separate us? Why does destiny have it so?”

She wiped her tears and turned around and found Aarti standing there with her mother.

“I did what I had promised you Aarti… I left Arnav forever… I also lied to him that I am engaged and now I guess you are happy with that, now it’s your responsibility to keep my love happy… our deal ends here so does our friendship…

From today onwards, I don’t know you neither do you know me… we are strangers” Khushi said as she sadly walked away.

“Mom, finally Arnav is going to be mine” Aarti said with a smirk

“Not so easily sweetheart, he loves Khushi crazily and I wonder if he would ever agree to get married to you”

“Leave that to me, I know how I’ll do that, even if it is snatching Khushi’s life I will so that I can make Arnav mine”

“No… don’t you dare try even”

“What? why are you telling me not to try? Wait are you on my side or Khushi’s side?”

“I am on your side sweetheart, you know Nisha told me that Arnav and Khushi share some unique bond, like if something happens to Khushi then the same will happen to Arnav, so if you kill Khushi, Arnav will also die”

“What nonsense mom, there’s nothing like that”

“There is… she told me when she told her men to kill Khushi, they left her outside in the rain, her lungs were full of water and the same happened to Arnav when he wasn’t even left in rain…

Arnav recovered after Khushi recovered… they both have this bond since childhood, so you better keep that in mind”

Aarti stared at her mother in shock while Khushi who had been standing behind a tree listening to their conversation was left in complete shock… so this is why that day they both bled together…

She wished she could do something about this, everything that happened around her said that they were meant for each other, she also knew that Aarti wasn’t the girl for Arnav but while fighting for the rights of girls in the village she became selfish and promised her this not knowing that she might end up messing with Arnav’s life…

She was wrong, Aarti never changed, she just did all this to get Arnav in her life and she thought she had changed.


Arnav entered the Raizada mansion as he quickly rushed to his room without greeting Devyani and Nisha who were sited in the hall.

Nisha followed him to the room and tried her best to talk to him but he just ignore her… somewhere he knew it was because of her and Devyani why he had all this problems in his life…

He actually wondered how the hell on earth was he tolerating the same lady who killed his own mother, why wouldn’t he just get her arrested.

Maybe because she had brought him up, she had loved him like a mother… and so he was just silent because he had a soft corner somewhere for her yet.

He sat on his bed lost in thoughts… hadn’t he come back with lots of hopes? That now when everything is fine, he would finally get married to Khushi and they would spend their life together but then all his dreams shattered into pieces.

Jun 12, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 41 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

He thought and thought for a while, he dint know what he would to do have Khushi in his life, he dint know what he would do to make his parents agree but he surely dint want to lose Khushi.

For one last time, he decided to talk to Khushi and her parents hoping that maybe this time he would be able to convince them

He stood up and walked out of his room but before he could exit the mansion Devyani stopped him.

“Where are you going Arnav?”

“To bring my soon to be wife Khushi, to the house Grand mom” Arnav replied

“Who said that I’ll let that girl step in this house and your wife Arnav? Just because she was able to stop us from killing the girls doesn’t mean I’ll accept her”

“Exactly, neither am I going to accept her” Nisha said

“And who told you that I’ll do as you both say? Don’t forget the only reason why you both are standing here right in front of me is because you brought me up and gave me the motherly love which I respect. From now onwards you both better stop caring about what I do in my life and if you really want to see me happy then never dare to hurt Khushi because that would just kill me” Arnav said as he angrily walked away.

He peeped through the window of Khushi’s room for a while looking for her and finally he spotted her walking out of the washroom.

She sat on her bed and got lost in some thoughts… her facial expressions said she wasn’t happy and maybe he knew why…

Just when he was about to call her, he saw something that left him shocked.

Aarti walked in as she put her hand on Khushi’s shoulder.

“What the hell is she doing here?” Arnav asked himself.

He felt angry as never before, he was just about to go inside and slap her when he realized that it wouldn’t be right because Shashi would be there.

He stood there for a while and saw them discussing something but he couldn’t hear anything.

He pushed the window a bit and to his luck it was open… at least now he could get an idea of what they were discussing.

“Khushi you can’t break your promise like that okay… I helped you and you promised me Arnav in return”

“Aarti please understand me, I love Arnav… at that time I promised you because I thought dad would never agree for this but now he did… I am not breaking my promise, I am just making a request to you, let me go to my Arnav”

“No! Do you think I helped you because I wanted the village people to stop killing the girls? That’s none of my business… I just did this because you promised me Arnav… now he is mine and dare you tell him anything, I swear I won’t spare you” She said as she walked away angrily.

