Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love

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Apr 14, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)





Khushi Gupta: Female protagonist, daughter to Shashi and Garima, a fun loving cute sweet girl.

Shashi Gupta: The man of the 21st century, he believes in what’s right and not what people think is right.

Garima Gupta: wife to Shashi, the modern lady, she follows the footsteps of her husband.

Payal Gupta: not the real daughter of the Gupta’s, no one knows the secret apart from Shashi and Garima.




Arnav Singh Raizada: a young boy call him a copy of Mr. Shashi Gupta, he does what is right and not what others feel in right. He has a sweet and loving nature, respects women and mostly his mother.

Akul Raizada: Father to Arnav and a partner of Devyani Raizada in all her wrong deeds.

Devyani Raizada: Grandmother to Arnav and mother to Akul, the lady with a dark past, everyone in the town fears her, hates women as if she herself isn’t a woman.

Nisha Raizada: Akul’s wife and Arnav’s mother, a copy of Devyani Raizada.

Arun Raizada: one good person in between the three devils in the house, younger brother to Akul, married to Sheela

Sheela Raizada: a sweet lady with a sweet nature, being treated very badly by the family members, wife to Arun.




She was pushed with all the force as she fell on the floor and ended up getting hurt.

The windows and the doors of the room were shut and the daily routine began.

A loud scream came out of the room as all the other villagers started rejoicing and dancing around.

The door open and Devyani Raizada and a lady walked out with big smiles on their faces.

Behind them was lying a dead body, the woman was breathing indeed but it was better to call her dead, she lost her baby girl, this ruthless lady snatched her child away from her.

“Ramu, take your wife away I am sure the next time she would bore a baby boy and not a burden” Devyani Raizada shouted.

A man in his late thirties ran to the room, he held his wife’s hand and pulled her out, no one in the whole village had even that expression of pity for the woman.

“make sure this doesn’t happen next time otherwise today it was just the baby killed tomorrow you will be killed with it” Ramu shouted at his wife and he locked her in a dark room

Devyani Raizada proudly walked into her big mansion and sat on her king size bed in her room. Once again she proved women to be helpess.

Many women in the village were brought here when they had a baby girl in their womb, not for blessings but to get them killed.

It had now been too much, just too much, all the women who lost their daughters because of such cheap thoughts that a girl is a burden were praying hard today, they wanted a savior to come, the one who could save them from this cruel woman who snatched away their daughters.

The millions of cried weren’t going to go unanswered, the wait was when will God listen to their prayers and send them a savior? The savior who would be a girl, who would prove it to Mrs. Devyani Raizada that girls aren’t a burden nor are they helpless.

The ladies visited the prophets in some other villages asking for help and finally they got their answers.

A prophet prophesied that their shall come their savior, with a few days, she will come and rescue them all, they had to wait until the savior came to rescue them, the ladies returned back to the village with the hope that their savior would come one day and finally the prophet’s prophecy became true, the day finally came when the little Angel who was going to save them all came on earth.

Hello people, i am here with a new story and somehow a different plot... leave your comments

Apr 15, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 64 times)

Two years after the day of the prophecy, the day finally came and as the prophets said an Angel came on earth.

That night, it rained heavily, let’s not call it the rain it was a cry, it rained every night when a girl was killed inside the womb of any woman.

The cheap thought that a daughter is a burden had influenced everyone's mind, in this 21st century as the technologies and everything else improved, only one thing did not improve, that was the thought that a girl would always bring troubles for her parents.

Many babies were killed tonight, but where there is evil there is also good, a little girl was born in the Gupta Family, this family was one of a kind, the head Mr. Shashi Gupta and his wife Mrs. Garima Gupta were well known in the society, they were being hated by many people just because they had different thoughts about the girl child, for them be it a girl or a boy it did not matter, they were happy with what God granted them.

On the other side there was a feast held in the Raizada house, the one and only son of Mr. Akul Raizada and Mrs. Nisha Raizada had turned two years old today.

Arnav Singh Raizada, as the little boy was named, he was the reason for everyone's happiness, he was the prince after all.

Mrs. Devyani Raizada, the mother to Akul and grandmother to Arnav was the happiest person on earth because her daughter in law had given birth to a male child.

Devyani was one of those person with the cheap thoughts, she could have killed Nisha if she had given birth to a girl, well she had done this once, she had committed lots of sins but till today they all were hidden.

Coming to Nisha, she was none less that her mother-in-law, maybe that’s why she was the daughter in law of the Raizada family.

The feast was going on well in the mansion until the little boy started crying, his mother carried him in his arms trying to make him silent, she swirled around with him, played with him but there wasn’t anything working, he was continuously crying.

Everyone got worried, the boy was okay just a few seconds ago he was okay then what had happened to him all over a sudden?

As the little Angel was placed in her cot in the baby’s room, the rains stopped all over a sudden, there was a huge lightening as if it was welcoming the Angel and finally the whole room was full of bright light and it seemed to be a day instead of night.

She was the savior after all, her birth on earth wasn’t just a mere coincidence it was a prophecy, it was for a purpose to save the good from evil, to show the right path to the wrong ones and to bring light in the darkness.

There was nothing that could help, the prince of the Raizada’s was crying, there had to be a reason for this, without thinking of anything they rushed him to the hospital.

Yes they lived in a village but with the developing technology there was obviously a hospital in the village too, but only for those who could afford.

They arrived at the hospital, the same hospital where Khushi was born. Arnav was rushed to the doctor as the doctor hurriedly took him for check up. he was still crying nonstop. The doctors tried a lot but there was nothing they could do to stop the little boy from crying, they couldn’t even figure out what the problem was and finally they decided to put him in the baby’s room in the cot and try making him sleep only if it could work.

