manvi and virat

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Mar 17, 2012

manvi and virat (By Shreya93) (Thanked: 22 times)

hey guys, this is my first story of manvi and virat..hope you guys like it... please comment and let me know..if you want more...

note :i am continuing the story from yesterdays episode..!

After finishing with writing the letter, Maya asks Manvi to give the letter to Virat.

Manvi : are you mad? if i give the letter to him...he will tear it right in front of me

Maya : then in that case what do we do?

Manvi : We will just stick it to the steering of his car and when he finds it...though he will feel like throwing it he will definitely open and read out of curiosity. i really hope this works out.

Maya: Manvi...we are doing all this and even fooling him by saying that i am leaving...what if it doesn't make any difference to him?

Manvi : then may be you will have to leave..Maya do you even understand the seriousness of the situation? this is our final go and we cannot afford to loose this battle.... provided i only have sometime left in Chandigarh. (she thinks to herself.."i will not let buwaji down...manvi jab promise karti hai toh usse har haal mai nibathi hai...virat beware.. kyunki iss baar tum bach nahi paoge..tumhe har haal mai maya ko apnana hoga..")

Manvi and Maya reach Virats car...they put the letter on his steering and run to hide behind the tree nearby. Virat then comes

Virat: arey ye kya hai? where did this letter come from?

(he takes the letter and starts reading)

Dear Virat,

" Mujhe pata hai ki tum mujhe maaf nahi kar paoge..par phir bhi mai pure dil se tumse maafi mangthi hu..."

(after reading that... Virats face reddens with anger ...and he is about to throw the letter away...but somehow he decides to keep reading. he looks out to check if any one are watching him and then returns back to his position to complete the letter.

he goes on.." mai aaj sham ki flight se london wapas ja rahi hoon. Mai sirf yahi kehna chahti hoon ki..maine jo galti pehle kii mai woh phirse nahi karungi...tum mujhe maaf nahi karpaye..aur mai tumhare maafi ke layak bhi nahi hu..par virat trust me..i have felt the pain when the person you love the most leaves you. I really know how it feels and i just want you to know that i tried. i really tried to make it right. I know you still have a place for me in your heart. I know you haven't moved on either, but Virat the fact that you love me is...enough for me to go on with my life. i thought i could concentrate on my career if i left you..but i was so wrong..because there was no me without you..but guess i am too late now.(Virats voice becomes soft) But you know what? when i realized it..i came to you immediately.. i just wanted to try ...but Virat i dont think i can move on without you..i loved you..i love you and i will always love you. i decided to live the rest of my life with our memories together. in future..if you ever feel like excusing me for what i have done to you and come back to can always come. i will be waiting for you Virat..2 years...10 whole lifetime i will be waiting for you..



Virat wipes the tears from his eyes.

" I dont know....if i can love you the same way i lost my trust Maya..but..i dont like myself anymore..i have left singing...which was my happiness...i left everything when you left me..i dont know..why i did that then..if you were my happiness ..then why am i not able to accept you back into my life? i know you regrett leaving me..and i even know you love me a lot..but..why dont i feel like getting back to you? i will excuse you for what you did Maya..but...i am really not able to evaluate ki tum mere pyaar thi ya zidh? i should know...and i will...mujhe patha hai kaise...and he then folds the letter and puts in the drawer beside his seat..

Virat was really impressed with the letter (but what he didnt know that..they were manvis words..)and he was ready to give Maya a second chance...not because he wanted her so badly in her life..but just to find out what he wanted...did he really love her? Does Maya really deserve him? if she really loved him...than why doesnt she have any seriousness to get him back into her life? why does manvi have to do everything for her..?


Mar 17, 2012

manvi and virat (By Shreya93) (Thanked: 13 times)

Virat drove from there....Manvi and Maya went back to Mayas place and were waiting with baited breath for Virats call...

3 hours has passed...and Virat hasn't called yet...the tension was increasing and Maya was in the verge of giving up...while Manvi still stood on what she said..and she was waitig for him to call eagerly..

Maya : Dont you realize? he wont call .....i know him...if he wanted to call he would have...long back...we should think of any other plan..

Manvi : tumhe kya baar baar samjhana padega? manvi chowdary kabhi galat nahi ho sakti...woh call karega matlab call karega..!

just then Maya's phone starts to ring and a bright smile flashes on he face seeing Virats name on the caller id...

Maya : "hello Virat? "

Virat : "Maya....i have read your letter..."

Maya: "And?"

Virat : "And? i feel...mujhe tumhe ek aur mauka dhena chahiye..."

Maya: screams out loud.."thank you have no idea mai kitni kush hu...thank you..thanks a lot Virat.."

Virat : "So aaj raath dinner at Taj?"

Maya: "sure...mai bahut excited hu virat"

Virat : "ok then i will pick you up at 8:30?"

Maya: "ok...and Virat? i love know i do...

Virat : yeah i know..

he doesnt tell her that he loves her too....he didnt want to so...soon....

he then searches for Manvi to tel her about Maya..but he doesnt find her...and on the way he bumps into Viren

Viren : "Kya baath hai? andhe ho gaye ho kya?"

Virat : "Bhai...actually mujhe aapse kuch baath karni hai..abhi.."

Viren: "kya baath hai ? is everything fine?

Virat takes him to his room and explains..

Virat : "i talked to Maya...and i told her i would give her a second chance.."

Viren was shocked in hearing this....he thought Virat was in love with Manvi and this news really did shake him..

Viren : afterall what she did to you? you still want her back?

Virat: i dont know bhai...i just want to forgive her...

Viren: And?

