A letter from Khushi to Arnav (addition of english translation of letter at the end)

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Feb 25, 2012

A letter from Khushi to Arnav (addition of english translation of letter at the end) (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 5 times)

Dedicated to Jasmine_X....who actually came up with the idea. So thank you Jasmine for letting me write on your idea. Hope I do justice to it.

The story begins after two weeks of torture that Khushi sustained from Arnav...!!

"Oh God! Do you not understand when I tell you to stay away from....Whatever what's the point in talking to you anyways" said Arnav angrily when he entered in his room. He saw Khushi sitting on the bed, crying as usual. He just couldn't stand her nowadays. But he couldn't see her cry her as well. He loved her too much. But whenever he thought about those moments spent with her the memory of her hugging Shyam would flash in front of him. And he felt disgusted. Khushi had tried to talk to him and ask him but every single time she did, he either got out of the room or simply yelled at her. And then Khushi had given up. She seemed to be more depressed with each passing hour. But she just couldn't come up with the courage to tell everyone. Even though in her mind Arnav hated her guts but she loved him and he was her husband, even if it was for six months.

Khushi said nothing to him but simply got up from the bed and went outside. The recliner was lying there and she sat on that. After a few moments she lied there. Her knees were curled up to her chest and she was silently sobbing. Her eyes were puffy and red. Even the rest of the family had noticed the difference in Khushi, but they had rejected the idea of consoling her because of the sudden marriage.

Arnav sat on the bed but before he did he saw Khushi. He knew that she usually cried but today something was different. Instead of feeling pain, she felt just numb. She had stopped reacting to his anger and was like immune to it. He at first thought that she might be wishing to go and meet Shyam but then he realized that, it was not the reason. She could have done so very easily but did not. He went more close to the door and saw her looking at the stars as if talking to her dead parents. She was staring at the stars and just seeping in the nothingness. She was too tired of being her. Arnav could not just point it but there was something that his instincts were telling him. But then again he ignored it and went to his bed. He literally wanted to go to her and ask her if he was alright. But his mask of anger and ego was stopping him from doing so. His heart was saying something and his head was saying something else and out of the two he chose his head. It was equally painful for him en he hurt her. He felt like he himself was ripping his heart out. "Khushi" he said in a very slow whisper, so slow it was almost silent. But right at that moment Khushi sat up startled. He somehow noticed that and went to the glass door once again to see her. He saw that she was up and tears finally stopped. His heart finally calmed down a bit, he dint know why exactly. When he wanted to hate her he could not, but now when he wanted to love her, he still could not.

Khushi saw him standing there. At first her eyes showed emptiness but then there was pure anger. She just couldn't figure out why he was doing that to her. But today when she was looking at the stars, she supposedly was talking to her parents; she knew what she had to do. She once had a happy family when she was young but then it was taken away from her. She then had the Gupta family, but once again it was taken away from her. At one point of time she thought that it was not meant to be. She was not supposed to have a family. Even after marriage she literally had no family. She just was supposed to be alone.

After looking at Arnav she looked away from her. And Arnav got more angry at that. He also went back to his bed and closed his eyes. For a moment he thought he might find some peace and solace in his dreams but that never came true. His dreams were full of Khushi. She was all he could think of. It is said that dreams are our inner most desires and may be he desired her.

"Huh! What the..." said Arnav when he woke up. He was dreaming of Khushi once again, which he had been doing since the past one week. He couldn't keep her out of his mind. And when he woke up, first thing he did was to go at the pool side and see her. She was not there. Then he saw in the bathroom she was not there. He thought may be she was downstairs.

'Stop thinking about her so much' he thought to himself.

And with that thought when he once again moved back to his bed, as it was still very early, he saw a paper under his pillow. He went hurriedly having all sorts of thoughts in his mind. He saw that there was an envelope on which it was written 'First read and then tear if you want to'. He knew that hand writing. It was Khushi. 'What? What is this' he thought. His face had an angry expression but his heart was jumping a million times in a second. He was suddenly so worried. So many situations going on his mind. 'Did she tell everyone about the six months wedding?' 'Did she run away with him?'. Ignoring those thoughts he slowly opened the letter, his hands shaking badly. Arnav felt so week. Inside he saw that it was indeed Khushi.

"Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada,

Hamein nahi pata k hamein wahaan na dekh kar aapko Khushi ho rahi hai ya gum, par itna zarur pata hai k ab aapko apna gussa dikhane k liye koi aur dhoondna hoga. Hamein pata hai k aap abhi is khatt ko faad kar fenk dena chahte hain par hum sirf itna kahenge k aakhri baar hi sahi aap hamari baat sun lijiye" Arnav did get very angry at this point and he did want to tear off the letter but when he saw that it might be the last time he 'heard' from Khushi he was more worried than ever. Then he continued with the letter.

"Pehli baat, humne kisiko nahi bataye hamari aur aapki 6 mahine ki shaadi k bare mein. Toh aap us baat ko lekar nischint ho jaiye. Bas hum itna batana chahte hain k chahe aap haemin apni patni maan ne se inkaar karte hain par hum aapko apna pati maan chuke hain phir chahe yeh shaadi zabardasti hi kyun na huyi ho" Arnav's heart melted for a second there after reading that line, but then he again gained his composure. He continued with his letter.

"Doosri baat, hum yeh ghar aur aapko chod kar hamesha hamesha k liye ja rahe hain. Maana k aap hamare pati hain par aapko is baat ka koi hak nahi k aap hamare saath jaisa sulook kar rahe hain who sahi hai. Aur waise bhi hum dono ki shaadi se koi bhi Khush nahi hai, na aap, na gharwale aur na koi aur, to hamne yahi behtar samjha k hum yahan se chale jayen"

"Khushi!!!!!" he said out loud. He fell down on his knees. But still he kept reading.

"Arnav ji, haemin yeh bilkul nahi pata k aapne humse shaadi kyun ki, aur karne k baad nafrat kyun ki par hum itna batana chahte hain k ab hum aapki zindagi aur kharaab nahi karenge aur aapko kbhi nahi milenge. Hum yahaan se door ja kar, agar ho saka, apni akele pan ki zindagi dobara se shuru karenge. Aap ghar walon ko jo kehna chahte hain keh dijiyega, waise bhi sabhi humse nafrat karte hain toh kisi ko bhi koi farak nahi padega"

'It will affect all of us Khushi' he thought to himself unknowingly.

"Hum aapse pehle bhi keh chuke hain k hamare maa baap hamein pehle hi chod kar chale gaye the, par fir hamein Amma babuji ne apnaya, par hum fir se anaath ho gaye. Hamari shaadi bhi huyi par parivaar phir bhi nahi mila. Shayad akele rehna hi hamari kismet mein likha hai"

Arnav had tears in his eyes after reading this. He forgot about the hug between her and him on the terrace and just cried.

"Jaate jaate hum aapko ek baat batana chahte hain. Hum apni nayi zindagi Khushi ban kar karenge, par Raizada hi rahenge. Chahe aapko pasand na ho, chahe duniya ko dikhane k liye hi sahi, par ab hum shaadi shuda hain aur hum waise hi rahenge. Aur ek baat hai Arnav ji, humne apna gussa chod diya, hum sirf aapko khush dekhna chahte hain. Us din jab jiji ki shaadi thi toh ek baar haemin laga tha k aap bhi hamare bare mein wahi mehsoos karte hain jaisa hum aapke bare mein karte hain"

'What?!' he thought. He was completely confused and heartbroken.

"Humne aapko kbhi bataya nahi par kahin na kahin hum aapse pyaar kar baithe the, par shayad hum galat the. Hum aur aap barabar nahi hain. Aap hum jaisi ladki ko kbhi pasand nahi karenge. Par Arnav ji hum paise k peeche kbhi nahi the, aap bilkul galat the hamare bare mein. Jiji ki shaadi k din haemin laga k aapne haemin oopar chat pe bulaya hai par aisa kuch nahi tha, who koi aur hi tha jis insaan se hum nafrat karte hain, jisne haemin dhokha diya, hamari zindagi barbaad kardi, aur us din bhi hamein dukh pohonchaya. Khair chodiye ab in sab baton ka kya fayeda aap toh khud hamse nafrat karte hain. Isiliye hum ja rahe hain.

Aapke na chahte huye bhi

Aapki patni


"What? Khushi thought I had called her. And Shyam betrayed her? Destroyed her life?" he said out loud. He stood up from the floor and wiped away his tears. He had answers to find. Without thinking anything else he directly went to Payal. Although it was early but he could not wait. He went to Akash and Payal's room and knocked on it. Once, twice, thrice and finally Akash opened the door.