A nurse carried him in her arms and headed towards the room. as soon as she opened the door of the room, a bright light came out almost making her blind, she put Arnav in the cot besides Khushi and that’s it, he stopped crying.

Was this a miracle or the yearn of two soul mates for meeting each other? They say relations are made in heaven and it seemed like their relation too was made in heaven.

The nurse was shocked, the little boy who was crying continuously just stopped crying as he was put in the baby cot? Maybe that’s where he wanted to be she thought.

She ran to the Raizada’s and informed them about Arnav. They all finally felt relaxed about the boy. Devyani was eager to meet her prince and with that she rushed to the baby’s room. No sooner did she enter in than Khushi started crying now.

She looked at her with bad eyes, it was obvious that she hated her, only because she was a girl. A nurse ran to the room and carried her in her arms as just at that moment Arnav started crying again.

Both Devyani and the nurse looked at each other in shock wondering what was going on. Devyani carried Arnav in her arms crying to calm him down but he did not stop crying.

Both Devyani and the Nurse were standing near and with that Arnav and the little Angel got close, he slowly held her hand and she suddenly stopped crying. He played with her hands and laughed.

There were chuckles in the whole room and Devyani was completely in shock, what was in this little girl who was just one day old that made his grandson laugh like this?

Arnav was holding her hands tightly as if never to let her go.

“take her away” she shouted at the nurse angrily.

The nurse walked away as both Arnav and Khushi’s hands slid away and with that the both began crying again.

This was the beginning of danger for Devyani maybe, or the beginning of a beautiful love story for two soul mates.

Apr 16, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

The baby was taken to Garima's room by the nurse as Garima hugged the little Angel happily. She was happy that her first child was a girl, that's what she had always wanted.


Both Shashi and Garima were happy with the arrival of the angel.


Devyani walked to the car carrying Arnav in her arms. Nisha and Akul followed her and they drove back to the Raizada mansion.


A little girl walked towards Garima and held the baby's cheek.


"Who is she mumma?" she asked softly.


"Payal baby she is your little sister." Garima replied.


"My little sister, wow!" the chubby girl exclaimed happily.


Payal was four year old, everyone knew that Garima and Shashi had adopted her but for them she was none less than a real daughter.


Devyani was walking around in her room burning with anger, she was yet angry on that little girl, she did not know why but she just hated her from the first sight, maybe it was only because she felt some sort of insecurity from the girl.


The whole night was a tensed one for her, she did not want to think about that girl but all the time her thoughts would just end up coming in her mind.


A Week Later


Everyone had gathered in the dining table having their breakfast when a servant came running to them informing Devyani that she had visitors.


Devyani walked to the hall with the rest of the family members, as soon as she stepped in the hall she had some cried. She walked in and found Garima and Shashi sitting there. Garima was holding a little baby in her hand who was continuously crying. Devyani had recognized the girl at that moment as she also realized that the girl started crying when she was somewhere near her.


She really hated that girl and wished only if she could kill her, well that wasn’t tough she might even think of that but the thing to concentrate on now was Arnav who had also started crying up in his room.


Nisha ran to the room and carried him in his arms but he just continued crying. She walked downstairs with Arnav and at that moment he stopped crying.


It was like the little Angel had already signaled Arnav that she was here and thus Arnav needed to be brought down just to meet the baby Angel whom his grandmother hated.


They shared such a cute and magical relation at such a young age, the question was what will happen when they grow up, would they grow up to like each other, would they grow up to feel each other's presence like this? Or was there something else destiny had planned for them?


"Shashi is she your daughter?" Devyani asked settling herself on the sofa.


"Yes Ma'am, it's all God's mercy that we got this little Angel in our home." Shashi replied happily


Devyani was one of the most respected woman in the village and whenever there was a child born anywhere at once that child had to be brought here to take blessings of the 'great lady'.


Khushi was also brought here with the same purpose, Shashi and Garima were unknown to the fact that Devyani hated the girl child and thus she would only end up giving her a curse instead of a blessing.


They all were busy in their talks when all over a sudden a lady entered in breaking everything on her way. Her hair was all messy and she seemed like she hadn’t taken bath for years.


"who the hell let her in?" shouted Devyani.


The lady was none other than a victim of Devyani's bad deeds, people said after losing her baby she lost her mental balance.


She looked at Devyani and laughed out loud.


"That girl, yes that one whom you are going to bless will be the reason for your destruction, mark my words, she is an Angel sent from heave by God to save us and the poor villagers from your bad deeds" the lady pointed towards the little angel who was in Garima's arms.


The security guards arrived there and pulled the lady outside as she continued laughing.


There was obviously a certain fear that had developed into Devyani's mind but she pretended to be calm.


Garima handed the baby to Devyani as she unwillingly took her into her arms.


She looked at her with bad eyes as the baby got hold of the chain Devyani was wearing on her neck. After giving her the blessings she returned the baby back to Garima when she pulled the chain, Devyani tried pulling it out of her hand but it seemed like really a tough job.


After lots of tried the baby finally left the chain giggling to herself which made Devyani feel irritated.


She sat back on the sofa as Garima put the baby on the other sofa there.


Arnav had also stopped crying and he was making such actions that clearly showed his mom that he wanted to get out of her arms. Nisha placed him down as he slowly crawled towards the sofa on where Khushi was put.


He sat there playing with her again, holding her hands and making some cute faces which made the little Angel giggle happily.


Devyani's eyes were on this two kids and she wasn’t just able to understand why they were being so close to each other.


