arnav khushi

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Feb 20, 2012

arnav khushi (By Shafiquanawar0101) (Thanked: 1 times)

hy guys just thought to right about there honeymoon not actualy there only pyal and the raizada family thouth to send payal and akash to honeymoon when they all where having breakfast then akash said what about bhi and khushi ji are'nt they going to go nani said no they don't have any right to go because they did there marriage without asking so they dodn't need us to do anything. Arnav got angry on the other hand and khushi just stop him to take it out. Then everyone finished there breakfast and akash whent to nani room to convince her to let arshi go withthem and nani said okay then akash booked the tiket and he told arnav that nani perpited them to go arnav wasn't happy beacause nothing so far is good between them. but he had a plan if aranv takes away khushi away for some days then shaim can't see her for while so he said yes .after some days it was the day to go the whent to the hotel and then arnav and khushi whent to one room and payal and akash in another.khushi whent to the bathroom and then she came out of the bathroom with a pink lose sleeping sout and arnav was just looking at her after that aranv came out of his dreamland and said to khushi that he only bought her here because of akash and payal; to be happy khushi just went to bed in the floor and the next morning arnav and khushi woke up and hten they changed their clothes khushi was wearing a red and black mixed color sari and opend lair with only one bunk of hair taken to the side and cliped nad arnav just kept looking her [raba ve] and they whent down stairs and there was pyal and akash then aksh said bai there is a party in there lets go and then they went then khushi went and sat in the seat and then khushi told a person to bring banda but the waiter thought that she told him to bring some drink so he did khushi without looking kept drinkig until she was ful drunked then she started to do wherd stuff then arnav noticed khushi and then he said what the are you crazy and when she started doing whered stuff then he said khushi you are drunk are you .

please say if I should contineo.

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