OS: Arnav Realizes on the day of Holi...

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Feb 26, 2012

OS: Arnav Realizes on the day of Holi... (By Ipkkndfan1) (Thanked: 17 times)


It was the day of holi and the occasion called for a grand celebration. And so, grand it was! The RM was beautifully decorated as usual and preparations were under way. But the atmosphere in the house unfortunately wasn't as festive. Days had passed since that day she got married but it still felt like it happened yesterday. Anjali had begun to soften up just a little bit to Khushi but Naniji and Mamiji remained firm and didn't want anything to do with her.

Khushi woke up that morning, tired from crying all night. Not a day had passed where she didn't cry herself to sleep. She missed her old life. She hated how things were now. She was more alone than she could ever be and the one person who she thought she could rely on , hated her.

Her mind flashed back to that day. "I hate you, Khushi Kumari Gupta. I can't stand you. You disgust me. Get OUT!" he said, his eyes were full of rage.

She pressed her eyes shut praying that this was just a horrible nightmare.

He hated me from the beginning. She thought to herself remembering how much he tortured her when they first met. He always treated her poorly, then why was she still drawn to him? How could she still want to be around him when he's been nothing but mean to her? Why?

These questions kept coming in her mind.

"Khushiji.. The pooja will start in a while, please get ready and come down" Anjali said.

Khushi looked up, dazed ..

"O-okay Anjaliji. I shall be down soon." she managed to reply. And she put away all the disturbing thoughts aside and went to get ready.

As she walked down the stairs, the entire family was downstairs for the pooja. She wore a pretty sari and her hair was down. She looked beautiful as ever, as usual.

Arnav automatically looked up and glanced at her, how could looks be so deceiving he thought. He couldn't take her eyes off her. After what seemed like an eternity , he glanced away.. ashamed that he let Khushi see him staring at her.

The pooja went on well, all Khushi could think about was her family. She remembered how every year she'd celebrate holi with her mother, buaji and Payal.

"Hai re nandkishore!" Buaji would exclaim when Khushi would naughtily put colour all over her face.

She remembered how she and Payal would run around the house playing holi. She remembered how carefree she was then.

She looked at Payal now, her back turned towards Khushi. Payal had still not forgiven Khushi. She barely talked to her now. Khushi sighed.

Meanwhile the celebrations carried on. Lots of people had come to the RM and everyone was having a good time. Khushi stood in the back quietly to herself not knowing what to do. Someone came from behind her and smeared colour all over her face. Shocked, she turned around to see who it was only to find out that it was Shyam!

"Happy Holi Khushiji.." he smirked. "Aap aaj bohot acchi lag rahin hain" he said with an evil grin.

"Aap humse door rahiye" Khushi said , disgusted. She walked away quickly.

Shyam watched her walk away and said to himself, " Khushiji, you will come back to me soon. You can't keep walking away. Soon, you'll be mine" he smirked as he grabbed an entire glass of bhaang and chugged it down.

Arnav sat in his room. He hated holi. It was loud and immature. To him, he just wanted this day to get over. He wanted everything to get over. He heard some footsteps outside his room. He ignored it and went back to his work.

After a while he heard a thud. He continued to do his work.

Hours had passed and it was evening now. Arnav was surprised that Khushi hadn't showed up yet. Thinking to himself that it was good that he finally got some time away from her. Whenever she was around he always seemed to be doing the wrong things. Just then Anjali came to his room looking nervous. "Chote, have you seen Khushiji?" she asked worriedly. "I haven't seen her since the pooja in the morning and I've looked everywhere. Shyamji had some urgent work so he left, I had no one to help me so I was searching for Khushi. Chote, tell me did you see her?" Anjali asked.

"No Di, I thought she was with you?! Relax, she'll be around. You go ahead and inform om Prakash to look for her, I'll come in a minute" he said.

"Okay" she said. As she turned around and walked away Arnav thought , Shyam went for an urgent work? Khushi missing? Did they run away together!? Angered , he was just about to storm out of the room when he received a phone call.

"Arnavvv... " Shyam laughed. "Arnav, Arnav, Arnav looking for something? Or should I say someone? " he grinned.

"WHERE is she?" Arnav managed to say through gritted teeth. "Dont you dare even touch her! I don't care if you both love each other, I will hunt both of you down " he said noticing that Shyam appeared to be drunk.

"Khushi? Loving me? Hahaha another joke. Did I forget to tell you Sale Sahab, that she never loved me? I didn't? Oops! My bad" he grinned.

"What are you saying?" Arnav choked out.

"You see Arnav, you had got to spend an entire month with her , but you treated her so badly, so I thought, why not take her away. You had your chance, now it's my turn. " he said and he cut the phone.

"KHUSHI" Arnav screamed. How could he...? What was Shyam saying? She never loved him? A million Thoughts were racing through his mind, for the first time in his life he was actually scared. He was terrified. How could someone take away HIS Khushi? He wasn't going to let Shyam go...Not this time.

