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All the MeD Talented Writers and Readers - Peep in for most amazing Index of Creative work done by MeDians... Submit your Index Now and Get Featured here!!     

OS | Feel of love...

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A os for the os competition organized by the admins of meD based on the theme "First love"     

OS : Falling For You

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OS for V1184's OneShot Competition. Please peep in, I hope you all like it.     

Contest Entries - Voting time!!!

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The page for casting your vote to support your favorite OS and writer.. Peep in for more details     

life is harder than death

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By:    last update of life is harder than death by Tinaarun    

This is my first story and if any mistakes please i'm sorry for that My story starts after arnav sees khushi and shyam hugging each other and decides to confront to shyam about his and khushi's relat     

Note About Few Stories of Mine "Removal and Blog Shifting" 04/12/16

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Readers following my stories please peep in without failing.      

I HATE U..............

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By:    last part.... by Krithika_Rshi    

I claims that I HATE U....but CAN i ever HATE u when u are still in my heart..??     


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By:    Teaser Part - 4 by Thethinker    

Join Arnav and Kushi in their journey of love, disappointments, joy, envy seasoned with romance and a little negativity.     

Fell In His Own Trap

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By:    Update # 40 by Tinaarun    

Sanaya Irani wishes hubby Mohit Sehgal in the most adorable manner

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By: Medsuper  

TV diva wished hubby Mohit Sehgal in the most adorable manner     

His Love His Pride

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By:    His Love His Pride!! by Arshiipkknd    

Hello Everyone! I have started this story line a year back but never spared time after that, now wanted to post so that I can ease my mind if I'm stress out... Hope you all like this one too     

Words Unsaid

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By:    Chapter 9 by Archanasuresh    

A relation at the verge of breaking....how will the little souls trapped inside it be affected. My take on the little family of Arnav and Khushi....     

Poster of Uzbek movie which Barun did a cameo!

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A movie with Barun playing a cameo in Uzbekistan movie coming very soon!     

Barun-Pashmeen with friends at Mohit's birthday celebrations

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Barun-Pashmeen with friends at Mohit's birthday celebrations     

OffScreen Pics and videos from the sets of Tanhaiyan!

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By:    New Pic: #behindthescenes #setlife #selfie Barun & Surbhi by Ocean    

#Tanhaiyan on Hotstar Soon, #MannequinChallenge on the sets of #Tanhaiyan!      

These popular on-screen mothers used 'SUICIDE' as their 'TRUMP' card!

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By: Medsuper  

Our over-possessive on-screen mothers can dare to pull off a suicide attempt in order to make the family dance to their tunes...     

OS ||LOVE Speaks...|| {Winner Kiddo_Star OS Competition}

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By:    Thank you & Sorry! by Sravya_Luckyrshi    

Voice that is never understood by anyone. Voice that never fails to reach that someone...Peep in!!!     

Help me plzzz

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hey all plzz peep in help me...     

Apna Sa Wo Ajnabi

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By:    Apna Sa Wo Ajnabi by Roja_Arshi    

Wo apna hai,phir bhi ajnabi hai..kaisi ye pahal hai..sapna hai ya haqeeqat hai     

OS ||Perfidy and Love|| 30/11/'16

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OS for Competition 30/11/'16 Theme: First Love, Heartbreak, Love in the Journey. Peep in and enjoy...! :)