Shashi and Garima decided to leave as they carried Khushi but Arnav who was holding Khushi's hand refused to let her go while nodding a no.


Garima: baby look we have to go please leave her hand you can play next time with her.


Arnav continuously nodded a no and finally it was just too much for Devyani to see.


"Nisha what are you doing, take him away" she said in a harsh tone.


Nisha carried Arnav in her arms letting both Arnav and the Angel's hand slid away from each other.


Devyani was in her room yet tensed about that lady who had warned her about the little girl, she wondered how could this little girl who was helpless do any harm to her but well she might the way she had held her chain today? It wasn’t good to risk and she had to get rid of that girl as soon as possible.


She walked around in deep thoughts and finally a huge smile drew up on her face.

Apr 18, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

Devyani picked her phone and dialed someone's number.


She talked to the person and disconnected the call.


"Good bye little girl" she smiled.


She had that evil smile on her face which signaled some kind of danger for the little baby girl.


Everything became more suspicious when Arnav started crying badly. Devyani and Akul rushed to Arnav's room, the boy was crying continuously.


Nisha was trying her best to make him quiet, she sang songs, she swirled him around but he kept on crying more and more, no one knew what was wrong.


The clouds darkened signaling there was going to be a heavy rain. Garima and Shashi were seep asleep in their house unknown to the danger that was heading towards their little daughter.


It started raining heavily as everyone drove into deep sleep covering themselves with heavy blankets.


The little girl was happily playing in her cot when someone carried her.


As the lightning flashed, a man's face could be seen, he was smiling, obviously that evil smile.


"Good bye girl, it was your last day on earth" he whispered as he carried her in his arms and took her outside the house.


The rain was heavy and there was no way he could go out of there, he decided to leave the girl in the rain, she would obviously die there too.


He left her there and went away.


Arnav was still crying and now his cries were becoming louder and louder making everyone tensed.


The little Angel was being rained on while there was no one who had any idea of it, the man had silently entered in through an open window and no one got to know about him taking the baby away.


It was now too much, the Raizada's could see their son crying like that, they had to rush him to the hospital as soon as possible.


Nisha carried him in her arms and the three rushed towards their car then drove to the hospital.


The little girl had lost her consciousness now, her life was completely in danger, she would stop breathing anytime.


The Raizada's arrived at the hospital, Arnav had fallen asleep by now, e had stopped crying, they took him to the doctor for check up hoping to know what was wrong.


A huge thunderstorm woke Garima up, she looked towards the cot to get the biggest shock, her baby girl wasn’t in the cot!


She quickly woke Shashi up and looked around for the baby. Garima was in tears wondering where her baby would be, who might have taken her.


They walked out of the house looking for her and there they found her. All drenched in the rain.


Garima rushed towards her and held her in her arms tightly.


"Let’s rush her to the hospital right now, i don’t want to lose my baby, God can’t be unjust with me!" she cried.


Shashi got out the car and the hurriedly drove to the hospital.


Arnav was admitted by the doctors as they started the treatment.


Garima and Shashi arrived at the hospital and quickly rushed her to the doctor. She was taken to the ward by the nurse as one of the doctors followed her for the treatment.


The doctor walked out of the room Arnav was admitted in while the Raizada's flooded him with questions.


"how is he??" asked nisha


"what happened to him, will he be fine?" asked Devyani.


"Did he get drenched in the rain or did he play with water??"


"No, he never touched water, and how could he get drenched in the rain, he was with me the whole day." Nisha replied.


"how is that possible, after checking him up all we could notice is that he had water in his lungs and that can only happen when he gets drenched with a lot of water, he is breathing right now but we can’t say further, we don’t know if we will be able to save him or not." the doctor replied as he walked away.


The other doctor walked out of the room the little girl was admitted in. He walked towards Garima and Shashi who were not even in the state to ask if their daughter was well or not.


"I am sorry but her whole body if full of water, it seems like she was in the rain for a long time, we are trying our best but we can only try, ninety percent surety is that we might lose her but there is still ten percent of hope, you might never know a miracle can happen, don’t lose hope." the doctor said.


"Please save my daughter doctor please" Shashi pleaded.


"it's all upon God, we will try our best the rest is up to him"


the doctor left as Shashi and Garima broke into tears

Apr 18, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

The next twenty four hours after the incident were full of prayers from both the families. The Gupta’s were praying for the safety of the little Angel while the Raizada’s were praying for the safety of Arnav, but who had an idea about the real fact which was Arnav would be alive only if the little Angel would survive.

The doctors were busy trying their best to save both the kids, only if they knew, they should just save one of them and the other one would be perfectly alright.

Devyani was really tensed, she did not want to lose her grandson not at any cost, it was after so many prayers that she finally got a grandson and nothing would snatch him away from her, she would do anything to save him, anything.

She was walking around when she received a call. She walked to a corner and received the call.

Devyani: is the work done?

Man: yes ma’am, I left her to drench in the rain and die.

Devyani: great job, you will get your money soon.

With that she disconnected the call. Before she could smile on the death of the little girl, she remembered the doctor’s words.

“It seems like he got drenched”

“there is a lot of water in his body”

She was in thoughts, deep thoughts, Arnav was with them n the house, he was pretty well but the when he was brought to the hospital that too in a car, where not even a droplet of water would touch him, the doctors ended up saying that he was drenched.

She remembers what the man just told her, he left the little girl in the rain to get drenched and die.

There was surely a connection between this, something she was missing out on, what was it? Why was it that on the same day when the little girl was left to drench in the rain is when his son gets this sick with the same problem? Why was she born on Arnav’s birthday, and why did Arnav cry that much that day that he had to be taken to hospital and coincidentally the same hospital where the girl had taken birth. Why did he keep quiet when he was taken in the room where the girl was? So many questions but answer to none, what was exactly going on.

