You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart

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Apr 2, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 151 times)

Raizada Mansion

Everyone was busy in decorating the house.Lavanya's and Nk's Marriage is going to start in 3 more hours. Anjali was pacing here and there.Nani was telling her to have something and continue..All was very happy.Arnav was welcoming everyone.But there was something which was making everyone sad.It had been 6 months since Khushi had left them.Everyone had accepted and believed it.But Arnav is not ready for it till now.He still believes that she is alive.

(The story is related to serial,when Khushi fell from the cliff.After that no one had seen her.Even the police informed them that no one had escaped after felling from that cliff)

After that incident everyone excepted Arnav to be more rude.But he has changed.Now he believes in god. He trust that Khushi's Devimayya will give her back to him.

A big photo of Khushi was hung on the hall.

But he had allowed no one to put haar on it. 

The bride and groom was made sit on the mandap.The pandit started to chant the mantras. Arnav was silently watching them and smiling.Indeed he was remembering him and Khushi.How their marriage took place. He looked at her photo and at Devimayya idol.

He remembered her saying that "One day you will believe in god.But there is no sure that i will be with you that day"

Arnav in mind:How right you are??But i believes you will be back..You are always inside my heart.

A long tear escaped from his eyes.

He has now become that Arnav whom Khushi had always been dreamt.But no use.Because,She is now not with him.

To be continued..............

Apr 3, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 148 times)

After 3 days

Arnav was standing in his room looking Khushi's photo.The room is filled with his and Khushi's photos.

Arnav:You know something.Today is our First wedding anniversary.Where are you?You remember it,Right? Now why are you smiling?Come on wish me...

There was a silence.

Arnav:I know you can't.Okay.Happy wedding anniversary to us.Now let us cut the cake.

He opened the cover infront of him.

Arnav:Don't look at me like this.It's sugar free.

He cut it.

Arnav:You don't like sugar free right?So i will eat it.

His eyes were filled with tears by then.

Arnav:Atleast come back now.Please atleast fight with me.

Akash called him from down.Even it is there wedding anniversary. Arnav rub his face and went down.

All were decorating the hall.


Arnav:Akash..Yoou stay here.I will clear the interview and come back soon.You enjoy.

He went from there with a smile.All look at him till the door.

Anjali in mind:Hey Bhagwan..Please let him be happy.If Khushiji is alive,Please make her to enter to our life.Once more.

In AR Designs.

Aman was running to ASR's cabin.All employees looked at him in wonder.He enter ASR's cabin even with out knocking.He was heavily panting.

Arnav:What the!!!What happen Aman?Is the interview over?How is the response today?Is anyone eligible?

Aman:A..S..R...I am 

Arnav:What Aman?I am asking you ,Have you selected 4 as our designers?Are they coming to my cabin?

Aman:ASR..Down there I saw...



Both Arnav and Aman turned to the door..

Arnav was the most to shock.He was surprised,shocked and was in an un-explainable state..

To be Continued................... 

Apr 4, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 135 times)

Both Arnav and Aman turned to the door..

Arnav was the most to shock.He was surprised,shocked and was in an un-explainable state..


Yes it was Khushi.She came inside.

Khushi:Sir,My name is Navya. The receptionist told me that the interview will be here.These are my certificates Sir.

She extended a file to Arnav.Arnav was in a shock.What is going on?Arnav looked at the file and then to her.


Navya:Yes Sir.

Aman:You please wait outside.We will announce when will the interview start.

She nodded and went outside.

Aman:ASR..This is the matter.It was Khushi Ma'am,Right?Even i met with her down.I can't understand anything.

After a great Silence.......

Arnav sat back to his chair.Yes it was Khushi.There can be thousand who look alike his Khushi.But that feeling which he uses to undergo it can only happen with his Khushi.Then why did she introduce herself as Navya?She didn't understand me????She is Khushi.

