SS: Sindoor

May 24, 2012

SS: Sindoor (By Aisha173)

Maanvi was ready as Viraat went to take shower. She was sitting in front of the mirror when Viraat came out.

Both looked at eachother and smiled.

Viraat- Maanvi today I will come home late as I have an important meeting to attend because Bhai is not hear. So I have to do all the things for him.

He then turned around to face Maanvi who was putting sindoor in her maang. Before Maanvi hand could reach her maang Viraat stopped her.

She gaved him a confused look. No knowing why he stopped her.

Viraat got the sindoor from Maanvi hand and was about to apply when the box fell down.

Spreading the sindoor all over the ground.

Maanvi got up in shock. Even Viraat looked at her in shocked but he really didn't knew about these and carried like Maanvi did.

Maanvi- Viraat

Viraat knew Maanvi got scared due to the falling of Sindoor.

Viraat- Maanvi looks it's okay. It's just a sindoor.

Maanvi- It's not okay Viraat!! Do you even know what that mean?

Viraat- Maanvi just call the servant and tell them to pick it up.

But before Viraat could finish Maanvi got down and picked up everything from the floor.

When she got back up she looked at Viraat in shock. She never knew that Viraat will ever say that.

Maanvi was got mad at him.

Maanvi- Viraat to you it might be nothing but to me it's everything. My suhaag

Viraat- Oh god Maanvi. It's nothing serious.

Maanvi- Yes it is!!!!!!

Seeing Maanvi mad at him. Viraat started to apologize for what he had said.

Viraat- Look Maanvi I am really sorry. You give this thing to much importance.

Maanvi- Whaaat? I give this thing too much importance? Viraat you put it on my maang when we got married and it a sign for a girl that she is married.

Viraat- Okay I am sorry pleassee.

Maanvi turn her head other way not wanting to meet Viraat eyes because she knew everytime she did she couldn't do this to him. She had to forgive him.

Viraat walked behind Maanvi and put his arm around her waist.

Viraat- Maanvi you know if I go to office while your mad at me I can't stop thinking of you. I want to leave for the office happily after getting a kiss from my wife.

Maanvi turned around with a smile on her face. Seeing her smile Viraat got happy.

Maanvi- Don't go to office today. Please

Viraat let go of Maanvi.

Viraat- Maanvi you know I have to go.

Maanvi- I am just asking for today Viraat. I have never asked you this before today is the first time me asking you not to go to office.

Viraat- Look Maanvi I know if but I can't today. I promise someother day.

Maanvi- But why?

Viraat was getting mad at Maanvi because he totaly knew why Maanvi is stopping him.

Viraat- You know bhai is not here. I have to attend all the meetings for him and todays meeting is every important. I can't stay home

Maanvi held his hand.

Viraat- Maanvi I am telling you last time. Don't try to stop me just because you sindoor fell down and now your having bad feeling.

Don't worry nothing will happen.

Maanvi got mad at him. After stopping him soo many time Viraat still wasn't ready to stay.

After few more times Viraat yelled at Maanvi for behaving like this and left the room with shutting there room door.

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