She continued roaming around the hospital corridors tensed about all this. She was sure this wasn’t any coincidence, there was something, some relation this both kids shared but what? And they were too young to know anything, was this any kind of miracle, any kind of those rebirth stories, she did not have any idea, all she wanted to know was, what exactly was it?

She walked and walked not knowing where she was heading to and then suddenly a bang! She hit a lady.

She turned her head up just to utter some bad words to her but then she kept quiet as she saw who it was.

“Garima! What are you doing here?” She asked hoping to get answers to all her question and the next thing was definitely the answer.

Garima explained everything to Devyani and by this, Devyani was damn sure of one thing, whoever this girl was, she did share some special relation with Arnav.

She yet did not have all the answers but by now she had one answer on how to save her grandson, that was only by saving this little girl, yes her grandson’s life was somewhere connected to this little girl’s life and if she had to save her grandson she could only do it by saving this girl, she did not want to do this, in fact she had wanted to kill the girl but at the moments she had to do this for her grandson.

“Don’t worry Garima, the doctors are here I am sure they will try their best, I know what to do, this doctors will have to save your daughter at any cost.” Devyani said.

Both Shashi and Garima looked at her in shock, the woman who rejoiced when a girl was killed, she herself was talking about the betterment of their daughter? Was this a miracle or an illusion? How could she change to be so good? Well it obviously was an illusion, she had her selfishness, the selfishness of saving her grandson which made her think of the betterment of this little girl whom she tried killing.

Devyani quickly rushed to the room where Arnav was admitted, she entered in as the doctors looked at her wondering what the hell she was doing in there.

“Ma’am please get out” one of the nurses walked towards her.

“I am not going anywhere, in fact all of you need to get out” she shouted

Both Akul and Nisha looked at her wondering what she was up to, Nisha was scared, did she want to kill her son or what?

“Excuse me ma’am?” a doctor asked.

“there is a patient,  a little girl in that room, she got drenched in rain and she is being treated there, you all doctors need to gather up there and do anything to save her”

“Are you out of your mind? There are some doctors looking after that patient we need to treat this patient.” Shouted a doctor.

“No, you need to treat that patient, he is my grandson and I will decide what’s for him, all of you get out of the room, I don’t want my grandson to get treated here.” Devyani shouted angrily.

Everyone was confused, no one had an idea on why Devyani was behaving such awkwardly today.

“Mom what’s up with you, do you what Arnav to die?” Asked Akul.

“Shut up Akul and let me do what I am doing”

Akul couldn’t say anything more, not even when his son was at the stake of dying.

Nisha was crying by now, she knew Devyani hated girls but why the hell on earth was she up to killing her son? For what reason was she saving a girl and killing her own grandson?

She carried Arnav in her arms and walked away with him, he doctors were helpless there was nothing they could do about this, well what if they couldn’t do anything about Arnav, there was one more patient who needed treatment and they would do anything to save her.

They all walked to the room where the little girl was admitted in, there were other doctors who were doing the treatment but the this doctors joined them too, they say the power of two is better than one, let’s see if they all could sum up and save the little girl or would she just pass away taking Arnav with her too.

The prophets had said that an Angel would come but why dint the say for how long would she live?

For the first time ever in history, Mrs. Devyani Singh Raizada was praying for a girl to be safe, doesn’t it just sound ironical, a woman who had killed God knows how many girls inside the womb of their mothers was today praying for this little girl to be alive, it was a miracle indeed, the girl was surely an angel as the prophets had prophesied.

Tick tick…

Tick tick…

The time moved on.

Everyone was becoming restless.

Akul and Nisha had no idea why Devyani was doing this, as the time moved on Akul started losing his patience, their son was lying on their lap half dead and there was nothing they could do about it, had he become so helpless.

He finally decided to break the rule, to break all the silence and ask for a reason to why his son wasn’t allowed to get treatment.

“Enough of this drama mom, I can’t see my son dying like this, give him to me I’ll take him to the doctors, they will treat him.” Akul said.

“Shut up Akul and since when did you start asking questions to me? Trust me what I am doing is right?”

“Is this right? killing your own grandson?”

“I am not killing him, I am giving him life”

“Enough, I am fed up, I want my son to get treated right now”

“Shut up Akul, not a word after this, just wait I am sure what I am doing is right, she is the only one who can save Arnav”

“She? Who are you talking about?”

“Garima’s daughter”

“What? That girl who was born a few days ago? What can she do?”

“Akul relax, trust me Arnav will be fine”

Akul unwillingly kept quiet.

The time had finally come, for the sad news, Arnav had started breathing heavily, as if he was soon going to leave this world forever, the doctors walked out of the room with sad faces. Everything was clear for Shashi and Garima by now, they were only waiting for the bitter truth to get transformed to words so that they could cry, they could cry their hearts out and weep badly.

Apr 21, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Only if anyone could understand what a divine love is.

Arnav opened his eyes while he was smiling.

Devyani looked at him happily, both Akul and Nisha weren’t able to believe that Arnav was perfectly alright, they had just seen him almost dead, this was nothing more than just a miracle.

Garima’s heartbeats had almost stopped. Seeing the sad faces of the doctors for a second she thought she had lost her most beloved daughter.

“We can’t believe this, this is something impossible, I mean the little girl had almost stopped breathing and call it a miracle, God saved her, we are pleased to tell you that she is perfectly alright.”

Garima was jumping up and down in happiness, her daughter was fine, she thanked God a million times.