Virat : "ok look bhai....its complicated....i loved her..i was angry when she left...i left ,my happiness....for what? and finally when she is back..i should be happy...if i really loved her..but i am not..i want to discover myself..i want to know...if i really loved her..or if she was just my obsession...i want to get back the old Virat again bhai...that fun loving guy...i want to rediscover myself...jab bhi mai aapko aur bhabi ko dektha hu na...toh mujhe jo pyaar aap dono mai dikhta hai...i dont think..i ever felt like that for Maya...ever..."

Viren: "Virat tum kehna kya chahthe ho? mujhe kuch samaj mai nahi aa raha"

Virat : "i want to get back with Maya and see...if..i really have that love for her...and if i do..i will relationship with her..and if i dont..i will move on...with no regretts...i will get back to my music too.."

Viren: "par Virat....kya tum sahi kar rahe ho?"

Virat : "Bhai...sahi ho ya galat...mai sach jaanna yeh jaan na chahta hu ki aakir mai kya chahta hu..." "i want to listen to my heart again..i dont want to shut myself anymore."

Viren: "All the best" and leaves with a smile.

Viren didnt know...what Virat is trying to say....but...he saw Virat...struggling to get back to his normal way..which was a good made him satisfied.

Back in Mayas place.....Buwaji has arrived..and..Maya hugs Buwaji and Says thank you...but..the real credit goes to Manvi...but Mays turned her back on her..and was just thanking Buwaji...for evrything...Manvi didnt mind...and..Buwaji was happy...and..she didnt thank Manvi either..

Manvi : "Dekha Buwaji ....hogaya na hamara plan successful?" Manvi said excitedly...

Buwaji : "Ha..mai bahut kush hu....i am really happy for you and Virat Maya..."

they completely ignored..Manvi talking to each other planning the engagement of Virat and Maya...and soon Manvi got a call from beeji and had to go.

Mar 18, 2012

manvi and virat (By Shreya93) (Thanked: 23 times)

Manvi reaches vadhera house and goes straight away to Virats room...

Manvi : lets out a scream sayin..."congradulations Virat...i am so happy for you and Maya"

Virat : " tumhe kaise pata hai ye sab? ohhh....Maya must have told you na...aaj kal tum dono ki dosti khub jam rahi hai..nai?"

Manvi : "Chep..tum meri aur Maya ki dosti ke baare mai bath math karo toh hi acha hai." she leaves the place as her head starts aching.

Virat notices that something is wrong with Mani and offers her help..but she refuses it

Manvi : " Mujhe tumhari help ki koi zarurath nahi hai...kyunki mai apni dekhbaal khud kar sakthi hu.."

Virat gets worried seeing her in that condition....but she leaves by the time he can do something.

Virat : "Mujhe beeji ko batana hoga..Manvi ke baare mai..i dont think she is alright.."

he then quickly goes to beeji's room and knocks on the door

Virat : "Beeji mai hu Virat"

Beeji : " kya hua beta?"

Virat : " beeji woh..Manvi...Woh...beeji...."

Beeji : "kya?" (with a very shocking expression) "Kya hua beta Manvi ko? did she faint again? "

Virat : "Kya? Manvi fainted?"

Beeji tries to hide it from virat and tells its was not a big thing..she didnt eat anything as a result she fainted..but virat was not convinced and then..

Virat : "beeji i guess..Manvi is not well"

Beeji now with tears in her eyes..says ."bhagwan mere manvi ko bachale" and then rushes to Manvi's room.

Beeji : "Manvi beta ...darwaza kholo..mai hu...tere beeji.."

she knocks on the door for over 5 minutes and doesnt get any reply...Beeji is really worried now..

Virat : "kya hua beeji? "

Beeji : " beta..Manvi darwaza nahi khol rahi hai...mujhe bahut dhar lag raha hai..beta...kya tum yeh darwaza khol sakthe ho?"

Virat then bangs the door open...and Manvi is on the floor..he soon rushes to Manvi's side and picks her up in his arms..

Virat : " Beeji hame manvi ko doctor ke pass le jana chahiye" Virat is really tensed and Nervous down

Beeji : " ha beta jaldi chalo" she is crying loudly

they rush Manvi to the hospital and the doctor informs them that she is really weak ...and needs to be put n obeservation...

Virat takes out his phone to call viren and inform him..but beeji stops him sayin

Beeji : " nahi beta..yeh baath viren aur jeevika ko pata nahi chalna chahiye.."

Virat : "Par bhabhi Manvi se bahut pyar karthi hai beeji..unhe pata hona chahiye..she will be so upset when she will know it later.."

Beeji : "but jeevika cant take the news and she wont be able to bare it"

Virat : "but ...what happened to Manvi in first place that you dont want to tell the news to bhabi? doctors didnt say anything till now ...why are you so worried? "

Beeji : now tears forming in her eyes again..."Manvi ko cancer hai..isliye mai aur Madan Chandigarh aaye manvi ko wapas lejakar...treatment karvaane.." beeji is completely broken now..

Virat finding it hard to believe what he just heard whispers to himself "Manvi ko cancer hai? " he is dumbstruck...he is not able to take the fact...he just sit's there silently thinking of all the moments they spent many times she tried to bring a smile on his she made him sing at the mehendi function when he promised to himself that he would never do she slowly unlocked him and brought him closer to himself....all the memories bought tears in Virat's eyes.

Virat : "Beeji..kya Manvi ko pata hai?"

Beeji : "Usse aaj hi pata chala"

Virat was thinking to himself...after knowing that she has cancer..she was still smiling..she came to congratulate me for accepting Maya back...she was still the same.....for a second he admired her attitude and then he came back to reality...the reality hit him very hard..he is still not able to believe whether what he heard was true or false...

he then comforts beeji assuring her that she will be fine...not knowing himself if she really would be fine..just the thought that she wouldn't be fine bought shivers down his spine...

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