destiny plays again

 26 minutes ago     12     5709     273    
By:    Facing a mother by Rithu300    

ss ; two strangers

 an hour ago     2     2706     100    
By:    ss ; two strangers by Rriya    

story of arnav and khushi..............peep in     

It's real

 an hour ago     3     2055     109    
By:    arnav's restlessness by Kollideepika    

we are always meant to be together, from the day you born our relationship has started then      

Oh Yes, Thats Love - Season 2

 an hour ago     6     4744     165    
By:    Chapter 6 - Pause, Rewind and Play. by Arnavkhushi1    

They were meant to be, Love was set to conquer all, but could it?Was the Present strong enough to outdo the Past?They parted ways, but Love remained.Will they Unite?Will Love Win??      


 an hour ago     3     5195     202        
By:    TERE LIYE by Ak_Bs    

story starts from Arnav married Khushi for six mnths     

Revenge and Redemption

 an hour ago     44     45452     3534        
By:    Revenge and Redemption by Chamkililaadgoverner    

A revenge track of Arnav and Kushi     

y isq hai ya kch aur hai y ..

 an hour ago     13     6372     765        
By:    y isq hai ya kch aur hai y .. by Bhavyadwivedi    

y isq hai ya kch aur hai y...     

FF- winner takes it all

 4 hours ago     118     81335     10281    
By:    THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - 115 by Raani82    

Aftermath, Seduction, and Truth!!! Next Part Is Up!!! 28/11/14

 4 hours ago     2     3107     233    
By:    Next Update!!! by Sviji    

Take on the night where Arnav calls Khushi his biggest mistake of life!!!!     

FF - Shadows and Lies

 5 hours ago     11     5754     501    
By:    Chapter 11 – Haughty Eyes by Dpatel    

Shadow can crawl and creep, Lies can be told and People are deceived; in midst of everything love can flourish      

Love Happens...

 6 hours ago     51     39003     4660    
By:    Love Happens... by Tamana23    

“-Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back!”     

Barun Sobti's Interview With RJ Malishka

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By:    Good News for Barun's fans in Pune!! by Ocean    

Barun Sobti's Interview With RJ Malishka     

Love? It Just Happens

 7 hours ago     22     15149     805    
By:    Love? It Just Happens... Part 21 by Taanihalai    

Love... it can happen, anytime with anyone and anywhere... but what about the consequenses after that?     

Issue with the website

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By: Renee   issue not related to website by Chaman1    

Issue with the website     

Life after Marriage

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By:    chapter 76 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

What would happen when u marry a person suffering from mental imbalance for ur family     

arnav ss his secret

 10 hours ago     11     7318     304        
By:    nk knows abt adi n ananya by Arshlove    

arnav has lots f secrets n his life. what will happen wen one day d whole world knows it     

Barun's Pic shared by Viraf

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Barun's Pic shared by Viraf     

Desi Daru Official Video | Main Aur Mr. Riight | Barun Sobti & Shenaz Treasury

 13 hours ago     2     514     13        
By:    Pics added by Ocean    

Desi Daru Official Video | Main Aur Mr. Riight | Barun Sobti & Shenaz Treasury     

MAMR Song Launch Videos!

 13 hours ago     234     5        

MAMR Song Launch Videos!     

FF:Not Just A Dream

 13 hours ago     20     14669     1014        
By:    FF:Not Just A Dream by Sravv    
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