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By:    Thank You note! by Sunarshians    


Anjaan Raahein

 4 hours ago     7     9881     433    
By:    IMPORTANT NOTE by Anamehreen    

for I4arshi. After a fight with her mother, Garima, concerning her father. Khushi left her house. Walking aimlessly, she is hit by a car. Not knowing what to do the driver take her with him     

Does LOVE ever die?

 4 hours ago     1037     16        

To know that DOES LOVE EVER DIE? pls peep of Arshi' love & hatred....     

FF:Not Just A Dream

 4 hours ago     19     14092     966        
By:    FF:Not Just A Dream by Sravv    

Found My Love, Again!!!! Update + Note, 24/11/14

 4 hours ago     12     23181     1942    
By:    Found My Love Again!!!! Interlude Is Up!!! 24/11/14 by Sviji    

Two lovers get separated due to cruel game of brain. Will they be united? If then how?     

First Love

 4 hours ago     11     15993     885        
By:    khushi's marriage & arnav's love by Arshi_Siva    

How u feel when the person who u loved most going to marry some one. how u feel when u r realize u r     

No Time For Love

 4 hours ago     6     8676     404        
By:    Change of life by Arshi_Siva    

Everyone need to spent some time to his family. How arnav give time to his family how his wife khushi adjust with him will arnav realize his mistake give time to his family will khushi adjus     

Devastated- The Shattered Trust

 7 hours ago     21     24292     1706        
By:    Chapter- 18 by Arshiforever92    

An Intense story on Arshi.     

Lost Love

 7 hours ago     51     40446     3909        
By:    Chapter- 43 by Arshiforever92    

Arshi story ( think before u speak you never know what loss it can cost to u and your soul)     

Aftermath, Seduction, and Truth!!!

 7 hours ago     617     53    

Take on the night where Arnav calls Khushi his biggest mistake of life!!!!     

Hi & Sorry & Thank you

 8 hours ago     99     6        

Hi & Sorry & Thank you     

Second love change life

 10 hours ago     60     71449     4910        
By:    Arshi happy life by Arshi_Siva    

arnav loves his lady love so much but she went away so far from him forever. will second love change arnav life or not. will khushi make him fall on her. please peep in.     

Love? It Just Happens

 11 hours ago     21     14651     772    
By:    Love? It Just Happens... Part 20 by Taanihalai    

Love... it can happen, anytime with anyone and anywhere... but what about the consequenses after that?     

y isq hai ya kch aur hai y ..

 11 hours ago     13     6049     738        
By:    y isq hai ya kch aur hai y .. by Bhavyadwivedi    

y isq hai ya kch aur hai y...     

Need some info... Pls peep in

 12 hours ago     77    
By: Yassu(yasaswini)  

Want to know where I can find IPKKND episodes with English subtitles     

Revenge and Redemption

 12 hours ago     44     44239     3480        
By:    Revenge and Redemption by Chamkililaadgoverner    

A revenge track of Arnav and Kushi     

IF & SBS Link: TV Celebs Walk For Peace!!

 12 hours ago     227     7        

IF & SBS Link: TV Celebs Walk For Peace!!     

Desi Daru Official Video | Main Aur Mr. Riight | Barun Sobti & Shenaz Treasury

 12 hours ago     271     7        

Desi Daru Official Video | Main Aur Mr. Riight | Barun Sobti & Shenaz Treasury     


 13 hours ago     3     4004     168        
By:    TERE LIYE by Ak_Bs    

story starts from Arnav married Khushi for six mnths     

Oh Yes, Thats Love - Season 2

 13 hours ago     6     4285     157    
By:    Chapter 6 - Pause, Rewind and Play. by Arnavkhushi1    

They were meant to be, Love was set to conquer all, but could it?Was the Present strong enough to outdo the Past?They parted ways, but Love remained.Will they Unite?Will Love Win??      

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