Barun Sobti As Aydin Sarrafoglu.

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Read 'Dark Personalities' on wattpad.     

OS: Blind Date

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OS: Blind Date     


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By:    SOULMATE [MAHA UPDATE] by Asr_Kkgsr    

story start from Arnav forcibly marry Khushi     

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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By:    kuch kuch hota hai by Khushisingh96    

Arshi FF:My Photographer...

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By:    Teaser...:)) by Pinkypromise    

.....and my photographer.... plzz peep in     


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By:    IMPOSED MARRIAGE by Mirna    

Another creation with Arshi     

You Are Mine KHUSHI!!!

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By:    next part is up.......... by Farakhan    

the story start from the time arnav said khushi to marry him for six month.What if Arnav become abcessed lover?What if she confessed her love to him?plzz peep in to know more.     

ArShi SS - Righting the Wrongs

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By:    1 : Returning home, renewed fury! by Sravya_Luckyrshi    

When it's all finished, guess that depends on how you live. Just pray that all of your wrongs don't overshadow all that you did - Big Sean      

os love story

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sweet story     

Love Story on Arshi

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By:    Detective Lavanya by Goldie    

The Slambook...

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By:    MY ENTRY FOR SLAM BOOK! by Sravya_Luckyrshi    

Fill in ur slambook friends... For both readers & writers....     

The sneak peek of @BarunSobtiSays fashion video with @Kawachi_India!!

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The sneak peek of @BarunSobtiSays fashion video with @Kawachi_India!!     

A Comedy Of Errors

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By:    A Comedy Of Errors... Part 19 (20) by Taanihalai    

Arshi meet at school, Khushi loves and respects books while Arnav is the opposite, what will happen when they meet?     

FF: Silver streaks

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By:    .....Chapter 484..... by Dhalia    

It was a dark and stormy night and rain seemed imminent. There was temporary power failure and Khushi was alone at RM in her room staring pensively at the flickering shadows of the plants near the poo     

help with the image please..

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By:    May I help you dear....... by Saya_Arshi    

how to add pictures in update????     

The Runaway Bride

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By:    Chapter 11 by Sameea    

A girl's journey when she finally takes the most important decision of her life     

Tribute to Great Singer Mohammed Rafi

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Tribute to Great Singer Mohammed Rafi     

guys i need your help to find the correct link

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guys i need your help to find the correct link     

Facing the realities

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By:    chapter 15 by Falakanand    
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