Leap soon in Colors Serial Madhubala

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Jun 6, 2012

Leap soon in Colors Serial Madhubala (By Nidhi)

Today's episode made way for a 21 years leap in the serial. Balraj is convinced that Padmini, Trishna and Madhubala are filled in the accident. In the precap Balraj is happy that he has averted a big trouble with Madhubala's death. I am sure, Roma will again find Trishna and Madhubala alive and bring them to chawl. She will raise them as her kids. Today she was very good when she was fighting with Shemshar that she needs to save Padmini and kids from Balraj. The leap be shown on thursday's episode.

The episode started with Balraj confronting Padmini at the celebration. Padmini was shocked to see Balraj. Balraj scared everyone with fire shots. He declared that he plans to kill Padmini, Trishna and Madhu. Shamsher as expected came to their rescue. He and the chawlwala's beat Balraj and his goons.

After Balraj leave from there Shamsher ask Roma to ask Padmini to leave the chawl. Shamsher did not want to risk the lives of other people in chawl. Shamsher is not selfish or afraid of Balraj. We know he saved the girl's life in train. He is practical. He knows that Balraj can do anything. He can not stop him. Balraj will harm other people in the chawl. Padmini realise this and leave from chawl.

Balraj was waiting for her outside. While running from Balraj, Padmini has an accident with a truck. Lot of people covered the area. Balraj thinks that the three are dead and leave from there. Balraj as the bad boy is a brilliant actor. It is very good that the director did not stretch the balraj track.

I am waiting for thursday when Drashti Dhami will make an entry in the serial.

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