He knew exactly where Shyam would be and he was going to hunt him down and make him pay for this...


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How can I ever get out of this? Khushi thought to herself. When she woke up today morning, she had thought that this day couldn't get any worse until now. Shyam had managed to drag Khushi out of the RM in his own drunken state.

She shouted, protested and fought with everything she had but inside the noise was too loud for anyone to hear her. No one even noticed that purple faced drunk Shyam was dragging her away.

Hai Devi Mayya, raksha karna .. She chanted to herself like a prayer.

She was terrified.

Shyam didn't appear to know what he was doing, he was in a half mental, half drunk state but even so he was strong enough to keep her from escaping.

She closed her eyes hoping that the next time she opened them she would be far away from Shyam... She should have told Arnav about him the day Shyam confronted her in the terrace. But now, it was too late. Moreover Arnav seemed to hate her. She felt alone, she had no one to save her. Her head was hurting, did he hit her? She lost track of what was happening..

Everything started to fade away slowly...

Arnav was devastated.

He felt numb. He couldn't speak, couldn't move, he felt like someone was choking him. He had heard Shyam on the phone, he was drunk. That scared him. He quickly went out of his room and out the door.

He got his car keys and ran as fast as his legs could take him. He didn't know where he'd go, he didn't know what he was going to do , all he knew was that he could do anything to save Khushi right now. Anything.



Khushi wakes up suddenly. She looks around and to her horror, she's sitting inside a car with Shyam. She was terrified. He was driving faster than she could ever imagine. She hated speed. It reminded her of her parents death... Her heart was pounding.

She had contemplated on weather she should just open

the door and just get out, but he was going too fast.. She couldn't do that. She screamed at him. "LET ME GO! How dare you take me away like this? Didn't you understand when I told you the first time to leave me alone?I will NEVER be yours. You hear me? Now STOP this or I shall myself get out of this car. I don't care if I die. I'm not going anywhere with YOU" she said, enraged.

She then realized that he was drunk, the more she screamed the more upset he became.

He wasn't in control at all.He was angry and intoxicated.

She feared for her life.

He was driving like a crazy person..

"What are you doing.. Why are you going towards that car? Have you lost it? STOPP!!!" she screamed...


Arnav gets into his car as fast as he can and drives away. He doesn't know where he's heading, he never thought he could be so ... terrified. He felt the same feeling that he had felt years ago, at his sister's wedding when his mother...

No, he couldn't let himself get controlled by any emotion. He had to find Shyam.. he put all other thoughts away.

As he was driving, he noticed a huge group of people were blocking the main road. He feared the worst..

An accident? No, it couldn't be her. She couldn't get hurt.. Was it her? He knew Shyam was drunk.. Did he get into an accident? He couldn't help but stop his car and get out. He ran towards the accident spot and saw Shyams car..

No, please please not Khushi he thought. Please let Khushi be safe. Please. He pleaded as pushed through the crowd...

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Feb 26, 2012

UPDATE- Chapter 3! (By Ipkkndfan1) (Thanked: 10 times)


(I have a habit of associating songs to posts :P I really recommend listening to the song Jag Soona Soona Lage from Om Shanti Om for some extra drama. :P)

Arnav pushes through the crowd'He sees two vehicles collided against each other badly damaged.

One of the vehicles was Shyams.

At once he knew, he knew something wasn't right. He knew Khushi was hurt. His heart broke. Its all his fault, everything. How could he be so stupid? How could he destroy a beautiful young girl's life like that? Not just any girl, his girl, the girl he loved more that anything, his Khushi. He vowed to himself that he was never ever going to forgive himself for this. He couldn't stand to see one tiny scratch on her hand, what was he going to do now?

Gathering all the strength and courage that he could muster, he looked inside the badly damaged vehicles'.

He found no one.

Lying on the seat was a broken phone. It was Shyams phone. Looking at it he remembered Shyam, how he must have tortured Khushi'. Words couldn't express his anger towards Shyam. To hurt his sister was bad enough but THIS' He would not let Shyam get away with this. He would make sure that Shyam would never ever touch, let alone LOOK at his wife again. Never.

He then asked one of the people standing there where the victims were hospitalized.

He needed to know where she was, He wanted to be near Khushi, at that very moment.

"Miss? Miss?"

She heard a voice.

Where was she? She slowly opened her eyes and immediately squinted through the bright light.

She was in a hospital. She slowly tried to get up. She felt a sharp pain in her arm, looking down she realized that she there was a huge plaster encapsulating her tiny arm. Automatically her hand went upto her forehead, upon which there was another plaster. Confused, she looked at the nurse questioningly.