Devyani who was standing a bit further with Akul was staring Garima and Shashi badly. She had now full trust that no matter what anyone says, Arnav and that little girl did share some bond, some strong bond.

They walked to the car and drove back home as Garima rushed inside the room and held her daughter in her arms happily.

God did listen to her prayers, but it wasn’t only her prayers that saved the little girl, there were so many other prayers that no one had an idea about, the prayers of all those women who wanted an angel, a savior, God did send her but then how could he snatch her away from them before she saved them, then how could she be a savior?

Arnav was chuckling happily, for Akul, Nisha, and Devyani it was only because he got well, only if they understood that it was because the little girl was well.

Both the families returned to their respective homes after the dreadful night that would have almost snatched their children away.

Shashi opened the door of the house as they both walked in.

“We need to name our baby” Garima said as she settled herself on the sofa.

“You are right, it’s been so many days and we haven’t even given her a good name” Shashi replied.

“So we need to do that, call a priest today and we get her named”

“But the preparations?”

“No, I don’t want a huge ceremony, someone has already bad eyed our daughter, I don’t want to take any risks, just the call priest and we will do the naming ceremony in our house, only four of us.” Garima replied.

“Where is Payal?”

“She must be sleeping, you go and talk to the priest I’ll wake her up and make all the preparations”

Shashi nodded and walked away.

Garima woke Payal up and she started preparing for everything.

Within some time, Shashi arrived back with the priest.

Garima welcomed him in and gave him a place to sit.

“We want to name our daughter, and we would be obliged if you do it for us.” Garima stated.

“Sure dear, bring your daughter here, and I hope you have made all the preparations”

“Yes, I have everything ready” she headed towards and walked back with Khushi in her arms.

She handed her to the priest, and then walked back to bring a dish with some vermillion in it and a black thread.

The priest looked at the little girl, he was just continuously staring at her.

“What happened? Is there any problem?” Garima asked.

“She is a divine child, I have never seen such a child ever before, she is born on earth to give happiness to everyone and to take away all their pains and thus we will name her Khushi, which means happiness” The priest declared.

“Khushi…” Garima smiled

“Wow so my little Angel is a pot of happiness” Shashi said happily.

The priest tied the black thread on her neck to save her from evil eye and then put a dot of the red vermillion on her forehead and the little girl, recently named Khushi chuckled happily.

“As I said, this little glass is very divine and just as I named her she will give happiness to everyone, I will give you a bit detail of how her future might be, she will have extremes in her fortunes, health and spiritually.

She will use her leadership abilities for humanity and not self-glorification.

She will have to face problems but at the same time she will be creative enough to use her mind and find the solutions to them.

She will be dependable and very down to earth, well grounded and she would always be either looking for or doing some meaningful work.

At a times she might appear to be very practical and overly critical to others, but that practical approach of hers towards life and productivity will make her one of the most beneficent member of the community.

She is indeed a pure child of God, may God bless her and give her the strength to fulfill the wishes of people” the priest concluded.

Both Garima and Shashi were delighted to know the bright future of their little girl, their Khushi.

“Thank you for coming here and naming our daughter, we are really blessed.” Shashi said.

They gave some gifts and offerings to the priest and he left after that.

Raizada Mansion.

Arnav was lying on his little baby bed when Nisha walked in with some porridge to feed him.

She fed him and he ate it all happily without throwing tantrums at all. She looked at him wondering why was he so good today?

She finished feeding him and sat there playing with him.

“How is my Arnav baby, feeling good? What had happened to you all over a sudden Arnav?” she said as her face turned sad.

Arnav put his hand on her cheek and tried saying Mamma, Nisha could notice that by the way he was moving his moth only if he could pronounce it.

“Oh so Arnav will call me Mamma, come on say Mamma Arnav, say it”

“Arnav moved his mouth in different direction and finally he pronounced one work.


Nisha looked at him in shock, her name wasn’t Khushi then why was he calling her by that name or did he knew anyone with that name? But this was something weird, all the kids take their mom’s name when they first start speaking then why was Arnav taking a random name like Khushi?

Apr 22, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 58 times)

“Arnav not Khushi, say mama or say Nisha, come on say it” Nisha tried once more to check if she was mistaken.

“Kh.. Khushi” Arnav chuckled.

He was smiling happily and clapping pronouncing the same thing again and again.

Just as the way a priest keeps on reciting God’s name, he was reciting Khushi’s name, well she really deserved to be named Khushi, we could see this in the way Arnav was happy.

There was happiness all over the Gupta house, after all the little girl had been named today.

If the Raizada’s could hold a feast for their grandson then why couldn’t the Gupta’s hold one for their beloved daughter?

So that was planned up next, the grand feast, invites were sent to many people and to Mrs. Devyani Raizada and her family also.

It was another golden chance for our young Romeo to meet his Juliet.

Devyani Raizada being known so well in between the people of the community had to attend all the community functions as she was the leader.

The preparations were going on well in the Gupta house while Devyani was busy roaming around the huge mansion.

She had to do something about this girl, but what? She didn’t like her at all, every time she thought about her she would just end up burning in anger.

She really wish she could do something but then what? Everything she would do would definitely hurt the girl but would also hurt her grandson which she did not want, she had to think of something else, there was surely some divine bond between Arnav and Khushi which she had to break and then she would be successful on her plans, but how? What would she do?

She roamed around



And more tensed.

The Gupta house was decorated perfectly, there lightings, music, flowers and lot more. They say when a girl is born in someone’s house, she brings good fortune for the whole family, this was indeed something right, Khushi came to this house and with her she brought happiness, and good fortune for the Gupta family.