Arnav hid himself somewhere so that she couldn’t see him while leaving…

All this was shocking for him, just more than shocking.

“Oh God Khushi… why did you do this damn it… why did you have to make such a promise to that Aarti who deserves nothing…”

After Aarti left, he slowly headed back to the window and found Khushi hugging her pillow and crying her heart out.

“Khushi” he called her

Khushi looked directly at the window in surprise… she surely dint expect him to be here.

“Arnav! What are you doing here?”

“I am here to talk to you”

“Go away please, I don’t need to talk to anyone… just leave me alone”

“Khushi its either you come outside or I come inside… trust me, right now nothing can stop me from talking to you… and I mean it… nothing at all”

“Okay fine, wait I am coming” she said as she wiped her tears and walked outside.

“What is it?” She asked

“Why were you crying?”

“That’s not the topic… tell me why you are here”

“I was here to talk to you thinking that I would try as much as I can to convince you and your parents so that we both can get married and live happily…

I thought I will give one last chance to our love story Khushi but when I came here I got to know that my own Khushi is hiding things from me…

Are you the same Khushi who used to rush to me just to tell me about every small thing? Then how could you hide such a big thing to me Khushi?”

“What are you talking about Arnav? What did I hide from you?”

“Stop pretending.. you know it well”

“NO I don’t”

“Fine, if you want to know it from me then let me inform you that just a while ago I overheard the conversation between you and Aarti…

Khushi get this okay, I can’t see you begging for what’s yours… Arnav was yours and he would never be anyone else’s so you better stop begging in front of her…

I don’t know what promise you made to her but I am sorry, I won’t help you fulfil that promise…”

“Arnav I…”

“There is no need to say anything… how could you Khushi…

Dint you think about me even for once? How would I live without you damn it”

“I am sorry Arnav… I know I was wrong… I thought Aarti was a nice girl but I found out she wasn’t…”

She hugged him tightly as she cried into his arms while Arnav held her tight.

“Don’t worry… its payback time now… she would face the fire” Arnav said angrily.

Jun 13, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 42 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

Khushi was sited in her room wondering what would happen.

Arnav had left angrily from there, she dint know how he would handle Aarti.

She walked from here to there worriedly when her phone rang all over a sudden.

“Hello” She said receiving the call.

“Khushi, it’s me Nisha”

“Yes Aunty” She replied in surprise… it obviously was a surprise that Nisha called her, why would she at the first place?

“Arnav finally managed to convince me to accept you and I am glad he did convince me, I realized I can’t get a better daughter in law than you”


“I wanted to meet you and talk to you about something, can you meet me if you are free?”


“Ok then, I’ll text you the address be there in half an hour”

Khushi disconnected the call wondering how things changed all over a sudden, but whatever it was, she was happy that even Nisha was now ready to accept her.. Maybe she did change.

She received the text with the address and within no time she headed to the place where Nisha had told her to meet her.

As she arrived there, she found Nisha waiting for her there in the garden which to her surprise was empty.

“Hello Aunty” She said as she walked towards her.

“Khushi… so finally you are here” Nisha said with a smile on her face

“Why did you call me here?”

“I have a surprise for you” She said with a smirk and within no time, Aarti and her mother appeared from nowhere that’s when Khushi realized that she shouldn’t have just trusted Nisha, she should have been careful.

“Surprised to see me here?” Aarti asked

“Why are you all here? Why did you call me here?” Khushi asked almost feeling scared

“Khushi I had told you and I am telling for one last time, stay away from Arnav, he is mine… and how dare you tell him about the promise you made to me?

Do you know what he did? He came up to me and told me some nonsense I couldn’t believe…” Aarti said

“Stay away from my son Khushi” Nisha added to it

“Your son? Since when was Arnav your son Mrs. Nisha Raizada? I thought you changed but I was wrong, people like you never change… they never do that’s why you damn exchanged Arnav with your daughter and dint even care whether she stays alive or she dies”

“Wait… how do you know about this?”

“I know everything about you and you know what? You would be surprised to know that your daughter is alive…”

“Where is she? Who is she? My daughter is alive? Really? Tell me Khushi who is she?”