Arnav:It is Khushi.I am 100% sure.You do one thing Aman.Select four members as our designers. Khushi need to be in that four.Collect all the 4's details.And come with Khushi's Details.

Aman:Okay ASR

Arnav with tears:Thank you god...Thank you so much..In our 1's wedding anniversary itself,you heard my prayers.Thank you so much.Khushi was always right.You definitely hears everyone's prayers.

Suddenly something get into his notice.He get up from the chair.

Arnav:Is she living here?What is all this?Then why didn't police get no information about her?

He looked down through the glasses.He saw his Khushi sitting there.He was feeling like hugging her tightly and scolding her for being away from him.

After an hour

Aman:ASR..Here is what you wanted.

Aman extended a sheet to him.Arnav looked at it and smiled.Arnav's phone rang.

Anjali:Chote..What is this?You said you will be back soon.Do you even know what is the time right now?

Arnav smiling:There is a surprise Di..I will be back after sometime.

He ended the call. Anjali wondered what is the surprise.After everyone find that Shyam is a cheap and after their divorce,Arnav always uses to make her happy with some surprises.But today without any reason she is happy.Then he is going to give another surprise?She wondered what will be it?

Arnav:AMAN...Tell everyone that today the office is going to close before the regular time,That is now itself and tell the selected designers that they have to join tomorrow morning sharp 10am .

Aman:Okay ASR.

Aranv:And Aman,You come with me.We have another job together.

Aman nodded.

Arnav kept smiling thinking of something.

To Be Continued..........

Thank you so much for everyone's support..

There is a surprise in next update.

Apr 6, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 121 times)

Arnav and Aman reached the place.

Aman:I think it is the address ASR.

Arnav nodded his head in reply.They two get out of the car and asked a man near to them.

Aman:Bhai Saab,Do you know where is Mr.Varma’s house?

Man:Which Varma?

Arnav:He was a government employee.

Man:Oh..The new residents!!Go straight.After mandir,Take left.Then the 3rd house is his.

Arnav:What do you mean by new residents?

Man:Varmaji and his family has just started to stay here from last two weeks.


They moved to the house.It was a small house.They were about to knock the door.Just then,Arnav stopped on the way.

Aman:What happen ASR?

Arnav:What will we ask them?


Arnav:Ok.We will go back.After visiting someone else we will reach here once more.You can go now Aman.

Aman:But ASR??

Arnav:Go Aman.Or wait I will drop you.

Aman:No ASR.It’s okay.

Aman left from there.Arnav started his car and went to his friend’s house.

Friend:Arnav,What a surprise?Unexpected visit.

Arnav:There is something serious Siddhant.After all it is a job for you.I know you are a private detective.

Siddhant:Come to the point Arnav

Arnav explained him everything regarding him and Khushi,from the beginning.

Siddhant:Hmm..Are you sure that it is Khushi.I mean there can be..

Arnav:Sid,I am sure.But..


Arnav:The certificates is shocking.It is Khushi’s photo.But details are Navya’s.

Sid:Ok,Relax.I will come to your house.Give me one photo of Khushi.Indeed i will be able to see your family.I have never met them.

Arnav:You just came yesterday night from London,Right?Are you feeling tired?

Sid:Come on Arnav..Its okay.Let’s move.Wait 5 minutes.Let me change.

Raizada Mansion:



Arnav:He was my classmate Nani.Sid,I will bring it.

Siddhant nodded.

Nani:You sit beta.

In Navya’s(Khushi) House


Varma:Arey..You came.

Navya:Come on wish me.

Varma:Wish?For what?

Navya:Arey Varmaji..I am selected in the interview.

She was feeling very happy.But this news didn’t seemed to make Varma happy.He was little upset and angry.

Varma:Navya,You are not going for this job.I just allowed you to attend the interview for your happiness.And now that is enough.This is my decision you are not going to work in AR Designs.Not only in AR Designs.You will not work anywhere in Delhi.

Navya was sad and shocked to hear this!!!

Navya:But why??????????

To Be Continued.................

