my love is u

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By: arshi 4ever   my love is u by arshi 4ever    

my take is on terrace scene     

Nothing can change "MY LOVE" for "YOU"

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By: Spsindhu   Nothing can change "MY LOVE" for "YOU" by Spsindhu    

We all know love is beautiful feelings happens in everyone's life. A gal who believes love is everything. Will meet her prince charming/ demon? Will she able to conquer love of her life?     

where r u Vsahi

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where r u Vsahi     

Its too Late

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By:    update 5 by Arshi_Pari    

from arshis marriage     

Emptiness ((Season 2))

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By:    Emptiness ((Season 2))... Part 4 by Taanihalai    

Not connected to season1, you can read it if you havent read season 1... Khushi is a doctor, Arnav is a patient with lost mental ability... read to know more     

Born To Love You By Ojasvi...

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By:    Born To Love You By Ojasvi... Part 16 by Taanihalai    

A Chirpy Khushi, a Shy Arnav... How would their love story be like?     

TS : ...Yours truely

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By:    SS : ...Yours Truly Part 7 by Sankadevi_Lg    

TS : ...Yours truely     

SS : Anmol

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By:    SS: Anmol Part 14 by Sankadevi_Lg    

Comparison , insult, rejection made her weak. Will his presence fill the hallo in her life? Can he give all the happiness she deserves?     

SS: U R thief....

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By:    next part is UP.... by Krithika_Rshi    

its ofcourse an arshi story...who is thief?? is it khushi or arnav? to know more,peep in      


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By:    CHAPTER 24 :- THE MYSTERY UNFOLDED!!! by Sunarshians    

a new story to bring smile on ur face.plz peep in.     

My Prince Charming- Arnavji

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By:    update 6 by Arshi_Pari    

My Prince Charming- Arnavji     

Unsaid love of years...

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By:    Unsaid love of years... by Roja_Arshi    

they were always meant to be together. Words wree fw but thoughts were deep. and the world will remember the unsaid love of these two souls for ever...     

Arhi OneShot|Anjaana Anjaani ki Kahaani|

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By:    |AAKK|Continue-PaRt B by Shalininaik    

*peep in*     


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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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By:    kuch kuch hota hai by Khushisingh96    

sorru guys..............

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By: Dilurose  

sorru guys..............     

When We Met

 Mar 31     8     6416     545        
By:    When We Met by Khushisingh96    

This is a story of Arnav and Khushi. They’re studying in college. To know more peep in and read the story.     

Arshi ff: Every Second Counted

 Mar 31     3     2932     66        
By:    Arshi ff: Every Second Counted by Lillyzilin    

Peep in to know more...     

Fated To Love

 Mar 31     7     6419     512    
By:    Fated To Love... Chapter 7 by Taanihalai    

Book 2 - If you havent read Fated to Meet, you'll have to read it to continue with this one     

ArShi SS : Sins "Avenging For You!!!" Part 3 Is Up!!! 30/03/15

 Mar 30     5     9297     794    
By:    Next Part....30/03/15 by Sviji    

Sins, there is no person who has not done a sin either it is small or big but eveyone at a point of time has done one.     

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