“Just know that she is alive, I dint tell you this so that you actually know that she is alive but I told you this so that you can know you failed in what you tried to do, you failed when you tried to kill her, you failed when you tried to make Arnav your son and you will fail to separate me from Arnav…

Mrs. Nisha Raizada not just our hearts, but even our souls are made for each other, so you and this two ladies with you can try every damn thing but Arnav was of Khushi and he will remain her’s” Khushi said as she angrily walked away.

“Khushi!” Aarti shouted as she pulled out a gun and pointed it towards her.

Khushi turned to look at her and much to Aarti’s surprise, there wasn’t any sign of fear on Khushi’s face.

“Oh so you want to kill me so that Arnav can be yours? How clever of you!” Khushi giggled

“Don’t joke around with me, I can shoot you dead right here”

“Then do that because that would be your lose, let me tell you one thing today Aarti, without Khushi, there is no existence of Arnav so you can kill be but remember Arnav would go with me”

“I don’t care, if he can’t be mine, I won’t let him be yours too” Aarti said as she pulled the trigger and just when she fired the gun, someone got hold of her hands and forced it upwards so that the bullet went in the air.

She turned and to shock her, Arnav was standing right next to her.

“Do you think I am stupid Aarti?” he asked

“What do you mean”

“I obviously knew you won’t keep quite after all that I told you and so I kept an eye on you and wow, what a plan you made… and you Mrs. Nisha Raizada you still say you love me as your son? So is this what mothers do to their son?” Arnav asked

He snatched the gun from Aarti’s hand and walked towards Nisha and pointed the gun on her forehead

“If I wish to, I can shoot you right now but I am not like you, you brought me up and that’s why I still respect you but if you don’t change, I don’t mind sending you to the jail where you’d spend the rest of your life”

When he turned around, he found Aarti holding a knife around Khushi’s neck.

“Aarti get off her, or I’ll shoot you” Arnav said as he pointed the gun towards her.

“NO! Arnav don’t” Khushi said

“You have to marry me or I’ll kill her”

“I’ll never marry you Aarti, get that in your head”

“Then be ready to lose her” She said as she brought the knife much closer to Khushi’s neck almost touching her skin.

“NO!” Khushi almost cried when Arnav just fired the gun and the bullet hit Aarti on her chest.

There was a silence for a few minutes as she fell down, blood running all over and everyone just stared at her in shock.

Jun 13, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 43 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

“Arnav!” Khushi shouted in shock.

Arnav dropped the gun down and fell on his knees almost breaking down.

“I am sorry Khushi… I really am very sorry… I dint want to shoot her… I don’t know how this happened” Arnav said

Khushi rushed to hug him tight as she cried with him while Aarti’s mother stared at Aarti’s body in shock and Nisha just stood there not being able to analyze anything.

Arnav hugged Khushi tight not being able to believe that he actually shot someone…

There was silence for quite a while and then Aarti’s mother screamed at the top of her voice for the loss of her daughter.

“Arnav! I won’t spare you” She said as she rushed to him and started hitting him here and there angrily while Khushi pushed her away.

“I am sorry… I dint mean to… She was hurting Khushi” Arnav said

“So you killed her?”

“Yes I killed her… I told her to stop playing this games… she’s the one who came with the gun… she’s the one who blackmailed to kill Khushi and I had no other option than to shoot her so that I could save Khushi” Arnav shouted

“You’ll have to pay for this… I’ll make sure you get punished for your deeds” Aarti’s mother said as she started shouting and screaming at the top of her voice to gather people.

Within no time there was a crowd of people surrounding them.

Arnav stood up strong knowing it wasn’t time to be weak but time to fight… if he could give his life for Khushi, the he could also kill for her.

Khushi tried all she could to handle the situation but Aarti’s mother seemed to be taking it to another level.

“Look… look at this man… he killed my daughter…” the lady shouted

All the eyes were staring at Arnav… he couldn’t describe how he felt when everyone looked at him as a murderer

“Yes I killed her so what? I killed her in defense of Khushi… don’t forget you are the one who started this game”

“But did she harm her? No! She dint… then who the hell gave you permission to shoot my daughter?”

“My Love for Khushi gave me the permission… I wouldn’t bear anyone trying to harm Khushi and separate her from me… you did everything you could and I was quiet all the while but not anymore… yes I accept that I have killed her and I am not afraid to admit the fact” Arnav replied angrily.