Apr 7, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 115 times)

Navya:But why?

Varma:Just obey what i say.

Navya:I just can’t understand what is the problem?Since the day we have came Delhi,You are keeping me in a cage.What had happened like that?

Varma:Navya beta,there is nothing like that.

Navya:Then why like this?

Varma:I can’t again watch..

He stopped in middle.Navya was waiting for his answer.

Varma:Please beta,Don’t go for the job.

Navya kept looking at her father for a moment and said.

Navya:Papa.. Your daughter will not do something which will make you hurt.if you don’t like me doing that job and going there,then i will not do that job or go there.

Varma smiled at his Navya and hugged her.

Next Day: AR Designs:

Akash:Bhai,A resignation letter had been sent by an employee.

Arnav took it from Akash and was shocked.

Arnav:Akash!!!How can this be happen?

Akash:What happen Bhai?

Arnav:Woh Akash...

Arnav stopped in the middle and said nothing.Akash went from there.

Arnav:How can Khushi do something like this?You can’t do this.I need to meet her.But where will be she now.I can’t meet her at her home.Then where?Yes,She will be there.

Arnav went from the office.

In Mandir:

Navya was about to enter the Mandir.She was visiting the Mandir for the first time since she had came Delhi.She hadn’t told her Papa and Ma that she is going to Mandir.

She looked at the top of the Mandir.She was standing down.She was feeling so strange.

Navya:Why am i feeling like i had came here before also.

So many scenes started to flash infront of her eyes.But nothing was clear.

Navya:From the time i had seen Sir in AR Designs,I am feeling so strange.Who are these people?Nothing is clear.

She held her head in pain.And closed her eyes.


She suddenly turned to the side from which she heard that.A father was calling his liitle daughter.

Navya:Navya,You are too much.But why am i feeling like someone had called me.Offo...But your name is Navya...Stop..Now stop blabbering and walk.She started to go near the temple.

She reached near the idol.She smiled and closed her eyes to pray.

Navya: (In Mind)Hey Devimayya..Please help me..What is happening to me?I am feeling so strange. Please help me to sort out all these.

Suddenly she felt a light breeze blowing to her face.Her heartbeat started to rise faster.She turned back.


To Be Continued...........

Apr 9, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 112 times)


Navya started to feel something.But she avoided it and moved outside the temple.Seeing Khushi he became happy.

Arnav:Khu...(He suddenly corrected)Navya..

Navya looked at Arnav .She just half smiled and stood infront of him.

Arnav:Its good that i see you.You can’t resign from the job withouyt working for atleast 4 months.It is the rule of AR Designs.So i can’t process your resignation letter.

Navya:I am sorry Sir.I can’t work there.


Navya:Sorry Sir.Its personal.

Arnav:Then i am also sorry.You need to pay 25000 to the company.That is the fee for breaking the rule of AR Designs.

Navya looked at him in a shocked expression.

Arnav:I hope you will present yourself in the office tomorrow.

Arnav moved inside the temple saying this much.He smiled to himself.

Arnav: (In Mind)I always need to change to a typical ASR to make you do something Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Next Day:At AR Designs:

Arnav had informed the all office that ,everyone had to behave with Navya as a mere employee.He had not informed anything regarding Navya to his family except Akash.

Navya presented herself in th office next day.She can’t even imagine how she made her father and mother to accept the fact.Arnav was coming inside the office.Seeing him everyone started to wish him.He smiled at Navya,as if he had win.

Navya: (In Mind)He is smiling like he don’t know anything.Yesterday almost blackmailed me.

She turned her face  to the other side in anger.

Days started to move like a train.I mean it had been 2 months since  Navya(Khushi)had been in AR designs.She sometime uses to get some unclear visiuals of someone in her memory.But she uses to get high pain in her head so she uses to brush it off.

One Day:At AR Designs:

Navya was going to Arnav’s cabin.Arnav was not at the cabin.He was at a meeting.Khushi entered the cabin and placed a file at the table.In the process another file fell down.