It was celebrations time, Garima dressed Khushi in a cute baby pink frock.

She looked such a cute Angel, anyone would want to take her in their arms and play with her as she chuckled in happiness.

The guests started arriving as Shashi welcomed them all.

Garima was busy in the kitchen making sure everything was okay.

Little Khushi was in her beautiful baby cot chuckling happily, not because there was a feast for her but because Arnav would be here for the feast.

Isn’t it just beautiful to see two soul mates getting closer at such a tender age? They were completely behaving like mature, at this young age they knew what love was, what the feelings they had for each other, everything was just a simple miracle.

The chuckles by Khushi became louder and louder by just the feeling that Arnav was somewhere near her.

The Raizada’s arrived at the Gupta house, Devyani was feeling disgusted by seeing how huge the feast really was. She wasn’t able to digest the fact that how can someone be this happy just for the arrival of a daughter? Maybe if it was a baby boy then she could have understood but this was simply stupidity for her.

“Welcome Mrs. Raizada, welcome Akul, welcome Nisha” Shashi welcomed them in.

The three gave a smile and walked in.

Arnav who was in his mother’s arms was looking all around, obviously not seeing the decoration but spotting out his Angel, if he could just get a chance to see her.

“Mama…” he said

Nisha was overloaded by happiness, she had tried a lot to convince Arnav to call him Mama once but he was adamant and was only taking one name, then he called her mama all over a sudden, that was just the biggest happiness for her

“You called me mama Arnav? come on call me once more, say mama once more”

“Mama… Khushi”

And again Nisha was disappointed, he just called her mama to ask for Khushi, but who the hell was this Khushi for whom Arnav was concerned this much?

“If I get that Khushi of yours I would seriously kill her” Nisha said angrily

Arnav started crying on the spot and she looked at him like what the…

Garima walked with the baby girl in her arms and Arnav stopped crying. Nisha looked at him in shock, this kid was unpredictable, at one moment he was crying and at the other moment he was quiet, what was exactly happening?

There was a huge gathering in the Gupta house, don’t wonder how people could have adjusted in it, it’s just called a house but in the true sense it’s bigger than a mansion.

Garima walked to each group and greeted everyone, introducing the little girl to them and telling them the girls name.

Khushi was resting calmly in everyone’s hand, obviously ladies would want to play with her and so many of them took her in their arms too but unlike the kids who cry she wasn’t, why should she, it was a happy day for her.

Garima finally walked towards the Raizada’s who were staring at her from far away.

“Hello” She greeted them all.

“hello” Devyani greeted back unwillingly.

“She looks pretty in the pink frock” Nisha said

“Really? Thank you” replied Garima

By the time the elders were talking, how could the little ones be quiet, Arnav was already playing with Khushi’s hands and having their own talks in their baby language.

“I hope you are okay here, if you need anything just let me know” said Garima

“Yeah we are perfectly okay” Replied Nisha

Devyani was just staring at her continuously like she wanted to kill her.

Garima was just walking away when Devyani stopped her.

“By the way you did not even tell us in what happiness have you organized the feast” she asked

“Oh sorry it completely got out of my mind, we have named our daughter and in the happiness of our baby girl’s birth too”

“Really? What did you name her?” Nisha asked

“Khushi… we named her Khushi”

That was it, Nisha was left with her eyes wide open, she tried clearing her ears making sure she heard the right thing.

So her son was taking this girl’s name continuously? But why? They are kids and they don’t even know each other.

Garima smiled and walked away.

Nisha was boiling in anger by now, how could his son take her name, who was she, was she more important than her? Whatever it was, Nisha being an evil lady wasn’t going to let this little girl come in between her and her son.

She raged out of the house angrily and sat in the garden thinking on what to do.

Arnav who was in her arms started crying again.

“Shut up, just shut up, I know you want to be taken inside there but today no matter how much you cry I won’t take you in there, oh well that reminds me, all the times when you have cried, you have been taken to a place where she is always there, first the hospital then when they came home I took you to the hall, and now here, how couldn’t I understand this simple thing?”

She looked at Arnav angrily who in returned kept on crying.

“Shut up Arnav otherwise I will kill you and that Khushi too” she shouted angrily.

Well no mother can kill her own child but she just said all this in anger, just at the mention of killing Khushi Arnav became quiet, maybe he knew, he wasn’t grown up enough to save her.

Apr 23, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

"I will kill that Khushi, how dare she? How dare she take control of my son?" Nisha shouted in anger.


Akul walked outside the Gupta house while looking for Nisha, he spotted her standing there and headed towards her


"What are you doing here? Mom was looking for you" asked Akul


"Akul did you notice something wrong with Arnav lately?"


"wrong? No, i mean yeah he has been getting sick and crying a lot but apart from that, nothing else"


"Akul you know what's strange? When all kids learn talking they first take their dad or mom's name, but the weird thing is, Arnav took Khushi's name" Nisha said.


"What? You are kidding me right?"


"i am not"


Nisha explained everything to Akul and even Akul was left in shock, why was their son so much attached to this girl who was just born recently?


And the thing that was more confusing was, how do this little kids even understand all this? It's just something completely impossible.


"I wont spare that girl, she thinks she can snatch away my Arnav from me, but before that i will snatch her life from her" Nisha shouted


she was unknown to the fact that Devyani knew about, she did not know that if she harms the little girl then her son would also get hurt.


"You are just confused, it might be just like that Nisha, relax and dont think of such stupidity" Akul said.


"it's not stupidity, i will kill anyone who tried snatching my son away from me, for now only because of you i am staying calm but next time i swear i wont spare that girl then i dont care whoever she is, whether she is just born recently or years ago"


"Relax and let's go in"


they both walked inside, the feast was all going on well.