“Arnav… relax please” Khushi said holding him.

“No Khushi… it’s not time to relax… it’s time to speak up and break the silence… Why is it that the whole world turns against two people who love each other? Is loving someone a crime?”

“No it isn’t but people in this village would never understand it”

“Then they have to understand it today… Each and every person standing here right now has to understand it…

Look at me everyone… yes I admit that I love this girl standing next to me, I love her since God knows when but I damn do so much…

I also admit that I killed that girl lying on the floor and maybe whatever I say wouldn’t justify me killing someone but maybe her own mother would be able to justify that her own daughter was so obsessed of me that she decided to harm the girl I love because if I couldn’t be hers, she dint want be to be Khushi’s too.

I am not scared of anything and anyone right at this moment when I am accepting this… now that we lack a police station in this village, I know the decision would be taken by the public… and no I don’t want you to forgive me.. because if loving Khushi is a crime them I would repeat it every minute, every second… if protecting her from such enemies is a crime then I would repeat that too and watch out dumb society go against our love, it has always done that and nothing is new to me.

I am here… standing in front of you… ready to accept any punishment you give me… so bring it on, Arnav Singh Raizada isn’t scared of anyone.”

Nisha rushed towards him and tried to hug him but he pushed her away.

“I am sorry Arnav” She cried

“Sorry for what? For killing my mother? Or for trying to snatch my love from me? Or moreover for trapping her to come here… you know what? I don’t blame anyone but you…

I thought even though you weren’t my real mother, you brought me up so you wouldn’t do this to me… aren’t you the one who lied to Khushi and called her here?

You know what Mrs. Nisha, I will never ever forgive you for this… I better live as an orphan than have a mother like you…

Khushi trusted you thinking that you were her own mother because you were my mother and this is what she gets in return?

This is what I get in return?

I don’t need any help and pity from you now… you can just get lost” Arnav said as he turned away from her and looked at Khushi

He cupped her face and realized her whole body was shivering… she actually was scared of what would happen.

“Relax Khushi… they can punish me in any way they want to but remember, I, Arnav Singh Raizada, will always love you…”

Khushi hugged him as she broke down into tears.

“I want this man to get punished… he killed my daughter… why are you all silent? Give him a punishment” Aarti’s mom said

“He should be stoned to death” one man shouted from the crowd

“Yes, he should be stoned to death for killing someone…” other one said

The whole crown joined within no minutes and they all agreed to the fact that Arnav should be stoned to death.

Arnav turned towards everyone and took a deep sigh… he broke the hug and walked towards them.

“I am ready for it” He said leaving Khushi in complete shock

She fell down on the floor unconscious not being able to believe what she heard just right now.

Jun 17, 2015

being a girl child!!! A divine tale of love... Part 44 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Khushi woke up in her room and wondered how she came here.

Arnav, Shashi, Garima and Payal were sited around her staring at her. A smile curved up on Shashi’s face as she opened her eyes.

“How are you feeling?” he asked

“I’m okay dad”

She looked at Arnav and her eyes welled up… she just hoped that whatever happened was just a bad dream…

“Arnav…” She muttered almost losing her breaths.

“Hey… Relax Khushi… I am fine” Arnav said as he held her into his arms.

“Arnav tell me this was a bad dream please… I can’t afford to lose you Arnav… I love you so much… so damn much” She cried

“I am sorry Khushi… I wish it could be a dream but it isn’t… I am sorry I can’t even promise you a together forever and I am sorry for what I did… I was scared she might harm you so I had no other option”

“Arnav I don’t want to lose you” She cried in his arms.

“You aren’t losing me Khushi… I’ll always be yours be it here or anywhere else”

She broke the hug and turned towards Shashi.

“Dad… isn’t there anything we can do? Please save Arnav from this cruel people”

“I am sorry Khushi… I can’t do anything… it’s the public that has decided this”

“I don’t care… I won’t let that happen… if it’s to die then we’ll die together” Khushi said angrily.

“Shh” Arnav said as he put his hand on her mouth and shut her up.

Khushi just stared at him silently as tears rolled down her eyes… She knew they both had this connection that if anything happens to one of them, the same would happen to the other, but she dint know if it was as true as it seemed to be… or maybe Arnav would just leave her alone here and the connection they shared would be broken.

She just hugged him again and cried in his arms as Shashi walked out of the room followed by Garima.