Navya:Hey Devimayya...

She started to take the papers.In between them a photo was there.She was shocked to see it.She stood up with the photo.It was Arnva’s and a girls photo.The girl look similar to her.Her head started to pain.She started to get blur visuals of so many.When one of the visual got clear.Then she suddenly fell unconscious in the floor.

To Be Continued..............


Apr 10, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 109 times)

Arnav was returning to his cabin from the meeting.He was shocked to see Khushi in the floor.He almost yelled:KHUSHI...

He ran  to her side.He placed her head in his lap and started to call her.Soon he took her to nearby hospital.He informed the thing to Varma and his wife.They too came running to the hospital.

Doctor:Now she is perfectly fine.You can see her now.

Arnav was about to enter the room,but varma overtook him and entered the room.Arnav just followed them without saying anything.

Wife(Saradha):Navya beta...

She hugged Navya.She cupped Navya’s face and said.

Saradha:You are perfectly fine beta.Nothing has happen to  you.

Navya just kept lookinhg at her.Her eyes started to fill up with tears.

Varma: (Swiping her tears)There is no need to cry.

Navya looked at Arnav and was about to say something.


Varma: (Cutting her to Arnav he said)Thank you so much.

Arnav:Its okay.Bye.

He started to go from there.Tears started to flow from Navya’s eyes.


Suddenly Arnav stopped and looked at Navya and said:You can take rest.There is no need to come to office tomorrow.

Arnav soon left form there.Reaching outside the room he almost broke into tears.

Arnav: (In Mind)I am so helpless that I can’t even take care of you.We are now very close.But situations had created miles and miles of distances between us.

Arnav drove to his house.Reaching home,He looked at Khushi’s photo in the hall.Anger started to rise in him like no end.

Arnav: DI.................(He shouted)

Everyone ran nd came to the hall,hearing his yell.

Anjali:What happen chote?

Arnav:WHAT IS THIS???(He pointed to Khushi’s photo)



I did it...........

Arnav turned back.It was his Dadi.

Dadi:I did it.Khushi is dead.So we should do it for her.

Arnav:(Shouted)SHE IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Dadi:Accept the truth and live.Do you have any proof that she is not dead?

Arnav was about to yell,Suddenly


Sid:Arnav,Shyam had met you Dadi.I think Shyam had confused her.So you won’t let neither DADI OR SHYAM knew that Khushi is alive.It will be harmful to her.

Arnav:Yes,You are right.


Arnav angrily tear the haar from the photo and left to his room.

To Be Continued..................

Apr 12, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 101 times)

I am really sorry guys.I won't be able to give lengthy updates.But i will surely try..Thank you all for your kindly supports.This story is very short.It was end soon.

Next day at Navya’s House

Saradha:Bitiya,You sit here.I will prepare and bring soup for you.

Saying this Saradha went from there patting Navya’s head.

Navya: (In Mind)What ia all this?Why are they calling me Navya??I am Khushi....Why did Arnvaji remained quiet?Why are they two loving me so much?And who is this NAVYA???

Khushi started to think deeply about whad happened after she fell from the cliff.


Khushi fell from the cliff.As she fell to a tree,nothing much happened to her.She started to run away from there.Because she wanted to reach near Arnav.But she sensed that some of the goons were searching for her.She started to run away.But one of them hit her head with a hard solid stick.She stopped running and held her head in pain.The goons were about to catch her.Then she saw a hut(house)nearby.So she blowed sand to their eyes and tried to run to that side.But she started to feel everything infront of her blur.Then she heard Arnav calling her aloud.


At that moment she fell into a pit.


That much only she remembers.

Khushi(To Herself): Who saved me?But....They said me that i lost my memory about my past in a car accident.Ma uses to say me that i changed a lot after the accident..I think i should ask Ma about it.

Saradha came with the soup.

Khushi:Ma,You uses to say that i changed a lot after the car accident.What is the change that you meant?