Khushi was lying in the baby cot somewhere in a corner. Arnav was in his mother's arms. He kept on pushing her and giving signals for her to put him down but Nisha wasnt understanding, she finally got bisy in chatting with her friends and she put him down.


Arnav crawled towards the cot where Khushi was lying and sat beside her looking at her.


They both kids looked at each other and smiled playfully, they were chuckling with happiness.


Arnav would put his hand on her cheek and Khushi would get irritated and start crying.


He would then make some funny face and talk in his baby language shutting her up and they both ended up chuckling again.


It was such a beautiful sight, the bond this two kids shared was really a beautiful one.


Garima walked towards Khushi and found her with Arnav.


She carried Khushi in her arms as Arnav started crying.


Nisha heard his cries and rushed to look for him when she found him again near Khushi.


She rushed towards him, took him in her arms and walked away angrily.


"Arnav cant you stay away from that damn girl? Next time i dont want to see you anywhere near her" she said as if the little boy would understand what she said.


After the feast was over all the guests left.


Devyani was busy talking to Shashi when Garima came in between.


"Mr. Singh was looking for you" she told Shashi.


"Sorry Mrs. Devyani, i will be back in a moment" he excused himself and left.


Devyani turned towards Garima and looked angrily at the little girl


"So what have you thought about her future?" she asked.


"Nothing ye, she is just a small kid, let her grow up then go to school, the she will decide her future for herself"


"What? You will send her to school? Are you forgetting she is a girl?"


"why? What's wrong in a girl going to school?" Garima asked.


"it is wrong, what will she do by studying all she has to do is get married and be a house wife then why study?"


"No , she will not be a house wife, we live in the 21st century, many girls do go to jobs even after getting married and i want the same for her"


"Okay, anyway i shall leave good bye" she said in a rude tone.


She turned the other side and whispered to herself.


"seriously some people are going crazy nowadays, a girl is nothing less than a burden"


she walked towards Akul and Nisha and finally the whole family left.


Garima was a little confused on Devyani's behavior, well she knew Devyani did not like girl child's but why was she trying to interfere in her life?


"Mom can i play with her?" Payal pulled Garima's dress.


"Sure baby, come sit here then i give her in your arms"


Payal happily sat down as Garima gave Khushi to her. She kissed on Khushi's forehead and started playing with her.


Garima went away for a while and Payal was busy playing with little Khushi.


She suddenly saw a ****roach heading towards them, she could even stand up as she was holding Khushi in her arms and she couldnt leave her sister there too, she was really scared and had no idea what to do.


She just covered Khushi in her arms keeping her safe as she shouted for help.


"Mom ****roach!! Help" she shouted.


Garima quickly rushed there and threw the ****roach away, she turned towards Payal who had fully covered her sister safely, she was just happy seeing the way Payal cared for Khushi more than herself at this young age.

Apr 24, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

“I must do something about this girl, she is really getting into my nerves” Nisha said as she walked in her room.

“What has that little girl done to you why are you so much like hating her?” Akul asked

“She is trying to snatch away my son from me and I can’t let that happen”

“Nisha she is just born a few days ago, what will she even do?”

“I don’t know, but I fear that she might snatch Arnav away from me and I will never let that happen, I will not let anyone snatch my son from me” she said angrily

Akul had nothing to say, he just walked away.

“If she comes in my way Akul, I will not spare her, like I did not spare your dearest first wife” Nisha said as an evil smile curved up on her face.

Nisha was Akul’s second wife.



Nisha pulled a lady into a dark room and pushed her towards the wall as she hit her head on the wall.

Blood started oozing out of her head as Nisha laughed at her.

“Damini, I will never ever let you take my place in this house” she said

“Please let me go, what have I done to you?” Damini pleaded

“You snatched Akul from me now I am snatching him from you, and you better stay away from Arnav too”

“I won’t, I won’t stay away neither from Arnav nor from Akul, he is my husband”

“You are showing me attitude? Too bad now you seriously would have to pay for this, you aren’t getting out alive from here”

“You will get nothing from getting my curse so please just leave me, let me go”

“Your curse? You will curse me and you think it would make any difference to me?” Nisha laughed

“You know what, this ego, pride and attitude you got will go down one day, it’s my curse to you, you will never have a happy life, neither with Akul nor with Arnav and you know what, when he grows up I promise the first word he would pronounce wouldn’t be your name”

“How dare you?” she slapped her

She got a knife and set to work.

With the help of some men she took Damini to a road, drove a truck over her dead body and declared it an accident

Flashback ends


Akul’s first wife had passed away in an accident, that’s what everyone thought, only because they were unaware of the truth.

No one knew that her death wasn’t any accident, it was a planned murder.

She was killed ruthlessly.

Then thrown in front of a truck

And it was declared an accident.

But as they say, when darkness comes do not fear, just wait until light overcomes.

When we commit bad deeds we have to pay for them, in this same life in this same place, worse than what we could ever think.

Nisha was happy for what she had done, no guilt, no regrets but she was unknown what awaited her in the future.

After she got the flashbacks, she was a bit scared, because as Damini had cursed her that Arnav’s first word wouldn’t be her name, it really did become true, was all this because of Damini’s curse or only a mere coincidence.

There was something else they had discussed that night, something worst, which she never even wished to have a flashback of, something she never wished to remember because somewhere in her heart, she had developed the fear that it might become true.

As Damini had cursed her, she would never be happy, it was true, although she got married to Akul, Akul had always loved his first wife and because of that he wasn’t ever able to give Nisha any kind of happiness.