"Miss, you had just been rushed into the hospital from a car accident. You were very weak and unconscious'. You were lucky though as compared to the other victims ..Your hand was fractured other than that you have got minor bruises. You'll be fine once you take the medicines prescribed to you. You want to call your family members? " she asked.

"F-family?" Khushi stammered, flinching at that word. Who would she call? Who would even care?

"Vaah Khushi! Aaj saabith kar diya tune, aaj tune ek baar phir se saabith kar diya ki TUM humra sada khoon nahi ho!" Buajis words echoed in her head.

"I HATE YOU" Arnav had said.

A tear trailed down her cheek as she said , "N-no one. I want to leave as soon as possible" she said.

"Are you sure? You just had an accident?" questioned the nurse.

She gently nodded.

Slowly she tried getting up, she wanted to leave this place now. She didn't want to be in the same hospital as him.



Arnav rushed through the doors of the hospital. He ran inside. He stopped by a nurse and was about to ask her where he would find her.

"No miss, its really okay...I will find my way home "

That voice.

He felt like his heart would explode, he was beyond relieved to hear that voice. The voice that his heart was so desperate to her.

Turning around her saw her.

He saw his wife.


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Feb 26, 2012

CHAPTER FOUR (By Ipkkndfan1) (Thanked: 25 times)

[Song to Listen to : Nazar Se Nazar Mile - Rahat Ali Khan.[BR]

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He was rooted to the spot. At that moment, he felt like his world had ceased. He couldn't take his gaze off her, he was transfixed. He was glad that she was still living, breathing in his presence. But then he saw all the bandages... The plasters'

He clenched his fists hoping that Shyam was in the worst possible condition. Saying that it pained him to see her like this would be an understatement.

She smiled at the nursed, and was going to head out when she looked up and saw him.

She experienced an array of emotions.

Relief flooded her and engulfed her completely. She was relieved to see him to say the least.

All her worries seemed to have gone far away. She forgot everything, the fights, the forced marriage, the rejection, the sadness, the fear'. Everything that worried her just two minutes ago was replaced by one emotion ' relief.

She was also confused, what was he doing here? How did he find her? What does he know?

He was her husband, she loved him but did he even care about her? Would he have cared if something major happened to her?

She knew the answer to that.

She remembered all the things he said'

" 6 mahine, pata nahin kaise bardaash karunga main. Ek hi kamre mein'. tumhare saath'. jahaan tum saas logi vahin main bhi saas.. Disgusting! "

Those words were like bullets to her. Overcome with grief, her eyes teared up again. She then remembered how much he hated her. How much he didn't want her to be around.. She shut her eyes, trying to control every tear that seemed to flow without her control. She couldn't face him. She didn't want to be hurt again. She was already broken completely' all this while she'd been putting up a brave face in front of him '.she couldn't do that anymore. She saw him walking towards her, she prayed for strength.

Strength to withstand another one of his tantrums.

As he came closer she shut her eyes tightly'.praying.

Just a moment later, she felt his arms around her, embracing her tightly. She was shocked. Of all the reactions, this was not the one that she had expected. She was prepared for everything other than this.

She wanted to fight him, scold him , tell him how much he hurt her but she couldn't. It was so much easier to just give in'

He was her strength, her pillar of support.. and here she was at her weakest.. How could she not give in?

She didn't want to forgive him yet for all the things he had done, but at this point she couldn't fight back.

Sobbing, she hugged him back.

"Khushi" she heard him say. "Khushi don't ever, ever leave me again, ever" he whispered. "I'm sorry, for everything Khushi. I'm so sorry "

Was he crying? She looked up at his face, his eyes were red, his voice was shaking' She had never seen him this vulnerable.

"This is all my fault, Khushi.. I will never ever forgive myself.. What he did to you'."

She gently cupped his face with her hands. "Shh" she cut him off.

"Nothing. Let's not talk about him"

"Y-your hands" he noticed. Gently he lifted her wrist. She saw that he was incredibly hurt by what he saw.

"It's nothing, just a fracture " She brushed it off.

"I-I'm sorry Khushi. If I had known.. I would never do this to you'. "

She cut him off and just hugged him back. How could she not?

"Not now'" she whispered. Mentally shutting away every disturbing thought. She needed him now more than ever. It had been too long since she'd spoken to someone. Too long since she'd spoken to him. All these months .. all the pent up sadness.. desperation'. she wanted to let everything out. She wanted comfort. And that's what she found, with him.

He closed his eyes, mentally cursing himself, he couldn't express in words how sorry he was' All this was his fault'.. He would never forgive himself for this'

He promised to himself that not another tear would stain her cheek because of him.

He wanted to say so many things to her'. He wanted to tell her that he loved her..that he always had'. that she was his world..nothing else meant as much to him.. He wanted to tell her how scared he was today.. How terrified he had been... He wanted to tell her how much he regrets every single thing he had done to her.. that he was sorry.. so so sorry..

But he held onto her tightly'..

He would never let go.

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