Saradha:What happen?Why suddenly..?

Khushi:No No..I was just.

Saradha:You was very different before.You hated Sarees and Salwars.But now you only wears it.Before you used to wear jeans and shorts..etc.You were not a chatter box before.But now you are.You always used to get angry on me.We always used to have fights.But now you never even speak a word against me.What ever are the changes?But i loved them.It is good that you have changed a lot.

Khushi:Hmm.Is there any photo of mine?I mean earlier photos.

Saradha:Everything got burned.But there will be some in Lucknow.When we will go back thre after 1 month i will give you.

Khushi:What???We will go from here???

Saradha:Yes.You drink the soup.I will prepare something for lunch and come.

Saradha went.

Khushi: (In Mind)No i can’t go.How can i go???Jiji,Amma,Buaji,Babuji,Di,Naniji..everyone is here.How can i go leaving all?And how can i leave Arnavji??????I need to find where is Navya.I think Papa knew it.When we  were in Lucknow,Papa uses to come delhi in every 2 weeks.But for what?But when we are here he uses to escape from us in evry 5 days.Where will be he going?I need to find out.Today evening he will go.I need to follow him.

It was evening.As Khushi expected Varma went out.Khushi started to follow him without his knowledge. He hired an auto.She too.They reached a cliff side.It was teh same cliff from where she fell.She was shocked and surprised.He was going down the cliff through a side wasy.She followed him.They reached a hut.The same hut which she found in that day too.Varma suddenly turned back.Khushi hided herself. After ensuring that no one is behind him Varma went inside.Khushi can’t go inside.So she was trying to look inside through the window,suddenly someone touched her shoulder.She was shocked.

She turned back and was again shocked...

To Be Continued.............

Apr 13, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 94 times)

Khushi turned back and was shocked.It was Varma.

Varma:Beta,You here???

Khushi:Voh..I..I just came here for walking.

Varma:What for walking??

Khushi: (In Mind)Offo Khushi..What have you done now??Now who will save you?


Varma:Enough..Enough of the lies..!!!!!!!!

Khushi was shocked.Coming out of the shock she said.

Khushi:Papa..woh I.

Varma:What do you want to know?I will tell you.There is no need to sneek peek into the room.

Khushi was feeling guilty for doing so.

Khushi:I am sorry Papa..But??

Varma:Come with me.

Varma held Khushi’s hand and pulled her inside the hut.It was not just a hut.It was a ayurveda clinic.There were some persons there.Varma lead Khushi to a room inside.A person was lying in a bed there.Khushi was not able to see her properly first later when did,She was having the greatest shock in her life.

Khushi:This.....She..She looks like me..(She said in a worry tone)

Varma nodded his head and bring out the shocked Khushi outside the hut.Khushi was still in a shock.

Varma:Beta(He touched her shoulder)

Khushi was feared.

Khushi:Papa,Who is that?She looks like me..I can’t believe it.Is it..?

Varma:I know you got your memory back,yesterday doctor said me.It is Navya.My daughter.She always used to craze in studying in Delhi.She always wanted that.8 months ago,She got a job in this city.It was an interview card only.She was so excited that she came Delhi.First day,She called me and said she was going to attend the interveiw.After that 4 days went.No calls,No messages from Navya.You don’t know one thing my wife was once mentally disturbed.If something again shocking happen in our life,no one will be able to save her.So according to her worries,i reached Delhi.Reaching heetr after a lot of investigations i came to know that my daughter was raped and was mentally disordered. She was admitted in a local hospital .Doctors said she will never come back to a normal life..I was broken down

Varma’s eyes become moist.