She just hoped that with time everything could change, her anger on Khushi had calmed down a bit by now after the flashbacks because she thought all this was only because of the curse.

So she had no hard feelings for her anymore, she just waited for time to move on and see what future beheld for her and her family.

Time moves on so fast doesn’t it, With just a blink of an eye, time passed and it had been four years now, four years since the day Khushi was born, since the day a divine tale of love began in this world, since the day the world got filled with love and it became a greenery all over.


The word that automatically brings a smile on anyone’s face,

It happens at any age, doesn’t matter if it’s childhood or old age,

It’s a divinity,

Love is God, love is a blessing,

Love is dedication, love is melodious,

He who is the follower of Gospel of Love,

Is the king of his heart.

He is afraid of neither caste nor religion,

He is afraid of neither a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian,         

Love is our right, love is our life,

We have to conquer the world with love,

Human beings can never understand the will of God,

We have to accept God’s will and wish,

If Love wasn’t there in this world,

This world would have become a desert,

There wouldn’t have been flowers in this world,

Then everything would have been lifeless,

Love is a gift from God,

Which is filled with hundreds of colors,

Let no one break it, Let no one fix it,

Love leaves us all, but no one leaves it,

Love is just not a matter of hearts,

But it’s our life,

Love is the ocean of Nectar,

Tender earth, tender sky,

Every particle says the same thing,

Only the color of love is true.


This was just a trailer, the real love story was going to begin now, like every love story, there were two lovers, some villains and some supporters too.

Apr 25, 2015

Being A Girl Child!!! A Divine Tale Of Love... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Seven years later.


Gupta house.


"Khushi wake up you will be late for school, hurry up" Garima shouted.


Up the stairs, just on the right, the door of the first room opened.


Payal walked inside the room and found her sister sleeping Peacefully in the king sized round bed.


"Khushi wake up please" she shook her.


Khushi stretched her arms lazily and yawned as she slowly opened up her eyes.


"Good Morning sis" She greeted her with a smile


"Good morning" Payal replied.


They both hugged each other then Khushi rushed to take her shower as Payal headed downstairs to help her mother.


Some minutes later Khushi headed downstairs.


"Morning dad!" she hugged her father.


"Morning sweetheart" her dad greeted her back.


"so what are the fresh news for today? What does your newspaper say? Who's business went in loss? Which minister is corrupt?" Khushi asked as she sat in her dad's lap


"Why do you talk about big things Khushi? You are just seven years old do you even know what a business is?" Shashi asked.


"Oh come on dad, Khushi is the best, she knows everything" Khushi replied.


"Come on now take your breakfast then i'l drop you at school" Shashi said.


"As you say dear dad"


They all sat together and had their breakfast.


Khushi and Payal got set for school and Shashi dropped them.


Payal rushed to her class as she was already late while Khushi stood at the gate looking all around.


Some minutes later she saw him heading towards her. Yes it was none other than Arnav, her best friend.


"Good morning Khushi" he greeted her with a smile.


"Good morning" Khushi replied.


"you were waiting for me?" Arnav asked


"Of course you know i dont go to class alone" she replied.


"Okay let's go before the teacher finds us here" Arnav said.


They both held each other's hands and headed to their classroom.


Both their desk's were next to each other so they sat together.


Their class teacher walked in and marked the register.


"Arnav your mother is waiting for you at the gate, you forgot your books at home right? She is here to give them to you, go get them" the teacher said.


"Yes ma'am" he replied.


He held Khushi's hand and they both walked out of the class.


Nisha was waiting for Arnav to come. She saw him walking towards her but what shocked her more was that he wasn’t coming alone, he was with a girl and the worst part was that they both were holding each other's hands.


"Thank you for the books mom" Arnav said as he took the books from her hand.


Nisha was continuously staring at Khushi with bad eyes.


"Arnav go back to class and Khushi stay here i need to talk to you" Nisha said.


"Mom talk to her while i am here, i am not going to class without her" Arnav said.


"Arnav stop being stubborn i wont kidnap her go to class" Nisha shouted.


"Don’t you get it mom? I am not going to class without Khushi!" he shouted back angrily.


"Arnav bad manners dont talk to aunty like that, you go to class i will talk to aunty then come" Khushi said.






Arnav walked towards the class as Khushi stood there looking at Nisha.


Nisha held her arms tightly and looked at her angrily.


"Ouch aunty it's hurting please leave me" She pleaded.


"Stay away from Arnav got that? If i see you anywhere near him next time i won’t spare you, i will kill you" Nisha shouted angrily.


"No dont kill me, dont kill me" Khushi started crying.


Nisha pushed her away and left.


Khushi fell on the floor crying while she repeated her words.


"Dont kill me please dont kill me"


she stood up and headed to her classroom still crying and reciting the same words.


She sat on her bench as Arnav looked at her like what’s wrong.


"Please dont kil me please" Khushi lkept on crying.


All the students were looking at her and laughing but Arnav was tensed.


"What happened Khushi?" he asked her?


"Dont kill me" she replied.


"Khushi who wants to kill you?" he asked.


"Aunty... Aunty sa... Said th.. That if she sees m... Me near y... You next time sh... She will ki... Kill me" Khushi stammered.


Arnav hugged her directly and calmed her down.


"Dont worry Arnav is with you Khushi dont fear okay, no one will kill you" he said.


"Arnav is there no one will kill me" Khushi said happily.


Anyone who could have seen this both would have wondered what was going on between them at such a tender age.


Some would name it stupidity, some would name it friendship and some would name it childishness but it was none of them other than a divinity, it was a rare scene, a rare tale of love, two rare people who understood and supported each other from such a tender age.

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