"What happened Bhai?" Akash said in a groggy voice.

"Payal! Payal?!" he said without answering Akash and directly went to his room. Payal got up from the bed seeing Arnav and felt awkward but worried as well.

"What happened Arnav ji?" she said

"Payal I don't want you to lie to me and tell me exactly what I want to know" he said sternly.

"Okay" she said nervously.

"Did anything happen with Shyam and Khushi in the past?" he said. Arnav had started joining the dots by now. Of how Khushi's fianc was also named Shyam. How Shyam was never there earlier when Khushi was not around and everything else.

Payal was shocked to hear what she just heard. So was Akash but he did not interfere, he knew his brother was upset. Payal then told Arnav everything and cried. Akash was equally stunned and shattered.

"Nobody will tell anything about this to anybody" he said and went out of their room. He directly went to his room. He once again cried. He never knew that he was punishing Khushi for the crime she had not done but was a victim of it as well. He was ashamed of himself. How would he ever face her again? He was even angrier at Shyam at that time. He wanted to go and beat the crap out of him. But his heart was crying for Khushi. He sat on the floor leaning against the bed. He was angry at himself. How could he have been so wrong, how could he have not noticed that she loved him and nobody else? How could he? How will he ever find her? Where could have she be gone?

"Oh God what did I do"

"Khushi I love you. Please come back" he said out loud.

"Khushii" he shouted. And then there was silence.............................

The End.

Sorry had to write the letter in Hindi as it would not have had the same impact in English.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE LETTER (On request of the readers)

"Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada

I don't know whether you will be happy or sad to not see me there. But I do know that you'll have to find somebody else to express your anger upon. I know that right at this moment you want to rip and tear this piece of paper into tiny bits of pieces. I just want to say that even if it is for the last time, just hear me out for once.

First of all, I have not told anybody about our 6 month marriage, so you need not worry about that aspect. I just want to say that even if you do not accept me as your wife but I do accept you as my husband, even though this marriage was forcefully imposed on me.

Feb 25, 2012

contd................. (By Tvlover) (Thanked: 20 times)

Secondly, I am going away, leaving you and this house forever. I agree that you are my husband but despite that, it doesn't give you the right to treat me the way you are treating me right now. And it is very adamantly clear that nobody is happy from our marriage, neither you, nor this family and nobody else. So I came to the conclusion that it is better that I leave.

Arnav ji, I really do not know why we got married in the first place and then why you are so bitterly angry with me, to the extent that you are disgusted by me. All I want to say is that now I will not make your life more miserable and would never ever meet you. I will go far away from here and if possible shall start my life of loneliness yet again. You can tell the family whatever you want to. They already hate me so it wouldn't really matter or affect anybody.

I have told you this before as well. My parents left me long time ago, but then Amma Babuji adopted me. But yet again I have lost my parents all over again. Even after marriage I did not get a husband or a family. May be living a lonely life is my destiny.

Before going I want to tell you that although I shall be starting my life alone as Khushi but I shall not forget that I am a Raizada now. May be you wouldn't like that, may be it is just to show the world but I shall definitely do this. After all I am married and I want to remain that way. One more thing Arnav ji, I am not angry anymore, I jus want to see you happy that's all. That day, on Payal jiji's marriage, for a moment I thought that you feel the same way for me that I felt for you.

I have never told you this before but somewhere down the line I fell in love with you. I don't even know when but I just did. But I guess I was very wrong. We are not equal in any respect. Why would you even fall in love with a girl like me? But Arnav ji, I was never behind your money or status. You were so wrong about me. That day during the wedding I thought that you were the one who called me on the terrace. But it was not you but someone else. Someone, whom I hate from the core of my heart, someone who destroyed my life, someone who betrayed me and even on that day, hurt me all over again. Well leave that it doesn't matter anymore. You also hate me as much as I hate that person. And that is why I am leaving forever.

Even though you hate it but still, your wife


I have written the letter in English just the way it has been placed in the Hindi version. It has been written paragraph wise...So hope you guys are happy about it. And well for those who want me to continue...well cant right now but may be soon I will make them meet. Not sure though. This was a one shot.

Once again thanks to Jasmine_X for giving me the idea.

Hope you guys like it.

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