“What happened?” she asked

“I can’t see Khushi like this… did you see how she was behaving right now? What would happen after Arnav leaves? I wish I could do something to change the decision of the people… I really wish” Shashi said as he almost broke down.


“Khushi look at me” Arnav said as he cupped her face and made her face him.

Khushi looked him into the eyes, she tried her best to control her tears but she couldn’t.

“You have to be strong okay? You have to learn how to live without me… just know I’ll always live in your heart” he said

“No Arnav, I can’t be strong… I can’t live without you… I need you with me like you are right now… I can’t breathe without you… you are necessary for me to stay alive”


Aisa laga mujhe pehli dafa… tanha me hogayi yaara…

Hoon pareshan si main… ab kehne keliye…

Tu zaroori sa hain mujhko… zinda rehne keliye…


He stared at her for a while and her tears weren’t just stopping… he felt so helpless at this moment…

He just pulled her closer and locked his lips with her leaving her in complete shock.


Dhadke ankho me dil mera… jab kareeb aun main tere…

Dekhu me jab bhi aaina… haan tu hi rubaru rahein mere…

Ishq ki mauj mein aa… aaja behne keliye…

Tu zaroori sa hain mujhko… zinda rehne keliye…


Arnav pulled away after some time and looked at her.

“Khushi I love you, and I can do anything for you… this is such a small thing to do for me when it comes to doing it for you…

You have to promise me you’ll be happy, you won’t cry and you won’t do anything to hurt yourself”

“Okay fine I’ll do that, if you promise to marry me before you get your punishment” Khushi said as she wiped her tears away.

“What? Are you mad Khushi? How can I marry you?”

“Because I love you and you love me too”


Maangu na koi aasman… do sitaaro ka jahaan…

Banja tu mera humsafar… na mujhe chahiye koi mukaam…

Dil hi kaafi hain tera… mere rehne keliye…

Tu zaroori sa hain mujhko… zinda rehne keliye…


“But I won’t be there after some days, then what? I don’t want to spoil your life… you have a whole life in front of you… I am sure your dad would get a good guy for you”

“And how did you even think that I would get married to someone else Arnav?”

“Because I am telling you”

“NO!” Khushi said as she stood up from the bed.

Arnav stared at her in shock… he knew what he was telling her to do wasn’t easy for her but she had to do it to be happy.

“Arnav, I can prefer dying with you that getting married to someone else… why don’t you get this? I love you and that’s it… get this in your mind, I am not getting married to anyone so now you can leave” she said holding the door open for him.

“Khushi give it a thought please”

“I am sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t do that” She replied angrily.

Arnav walked out of the room as Khushi shut the door on his face and jumped on her bed as she hugged the pillow tight and cried her heart out.


Jun 18, 2015

being a girl child!!! A divine tale of love... Part 45 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 63 times)

Three days later…

Devyani and Nisha had tried their best, they did all they could but the villagers weren’t ready to listen to them… why would they save their son when both of them had forced thousands of villagers to kill their daughters before they even came to the world

Khushi hadn’t talked to Arnav since he left from her house, they both hadn’t seen each other for three days… Khushi had been praying all the while for some miracle, something that could save her Arnav.

Even today, just when some few minutes were left for Arnav to be stoned to death, she was busy praying in the temple.

“Khushi” he heard a voice that belonged to an old lady.

She quickly turned around and found an old lady standing right in front of her.


“I know right now you must be wondering if you know me or you don’t.. Let me make it clear, you don’t know me, but I know you very well”

“How do you know me?”

“I have known you since the day of prophecy”

“What kind of prophecy are you talking about?”

“Many years back, there was a prophet who prophesied your existence… when Devyani and Nisha were at their best killing all the girls possible, there was a prophet who came for the help of the poor ladies who had lost their daughters and he prophesied that there will come a girl who would change everything…

There will come a girl who would turn out to be their savior and save them from these cruel ladies and sometime after the prophecy, you took birth…

No one knew who would be the girl, apart from me… The prophet had told me everything about you and your life Khushi…

You were sent on this earth to save people and after your work was done, you were to leave… Everyone knew how cruel Devyani was, so just to save the little you from her, you were given such a connection with her Grandson, I mean Arnav… that if anything happens to him it will happen to you and if anything happens to you, the same will happen to him…

Devyani knew about this when she attempted to kill you by leaving you in the rain and then after that, she never tried to harm you because she knew she would be harming Arnav too… All this was meant for your safety Khushi”

“So you mean to say, if today Arnav will be stoned to death, I’ll die with him?”