Varma:That is when,i remembered of Saradha.How can i say this to her?She will lost her life.One of my friend said me about this ayurveda clinic.He said that there is nothing which ayurveda can’t do.So i brought her here.Reaching her with here everyone here was shocked.I didn’t got the matter.Yes they were treating you here that time.Seeing you i was also shocked.You looked alike our Navya from every angle.They said that you had a head injury and they got you from a pit.They also said me that you will lost your memory power.But said,your memory will come back in 6-10 months.That is when an idea crooked in my mind.I make Saradha believe that you are Navya and your memory is lost in a car accident.Hearing this much also my Saradha was broken.If i had said the truth i would have lost my wife and daughter together.The vaidya(doctor)assured me that they will cure Navya at any means.And i thought once Navya get cured your memory will also be gained.So i become a selfish that time.Or what should have i done at that time..

Khushi was also having tears in her eyes.She don’t know what to say to this man who is heartbroken infront of her.

Varma: (Folding his hands infornt of her)I am sorry beta.I used you for my selfishness.

Khushi stopped him.

Khushi:No Papa..(She looked at him)I can call you still also Papa,Right?

Varma nodded.

Khushi:I should say you thanks.You have saved my life.You have given me a mother and a father.I will never be angry on you.What ever you did was right at that time.Thank you so much.I losed my father and mother at the age of 6.You two gived me that love.Thank you so much

Varma hugged her in happy.

Khushi:I doubted you.I am sorry for it.Yeah you are right, i got my memory back.I am Khushi.Now i remember everything.Arnavji,Jijaji,Jiji,Ma,Babuji,..everyone.

Varma:I request you one more thing.Vaidya said that Navya will be okay in 2 more weeks.Can you please be Navya infront of my Saradha?Can you stop form going to your family?Please.I know i am becoming selfish.But please.......Please don’t inform your family that you got your memory back..Please...

To Be Continued..........

Apr 16, 2015

You Can Always Find Me Inside Your Heart (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 108 times)

Khushi held Varma's hand and nodded her head in positive.

Khushi:Haan Papa,I will not go until you ask me so.It's my promise to you.

Varma felt really happy and hugged Khushi.A long tear escaped form her eyes.

Next Day:At AR Designs:

Khushi entered the office.She looked at all the sides.She went straight to her seat and started to do her work.In between she was going in deep thoughts.Arnav was noticing her from the his cabin.He could easily figure out that there was something which is making Khushi tensed.Khushi stopped her work in between and laid down her head in the table.Arnav was feeling something.Arnav called Aman.

Arnav:Aman,Say Khushi to come and show me the designs of her part for the project.

Aman:Yes ASR.

Within a two minutes Khushi knocked in his cabin.

Khushi: (In Mind)Hey Devimayya,You know in what situation i am.Please,Arnavji shouldn’t know that i got my memory back.He will surely figure out something from my wierd gestures.He is expert in it.I need to fulfill my promise.Please help me in it.I am also feeling like someone stabbing in my heart.But..

Khushi rubbed her thoughts and get into the cabin.

Arnav:So,Is the designs ready?

Khushi:Yes Sir.

She give the designs to him.Khushi avoid looking at him while Arnav was having his sharp look on Khushi

Arnav:Okay you can go now.

Khushi was about to go..


Khushi turned back.Arnav raised his eyebrow and asked her indicating what.Suddenly it clicked her that she is not Khushi now.But she is Navya now.She struggled a bit.Then without saying or looking at him she once agin started to go.

Arnav:Khushi i am calling you.Not anyone else.Do you get that?

Khushi get once feared,then tried to act.

Khushi:Sir,I didn’t get you.Means,I am Navya.You called some Khushi.So!!!

Arnav:Stop your drama.

Khushi:S..i..r..What drama?

Arnav:You know very that you can never act infront of me.So stop it.

Khushi:I am not getting what are you saying.

Khushi was about to go.But Arnav held her hand tightly.

Arnav:Then what is this?(He showed soem papers)

Arnav:This your details.Last day you were admitted in a hospital.It is your chart sheet.The doctor had told me something.And i want to hear it from you.

Khushi just looked at Arnav helplessly.She looked down.Her eyes was filling with tears.She looked up.Arnav was still waiting for her reply.

To Be Continued.....

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