Kabhi khushi kabhi gum...

 Feb 21     14     14628     469        
By:    Kabhi khushi kabhi gam by Fathimasumaiya19    

Every mother have special on their daughters life..then what happen when an mother lost that rights on her daughter life..will her grave mistakes takes her daughter away from her...     

Arrange marriage

 Feb 21     2     1709        
By: Sweetkitten   Arrange marriage by Sweetkitten    

journey of Arnav Khushi and their romance      

Four Shot : Separation and Re-union [Completed]

 Feb 20     4     3040     15    
By:    The END by V1184    

My first TS on Beintehaa forum.Hope you all like it and comment.     

Love at first sight

 Feb 20     9     6026     431    
By:    Chapter 9 by Shortstories    

They both fell in love at first time but will it fade when differences arise and before they could tell about their love.     

OS - we are our own Family

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By:    my comments by Abhinaya    

OS - we are our own Family     


 Feb 20     1504     63        

Another ajeeb tale of two unique lovers..join the journey      

Just for you

 Feb 20     7     6527     363    
By:    part six by Samatha    

An arshi story.. Nothing less.. Nothing more.      

Note 19/02/18

 Feb 19     741     24    

Note 19/02/18     

Second Love and Marriage 2

 Feb 19     50     178083     11117    
By:    Chapter 46 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

He betrayed, hurted the people who love him most and is now in need of them. Will he ever get his happiness back ?     

Innocent Life Ruined

 Feb 19     4     4175     194        
By:    confusion by Soniarshi    

Innocent Life Ruined     

Chronicles of Jr. Raizada(s)

 Feb 19     6     7692     410    
By:    6. Nk with junior by Spriya    

-Discontinued here- Story is getting updated in another site     

ArShi One Shot "Batein Zaroori Hai!!!" [Re-Posted] 23/08/15

 Feb 19     10771     146    

Mildly based on Sheethal track.      

12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons

 Feb 19     2     3462     33        
By:    Few Quotes and sayings by V1184    

Peep in to read 12 Reasons Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons... Credit : Cultnuts     

TS: You are my Girl

 Feb 19     4     27312     820    
By:    Shot 3B by Chamkililaadgoverner    

A new journey of Arnav and Khushi     

What is pain?

 Feb 19     620     24    

What is pain?     


 Feb 19     30     47677     3244        
By:    Chapter 28 Don't hold urself by Anjanaa    

Story of a Arrogant businesses man and his innocent wife........!     

Beside you always- Sequel of bonded by love

 Feb 18     4     5614     183    
By:    3. Aarav good or evil? by Spriya    

The chapter he thought closed long ago was opened up again before his family. The person whom he love the most is against him. Why? Peep in to know.     

My second love

 Feb 18     28     36621     1361        
By:    27. Roommates or flatmates? by Spriya    

Will i love my second like i love my first?     

Eternal love

 Feb 18     4     4553     216    
By:    4. Will you trust me? by Spriya    

-Discontinued here- Story is getting updated in another site