“Yes… and Aarti wouldn’t be blamed for that Khushi… you were here to save people and the prophet told me that you won’t live long enough, you will finish your work and leave the world… Aarti was just a way to make the prophecy true…”

“If all this that you are saying is true then why is it that Arnav and I have to die such a painful death? Why can’t we just die normally?”

“Because we all know Devyani hasn’t changed yet… After this she would change.. When she loses Arnav I am sure she would change…

Nisha would realize what it feels when someone loses their own child so she won’t ever support the girl child killing…

Secondly, because you also had to prove love to the villagers… Love isn’t a crime Khushi, and the thoughts of the villagers must change, that’s why all this is meant to be this way…”

“Why was I meant to leave the world this early?”

“So that the people of the world don’t misuse you and your powers… you are strong Khushi… I am here to tell you that whatever that’s happening is for good… you have set a good example to the people while you were alive, now it’s time to set an example while you die… make love eternal in this world that no one would ever go against any lovers…

People should know the love of a girl, they should know the strength of a girl and next time when they would give birth to any girl child, they would find her a burden but happiness..

It’s time to leave Khushi… just know this, you and Arnav were meant to be together in heaven” The lady said

Khushi thanked her for letting her know the truth and then she quickly rushed to the place where the villagers had gathered to kill Arnav… to kill the man she loves…

She knew the villagers had started stoning Arnav when she started feeling pain all over her body, each and every part seemed to be hurting and some of the parts were bleeding too…

She stood a bit further staring at Arnav who had no single expression of pain, instead he was smiling while staring at her, but how could she take it, seeing him being stoned in front of her own eyes.

She ran to protect him and stood in front of him but the villagers seemed not to care, they kept on throwing the stones as if it was some fun game they were playing..

A few came in between and pulled Khushi away as she cried in pain.


Khushi ki saans ki dor bandha woh deewana woh Arnav hai

Woh hosh nahi behosh baawara nahi jaanta woh kyon hai

Behosh use rehne do, ki hosh mein woh aayega

To neend mein uski Khushi ka, woh khwaab tut jayega

Koi patthar se na mare, mere deewane ko, deewane ko



Arnav could take any pain but not the pain of seeing Khushi in tears… he just couldn’t handle that.

He tried his best and pulled of his hands from the rope cutting it into two and rushed to hug her.

“Do anything to me, but don’t you dare touch her!” Arnav roared angrily as some of the villagers ran to get hold of him again.

“Arnav!” Khushi cried in pain.

“No, don’t cry Khushi… it’s not time to cry, it’s time to show this people what love is like… I would leave but I would always be in your heart, we would die, I today, and you someday but remember our love will never die… This stones that are hitting me right now will tell everyone about our love Khushi… everyone knows I killed for you and I would do that over and over again if someone tries to harm you”

Khushi just looked at him in pain, she wasn’t even able to tell him that if he dies, she also would die… she wished she could have got one chance to tell Arnav about the truth she got to know...



Rakhna sambhaal ke yeh patthar, kal ko woh din bhi aayega

Jab patthar honge yeh makaan, inki bhi hogi ek zubaan

Ki dastan-e-Arnav Khushi, shaqs shaqs dohraayega

Patthar ka dher yeh aaj yeh kal ka tajmahal kehlaayega

Nahi mil payega, phir waqt tumhein pachhtaane ko

Koi patthar se na mare, mere deewane ko, deewane ko



Second bye second, minute by minute… time passed and it took away everything.

Arnav stopped breathing on one side…

Khushi fell down on the floor as her breaths stopped too…

Devyani and Nisha stood still there like a statue not being able to move… this was it, Arnav got the punishment of their deeds…

Garima and Shashi rushed towards Khushi thinking she was unconscious only if they knew that she had left the world with Arnav too.

Nisha ran towards Arnav shouting and crying in pain as she hugged him and cried all her heart out.. Somewhere she knew, he had been punished for her mistakes and it was good Khushi dint tell her who her daughter was… this was her punishment, she dint deserve a child because she couldn’t be a good mother.

Within no time, the place was empty… all anyone could hear were cries of the mothers who lost their children…

Both Arnav and Khushi left… but they left a change!


The End!!

Okay :p i promise no ff after this will have a sad ending :D :D

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